Genevieve Hannelius: Little Short Girl

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Published: 27-Oct-2011

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This story contains descriptions of sexual relations between an adult and a child. It is pure fantasy, has no basis in real life, and the author does NOT condone such activity in real life. That said, it' s fun to fantasize. If this offends you, do not read any further.

I'm just a 30 year old guy who love watching Disney Channel girls on TV. And on Saturday night at 5: 00 PM, I will be watching a cute 11 year old girl name "G. Hannelius" a little cute star from "Disney Channel" and I'm going to have her spend the night at my house tonight. Genevieve Hannelius is a small beautiful little girl with brown hair and brown eyes. G. Hannelius is also about 4 feet tall too.

At 5:00 PM, Genevieve come up to my front door and start knocking on my door. And I open it and let her in with her Bags. Genevieve Hannelius smiles at me with her cute smiles.

Bobby: Hello little G. Hannelius!

Genevieve: Hi! (Giggle)

Bobby: Hey G. Hannelius what fun games do you want to play tonight?

Genevieve: I don't know? What game do you want to play?

I started to smile at her and G. smile back at me too.

Later at night time, Me and G. in the living room on the couch watching a Disney Channel Movie. My cock now starting to feel very wets because of G. Hannelius and thinking about what I want to do with her tonight.

Bobby: Hey G. do you want to play a game called "Creamland"?

Genevieve: What is a Creamland?

Bobby: The game is up in my bedroom and why don' t we go to my room and play?

Genevieve: OK Bobby! (Giggle)

I now takes little G. Hannelius with me up to my bedroom to see the fun game.

Bobby: OK now G. we are in my nice bedroom now.

Genevieve: OK so where are the Creamyland game?

Bobby: G. why don' t we go sit down on my bed so I can show it to you?

Genevieve: Ok so where is it?

Bobby: It is down in to my pant G.

Genevieve: The Creamlyland game are in your pant? (Giggle)

Bobby: G. will you like to see it?

Genevieve: OK! (Giggle)

Now I got ready to take off my pant and underwear off and show my hard cock her. When G. saw it and giggles at my cock.

Bobby: G. would you like to touch it?

Genevieve: OK! (Giggle)

G.Hannelius now grab my big cock with her bare hands and rub it. G. thinks my cock are nice and very soft! I smile at G. while she playing and having fun with it.

Bobby: G. do you like to do something with my Banana?

Genevieve: OK so what do you want me to do with it?

Genevieve show her cute smile and giggles at me. I loves G. with her pretty Brown hair. I wants this cute little G. Hannelius to suck my cock now.

Bobby: G. Hannelius do you know how to suck things?

Genevieve: Yes and I am a good sucker!

Bobby: So do you want to do it on me G. Hannelius?

Genevieve: OK Sure! (Giggle)

Bobby: OK G. and I'm going lie on my bed and open up between my legs. And you need to go lie on your stomach and put your pretty face toward my Banana.

Genevieve: OK Bobby! (Giggle)

Genevieve now lies down on her stomach and put her pretty face toward my cock. Now G. smiles at my cock and geting ready to give me a blowjob! Genevieve just now took my cock and put it into her mouth. G. got ready to start sucking on my big head cock. She also holds on to my cock with her both hands so she can on suck on it. I made G do deep throat by pushing in my full cock in to her cute mouth. I now start to feel pleased with Genevieve while she sucking on my cock in her mouth.

About 20 minute later and I felt something coming while G. Hannelius began to suck faster and harder!

Bobby: Oh G. Hannelius that feels so good!

Genevieve just now starting to fill up her mouth with my cum. G. Hannelius begins to start swallowing all of my cream by sucking on my cock harder! My cock start to shoots out my load of cum down into G. Hannelius throat by swallowing it all down.

And Genevieve now took out my cock out of her mouth and lick off all my cream off my cock with her tongue.

Genevieve: Hmmm! It tastes so yummy!

Bobby: Oh Genevieve you are the best cute sucker!

Genevieve: No Problem! (Giggle)

Bobby: I love you G. Hannelius!

Genevieve: I love you too Bobby and thank for the Creamlyland game you just showed me!

Genevieve smiles at me and got very tried, So she want to sleep with me in my bedroom tonight.

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The story is ok but I like to see more G Hannelius Sex Story. :)


Sweet but we need more G Hannnelius Sex Story

Vashta Nerada

This is the most idiotic pile of crap I ever read. It sounds like I'm Borat when I read it, what are you 12 or just stupid?

The reviewing period for this story has ended.

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