The Initiation Of Jill

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Published: 15-Jul-2011

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.


Jealousy along with love, hate, and joy are emotions that affect us all. Sometimes even we adults struggle with them, but when experienced by the immature mind and shared with others of the same age group these feelings can even be dangerous.


Jill Adams a fourth grade school girl had all the ingredients to have her school mates become jealous of her. She had the face and body of a child model, beautiful long black hair, blue eyes, a marvelous firm body and she was just simply beautiful to look at. But she had one other ingredient and that was her innocence the icing on top of the cake. Jill's friends called her a prude and made fun of her, even when they talked about sex and told tall tales about their sexual encounters Jill would shrug her shoulders and say she still hadn't had an actual date with a boy, her only experiences would be at parties playing "spin the bottle", this made her girl friends bend over with laughter. They continued to tease her and this made poor Jill quite unhappy, and because the other girls were jealous of her they simply did not invite her to any of their parties, the parties where the older boys and girls came. The result was that little nine year old Jill was lonely and her loneliness was compounded by the absence of her parents Janet and Jack Adams business people who often left her alone in the big house when they left for business related matters. The big empty house did not go unnoticed by some of the older girls, and when they found it hard to find a private party house they approached Jill's school mates and asked them to speak to Jill about having their parties there.

They even told her friends how to do it, they said just don't ask her straight out soften her up and then ask her, and so Joyce and Jane began to hang out with Jill. They spent some time with her in the big house when her parents left, they even began showing her porn magazines and a porn video the older girls gave them as part of the softening up process. But true to her nature pure minded little Jill could only ask prudish questions, like what makes their willies get big and hard like that, pointing to the pictures in the magazine and at the TV screen. So both Joyce and Jane as so often before had to explain about sex to her, only this time they didn't laugh they couldn't laugh after all they were on a mission. It took nearly two weeks of this subterfuge before they finally asked if they could use her house for parties, Jill did not hesitate one moment she simply said no she said her parents wouldn't approve of any parties in their house. Both Joyce and Jane were angry but did not give up after all they were sent by the older girls and the older girls had great influence over the young kids in school. They even had jackets with " Nighthawks " written on the back, sort of like a club or maybe even a gang. After each failure both Joyce and Jane were told to keep asking, seems the Nighthawks were getting desperate for a party house. Frustration began to set in when week after week went by with no signs of Jill relenting.

The Plan

Finally at one of the meetings between Joyce and Jane and the Nighthawks a plan was developed. They would get some of the older boys, boys mostly in their mid teens just like the Nighthawks to begin confronting little Jill when she was walking home from school alone and vulnerable. The 15 and 16 year old boys would grab Jill and hike her short little school girl skirt way up and grab her panty covered butt and squeeze it, they would talk dirty to her and ask her if she wanted to learn how to get laid. Jill naturally would scream and cry and run away, when she met Joyce and Jane she would tell them what happened to her, she couldn't help but cry even when she relayed the story to them. Both her ten year old school mates were well rehearsed and simply pretended to be shocked. They told her it was probably just an isolated incident and that she should continue walking home the usually way. But Jill was frightened, afraid of every shadow or noise she heard, having no real choice she continued along the same path home her friends suggested to her.

After nearly two weeks of no further incident little Jill began to think that both Joyce and Jane were right, unfortunately for her she was wrong. One block away from her house Jill approached the old Simpson house long since abandoned after the owners couldn't keep up the mortgage payments and the bank took it over. Now with windows boarded up and the lawn a mess Jill began passing in front, as she crossed in front of the alley she heard a noise and turned to see what or where it came from. It was at that point she was grabbed from behind, a rough hand placed over her mouth and other hands grabbing her around her waist she was being dragged into the alley, her heart beating so fast she thought she would die. She found herself dragged to the back of the old Simpson house and then dragged into the house itself through a forced open back door. she squirmed and kicked and struggled with her abductors but she was no match against their strength and all she could do was cry.

When she was finally let go and could see who it was her heart sank once again. The boys who confronted her a few weeks ago the boys who hiked her school girl skirt way up and squeezed her panty covered little ass cheeks were the same ones who now had her alone in the abandoned house. Only this time there were four of them not just those two mean boys from before, enough light shown through the boarded up windows for the boys to see her clearly and for her to see them.

Ok honey now be a nice girl and show my friends how pretty your panties look, you know we told them how sexy they look and what a great little ass you have. Jill's mouth was dry, she opened her mouth but just couldn't formulate any words, so she cried. Oh come on now sweet thing just hike up your skirt so we can all get a look. I told my friends you pretty enough to be a model. now come on pose for us in your panties. Her breathing was rapid and her pulse was racing like a train. You know little girl we're going to tell all our friends how sexy you are and I'm sure they will be looking for you coming home from school wont that be nice? Jill finally was able to say please please please let me go please I don't want to pose for you in my panties and once again broke down and cried.

The boys now began talking dirty saying we told you more than once to show us your panties so now we'll just do it ourselves you little cunt and they grabbed her and began hiking her skirt way up, hands began feeling her up, hands on her button down blouse pressing against her budding nearly flat boobs fingers sliding up the inside of her naked thighs her ass cheeks being pinched.

Aiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh nooooooooooo nooooooooooo please stop please please please let me go her entire body trembling and shaking tears rolling down her pretty cheeks. Well one of them asked her are you going to pose for us now or do you want some fingers crawling up and under those sexy panties?

Jill with no options but to do as they demanded nodded her head, the boys moved away from her and said ok now lets see you pick up your skirt and open your legs for us. With tears running down her face and with trembling hands Jill held her skirt up and opened her legs. The boys whistled and cheered and clapped their hands. Next she was told to bend way over and touch her toes and wiggle her ass. She did as she was told only this time there was no whistling or clapping or cheering, she stood stooped over with her skirt covering her head and her panties very exposed and her legs spread, she stood there for the longest time then finally turned her head so she could find out why the boys weren't saying anything to her. She was shocked when she found that there were no boys there anymore she was alone in the house, they simply left after humiliating her. she collapsed on the floor and cried herself to sleep.

When she finally awoke she ran out of the house using the same broken back door that she was led into. For the next two days she called in sick to her school and stayed home in the big house all by herself. When she returned to school she was as nervous as a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs. She didn't know how she made it to the weekend, her walk home was a thing out of a horror movie, hearing noises she perceived to be another attack and seeing shadows everywhere that looked like more attackers. It was only after the middle of the following week that she bumped into her friends Joyce and Jane. To Jill it was merely by chance that they met when actually it was a planned event. Both Joyce and Jane were told by the Nighthawks to stay away leaving Jill to herself with her memories haunting her. When at last she got together with them at her house and told them of her horrible ordeal, the two girls on instruction by the Nighthawks tried to comfort her.

The Initiation Of Jill, Chapter 1

Sobbing and crying and trembling, little Jill was told by Joyce and Jill that they had a way to protect her. After wiping the tears from her eyes she began to listen as her two ten year old school mates began to explain to her what it was that she needed to do. Unknown to Jill the requirements laid out before her were nothing more than a plot devised by members of the girls club know as the Nighthawks for the duel purpose of punishing the pretty little prude as well as getting her nice big house for their parties. Jill was led by her two friends to the club house and met the older girls, at first she was stunned and frightened for the older girls wore hoods covering their faces, black hoods with openings for their eyes and mouths. She was led to the center of a circle surrounded by the other hooded members, fear once again made her tremble and she turned to seek out both Joyce and Jane but they were no where to be seen.

Then the one who led her to the center of the circle said in a loud voice I AM Carla you will address me as Miss Carla, in a shaky voice Jill nodded and said yes Miss Carla. Carla walked over and said lift your little skirt all the way up for us and then turn slowly around. Jill became unsettled, why did they want her to pick her skirt up? she froze and did nothing. Carla put her arm around her shoulders and said don't be afraid Jill we need to see your panties and how they look on you, we have reasons for what we ask of you, but if you choose not to comply with our requests you can leave us and return home. At first Jill thought that was exactly what she should do, but then those images of the bad boys molesting her body with their hands came back to her. Jill relented and said please my friends said you would help and protect me if I joined your club, I really really need to do that, ok I'll do what you asked Miss Carla and without further hesitation she reached down and hoisted the hem of her little skirt way up revealing her little panties then slowly turned all the way around.

Jill began to hear sounds of approval coming from the hooded members encircling her, Carla said now bend all the way over Jill, your doing just fine.

Jill now very uncomfortable did as she was asked and bent her self over touching her shoes with her fingers. again the sounds of approval from the others and again the praise from Carla, ok Jill you can stand straight now and let your skirt fall back down. Happy that was over Jill let her skirt return to normal and stood up once again facing the circle of hooded members. We are in agreement that you seem to have a body that would be on display as a model did you ever do any modeling? Jill looked surprised and a bit flattered at the remark then said no Miss Carla I have never done that. Jill could not tell that under those black hoods the faces of the members were all smiling. Smiling because they knew that now their plan was about to unfold. Carla said Jill we think you could do some very special modeling and if you want to join our club we need to have you pass the initiation process, it is a requirement for all new members and the initiation changes from member to member. Yours will be to do panty modeling. Panty Modeling? Jill repeated, yes said Carla we will send you out to a place and you will model panties.

The Initiation Of Jill, Chapter 2

The following morning, Saturday morning to be exact, Little Jill was sent out wearing the tiniest little skirt the Nighthawks could find. They gave her a case filled with several pairs of the sexiest panties the older girls could muster. They pointed her in the direction of the only remaining house on a dead end street, the house owned and occupied by Mr. Victor Callous, a man known very well by the older girls, a man soon to be known by the unsuspecting poor little girl. The Nighthawks told Jill knock on the door, a man will open it and when he does you are to say Oh sir please may I show you my panties and then you will model your panties for him. If you do as we tell you then you will pass the initiation and we will allow you to become a member.

