Mail Order

[ Mbb, toys, anal, oral ]

by sam963

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Published: 15-Jun-2013

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

It was hard to contain my excitement. The mailman brought a very special package. I knew Max and Sean were going to be thrilled. At least I hoped they would be. How should I present them with their present? I smiled and decided to leave it in the bedroom set up for them.

They arrived that day together on their bikes. They parked them in the garage as usual. I stood in the doorway smiling and the two boys looked at each other. They knew something was up. "How about you dress up like Indians and meet me in the bedroom? I have something there for you."

Max and Sean looked at each other again and then Max ventured, "What is it?"

I grinned and turned around. "Well, it's a surprise."

Whenever the boys dressed up like Indians with their loincloths, it made it easy to access their precious treasures. They ran around the house almost naked not caring if they flashed each other as they played climbing all over the furniture and just being boys. All they had to do was lift up the front of their loincloths and they would get a blow job for me. I loved how their little dicks started limp and how big they grew. Max's penis in particular reminded me of a little sausage when he was hard. It was nice and thick. His foreskin slid easily over his glans. I pulled it back with my lips.

That day, I sat on the bed with the door closed. The boys burst in naked except for a little loincloth that covered the crotch. They came at me in a fury knocking me over on my back onto the bed. We rolled around for a while before they scurried away to kneel at the side of the bed.

"What's our surprise?" Sean demanded.

Sitting up I pointed over to a small bookcase in my bedroom and they both looked. On the top shelf devoid of any books were six butt plugs. They were red and blue, each with a matching partner of the opposite color. The smallest was a little thicker than my finger and the largest was a little thicker than my cock. The boys went silent for a second until Sean broke the silence.

"What are they?"

For the first time I felt a twinge of panic. I have played with their holes as I gave them blow jobs. I thought both had responded positively to it. Now, I wondered if I might have gone too far. "They're butt plugs," I said. The boys looked at me evidently confused and I added. "You can put them in your butt like I do with my finger, but you have to keep them in."

Max wordlessly trotted over to the bookshelf and picked the biggest one up. Sean followed his friend's example. He chose the smallest one to examine. At first, they squeezed them and then smack them against their hand. One of the boys laughed and the other one ensued. Max opened his mouth and did like he does when my cock slipped in it. It was differently shaped but he was able to get it all in. A second later he pulled it out.

"I think this one is bigger than you."

I smiled. "Yeah I'm about in between the second and third one. I figured if you too can fit the first two inside plugs and didn't mind it maybe I could be the third. I'm not saying today, but maybe eventually. You don't have to do it of course. You never have to do anything."

The boys looked at each other and in some way I could never understand communicated. Max turned his head towards me and smiled. "All right, let's give them a shot."

I had the boys lay on the bed on their knees. They each had a pillow underneath them and I stood behind them with a bottle lubricant with the two smallest toys. Max would get the red ones and Sean the blue.

I started with Max. First I coated the plus with lubricant being very generous. Secondly, I applied some to his crack, massaging his anus and even pushing one of my fingers inside. Sean abandoned his position to watch me. Spreading his cheeks I said. "I'm going to put the tip in."

"Okay," Max's voice didn't sound worried.

I slowly pushed the tip of the butt plug against his anus. I applied very little pressure. The tight ring shut tight but slowly started to open up allowing it entrance. "How's that?"

"Fine." Max said pausing for a few seconds before adding. "You can put more in."

I applied a little more pressure only intending to put half of it in, but once I reached the thickest part his anus seemed to just swallow the rest of it. There was a little gasp from Max. Acting like I intended it to do that I asked. "How is it?"

"Good. Put more in."

Smiling to myself I said. "It's all in. Get up, see how it feels."

Slowly cautiously Max got up. On his knees he shifted his weight from side to side and even though I was standing behind him, I could see an odd expression on his face.

"Can I walk around?" He asked.

"Let me do Sean first," I looked at the other boy showing off a wide grin of white teeth. He turned around and almost jumped back onto his pillow. He smiled obviously eager and not nervous.

I repeated the process and it went in the same way. I could see Sean was already getting hard. I didn't draw any attention to it and when he got up to feel, he had a little ten in his loincloth.

The boys started to walk around the room. There were cautious at first sort of glazed over. Max reached behind himself and pushed the base. His face lit up. "Sean, push against it. It feels great."

Sean did just that and the smile across his face was priceless. In no time, both boys were sporting erections. Sean's stuck straight out like a branch from a tree while Max's erection was pointing straight up pushing his loincloth out of the way.

Clearing my throat to get their attention I slowly got on my knees. Sean reached me first. I gave his cock a lick where the shaft met his balls. Sliding my tongue up its length I could hear him giggling. I pulled him towards me. He put his hands on my shoulders and I slowly picked him up just enough to slide him onto the bed. He bounced on the box spring and let out a little gasp of surprise as his butt plug moved inside him.

My mouth found his cock again and I felt his hands go onto my head. Grabbing his thighs I began to go down on him. Sean moaned as I stopped pushing and let the bed bounce back up. My tongue probed the little slit at the tip of his cock. I could feel him push up into my mouth and knew he had already climaxed. The sharp intake of breath, his hands tightening in my hair and his knees coming together were all signs of that. His penis softened and when I looked up I saw a new expression on his face. His eyes and mouth were wide open. Slowly he started to smile.

"That was like, awesome. I mean all, my butt."

"Anal, it can be wonderful," I said.

Max jumped up onto the bed forgetting what was up his ass. He jerked in surprise which only made him feel the object inside him and jerk again. He rocked back drawing his feet up onto the bed his arms back. I could see he was trying to push the butt plug into the mattress. I smiled admiring his weenie. I leaned forward and took it in my mouth letting my hands slide between his butt cheeks finding the base of the plug and pushing it further inside as I slid my mouth down his shaft. My lips peeled back his foreskin and my tongue flicked under his glans.

He laid back and I could feel my cock straining against the denim of my pants. Pushing the butt plug in and out I slid my mouth up and down pulling the foreskin along. He climaxed squeezing his knees together which just happened to be where my head was.

Both boys were flushed. I stood up hoping they would notice my cock needed attention. Max did after a few seconds sitting up and gestured for me to come closer. He undid the button of my jeans and pulled them down using my pockets as handholds. I wore boxers. Max positioned himself. He got on his knees and elbows before pulling the front of my boxers down freeing my hard cock.

Sean took an identical position next to him. Alternating, each one grabbed my cock and put it in his mouth. About five minutes of warm sucking later, my pre-cum decorated both of their lips. I squeezed my buttocks together trying to hold back my climax but I came when they were switching positions, both of their hands were on my cock and I shot my load right between them. It landed on their shoulders and they giggle. I smiled as they took turns rubbing onto each other knowing those butt plugs were a great investment.

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The Unsinkable Mex

Great and very HOT story! Can't wait for the next sessions where the toys get bigger. Keep the good work up and keep it cumming.


Fucking hot. Love to read more


A great story that made me rock hard. Just wish it could last longer. Thanks a lot.

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