Natalie's Next Adventure

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Published: 17-Mar-2013

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

Natalie woke early. As with most people who find themselves in a strange bed, she spent a few confused and puzzled seconds working out where she was. The bed was warm and comfortable, and there was something, no someone, lying alongside her. It was getting lighter but shadows still clung around the room. She stretched a little, realised she was naked, and then felt a tenderness between her legs. Memories flooded back.

O'Connor seemed to fast asleep. Natalie slid out of bed as quietly as she could and crept across to the bathroom, pushing the lock button as the door slid silently shut behind her. She felt an urgent need to pee, and squatted over the toilet almost afraid to look down at her naked genitals. She remembered everything now; the overpowering urge she had felt last night to have O'Connor inside her, the amazing rush of pleasure and the flood of hot and sticky stuff that had erupted from his cock.

Surely, she must look different this morning. She had climbed into bed with him a virgin, but now, she was a woman and possibly a pregnant woman at that. Would it hurt to pee? She remembered how big he felt, how the sharp stab of pain as he tore through her cherry had made her squeal. Nervously, she pushed her legs wide to check herself.

Her pubic hair was plastered to her skin, matted and still a little sticky. Her inner thighs were soiled with streaks and smears of pink stuff that had dried on her skin after leaking from her pussy. Her labia looked red and swollen. She hesitated before releasing her bladder, worried that it would hurt. Pee trickled at first, then as she realised it was OK, she let herself go, breathing a deep sigh of relief.

Toilet finished, Natalie headed for the shower. She didn't like the grimy, dirty feeling and somehow the thought of her blood and his stuff leaking out of her made her shiver. She giggled to herself as she remembered how she had been quite happy getting that way, in fact even thinking about how it had felt to have O'Connor inside her, holding her and caressing her naked skin made her feel good.

Stepping into the shower and selecting a warm setting she stretched her arms up and twisted slowly, letting the jets of warm water soak her skin. The shower switched to spray her with foaming suds and she began to clean herself. She loved the shower anyway, but this morning it felt very special as she ran her hands over her body, just like he had done last night. Her tits prickled with new and pleasant sensations and she felt her nipples perk up and grow hard despite the warmth of the water.

Rubbing between her legs was pure pleasure. The soft, scented soapsuds lubricating her fingers as she cleaned the evidence of her first time away. It felt so good that she went way past cleanliness and into pure pleasure as she gently explored her tender private regions. Her legs were starting to shake, her little clitty felt as though it was on fire by the time she reluctantly turned of the water, and the shower began to dry her with soft jets of warm air.

Feeling clean, horny and relaxed Natalie stepped out of the shower and looked around for something to cover her nakedness. There were no towels or robes, and her borrowed shirt was lying in a crumples heap on the bedroom floor. The dirty ship dress was soaked through, so she shrugged and headed back for the bedroom as nature intended.

O'Connor was awake and sitting up in bed, smiling as she returned. Blushing and instinctively covering herself with her arms, Natalie gave him a shy grin in return.

"Good morning Nat, you love that shower don't you? How are you feeling this morning? Not too sore?"

She shook her head, it was silly but she felt shy now, standing there naked as he grinned at her. She looked down at the floor as she replied.

"A little, but it's OK now, the shower really helped. Ummm...sir....last night, well, I just wanted to say thank you, you were very gentle, I hope I was alright." O'Connor yawned and stretched his arms.

"You're welcome Nat, and yes, you were alright, more than that you were very, very good. I promise you, you have nothing to be ashamed of, now, be a good girl and go fetch me some coffee. You know how to make coffee don't you? I take it black and no sugar."

She nodded and scurried for the kitchen, face glowing with pride at his compliment. Bringing him his coffee seemed a natural, normal thing to do even though she was still very aware of her naked state. Handing him the cup she quickly moved her hands to cover herself again, making O'Connor laugh.

"I guess we had better get you some clothes today? Maybe a couple of nice dresses, some casual stuff for wearing round the house?" he looked at her quizzically. "You probably need a bra or two don't you. What size are you Nat, do you know?" The question was so matter of fact and she was so excited at the prospect of having new clothes that she answered before she realised how intimate it was.

