Hot Bubblegum, Part 3

[ bF, pedo, 1st, cons, inc, mother/son, oral, anal, pett, toys, ws ]


Published: 17-Jan-2013

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This Work Is Coppyrighted To The Author.

This story is purely ficticious and is in no way true!

This is pure fantasy and I do not condone any actual sexual contact with children nor would I ever encourage any actual contact with minors under the age of 18!

These are fantasies only that I find sexually arousing and hope that others do too!

Please enjoy them to your full satisfaction!

Please read Hot Bubblegum 1 and Hot Bubblegum2. They are written in 1st person and I should have written them in 3rd person. I will try to be more consistent as I am new at this. Hot Bubblegum 3 and 4 will be in 3rd person.

It had been an exciting weekend for young 8yr old Alec. He had, had his first erection and learned really fast what can happen to it from playing with it to much. His first orgasm was intense but scary at the same time. He also discovered that there were lots of different ways to reach his hard little orgasms playing naked games around the house while home alone.

His last orgasm was pumping his stiff little boner up against his bedpost, then falling back onto his bed in tears wondering if he had broken something inside his boner. Orgasms for such a young boy can be scary especially when they don't know what's really happening.

Alec's boner had gone soft as the day faded into dusk. He whimpered on his bed naked and scared but thought to himself how good it felt to play naked like he did with his new boner and most favorite toy. He wiped the tears from his eyes, then sat up eventually getting up off the bed to get dressed before his mom got home frome work.

Alec had no clue what an "orgasm" was or what was really happening inside his boner when he played with it. He only knew that it felt better than anything he had ever felt before.

Alec had put on a pair of dark blue shorts over a clean pair of white boys briefs then a white T-shirt with a bright yellow and red "BOYS RULE" insignia splattered all over the front of it. He sat down in the upstairs living room and turned on his favorite Saturday kids shows and waited for his mom to get home from work.


He and his mom sat down to the takeout fried chicken dinner that she had brought home after work. Alec's moms name is Jane, Jane Ivorson. Alecs full name is Alec Aaron Ivorson. Little Alec would would remind you alot of Ricky Nelson from the 1950's hit sitcom and could be his identical twin with blond hair and a little skaters bowl cut.

After supper they cleaned up the kitchen and moved to the basement to get comfy on the big sectional couch and to watch Alecs favorite "Transformers" movie on the big flat screen tv. Jane had no clue what her 8yr old baby boy had been up to the last couple of days and it was about time for another bath before bed.

The movie had ended with Alec resting his bare feet on Janes lap and she pushed his feet off and ordered him up to take his bath and get ready for bed. Of course Alec didn't mind that at all, because being naked had once again gotten his little goat and made him get erect again.

Alec charged up the stairs his bare feet slapping on the kitchen floor and across the tile floor in front of the entry way of the house to his bedroom. He quickly grabbed his clean clothes including yet a new pair of briefs and his Transformer pajamas. Then he ran out of his room for the bathroom. Jane had stayed in the basement and surfed the channels on the big screen.


In his excitement for bathtime, young Alec had left the bathroom door wide open not realizing he had done so. Jane had come upstairs a few minutes after Alec had gotten in the bath, to go and put her cell phone on the charger in her room. As she walked down the hall she saw the bathroom door wide open and Alecs clothes piled in the middle of the floor with his little white briefs on top. She had never been sexual with Alec but the thought had crossed her mind a time or two. When she saw his clothes piled in the bathroom she began to feel excited. She thought, "Oh boy! What it'd be like to see him naked!"

Jane walked past the open bathroom door trying to fight off the thoughts of molesting her own 8yr old son. She suddenly stopped at her bedroom door next to the bathroom to listen. She had never heard Alec that quiet in the bath before. All she could hear was this little, wet slapping sound in a steady rythum. Alec had no clue that his mom was standing just outside the bathroom door at her bedroom door.

Jane tossed her cell phone onto the bed from the door and she decided to cross the line. Her hope was at first, to only see Alec naked and not go any further than that. She stopped several times telling herself "NO! What The Fuck Are You Thinking!!! He's your son you sick bitch!"

Her heart was pouning in her chest and she felt shaky all over and her knees were week. She hadn't seen Alec naked since he learned to dress himself and potty training. But then it her, "What the fuck! I'm his fucking mother and if I wanna walk in there while he's in the bath... then FUCK IT!"

Jane took in a deep breath then came walking straight in. At first she thought she'd fake it like she was coming in to take his dirty shorts and clothes off the floor. But something quite different happened...

As Alecs unsuspecting mother walked in past the vanity and turned down to look... the SHOCK on both of their faces was a sight to behold. There was 8 year old Alec, the bath filled only halfway with water, squatted to the balls of his feet with his legs as wide open as he could get them, Alec slapping his boner up against his baby smooth body with his fingers tight together. His nut sack only partway into the bathwater. His little butthole gaped open under the water.

