Making Her My Personal Toy

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Published: 26-Jul-2013

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

India. Sometime in the 1800's:

There she was.

Lying tied up on her back on the bed, she squirmed and glared and made angry muffled noises while her hair covered half her face.

"You shouldn't try to get away, child. Look, you've only managed to hurt your wrists and ankles", I said. Wiping away the hair tenderly from her face, I grabbed her hair hard with one hand and slapping her hard with the other.

"Wel-come-to-the-de-flower-ing-bed" I said almost conversationally, in tune with the slaps.

"Well, it's more of a training bed rather than a deflowering bed actually". I got up and started taking off my shirt. The anger in her eyes had been tempered a bit now. They looked a bit scared, and combined with the wet, red cheeks, white cloth-gag and disheveled hair, gave a the girl a lovely helpless look.

"I keep a young cunt in here after deflowering for a while, if she pleases me" I told the terrified girl, while I looked at her body.

There she lay, legs split wide open, wearing metal anklet-bells (payals) which made pleasing noises everytime she squirmed or moved her legs. The reddened-white skin of her feet looked lovely against the black cloth rope tying her ankles to the bed posts. Her calves looked dirty with mud. The orange skirt that used to cover her thighs had ridden up on one side, leaving glimpses of milky white heaven I couldn't wait to get into.

"Of course, your case is different. I need to keep you here for a while, maybe forever. Your father was a traitor, Hasina, and he was hanged in front of the magistrate today. As his daughter, you need to be kept under strict surveillance from today" I said, as I removed my dhoti and looked into her scared eyes. "As the son of the zamindar(village landlord), it is my responsibility to educate you and help you re-integrate into society", I say with a smile.

She looked stunning. I'd personally tied her to the bed about an hour ago before going to her father's execution. Her hands were still tied together to the middle bar at the top of the bed and her feet had been tied apart at the other end, giving her an inverted-Y shape. An inverted-Y with a Virgin crotch, the crotch hiding behind a chaotic orange skirt and no panties! I'd also put a leather leash on her neck and sticky tape over her mouth to keep her quiet. Afterwards, I'd torn her white blouse to shreds and jacked off quickly over her tiny titties before leaving.

She'd looked dazed with the whole thing.

Now that I was back, I was going to take my time with her. She was my property, and I was her master. All that was needed was for her to know that. To understand that.

"You know, I saw your mother on the way back here", I tell her while taking off my boxer underpants. "She was still on that same bed where I interrogated her. You do remember how she howled for mercy when I entered her ass, don't you?" throwing my sweaty undies on her face. "A 17-year old boy sodomizing a 30-year old woman! It was a sight to behold, especially in the mirror!", I said as I walked over to the bed while she tried to shake my underwear off her helpless face. "You know, every time I pinched her nipples, she squeezed her ass and we both groaned. It was wonderful!"

I laughed as I lay down, stark-naked, on top of the 13-year old daughter of the rebel leader, Hussain, tied up in my bedroom. I looked at Hasina's face. She had closed her eyes and was resignedly sobbing to herself.

"Anyways, some doctors were examining her. She'll be transported to a whorehouse in Delhi soon enough. She'll be best put to use there. " I told the weeping teen as I wiped away her tears, tasting the last drop on my fingertips. They tasted of victory, and of impending pleasure.

I grabbed her hair and started kissing her face. Moving down to her neck, I threateningly opened my jaw and put my teeth around her delicate throat. With one of my hands holding her hair and the other squeezing her flat-chested nipples, she lay stock still, while I lightly squeezed my jaws. I stopped when I felt a terrified squeak escape her throat. Raising the upper half of my body, I held her hair in place, while I groped her body.

"You, on the other hand, have been entrusted to my service", I said as I placed my hand on her neck and stared into her eyes. I slid my hand down slowly from there. "Your education will consist of learning how to please your master", I said as I rubbed my hands over her nave, skirt-covered, hairless cunt. I slapped her cunt with my cock 2-3 times as I said "This is your God from today. You will love it, worship it and serve it whenever needed. You will also call me Malik(master). If you show your master any disrespect, I will send you not to the whorehouse, but to the prison. Do you understand, bitch?" I finished with a hard tug on her ponytail for emphasis.

Her eyes kept flipping from my cock to my eyes as I said all this. She nodded with tears of submission.

"I am going to remove the cloth in your mouth now. If you scream, my parents will hear it from the other building, and I'll get a scolding tomorrow at the breakfast table. You don't want your master to get a scolding, do you?"I ask as I cradle her head gently in my hands. She looks very scared and shakes her head in the negative. "So we don't want to disturb them." She shakes her head meekly in assent.

"If you do not scream or make too much noise, I will fuck you gently, like a young virgin deserves. I will keep you here, for me, exclusively. No one else will dare to touch you and you will have food, shelter and clothing too. Do you understand Hasina?", I ask as I raise her skirt above her waist and let my cock touch her virgin mound.

She nods with tears in her eyes.

