Katie Gets Molested

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Published: 17-Jul-2012

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All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

It was a beautiful day at the park. Katie Larson was attending her cousin's birthday party with her parents. The little four year-old blonde wore a thin, light blue summer dress with spaghetti straps which kept her cool in the hot sun. The dress was very short, barely covering her Disney Princes panties. She wore pink flip flops with more princesses on them. Sunshine, family, outdoor games, balloons, cake and ice cream; the party had everything.

And Katie was bored to tears. Her little cousin Emma was just turning two, and was no fun to play with at all. She was still a baby, and Katie was too big to play baby games. The rest of her cousins were even younger, making Katie the oldest. That was fine, but she had no one to play with. Everyone else was a grown-up, and they were all paying attention to the babies, or talking - boring. She sat on a picnic bench under the roof of the shelter, pouting. Her full pink lower lip stuck out, glistening in the reflected sunlight, and her big blue eyes stared glumly from under her long dark eyelashes. Her pudgy cheeks were pink from the sun and the heat, and her little button of a nose was even darker. She looked absolutely adorable, but no one noticed.

Well, maybe not no one. The little girl's gaze idly followed the erratic path of a big butterfly across the grassy field towards a wooded area, where she saw a hint of movement. She knew there was a bathroom back there, so she assumed it was someone going to use it, but she didn't see the movement for awhile, and when she did, it was in the same place, like someone shifting in the same spot. She got up to get a better look and noticed a darker green among the leaves of the trees and bushes. It was a dark green shirt, worn by a man who stood just inside the woods.

Was the man watching her? Katie's parents had said a couple of things about strangers, but Katie hadn't really been paying attention. She was too young to understand that there were good and bad people, except in the princess movies.

She strolled closer to the woods, but nobody noticed, caught up in their boring conversations or playing with the boring babies. The man was walking around slowly now, and she heard his voice as he called out quietly.

"Misty!" he was saying, "Misty! Here girl!" He stopped when he noticed Katie approaching, and moved toward the path, where Katie could come closer to him - and which took her farther from her family.

"Hi, sweetie," the man greeted her. He looked worried, and Katie wondered what was wrong.

"Have you seen a little dog?" he asked, "Her name is Misty, and she's a little white Pomeranian." Katie didn't know what a Pomeranian was, but she hadn't seen a dog. She shook her head, and her blonde curls swung around her face and her bare shoulders.

"Sorry," she said.

"Oh, okay," the man's shoulders slumped. He looked so sad! He turned away and peered into the woods. Katie felt so sorry for the man who had lost his dog. He stopped as if thinking of something and turned back to her.

"Say," he said, "would you help me look for her?" Katie liked the idea of helping this poor man by finding his dog, and she was bored anyway. This would at least be interesting, and helpful.

"Sure!" she chirped, in her high-pitched, little-girl voice, "What do you want me to do?"


Ed could barely speak, he was so enthralled with this beautiful little angel. She was so pretty. Her golden hair cascaded in waves over her shoulders and around her pudgy cheeks. Her little dress was so short, it barely covered her crotch, exposing her bare legs. He couldn't imagine what some parents were thinking, dressing their little girls in such a provocative manner, but he was glad that so many did! Her skin looked so soft and clean, he wanted to touch it right then, but the sixty year-old child molester held off. His plan was working perfectly, as it often did, so he didn't want to mess up by going for the girl too soon.

"What's your name, Honey?" the pedophile asked.

"Katie," the little girl answered readily. Don't parents teach their children anything about strangers? Ed wondered.

"My dog's name is Misty," the man repeated, "Can you just call her for me? Call softly; she gets scared easily. Dogs have real good hearing, so you don't have to yell loud." He wanted the girl to be quiet, so no one from her group would hear her in the woods.

"Misty! Misty!" she called quietly, just above a whisper. If there had been a dog, it might have heard her, but her family sure couldn't.

"I think she went this way," Ed told the girl, pointing deeper into the woods. The little girl followed him across the leaf-littered ground. They walked for a few minutes, until Ed saw his goal - an old shed that had once stored ground-keeping equipment, but now stood empty.

"Did you hear that?" he asked, turning toward the girl.

"What?" she asked, her big blue eyes wide open and her cheeks flushed with the exertion of walking through the woods in the still, hot air. Her arms, legs and chest glittered with perspiration.

