Babysitting Grandpa

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Published: 12-Jun-2013

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The author does not condone or approve of sex between minors and adults. The following story is a work of fiction and does not intend to depict real people nor any real life situation. It is a work of fantasy only for entertainment. It contains sexually explicit matter and images that may not be fit for all public. Read at your own risk.

Chapter 1

Mr. Harris just wanted to spend the Saturday afternoon watching the game and drinking a beer, not babysitting for his three year old grandson.

His wife and daughter wanted to go out shopping and had invited him to go along with them so he could spend some time with Danny, since Fran came visiting once in a while, and they decided he hadn't seen his grandson in a long time. But he hated to go out shopping alone with his wife, because she just couldn't shut her God damned mouth; now that Fran was there they both were driving him nuts with their constant chitter-chat. Women! So he figured that if he stayed home he'd rid himself of the constant babble for a good four to five hours and have time to himself to lay back and scratch his balls if he wanted to.

It just so happened that the ladies had hoped he didn't want to join them so they could dump Danny on him to baby sit. No matter how much he protested and argued they had made their minds up that they would leave the old man with his grandson so they had some 'grandpa-grandson quality time', whatever that meant.

If truth be told, Mr. Harris was terrified to be left alone with the child, not because he hated children, but quite the contrary: he was a closeted child molester. But he only lusted for little boys, not girls. His wife and he had met and married late and had only had Frannie, a girl, but in a way it had been a blessing. If they'd a son, who knows what might have happened? He just might have had the guts to follow his secret yearning and come out of the closet and screw with his own flesh and blood baby boy. Anyway, it would have been nice to have someone to call "my boy".

He didn't care for teenaged twinks, because nowadays there was a tendency for boys and girls to look too alike, even if they were in their late teens. And pubescent boys made him nervous because they usually were disrespectful towards their elders, even though Mr. Harris would jack off imagining how he would teach those pre-teen punks a lesson, ripping their practice shorts off and fucking their cute and round little asses. No, what Mr. Harris really liked were kindergarten tykes and little boys in their first Grade School years. Boys ranging from four to eight, or even nine years old drove him wild. He didn't know why and he never stopped to puzzle on the fact of him wanting to fuck infant boys. He accepted the fact and relished in the knowledge that no one knew his dirty little secret.

As it was, the most he had dared to quench his yen for little boys was to drive around the town's schools in the mornings and mid-days, when the children were left at school by their parents or picked them up after school, and he would get raging hard-ons just imagining all those little beautiful boys running naked all around him, like Santa Clause surrounded by heavenly mites.

Boys with blond or brown curly fops were like little white angels walking next to their parents, holding their hands. Black boys with close cropped hair or mild afros were chocolate dolls waiting for him to kiss and bite their pouty and thick lips. Little Latinos must taste spicy; he'd have to have more than one of those cute Asian toddlers to satisfy his hunger. He'd daydream about him being in one of the school's classrooms full of only naked infant boys and giving them all a 'live' sex-ed class.

Mr. Harris would squeeze and grasp his stiff cock through his pants wishing that one day his perverted day dream came true. He even came in his shorts once or twice when a boy came close to the car and looked into his eyes for a fraction of a second, enough for Mr. Harris to imagine a whole scenario of forbidden pleasures with the grade school cherub. He knew he could get to be conspicuous if he was seen too often and not leave any child or pick one up, even if the parents did notice the kindly looking grandpa driving slowly in front of their children's school, so he never cruised schools two days in a row or more than twice a week, so as not to awaken any suspicion. But still his wife would scold him for soiling his shorts with spunk. She'd yell at him for having dirty thoughts about the teenaged girls that lived in the neighborhood; if she only knew.

Some afternoons he'd tell his wife he'd go for a ride to the park to feed some bread crumbs to the pigeons. And he really did feed the crumbs to the birds, while he sat on a bench in the park (a nosey neighbor had seen him and informed his wife, so she had no cause of alarm), but all the time he would gaze and ogle at the boys in the playground and public sand box, his cock stiff and throbbing inside his concealing trousers. So as not to arise any suspicions when a little girl came close he'd share some crumbs with her, all under the sanitary supervision of her parents who could clearly see that the senior citizen had no lewd intentions with their little angel in pigtails, which was true.

But sometimes, when a little boy would come near Mr. Harris would get over conscious and sweaty and would hand the parents the crumbs for them to give to the boy, while he fled in terror, sure that the wet stain his precum had left on his pants was visible from a mile around. Those parents were also sure that their child was safe, because the old man was obviously a child hater. Why else would he leave when their boys came close?