I look down and see that my cock looks enormous on top of her slit.

As I remove the gag from her mouth, I feel wetness around my cock and balls. I'd been rubbing my cock up and down her slit over her skirt. And now I could feel the wetness. This bitch was getting wet on submitting to me. Her hormones were taking charge, at last!

She coughs for a few seconds while I lay back down on her, sliding down her body a bit to bring our faces level. My cock and balls slap against her thighs. The tip of my cock barely reaches her mound in this position.

"Who am I, bitch?", I asked her as I look into her eyes.

"You are my master, Sir, mmmmmmhhh!" she says, even as I grab her hair and force my lips on top of hers. I make it a rough kiss, forcing my tongue into her while she groans. Her hot tears make cheeks wet. I rub my cock up and down her slit, spreading her wetness and my precum into the sensitive virgin skin. I almost enter her right then and there, but I hold back. I finally take my lips off hers and look into her eyes with a kind expression.

"I understand from the menstrual records at the widow ashram that you started bleeding only 3 months ago. Is that correct?" I ask as I take my hand off her hair and wipe away strands from her face.

"Yes sir, it has only been 3 months. In fact my last period stopped only yesterday", she says while looking at me. She looked like a scared calf in front of the butcher.

"Good. That means you won't get pregnant today. We don't want you pregnant at such a young age. It's not good for your health." I say as I guide my cock to her slit.

"Now kiss me as you should kiss a master", I said as I cover her lips with mine. She closes her eyes and I enter her in one thrust. She screams, but I quickly cover her lips with mine more forcefully while holding her hair tightly. Her cunt is tight, and makes wonderful spasms on me as she gets adjusted to me.

I keep my eyes open. It is wonderful to look at a young virgin's face while you deflower her.

As I took her virginity, I felt her thighs part just a little, perhaps in pain, perhaps in submission.

I pause to take a breath or two before starting my thrusts. Her lips slip out from my grasp.

"Sir-ooh, please-be-gentle", she says between groans. I see that she's a brave one, and slow down my thrusts to listen to her. "I have no one else in the world now", she cries softly.

The metal anklets on her feet have started their heavenly music with my thrusts. It feels as if she's an instrument, and I'm playing her. "Chhan-chhan-chhan-chaan", goes the music.

"That-is-not-true", I say in tune with gentler thrusts and kiss her again, only a short peck, though. "I am there to take care of things from now." I kiss her on the forehead. She looks so little lying there, impaled on my cock, which is a little red from her virginal blood.

I hug her close again. In this position, I have to turn her head up, cos she's so little. I want to be able to kiss this beauty and fuck her at the same time. So I grab her hair, and turn her hair down, forcing her lips up to mine. I look into her wet, scared eyes, and kiss her. An instant later, I thrust into her. Both into her mouth and cunt. Both feel wet, which pleases me no end.

"I will take care of your needs. All you have to do from now on is cater to my needs", I whisper in her ears even as I start to speed up. She is completely wet and starts sobbing again. I listen to the rhythmic wet sounds while looking at her upturned face, which is red and wet too.



I kiss her again and hug her tight as I feel myself approaching the final stretch.


"ahh-no-umm-please-slowly", she tries to speak while I try to take her words directly into my mouth and seal off her lips. But her lips get free once again. "Sir, oh god, I will die, please slow down, mummy!!"

I grab her hair with one hand and force my tongue into her mouth, covering her lips completely. At the same time, I give a violent thrust, spilling my seed into her young womb. I thrust a few more times, holding her tightly so that the only body part independently moving on that bed is my hips.

I grunt into her mouth even as I flood her young cunt with my spunk, making her body my property.

"Nuuhhh" she says, heaving deep resigned sighs into my mouth. I lay on top of her for a while, breathing heavily into her eyes. A heavy sob escapes her throat. I feel it before I hear it, her nipples poking my lower ribs and my chest-hair before I hear the sound. Soon, I feel my spunk running past my softening cock and out of her hole. I get up and put some adhesive tape on top of her mouth amidst her protests.

I then clean up the messy area of the bed with a cloth. I leave her tied as she is. She continues sobbing into her pillow, turning her face away from me.

"That was not a bad fuck for a first time; actually", I say conversationally to my gagged slave as I clean my cock. She refuses to look at me, but I know which buttons to push.

"I don't see girls enjoying their first fucks as much as you did" I say with a sly smile. She buries her head a little further into the pillow.

"You're going to serve me like a good slave. And it looks like the both of us will enjoy a lot, Hasina", I say, as I start untying the clothes tying her hands.

"Do you need to piss, girl?"

She nods fearfully in assent. I smile.


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Loved it, as a fellow Indian! :D Though as a part feminist, I would like it if you gentled it down a bit. Can you please continue it?


A very exciting story. You describe the fuck beautifully. However the girl needs to learn to clean her master's cock with her mouth after the fuck. The boy was remiss in that. I hope he has some other fun games in store for her

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