"I thought I heard a bark!" the old pervert lied, looking toward the empty shed "From over there!" He pointed to the unused wooden building, and started toward it, the little girl following. He stood at the door and looked down at his unsuspecting victim.

"Tell you what," he whispered, "I'll open the door slowly, and you go in and call Misty." She nodded, pleased that the adult had given her such an important job. Ed pulled the door open and Katie slipped inside, quietly calling the nonexistent dog. She turned around abruptly when she heard the door close behind her. Ed stood with his back to the closed door, smiling.

"Do you see her?" he asked softly. The little girl peered around the gloomy interior of the shed, lit dimly but adequately by sunlight streaming through gaps in the walls and a hole in the roof.

"No," she whispered, "I don't think she's in here."

"Oh," Ed sighed, sounding disappointed. He sat down on a wooden crate with a burlap bag on it, slumping his shoulders to look sad. As he had hoped, the sexy little four year-old stepped over to comfort him. His cock twitched when he felt her warm little hand on his shoulder.

"It's okay, Mister," her sweet, little-girl voice piped "We'll find your dog." He put his arm around her waist as he looked down at her with a grateful smile.

"I'm sure we will, sweetie," he said, drawing her soft body toward him. She put her left hand on his chest as he pulled her close, his hand running up and down her back. She stiffened when she felt his hand come to rest on her butt.

"Hey!" the child squawked "Stop it! Let me go!"

"I'll let you go, Katie," Ed assured her, "I just want to spend some time with you." He hadn't moved his hand from her butt, and he started squeezing the firm flesh through her dress. Katie stood on her toes trying to avoid the older man's touch, and she started to turn away, but he put his right arm around her to block her escape.

"No!" the little girl objected, "Let me go!"

"You can go when I'm done, Katie," Ed explained. He let his hand glide down to the back of her thigh and slipped his hand under her dress to cup her ass cheek in his hand. He felt the soft fabric of her panties and her warm skin against his palm.

"Hey, stop it!" the child squealed, twisting her body in his grip.

"Hold still, Sweetie!" Ed told her, "You don't want me to have to hurt you, do you?" To make his point, he pinched the soft flesh of her upper thigh between his thumb and finger.

"Ow!" the four year-old cried. She looked at him and he saw tears welling in her beautiful blue eyes. His cock swelled even more when he saw her glistening eyes.

"Behave yourself and I won't have to hurt you anymore," the child molester explained, "Understand?" The little girl sniffed and nodded, rubbing her leg with one hand while the man fondled her ass unhindered.

"Now you just stand still," Ed ordered.


Katie stood, scared and confused, while the man let go of her briefly. He took the bottom of her dress in his hands and pulled it up over her head and off, leaving her in just her panties and flip-flops. He stared at her nearly naked body. Even though it was hot in the shed, she felt goose bumps on her skin, and her tiny pink nipples grew really hard on her flat chest.

"Good girl, Katie," the strange man whispered, "Wow, good girl." His voice was husky and deep now. He put his big hands on Katie's shoulders and they slid down her bare arms, raising new goose bumps. His hands paused on her upper arms while he stared at her chest, and the nervous child felt his thumbs rubbing her hard little nipples. At first she was afraid, but his thumbs really felt good on her nipples, and her eyes drooped closed as he rubbed them.

"Mmmm," he moaned softly, "That's so nice. You're such a pretty girl, Katie. You're so beautiful." She liked to be told she was pretty, and she was liking the attention to her nipples more and more, so the little girl stood contentedly as the old man molested her. He put his palms against her chest and rubbed them in small circles on her nipples. His hands slipped down her body to her belly, and drifted over her hips, across her panties and to the fronts of her thighs. He slipped his hands around behind her to caress the silky skin of her legs in back and let his hands rise to her butt. Taking a cheek in each hand, he squeezed the round firm globes of her ass, drawing her closer until she stood between his knees.


Ed could smell her sweet shampoo, and the scent of clean little girl as he played with her butt. Glancing down, he saw that the child had her eyes closed, apparently enjoying the feel of his hands on her ass.

"Does that feel good, Baby?" he murmured, smiling at her silent nod. Hooking his fingertips into the top band of her panties, he slid them down over her legs and let them drop at her feet. He sat and stared at her beauty: her flat chest, the slight bulge of her belly, the gentle curve of her thighs, the bulge of her immature labia between her legs. That's where his gaze focused.

Pulling his cell phone from his pocket, he turned on the camera and started taking pictures of the beautiful naked child. She stood demurely as he snapped pictures, her hands at her sides.

