Retarded Girls Need Love Too, Part 1

[ m(10)g(5)g(7), oral, anal, 1st, ws, M/dom ]

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Published: 12-Apr-2013

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

My wife is on her way home with a tiny four year-old Korean plaything. I have yet to see or meet the child, but my wife says she is mentally and physically "challenged" - that's the politically correct buzz word for, "she is mentally retarded and confined to a wheelchair." Waiting for my new "girlfriend", I sit in the family room and ponder how I got to this point...

Who can understand how we evolve into the kinky people we are? Some people seem to be born gay; they have always felt a special attraction to people of the same sex. Or, how do people develop the fetishes that excite and turn them on? Some like feet, some like drinking piss or vomit; and some people even like to eat feces, take enemas and be defecated on. Who can explain all of this? I think thou know that my kink is little girls.

Let me tell you a little about myself. My name is Tommy; Tommy Stiles. I'm an eighteen year-old college student at a famous Florida college studying elementary education. Being attracted to little girls, as you can see, has greatly influenced my career choice. I'm comfortably well set financially because my father was a New York stock broker who made a lot of money - a LOT of money. He started a trust fund for his future children with 1,000 shares of the original 1981 Microsoft IPO stock offering at $21.00 per share. Those 1,000 shares bought at $21,000 are now worth over 21 million dollars, and that doesn't include the other stocks in the portfolio. My father was killed in the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center. I am the only child so the entire trust fund is mine.

Anyway, getting back to the topic at hand, I've thought long and hard about why I'm attracted to little girls and for me, I think it is something that was ingrained in me with my first sexual experiences as a boy of nine. I'm beginning to think that those initial sexual experiences that we had that sexually stimulated and gratified us play a crucial role in developing our particular sexual tendencies. My first sexual experiences were with little girls and I found them to be beautiful; that female model of flat chests, tiny hands and feet, a cashmere-soft, hairless vulva imprinted a set of female characteristics that I personally found "turned me on."

I had always been sensitive to the good feelings of tactile stimulation from the time I could remember being touched in the groin. Don't get me wrong, I never masturbated as a young child, but the feeling of being touched while being bathed drew my attention to those tingly, happy feelings of genital stimulation; first by my mother and then later by a babysitter. I started masturbating on my own at age eight and came all over my belly for the first time at nine.

Being an only child, my only playmates were close neighbor children and Esther, a first cousin that was four years younger than me. Esther, by the way, is a story for another time. Anyway, being small statured, I was not very athletic, so I tended to play with girls more than boys simply because the boys would rather play sports than with girls. My sex education began and I got to see my first little girl pussy when I was nine; her name was Carmelita Richards.

My next door neighbor, Carmelita, was of mixed Latino heritage with light olive skin, big brown eyes and black, ringlet curled hair. Her mother was from Columbia and her father was white. We lived in an upper middle class neighborhood where we had a reasonably comfortable lifestyle. Carmelita's father had bought her one of those fancy little play houses that contained a small table and chairs along with a small children's play sofa.

We would play "house" and I would go out to work, come home and my tiny "wife" would serve cookies and punch for dinner. We would hug and kiss like we had both seen adults do and we would cuddle on the sofa and pretend to watch TV just as Carmelita had said her parents did. She was pretty small because she was only five, but we mutually enjoyed the physical closeness and tender tactile gestures I showered upon her.

I thought she was very pretty, especially her eyes. She would look at me and her big, brown eyes would shine and I could feel her affection for me in her gaze. My early sex education came at the hands of this tiny five year-old chica. One day while playing "house," she excitedly told me a secret. As we ate our cookies, she revealed how she had seen her mother and father doing some really secret stuff. She made me swear on the death of my mother (Latinos are big on swearing an oath on their mothers) that I wouldn't tell a soul.

After swearing an oath, Carmelita went on to tell me how she had spied on her parents as they did "Secret Naughty Stuff" at night in their bedroom. She said that she had gotten up to go to the bathroom when she heard moaning coming from her parents' bedroom. When she silently pushed the door open a little, she could see that both of her parents were naked and that her father was between her mother's legs and licking her secret place. At first she thought her father was hurting her mom, but she heard her mother moan, "Oh Paul, that feels so good, lick me you fucker, makes me cum!" A minute or two later her mother heaved on the bed and pulling her father's hair, and crying out, "Yes! That's it! I'm cumming, keep sucking that pussy!"