"I just had an old bra of my Mom's back home. It was a bit big, are you really going to buy me clothes?" Her eyes were wide and bright with excitement. Clothes had been an expensive luxury on Earth, she could not remember having anything brand new, just stuff from thrift stores, handed down and always slightly shabby.

O'Connor grinned. Natalie had not noticed the fact that he had not mentioned buying any panties. He liked the idea that she would always be at least partly naked, and if last night was any indicator, he was going to enjoy taking advantage of that fact. Putting his cup down, he patted the bed.

"Yes, we will go out and get you some stuff right after this." He helped her up and twisted to lie beside her, his hands moving over her naked body, cupping her firm breasts and gently teasing the nipples. Natalie lay still, knowing what was coming was scary but nice scary. She was still wet from her short-lived masturbation session in the shower.

O'Connor kissed her gently on the cheek as his hands explored her warm young body.

"Nat, I made a good choice. I'm going to enjoy having you around. From now on, I am expecting you to be ready for me every morning." With that, he planted his lips on her mouth and kissed her deeply while his hand moved down her flat, quivering belly to push between her thighs.

Natalie responded at once, drawing her knees up and spreading wide to give him easy access. Though she still felt sore down there she was also wet and engorged. As his fingers pushed her outer lips apart, she moaned and tilted her hips up for him. His finger lingered over her clit, rubbing in circles until he felt her quiver and the natural lubrication of her vagina coated his hand. Then he pushed his finger up inside her.

Natalie tensed as he entered her, but his exploration was tender and slow, gently probing and twisting while he used his thumb to keep up the assault on her clit until she was actively pushing and thrusting back at him. O'Connor felt her sex open and her body respond. Rolling over to lie on top of her he mounted her easily, his long thick cock slipping smoothly into her waiting hole.

One fuck had not made her any looser, but with her hymen gone and her body willing and ready he was able to push himself deep into her hole in one long slow motion. Nat gasped and moaned, writhing under him as he entered her. It was just as good as last night, better perhaps.

Last night she had straddled him, riding him and keeping some control but now she was pinned down by his weight. His body pressing her down into the mattress, he had the power and he chose the pace and depth of his penetration. She could feel him stretch and spread her, opening her up as he drove his cock head deep into her pussy until the head shoved up against her cervix.

The pressure and friction of his cock as it slid in and out of her tight young hole was more than enough to finish what she had begun in the shower. After a few moments of slow and gentle humping, she was crying out for more, wrapping her legs round his back and begging him to make her climax.

O'Connor felt her release, the arching back, gasps of pleasure and jerking body underneath him would have told him she was cumming even if he had not been able to feel her wet cunt clamp round his cock like a fist. He waited for her to relax and then resumed his assault, powering down into her in faster, harsher thrusts that forced his cock deep inside her fertile little body.

Grunting and sweating, he felt his balls tighten up and with a huge effort, he held back long enough to feel her begin to hump back at him. He could not last long; no matter how hard he tried, it was impossible. Natalie was squealing and writhing under him, her legs spread, begging him to fuck her hard. He smiled down at her trusting happy face and sprayed his heavy load deep in her cunt just as she hit her own orgasm.

The powerful spasms of her body milked the potent seed from his dick and ensured that her womb was completely saturated with his sperm. Gasping for breath he rolled off her, and watched her face as she gradually came down from her natural high. He pulled a pillow down, lifted her hips up and propped her butt up, making sure his stuff would stay in there where it would do the most good.

Kissing her lightly on the cheek, he told her to stay still and relax while he headed for the shower. Nat lay there, happy and satisfied. Her whole body tingling with post orgasmic pleasure, she could feel the pool of stuff inside her. Dreaming of his cock, orgasms and new clothes, Natalie quickly drifted back into happy sleep.

While Natalie slept, with O'Connor's sperm seeping into her womb, the security chief showered and dressed before calling into his office to check how things were going. Discovering that all was quiet, he made a couple more calls before waking the sleeping girl. Handing her an old tank top to dress in he told her to freshen up and get ready for a trip into the town.

Natalie was curious to see the place. Her trip yesterday had been too soon after the shock of arrival and selection at the spaceport for her to pay much attention. The sky still looked odd to her, and the open spaces were strange to somebody who had grown up in the crowded and teeming cities of Earth. The buildings all looked modern. She supposed there wasn't anything man made here that was more than 40 or 50 years old. There was kind of frontier air to the place.