What an uncomfortable feeling she had, a feeling of dread but she continued on towards the solitary house she was shown. Those thoughts of loneliness she had been experiencing and the more recent abuse by those bad boys kept her resolve up, she even began to remember both her parents scolding and then spanking her when she continued to stay inside while the other school girls where out playing, she tried telling them that they always teased her and called her names but that didn't help. Both Janet and Jack Adams would not allow her to hide away in the big house. How could she tell them that it was their fault, all their efforts to teach her about what bad men liked to do to little girls had a great effect on her. It more than likely molded her into being the little prude the other children called her.

All these things that filled her head nearly caused her to pass the dead end street which was her destination. But there it was the house she was sent to it lay towards the end of the block, the dead end block. Her heart pounded in her chest as she approached the front door, she placed her little finger on the bell, BUZZ! BUZZ! BUZZ! no answer she closed the fingers of her right hand into a fist and banged on the door, KNOCK! KNOCK! KNOCK! still no answer, she was about to turn away disappointed yet relieved in a way when suddenly the door opened. Victor Callous the fifty five year old pedophile known to the Nighthawks stood in the threshold of his doorway looking down at the pretty little girl wearing that unbelievably short skirt and holding a small case in her hand.

It was easy to see the child was frightened she looked up at him clearing her throat said Oh please Mister may I show you my panties? Victors cock which was flaccid when he opened the door suddenly began to swell and tent his pants. This was not the first time a young girl was sent to him, he sensed it was the work once again of those Nighthawk girls. He had met with them on occasion and had an agreement with them to let them use his house for their sex parties in exchange for him initiating one of the new girls into their gang or club as they referred to it. But it was several months since a new girl was sent, and at the last meeting he was told that his house was simply too small for their purposes, there wasn't enough separate rooms for privacy. But the girls promised to send a new girl from time to time depending on their need of his special initiation process.

Victor looked passed little Jill and seeing no other people on his dead end block said well child just don't stand there come inside. Tightly grasping her small sample case little Jill on shaky legs entered the grey haired mans house

The Initiation Of Jill, Chapter 3

The front door slammed shut and Jill turned to see the man lock it, what's your name girl? she looked up at him and said with a shaky voice my name is Jill mister, he pointed to the den and said well ok Jill you can show me your panties right there in the den. Jill's heart pounded so hard it felt like it would explode in her chest. How could she do this? how could she even think of doing such a thing? to show an adult man her own panties? it was a thing she would get a severe spanking for even thinking about it. The only adults to see her panties were the doctor and her mommy and daddy and then it was only to be examined or to get a hard spanking. She hadn't been given a bath for three years when she was just six years old. Well what are you waiting for girlie? I'm not going to just sit here all day waiting for you to do what you said you wanted to do. Victor Callous sounded angry and it frightened little Jill. She laid her sample case down on a nearby table and clicked it open then reached in and pulled out a sexy little yellow bikini type panty with lace around the edges, she held it up and said do you like it sir? Victor said I don't know if I do or I don't I want you to put it on and show me how it looks on you.

Jill stood there aghast at the suggestion that she was to model the panties, even though down deep she knew that is exactly what the Nighthawks wanted her to do. she knew if she was to ever pass the initiation she would have to do what this man wanted her to do and that thought nearly drove her mad with fear. The pretty black haired blue eyed beauty said in a shaky voice sir where can I change? Victor licked his lips and said right here in front of me. Torn between her prudish ways and the absolute need for protection against assault that could only be obtained by passing the initiation process and joining the Nighthawks little Jill was in a quandary she stood there motionless.

Victors cock was now throbbing within the confines of his pants, I think you need me to help you along little girl maybe a good old fashioned spanking will help you model those sexy panties for me. Still she stood there motionless but not for long, Victor reached out and grabbed her around her waist and pulled her across his lap as he sat on his armless straight back chair. A quick tug on the hem of her tiny little skirt had it hoisted up to her hips, she was wearing a white cotton bikini type pair of panties the type most Catholic school girls are known to wear on those pornographic sites so common these days. Finding herself face down over the strange mans lap and her skirt way up to her hips showing her panties little Jill yelped and cried out loud. Oh please no don't spank me mister your not my daddy please please don't spank me please. But Victor was not a merciful man nor a patient man and he had the child alone in his house and he had a mission to complete, the child's initiation was the agreement.

He lifted his hand high above his head and then brought it down swiftly and cruelly aiming at the crack that separated both hemispheres of her delightfully round firm little ass. WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! the first blow stung like a bee, the second and third caused Jill to squirm on the mans lap she tried reaching behind herself to cover her ass from more blows, but this only angered Victor all the more and he said keep your hands away from that delicious little ass of yours Jill or the next blows will land on naked skin after I yank those pretty little panties down and off, now do you want me to do that? tears running down her cheeks sobbing she said no sir please don't do that please I'm only nine years old and only my mommy and daddy ever spanks me. Victors hand massaging her panty covered ass cheeks said well then are you going to be a good girl and show me how you look in all those sexy panties? she nodded her head and Victor slid her off his lap.

Jill stood there looking at the old man and asked once again if she could use another room to change into the samples she carried in the case. Victor grabbed her by her hips and pulled her close to his knees then as she stood before him he reached under her short little skirt and slid his right hand all the way up between her legs and grabbed for her panty covered little girl pussy, he squeezed it and said now you listen to me Jill if you don't do exactly what I tell you without any further bull shit I will do lots of nasty things to this little cuny of yours now take your skirt off then slide those panties off and begin to pose for me in those sexy panties you have in that case of yours.