I asked her, "What's a pussy?"

Carmelita smiled and pushed her shorts and underwear down in one fell swoop, smiled and pointed to her slit and said, "THAT is a pussy!"

"Wow! Your dad really licked her there? Doesn't she pee from there too?"

"Of course silly," she retorted, "but she wasn't peeing then! She said she was cumming; whatever that meant, but it sure looked like it felt real, real good!"

Curious, I asked, "Then what happened?"

"THEN," my little chica exclaimed, "they switched places and Daddy lay down and Mom got between his legs. She put his pee-pee in her mouth and started licking and sucking on it then moved her mouth up and down on it with it in her mouth. Dad started moaning like she did and said in a nasty voice, "Suck it; suck that cock, bitch, suck the cum right out of my balls!"

When I heard that, I thought, So, that's what that stuff that comes out of my dinger is called. "What did he call his thing?"

"A cock."

"What happened next?" I asked.

"Well, Momma kept lickin' and suckin' and bobbin' her head up and down and soon, Daddy grabbed her hair, pushed his cock all the way into her mouth and growled, "Swallow my cum, you cocksucking whore, drink every bit of it; don't you spill a drop or I'll beat your ass!"

We looked at each other in silence for a few moments and at that moment, I wanted suck her pussy - just like her daddy did to her momma! Carmelita still had her pants down around her knees and I looked down at those two fat pussy lips and then back into her eyes. She smiled a devilish grin, touched her slit and asked, "Wanna lick my pussy?"

I smiled and nodded as I asked, "You gonna suck my cock?"

She nodded back and waddled over to the sofa. She sat down and scooted forward with her pussy hanging over the edge of the seat. She tried to open her legs all the way, but her shorts and panties where holding her feet together. I pulled them off of one foot and she spread her legs open so wide it almost looked painful. I knelt down and stuck my face about two inches in front of that fat, bald peach. It was the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen!

I reached out and gently ran my fingers down the length of her slit and it was the softest thing I'd ever felt! Carmelita gasped and said, "That felt good, touch me some more!"

I gently stroked those cashmere soft lips and she started to hump against my hand. Her pussy was so beautiful I just had to kiss it! I leaned in and kissed her right at the top of her slit and Carmelita sucked in her breath and gasped out. "Oh Tommy, lick my pussy please?"

I was so anxious, I wanted to get it all, so I leaned down and unknowingly started at her tiny asshole and with my tongue flat, I licked all the way up to the top of her slit. She gasped again and said, "You licked my poo hole!"

I was so enamored with her that I didn't care. I asked, "Well, did you like it?"

She placed her hands on the side of my face and said, "Lick me Tommy, lick all of me; lick my pussy and my poo hole too."

Well, enough is never enough and it didn't take but a few licks and I wanted more. I wanted to see and taste what was inside that slit. With my two thumbs, I peeled open her peach and saw the bright coral pink interior and dove right in. I licked the inside of her crease, and found her little cunt hole and tried to bury my tongue inside. When I swiped past her clitty at the top of her slit, she went crazy!

She grabbed my hair and pulled me into her and said just like her momma had, "Yeah! Right there, Tommy! Lick it! Lick it you fucker, suck that pussy!"

I latched onto that little nub and started sucking and she went crazy! She was pulling my hair so hard I thought she'd rip it out by the roots and she was hissing, "Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah, don't stop Tommy, it feels soooo good!"

She was now panting in short loud, raspy gasps and she suddenly arched her back and moaned out, "Oh Tommy, I love you!"

Her legs locked around my ears and she went stiff as a board and trembled for about three or four seconds then went limp. So, that's cumming, huh, wow! I chuckled inside and thought Now it's my turn!

When Carmelita opened her legs, I pulled back and looked up at her. She had a dreaming smile on her face and whispered, "Nothing has ever felt so good! Can we do this lots more?"

I smiled and said, "'Lita, if getting my cock sucked is as good as you getting your pussy licked, we'll do it every day!"

I crawled up her belly and kissed her lips. She smiled and asked, "Is that what I taste like?"

I nodded and replied, "Yeah Baby, you taste delicious, simply delicious!"