O'Connor parked up outside a squat building on the edge of what passed for the town centre and led her inside. Natalie was delighted to discover this was a kind of general store, with racks of clothes along one wall.

The clerk was a tall dark haired woman in her mid 20's. She smiled and greeted the chief with a friendly smile. She looked at Natalie in the rather baggy old garment as O'Connor introduced her and grinned.

"Nice to meet you Nat, I'm Laura. Now don't worry honey, I will soon have you looking nice, what was it chief, a couple of outfits for daytime, and something for more formal wear?"

O'Connor nodded and squeezed Natalie by the hand. He turned to leave, promising to be back in an hour or so.

Laura looked Natalie up and down. "First thing first, let's get you a couple of good fitting bras shall we?" Leading Natalie over to a back room, she pulled the tank top over her head and picked up a tape measure. She asked Natalie to hold her arms out and take a breath.

"You're a 28B, see if we can find something nice." Laura selected a couple of bras from the racks and waited while Natalie struggled to pull the bra on without revealing her breasts.

Natalie had never had a bra of her own and she loved the way this one cupped and lifted her breasts when she finally managed to struggle into it. She admired herself in the mirror and smiled.

"It's lovely, thank you."

Laura stood back to examine her critically, then gave a thumbs up.

"OK, that looks a good fit; it will be fine for now. You'll need something bigger soon enough." Laura turned to bring some skirts and tops for Natalie to try, but paused as Natalie asked a question.

"Please miss, why will I need a different bra? This one feels so nice and it so comfortable."

Laura stroked Natalie on the cheek, and smiled softly.

"Oh honey, your still growing for one thing and you'll be pregnant soon if you aren't already. Your boobs will grow pretty fast, I have had seven kids, I know what I'm talking about"

Natalie looked shocked. "Seven...Wow...I can't believe it, you mean, oh you were brought here like me? But I thought we had to wear these?" she held up her arm, the shiny metal band clasped around her wrist.

"Yes Nat, I was brought here just like you, I was indentured, but I finished my time and had my kids so I was released. I opened this place, and I am free to do what I want now, just like you will be when you have done your service."

Natalie looked at Laura with curiosity in her eyes. It was all so new to her; she could not really imagine having six or seven kids and living here in her own place. Still half naked, her hand covering her mound she waited as the young woman brought clothes for her to try.

The white top fitted beautifully, and combined with the bra gave her trim little body a real lift, showing off her tits perfectly. Laura held up a short skirt in some soft green fabric and invited Natalie to pull it on then laughed.

"Ah, just a moment honey, I see you and the chief were busy this morning, let me clean you up a little first, you don't want these getting messed up do you?"

Natalie looked down in confusion and then blushed to the roots of her hair. As she had lifted a leg to step into the skirt, O'Connor's sperm had trickled out and was running in slimy dribbles down her leg. She clamped he r legs together and shoved her hand over the mound. She was almost sobbing with humiliation.

Laura put the skirt down and grabbed a piece of soft cloth, speaking with a soft and soothing voice as she wiped the streaks of sticky goo from Natalie's trembling thighs.

"Don't be embarrassed sweetie, honestly, I've seen it all and a bit of stray cum is nothing to be ashamed of." Laura giggled as she pushed the younger girl's legs open and dabbed the slime from her pussy.

"If I'm honest I wish it was me that had been to bed with him. The chief is a good guy, I wish I had been sold to someone like him when I was first sent here, I wouldn't mind his stuff leaking out of me."

As Natalie looked down in shame, Laura wiped the last few drops and smiled up at her.

"There you go, see that wasn't so bad. You're a lucky girl, you know. The chief is one of the few men I trust, he is not exactly a nice guy, he couldn't do his job if he was soft but he is fair and honest. You ought to make sure you keep him happy, believe me there are some real pigs on this planet."

"What do you mean, keep him happy? I think he likes me, and I can keep his house nice and clean, be polite and stuff, is that what you mean?"

Laura shook her head. "Not exactly, you should do all that of course, I meant the bedroom stuff, you know? Make sure you keep him satisfied. I didn't find out how much power a good blow job gives a girl until I was about to have my first baby, I tell you it made my life so much better when I discovered how to give good head."

Natalie looked confused. She had some idea about oral sex from whispered conversations with friends back on Earth but in truth, she had no idea what was really involved.

