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by Zyn


Published: 27-Feb-2012

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

"I do love you, darling so very much," said Gillian as her husband zipped up her dress for her. It was a tight fitting little black satin dress - a dress so tight that Don Warren was having trouble closing it. "I just hope you understand."

Don, concentrating on the zipper, merely grunted.

To help him, Gillian sucked her waist in. "I won't be able to eat much in this," she said, more to herself, one hand on her flat belly as the man finished. "But then I figure I won't have much time for dinner." Gillian was standing in front of a full-length mirror and Don could see over her shoulder, taking in the sight of his wife and particularly the plunging neckline at the front of her dress that revealed the 24 year old woman's healthy cleavage. It was a dazzling effect more than enhanced by the sequins at the front of the expensive, catching the light as she half-turned to study her reflection. The black satin of the dress caught the light and showed off her curves so well it was as if the sheen had been painted on her.

She looked good - very good in fact with her long blonde hair tumbling over her near naked shoulders and her perfectly made-up face with her large, blue eyes and delicate nose. Don had figured himself to be one of the luckiest guys in the world to have married a woman as good looking as Gillian, even if the honeymoon was not quite what he might have anticipated.

The woman caught her husband's eye and smiled at him as best she could. "Look, Don, please don't be upset... you know I have to do this." Her voice was apologetic and sincere, but with enough resolve to let it be known she wouldn't change her mind. "I mean, we agreed. And it's been seven years since... well, you know."

Don, two years older than his wife, knew full well. He gave the merest nod. It had been seven years to the day exactly since Gillian's last excess, and that had been their agreement when they married. Gillian wouldn't do what she most wanted to do for at least seven years, and she had honored that agreement. For his part Don had hoped in the intervening years that his wife had forgotten, or had grown used to not being fucked by a black man. But he also knew the woman he had married: Gillian never forgot anything and this desire to have a thick, large black cock buried deep in her had festered in the background of her life. Unspoken and unexercised, but still there.

Don could see how good his wife looked and his cock stiffened a little, in spite of his pending humiliation. It wasn't just how she looked either, sexy though that was. The heavy perfume she wore filled his senses, the same perfume she had last worn on their honeymoon night. The last time she had been fucked by a black man, when Don had sat nervously in an adjoining room of the bridal suite, feeling shame and frustration at the sounds of his new wife being screwed by Leroy.

That was the last time she had black cock in her, as they'd agreed when she accepted his proposal of marriage.

In some ways Don had never quite gotten over the humiliation of that first night. Technically his wife had been unfaithful to him, preferring her first sexual event as Mrs Warren to be with a muscular and older black man while her husband waited his turn. Sloppy seconds, Don understood. Very sloppy seconds indeed, as he found with his wife lying legs apart on the hotel bed, wedding dress bunched up round her waist and several loads of Leroy's cum dribbling from her sore and battered pussy.

A woman lying motionless and looking thrilled and dizzy by what had been done to her.

Leroy had left them without a word after he had mercilessly and relentlessly pummeled the young white woman on the end of his long, rigid cock, leaving Don to get what pleasure from his exhausted wife. Leroy disappeared from their life and Don put it behind him, determined to build a marriage. Thankfully it had even turned out to be a wonderful honeymoon after that first night, his wife proving eager to please Don as a good wife should.

She never made any comment about the size of his cock compared to Leroy, saying her husband was a wonderful lover and she was more than happy. But he knew, and she did, that he was second best where it mattered even if it was never mentioned.

Now seven years later, it was the night of their wedding anniversary and here Gillian was about to step out to find a black man as good as Leroy to hammer her pussy once more. Don's hopes that Gillian might have forgotten what the "seven year itch" meant had evaporated two weeks before, when Gillian reminded him of their agreement. She also reminded him by taking him with her to go shopping for a new dress and sexy underwear for the event, buying too that heady perfume she favored on her wedding night.