She got that devilish grin on her face again and said, "Okay, now it's your turn. Pull your pants down and I'll suck your cock."

I stood up and pushed my jeans down then dropped my underwear. I already had an erection, albeit only three or four inches, but it was rock hard and aching. My knees almost buckled when Carmelita reached out and ran her finger down the underside of my cock and I groaned. She pulled back asking me "I didn't hurt you, did I?"

"No Baby, just the opposite; it felt so good, my knees almost buckled."

"Then sit down," she answered, "and let me make you feel good."

I sat on the sofa and like her, scooted forward. She leaned in and took my cock in between two fingers and took an exploratory lick all the way around the head. I gasped. I could not believe how good her tongue felt and I wanted to feel the inside of her mouth. Looking down at her I took two handfuls of hair and gently pulled her onto my cock.

After watching her daddy do the same to her mother, she opened her mouth and let me in. As soon as her mouth covered my circumcised head, I was in heaven! I thrust up into her mouth and she took every last bit of me. She looked up at me with her nose pressed against my pubis and she looked so nasty with my cock in her mouth, I went crazy.

I started fucking her mouth; she was sucking and making wet slurping sounds as I fucked her face. I stopped thrusting and just pushed and pulled her onto my cock holding the sides of her head with her hair. I growled at her, "That's it, bitch, suck it! Suck my cock!" Just like her daddy said!

We were reliving her parents' sex scene and it seemed to excite her to be doing what her momma was and being spoken to like her daddy growled at her mother. She grunted as the tip of my cock touched the back of her throat. She was taking every bit of me and when I pulled back and she swirled her tongue around the tip and underside of the crown, I lost it!

I pulled her down onto me and thrust up, trying to drive my cock down her throat and started to shoot off in her mouth, I growled, "Take it bitch, swallow it all, don't you spill a drop or I'll beat your tiny little brown ass!

She was breathing heavily through her nose, hissing with every intake of breath. She heaved twice, but swallowed quickly and recovered. After four good spurts, I was firing dry and I had to push her sucking mouth off of my cock it hurt so much.

Carmelita sat back on her heels and smiled saying, "I drank it all, Tommy, did I do good" Did I make you feel good; tell me Tommy, was I a good cocksucker?"

I smiled down at her and answered, "Baby girl, if it felt any better, I would have died and gone to heaven!"

Just the sight of that little five year-old girl that had just sucked my cock and drank my cum kneeling between my legs is a vision that has been burned into my psyche. I always long to have a little girl in that same position: on her knees and looking up at me for approval with a belly full of my cum. I don't think it matters how old the girl or woman is don't all guys have a vision similar to that?

Performing oral sex on each other was just the beginning.

The days that followed that initial re-enactment of Carmelita's parents' oral encounter ignited the sexual awakening of five year-old Carmelita and me that summer day and things followed a natural progression. Carmelita began to spy on her parents regularly and we re-enacted her parents' sex lives in her backyard playhouse. Playing mommies and daddies wasn't such a sissy game after all.

I started fingering her asshole weeks before Carmelita saw anything go into her mother's ass. It didn't matter. The combination of having her pussy licked and my middle finger buried to the hilt in her tiny, tasty little brown pucker drove her crazy. I licked her asshole from that very first day and she loved it.

Our sex life modeled that of her parents and our sexual personalities began to take shape and seemed to mimic theirs also. After all, kids do what they see and hear their parents do, right? In any event, Carmelita's father was rather dominant and her mother submissive. Being four years older than her, I seemed to realize this while she didn't. One day while she was cumming on my finger up her ass, I thought, What an idiot! It should be my cock buried in her asshole that she's cumming on - not my finger.

So, after she'd come down from her orgasm, I slowly brought her arousal back up orally and when she was expecting my finger, I knelt up and pressed my cock to her dimpled star. She was panting, wanting penetration, but I could see the fear in her eyes. As I started to push into her ass, I said, 'You belong to me, Bitch. I own all of you: your mouth, your pussy and your ass; it's all mine. Now, I'm gonna fuck your asshole 'cause it's mine, and you'd better fuck me back; got it?"

She nodded and said through her pants, "Yes Tommy, anything you say. I'm yours."

