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Published: 27-Oct-2011

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

My mom and dad tell me I've always been a cum slut. For as long as I can remember daddy would feed me his cock to suck every night and mommy would have me lick her pussy as well. Hell, when I was 7 I got in trouble at the mall for sucking off a security guard in the bathroom while his friend fucked me from behind. I was taken to the security office still covered in spunk and stinking of sex.

After my parents picked me up and promised to punish me, they took me home and fucked me within an inch of losing consciousness. I guess I should introduce myself. My name is Cheri and I am now 15 years old. I am 8 months pregnant with my second baby and I am not really sure who the daddy is. My first pregnancy was my daddy's but this one was the result of a gangbang with 22 of Daddy's friends, so I am not sure who to thank. I guess I'll just thank them all.

I am 5'1, long brown hair, blue eyes (daddy says I have great blowjob eyes), 102 lbs with 32B boobs. Daddy says he'll get me implants for my sweet 16th birthday so I'll have big boobs like Mom. She is also short at 5'2, 109 lbs. She has 36 C's with big pointy nipples and a clean-shaven pussy. She has short brown hair and green eyes. She is 28, having me when she was just 13, the same age I was when I first had my daughter Elsie.

My daddy is 6'2, 205 lbs, short salt and pepper hair, blue eyes with an 8 inch cock. He is 38 years old and has the energy of an 18 year old. Before my mom, he started fucking her older sister (my aunt Beth), when she was 12 and he was 18. Then he moved on to my mom when my mom was 12 and he was 22. He got her pregnant and my grandpop made them get married.

Grandpop was a little mad because he was going to lose his little fuck toy, but was happy because he knew he'd be getting grandkids to fuck. Plus, he still had my other aunt, Joyce, who was still 9 at the time. Grandpop was fucking his girls since they were 5 or 6 with Grandmom pretending not to know about it. And now that Grandmom passed, Grandpop lives with us so he can have us suck his cock every day. He just loves to watch us lick his spunk from our lips.

I also have a sister and a brother. My sister is 8, named Amy. She is short with brown hair and no tits. My daddy just loves to fuck her ass because it is so tight.

Brad is my 13-year-old brother. He is a regular pedophile already. He loves to slide his cock into my daughter's mouth and cum in her tiny mouth. Or he likes to bring over girlfriends who are 2 years younger than him and fuck them in front of the web cam. We send the video out to all our friends and relatives.

My parents belong to a group called, "Family Friends and Fun", which is an incest group. We get together a few times a month with other families for a giant orgy. We just got back from one last night. We met up with a family from Wisconsin (we are from Florida). The dad was in his late 40's, the mom in her early 40's, the sons were 24 and 16. The daughters were 22, 20 and 17. They had grand daughters aged 8, 7, 5 and 2 as well as grand sons aged 9, 8, 6 and 3.

Their family was nice, but new to incest. They were a little timid, not enjoying anything that might be a little extreme. The grand kids had never enjoyed sex, but did get to lick their parents and grandparent's clean after sex. The one little girl, Mya, loved to lick her daddy's cum from her aunt's ass hole.

So you can imagine their surprise when my brother, Brad, started to fuck one of the girls in the ass. The family didn't say anything to dissuade him, but they were obviously not expecting him to do that. And the party got even more interesting when my dad brought out the video camera.

The other family decided to call it a night and left around 1 am, saying the children needed their sleep. I hope we didn't scare them. Then again, given the dad's enormous erection when he watched Brad turn the little girl around to lick his cock clean after dumping a load in her ass, I would say the dad liked it.

Last weekend we met a more fun couple for the weekend. It was a guy named Hank who was 35 and his sister/wife named Alice, who was 31. They had 2 children, Tom who was 12 and Julie who was 14. Julie was great! She loved to suck and fuck anything.

We snuck out of the house and went into town where we had a little competition, seeing who could suck off more strangers than the other. Keep in mind, I am pregnant, so it was not as easy for me, but I held my own. She sucked 23 guys and I sucked 18. I remember one guy wanted to suck my lactating tits as well. It was pretty cool.