The dress and underwear should be, she suggested sweetly, Don's anniversary present for her. She had taken her time choosing the items, insisting on getting Don's opinion at each thing. "You think honey a man would go for me in this dress?" Or "Does this bra push my boobs up nicely? I mean, I don't want to look flat." And worst of all: "You think this garter belt would feel nice when a man gets his hand up my dress?"

Gillian didn't say a black man's hand but that was what she was thinking, Don knew. Gillian had of course allowed Don to feel the underwear on his wife, so he could offer an honest opinion. Either that or she wanted to humiliate him further, he reasoned.

The evidence for that was the way in one store Don overheard his wife say to a sales clerk: "You think black men like white women in black underwear - or would red be better?" Had she meant him to overhear? Don couldn't be sure, so he suspected the worst.

Gillian had taken a lot of time to get ready this evening. It was almost like a first date, Don thought bitterly as she preened and primped herself. But he didn't say a word, hoping that the sooner she was done with this the sooner they could get back to normal life. Just him and his wife and no looming shadow of some well-hung black man screwing his wife. Just a few hours, he told himself, then this would be over.

He watched Gillian put heavy, large silver earrings on and then pick out a brand new pair of high heel shoes. Silver slingback pumps, which caught the light and screamed "Fuck me." He watched, feeling helpless, as his wife spritzed more perfume behind her ears, down her cleavage and - a deliberately humiliating touch this - up her short, tight dress.

Don had noted when she bought the dress that it had a small slit at the side, and as his wife moved there was the occasional tantalizing glimpse of her stocking tops. Her garter buttons showed against the taut material too and if he had been looking for a great fuck he would know this woman was ready to give it. But he wasn't the target.

Once more Gillian fussed over her lipstick. "Kissproof and suckproof," she had remarked casually when she bought it and now she was making sure her full lips were suitable adorned in the deep, rich shade of red.

Finally she straightened up, checked her reflection once more with a pat on her stomach and on her firm, round butt and picked up her small silver purse. It would have condoms in there, Don knew, but only if the man insisted. Gillian would want nothing between her vagina wall and the man's thick cock. Or even for that matter in her asshole. Flesh to flesh was how she liked it.

"I'm ready, honey," she said. "I will be back late as I will be going round a few bars, so don't wait up. Have a good time this evening... don't get into trouble." She smirked at this and added: "Wish me luck, sweetheart." Then she headed for the door, heels clicking, butt swaying and her perfume trailing behind her.

Don clenched his fist and wished his wife hadn't insisted on the chains that secured him to the radiator, or the gag that filled his mouth and was padlocked behind his head. "A precaution, honey," she had said earlier when putting them on him, "in case you try to stop me or dissuade me. Or even for that matter come looking for me, thinking you might stop me somehow."

The man was upset by this, but not as upset as he had been when a week ago his wife had taken him to a sex store and told the girl who worked there she needed a good gag for her husband, and could they try some on him to make sure one really kept him quiet?

They found one that stifled all sound and now he wore it, red in the face at another humiliation. The chains too had gone on him a few hours before and now he stood alone in the empty house, listening to the car start up and pull away, knowing he could do nothing but whack off over the magazines his wife had left him.

Magazines with titles such as "Black Dicks and White Chicks," "Screwed Trailer Trash" and "Beg For More, White Slut." Magazines full of pictures of attractive women like his wife being nailed and screwed and filled with cum from big, black cocks. Filled in every hole.

Tears in his eyes, Don had no option but to settle back on the makeshift bed his wife had provided by the radiator. He felt miserable and angry and hurt but despite everything he felt he couldn't resist looking at the magazines. He hated it all, but it wasn't long before the only sound in the empty house was the jangling of chains at his wrists as he slowly began jerking off over the intimate photos of white women eager to be on the receiving end of thick, hard black cocks.


It was the night of their fourteenth wedding anniversary - a Saturday night - and Don watched his wife Gillian check her makeup one last time before she would head out. As usual on a Saturday night she was destined for the sleazy end of town, trawling as she did every weekend the bars and clubs where she could find black men to fuck her. She had been doing this for seven years and didn't pay her husband any attention at all nowadays. She hadn't paid him any real attention since that night seven years before when she came back from her long and exhausting night out, returning home with runs in her nylons, her supposedly kissproof lipstick smudged and semen stain on her expensive black dress.