We simultaneously groaned when the head of my four-inch cock pushed into her. I'll never forget that day, June 16th 2002 I had intercourse for the first time. After working slowly with gentle thrusts, I was able to bury my entire nine year-old cock in a five year-olds ass. After I was in, I fucked her long enough the experience her cumming on my cock before I painted her intestines with cum.

I was happy fucking her ass and she enjoyed it as much as I did. A week later I broke her hymen with my finger while I sucked her clit. She came like gangbusters and didn't even feel it; I licked away the blood and she never said a word. Two days later I was dumping my cum in her virgin pussy. After that, I had her any way I wanted.

Although I dominated Carmelita, I had great affection for her and I think I even loved her in our own special way. We then did what I wanted and I did what she asked on a great many occasions to make her happy. It didn't take me long to learn that a happy sub is an obedient one. She, like all women, loved to be licked. For some reason, she preferred anal to vaginal intercourse. Carmelita and I had some form of sex at least five times a week that summer until she moved away in the fall. Her father was transferred and they moved to Texas.

Fucking tiny five year-old Carmelita was the beginning of imprinting the preference for little girls on my psyche and laying the blueprint for my sexual pedophilic tendencies, but meeting Colleen McMullen forever solidified my desire for little girls. Ironically, Colleen's parents bought Carmelita's house and guess what? That playhouse was still in the back yard.

I was ten now and Colleen was seven. The neighborhood seemed to change almost overnight during the winter of 2002. Just about every family with young kids moved within months of the Richards moving to Texas. Now, there were only older high school kids left. They were all too old for either Colleen or me to play with. As a result, Colleen's parents didn't balk too much when their daughter and a ten year-old boy began to play "House" in their back yard.

In the beginning, Mrs. McMullen checked on us regularly and often. When she saw we played well together and little Colleen was enjoying my company, her mother left us alone. I think she may have had the opinion that I was gay, but I didn't care what she thought as long as she left us alone.

Colleen was and still is the most beautiful creature I have ever laid my eyes upon. At seven years-old, she stood four feet-two inches tall. She was tall for her age, slender with a willowy figure and deep, dark red curly hair that fell to the middle of her back. She had porcelain white skin with a light dusting of freckles across the bridge of her nose and she had the most brilliant azure blue eyes I have ever seen. Everything about her was beautiful. She slender hands where graceful with long slender fingers and she even had tiny, beautiful feet!

We played house - the "G" rated version - and it took me several weeks to get Colleen to cuddle on the sofa. I don't know where I got my ideas from, but they say that necessity is the mother of invention. Colleen would kiss, but nothing prolonged, just pecks. She and I had kissed a few times, but she wasn't the hot blooded Latina that Carmelita was. So, I did something my mom loved after a hard day at work. I rubbed her feet. This is where I developed a fetish for little girls' feet.

After our cookies and Kool-aid dinner, all I could get from Colleen was a couple of innocent kisses. So, being in character as the loving husband, I asked her, "Did you have a hard day today, Sweetheart?"

This innocent question, sparked by imitating a parent was the key that opened the lock to Colleen's panties. She took that question and repeated what she had probably heard her mother say many times before, "Oh Tommy, I had a miserable day! First I did the laundry, and then I had to clean and vacuum the house. I barely had time to get dinner ready for you."

I kissed her and said lovingly, "Oh my poor, poor baby. How about I give you a foot massage; will that make you feel better?"

She giggled, blushed and nodded saying shyly, "I'd like that a lot, Tommy."

I wouldn't find out until a few years later why massaging a girl's feet can get her sexually aroused, but there is a nerve that runs up the middle of the sole of the foot to the big toe and up the leg between the heel and ankle. This nerve is connected to - of all things - the glans of the penis on males and on females... the CLIT!

Anyway, I slid off the sofa and took Colleen's tiny slender foot out of her flip-flop and begin massaging it. After rubbing her sole and tweaking her toes, she was lying back with her eyes closed and a dreamy smile on her face. I thought, Golly gee, is she ever beautiful! It was then that I looked at her foot and wanted to kiss it.

I raised her foot to my mouth and in doing so saw up her pretty sundress. Her powder blue panties were pulled tight against her crease and I could definitely see the outline of her pussy. Through her panties, it appeared that Colleen's pussy wasn't as plump or fat as Carmelita's. Her pussy lips seemed thinner, and a very pronounced "V" at the top giving her vulva a very sleek appearance. And guess what? There was a tiny wet spot where her cunt hole was! I started laying butterfly kisses along the top of her toes and she sighed. She then opened her eyes and smiled at me and said softly, "Oh Tommy, that feels wonderful! Some more, please."