She had run out of options there was no other way to prevent this strange old man from seeing her naked and maybe even doing to her what her mommy and daddy warned her about. Unable to stop the flow of tears running down her cheeks she began to take her skirt off. But was stopped once it was removed. Now Jill I only want you to pose for me wearing panties and nothing else so take off your blouse and undershirt then I'll tell you what I want you to do next. Oh mister please don't make me do that please they told me to show you my panties the panties in this case nobody told me to do that other thing oh please don't make me get naked. Victor still had his hand between her legs and was squeezing her pussy through the cotton material of her skimpy white panties. he pinched her covered pussy and as she screamed he said you're a very stubborn little girl, and your stubbornness is going to get you another spanking only this time I'm going to give it to you without your panties covering your little ass. once again he pulled her over his lap and across his knees, Jill screamed and begged and cried but all to no avail as she felt him slide her panties down and over her shoes. This time the blows to her delicate ass cheeks were much harder WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! WHACK!, Jill screamed as the blows began to redden the skin covering her ass cheeks.

The Initiation Of Jill, Chapter 4

When satisfied that her ass cheeks were suitably reddened, Victor spit on the long middle finger of his right hand and began to poke the sobbing little nine year old girls rosebud opening. Jill screamed WHAT ARE YOU DOING? NO NO STOP PLEASE NO DON'T DO THAT YOU'RE HURTING ME PLEASE OH PLEASE IT HURTS she cried and began to twist her body and slide off his lap. Victor said this is your last chance Jill I'm warning you....either you do exactly what I tell you and do it immediately or I'm going to begin to do really bad torture things to you and I mean bad sex torture, now do you want me to do all those naughty things to you? Jill had managed to slide off his lap and now lay on her side on the floor at his feet breathing rapidly with reddened eyes swollen a bit from all the crying she looked up at him and said please Mr. Victor don't hurt me anymore I'll do what you want she cried her eyes out but removed her blouse and then lifted the cotton undershirt over her head and off her body. Victor licked his lips at the sight of her tiny little tits and the protuberance that formed the nub of her nipples. he reached his fingers out and grabbed both her tiny nipples and pinched them as he laughed sadistically, Jill screamed but was unable to pry his fingers off. she continued to scream until Victor released them and said now stand up.

She stood before him waiting for his direction, Victor reached for the box of tissues on the small stand next to the chair and plucking a few out handed them to her, wipe your eyes and blow your nose Jill you look simply awful.

she did just that and when finished discarded the spent tissues in the little waste can at the side of the table. she stood before him wearing only the original pair of white cotton bikini panties the Nighthawks had dressed her in and her black pattern leather shoes and white socks. Take your shoes and socks off I want you posing in nothing but sexy panties. Without argument she did as she was told and removed her shoes and socks. Victor stood up from the chair and began to walk around her slowly, he made a few sucking sounds and some sounds of approval that Jill remembered from those pornographic videos both her ten year old school mates Joyce and Jane showed her in her big house, but that was then and this was now, it just wasn't the same to her, then she was prudishly shocked but now she was simply frightened and her body reacted by trembling as the old man completed his inspection tour of her body.

Victor moved away from her and she watched him as he opened the door to a large closet, he began taking camera tripods and video cameras out and bringing them to where she stood, next came the flood lights there were several of them as well. He moved the lightening and cameras so that they covered the entire room. Victor meticulously arranged them so that every conceivable angle would come into view. Pleased at himself for the results he walked back to little Jill, looking at her standing their shivering from the slight chill in the room but more so from her deep fear of this man and his intentions. Now Jill stand with your legs open just a bit and put your both hands behind your head and stick your chest way out and smile into the cameras. The poor child mumbled something that sounded like a prayer she closed her eyes and put both her hands behind her head and opened her legs just as he directed her to do and pushed her little chest out.

Victor pressed the button on the remote control apparatus that powered all the cameras and the lights, suddenly the lights went off and the red lights on the cameras went off as well. He walked over to Jill and slapped her across both her tiny little tits with the palm of his right hand SLAP! he brought his hand back the other way striking her this time with the back of his hand, the knuckles this time doing the dirty work instead of the palm SLAP! DID I TELL YOU TO CLOSE YOUR EYES? HUH? WELL DID I? again the slaps back and forth SLAP! SLAP! .....OUCH! OH! OUCH! she screamed and bending over she covered her two tits with her hands and cried and cried through the tears she said please oh please I never did this before please I'm sorry I wont close my eyes again I promise she sniffled and sobbed.

very well get set and pose like I told you and don't forget to smile at the cameras. Jill took a few more tissues and wiped her eyes and blew her nose again then discarded the spent tissues as before. She stood up facing the cameras once again and put both her hands behind her head and stuck her chest out, only this time she kept her eyes open and tried to bravely smile at the cameras. Victor pressed the on button of the remote control apparatus And the flood lights shone brightly throughout the small room, the red lights went on again and the video cameras were again operating. Victor walked from side to side keeping himself out of the cameras lens, ok good so far now turn around and bend all the way over and grab your ankles and hold onto them. She did as she was instructed to do and she heard him saying yes! yes! yes! ok ok good now stand up he clicked the off button and as before the lights and cameras went off.

