Lord Of The Manor

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Published: 10-Jun-2013

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

Sophie was sorry that she had chosen to walk home across the fields. She had been kept late at school and wanted to get home in time to watch her favourite programme and the shortcut across the fields saved fifteen minutes on her journey home.

However now she was very scared. Before she was halfway across the first field she realised that a giant of a man, who was about six foot four tall was following her.

Looking ahead she saw where the path went by the side of the river and knew that just around the corner was a huge willow, then a gap before the woods. If she could just get to the willow she could hide there and the man following might think that she was in the woods.

Looking behind she saw that the man had halved the distance between them and that he had some rope in his hands.

Running as fast as she could, she heard the man behind begin to run too. Suddenly she was at the tree and going around the bend she ducked back into the branches, through a gap until she could not be seen from the path.

Suddenly she was aware that the man was there, at the gap looking in before turning and moving off on the path.

Sophie hardly dared breath as she waited to see if she had fooled him. Long minutes passed with no sight of the man and finally she crept to the gap to have a look outside.

Suddenly he was there, right in front of her and she backed up further into the branches of the old willow with the man following her. In his hands he held some rope which he held up in front of her with a frightening grin as she continued to back up until her back hit the trunk of the old tree.

Without a word the giant of a man reached out and grabbed her right wrist, twisting the rope around it before moving behind the tree and grabbing her left wrist. Sophie felt her hands being bound tightly around the trunk of the tree and then pulled upwards, forcing her to bend forward as if the rope were being tied to a branch higher up.

Moving back in front of her again the man now took time to examine his captive.

Sophie was thirteen, with short blond hair and a lovely pretty face. She stood only four foot nine tall but had a gorgeous slim little body with a well-rounded little bum and nice apple sized breasts.

Watching her standing there in her school uniform of a white blouse and school tie, short dark blue skirt and white ankle socks made her attackers cock harden even more than tying her up had, and he enjoyed tying young girls up!

Now her attacker reached in his pocket and pulled out a wad of cloth, which he brought to Sophie's face. When she didn't open her mouth he simply reached out and grabbed her by the neck, pushing her up against the tree. With her hands tied up behind her, this wrenched her shoulders and Sophie opened her mouth to scream only to find it stuffed with the wad of cloth. Pulling off her tie he now wound it twice around her face forcing the gag further into her mouth before knotting it off behind her head.

Now he reached out again and putting his huge hand around her neck pushed her back slowly against the tree, watching closely as her face contorted in pain as the pressure on her shoulders increased. Tightening his grip on her neck he watched as Sophie struggled for breath until she was on the verge of passing out at which point he let go and waited as she recovered.

Sophie got the message that he could hurt her or even kill her at will and that there was nothing she could do to stop him.

Once she had recovered her attacker reached out and keeping his eyes locked on hers began to unbutton her blouse. When he reached her waist he pulled the blouse from her skirt and off of her shoulders allowing it to hang from her arms down her back.

Now he ran his hands over her face and neck, down her shoulders and over her breasts where his hands closed and squeezed gently before passing on to her stomach and the waistband of her skirt.

Undoing the button and pulling down the zip he allowed the skirt to drop to the floor leaving Sophie standing tied in just her underwear of white bra and matching knickers, shoes and socks.

Bending down he now removed her shoes and socks and moved the skirt from around her feet before standing and enjoying the sight of his terrified victim standing in front of him.

Moving in closer her attacker put his arms around Sophie and reaching behind her unclipped her bra. Taking hold of the material at the front he lifted it off her breasts and up over her head before leaving it hanging from her arms behind her.

Now she stood there helpless and naked to the waist as her attackers huge hands reached out and covered her small breasts. Sophie expected him to hurt them but instead he gently squeezed and massaged them, rubbing his hands over them and using the heel of his hands to squash them flat against her chest.

He continued this for what seemed like ages and slowly Sophie realised that what he was doing was giving her an incredibly sexy feeling. She had started to breathe quicker and she had a warm feeling starting between her legs.

"But he is attacking me." Sophie yelled in her mind, "How can I be turned on by what he is doing?"

Looking up at his face Sophie found that he was looking back at her and smiling, knowing exactly what he was doing to her. For the first time she studied his features and realised that he was very attractive. About 34 years old he had curly blond hair and blue eyes. Why would a man this attractive be attacking her, she wondered. He was attractive enough that he could have had his pick of women.