Once, however, when he entered the park's public restrooms to take a leak his bladder demanded and his prostate made inevitable, there was a little boy, maybe five years old, trying to reach the adult urinal even standing 'tippy-toes'. Mr. Harris could see that all the toilets' seats were shit smeared and piss stained. It wasn't any wonder the boy didn't want to sit there. So he stood next to the child, with shaking hands pulled out his still swollen cock from lusting for the boys outside and not paying any apparent attention to the kid started to piss.

The boy, in his frustration, turned towards the old man and asked him for help, getting sprinkled with the man's urine. Without putting his cock away Mr. Harris lifted the boy up and told him to stand on the urinal's rim while he held him. The boy didn't even protest when the kind man pulled his little shorts and undies down, stood behind him and continued peeing in between the child's legs, all the while helpfully holding the boy's infant pecker. The boy was able to piss at last thanks to this kind grandpa.

What a sight anyone who'd come in would have seen! An old man pissing together with a little boy in the same urinal, holding and caressing the tyke's wee dick until they both stopped pissing, either because their bladders were empty or their cocks getting stiff. Mr. Harris settled the boy back on the rest room's floor and had the intention of drying his dripping cock on the child's hair or shoving his dick into the boy's mouth, but sounds of approaching people spooked him and he put his cock away and fled the rest room, leaving the little five year old boy to pull his undies and shorts up by himself, but without any lewd story to tell or accusing finger to point.

Instead he told his parents of the kind gentleman who had helped him piss in his hour of need. Though he was oblivious of the man's mean intentions, the parents WERE alarmed that they hadn't been there to prevent the dirty old man from putting his paws on their little treasure. The furious father arrived at the rest room looking for the pervert long after Mr. Harris was already driving home, jacking off while he drove, remembering the scene with the little boy and going beyond it, fantasizing that he had really wiped his cock on the infant's hair AND shoved his cock into his mouth in between the gap of his missing baby teeth.

It was a good thing there were other parks in town, so Mr. Harris didn't set foot in that one for more than over a year. The only back draw of the whole issue was how to explain to his wife that now the spunk-stain was on the outside of his trousers and not smeared inside of his trunks. No matter how he wiped and cleaned his pants when he got home he felt that the whole world could see the spot where his pedophile induced wet day-dream cum load had landed.

Other thing that he would sometimes do when his wife had gone shopping or to gab with her friends was to strip his clothes off completely and stand at his bedroom window and jerk off right in plain sight of their neighbor's little boys playing in the yard next door. The sun light made it impossible for the children to see inside of the room, dark in contrast, so they never knew that their kind old neighbor was jerking off fantasizing they could see him. He would blast some heavy loads of spunk that splattered against the window's glass! Of course, by the time his wife came back he was dressed and the semen on the window had been wiped off.

Chapter 2

Danny loved his grandfather dearly and the few times they had been together the boy was drawn to the old man like a magnet and had always wanted to be with him, close to him, touching him, on him, and Mr. Harris was constantly in a state of pent up horniness. Thank God he wore those old and comfortable baggy trousers that hid his constant erection from his wife and daughter. Danny was hell-bent in being on top of his grandfather, maybe because there was so much of him to climb over, being Mr. Harris a chubby silver teddy bear; to try to embrace his bulging stomach, hold tight to his thick legs.

But there was always the moment in which his grandson would step on his balls while he climbed on him, or take a firm grasp of his thickening shaft when he embraced his legs, or sit his delightful little ass right on his dick when he sat on his lap, instead of sitting on his legs. Mr. Harris would holler bloody murder and would always ask his wife or his daughter to come and fetch the child, so they thought he was a grumpy old man who didn't ever like children. Fran remembered how he had never been affectionate with her. So an afternoon with his grandson was exactly what he needed, they thought. And they left the little Devil's temptation in his care. Whatever happened, if it happened, wasn't his fault, then; they dropped temptation right in his lap, and he wasn't a saint to fight temptation off.

Once alone with Danny, Mr. Harris turned the TV on to look for the game. Danny was next to him in an instant, hollering that he wanted to see the cartoons. The game wasn't due for a while, so the old man gave into his grandson's wishes and left the set tuned on some hellish animation that had no head or tails, but the kid at once plopped in front of the TV and was silent and still. Mr. Harris didn't even try to understand the plot of the animation, so he headed to the kitchen for the first beer of the afternoon. Spring had hit quite hot that year and the fridge was stocked with all kind of beverages, both for the grown-ups as for the child.

