Fantasies Fullfilled

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Published: 16-Feb-2013

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

Tony breathed in deeply as he held his six year old daughter Angela's panties up to his nose. The panties that, twelve hours ago, had been on her beautiful little body. He held them in his left hand and pushed them as deep into his nose as he could, taking in the musky aroma of her little girl pussy, fantasizing about how it would really feel...and smell...and taste.

Meanwhile, his right hand was busy with another pair of her panties. A pair of black, silkier ones. He had wrapped it around his cock so that the crotch moved up and down his cock with each stroke of his hand. He fantasized about how good it would feel to have her crotch slide up and down his shaft, her cleft wrapped around his hardness as she slid up and down until he blew his load onto her.

As he smelled and stroked, he looked at the third pair of panties he had pulled out of the hamper. A pair of light green cotton briefs that he had placed on the bathroom vanity as if she was lying there, flattened out, crotch exposed, waiting to catch his load. He had cum on her panties many times, mostly the front, but sometimes the back, fantasizing about cumming on her chest, tummy and cunt or, if on the backside of her panties, of cumming on her perfect little butt cheeks. He kept stroking his cock, knowing he was getting close. He could feel his pre-cum oozing our and acting as a lube for the panties wrapped around his dick and also saw that some of it had landed on the green panties, making them darker in those spots. He could feel this was gonna be a good load that would soak the little girl's panties. The more he stroked, the more little wet spots appeared on the green panties. He hadn't even cum yet and they were quite wet. He felt the first burst of his semen work its way up his shaft and erupt onto the green panties. More followed and he came and came and came until the little green panties were covered in his goo. He was admiring his work when he heard a pounding on the door. It was his wife. What the hell was she doing back? She had left 20 minutes ago for her little "business trip". He quickly picked up all three pairs of panties and put them back in the hamper. The cum soaked green ones and the black ones (which had also managed to get cum on them) went in the bottom while the smelly white ones went back on the top, right where his wife had put them when she gave Angela a bath the night before.

He stuffed his cock back into his PJs and tried to regain his composure before opening the door. She had forgotten her medicine and had to come back for it. She grabbed it out of the cabinet and turned and left. No hug, no kiss, not even a goodbye. Bitch!!!

Meanwhile, in her room, Angela was involved in a little fantasy of her own. She was sucking on her finger, fantasizing that it was her father's cock. She had never even seen a real cock before, much less touch or taste one, but it was something she knew she wanted to do. Her other hand was busy rubbing her clit. She had discovered how nice this felt a few weeks before and did it every chance she got. After she had watched the videos, she also fantasized about having Daddy lick her...and put his cock in her. She had watched the two movies over and over while her dad was at work and her mother was in her bedroom with her friend Bob. They would usually leave her alone for hours at a time. Sometimes she would stand outside her mother's door and listen. It wasn't very long before she figured out what they were doing in there as the sounds were the same as they were on daddy's movies.

She had watched the videos so many times she had the dialogue (what little there was of it) pretty much memorized. She knew all the good words (cock, cunt, fuck, etc.) and liked to use them when she played with herself, fantasizing that it was her father doing those things to her. This was the case this morning.

After his wife had left, Tony had thrown the laundry into the washer (no sense leaving incriminating evidence on your daughter's panties), then came upstairs to check on Angela. He approached her door (which he noticed was open a little). As he peaked in, his jaw dropped. She was lying on her bed, completely naked, legs spread apart. She was working her right index finger in and out of her mouth, like she was sucking a cock while her left finger was moving back and forth over her clit. His six year old was masturbating. As much as he knew he should have said or done something, he didn't. He just stood there and watched her pleasure herself. And as much as he was surprised that his six year old was playing with herself, what she said stunned him.

"Oh, yes, do it, Daddy, lick my hot, wet pussy. Get it all nice and wet and ready for your big hard cock, if you can get it up again after cumming in my mouth"

Not only was his daughter masturbating, but she was fantasizing about him. And where had she learned to talk like that? Then it hit him. His videos. He had noticed that some of them had been used while he was at work. He had just assumed it was his wife and her lover (he knew about Bob) but suddenly realized it was Angela who had been watching them and, from the words she was spewing, she had learned quite a lot.

"God, it feels so good, Daddy. I love how you suck my clit...slip your finger in me, Daddy, fuck me with your finger and get me all wet."

With that, she took her finger out of her mouth and slipped it into her pussy. She started pistoning it in and out of her hole as her other hand continued to work her clit. The stimulation must have been intense as it was only a few seconds before she began panting heavily, then let out a long moan and arched her body off the bed. He had seen it enough to know that she was having an orgasm. His six year old was cumming (and quite heavily at that) while fantasizing about him, just as he had just cum on her panties fantasizing about her.

