The Pedo's Dream

[ Mg(9), pdeo, cons, oral ]

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Published: 31-Jan-2013

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.
It had been one month ago, to the day, that the pedo had first enjoyed the perfect girl's pre-pubescent nine-year-old body. The perfect girl so enjoyed their societally-unacceptable physical relationship, that they had been getting together every two or three days...that is up until a week ago, when the perfect girl left for a two-week vacation with her family. She had told the pedo she was going away on vacation, so her disappearance wasn't a shock to him.

The pedo had decided kiddie porn and his hand would be sufficient until the perfect girl returned to him... But it really wasn't sufficient: the pedo had become accustomed to spewing his hot, thick, greasy, sperm-laden adult cum deep into the perfect girl's sucking tight little nine-year-old hole; and his hand was such a poor substitute.

As he had done the previous three nights, the pedo had fallen asleep alone, on top of the covers on his bed, nude with a few cum soaked tissues strewn about around him, with one of his favorite piece of kiddie porn (an old sex-ed book for children, filled with some two-hundred pages of beautiful black and white photos of marginally pubescent kids engaged in various sex acts, along with captions describing in spectacularly explicit detail exactly what they were doing in each photo) on the bed beside him.

Suddenly the pedo opened his eyes to find the perfect girl lying nude beside him in his bed. She smiled at him before reaching out and putting her young hand on his prick. Ever so gently she wrapped her slender nine-year-old fingers around its shaft. An instant later she was moving her small fist up and down the length of the pedo's adult prick. The perfect girl continued stroking the pedo's adult prick until just before the pedo's orgasm should have begun...then she stopped and removed her hand.

The perfect girl once again smiled at the pedo, before licking her thin (yet full) pink lips. She leaned over moving her head towards his crotch. She pursed her nine-year-old lips, before planting a kiss on the tip of the pedo's adult prick. Moving her lips away from the tip of his rigid prick, the perfect girl repositioned herself and bent in, bringing her beautiful face closer to his crotch. She stuck her preteen tongue out, its tip making contact with the base of the pedo's prick, just above his hairy sperm-filled balls; as the perfect girl moved her head up, her preteen tongue licked its way the whole length of the pedo's prick. The warmth and dampness of her tongue and saliva on his prick was driving the pedo wild...

Once her tongue had passed the glans just below the helmet head of his prick, the perfect girl spread her thin pink lips letting the head of the pedo's prick enter her warm wet nine-year-old mouth. Moving her preteen tongue back into her mouth, the perfect girl closed her thin pink lips around the pedo's prick. She began gently sucking on it as her tongue darted around it. The perfect girl continued sucking the pedo's adult prick until just before the pedo's orgasm should have begun...then she stopped letting it drop from her young mouth.

Smiling at the pedo once again, the perfect girl climbed onto him. Planting one foot on either side of his hips, she squatted over his crotch and positioned the head of his adult prick against the little slit running through her immature preteen mound. Slowly lowering her body down, the perfect girl was forcing the pedo's adult prick into her nine-year-old pre-pubescent hole. The pedo was, once again, in ecstasy as his prick slowly slid into its familiar sheath...

Once the perfect girl's small round butt was sitting on the pedo's hairy adult balls, she raised her body up then lowered it back down; re-impaling her immature pre-pubescent pussy on the pedo's adult prick. The pedo put his hands on the perfect girl's narrow nine-year-old hips, squeezing gently as he guided the movements of her young body up and down the length of his adult prick. With each thrust the perfect girl was bouncing up-and-down harder and faster on the pedo's prick.