"You want some juice, Danny?" he hollered to his grandson.

"Yes, grandpa, please." His daughter and son-in-law had done a good job bringing the kid up, so polite and well behaved was the boy. That's when the Devil made him do it: since the afternoon really was kind of hot, Mr. Harris took his trousers off in the kitchen, leaving only his boxer shorts on. Then he took Danny's drinking glass from the cupboard and, with shaking hands, pulled his cock out, aimed into the glass and started to piss into his grandson's glass.

Growing old had the inconvenience of incontinence, and Mr. Harris was always on the brink of having accidents with his bladder letting go at the least wanted moment. But now, with Danny's glass waiting to receive its golden liquid content, the old man was having difficulty in peeing.

Not only was he shaking in lewd anticipation of that afternoon's proceedings, but his nerves were working against him and his penis was shrunken in shyness. However, at long last, some drops started to appear at the piss slit, and relaxing, Mr. Harris let a stream of his urine fill half of Danny's glass, the yellow liquid warm in the plastic glass. Still with shaking hands, Mr. Harris filled the rest of the glass with the boy's apple juice and headed to the living room.

Danny didn't even notice that his grandfather had removed his pants and was only in his shorts, his old man's overgrown balls about to drop out of their confinement through the underwear's leg. The boy received his juice without breaking eye contact with the monitor, and mechanically started to sip on the mouth-piece. Mr. Harris sat directly behind the boy, sipping his beer, and finally letting his balls and cock plop out of his underwear.

"Grandpa, this juice tastes funny", Danny said after a few sips, without turning his head. Mr. Harris' cock grew a little with every sip the boy gave to his piss'n'juice concoction.

"It's a new brand, I think. Want me to change it?" the old man asked half-heartedly.

"No, it's OK" said the boy, and kept on sipping away on his grandfather's bladder water with fruit juice. Mr. Harris was sipping also on his beer, content to be sprouting one of the biggest hard-ons he'd had in ages, the back of his grandson's head only a few inches away from his dribbling cock head.

Mr. Harris was tempted to call Danny, to make him turn around to see his grandfather's boner, and the idea made his cock grow even bigger. The tip of his engorged dick-head was only a few feet away from the back of Danny's head. So Mr. Harris laid back, slowly massaging his senior citizen cock and advanced his hips towards his grandson. That way all his pre-cum started to dribble on Danny's light brown hair, the child oblivious of his grandfather sharing his natural hair gel.

A long while passed by this way in happy company, the boy drinking away on his grandfather's energy mix while he watched his cartoons and the old man slowly jacking off behind his grandson's head, happy as could be, his pre-cum as a natural lube for his dick and hair styling gel for his grandson, sipping on his can of beer.

Eventually, Mr. Harris had to go to the bathroom to empty out the beer he drank. It had been happening these past years that when he let his bladder sphincter go, his rectal sphincter also let loose, so that he had to shit while he pissed. His hard-on went down while he stumbled to the bathroom, so it was quite easy to lower his underwear and sit on the toilet, leaving the door open to hear on Danny. He didn't even have to push, but just sighed, relaxed and with a slight shiver started to evacuate his bladder and bowels, some sonorous farts filling the air.

Chapter 3

The boy didn't even notice his grandfather getting up and leaving the room, he was so into his cartoons. He didn't understand why his wee pecker had suddenly gotten hard, but he loved his cartoons and only half consciously would give his three year old woody a squeeze and a grope. All the nutrients, hormones and testosterone in the old man's urine were kicking in, like an ultra-powerful energy drink, and Danny's temperature rose together with his wienie, and gave the boy a sexual rush he wasn't used to at so tender age.

But eventually all the juice and his grandfather's urine were too much for his infantile bladder and made him want to go to the bathroom also. He turned around to inform the old man of his need and found Mr. Harris gone. It didn't matter, he was a big boy now and he would make pee-pee like his daddy had taught him, standing up next to the toilet.

Just as Mr. Harris' had stopped pissing and shitting, Danny suddenly bounded into the bathroom.

'Grandpa, I have to go wee-wee!'

Mr. Harris didn't yell at the boy but simply opened his legs wide and signed his grandson to come closer and pee in the space left between the toilet's rim and his fat legs and bloated cock. Not making anything unusual of the situation, Danny lowered his shorts and undies, and came close to his grandfather, aiming his very little stiff pecker to the space left free. As in all males, his erection was making it very difficult to pee, but Mr. Harris encouraged him with tender words and at last the little boy started to pee on his old grandfather's pubes and then on his yet stiffening rod, giggling hysterically all the time.