Jane cupped her mouth in shock and Alec quickly lowered himself into the bath covering his boner with both hands. His feet squeaking on the smooth bathtub bottom as they moved out from under his butt. Alecs face turned beat red both embarrassed and scared. Jane blurted out, "WHAT THE FUCK!" and Alec Blurted out, "MOM!" Jane said, "oh my gosh son! I'm so sorry!"

"Mom! What are you doing in here?"

"Oh baby! I just thought I'd get your clothes up off the floor!"

"But mom... I'm all naked in here!"

"I see that baby!"

"Why didn't you knock?"

"Oh sweetheart... the door was open and I didn't think you'd be doing that if I came in!"

"Gosh mom!"

Jane asked, "Where did you learn how to do that baby?"

Alec answered, "Am I in trouble mom? Please don't be mad at me!"

Jane said, "Oh no baby... you're not in any trouble! But please tell me where you learned how to do that!"

Alec looked down at the bathwater still in slight shock and a little embarrassed and said in a quiet, shy little voice, "I learned it myself!"

Jane hesitated and Alec turned his head up to look at her, then Jane said, "Show mommy how you do that again!"

Alec asked, "Why mom?" Jane said, "Cause I kinda liked it! Show me again!"

Alec had lost his boner but it had started growing again when Jane had asked to see his little game again. Nervously, Alec moved his hands away from his little boy package between his legs and got back up onto the balls of his feet. His boner was halfway as Jane got on her knees in front of the tub. Jane told Alec how much he had grown into such a big boy since the last time she had seen him, in reference to his growing little dick. Jane reached over and pushed the lever to drain the bath empty. Alec sat up to look at his mom as his boner came up to a full erection.

Alec stared up at his mom as she ran her wide open eyes over every square inch of his naked, spread open little body. His tiny ball sack all shriveled up and his little boner sticking straight up and throbbing. His baby smooth, hairless, slender legs folded. His hot little natural six pack with his sticking out belly button. His velvet smooth little groin muscles protruding out from both sides of his hairless pubic mound. His soft pink little nipples. Jane was wet and turned on beyond anything she had ever been before.

Jane looked into her 8yr olds eyes and responded, "Ooh Baby! What a sexy baby boy I made!"

She reached up and grabbed his little boner between her thumb and forefinger, Alec gasped then leaned down to watch what she was doing between his legs. His hands squeezed on both knees then Jane cocked his boner off to the side then gently pulled it down. She wanted a look at his hairless, smooth little pubic mound and the little dimple in the middle of it. Alec squirmed because it felt so good to have his mom touching his boner.

Jane slid her fingers down unable to resist a feel of his soft little nut sack. As she ran her fingers over and around the baby soft sack, his boner began to twitch harder as his heart began to pound. Jane quickly slid her fingers back up to the middle of his craving little boner and pinched it tightly in her fingers. The skin on it was so soft and smooth to the touch. She could feel it throbbing in her fingers.

Jane looked up at Alec and asked, "Does this feel good on my baby's boner?"

Alec looked up at her and said, "Yes mom... it really makes it boy ticklish all over the inside of it when you squeeze on it like that! It's making me feel really excited all over with you touch'n it and feel'n around on stuff down there!"

Jane was hooked! The bathtub was empty and she had Alec get out of the tub. She dried off the residual water for him down on her knees. After drying him off Jane had Alec sit on the edge of the bathtub. She took the towel off from around his shoulders then had him spread his legs open. She began to feel him out and taught him what she was doing. She couldn't resist his young body and kept her focus on his hard little boner and his smooth, soft little nut sack. She felt him from head to toe and every inch in between.


Alec and his mom played on the edge of the bathtub for about 15 or 20 minutes, Jane unable to keep her hands off his smooth little body. Jane was a young mom just 23 yearls old. Young Alec was born when his mom was just 15yrs old. Alecs dad was 12 and Jane got knocked up from 12yr old Bobby when she was baby sitting he and his younger brother Stevie who was just 9yrs old at the time. Jane couldn't keep her hands off of either one of them either and on one baby sitting adventure, she and the two young boys decided on making a hot ass child porn. Little Stevie worked his parents video cam while Jane taught Bobby how to fuck. Bobby shot his hot little kiddy load hard up inside Janes then, hairless pussy. Stevie got it all on video as little Bobby's nut sack emptied out every sweet little drop. The best part of the video was when Bobby pulled his wet, still hard 12yr old boner out of Janes pussy and his young cum came dribbling out of her hole down to her butthole. Jane was knocked up with little Alec who would become her next boy toy.