Best of all, Julie likes dogs too. We found a guy walking his dog in the park and had a little fun. We walked up to him and we started to make out in front of him. No one was around and he was blown away. We pretended to notice him and I started to talk to him as Julie rubbed my tits and cunt through my outfit. I told him we were thirsty and asked hi if he had anything we could swallow. He smiled and pulled out his cock. I kneeled down and took his 6-inch dick in my 15-year-old mouth and sucked it. Julie stood up and said she was thirsty as well.

You should have seen the guy's eyes when this little 14-year-old slut crawled down on the ground and took the beagle's tiny cock in her hungry mouth. The guy lasted 3 strokes before filling my mouth with his spunk. I played with it in my mouth as Julie finished off the dog. I leaned over and spit the full load of man-cum into her mouth to mix with the doggy cum She sloshed it all around in her mouth and then spit half back into my mouth. We both opened our mouths to show him and then swallowed.

As we started to walk away, the guy ran over to us and handed us a business card. "Hey, my name is Dave. I make special home movies for discreet clients If you girl's ever want to make a lot of money doing what you just did, give me a call."

"So what all would you want us to do? Would it just be sucking off a doggy or a grown up or would we be eating out each other and playing with younger kids," I asked smiling.

"Well, that depends on what you are willing to do I have some actresses your age who do dogs, other girls, a pony, drink piss and even girls who get gangbanged by 25 old men."

We took the cards and smiled, "We'll think about it."

When we were out of range, I walked over to a cop and handed hi the card. I said some scary guy came up to us saying he wanted to put us in dirty movies where we have sex with old men and animals. The cop took the card and ran off with his night stick in hand after the guy with the dog.

"Why did you do that?" asked Julie.

"Well, my family makes its own movies. The last thing we need is any more competition to drive down the price." She laughed and kissed me with her still cummy lips.

When we got home, our parents had the TV on, showing our guests some of our home movies. Hank was licking my daughter's pussy as he watched the movie. It was one of my favorite videos, one of me when I was 8, being fucked in the ass by a large blond haired man with tattoos all over his body. He was a friend of my dad's and paid my dad $1,000 to film him fucking me. Of course my dad also made himself a copy and then made copies from that which he sold all over the internet.

I had this huge 9 inch cock buried in my ass and I was crying from the pain. My mom and dad were standing in front of me. Mom held my dad's cock in my face as he taped me. She held his cock as he pissed in my face. I opened my mouth to say something and caught a mouthful off bitter piss. They just laughed as I choked. I remember the guy came so much in my ass I thought I would float away.

Julie and I sat down to watch the action. My dad called Julie over to sit on his fat cock I looked over to see my brother and sister together and my mom was with Julie's mom in a 69 on the floor by the coffee table. Julie's brother Tom was kneeling sucking his dad's cock as Hank worked on my daughter's bald pussy. I was all left out.

Then I saw Blacky, my black lab. He trotted over and licked my face as I undressed. I got on my hands and knees with my ass pointed at him. He climbed right up and inserted his pink cock right into my cunt. It was a funny sight I am sure. My tits are all swollen and larger than normal with being pregnant, so they and my big belly were dragging on the floor as this large dog was ravaging my little cunny. I could feel the dog's drool dripping on my back and neck and his hot breath was tickling my ear.

His cock was so hot it felt like I was fucking myself with a hot corn on the cob, fresh from the pot. Then he clutched me with his rough paws and shot his watery load into my hole. It was trapped inside me with the dog's huge baseball sized knot. He turned around so we were butt to butt and just waited for his cock to shrink.

I used this time to look at the TV again. Now on the screen was a scene of my brother Brad was fucking my sister Amy in the bathtub. There was about 3 inches of water in the tub and he was sitting on the floor of it. She was squatted over him, riding his cock. There were 10 grown men standing around the tub jerking off. Almost in unison, they fired their white creamy spunk all over both kids.