"Well, I know you kind of put it in your mouth, is that what you mean?" The idea that doing this could somehow make her more attractive to O'Connor was a very puzzling thought.

Laura helped her to try on the skirt, and they admired the effect for moment in the mirror. Taking Natalie by the hand,Laura led her out of the cublicle to sit with her on a sofa at the back of the store.

"OK, Natalie your sweet, so I'm going to be your big sister and give you some good advice. Now the chief is a good man but he is a man and there isn't a male human being in the universe that can resist having his cock sucked properly. So, if you want to put him in a good mood, or ask him for pocket money or to take you out or let you do something, you do it while you have his cock in your mouth and you will get your way every time."

Natalie nodded, listening intently as Laura described how she should use her hands and tongue together, how to alternate sucking and licking, to use her tongue on the head and her hands on the shaft or balls. Some things made her eyes wide, and when Laura explained how it was always a good idea to swallow, she pulled face and shivered in disgust.

" really? I mean come on its so slimy, can you really swallow it? Ugghhh, what does it taste like?" Her voice betrayed her mix of revulsion and curiosity. Having it inside her was nice but in her mouth? She could not get over the fact that pee came out of the same place.

Laura shrugged. "It's not so bad, men all taste different, like girls do you know, but it's not horrible, honestly you will be fine and he will love you for it." She could see that Natalie was not wholly convinced.

"How about I show you? That way you don't have to worry your doing it right, what do you think?"

Natalie was curious and excited. She wanted to know how to make O'Connor happy, but she was also a little bit scared that this was somehow forbidden, after all, he had bought her indenture, he said she was his and maybe that meant she was not supposed to do anything with anybody else.

"Hey Johnny, come on out here will you" Laura had twisted to call through into the private rooms at the back of the store. A skinny boy with wide blue eyes and tousled brown hair wandered in and smiled at Natalie before looking at Laura.

"What do you want Mom?" He grinned as his Mom stroked his hair and introduced Natalie as the security chief's new girl, freshly arrived from Earth. His eyes opened wide at the fact that Natalie was O'Connor's property, and a look of respect passed over his smiling face. "Natalie, this is Johnny, my oldest boy. He's almost 14 now isn't he handsome?" she looked proudly at her son then continued.

"Natalie needs a little help. You know how much we owe the chief, right? The way he sorted out those creeps who were trying to get protection money out of us? Well, as a little thank you, we are going to show Natalie here how to do something he is sure to enjoy. Go lock the door, there's a good boy."

When he returned, Laura had removed Natalie's new top and skirt, and was holding the trembling girl's hand. Nodding to her son, who immediately started to kick off his shoes and pull down his short baggy pants, Laura knelt down and pulled Natalie with her, so they both faced the sofa.

Johnny sat with his lower half naked, his hard young cock pointing skywards. He was smaller than O'Connor but not by much. A thick tangle of pubic hair concealed the base of his shaft and his balls hung low between his thighs. Laura took Natalie's hand and guided her to grasp his shaft near the base.

"OK, so Johnny hasn't been circumcised, he still has the foreskin, here..." Laura winked at her son and used her own slender fingers to peel the covering skin back over the glans.

"See how the head swells out, and this bit here, under the head? That's a good spot to kiss" Natalie nodded. "Yes, it's just like his, the skin on the end there" she blushed as she realised she was talking about something very private, but Laura just laughed it off. With a firm but gentle hand, she pushed Natalie's head down until her soft lips caressed the spot Laura indicated.

Johnny said nothing but his breathing got faster and his cock twitched. Under Laura's guiding hand, Natalie kissed and licked all around the swollen head of the young boys cock. The slippery stuff that had started to leak from the tiny slit at the tip of his cock coated her lips and tongue. It tasted...well she didn't know what it tasted like really but it was OK, more than OK it was nice. Getting more adventurous, she opened her mouth and sucked the whole head inside.

She felt good, her littlenipples were pulsing and growing hard. That felt good as they rubbed agaaianst her bra and sh elet out a little moan. Her pussy felt good too, wet and warm like when O'Connor was touching her.