I went from kissing her toes to licking them. The last thing I wanted to do was tickle her because she was very receptive to my touch and what I was doing. So I went from licking her toes to sucking on them. When I put her big toe in my mouth and began to gently suck, she gave a soft gasp. She must have felt a jolt of electrical nerve impulse in her pussy because she flinched and rotated her pelvis down and into the sofa. As I gently sucked on her toe, she had reclosed her eyes and was starting to breathe very softly, but more rapidly. I kept glancing at her panties and the tiny dark wet spot was widening. Colleen was now rhythmically humping her pussy up and down in time with my sucking her big toe.

Very slowly, as I sucked her big toe, I started to gently slide my hand up the inside of her calf, just gently stroking her leg: from her heel and ankle to her knee and back down. She softly groaned and her free leg, the one I wasn't holding, fell to the side and opened up her vulva completely to me. The wet spot was getting darker and I could now faintly smell her soft aroma.

Ever so slowly, I inched my hand higher and higher until I was gently stroking her cleft, right where I thought her clit would be. Colleen then placed her hand on mine and silently told me what she wanted with her hand. She would press harder if she wanted firmer contact, let up if she wanted softer, or up or down. As her arousal grew she became more vocal. As she began to peak, she was grunting "Uh, uh, uh, uh" in time as my thumb passed over her clit.

When she went off, Colleen arched her back and her legs went straight and stiff as she used both hands to press me into her vulva. She made a high-pitched squeak and then went limp. She was panting and trying to recover as she pushed my hand away. When she could breathe much easier, she opened her eyes and smiled at me. She sat up, hugged me tightly and began to cry.

Afraid that I had somehow hurt her, I gently rubbed her back and asked her if she was alright. She nodded into my neck and then sat up and looked at me. I gave her a tiny peck on the lips and said "I love you Colleen."

She wiped her eyes, smiled and said, "I love you too, Tommy. I don't know what happened, but that was the most wonderful feeling in the world! Why did you touch me there?"

I replied, "I saw my mom's boyfriend do that to her but they didn't have any clothes on. She also said that it was the most wonderful feeling in the world. I love you Colleen, and I wanna make you feel good. I dream about making you feel good all the time."

"You do?"

"Uh huh, I do."

"But Momma and all our teachers tell us not to let anyone touch our private place. I don't know what to do Tommy; it feels so wonderful and I want to do it again, but I don't want to get into trouble either."

"Then we can never tell anyone about it. We'll play mommies and daddies and do what mommies and daddies do, but we can never tell anyone: no one, not even our best friend. If no one knows what we do, then no one will find out and get us in trouble."

Looking back on it now, there was something in my fantasies about Colleen that drove my masturbatory sessions at night after innocently playing house and trying to think of ways to get into that beautiful girl's panties. I didn't just want to fuck her, I want to possess her - all of her. The more she resisted my attempts to get closer to her intimately, the more I fantasized about dominating her, controlling every aspect of her physically and making her submissive to me. It was as if the longer she resisted my gentle attempts at seduction, the more kinky and extreme my fantasies became.

At ten years-old I didn't know anything about alternative relationships like M/dom, D/s or Master/slave relationships; all I knew is that I wanted secret control every single facet of her sexuality. I wanted to train her to crave those feelings of orgasmic bliss and to be totally dependent on me to provide them.

It was at this time that during my nightly masturbatory sessions I began to think of kinky ways to control her. I was so focused on her pussy and ass I remember cumming so hard I almost fainted when I pictured fucking her ass and as she came, she pissed all over me. After that night, piss began to play a part in some of my fantasies. It seemed like a natural progression to want to see her squatting in front of me and pooping. It wasn't that poop stimulated me like pee or peeing did, but just the fact that I could make her go poop in front of me was the turn on: that I controlled even her bowels. Now, it wasn't about innocent exploration, love or endearing feelings, it was about control.

