Dr. Quinn, Medicine Slut

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Published: 5-Jan-2012

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

Dr. Mikayla Quinn stood at the kitchen basin washing the dishes from dinner and looking out the window at her son, Matthew. He was chopping wood for the family. Normally, Sully would be taking care of that chore, but he was away on business investigating boundaries for the new national park the government had asked him to help establish.

Sully had already been gone for two weeks, and she didn't expect him back for another two.

Matthew was living at the house while Sully was gone, helping with the more demanding chores and offering a level of protection while the man of the house was away.

Dr. Quinn thought wistfully about Sully as she took in the sight of her handsome young son swinging the ax. Before she married, she hadn't thought much about sex. Since marrying Sully, she had been delighted to dis-cover it's joys. She had had no idea that it could be so much fun. She couldn't wait for Sully to get back; she was already missing him, both physically and emotionally. The next two weeks were going to be hard to live through.

Matthew certainly does have a nice build, she thought to herself. Just look at the breadth of the shoulders and the muscles in his arms, chest, and stomach. Why, I bet he could satisfy a woman nicely.

Mikayla felt herself blush at her own thoughts. Matthew was her son! She must be turning into a cheap whore to be thinking like that. Even as she chided herself, a small voice in her head spoke up to remind her that he was her adopted son. Not only that, but he was almost a man when you adopted him, the voice added. Why, it's only natural to think of him more as a man than as your son.

Mikayla shook her head to rid herself of these ridicu-lous thoughts. She bent her head down and concentrated on the dishes in the basin. She hoped that Sully might come home a little early. In the meantime, she vowed to keep herself busy so her mind wouldn't have time to wander.

Matthew smiled to himself as he continued to chop the wood. He had seen Dr. Mike staring at him through the window. He had even seen the blush across her cheeks just before she shook her head and looked away. He had a pretty good idea what she had been thinking. She must be feeling quite frustrated with Sully gone for a whole month, he thought.


A few hours later, Dr. Quinn went out to Matthew with a cool glass of water. "Here, I thought you might be thirsty."

"Thanks," said Matthew. He took the glass and drank it down.

"Why don't you stop for the day. We'll be having supper in an hour or so. You can wash up and take a short rest."

"That sounds good. I'll be in in a few minutes," he answered as he swung the ax one final time to embed it into the chopping block.

Mikayla went back into the kitchen as Matthew went to the outdoor pump to wash up. In a short while, Matthew entered the house. Mikayla was busy in the kitchen getting supper ready.

"Where's Colleen and Brian?" asked Matthew.

"Colleen's upstairs with Katie and Brian's down by the river," answered Mikayla.

Matthew smiled. He walked up behind his adoptive mother. He said "Excuse me" as he reached around her into the cupboard to get a glass. He lingered with his entire body, from his crotch to his neck, pressed up against her back.

He could feel the softness of her pretty little ass as his cock pressed into it. He closed his eyes as he breathed in her lovely fragrance from her neck and hair.

"I'm thirsty," he said as he reluctantly pulled away. He looked at Mikayla as she turned around. He was pleased to she that she was flushed and that there was a slight sheen of sweat on her forehead.

"Yes, suddenly I'm a little hot too," said Dr. Quinn.

She got herself a glass and Matthew worked the kitchen pump to fill their glasses. They looked at each other speculatively as they drank their water.

Just then, Brian came in the house. "I'm back!" he announced. "When's supper? I'm starving!"

"We'll be eating in about fifteen minutes," his mother answered. "Why don't you go upstairs and make sure Colleen and Katie are ready?"

"Okay," he answered as he shot up the stairs.

Matthew set the table as Mikayla completed the last of the cooking. Soon, it was time to eat. The entire family gathered around the table and Dr. Quinn said grace. They all enjoyed the delicious ham dinner that she had prepared for her family.

Afterward Colleen and Mikayla cleared away the dishes as Matthew and Brian settled down to read. Brian was reading an adventure novel, while Matthew was studying his law books. Katie gurgled happily in her playpen.

Colleen observed "It's getting awfully dark out there. I think it's gonna rain."

Matthew looked up from his books. "Yeah, I could feel the dampness in the air before supper. I think we might have a thunderstorm before the night's over."

"Oh, I hope not! I'm so afraid of lightning!" said Colleen.

"Girls!" muttered Brian disgustedly.

When the dishes were done, Dr. Quinn put Katie to bed, and joined the rest of her family downstairs as she read a medical journal. Soon, Brian and Colleen were yawning. "I think I'll go to bed," said Brian.

"Me too," said Colleen.

"I'll be right behind you as soon as I finish this article," said Dr. Quinn. Brian and Colleen went up-stairs to bed.

After they were gone, Matthew looked at Mikayla and said "I think I'll take a warm bath before going to bed. Will you help me with the water?"