As the last one finished shooting his baby-seed all over my brother's hair, one of the other men started to piss on them. That triggered a long series of all the men emptying their bladders as Brad filled his sister's slit with his little boy seed. Instead of using the shower to clean off, the 2 kids just started to lick each other, drinking the puddle of water/piss/cum that they were sitting in.

My attention was drawn back from the TV as I heard my dad moan as he shot his load into Julie's cunt. He held her by the hips as he pumped his sticky cream into her stretched hole. She climbed off and turned around to lick him clean. Her ass was close enough for me to stick my tongue into her hole to get myself a drink.

When she was done licking my daddy's cock, somehow she crawled under my pregnant body so her face was by my cunt. She licked the dog's balls as he was still connected to me. The dog pulled his shrinking cock from my quim and the flood of juice poured out onto her face.

As she drank the hot watery puppy seed from my gaping pussy, my dad came over and kneeled down in front of me facing away. He got down on his hands and knees for me to lick his ass hole. I used my finger to massage his prostate as I licked the tangy debris from his puckered anus.

After I licked my dad's ass enough to get him hard again, he got up and helped me off of Julie. He lay me down on the oak coffee table and all the guys gathered around me. They all jerked off onto my swelled belly as my mom and sister sucked my lactating tits. Afterwards, my brother licked the cum from my belly as Julie's brother fucked his ass.

Later that night, as the family was sitting around watching another video and having coffee, I milked myself and provided milk for everyone's drinks. We were watching a video of my dad with a little girl he met from the club. She was 6 year old Jan and she was a lot of fun.

My mom was taping the action as they were all in dad's car. Dad had Jan in her lap as he drove, with his cock up in her small cunt and her pleated skirt lifted up so you could see the glistening cock stretching her small fuck hole. My mom added commentary to make it more hot, occasionally turning the camera down to show the vibrating dildo I her own trimmed pussy.

They pulled into a fast food restaurant for a McBurger and dad dropped her skirt on the side of the service window. But mom's camera had a great angle, picking up his cock still filling her slot as he handed the money to the cashier. For her part, she placed a blanket over her vibrating twat, he leaned over to the window and you could see his cock pushing further into the girl, who just quietly closed her eyes. Dad leaned back to put the change in the console and then leaned back to the window to get the food, thrusting into her again.

As they pulled away, Jan took a french fry and handed it to my mom. Mom pulled out the dildo and wiped her cunt with the fry and placed it into the girl's hungry mouth. She ate it in one bite and made a "yummy" sound. Then my dad went back to rocking his cock into the girl's cunt.

They pulled over in a parking lot and he turned his back to the door to give the camera a great angle of his cock I her tiny hole. Then he pulled out his cock and she lowered her hamburger in front of his cock. He fired a large load all over her burger and they wrapped it back up. They got dressed again and drove home.

As they pulled in to the driveway, one of the neighbor kids was over. It was Amy's friend Rebecca who was 9. My dad reached into the bag and pulled out the cum-covered burger and offered it to Becky. She gladly took it, unwrapped it and bit into it. Mom got a close up of her face as cum splatted out from all sides as she bit into it. A dribble of cum was on her lower lip and she licked it off with her child tongue.

After coffee, our guests got dressed and thanked us for a wonderful weekend. I must have had 25 orgasms that weekend. I kissed Julie goodbye, saying I would e-mail her with pics of my dirty conquests every week. She promised to send me pictures of her and her 64 year old History teacher. She said he was giving her straight 'A' in return for letting hi fuck her ass dressed in My Little Pony clothes.

She said he just loved to watch her in pig tails and her school uniform carrying a little plastic lunch box. It is his 65th birthday in 3 weeks and she planned to bring one of her young friends over for a threesome. She planned to also scoop out her old lover's cum and put it into his wife's skin cream.

Well, if you are a part of Family Friends and Fun, I hope to see you. If not, look for me on the internet. I'm the little cum slut being fucked by a dog as 30 grown men jerk off on my face.

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great story.

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