The pedo drank in the image of the perfect girl's face as she bounced up-and-down on his prick: a look of determination and lust on her perfect preteen face; a burning fire of lust in her half-closed sparkling light-blue eyes, her thin pink lips open slightly as she breathed heavily through her open mouth, her long blonde hair rapidly swinging back and forth (obscuring her face for an instant, then revealing it's perfectly delicate features)... The pedo's gaze drifted downward; over her smooth hairless skin, past the tiny nipple buds on her flat chest, down her soft yet flat tummy...finally focusing on the perfect girl's pre-pubescent little mound. For a few seconds he watched in lustful amazement as her thin pussy lips disappeared into her preteen slit each time his adult prick plunged into her hot tight little nine-year-old hole...and reappeared before stretching down the shaft of his prick with each withdrawal.

An instant before the pedo's orgasm should have begun, the perfect girl climbed off him; letting his adult prick slip form her tight little-girl hole. The pedo was astounded how quickly the perfect girl had figured out how to bring him nearly to the point of no return before stopping...and extending the pleasure...

Now next to the pedo, the perfect girl got on her hands and knees. The pedo knew what she wanted: so he squatted behind her, lined the tip of his adult prick against the little slit of her pre-pubescent pussy, and began to gently push his manhood into her nine-year-old little-girl hole. He eased his prick into her pre-pubescent little hole. Just before the pedo felt the perfect girl's round little ass make contact with his belly he put his hands on her narrow hips. The instant he felt her round little ass bump up against his belly, the pedo paused for a second enjoying the incredible tightness of the perfect girl's little hole pressing deliciously all the way around his invading member.

Rocking his hips back and forth, the pedo slid his adult prick in-and-out of the perfect girl's tight little preteen hole. The perfect girl was, as usual, enjoying the dicking he was giving her pre-pubescent hole...and the pedo knew it: because despite the fact that his prick was leaking pre-cum into the nine-year-old girl's hole, her hole was getting too wet to for the moisture to only be his pre-cum...

For a few minutes the pedo kept up his pace: thrusting is adult prick in-and-out of the perfect girl's nine-year-old hole. Then the inevitable happened: his impending orgasm began showing its first sign of approach: his adult butt-cheeks tightened. Half-a-second later his hairy sperm-filled balls drew-up under his adult prick. An instant later his prick began throbbing...he could feel the cum begin to surge up the little tube on the underside of his prick...

Jamming his prick all the way into the perfect girl's tight little nine-year-old hole, the pedo let loose. The first spurt of his hot, thick, greasy, sperm-laden adult cum spewed out of the little hole on the end of his prick: shooting deep inside the perfect girl's pre-pubescent little hole...

The instant the pedo's cum touched the walls of the perfect girl's pre-pubescent little hole, her orgasm began: she began breathing heavily, her sparkling light-blue eyes rolled back in her head, her cute little toes curled tightly, her nine-year-old love-tunnel filled with her juices as the immature muscles forming the walls of her vagina began to repeatedly contract around the pedo's invading prick...practically milking his sperm-laden adult cum out of it.

A second later the second spurt of cum spewed out of the little hole in the tip of his adult prick. Thanks to the repeated contractions of the muscles of making up the walls of the perfect girl's preteen hole, the pedo's hot, thick, greasy, sperm-laden adult cum was sucked deep into her waiting belly...through the little hole in her cervix into her preteen uterus, where his millions of sperms would start searching for an egg to fertilize... Of course she was only nine; and her pre-pubescent body had yet to begin releasing eggs...

As the third spurt of his cum began surging up the little tube in the underside of his prick, the pedo suddenly began wondering why his belly felt wet. Fearing that his prick must have somehow slipped out of the perfect girls' hole, the pedo squeezed his hands tighter...only to feel his fingernails digging into his palms. He winced in pain as the third spurt of cum spewed out of the little hole in the tip of his adult prick.

By the time the pedo had managed to focus his eyes enough to see what we happening he found himself alone, naked on his bed, covered in had just been a dream. "Crap" the pedo thought aloud as he wiped the cum off his belly with a tissue. As he did so, he happened to glance at the open old sex-ed book lying next to him on the bed. The page it was open to...the girl in the picture on the right page...if it wasn't for the dark hair she would have been a dead ringer for the perfect girl!

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