"Why are you taking my picture?" she finally asked in a quiet voice.

"Because you're so beautiful," Ed told her honestly. "I want to be able to see you whenever I want!"

"You think I'm beautiful?" the little girl asked, obviously flattered.

"Oh, yes," Ed told her, seriously, "Anyone would. In fact, I know a whole lot of people that will love looking at your pictures." He didn't feel the need to tell the little girl that the "people" were all adult male pedophiles that would soon be masturbating to the photos of the little girl after he posted them on a special website he frequented. She wouldn't have understood anyway.

"Really?" she breathed. She was clearly interested in the idea of people looking at her pictures. This was typical, Ed knew. Children were natural hams in front of a camera, and loved seeing pictures of themselves. Little girls also liked being told that they were pretty, so combining flattery with photography was a great way to get a child to drop her inhibitions.

"Smile for me!" Ed said, and Katie obliged, flashing a big smile while putting her hands on her hips in an unintentionally sexy pose. The old pedophile snapped a few more photos before his erection grew too uncomfortable to ignore. He put his phone away and faced the child, guiding her back in front of him with his hands on her bare, soft shoulders. His hands glided over her naked body, his left hand settling on her rear end and his right on her warm sort mons. Katie stiffened when he touched her most private places.

"Hold still, Baby. I won't hurt you," Ed instructed. She complied, scared but not uncomfortable, as he slipped his finger along the slit between her puffy labia. As he molested her vagina with his right hand, he squeezed the firm soft flesh of her ass with the other. Slowly and gently, he inserted his finger farther between her labia, until the tip entered the slick opening. He smiled at the feel of the moisture in the child's pussy.

"Does that feel good Katie?" he asked. He had noticed that her eyes were closed and her full pink lips slightly parted.

"Mmmmm," the child hummed, "Mmmm-hmmm," She swayed a little as the adult fondled her. Ed let a finger from his left hand slip between her ass cheeks, and it glided softly over the rough ring of her asshole in back while his right index finger penetrated her vagina shallowly in front. He heard the child moan, and his hard cock twitched in his pants. Unable to wait any longer, Ed released the child and unfastened his pants. His cock sprang free and he started stroking it as he stared at the pretty little flush-cheeked girl. Her eyes grew wide as she stared at his hard cock.


Katie stared at the thing in the man's hand. Her mommy had told her that boys and girls were different down there, but she had never explained how. He must pee through that, she thought. Weird. How does he wipe it off? She started to back away while the man pulled at his thing, but he grabbed her upper arm gently with his free hand to keep her still, so she just watched, fascinated and a little afraid. The stranger's breathing grew deeper and heavier, as if he had been running or something, and the way he stared at her was changing, like he was about to hit her, or something. When he stood, she tried to back up again, but his hand clamped down harder on her arm.

"Don't move," the man gasped, "Won't hurt you. Promise." Katie looked up at the man as he loomed over her, and moved her head back to avoid the long tube between his legs. His hand flew from her arm to her hair, gripping the soft blonde strands in his fingers.

"Don't move," the man repeated. Katie's hair only hurt if she tried to move her head, so even though she was kind of scared, she held still to avoid pulling her hair. She stared up at the man with her eyes wide and her lips parted.


Ed stared down at the beautiful, innocent child. Her eyes looked enormous from his perspective, gazing up at him with a mixture of confusion, curiosity and fear. They were wide open and wet, and her pretty pink lips pouted in a sexy bow.

"Almost done, Baby. Almost done. Don't move, I won't hurt - Aaaaaarrrgghhhhhhh!" he groaned. Ed held his cock an inch away from the little girl's face, and he watched as a thick glob of semen burst from the hole in the end to splatter against her lips. The next two spurts hit her nose and cheek, and she jerked in surprise, but he gained enough control to hit her lips with the rest.


Eeeewwww! Katie thought, as more warm slime shot from the man's thing onto her lips. Some of the stuff - was it pee? It didn't look like it - dribbled between her lips and into her mouth. She swallowed absently, not really tasting anything, but the slimy feel was a little unpleasant. Fortunately, there wasn't very much of the stuff, so the man stopped spraying her face pretty soon. He sat back down with a sigh and let go of Katie's hair. The little girl looked down at her naked body when she felt some of the goo drip from her chin and hit her chest. She reached up to wipe it off her face but the man took her wrist in his hand to stop her.