I can remember thinking at that moment while I knelt in front of her and waiting for her reply about continuing to explore secretly and never telling anyone, I had surmounted the first hurdle: giving her a taste of sexual bliss. Now, I needed to get those panties off of her and get down to business. I believed, and it has been borne out in my life and what I now know about sex, that girls just love to have her pussies licked. Get your mouth on her pussy and make her cum like gangbusters, and she'll give it all to you.

Then it came... her answer.

"Will you make me feel like that again?"

A satisfying smile slowly formed on my face as I nodded and replied, "Oh yeah, Baby, I can make you feel even better. "

"How can you make me feel even better than that; nothing could feel better than that?"

"Trust me, Baby; I can make feel even better than you felt a while ago."

"What do I have to do?"

"Do you love me Colleen?"

"Oh yes Tommy, with all my heart."

"Do you really love me Colleen? Do you love me enough to do everything I tell you to do?"

"You won't hurt me will you?"

"I love you; I would never hurt you; that's a promise."

"Tell me Tommy, what do I have to do?"

"Whatever I say; do you love me that much or are you just saying that to get your way?"

"I'm not lying. I'll do it; I'll do whatever you say Tommy if you promise not to hurt me."

"I promise not to hurt you, but I will spank you if you don't do what I say. Agreed?" "Will you spank me hard?"

"Why else would you get a spanking unless it hurt a little?"

"Okay Tommy, I'll do whatever you say. What if Momma catches us?"

"We just have to be careful. We can rearrange the furniture and put the sofa under that window so that one of us is always looking out; that way, we can see her coming."

"Okay, let's do it."

We moved the furniture around so that one of us had a clear line of sight to the back door of the house. When we had finished rearranging the furniture, we looked at each other silently and it seemed that at that moment, we both knew our secret journey was about to begin. Colleen suddenly became shy and looked down as she blushed and twisted from side-to-side. I stood in front of her looking down at her and waited until she looked up.

When she didn't look up, I put my finger under her chin and gently raised her chin to look up at me. When she was looking at me I asked her, "Are you mine, Colleen?'

"What do you mean Tommy?"

"Are you mine? Will you marry me and be mine completely like your mom belongs to your dad?"

"How can we get married Tommy, we're just a couple of kids?"

"I'll marry us. Colleen. Will you marry me and be mine completely?"

"Yes Tommy, I'll marry you."

"Alright then, you ready"

Nodding with a big smile, she answered, "Uh huh, I'm ready."

"Okay then. Colleen McMullen do you take Tommy Stiles to be your one and only husband?"

"Uh huh, I do."

"And do you promise to listen to him, do everything he tells you to do and be his secret wife?"

"Uh huh, I do."

"And do you promise never to tell anyone about our secret life and the secret things we will do together?"

"Yes Tommy, I won't tell anyone; I promise. Hurry up Tommy I have to go pee."

"And last of all, double-double-dog swear to me that no matter what it is I tell you to do, you will do as my wife?"

"I swear, I swear!" She said dancing from foot to foot with her hand holding her pussy.

"Okay then, you are now my secret wife forever."

"Alright Tommy, I'll be back, I gotta go pee real bad."

"Stop!" I ordered as she started to reach for the door.

"WHAT! I gotta go now or I'll pee my pants!"

I reached for the pitcher that had Kool-aid in it but was now empty. I took the lid off and said, "Pull your panties down and pee in here."

"HUH? Are you crazy? No, I ain't gonna pee in there!"

I slapped her face and said, "You just double-double-dog swore to do everything I said. Now are you a lying little baby or what?"

She started to blubber and said, "No Tommy, I ain't no baby, but why do I have to pee in the pitcher?"

"Cause I said so. Now do it!"

Slowly Colleen started to reach under her dress. She grabbed the waistband of her panties and lowered tem to her knees. When they had passed her knees, she let them drop to her ankles. She stepped out of them and waited to see what was next. I told her to spread her legs and lift up her dress.

As she raised her dress, I knelt in front of her. That beautiful porcelain white, sleek, glorious pussy came into view. I was rock fucking hard and I groaned it was so pretty! I told her to pull her pussy lips apart. She pulled her dress up and put the end of it in her mouth and reached down and opened her little flower. I placed the pitcher in front of her open pussy and commanded her to pee.

She gave two quick little squirts and then let loose. A torrent of pale yellow urine streamed from her pussy and she almost filled the pitcher there was so much. After her long piss, she slowed to a few dribbles and then it was finished.