Now he sank to his knees in front of the young girl, which put his head at a level with her breasts, one of which he now sucked into his mouth and licked with his tongue while he continued to massage the other.

As he continued Sophie felt herself getting more and more excited. If her hands had been free she would have tried to touch herself but with her hands tied behind her all she could do was squeeze her legs together as tightly as she could.

Suddenly her attacker's hand slid down over her stomach and down into her knickers. Using his other hand he forced Sophie to spread her legs and the hand in her knickers slid across her pussy lips until his middle finger found the entrance to her virgin hole.

Sophie knew that she was sopping wet and when her attacker felt her wetness he leaned back and smiled straight into her face causing her to blush bright red in embarrassment.

Returning to sucking her breast he started massaging her other breast with one hand as his remaining hand gently felt and squeezed Sophie's pussy. Very quickly Sophie found that she was nearing her orgasm and despite trying hard to hold it back suddenly came to a shuddering climax.

Not giving her any time to recover Sophie's attacker continued to work on her breasts and pussy giving her two more orgasms before she felt his hand begin to get more aggressive on her breast, squeezing and pinching her small pink nipple between his thumb and finger.

As she felt his hand start to punish one breast his mouth began to hurt the other one. She could feel his teeth nibbling her nipple and biting across the flesh on her small breast. Squirming at the pain she still found herself exploding with another orgasm as his hand squeezed hard on her clit.

Standing up Sophie's attacker wiped her juices off on her knickers before disappearing behind the tree and releasing her arms. Holding her arm tightly he pulled her blouse and bra off of her and standing in front of her pushed her back against the tree.

Taking her hands in one of his huge hands he bound them in front of her before reaching up and throwing the end of the rope over a low branch. Pulling hard on the rope raised her hands above her head until Sophie was standing on tiptoe. Not content with this her attacker kept pulling until Sophie was hanging high in the air.

Tying off the rope her attacker moved in front of Sophie and allowed his hands to feel every inch of her lovely small body. Reaching for the sides of her knickers he slowly pulled them down her legs and off her feet leaving the young naked girl swinging from side to side.

Returning to kneeling in front of her, his mouth was at exactly the right height for her almost bald pussy, which he now kissed. Pushing her legs over his shoulder he now buried his face in her pussy and grasped the cheeks of her bottom with his huge hands.

Sophie was treated to incredible feelings as the man's tongue and mouth worked on her virgin pussy. The hands on her bum pulled her tight against his face and Sophie felt her orgasm building as she fought not to let him see the effect of what he was doing to her.

She knew that in the end he was going to steal her virginity and since she had seen his face thought that he would probably kill her although she couldn't help feeling that he did not look like a murderer.

Suddenly she was hit by the biggest orgasm that she had yet had and clamping her legs around her assailant's neck held him there until she had finished.

Standing up the man retrieved Sophie's knickers and wiped the juice from his face with them before putting them into his pocket.

Untying the length of rope that went over the branch Sophie's attacker lowered her to the ground and allowed her to collapse in an exhausted heap at his feet.

Taking the rope that was tied to Sophie's hands he now laid her down and tied her hands to a tree root above her head. Pulling on her feet he stretched Sophie along the ground and stood over her as he started to remove his clothes.

Sophie realised as he stripped that he was about to rape her but in her exhausted state and with her hands tied to the tree root there was not much that she could do about it. Once he was naked Sophie's attacker knelt down between her legs and lowered himself, until he was laying on top of the naked girl.

Again Sophie was surprised that an attractive and obviously fit man like this should be resorting to rape but as his cock made contact with her pussy lips she ceased thinking about it and started to struggle.

By now his huge frame was resting lightly on Sophie and there was no chance of her struggling free as she felt the large head of his cock pushing between the lips of her pussy and forcing it's way into her until it was stopped by her virginity.

As her attacker put his hands on Sophie's tiny bum she felt his hard thrust forward into her and a sharp pain caused her to cry out as her virginity was torn from her in one pain filled moment.

Now her attacker pounded into her and she felt the full length of his cock as he buried it up to the hilt in her tight young pussy. Harder and harder she felt him pound into her until with a series of shudders she felt him empty his balls as spurt after spurt of semen filled her womb just as she reached her own climax.

