The Perverts Club - Zoo Mom - Chapter 9

by Ole Crannon

Warning: This story contains descriptions of incest, underage sex, bestiality, oral, anal, very young pedo, cum drinking, ass-to-mouth, ws, and many other extreme and perverted themes. If any of these will offend or upset you, please do not read this story.

[If you don't know about The Perverts Club or haven't read the background of the group, it would be good to first read The Perverts Club-Introduction for that information, in addition to the previous chapters.]


Rob and Lynn were up early, roused by noises from little Kari. Lynn checked on her and found her apparently well rested and rarin' to go for the day's activities. The toddler seemed to want to tell Lynn all about yesterday's activities, even though Lynn had been there with her. The little one seemed excited about what had happened and kept asking if she could have "mo' in me" and "fun, do mo' 'gain". Obviously, adults aren't the only ones who appreciate being given multiple orgasms. Kari hugged Lynn and played with her huge breasts any time she was within reach. Her little hand was seldom away from her own crotch either, as she rubbed and fingered her little clit and slit.

As soon as Kari saw Rob, she made a beeline directly for his cock and put it in her mouth. She would only take it out to ask him to "put in me?" and point to her slit. Rob would have had morning wood even if Kari hadn't found it first. He had a difficult time trying to take a morning piss. Kari just wouldn't detach herself from his cock- either her mouth was on it or her hands were holding it.

Rob did make his way into the bathroom and stood in front of the toilet to try to drain his lizard. Little Kari's fondling hands weren't helping any. Finally, he grabbed his cock with one hand over hers and aimed it, letting go with the stream. Kari giggled and put her free hand in the stream, splashing it all over both of them and the toilet and floor. Her next move took her father totally by surprise. While he was still pissing, she pulled on his cock and aimed it at her as she moved her head to it and took it in her mouth. She tried to gulp down the spewing yellow stream, but it was too much for her little mouth and a lot drained out, down her front and onto the floor. Both of her hands and her face were wet with his piss, including her whole front and legs. Rob had been splashed too.

Rob was actually surprised by his little daughter's sudden move and didn't react fast enough to stop her. Once his cock was in her mouth, his sphincter reflexively spasmed shut and ended the piss stream, but not before she had gotten a mouthful and made a wet mess of them both. Kari was giggling and wouldn't let go of his cock and kept her mouth on it. Rob still had to pee and finally decided that if she wanted it so bad, he might as well go along with her. Besides, there was a certain bit of perverse arousal at the thought of peeing into his toddler daughter's mouth.

Rob concentrated on trying to relax the right muscles and finally started to release his yellow stream of hot piss again, right into Kari's sucking mouth. When the stream hit the back of her throat, she sort of reacted by a jerk of her head, but didn't let the pissing cock out of her mouth. She giggled in between gulps as she tried to swallow it all down, but was only about half successful. When Rob's stream finally came to a dribbling end, Kari looked up at him with a big, wet faced smile and said, "Mo', Daddy, mo'. Yummmmy."

"Looks like you've got one more devoted pee slut, huh?" came Lynn's voice from the doorway. She had been standing there, watching the whole thing in the mirror. She moved to him and put her arms around him, reaching down and fondling his wet cock with her hands on top of Kari's little hands. "And you didn't save any for me." Lynn said as she knelt down between them and took Kari's face in both hands, licking Rob's piss off her face and then down off her little flat chest.

"You know, honey, you're going to have to share with me and Sissy, don't you?" Lynn said with a smile and kissed her little daughter.

Kari laughed and said, "Mo' yummy, Mommy. Me like Daddy yumm."

Lynn stood up and grabbed a wash cloth and wetted it, saying "Yes, dear, we all like Daddy's yumm. Now let's get cleaned up and let Daddy go do some things he has to do. You can't have Daddy all to yourself. Sissy and I get him sometimes, too." She finished wiping most of Rob's pee from the little girl then turned and hopped up on the counter by the sink. She grabbed Rob and said, "My turn for some Daddy yumm. Fuck me, dear. Watching you piss into our daughter's mouth was such a turn on. Please ram it into me hard."