"Certainly," she answered.

Matthew went into the storage room to pull out the tub. Mikayla busied herself drawing water into two large pots to put on the stove. When Matthew had dragged the tub halfway between the kitchen basin and the stove, he began hauling buckets of cold water to the tub. When he had it about a third full, he stood behind Dr. Mike and again flattened his body against her back. He reached in front and dipped his finger into one of the pots on the stove.

"It should be ready in another few minutes," he said as he allowed his hand to linger on his mother's hip.

"Yes," said Mikayla. She sighed at the comfort of hav-ing a strong man so close to her. Suddenly, she became aware of the impropriety of the situation and nervously stepped away from Matthew. "I'll go get you a towel and some soap," she said.

She returned a minute later to see Matthew totally nude with his back to her, pouring the last of the hot water into the tub. She involuntarily sucked in her breath. From his waist up, he was beautifully tanned and muscled. From the waist down, he was equally muscled, but creamy white. She looked longingly at his tight buttocks and briefly wondered how they would feel in her hands.

Once again, she admonished herself for having had such thoughts about her son. If only Sully were there, she could replace those dirty little fantasies with some-thing real.

She considered stepping back into the pantry and making some noise to announce she was coming back in, but then thought better of it. Better to nip these flirtations in the bud. Besides, she was a doctor, it wasn't like she hadn't seen a naked man's body before.

As Matthew poured the last of the water in the tub, Mikayla stepped in the room and said, "Here, put this towel on," and she threw it towards him.

Matthew put the pot down on the counter and said "Why?" as he turned around.

Mikayla's control cracked when she saw Matthew's front. She gasped at the beautiful sight of the naked man in front of her.

Her eyes were drawn to his groin. She drank in the sight of his soft cock. How she would have loved to reach out and fondle it until it was hard.

Matthew smiled at his mother as he slowly stepped into the tub. He slowly sat down in the warm water and said "Please bring the soap and a wash cloth over."

"Um, yes, yes, of course," replied Mikayla.

Matthew began soaping up his chest as he said, "Its been a long hard day so why don't you sit down so we can talk a while."

"Yes, all right," said Dr. Quinn. She turned a kitchen chair so she was facing the tub and sat down.

"I suppose you miss Sully, don't you?" asked Matthew.

Mikayla felt this was a safe topic. As long as she kept Sully at the forefront of her mind, her deep commitment to him would keep her from having lewd thoughts about anyone else. "Yes, I miss him terribly. But his work is very important. Hopefully, it won't take him away from us for such extended periods too often."

"Yeah, I miss him too. Even though I was too old to think of him as a father when you married, I consider him to be a good friend. He's a wonderful father to Brian. And I know he's a good husband to you." As Matthew spoke, he ran his eyes openly up and down Dr. Mike's body. God, she was gorgeous, he thought to him-self.

"Yes, he's a very good husband." Mikayla nervously put an arm across her chest to try to stop Matthew from staring so wantonly at her.

"Don't put your arm there. I like looking at you," said Matthew.

"Matthew! I'm your mother!"

"Yes, but I was nearly a man when you adopted me. Even then, I couldn't help but notice how beautiful you were. Besides, I saw you looking at me a few times today."

Mikayla slowly lowered her arm. Matthew grinned and said "That's better. Will you wash my back?"

Mikayla got up and took the washcloth and soap from her son. After working a lather up on the cloth, she began gently rubbing Matthew's upper back. He leaned forward, inviting her to go lower. She rubbed his entire back from his neck to the water line, and below.

Matthew sighed in contentment. All too soon, she was finished. Though she longed for more contact, her moral upbringing stopped her from doing anything more.

When Matthew realized she was finished, he stood up and turned around to face her. His crotch was only inches away from her face. He reached down and stroked his cock in front of her.

He watched as she bit her lip while she stared at her son slowly masturbating in front of her. His cock soon began to stiffen and grow. When it was fully erect, he let it go and said "Pass me the towel, please, will you?"

"What? Oh, oh, yes. Here you go."

"Thanks." Matthew began to towel himself off, all the while watching Dr. Mike as she stared at his cock as it bobbed back and forth. Soon, only his legs from the knees down were wet. He threw the towel on the floor next to his mother and stepped out onto it. He turned so his back was to her and bent over to dry the bottom of his legs. Now his ass was directly in front of Mikayla. He looked at her from between his legs and could see her staring at him.

When he was completely dry, he stood up and turned to face her. He put his hand on her shoulder and pulled her to a standing position.

When she was facing him, he took her in his arms and kissed her deeply. She didn't resist. After the initial contact, he felt her tongue probing at his mouth. He opened his lips to allow her entry and savored their passionate kiss. He grasped her buttocks through her dress and felt her hands on his nude backside.

"Let's go to bed," he said.