The old man's cock was reaching stiffness levels it had never achieved in his whole life just for having his three year old grandson piss on it. It throbbed, pulsed, ached, grew huge, and the little boy's eyes grew wide in amazement, never having seen a hard cock in his life and of course never so close.

Danny emptied his bladder on his grandfather's rod, laughing dumbly as the strong sexual rush that was pouring through him made him want to do naughty and dirty things. Even dripping with his own pee, his grandfather's enormous prick somehow looked good, good enough to eat. He wanted it, he needed it. The stale smell of the old man's senior cock mixed with the stench of his own urine made the sausage between his grandpa's legs look very appetizing.

As in a daze, without knowing it, the boy's mouth was wide open and his little tongue was sticking out, doing little lapping movements. Mr. Harris didn't waste time in moral or etic ramblings, but just reached over, placed his shaking liver spotted hand behind Danny's head and started pulling his grandson towards his cock. The stink that hit the boy's nose coming from the interior of the toilet, his grandfather's caca, made him hotter instead of disgusting him, and he let his senior father guide his head and mouth onto his throbbing cock.

Danny opened wide and Mr. Harris' plum colored and sized glans popped into the boy's mouth. At long last, a boy was giving him head! What better gift than the boy being his own three year old grandson! Mr. Harris got up from the toilet's seat to accommodate his cock to his grandson's height, and his down-bent rod went directly down Danny's esophagus, stretching his mouth open as far as it could go.

"There it is. You want it? There, take it. Swallow it, you little cock-sucker! Swallow your grandfather's cock!" With one of his hands he held Danny's head in place and started emptying his balls out.

Danny didn't like the flavor at all, and started to gag and retch and see black spots floating in front of him because his grandfather's cock was cutting the air flow into his lungs; he tried to push the old man away, slapped his fat belly, waved his arms around, but to no avail: Mr. Harris had started unloading his wad of spunk straight into his grandson's gullet and paid no attention to the suffocating boy's gestures.

Danny's eyes slid back to white, his arms went limp by his side and he stopped hitting his grandfather because he sensed that something very important was happening between the two of them. His grandfather's cock pulled out a little and a stream of fresh air entered his lungs and he felt on his tongue how whatever was entering his stomach was pumped out through Mr. Harris' cock.

The old man was in pedophile Paradise. At long last his jizz was not being wasted on the fabric of his underwear, but going where it should be, into the mouth and stomach of a little boy. And being his grandson such a child made it all the more blissful. He looked down to the boy and found Danny's eyes lovingly watching him as he unloaded his sperm into his mouth. What's more, the child had taken a firm grip with both tiny hands on the old man's shaft and was extracting all the seminal nectar his grandfather could serve him, as if responding to a natural instinct.

When his cock had finished spewing semen, Mr. Harris very slowly extracted his sensitive cock from his grandson's mouth, the boy reluctant to let it go. But when it at last popped out of the toddler's mouth, they both just stared at each other, neither one quite understanding or believing what had just happened. No shame, no guilt, no pain, no tears. But what couldn't be denied was that it had been a mutual act of love. The old man hadn't forced the child; the boy had been a willing participant in his innocence. So nothing wrong could come out of this.

Chapter 4

Back in front of the television set, Mr. Harris sat on the sofa again, Danny watching the cartoons. But before long, all the hormones in his grandfather's spunk made Danny horny so the animated series lost its interest and the boy turned around and went directly to the old man's crotch. Without words, Mr. Harris pulled his cock out of his shorts and let Danny feed his fill.

The child knew now exactly what he had to do, so he kneeled in front of the sitting man, opened his mouth wide and gobbled his grandfather's flesh down, the second time in the afternoon. And a few minutes later he had made his grandfather unload a second wad of sperm into his mouth, and now the flavor was delicious. From that moment on, Danny would become an addict of his grandfather's spunk and before the afternoon was over he would get a third serving of his grandfather's creamy milk.

Leaving Danny with still some of his cock snot smeared on his lips, Mr. Harris went to the kitchen to get them both some beverages. He didn't add piss into his grandson's drink this time, though he did remove his underwear and resumed his place in his sofa after giving Danny his glass. But Danny got up and sat on the old man's lap (that is, right on his cock) and continued to watch his show sipping away at his beverage. Well, Mr. Harris couldn't have asked for anything better! With one arm he lifted the boy a little while with the other he pulled his shorts and undies off. So now the boy was seated bare-assed on his grandfather's crotch.