She was already well lubricated, so Rob moved between her legs and with one stroke, almost buried his still hard cock up into her cunt. Lynn groaned with pleasure at being stuffed. She put her arms around his neck and pulled him into her. As Rob started to stroke in and out of his wife's hot cunt, he felt the little hands of his daughter fondling his balls and trying to grasp his prick when he stroked back out of Lynn's cunt. The feeling of his wife's hot mouth, her huge breasts against his chest and his little daughter's hands on his cock and balls drove Rob to almost jackhammer in and out of Lynn's cunt. It didn't take long for all this stimulation to bring him to the point of cumming and he drove as hard as he could up into Lynn as his cum spewed out of his cock into her hot cunt. Little Kari's fingers on his cock and balls just increased the spasms as he shot his wad.

Lynn had already been highly aroused and when Rob roughly thrust into her to spew, she groaned with her own orgasm and hugged him tightly to her. Rob held his cock up inside Lynn's cunt, as it felt good for both of them that way. From Kari's vantage point between Rob's legs, looking up at the coupled sex organs, she could see the combination of Lynn's cunt juices and Rob's cum start to trickle down out of Lynn's cunt and over her asshole. Kari wanted those juices very much and she turned her head sideways and thrust herself up enough to get her tongue on Lynn's perineum and asshole. As she licked, she said, "Yummmmmmmmmmm". Apparently, 'yummmm' was her new word for lots of things, including piss, cum and cunt juice. And orgasms. Who was to argue with her?

Rob kissed Lynn, who kissed him back. The two looked at each other, feeling their daughter between them. Rob slowly pulled his cock back and out of Lynn's cunt and had to lift his leg up over Kari to move away. As for Kari, that gave her more access to the wide open hole that was now draining even more yummmm. She latched her mouth on Lynn's cunt hole and licked to get every bit of her parent's combined juices that she could. Only when she had pretty much vacuumed what she could out of Lynn's slowly closing hole did she turn and take Rob's slimy rod in her mouth, to lick and suck him clean.

Lynn looked at Rob like "Who knew?" and they laughed at their predicament. Lynn hopped down and wetted the washcloth again, wiping whatever Kari didn't get from her cunt, then handing it to Rob. She said, "When she decides to let loose of you, you can clean up with this. I'll go see about getting something for breakfast. If you want to, get Bobby and your other slut daughter up and bring them down."

Rob nodded and grinned, looking down at his little toddler happily sucking on his daddy-pacifier. When Lynn left, Rob said, "C'mon, honey, I like that as much as you do, but we've got things to do today. Ben wants to put his cock in you, so you're going to have fun today." He pulled his cock out of her little mouth, to her disappointment, and cleaned her face with the washcloth, then soaped it up and cleaned his cock and balls. Then he grabbed a paper towel and tried to clean up the floor and toilet where his piss had splashed from Kari's antics. All the while he thought, "Damn, a two year old cum slut and piss slut! How lucky can I get?" The thought of teaching his little daughter how to swallow his full piss stream without making a mess started to get him hard again. It would be a mistake to let Kari see that happen so he threw the paper towel in the waste basket and picked the toddler up. She threw her arms around his neck and hugged him tight. "Love Daddy. Love Daddy yummms" she cooed.

Rob carried her in his arms and went to Bobby's room. The boy was already awake and playing with some model that he had been putting together. He brightened up and smiled when he saw his dad come in. Rob said, "Mornin', bub. Mom's getting breakfast ready so come on down." Bobby nodded. "OK, Dad."

Peeking in Sissy's door, he saw his twelve year old daughter only half covered by the sheets. He did notice that her little buds of titties did look a little larger. If she was going to develop like her mother, Rob couldn't wait. He loved what he and his daughter did together already, but the idea of her having huge tits was even more erotic to him. And in fact would be to most any man. Very large breasts on a petite, slim form, insatiable cunt and ass, and a bubble butt combined with being a first class, grade AA slut! What more could anyone want. He decided to let her sleep a bit longer and would come back up to get her when breakfast was all ready. He and Kari went down to join Lynn.