Jane and Bobby divorced only a year earlier when Alec was 7. Bobby found himself a new toy too, an 11yr old boy that he loved to fuck from his hometown boy scout troop he met on a camping trip. Bobby married the mom just to get to the 11yr old boys hot little ass.


As Jane fondled little Alec on the bathtub edge her pussy soaking wet, Alec announced that he had to pee. Jane told him to hold it for a minute and that she'd be back in just a minute. Alec squatted to the floor to the balls of his feet again, into his favorite position spreading wide on the floor. He leaned down to look between his legs just because he liked the way his boner looked with his legs spread open. Jane ran off to the basement and she got the video cam from the drawer under the big screen tv base. She couldn't run back up the stairs fast enough to "capture the moment"! She thought ass she ran up the stairs... "What fun family home movie this's gonna make!"

Jane came into the bathroom out of breath to find Alec squatted on the floor in front of the tub playing with his boner. She plugged in the ac pack to the wall outlet and said to Alec, "Ooh baby... you're such a pretty boy when you sit like that! It looks so sweet and tender!"

Alec looked up with a smile and asked, "Ya? You really like it? Do you like it the way my boner looks all tickled and stick'n up with me naked open'n my legs all wide like this?"

Jane brought the video cam over and turned it on to video little Alec in his first kiddie porn. Then she responded, "Ooh ya baby... I love that hot little boner stick'n up! This's gonna make a fun video to watch later!"

Alec said, "Boy mom... I sure do need to pee really bad!"

Jane talked Alec into getting into the bathtub to pee but to do it sitting in his hot little boy spread. Sitting sideways Alec squatted down and pulled his knees as far back as he could get them. Jane kept the video cam going the whole time and she captured Alec letting his golden little stream squirt up clear above his head splattering his face and chest. The pee coming out, his captive audience and the whole situation almost made him have an orgasm at the same time his pee squirt out.

After Alec was done and drenched from his golden shower, Jane set the cameraa up on the clothes hamper pointing it just right, down on naked little Alec. She took the shower head off and turned it on and sprayed Alec clean. She sprayed it right on his boner too and Alec liked that.

Alec again got dried off and Jane decided to spill the beans.


Jane kept the video camera on Alec and she asked him if he wanted to some secret stuff. Alec of course did, so Jane followed her very curious 8yr old son to her bedroom to get a good shot of his little naked ass from behind. Jane was so wet by now that it was starting to soak thru her pants. Once in the room Alec sat up on her bed Indian style smiling into the video camera as she got close up shots of his hard ass boner. Jane sat the video cam down on her dresser and she stood in front of it with naked Alec in the background. She began to undress while Alecs eyes opened wide at the unannounced activity.

Jane pulled off her panties showing both Alec and the camera her shaved clean and very wet pussy. It was the first pussy the 8yr old boyy had ever seen. Her tits were still small and she kept herself in very good shape. Though 23yrs old now she looked as good as she did when she was 15. She loved a nice clean shaven pussy with no stubble on it. Alec did too!

After letting Alec explore her naked body on the bed and closely examine and asking all the questions a boy could ask about it, Jane got up and went over to the closet. She reached up and pulled a shoebox that was tucked up in the back corner, out. She brought it out and sat it on the bed in between she and Alec. She told him that it was her "secret treasure chest". She pulled the lid off and it was completely full of hard core child porn pictures.

Old poleroids and digital pics too. 100's of them! Pictures of boys fagging off together, girls spreading their little holes wide open, kids getting molested by adults, child fuck orgies, older boys molesting younger boys and girls. Mom when she was 7yrs old getting her pussy stuffed with a child sized dildo while she sucked an older boys dick, dad when he was 10yrs old bare naked in a camper getting a blow job from a 6yr old boy, dad wearing just his yellow boy scout scarf and his hiking boots spreading eagle in front of a tent on a scouting trip when he was 11 showing off his big hard boner with squirts of cum shot all over his chest and stomach!

Alec with his eyes popping out, spread the photos all over the bed! Nothing but hot ass kids naked and fucking and sucking and spreading. Child porn all over the bed! Alec sat squeezing his super hard boner in his fingers as hard as he could for relief as his super cool mom showed him the photos and shared her story of her sexual childhood. Telling Alec who all the people were in the pictures and talking about the group child sex parties she and her friends had as kids. She told him all about his dad and what a hot ass he had just like Alec and how much she loved to molest him and fuck him.

Alecs mom shared her intense love for pedophilia with him then took him down to the basement and logged onto the family computer. She stuck a disk in that she had kept hidden under the desk drawer while Alec sat naked on her lap. More pictures of child porn started to pop up but this time nothing but boys. 100's of pics and even some of the boys I was in little league with. All of them were from the town they lived in and Jane told about their secret little pedo club.