After resting for a moment he stood up and pulling the naked young girl to her feet, threw the rope back over the branch and pulled her up onto her tiptoes before tying the rope off again.

Next he pulled a length of rope from his pocket and doubling it over flicked it out and snapped it against Sophie's leg.

It was all done so quickly and while Sophie was recovering from her orgasm that it took a few seconds before she realised what the pain in her leg was. Suddenly he flicked her again, harder and this time the pain was immediate and demanding.

Again and again she felt the rope crack against her legs until moving around behind her the assailant started to crack the rope against her tiny bum. As she screamed into the gag she became light headed until, when he moved around and stood in front of her and cracked the rope directly against her young pussy, she finally felt the darkness engulf her as the pain became too much to bare.

As Sophie came to she found herself tied naked, spread-eagled on a bed. The gag had been removed and as she looked around she realised that the room she was in was clearly in a large old house.

The furniture in the room was antique and the bed she was tied on was a solid oak four-poster.

Sophie called out for help and after a few moments her attacked walked into the room.

"Please let me go" Sophie pleaded.

"I will when I have finished with you" said her attacker. "I am going to fuck you again and then you are going to give me a blow job. After that I will let you go."

"Who are you?" asked Sophie, not really expecting an answer.

"I'm sorry, allow me to introduce myself. I am Alan Courtney, Lord of the Manor of Critchley. I own the house that you live in and that your Mother rents from me and I own the business that your Mother works in."

"But are you not worried that I will go straight to the police and report what you have done?" asked Sophie.

"Not really Sophie" said Alan; surprising the girl that he knew her name. "If you tell anyone what has happened then you and your Mother will lose your home and she will lose the job that she is so pleased to have landed."

"After your Father died earlier this year, I was made aware about you by some people who work for me. I knew that your Father had left your Mother with some huge debts and that the banks had taken the house and all your possessions. I offered your Mother the house here and made sure that she got the job when she applied in order to get you here in our village."

"Your Mother was so relieved to have found a good job and somewhere to live that I doubt that you would want to ruin all that by accusing the local 'Lord of the Manor' of raping you and beside there are several good reasons for you to keep your mouth shut about what I do to you."

"Firstly you and your Mother would be thrown out on the street and with her debts you would be unable to find a new house to rent so it would be emergency council accommodation for you both which would mean a hostel with drug addicts and ex prisoners."

"Secondly your Mother would lose her well paid job and I would make sure that no one else would employ her."

"Thirdly I'm not sure that you would be believed anyway. I would claim that you consented and then tried to blackmail me. I would simply be accused of having underage sex and let off with a caution."

"Also, if you remember you actually enjoyed what I did to you. You had at least eight orgasms which is hard to believe for someone who is being raped."

At this point Sophie turned bright red with embarrassment.

"Also if you keep your mouth shut then I will let you have one of my horses to look after and ride. I know that one of the hardest things about your Father's death, for you, was that you had to sell your horse 'Star'. Well I bought him and if you want you can look after and ride him anytime you want. However if you don't cooperate than he is no good to me and I will have him put down."

Sophie's mind was reeling by this point. This man had set out to entrap her and had gone to a lot of trouble and expense to make it happen. She knew that it would destroy her Mother to lose the house and the job that she had found offered her a way out of her debt problem. She also knew that she had reacted to his touch by having many orgasms and that a part of her had enjoyed what he had done to her but the fact that he had 'Star' and that she could have her horse back or that he would have her horse destroyed was the decider for her.

"What would I have to do?" she asked knowing that he wanted more than her silence for what he had already done.

"You will come here after school every day and anytime I tell you to and I will do anything that I want to you." Alan replied. "I should explain that I will tie you up and rape you again and again and also that I will hurt you."

Sophie's eyes widened at this.

"Don't worry," Alan said. "It won't be anything that would permanently mark you. I want to spank you and whip you. I enjoy a little mild torture especially if it is on a young sexy girl like you."

"Anyway I don't care if you agree or not. I am going to have my way with you and I expect you to be here when I call for you or you know what will happen."

"Now since your Mother will be home in an hour and a half I had better get busy with finishing my raping you so that you are home by the time that she gets there."

With this Alan stripped off his clothes, climbed onto the bed and laid on top of the young girl. Putting his cock against the entrance to her pussy he rubbed it up and down the velvety lips before pushing forward and burying half of his cock into Sophie's love channel.