"All right," breathed Mikayla.


The rain they had been anticipating began as Matthew extinguished all the lamps but one. Matthew put the lamp down on the nightstand and began helping Dr. Mike out of her clothes as the drops of rain were flung against the bedroom window by the rising wind.

Soon, they were both naked, and Matthew took a moment to drink in the sight of his mother's beautiful figure. He took her in his arms and kissed her. He could feel her breasts pressed against his chest. He ran his hands down her back and grasped her round firm buttocks in his hands, pulling her towards him. His stiff cock was trapped between their two stomachs, and he squirmed to feel the friction of her flesh on his shaft.

Mikayla was also luxuriating in this contact with a hard, young man which she had been missing for the last two weeks. She could feel her pussy already beginning to moisten as she explored her son's mouth with her tongue.

They could hear the distant rumbling of thunder as they lowered themselves to the bed. Mikayla rolled over so she was on top of Matthew.

She pulled her mouth away from his and began kissing her way down his chin to his neck. She sucked lightly on his flesh and Matthew felt a small shiver of delight ripple through his body.

She then left a trail of small kisses down his upper chest until she reached his nipple. She suckled the small nub of flesh and felt it stiffen in between her lips. She bit it and looked up at Matthew and smiled as he let out a small exclamation of pain.

Mikayla began her journey again and slid her tongue down her son's body over his hard, well-defined stomach muscles. She flicked her tongue playfully in and out of his navel, tickling him and causing him to squirm. She moved lower still, and positioned herself between Matthew's legs.

She stared for a second at his steely young pecker standing at attention in front of her, then grasped it in her hand and pushed it forward. She leaned closer and extended her tongue as far as she could, licking Matthew from the base of his sack and continuing up his scrotum to the base of his penis, all the way up the rod to the swollen head. When she got to the purple helmet, she swirled her tongue around the sensitive rim of his head, and flicked it quickly over the top.

Matthew groaned in pleasure at Mikayla's talented work. He wondered for a moment where she had learned to use her tongue like that, but quickly lost his train of thought as she took him in her mouth and began sucking him in earnest.

"Turn around so I can taste you," said Matthew.

Dr. Quinn worked her way around until she was strad-dling her son's face, all the while never taking her mouth from his engorged organ. Matthew looked up and took in the sight of Dr. Mike's tight little pussy. Her lips were swollen with blood, and spread apart to expose her inner flower. He could see the moisture of her sexual arousal on her inner lips.

He placed one hand on each buttock and lifted his head an inch or two so that his nose was at her wet slit. He breathed in her musky fragrance and then tentatively extended his tongue to taste her honey pot. It was pure ambrosia!

Matthew slid his tongue up and down her wonderful slit. He stopped to probe at the opening to her love tunnel, fucking her with his mouth. He moved to her clit, nibbling at the hard little piece of flesh with his teeth. Mikayla let out a little yelp of pleasure, and rewarded her son by engulfing his pecker in her mouth all the way to the root.

Matthew felt the familiar tingling in his balls and decided it was time for a change of pace. "I want to make love to you," he said.

They quickly changed positions. When Dr. Mike was on her back with her legs spread wide to expose her hot, wet gash, Matthew eagerly mounted her and aimed his engorged dong at her opening. With a grunt, he entered her deeply. Then urgently began pumping in and out of Mikayla's steamy quim as the first flash of distant lightning lit up the bedroom.

"Ooohh, that's so good! Fuck me, please. Fuck me hard. Mmmmm! I've been dying for some dick ever since Sully left!"

Matthew was surprised to hear his usually prim and proper mother talk so dirty. It inspired him to increase the pace of his thrusts.

He felt her hands on his buttocks, pulling him deeper into her on every downstroke. God, her cunt felt great on his prick! He had often fantasized about riding his mother, ever since she adopted him, but he had never imagined that his fantasy would become reality.

As the storm built up outside, so did their passions. Soon, they were both thrashing about, moaning and groaning as they neared orgasm. Suddenly, the room lit up as a bolt of lightning struck near the homestead. Almost instantly, a sharp crack of thunder followed.

The storm's climax seemed to trigger mother and son, as they simultaneously let out loud exclamations which were drowned out by Mother Nature's display. Matthew shot out his first spurt of cum as he felt Mikayla's pussy muscles clamp down on his tool. He fired off several more spurts of jism as Mikayla trembled in the throes of her own climax.

After their fireworks subsided, Matthew withdrew from his mother's warm moist twat.

Just as Mikayla was closing her legs and snuggling up to her son, the door to the bedroom opened.

Colleen stood in the doorway. "The lightning's getting closer! Can I get in bed with you?" she asked.

Mikayla thought that her daughter was either too frightened by the storm to notice the incongruity of Matthew in her bed naked, or the strange situation hadn't sunk in yet; because she wasn't reacting at all to what would normally be a totally shocking scream.