That night she had let herself into the house at three in the morning, tip-toeing with one of her new black lovers past her sleeping, chained husband, casting the merest glance at the magazine that lay open in front of him with dried semen on the centerfold. Her wild fling was supposed to be only one night, one concession that Don had given her to go and find a black cock to get into her.

But it had continued with a string of black lovers, men happy to fuck an attractive white woman who was eager for them to do things to her. Anything to her. Gillian's reputation as an easy lay had grown and she was never short of the one thing she craved. Don, for his part, suffered in silence - accepting he was married still in name but not in reality.

People may have thought him weak. They may have sneered at the way his wife cuckolded him, the fact that he simply let her be a slut desperate for a black man to fuck her in any hole. But Don had one thing he clung to, one faint hope.

It may have been revenge in its own way. It may have been some secret desire he had harbored for years, unknown to even his wife. But then she took virtually no notice of him, buying outrageous clothes to advertise her availability and teetering off on the highest heels she could find.

Tonight Gillian wore a sheer red top with a black bra underneath (a top so thin anyone could make out the lace detail of her bra) and a short red plastic skirt that barely covered her stocking tops and rustled as she moved. Don noted what she was wearing and may once have been appalled at how cheap she looked, how she had abandoned any pretense of sophistication. But not now. He had come to accept, however reluctantly at first, that the clothes she chose were merely a come on and would soon be lifted and opened and even torn off her so someone could use her.

He had got used to it all now and simply accepted that was how it was. How she was.

Don was no longer chained up when his wife went out. He hadn't been restrained for nearly seven years. As she ignored anything he said the chains and gag hadn't been needed much after the eighth or ninth weekend of her rediscovered passion. Now she simply went off looking for a black cock. Or two, or three at the same time.

Her husband was of little interest to her, other than someone to tidy up after her and her lovers. He might have sued for divorce but something kept him there, something made him stay. Gillian knew it and took every advantage.

But tonight would different, Don knew. Tonight, as Gillian disappeared out of the house without a word of goodbye, Don was ready. He watched from the house as his wife drove away and, knowing he had several hours to himself, he was in no hurry. He walked slowly but purposefully up the stairs and went into a small bedroom.

The room was no bigger than the one he slept in, with a single bed like his. Don leaned over the bed, opened his flies and pressed his hard cock against the small girl's face, waking her up.

"Uhm... daddy" the child mumbled, surfacing from her sleep as his dick pressed against her cheek and lips. She was a little slow tonight coming round but he had trained the girl well and she opened her mouth to take his cock, starting to suck as he pushed it in deeper towards the back of her throat.

Leroya - a ridiculous name Don had always fumed, but then it had never been his choice - blinked awake and started licking at the underside of his cock as she sucked. He would, as usual on Saturday night, squirt his cum down the six year old's throat, but later. Not now when there were other things to do.

With a sigh he allowed the child to continue her sucking and licking for a moment longer and then slowly withdrew his cock from her lips. Leroya was wide awake now and looked up, a tad disappointed.

"It's okay, sweetheart," said Don, looking down at the girl. "You can finish me later."

Leroya grinned a little. She had been brought up to believe a cock in her mouth and semen in her belly was the best thing for a growing girl. And her daddy's cock was the best of all.

Don smiled down at the child as he put his still hard cock away. She was pretty and bright and he even loved her a little, considering she wasn't his. Leroya clearly had some of her mother's features but mostly she had that man's features - the one who had come home on that fateful night seven years ago with Gillian and had been one of her first black lovers. Gillian screaming "Fuck me! Bang me up! I want a black baby!" from the master bedroom while Don had lain on his rough bed in his chains and gag.

While Don had slept patchily in his chains, worn out from jerking off over the sex magazines, his wife was being filled with her lover's seed, groaning with delight as the black man pumped his cum into her.