I held the pitcher full of her pee and looked up at her smiling and said, "Good girl! I'm very proud of you. Colleen, your little pussy is beautiful!"

She blushed and asked, "What can I wipe myself with, Tommy? I have pee on my fingers too."

"Squat down a little," I replied.

She did as I ordered and then I leaned in and licked that pretty pussy clean. I almost came when the flavor of her urine hit my taste buds! She was tart, tangy and salty, but so fucking delicious, I groaned wondering what her pussy juice would taste like. She gasped when my tongue touched her lips and it must have felt good because she leaned in towards my tongue. After I had licked her pussy and fingers clean, I grabbed the pitcher and her panties and stood up.

Colleen reached for her panties, but I pulled my hand away refusing to give them to her saying, "Leave them off, I'm gonna make you feel real good in a few minutes."

She blushed and silently nodded. I motioned for her to sit at the table and she took a seat. I sat down and poured us each a cup of yellow "tea" and she looked at me strangely and asked, "Tommy, what are you doing?"

I told her, "Pouring us some tea."

I set the pitcher down and took up my cup. I looked at her and motioned for her to do the same. She daintily took the cup and raised it. I raised the cup in a toast and said, "To my beautiful wife. I love you so much, I love everything about you - even your pee." With that I drank the cup down until it was empty. I set the cup down and said to her, "Now you."

She raised the cup to her lips and took an exploratory sip then drank the cup .When she had finished her cup of 'tea,' I asked her "Well, how do you taste?"

"Salty, but not bad."

"Good, I think you taste delicious. Now, go over and sit on edge of the sofa with your dress raised up. I'm going to lick your pussy and make you feel real, real good."

Colleen did as I ordered and when I had her scooted down like Carmelita used to do, I said, "Colleen, ask me to lick your pussy. Say, 'Tommy, please lick my pussy and make me feel good.'"

She blushed and repeated me saying, "Tommy, please lick my pussy and make me feel good."

I knelt in front of this red-haired goddess and slowly pulled her legs open. I leaned in and kissed her right at the top of her crease where her hood shielded that tiny pleasure bud. She gasped and when I took the first swipe of my tongue up the length of her crease she was hooked. I lingually worshipped the prettiest pussy I have ever seen and her taste was glorious! Within minutes she had to handfuls of hair and pulling me in begging, "More, more, more, Tommy more, don't stop, don't ever stop!"

She was now humping that pretty pussy into my mouth and grunting "Uh, uh, uh..." just like my little chica did a year ago. When she came, she came hard! She shuddered, locked her legs around my ears and went stiff. She jerked four times, quivering each time with a grunt. Every muscle in her tiny little body was taut. When her cum was over she just slumped on the sofa, completely drained.

I was crazy with lust and I wanted release! I stood and quickly dropped my jeans and underwear to my knees and knelt on the sofa next to her and thrust my throbbing cock in her face and ordered, "Suck! Hurry up, put it in your mouth and suck!"

I grabbed a handful of her hair as I turned her face towards my cock and when she opened her mouth in shock. I thrust into her mouth about three inches. Still in shock, her mouth was slack and I again ordered. "Suck! Suck it or I'll beat your ass!"

She started to suck and I began to fuck her face. "Harder, suck harder!" I ordered and as she sucked harder I felt my balls start to pull up. "When I cum in your mouth swallow it all; don't you spill any of it!"

I pulled back a little and felt the first spurt jet into her mouth. I held her firm and she heaved for a second but began to swallow like crazy to keep up. After five or six strong spurts, I was done! She kept sucking and I had a hard time breaking free of the suction. With a pop I pulled out and we were both panting. She looked up at me submissively and asked me, "Was that your pee I drank?"

I gently stroked the side of her face and shaking my head replied, "No Baby that was my love juice. How'd it taste?'

"A little salty, but I liked it."

"Good, 'cause you're gonna be getting a lot of it! Well, did I make you feel better than I did with my hand?"

"Oh gawd Tommy, I thought I died it was so good! Will you lick me a lot?"

"If you do as you're told I will."

"I will Tommy, anything you want. I'll suck your thingy any time you want and drink your love juice."

"Well if you're gonna be my wife, when we're alone you hafta talk like my wife. You're not a baby any more so listen and learn. What was it I licked?"