Just as Mikayla began to stammer an embarrassed ex-planation for the situation, Matthew spoke up and said, "Sure, come on in. But you may as well take off that nightdress, its awfully muggy and hot tonight."

Colleen smiled and said, "OK." She pulled her night-dress over her head as she walked towards the bed, exposing her ample breasts and a tuft of slightly reddish hair between her legs. She crawled up between her mother and her brother as Matthew lifted the covers so all three could get under them.

Mikayla was too stunned by the bizarre situation to react. Her shock was only deepened as Matthew reached across Colleen and began to fondle her cunt, which was dripping hot juice from their recent orgasms.

"Mmmmm, your nice and gooey," he said as he inserted two fingers into her just-fucked snatch. He pulled them back out and put them to his mouth, licking one clean. "Here, taste this Colleen," he said as he offered his sister the other finger.

Dr. Quinn watched, fascinated, as Colleen licked the mingled love juices from her brother's finger.

After she had sucked all the cream from Matthew's finger, Colleen turned to face her mother and said "You taste delicious. Can I clean the rest of your juice with my tongue?"

Before Dr. Mike could answer, Matthew threw the covers back down and said, "Eat her like she's never been eaten before!"

Colleen got on her hands and knees straddling her mother's face and began fondling Mikayla's still drip-ping cunt. Mikayla found herself responding despite herself. She had never had sex with a woman before, and here she was getting her pussy felt up by her own daughter.

As Colleen began licking her mother's sodden twat, Matthew reached down between his sister's legs and spread apart her cunt lips. "Look at that pussy," he said to his mother. "So hot and tight," he said as he slipped a finger in. "Mmmm, and juicy too. Taste this," he said as he pulled his finger out and lowered it to Mikayla's mouth.

Mikayla was already getting quite worked up again from Colleen's tongue fucking and most, if not all, of her restraint had disappeared. She sucked in Matthew's finger and cleaned it of Colleen's fluids with gusto. When all the flavor was gone from Matthew's digit, she moved to the source.

Matthew sat back for a moment and watched the two beautiful women as they ate each other's cunts. He was soon rock hard again and ready for some action. The only hole readily available to him was Colleen's ass, so he nudged the women down the bed a ways so he had some room between Colleen and the headboard.

Leaning over, he began licking his sister's rosebud until it was slick with his spit. For good measure, he slid his hand up and down her cunt, soaking it in her pussy juice and Dr. Mike's saliva. He then ran his hand over her asshole, further lubricating it.

Getting on his knees behind her and lining up his cock head with her butt hole. He slowly forced himself past her sphincter until his swollen cock was surrounded by her hot flesh. He inched forward until he was buried deep in her bowels.

He stopped for a moment to enjoy the sensation of his sister's body wrapped around his hard prick. He with-drew his shaft from her chocolate tunnel until he felt her ass ring on the back of his dick head. Again, he buried his organ in her; faster this time. He built up the pace until he was pistoning in and out of Colleen's rectum like a locomotive.

All the while, Colleen and Mikayla continued to lap at each other's snatches, alternating between drinking up the copious juices from the opening, and playing with their super sensitive clits. Soon, Mikayla felt the tingling escalate into stabs of pure pleasure, centered on her love button between her legs.

She yelled "Yes! Yes!" as her whole body shook in the throes of her second orgasm of the night. She rubbed furiously at her daughter's pussy with her hand as she threw her head back on the pillow.

Colleen responded by flying into her own world of ecstasy. She shuddered as the delightful sensations shot out from her clit to the outer extremes of her body. She bucked her hips back to meet Matthew's thrusts, taking his huge cock ever deeper in her ass. Her orgasm caused her to clamp down on her brothers fuckpole with her sphincter, tightening her grip on his organ.

Matthew watched his sister gyrate beneath him and felt his balls contract as they readied a dose of man juice for her bowels. He felt the liquid gushing through his prick and into his sister's ass as he continued to pump his erection in and out of her butt. He groaned as the last of his seed spilled into her rectum. Afterward, he withdrew with a squishing noise.

Matthew looked down and could see his white cum leaking from Colleen's ass, and just below that, his mother's glowing face. With a smile, he leaned down and licked some of his own jism from his sister's butt crack, and then kissed Dr. Mike deeply to share his juice with her. Mikayla eagerly sucked the fluid from his tongue.

Soon, all three cuddled together in an exhausted heap and fell asleep.


Two weeks later Sully finally returned from his trip. Matthew and Colleen, after a steady barrage of intense three way fucking, though happy to see him, were disap-pointed that their nights of unbridled sex with their mother would be coming to an end.

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Wow - slow build up and then a really hot ending - no holes barred. Please let there be more of this - For example when Sully gets home....

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