She told Alec that she wanted to share the video they were taking of Alec that night, with some of her friends in their secret pedophile club. Alecs eyes lit up as he turned to look back at his mom. He told her about his fun game he played in the mirror upstairs in his bedroom the night before. He explained what happened to him at the end and how scared he was that he broke something in his boner when he played with it. Jane calmly explained that what was happening was, he was making himself have orgasms and that he hadn't broken anything. She explained how good orgasms felt and how much hotter it was to watch a little boy like him having one.

His eyes lit up again and he explained how much he wanted to show her his fun naked mirror game. He told her to take a video of it and that he thought her friends would probably like it.

Jane swallowed hard intensly aroused at her 8yr old sons overwhelming willingness to show all on video and his willingness to play in front of her. Alec loved the idea that he didn't have to keep his little sex secret either. Though Jane told him that he couldn't talk about it except with her, he was fine with it. Both headed back up the stairs to Alecs bedroom. Jane grabbed the fully charged video cam from off her dresser and the fun was about to begin...


Jane came into Alecs bedroom with the video cam going and she caught him just as he was getting the chair from his little desk, to set in front of the mirror behind the door. Alec told her to close the door and he moved the chair in front of the mirror. He was so cute walking around the room naked with his little boner.

Alec got up on the chair and started his hot little boy poses in the mirror feeling and playing and various parts of his body. He loved making muscles and showing off his little boy muscles feeling his favorite ones that turned him on the most. Jane just kept the video going watching how fascinated her sexy little 8yr old boy was with his own hot little body. She zoomed in on his face and eyes to show how glued he was to the mirror and how he focussed so much on his little boner.

Alec looved spreading his legs wide and loved how good it looked in the mirror. He explored every inch and loved that he had an audience to watch him play. Jane held the camera in one hand and masturbated with the other to her hot little pretty boy.

He rolled his hips up exposing the smoothness of his skin under his small nut sack. He said he liked looking underneath it cause it made his boner tickle in it to look. He felt himself out spread open on top of the chair then he went for the shoestring.

Jane was glued totally fascinated that her 8yr old boy could come up with this then act on it all by himself. He was a natural little sex fuck kid who instinctively knew exactly what to do.

Alec wrapped the shoestring tightly as he did the night before for the first time. He smiled into the mirror at the video camera and began to cock his hot little boner over to each side. As he squatted on top of the chair spreading his legs wide, he pulled and tugged on the shoestring. He stopped and let go of the ends of the shoestring, used his two thumbs and spread open his pee hole on his boner. Jane moved in for the close up holding the video cam in her now quivering hand, just a couple of inches above his boner. Alec told her to get in close so everybody could see how boner tickly it was all over the inside of his boner. He smiled and with his tiny high pitched voice he said to his mom, "See all the wet pink inside it? It turns pink in there and that neat wet stuff is what makes my boner tickle so bad inside of it! The wet boner tickle stuff inside it turns it pink in there then makes me wanna play really naughty naked games like we're doin now! That wet boner tickle stuff inside it always makes my boner want me to spread my legs really wide open too cause it makes my boner really tickle in it and makes it feel good!"

Jane swallowed hard almost dropping the camera from Alec spreading his pee hole open and his hot ass little kid description. She knew that the wet stuff inside was just moisture and mucus but didn't correct him. It was too hot coming from an 8yr old boy to change the idea in his head of what was causing his intense little hard on. It was fucking hot how kinky he was about it and again, his willingness to show & tell.

He didn't stick the shoestring tip down inside but took the two ends as Jane backed away with the camera. Little Alec was more turned on than the night before and he had barely began to pull, tug and wiggle the shoestring when all of a sudden...

Jane got it all on video...

Her 8yr old son Alec started to have an orgasm. He opened his mouth with a smile this time, rolled his hips up and both could see the muscle under his nuts and his little brown butthole, start to flex and tense up. Then came the hard little muscle spasms as his little hole began to twitch. Alec could barely contain himself and began to pump his hips hard up into the air as he held on tightly to the shoestring.

Alec fell down into the chair as Jane captured his "just fucked" expression on his face. He let go of the shoestring and Jane captured the video as the shoestring twitched from his intense little, still hard boner in a post orgasm muscle spasm.

Jane couldn't hold out anymore and her knees went weak as she masturbated to an orgasm barely able to hold the camera on Alec.

Jane knew that her little baby was ready for a few hard core lessons...

To Be Continued... Watch for Hot Bubblegum, Part 4...

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Boat Couple

What a great hot story. We're looking forward to hearing so much more about little Alec.

Our Lady Lucia Mazarin

Love it. Could be improved in grammar, punctuation, some aspects of the story, and how it's written, but it's really hot. I've been looking for Fb stories for so long. It's such a shame people on here favor little girls with older men rather than vice versa, the kind I prefer.

The reviewing period for this story has ended.

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