Victor said now come here Jill, she stood back up letting her hands fall away from her ankles she hesitantly walked over to where he stood and stopped before him. He said Jill each time you do as your told I will reward you, I'm really not a bad man. For your reward I will allow you to put your arms around my neck and kiss me. Jill looked stunned she tried to protest but thought better of it instead she said but Mr. Victor I never even kissed any boys in school. Victor smiled and said oh come now I'm sure you played spin the bottle with little boys every child played spin the bottle. Jill looked into his face, she said but I was only four or five years old when we played spin the bottle. Victor said well your older now aren't you? and its time you learned how to kiss now come over here and take you're reward unless you want to accept the punishment instead. Jill shook her head from side to side and put both her arms around Mr. Victors neck she pressed her lips against his. his hands on her hips he pulled her away and laughed, Poor Jill became embarrassed as he laughed at her. See I told you I didn't know how to kiss. Victor said you kiss like the child you really are but I'm going to show you how to kiss like the big girls kiss, now put your arms around my neck again and this time open your mouth as you press your lips against mine. Jill not wanting to become embarrassed again did as the old man directed and soon had her mouth pressed against his lips. When she felt the old mans tongue dart inside her mouth and wiggle around she frantically pulled away from him.

Victors anger once again came to the surface and he grabbed a handful of her long black hair and pulled her back towards himself. He grabbed both her little hands and held them behind her back then using his free hand began to slap her tiny tits and those tiny nipple nubs SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! , OUCH! OH OUCH OUCH OUCH OH OH OH no more please no more Oh! please mister please stop I'm sorry I never did kissing like that before please I'll try again please stop the pain is terrible please please mister please stop. Victor said very well Jill but I'm losing patience with you. This time when his tongue slid into her mouth she remained standing with her body pressed tightly against his, but she experienced more than just his tongue wiggling inside her mouth his hands became active and began groping her sore tits and those little protuberances that stuck out from the center of her darkened areola his fingers poked at them pushing them in and then grabbing them and pulling them out. Jill's first instinct was to break away from him but she knew from the pain in her chest and over her ass cheeks that if she angered him she would suffer.

He continued to work both nipples moving them from side to side and pushing them in and pulling them out sort of stretching them and then letting them bounce back only to repeat the action over again.

His tongue continued to wiggle against her own tongue moving in little circles then moving from side to side again with her nipples being played with and her tongue being stimulated by his tongue, she began to feel sort of funny inside her body a feeling she never experienced before and could not compare with any similar feelings. While she struggled with these feelings she suddenly began to feel Mr. victors free hand moving under the elastic waist band of her tiny little cotton panties and again she wanted to pull away but he held onto her tightly. His tongue inside her mouth the fingers of his left hand massaging and playing with her tiny nipples and now this, the fingers of his right hand sliding under her panties and grabbing her cuny those fingers began rubbing her there but then when one of his fingers began forcing itself past her opening and driving into her opening she simply could not stand it any longer and pulled herself from his embrace. NO! NO! NO! YOU ARE A BAD MAN MY MOMMY AND MY DADDY TOLD ME NEVER TO LET ANYBODY PUT THERE FINGERS INSIDE ME.

The Initiation Of Jill, Chapter 5

Victor Callous was so close to reaching his goal, the agreement had been for him to initiate each child according to the wishes of those who choose him. This time it was the Nighthawks, and his task was to not only sexually abuse her but to do it in such a manner that would force her to go completely against all her preconceived notions of how dirty sex was when a child was set upon without her consent. He would not allow this stubborn child to block the completion of his task. YOUR MOMMY AND DADDY AREN'T HERE JILL BUT I AM, AND I WARNED YOU ABOUT YOUR BEHAVIOR DIDN'T I? Jill backed all the way to the far wall, she stood trembling in only her skimpy little panties trembling and sobbing as she said what you going to do to me mister? Victor moved quickly towards her and grabbed her with one arm around her back the other under her knees, he lifted her up in his arms and carried her back to where the cameras and lighting were focused on. He set her down on her feet then pressed a button on the wall control and two vertical chains began to descend from the ceiling they came down to a point just above the floor. Victor grabbed Jill and brought her to the floor she could only stare at him and the chains, but when he began to shackle her ankles to the ends of both chains, she tried to twist her body away shouting STOP! STOP! PLEASE STOP! WHAT ARE YOU DOING? LET ME GO PLEASE LET ME GO! But Victor only continued until both her ankles were now secured to the ends of the hanging chains, this accomplished he once again went to the wall control and pressed another button which caused the two vertical chains to rise slowly back towards the ceiling, as they rose they began to pull little Jill up by her feet

He kept the chains rising until Jill was hanging upside down with her hands barely touching the floor. The two vertical chains were spaced 24 inches apart which had the effect of keeping the child's legs spread wide. By now Jill was screaming and calling for her mommy and daddy to save her, Victor was pleased at her fear and discomfort and was now prepared to move her punishment to a higher level. He grabbed his favorite cat-o-nine tails flogger and began to strike her between her legs the blows landing on her panty covered Mons, each of the nine thin leather strips causing great pain as they stung her little pussy, SWOOSH! SWOOSH! SWOOSH! SWOOSH! SWOOSH! Aiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Aiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Aiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Ooooooooooooooooooo Oooooo Oooooo Ooooooo NO MORE NO MORE PLEASE PLEASE NO MORE I'll be good mister Victor I promise I'll be good please let me down it hurts so much please stop please!