None months later Gillian got what she wanted: a black man's child. Of course, it added to Don's public and private humiliation that the child obviously wasn't his, and the woman found it funny to have her worthless husband running round after her and her current black lover while looking after Leroya. The name she chose to force Don remember that man on their wedding night.

By rights after all this Don should have hated Leroya, but he didn't. Not once he found he had so much time with her and began to teach her how to enjoy sucking and licking his cock, teaching her to become good at swallowing his cum. She even learned to appreciate having his semen smeared round her pretty face after she had jerked him off - her small hands grasping the veiny shaft of his cock with its smooth purple head an inch from her cute nose. Better, she had learned how to keep a secret. Their Saturday night secret, they called it.

More than that Don had taught the child to accept being tied up. Leroya had no difficulty with being tied in a variety of positions on a Saturday night. From the age of one she had had her hands bound in back of her, and by the time she was two she was familiar with having her legs tied together. From three she had learned how to endure being bound spreadeagled on her bed, first in her clothes and then naked. At age four she had gotten accustomed to being hog tied, and at five had discovered what it was like to be tied by her ankles, hanging upside down (mouth at Don's cock height, of course) and by the time she turned six she had become familiar with being heavily tied up in the bath tub while Don came on her, or pissed on her if he felt the need.

Along the way the child had found what it was like to be tied to chairs and tables, squeezed into a box while bound and even - and this always pleased Don - being tied up among her mommy's clothes in the closet with that heavy perfume in her nostrils, bound hands above her to the clothes rail with all the plastic and lace and satin around her.

It wasn't all ropes either: Leroya had at times been tied with her mommy's underwear. After all, a lace bra or garter belt makes a perfectly acceptable method of restraint and Don could do a lot with a pair of nylons as the little girl discovered.

Throughout all this Leroya had worn a variety of gags, graduating from a cleave gag to having her mouth taped up, going from a ball gag and finally a ring gag that held her jaws wide open so her daddy could masturbate in her open mouth. The child accepted that often being tied up meant being gagged, and often the only time she wasn't gagged was when she was working her daddy's hard dick in her mouth or wide open waiting to receive Don's emissions.

The truth was that both Don and his wife lived for Saturday nights. Gillian couldn't wait to get dressed up and go out, hunting for black cock while her husband would look forward to the time he had alone with the child, tying her up and fucking her sweet little mouth.

But nothing continues in the same way for ever. Don had simply had enough of Gillian and it was time for things to change. He liked to think he was a patient man, capable of waiting and planning as he waited, but his patience had expired.

"You gonna tie me up, daddy?" asked Leroya from where she lay on her bed.

"What do you think, poppet?" said the man as he carefully took out the bag of ropes and gags he kept hidden under the child's bed. As it was his job to keep the house clean and tidy Gillian would never dream of looking under the bed.

"Yes! I'm going to be bound 'n' gagged," chuckled the child, getting out of bed. "Should I take my PJ's off daddy?"

"Of course," smiled the man, seeing the girl unfasten her PJ buttons already, her flat dark skinned chest with small, chocolate brown nipples coming into view. He reached up and touched the small nipples, making Leroya chuckle. The man pinched them gently.

"Tickles, daddy," the girl grinned.

"Yes," said Don, thinking how he could teach the child to like having things done to her nipples, and in time of course, her breasts. They could be ringed and weighted, bound when they got large enough, have needles inserted in them... He checked himself, aware that his cock - which had softened a little - was hardening at the thought. That was in the future and he had the present to deal with.

"You gonna tie me in the bath daddy, like last week. With the cold shower on me?" Leroya sounded wary. She might be used to being bound and gagged but she hadn't enjoyed the icy blast of the shower on her little, helpless naked body, though her daddy's stream of piss went a small way to warming her up afterwards. That and the dollop of Don's hot cum in her face.

"Um, no poppet." Don extracted a length of thin rope from the bag as Leroya shucked off her PJ pants. As she turned, hands already crossed behind her for the rope, Don added: "Tonight's gonna be real special. You'll see."