He never broke eye contact with his show as he started to 'ride' his grandfather's stiff cock as if he were riding his rocking horse, dry humping himself on the old man's log, sliding his butt up and down his senior's schlong. His grandfather's cock's warm skin felt wonderful sliding against his virgin anus that was winking and puckering itself in infantile anticipation, his grandpa's coarse pubes scraping his soft baby buns. His little pecker was so stiff it had turned from light pink to cherry red and painfully strived to grow more than it naturally could.

But the old man's cock was on the verge of exploding, being over sensitive after two of his grandson's blow jobs and now this masturbating him with his three year old rosebud. Danny's cowboy game suddenly to an end when Mr. Harris lifted him to the living room's floor, stood beside him and started yelling.

"Aaaaaah, Danny, here it comes! Here it is, son, drink your grandfather's milk! Take it, you little faggot! Nnnnnnggggnnn! I'm cumminnnnnGGGG!" He roared and yelled as he unloaded his afternoon's third wad of cum into Danny's eager mouth, some of it even splattering the boy's face. Where did all this cum come from at his age?

Danny held fast to his grandfather's shaft and aimed its full discharge into his waiting mouth, greedy for more of this wonderful elixir he found in between his grandfather's legs. Little did they both know that all that semen had more proteins, vitamins and nutrients than a complete meal.

After draining his nuts into the boy's mouth Mr. Harris dropped himself onto the sofa, totally exhausted. Delirious with happiness he couldn't believe his good fortune. Thanks to his wife and daughter he had turned his grandson into a sperm addict. He imagined his grandson at several stages of his life, searching and seeking that special drug that only his old grandfather's cock could provide. Oh, he could hardly wait for the day when Danny was older and had a wider and bigger ass hole so he could finally shove his senior cock in there.

As if they had planned it, they both got the urge to go pee at the same time. Hand in hand, Mr. Harris and Danny walked tiredly to the bathroom, stood side by side and started to urinate. Mr. Harris noticed that Timmy's eye sight was right at his pecker's height and his attention was all on his peeing cock. Could it be possible?

"You want some of grandpa's water, Timmy?"

"Yes, grandpa, please."

Hot dang it, was this little bastard well-mannered and polite. How could he refuse his grandson's wish when he asked so nicely?

"Shut your eyes tight so they don't sting and open your mouth wide."

Timmy did what his grandfather told him and Mr. Harris did a slight turn and went on emptying his bladder on his grandson's face and aiming as much as he could into his mouth. Timmy was drinking his grandfather's piss as if he hadn't any liquids in a week, thirstily gargling and guzzling it all down, the golden liquid overflowing his mouth and soaking his clothes.

When the old man finished peeing on his grandson he took a damp wash cloth and cleared the boy's eyes. Danny then turned to his granddad and chirped out: "I love you, grandpa."

"I love you too, Danny. I love you too."

No more words were needed. No explanations, no planning, no verbal agreement. It was their secret, their own special kind of love; theirs alone.

After a quick wash in the bathroom Mr. Harris went to fetch a fresh t-shirt for Danny and his underwear and trousers from the kitchen, put them back on and returned to the living room where Danny had also put his undies and shorts on. Without words, as if by mutual silent consent, Danny let the old man change his piss wet clothes and put the clean shirt on. He then went to sit on his grandfather's leg this time and before long started to nod until he finally dozed off. The TV's control was near him, so Mr. Harris lowered the volume and changed the channels to the game.

When Fran and Mrs. Harris returned home from their shopping, they stopped their eternal yadda-yadda the moment they saw Danny sound asleep in his grandfather's arms. Fran wanted to take the child to bed, but Mr. Harris signaled his daughter that it was ok for the boy to sleep where he was, not to wake him up. The game was playing on the TV with the sound on 'mute', so the women went quietly into the kitchen to prepare supper.

Little did they know that Danny had already taken his evening nourishing. They could now leave the little cocksucker in his care whenever they wanted. The everlasting bond had been established between the boy and his grandfather. Timmy would grow up and learn that his grandfather had his little special gift ready for him whenever he needed and wanted it. No more would he be known as a 'child hater'. Danny would become his private little cocksucker from then on. Mr. Harris at last had 'his boy'.

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Awesome that cute little Danny is a cock and cum slut at such an early age! More ...please!


It would have been awesome if the grandpa had bent him over and shoved his cock up that tight little ass !

Bare Naked Bear

It was great. But at one point, Danny became Timmy. Good story, it's just the consistency of the name through me off.


I agree with Perry33, should have bent him and fucked him silly, would have made it more exiting to hear.

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