Victor set the flogger aside and rubbed her little flogged pussy. Are you going to accept your reward or will you be a naughty little girl and force me to punish you even harder? Jill sobbing tears continuing to run from her eyes begged him to let her down promising to be a good girl and let him continue with her reward. Once released from the chains and told to put her arms once again around his neck Jill accommodated him and did as told. Victor slid his tongue back inside her mouth and continued what he called " kissing like the big girls kiss" Jill's body shivered and her pulse raced as the strange kissing continued, she breathed heavy once she felt his fingers at the elastic band of her panties again. she sobbed again when he slid both his hands under her panties and began to rub her little cuny and her bottom she winced when his fingers poked her pussy and ass holes, but stood her ground this time fearing more horrible punishments. Finally Victor broke the kiss and withdrew his fingers, now that wasn't so terrible was it? Jill only nodded her head, as Victor laughed. Now my child show me some of those sexy panties you have in the case. Jill on shaky legs retrieved her sample case and showed him several pairs of little girl panties. He looked at all of them holding them up to the cameras then finally settling on one particular one. It was a delightful pale blue pair of bikini panties with little teddy bears printed on them. He licked his lips and said this one Jill I want you to model this one for me. Jill held them up and noticed that they were even smaller than the ones she was currently wearing.

She looked into his mean eyes and knew he would not allow her to use the bathroom to change into them, so with shaky hands she slipped out of her own panties and slid the skimpy little blue ones on. She had to tug them up over her little ass because they were so tight. But once she had them on she said is it ok mister Victor? he walked around her touching her delightful ass cheeks and rubbing her between her legs causing her to blush from embarrassment. Now spread your legs and smile at the cameras Jill, she did as told this time, good girl now bend over and hold onto your ankles and try to wiggle your little ass at the cameras. How much more would she be able to stand of this terrible initiation she wondered. But she would soon find out, for satisfied with her posing he said ok that was very nice now take them off and come sit on my lap. Jill thought she would die, take them off and be naked and sit on that old mans lap while being naked? Do I have to mister Victor do I? I did what you asked me to cant I go home now please?. Victor said oh my no you need to receive your reward come now child be a good little girl and take those panties off and come sit on my lap.

The Initiation Of Jill, Chapter 6

Jill thought about all the pain she received from this cruel man and didn't want any more so she acquiesced and slid her panties down and off her feet then approached him as he sat on that armless straight back chair. Her entire body trembled as she stood naked before him, but her nakedness didn't compare to his nakedness. She had never seen a naked man for real before not even her own daddy. He licked his lips and said come sit on my lap now child facing me, put your legs around my hips and move your little ass close to my Willie. She slid down on the floor and cried her eyes out, Victor said come now child its time to take your reward. But Jill could not stop crying, so Victor reached down and yanked her up off the floor and pulled her onto his lap forcing her legs to spread on either side of his hips. He shoved his tongue inside her mouth again and began massaging her little cuny and bottom holes with his fingers. then he reached to the small table next to the chair and grabbed the KY jelly that sat on top. He lubricated not only his big phallus but the long middle finger of his right hand. With the finger lubricated he began to finger both her pussy and her tiny little butt hole working the finger in and out many times forcing the KY down inside both holes. Jill was near collapsing from the fear of what he was doing to her and what else he would soon be doing to her.

She did not have long to wait, for soon she began to feel Mr. Victors big fat Willie being forced inside her pussy. Oh! it hurts please your thingy is too big its hurting me please please take it out, But knowing any more resistance on her part would only result in another beating and she could not stand any more torture, so she bit her lip and suffered as the old mans big fat Willie drove past her little pussy lips and sunk deeper within the confines of her tiny vaginal opening. Oooooooooooooooo Aiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Ooooooo Ooooooo its hurting so much. Victor Callous knew only to well her pain, for his big hard phallus had just broken the thin membrane of her hymen, just as it did to so many other little girls sent to him for their initiation.

He rocked her back and forth then grabbed her ass cheeks with both his hands and hoisted her up a bit then dropped her down up and down as she was impaled on his big hard cock. Jill continued her screaming and crying and even begging but nothing she said or did would end her ordeal. But then through it all, that strange feeling returned to her, almost the same feeling she experience earlier when Victor stuck his tongue inside her mouth and wiggled it around against her own tongue, and rubbed her little nipples. This time however, that feeling seemed more intense, she could not explain it earlier and she still could not explain it now. She had nothing to compare it with then and nothing to compare it with now. Earlier the feeling subsided after a bit, not this time though for now the feeling seemed to be mounting and as the grey haired man drove his big Willie in and out faster and faster and as he moaned his pleasure little Jill's body soon began to betray her, she involuntarily began to moan and expel hot breath as her breathing became more rapid she even felt a bit dizzy. His hands moved from squeezing her tender ass cheeks back up to her tiny little sensitive nipples, he rubbed them till they became erect then moved his head against her chest opened his mouth and darted his tongue out to lick and lap at them, but that wasn't enough for him.