Leroya held still while the man bound her slender wrists and then waited as he tied more rope around her elbows, giving a small gasp as he drew them together. Don liked to hear the child make some noises, even though she had been trained to be quiet when not gagged. Of course it didn't matter as the house was empty save for them, but a small scream or a little crying was good and always made his cock that little bit harder.

Don turned the child round to face him, taking the ropes that hung loose from her bound elbows and winding them round her small chest, careful not to hide her tiny nipples. "Daddy," said Leroya. "What kind of special thing?"

"Exciting," he said. "But I want it to be a surprise. You like surprises, don't you?"

"Um... You mean, like when you peed in my mouth, first time with that ring gag?"

Don chuckled. He remembered Leroya had looked pretty darn surprised when he did that. But she got used to it and drank it well now, or at least swallowed it without complaining at its bitterness. After all, it helped her grow up, her daddy said. "No, honey, not like that. Something new, so not the bathroom tonight."

Leroya nodded as she watched her daddy reach for something else - a thing the child always dreaded. Don fished a butt plug out of the bag along with a jar of lube. "Please, daddy-" the girl began, perhaps hoping to persuade him not to push it up into her rear, but she stopped herself. For all her tender years Leroya already knew the man never listened to any objections when it came to the child's bondage.

In front of the girl the man slowly and deliberately smeared the lube over the plug, making sure there was plenty on it and then gestured at Leroya to turn, spread her thin legs and bend so her ass was invitingly towards him. gripping her with one hand to steady the girl, the man pressed the bulbous head of the plug to the girl's anus and then, with one brutal shove, rammed the plug up into her.

Leroya squealed even though she tried not to make a noise. The butt plug always hurt when it went in and until her little asshole settled round the invader and slowly got used to its all-too obvious presence, it would continue to hurt her. For Don, it was a pleasure to know he was hurting the little girl and with a grin thought about smearing the butt plug with something that would itch terribly once in was in her asshole. For now though this would have to do.

The little girl stood straight and still as her daddy tied her knees, which would allow her to walk slowly. They wouldn't be staying in her room and wouldn't be going to the bathroom, so maybe she would be required to shuffle along to her mommy's big bedroom and be tied up in all those clothes. Among the slutty clothes, her daddy called them. But then, they'd done that lots of times, so she was puzzled. She would have asked too but Don put a ball gag in her mouth, strapping it tight so she gurgled at the way it filled her mouth and pressed her tongue flat.

Leroya desperately tried not to squirm from having the butt plug in her ass, thankful that her daddy wasn't displeased at the occasional gyration of her hips. Don ignored the child's wriggles this time and silently put a studded white leather dog collar on her neck but didn't attach a leash for once. Instead he took two small crocodile clips from the bag and attached one to each of Leroya's nipples, making her wince and cry into her gag as he did so. Don showed no reaction to her muffled, whimpering distress and soon had fastened a light chain to each clip. He stood and began to lead the little girl out of her bedroom, urging her on with little tugs that made her gasp and howl into her gag as she shuffled as quickly as she could after him.

The man smiled, thinking when Leroya was bigger and had a fully grown cunt he would attach clips like these to her nether lips and lead her that way. Yes, good things to look forward to, he decided, feeling his cock harden anew.

He was so excited by what he'd done and the thought of future punishments, he stopped Leroya in the hallway, took his cock out and masturbated in front of her, aiming his jizz at her little tortured chest. He was normally a good shot when he came, and his white semen splattered over one of her little sore nipples, coating the clip in white goo and drippng down her small, rounded belly.

White cum on a dark skin and white ropes on a dark skin. Yes, he liked the look. Then he scooped up a little of the semen on her nipple on the tip of his little finger and smeared it up into her nostrils, telling Leroya to breathe it in. The child blinked back a tear and nodded, sniffing to get the jizz up into her nose as her daddy took the chains and tugged the child to the master bedroom. Gillian's room.

The room itself reeked of the heavy perfume she liberally used and there were discarded clothes - skimpy see-through tops and short skirts and tight plastic dresses and assorted lingerie - scattered on the floor. It was always like this when Gillian went prowling for black cock: she could never make her mind up what to wear and discarded clothes until she felt she was sufficiently sexy enough to go out. It was Don's task to tidy them up and put them away but tonight he merely kicked them into a pile by the big closet, aware that Leroya was staring at him, wondering why he was being so casual with them this time.