Sophie, with no gag to restrain her screamed with pain but Alan just smiled and the young girl realised that he was no longer worried about the noise that they made.

Alan forced the whole length of his large cock into the young girl's pussy and as it reached the end of her cervix it pushed through into her womb causing her to feel as though she had been punched in the stomach.

Pounding away on top of Sophie Alan just knew that with her tight little snatch this girl was giving him the best fuck he had ever had. He was grateful that with his wealth he had been able to put this teen into a position where she was his for the taking and he smiled as he thought about all of the pain that he was going to put her through.

Having come earlier he was able to continue fucking her for fifteen minutes before he felt his cock almost explode inside her with sustained bursts of semen going straight into her womb.

Laying on top of Sophie, Alan stayed put until his cock had shrunk enough that it slipped out of her abused pussy then rolled over until he was laying next to her on the bed then reached out and squeezed her breast hard until tears came to her eyes.

"I want you here ten minutes after school finishes tomorrow and if you are good I will let you play with Star at the weekend." Alan commanded. "But if you are late then you can forget about Star."

"I'll be here sir," said Sophie and Alan smiled as he intended to ensure, through her teacher, who owed him a favour, that she was going to be late kept late at school.

After continuing to play painfully with her breasts and nipples for some time Alan felt himself getting hard again and standing up untied Sophie from the bed before re tying her hands behind her back and sitting in the armchair.

"Come over here and suck my cock." He commanded the naked girl.

The sight of Sophie walking hesitantly over and sinking to her knees in front of him made Alan's cock grow larger than before and as she lowered her head with her mouth open and guided his cock inside herself Alan felt as if he would come there and then.

It was obvious however that Sophie had never sucked a cock before but her nave attempts to please Alan made this even better for him. Moving her head up and down she sucked as hard as she could, literally wanking his cock with her mouth.

Although Alan wanted to fuck down into her throat he decided that this was too good to ruin by forcing the issue and just relaxed and allowed Sophie to continue until he shot a load of sperm into her mouth.

"Swallow it all" he commanded. "If you spill any I will whip your tits," he threatened.

Sophie, in the face of this threat swallowed, despite the fact that doing so made her feel sick and kept sucking and swallowing until Alan told her that she could stop.

After recovering from this Alan stood up and dressed before releasing Sophie's hands and ordering her to dress before coming down to the kitchen for a drink before leaving.

After dressing Sophie walked downstairs into the huge hall of what she now knew was the manor house. Finding the kitchen she walked in and Alan motioned her over to the table and a cup of tea.

"Drink that and I will take you over to see Star," he offered and for the first time Sophie's face lit up in a smile.

As she got into Alan's Land Rover he admired the way that her little school skirt rode up her thigh and as she sat next to him on the ride over to her home she allowed his hand to push the skirt up and slide under the edge of her knickers where his finger easily slipped inside the lips of her still wet pussy.

As they reached the gate to the cottage where she lived and pulled up Sophie looked disappointed thinking that he had forgotten his promise about Star but as he got out of the car he walked away from the cottage towards a field opposite and Sophie followed.

Unlocking a gate and walking across the first field they reached a second field hidden by a line of trees and there in the field was the horse that Sophie had had to give up.

"Make sure that you are home and cleaned up before your Mother gets home," Alan commanded. "Now come here to me and then I will let you go play with your horse."

Sophie was anxious to get to her old horse but knew that she must please Alan if she was to be allowed to keep Star so turned and walked over to stand in front of the giant of a man.

Reaching out Alan put his hand under her chin and raising her face up kissed her full on the lips as his arm went around her and pulled her tightly against him.

After releasing her Alan said "make sure that you lock the gate on the way out and remember that you have only ten minutes to get to my house after school tomorrow."

Giving her a pat on the bum Alan walked away as Sophie ran over to the horse and threw her arms around its neck.

As he looked back before leaving the field Alan knew that all his plans had worked and that Sophie would be at his mercy tomorrow when she arrived late at his house.

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Pretty girls are wi nice when wearing pretty silky slips. Great story--devote more attention to the girls' clothing. What if Sir Alan violated a 16-year old bride an hour before her wedding? I see her raped on the stone floor of the church basement, her bodice pulled down to her waist, an acre of satin skirts and petticoats spread about. Make him a real Lord of the Manor!

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