"That's good honey, now keep your hand round it like I showed you, and stroke up and down a little, use your tongue, make little figure eights all round the top, can you taste the precum? Good...good girl" She glanced up at Johnny to make sure he wasn't getting too close. Natalie was enjoying herself. It felt so naughty and so nice to suck this young man's cock, and the guiding hands and encouraging words of Laura made her feel like she was an expert. She made no attempt to resist, exploring him with her mouth and hands and thrilling at the way her actions were making him so aroused.

Laura pulled her free hand down to cup his balls, explaining how she could squeeze them if she was careful to be gentle. She could feel them move and the soft skin of the sac slowly thickening up and retracting, while Johnny seemed to be groaning and trying not to thrust up into her mouth.

Natalie was moaning and rubbing her thighs together as she learned to suck cock. It felt so good, the taste of the boys cock making her feel so horny she wanted O'Connor to come and take her right here in front of Laura and Johnny.

Laura, who was watching both young people closely saw his desire and whispered in Natalie's ear to encourage her, telling her to kiss down the shaft and use her tongue. Johnny's stiff cock throbbed and twitched as Natalie moved her head down towards his balls.

Laura stroked Natalie's back, pushing her on, teaching her secrets that would turn her from a sweet young thing into a sexy young woman. With Laura's help, she sucked down on Johnny's ball sac, feeling the heavy little lumps move and squirm around as she sucked and licked willingly.

"You can slow him down a little, or you can let him go, Johnny's pretty close now, shall we let him blow?" Laura grinned wickedly as Natalie returned to sucking and licking the head while she played her fingertips over the excited boy's sac. She tried to nod, cheeks bulging and lips stretched tight around Johnny's cock.

"OK, so make a good tight seal, and use your tongue on that sweet spot, he will start to move a lot, you have to stay focussed, don't let it go, good....good girl...yes...can you feel him getting thicker....he's about ready"

Natalie felt her hand on the back of her head, gently keeping her in position as Johnny squealed and groaned in an effort to hold back. His cock seemed to expand, and before she knew what was happening there was a sudden explosion in her mouth. The boy gasped as jet after thick, sticky jet of semen erupted, filling her mouth, making her swallow instinctively. She wanted to pull away, to gag and spit it out but Laura's steadying hand and soothing voice held her in place.

" don't fight it, don't be afraid your doing so well, just relax, swallow, swallow it all, there's a good girl...yes you're so good at this!" Natalie struggled to swallow, Johnny's hand sneaked down to grab a handful of firm breast through the snugly fitting bra. At last Johnny pulled away, face flushed, panting for breath. A last stray jet of stuff hosed out as he slumped back. Natalie was fascinated, she had never seen a man cum, the thick stuff landed on her face, across her open mouth and she lapped it up with her tongue without a second thought.

She settled back on her heels, breathing heavily and smiling in wonder at what she had just done. It was, well, it was great. She had worried about the taste or the feel of his stuff but the truth was it felt great, she had made this boy almost pass out from pleasure, just by using her mouth.

Laura looked on with the happy expression of a job well done. She lifted Johnny's hand off Natalie's breast and stroked the young girl's hair.

"Nat, you're a natural. Look what you did!" Johnny sat back, wilting cock still leaking, a contented look on his face. "You were awesome" he grinned "better than my girlfriend, that's for sure." Laura slapped him playfully on the leg.

"That's enough from you young man. Now say thank you, get dressed and go finish off your homework." The boy smiled sheepishly as he stuffed his cock back in his shorts and looked down at Natalie. "Thanks, it was great to meet you, I'll see you around" and with a spring in his step he rushed off.

Laura helped Natalie to dress again, wiping the stuff off her face and tidying her hair.

"Well, what did you think Natalie? You were pretty good at that, remember to keep looking up at him, and watch for the signs he is ready to cum, he will be happy I promise you." There was a rattle at the door, Laura winked at Natalie and ran to let the chief in.

"I thought you two had forgotten about me, hmmm, Natalie, you look lovely, thank you Laura, I knew you would do a good job." He hugged the woman and gave her a peck on the cheek while Natalie tried not to blush as she thought about trying out her new skills with O'Connor when they got home.

As the chief led her out of the store, he turned and raised an eyebrow at Laura.

"Something tells me you did more than pick out new clothes."

Laura shrugged and waved goodbye "Maybe, just think of it as a little present from me for the help you gave me last year. I hope I see you soon."

Natalie hoped so too. She was sure that Laura had more to teach her.

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