"Wait," he told her.


Ed retrieved his phone and took a picture of the child with his semen coating the lower part of her face. The white goo dripped from her nose to pool above her upper lip, while strings of sperm connected her lips. More milky clumps of semen dripped from her pointy chin and landed on her bare chest.

"Smile, Baby," Ed told her, and she smiled nervously as he took her picture, getting close-ups of her face and chest. As he continued to take photos, her smile became more genuine, until she was beaming through the glaze of sperm on her face. He held the camera in one hand and used the index finger of the other to scoop up the semen from her cheek.

"Open up, Baby," he instructed, and she did, allowing him to put his finger in her mouth. He moaned when she closed her lips over his finger. He felt her warm wet little tongue against his finger as she sucked his sperm from it. Ed continued to wipe the sperm from her face and chest and feed it to her, and she willingly took it into her mouth.

Holy shit! Ed thought as he took picture after picture, These shots are a gold mine! He would have to make the photos available a few at a time, and charge an exorbitant price for them, because they would soon be available for free download on the internet. That was the nature of things these days. A pretty blonde four year-old with sperm on her face - and eating it! - was worth a small fortune for a short time.

After a couple of minutes and about a hundred pictures, Ed's hormone levels returned to normal and the reality of his situation insinuated itself upon his consciousness. He quickly pulled up his pants and handed the child her dress and underwear.

"Here, Sweetheart," he told her hurriedly, "put your clothes back on and let's get out of here."

He left the child near the shed after pointing the direction to the path that would take her back to her family. The longer it took her to get back, the farther away Ed would be before anyone started looking for him if the child blabbed. Before he left her, he impressed upon her the idea that she shouldn't tell what had happened.

"You don't want to get in trouble, do you?" he asked. She looked at him uncertainly.

"For what?" she asked.

"You went off with a stranger, and let me touch you, and looked at my private parts," he reminded her, "Don't you think your parents would be mad if they found out?"

Katie hadn't thought of that. She was pretty sure her mommy had told her about not going with strangers, but she had forgotten.

"And you let me see you naked," he continued, confusing her even more.

"But you took my clothes off!" she protested.

"Yes, but you let me," he retorted. He saw tears welling in the little girl's eyes and figured she would keep her mouth shut. Just to be sure, he added one more thing. "I'll tell you what. I won't tell your folks about what you did if you don't. You liked it when I touched you, right?" Katie nodded, both relieved at the man's promise and because she really had liked his touch.

"Good." He said. Then a thought occurred to him. "You know, other people would like to touch you too, I bet. You should just let people touch you whenever they want, that way you can feel good a lot, right?" He smiled at her, and she nodded uncertainly. There, Ed thought, let her stew about that for awhile. Stay confused, Sweetie; it's better for me that way!

"Okay," she said quietly.


He turned quickly and disappeared into the woods, heading back to his car. Katie walked for about ten minutes before she heard voices calling to her and followed them to her family. Her parents scolded her mildly for wandering off, but mostly they picked her up and hugged her, finally giving her the attention she had been craving all day.

Ultimately, both Ed and Katie got what they wanted, and the memory of her little escapade with the friendly stranger in the woods stayed pleasantly silent.

The recollection of her promise to the man - about making herself available to anyone who wanted her - became foggy, but rest assured that it will become relevant to her again. Soon.

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Thanks for the story will you write more?

Do smear

Cannot wait for the next installment


I have to say this is my favorite story in a while, can't wait for more! Keep up the good work.
One way to get away from parents might be trick or treating. After a school play possibly.
I do imagine my favorite would be to see katie on skates, getting add plowed. /pervert thoughts


not bad, if he got her to wank him in the shed would have been nice, he could have got her address and school and met her again and introduced her to other men, keep it up, it's better than I could do.


I normally don't girls as young as four but I have to make an exception for this story. Well written, good pacing and very exciting. Its the best I've read in some time.

This could be an excellent series about all the men in her life and how they take advantage of her. Her uncle, grandpa, or father, perhaps a friends dad, a teacher, camp counselor or babysitter would all be good avenues to go down.


OK!!! Very good story. Lets have part 2!


More please!!

Sex writer

Great story, loved the way he slowly seduced the cute littl girl.


i really enjoyed your story!! dodd old-fashioned happy ending, too!


W0w! that was fun just like stories my uncle told me.

Miss. UK Chicken-Hawk

Lovely story! :)

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