As her orgasm subsided, she laid spread out across the bed. Her pussy, slightly red from the manual stimulating she had given it, was glistening. He gazed at her sex and couldn't believe how beautiful it was. Beautiful and inviting. And although every moral fiber he had in him was telling him not to, he quietly entered the room and approached the bed. She apparently did not hear him coming as she was quite startled as she felt her father's head bury itself between her legs and start to lick her pussy.


"Do you really want me to eat lick your pussy, honey?"

"Yes, Daddy, more than anything in the whole wide world,."

She spread her legs even wider, giving her father complete access to her tiny immature cunt. He responded by licking up and down her slit, then licking her clit, before sticking his tongue into her tiny pink hole. As he did, she arched off the bed at the thrill of his tongue on and in her. Instinctively, she reached down and grabbed the back of his head, holding it tight to her cunt as he licked and sucked her. He ate her for the better part of twenty minutes before she again began to pant heavily and arched off the bed. He was making her cum again. He had eaten his six year old daughter until she had cum.

As her orgasm subsided, he moved up to kiss her. His cock rested on her stomach. She could feel it getting harder and harder. They kissed, lightly at first, then parted lips and locked tongues. Her father started to rock back and forth, causing his cock to slide up and down her belly. He slid his body down a little and found that his cock was now just above her pussy lips. He reached down and adjusted his cock so that rested in her slit, like a hot dog in a bun. He started to work it back and forth. The stimulation was incredible and, although he had cum less than fifteen minutes before that, it wasn't very long before he felt his orgasm overtake him.

"Oh, God, Daddy's cumming, Baby."

She felt his hot semen shoot onto her belly. Some also shot onto his. He spewed a good seven blasts of his cum onto the two of them, then collapsed back onto her bed. They turned to look at each other, but did not speak. She reached down with her finger and scooped up some of the cum that was on her belly. Bringing her finger up to her mouth, she showed her father that it had his cum on it, then stuck it in her mouth and licked it clean. She repeated this until all of the cum was off her belly.

He still had some on his belly though, so she positioned herself so that her head was over his chest and stomach and proceeded to lick him clean. She licked up the cum that had smeared over his belly, including dipping her tongue into his belly button to get the small drop that was there, then continued licking down to his crotch. Using her right hand, she gave his now nearly soft cock a stroke and saw a small drop of semen ooze out. She immediately licked this off. As soon as her tongue touched the tip of his cock, it stopped going soft and began to become aroused again. Although he had cum twice in the space of twenty minutes, the thrill of his six year old daughter's tongue on his cock was making him aroused again. She licked all around the head and up and down the steadily hardening pole until it was fully erect, at which point she put her mouth around it and sucked it in. She managed to get about half of it in her mouth, a lot more than he was expecting.

"Oh, God, Baby, that feels so good. Suck Daddy s cock, honey."

And she did. Her pretty little head bobbed up and down on her father's lovepole. As she came to the top, she would swirl her tongue around the head (she had seen this on one of the videos) which drove him wild. And, while she couldn't get the whole length into her mouth, the bottom of his shaft was not being ignored as she was using her left hand to stroke it. Her right was cupping and fondling his balls. His hands were on the back of her head, gently guiding it up and down as she sucked him off.

And he was about to get off, too. He could feel he was going to cum again. Thinking it probably wouldn't be too much, he was hoping she would swallow it. Fortunately, that had been her plan all along. She could sense he was getting close. His breathing had changed. He was thrusting up and down a little. His cock was throbbing in her mouth. She could taste his cum (she would later find out it was pre-cum) on her tongue.

"I'm cumming, Baby.

She just kept on sucking as he unloaded. Even after two cums in less than 20 minutes, he still produced a sizable load that was erupting into her mouth. She sucked hungrily as his cum filled her little mouth. It took her a second to realize she should be swallowing and, when she did, most of his load was already in her mouth and it went down in one big slurp. She continued to suck on his cock until it was completely empty, then licked the tip clean, licked her lips, and moved up to lay on her father's chest. His hands reached around her and grabbed on to her tiny ass cheeks.

"God, Baby, that was fantastic."

"It was everything I'd dreamed it would be, Daddy."

"I've dreamed of so much more, too."

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well writen was a little fast paced but good got me hard as a nail reading it I do hope that there will be more on this story


Great story! Hope there's more to cum


I'm loving it. So intense and sensual...! More please.

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