He had a mission to convert this little sexy child from the prude to a fear driven sexual animal. He moved the fingers of his right hand to where his cock was raping her, then felt for her little clitoris and began to stimulate it from inside its hooded protection to just peeking out and vulnerable to stimulation. He rubbed and rubbed. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh Ooooooooooooooooooooooo Uwwwwwwwwwwe little Jill could not control nor stop the ever mounting arousal that seemed to emanate from deep within her little cuny hole and flow up to her titties and her nipples and shoot around to her back up her spine across her shoulders and neck and made her head rock back and her shoulders lift up. With the help of Victor Callouses orgasmic release and the flow of his hot cum shooting inside her pussy, Little Jill experienced her very first orgasm. The explosion of that release made her scream Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Aiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii. she felt wet between her legs not only from the thick white stuff seeping out of her pussy, but also from her own juices. After being allowed to rest, Victor made her model the rest of the sample panties. each time the poses became more and more revealing. On particular set showed her naked except for a very sexy pair of brown bikini panties that she had pulled down in the back revealing nearly three quarters of her lovely ass cheeks, she was told to put her index finger in her mouth and turn sideways to peek at the camera and smile, the pose was similar to that old Coppertone add with the little girl tugging at the back of her bathing suit. Another pose had her wearing a pair of black panties that were pulled down around her knees and biting her lip as though she was suddenly caught. The last pose had her wearing a red and white poker dot pair of panties, in this pose she was to lay across his lap with the panties pulled down around her ankles she was to look at the camera and just act natural, what she didn't know was that Victor Callous held a large spanking paddle with holes in the paddle end. when he lifted it and brought it thundering down striking her directly over both ass cheeks he got the picture he wanted. She screamed Ooooooooooooooooooooooooo Aiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.

Victor said that was very good Jill and now for your reward come here my dear, Jill didn't know if the rewards were better or worse than the punishments. She wondered of she would experience once again the feeling that overcame her for her last so called reward. But as before she knew to resist only meant more suffering so she approached him and stood before him. Victor smiled sadistically once again and pulled a large barrel type piece of equipment over to the center of the room directly in camera view. Jill was frightened as she looked at the barrel, why did it have those leather cuffs on each side of it, she thought to herself. The answer would come as so many times before and her fears would soon be realized. Victor pulled her over to the barrel and laid her over it, she said Oh please! please! don't make it hurt, and the flood gates opened and the waterfall of tears flowed again as it had so often before. He secured her wrists to the leather shackles on the one side then with her ass stuck up in the air laying over the barrel he yanked her panties down and off her feet. He spread her legs wide apart and secured both her ankles to the leather bindings on the opposite side of the barrel. He licked his lips and said here comes your reward my child and he shoved KY jelly into her tight little anal opening, she screamed Oooooooooooooo Aiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii but he continued to ram his lubed up finger in and out of her tiny asshole stretching the sphincter muscle that held her rosebud opening tightly shut. After working the one finger in and out he shoved another finger in to join and widen her opening, when satisfied he would be able to enter her with his hardened cock he simply stood behind her leaning into the barrel, and sodomized the poor child.

The Shock And Enlightenment

For the remainder of that afternoon, pretty little Jill was raped vaginally, orally, and when threatened with more torture, even orally. Victor needed every hour of that day to build up enough stamina for him to become satisfied that the child had finally passed her initiation. By then the poor child could hardly stand, the pain and exhaustion had taken its toll on her. Adding to the exhaustion were those explosions of feeling she had never experienced before and when they occurred each time she was sexually attacked they simply drained her energy.

She lay naked on the floor her eyes shut, Victor knelt down and lifted her in his arms and carried her to what he referred to as "the recovery room" inside was a bathroom and a bed and little else, he laid her on the bed and left.

She began to dream, but the dreams were confused and unpleasant. She dreamt she was being spanked by both mommy and daddy and she cried and cried but they spanked her harder and harder, they scolded her for coming home from school ten minutes late, they scolded her for wearing her skirt to short even though mommy picked the skirt for her to wear, they scolded her for talking to a strange man, even though she knew she would never do such a thing, and with each scolding came a hard spanking. She began to feel the mattress sinking on both sides of her as though someone were sitting on each side of the bed, she felt herself being shaken and rocked back and forth and hands moving over her nakedness, then the voices of her mommy and daddy saying wake up sweetheart its over its all over now.