"You called it my pussy."

"That's right, it's a pussy." I pointed to my dick and said, "This isn't a thingy, it's a cock."

"Cock," repeated.

"Yeah, and now you're a real cocksucker, aren't you? Say it; say "'I'm your cocksucker, Tommy."

"I'm your cocksucker Tommy."

"Yeah, and these are my balls. They make the love juice. By the way, that juice is called cum."

"Cum?" she asked to confirm.

"Yeah. Say 'I love to drink your cum Tommy.'"

She looked up at me and repeated "I love to drink your cum Tommy."

"Now, remember this and don't you ever forget it. You are mine; all of you belongs to me. Do you understand?"

"I think so, what do you mean by 'all of me'?"

"All of you belongs to me: your mouth, your pussy, your asshole - even your pee and poop. Got it?"

"My pee and poop?

"Even your pee and poop. If I wanna see you poop, you poop for me. If I want to see you pee and drink it, or I want both of us to drink your 'tea' we do, got it?"

"Yes Tommy."

"If I want to pee in your mouth, what are you gonna do?"

"Drink it?"

"Yup, I knew you'd make a good wife. You drink my pee and cum and I'll drink your pee and cum."

"Do I cum like you did, Tommy?"

"Well. Not like I do, but when you get all excited your pussy leaks juice like my cock does, but you just don't squirt it out like I do."

"Oh. What else are we going to do besides lick and suck each other and drink each other's pee and love juice?"

"You'll see, you just do as I tell you to and everything will turn out great. Understand?

"I understand Tommy."

Well, Colleen must have thought getting her pussy licked was worth doing anything for. The following day, she drank me down as a peed into her mouth. I returned the favor and drank her piss right from the tap. She loved that! I was training Colleen to think like a real submissive and it seemed the more humiliating things I did to her, the more turned on she got.

I made her go to church without her undies on and when we played that Sunday afternoon, she was slicker than cup of Wesson oil! I made her go pantiless nearly all the time. It wasn't long after that that Colleen accepted penetration and accepted it with a passion. The first time I stuck my finger up her ass, she asked me to try and put my cock up there. Being the obliging guy I am, I did, and rewarded her with a huge load of cum in her colon. She must have farted that stuff out for twenty minutes. We both had a laugh over it.

Like Carmelita, I broke Colleen's cherry while ass fucking her and she only felt a tiny pinch, but accepted it. Two days later I was fucking that beautiful pussy.

Her pussy was glorious: inside and out! As beautifully sleek and lean her thin pussy lips were, the inside of her Irish pussy was always wet, warm and super tight. She had good muscles and instinctively learned how to milk me dry.

I guess I did my job of training her to be my whore too well. Colleen became a real elementary school slut. After I had fucked her holes silly that summer, when school started she decided to branch out. I guess she wanted some variety. Anyway, she was soon taken under the wing of her third grade math teacher.

I found out when I inspected her one day after school and found cum leaking from her ass. I asked her whose it was and she replied, "Mr. Simmons, my math teacher."

I asked, "Well what was it like?"

"He about split my asshole open he was so big. It hurt, but I liked it when he hurt me. I want to let him piss up my ass like you do Tommy. I bet he could make me explode."

"Gosh, Colleen, you're such a whore."

"You taught me to be the best whore I can be and now I want to pick who I want to whore with. Is that alright with you?

"Go for it Bitch, just don't ever mention my name."

"Tommy, you taught me to love being fucked and a whole lot more. I love you and I'd never tell on you. I'll go to my grave with our secret. You may not believe it, but I do love you."

"And I love you too, Colleen. You're the most beautiful creature I've ever seen and you're even more beautiful naked. It's been a real honor to have your body as my own."

"Still friends Tommy?"

"Always Colleen, always."

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This is excellent, and I look forward to more!


to much even for a fantasy


i know that it is fantasy, but you completely ruined it by writing that the nine year old boy plastering her ass with cum, please be age realistic


Well you have to remember the girls are 5/7 so they are small, and the boy could suffer from early development, though in this case, 'suffer' isn't the word I'd use ;) awesome story can't wait to start reading the rest.


great story, especially since it just an intro. Love how dominant Tommy is even at a young age, cant wait too read the rest.

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