Don turned to the pile of worn clothes and extracted a pair of Gillian's panties - a thin pink lace pair which the man examined and, happy the crotch was sufficiently crusty from his wife's secretions and black men's cum - approached Leroya. He removed her ball gag (but left it round her neck for later), balled the pink panties up with crotch outwards and wedged them in Leroya's mouth. Don packed them in tight before sealing her mouth shut with clear adhesive tape. He smiled at the effect: pink lace peeking out from between the girl's taped over lips and a faintly surprised look of distaste on her face.

Whatever Leroya was thinking didn't matter. Saturday night was bondage night and she went along with whatever her daddy did, though she was puzzled why she had been gagged like this and could clearly taste the mixture of cum and cunt. It made her feel nauseous but she was determined to not let her daddy down and tried to look cheerful. After all, wasn't it all good for her?

She watched the man busy himself with something else. He had left the room and returned at once with a small device with wires attached, a device he placed among the pile of clothes at the foot of her mommy's closet. Don opened the doors and dragged more things out, heaping them on the other clothes. Then he flicked something on the device, checked his watch and grinned. "Guess it's time to go," he said.


Leroya sat in the front seat of her daddy's car, staring through the windshield at the town below them. Don had driven to the top of a rise that overlooked their part of town and now he sat silently, watching intently through a pair of field glasses. For her part Leroya was most uncomfortable: the thin ropes were hurting her, the nipple clips still painful and sitting in the car with her arms tied tightly behind her had forced the butt plug even further into her sore ass.

Even the panties in her mouth still tasted foul and her nose felt odd with the dried cum around her nostrils.

Add to that the fact that she had never been taken outside bound or naked, then she was totally confused. She shivered as she sat in the car, partly from the cold and partly from anxiety. But Leroya was a good girl and tried not to look as if she wasn't enjoying this. She was with her daddy, wasn't she? So everything had to be alright, she knew.

Leroya glanced over her shoulder at the bags in the back. She didn't know what was in most of them but one was definitely her bondage bag and another had some of her clothes in. The girl glanced back at the man, still studying a building or feature in the distance. He checked his watch a couple of times but otherwise kept his attention on something a way off. The girl leaned forward and peered as best she could at whatever her daddy might be looking at.

She wasn't sure, but there seemed to be a sudden red glow among the houses. Like a red and orange light suddenly turned on. She glanced at her daddy, who was smiling, and then back at the glow which had got bigger. No doubt about it.

Don put down the field glasses and chuckled. He reached over to the girl, ripped the tape gag painfully off her face and dragged the sodden lace panties out of her mouth. "Guess you enjoyed the taste of your mom, now taste me," he said as he forced the bound child's head down on to his thick, hard cock. It wasn't as big as perhaps a black man's but to the small girl it seemed huge as it pressed into her wide open mouth, pushing towards her throat.

Leroya knew what to do. She sucked and licked and bobbed her head up and down on the shaft until it pulsed and twitched and suddenly exploded and sent a big spurt of hot cum into the back of her throat. She swallowed quickly as more semen came. Plenty of it too, like a pent-up energy released.

The girl drank it all and dutifully cleaned the cock as it slowly softened. At this rate she would be a big girl soon, she knew, drinking so much. When she was done and her daddy satisfied, he lifted her head by holding her hair and pulling up. He took a moment or two to seal her mouth with the ball gag at her neck. Then as he started the engine, he said: "Okay, poppet. Time for us to go and look for somewhere to stay. Hold on tight."

Leroya gurgled into her gag, pleased her daddy liked her to take her wherever he went. She would, she had decided, be a good girl no matter what. A good, big girl one day. And as she would be seven soon her daddy had promised her a very special treat to make her grow even bigger.

She could hardly wait.

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I liked this one. very fond of little nigger cunt, even if she is only half nigger. love the way he plays with her. Thanks for posting

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