She blinked her eyes open and when she saw her own mommy and daddy sitting on the side of the bed stroking her naked body she nearly died of embarrassment and shock. She immediately tried to cover herself with her hands but both mommy and daddy pulled her hands away from her body. Mommy said let daddy and me see your body dear. But Jill said MOMMY! DADDY! that bad man did bad things to me. Both Janet and Jack Adams said yes darling we know we saw what he did and we are very happy and proud of you. We saw everything through the video cameras, Jack began to examine Jill's little titties and her little pussy, but Jill squirmed and tried to turn on her side away from his probing fingers. Janet held onto her and said now be a good little girl and let us see everything Mr. Victor did to you while we are next to you. Jill began to cry and both Janet and Jack Adams smiled, yes darling go ahead and cry we really love it when you cry so hard.

Jill did just that, she cried and cried turning her body over so that she lay face down on the bed. But that did not stop the embarrassing examination by her own mother and father. DADDY STOP PLEASE DON'T... but Jack only smiled and ran his fingers between the backs of her inner thighs and over her butt cheeks, he turned to his wife and said I really think we should give Victor callous a reward don't you agree? just look at her body dear, see there are really no permanent damages. I just love the way he was Able to use that flogger on her and not even cut that deeply into her skin see and he ran his fingers over her ass cheeks. Janet said yes dear I certainly agree and her little nipples certainly got a good going over by him. I noticed some bruising along her little pussy but nothing really damaging.

It took Jill nearly two hours of explanations to finally come to the understanding that everything she had experienced within the last 24 hours was arranged by her own parents. They even explained her childhood experiences to her, the ones she thought were caused by uncaring and jealous friends were really the result of careful planning by both her mommy and daddy. Her fear of men, her own prudish behavior, her lack of sexual awareness and interest, her overwhelming innocence were all by design. After they had finished explaining her childhood to her, they then began to explain their motives, it was their motives that caused her the most pain, How could she come to terms with the fact than both mommy and daddy were makers of child sex movies and had a clientele of paying customers along with a studio of little girl actresses.

The worst part of it all was hearing that mommy and daddy were preparing her for use by their paying customers. The final insult came when she heard them call Victor Callous back into the recovery room and tell him that their daughter needed a good bath to clean all his cum from her pussy and asshole and that they had an appointment with people back at their big house and for him to bathe her thoroughly. When she tried to resist both Janet and Jack Adams warned her to behave and listen to Victor or else he would have to punish her.

Victor took his time bathing her, she naturally cried a lot but by now he was used to it, and told her he wasn't going to torture her anymore because she had passed the initiation and then told her that she better get used to being partially and completely naked around many men. After he had bathed and dressed her he put her into his car and drove her home.

For Mr. Jack Adams and his wife Janet the entire experience was an overwhelming success. For now they were able to move their studio directly into the big house. As for Carla and the rest of the Nighthawks for their part in Jill's initiation they had finally gotten their big party house with all those private rooms now used for sex and drugs. For Jill's school mates Joyce and Jane as a reward for their arranging the meeting with Carla and the Nighthawks, they were both given paid rolls in a few child porn films. For Victor Callous it was business as usual, and he remained the one person the Nighthawks relied upon for initiating other little girls. None, quite as pretty nor quite as special as Jill Adams. But what of Jill? What would become of her?

Nearly a month later one of Jack and Janet's paid customers was watching the raised stage in their very large display studio. His eyes were focused on a small black haired girl with blue eyes and a fantastically arousing little body, she was completely naked her wrists and ankles were bound to two upright columns twenty four inches apart from each other. A naked man was standing behind the child whipping her with a flogger, his enormous cock would bang into her whipped ass from time to time as he dry humped her from behind. Another naked man stood off to the side not to block the view of those customers who had come for the special show that night. That man was pinching the child's nipples, he too had a large cock and as the one behind her did he also would step in and hump her. The child was screaming her lungs out and the tears never stopped.

Jill's mother Janet was standing next to the hungry eyed customer, and said as she looked between his legs and saw his cock tenting his shorts, you like what you see don't you? The man said that kids really really hot, I been watching some of the other girls and its just not the same. Janet smiled and said that's because the tears and the screaming are all real, she's not acting I know because she's my daughter. Her father and I raised her to be a cry baby and now she has become a great cry baby and we're really proud of her. You want to get up on stage with her? The man said you bet. Janet raised her hand and one of her staff came over. She said to the customer its going to cost a bit more than your used to paying. The man reached into his pocket and pulled out a wad of bills saying for that kid I'd pay a kings ransom. He was led to the raised stage and took his place on the waiting line.

During the rest of that evening little Jill suffered many painful bruises and was raped and sodomized by at least eight men, on many of those occasions she enjoyed multi orgasms. So for Jill the result of her Initiation was that she would never again be lonely nor would any school girl ever dare to tease her, for after all she had become the center of attraction.

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Loved how the child had her pussy and nipples abused and molested. Please more of the same. Spank and torture her vagina and anus while her mommy and daddy are filming everything for their customers.


I think it would be better if they started by forcing the little cunt to suck cock and swallow cum. The torture is nice, but could be more graphic. Crying little girls turn me on and always get me hard, so that part was nice. Would have liked to see her dad rape her in the pussy and asshole.


One word....WOW!


Nice hot story Thank you for sharing.


very cute, but in my opinion foreplay is too short and too soft. :)

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