Rob never tired of walking in the kitchen and seeing his wife, nude, making breakfast. Her 38 DD tits on her slim, trim body always made him want to come up behind her wrap his arms around her, grab hold of her huge tits and hug her. He put Kari down and then did exactly that. Lynn never tired of Rob doing this and leaned back into him, laying her head back next to his and moaning "mmmmmmmmmmmmm". Rob roughly squeezed her large globes and then grasped each nipple with his fingers and squeezed, pulled and twisted them very hard, knowing that the pain he caused her was complete sexual pleasure to her. There were times when she could almost get off completely on him roughly abusing and painfully twisting her nipples.

"Oh God, Rob, that feels good. Mmmmmmmmmm" she moaned. After a little of this, she said, "Mmmmm, dear, as good as that feels, we've got things to do today. Please let me... groan... get breakfast fin...mmmmmmmmm... ished so we... moannnnnn... can get...ahhhhhhhhhhh God that feels good...ummmm, get things done...Ohhhhhhh." Rob changed from twisting and tormenting the nipples to rubbing and fondling the huge jugs, and Lynn straightened up and turned around in his arms to face him. She threw her arms around his neck and gave him a passionate, deep tongue kiss. Rob's erection started to rise up between her legs, bumping at her slit. "Have I ever told you just how much I love you?" she said. "If not, I want to tell you now that I love you more than ever!"

Fortunately for them, little Kari wasn't in a position where she could see Rob's hard on rising. Lynn looked down over Rob's shoulder and saw her standing by her chair, watching them. Holding Rob so he didn't turn to face Kari, Lynn slipped sideways away from him then picked the little one up and put her in her booster seat. She then turned to Rob and said, "Did you get the other two up?"

Rob turned, his hard on sticking out in front of him, and smiled at her. "Bobby was already up. Sissy was still asleep, so I let her sleep. I'll go get her up now." Lynn looked at his hardon and said, "Well, YOU are up, but I don't think you'll be able to do much with it for a while. But if you go in there like that, she's gonna want some of it. Why don't we let her sleep. She'll come down when she's ready."

Rob nodded his agreement then walked to the hall and called "Bob. C'mon. Breakfast." then went over and sat down. Lynn put the scrambled eggs, ham and toast on the table and sat down. Bobby came in and sat down and the four of them started eating, making idle conversation. After a while, Sissy appeared, yawning and rubbing her eyes. She was absolutely a vision of almost teenage, coltish beauty. As she stretched, she presented an erotic picture that was not lost on either of her parents.

Bobby looked at her and said, "Hey, Sis, you gettin' boobs?"

Sissy looked down at her chest and smiled, then very sensuously rubbed her little budding titties and fondled them, pinching her nipples. She nodded and said, "Yep. Like 'em?" Bobby nodded and went back to eating. Sissy sat down and Rob couldn't tear his eyes from her chest. For some reason, she just looked extremely more erotic than she had ever before. He didn't know what it was, but his hardon was bumping up against the table.

Sissy noticed her dad's stare and did the breast fondling move again, looking at him and saying, "I guess you like them too, huh, Daddy?" Rob could only mutely nod.

Lynn laughed and said, "Busted! Pun intended." She grinned at Rob, who blushed. Sissy laughed.

They ate breakfast, talking about the new dog house and the new dog. Sissy wondered who might buy the house next door and wondered what they'd be like. She hoped it was a sexy couple that they could all fuck, or at least with kids that they could fuck. Basically, anyone that Sissy could fuck. Rob and Lynn exchanged exasperated glances at each other.

After breakfast, Rob pulled on some pants and went out and unloaded the large plastic dome dog house and brought it into the back yard. He tried it in several places, ending up putting it in the far corner of the fence. That way, he could build the permanent one next to the house without having to constantly move the dome one. He went inside and did some re-measuring on the wall of the utility room to double check where he wanted the dog door to go through the wall. He'd decided not to put it in the back door, as the wall was more stable and it could be a little larger there.

Rob then went down in the basement, checking on where he had placed the large screw hooks and eyebolts in the rafters. He decided that he needed to put several in the wall also, and did that. He brought down and unboxed several plastic drawer and storage compartment sets that he had purchased and set them up on the bench. Then he started putting the various toys and implements he had gotten into them. This would organize things and make them handy to get when he wanted to use them on his lovely pain slut wife. He'd also bought several pairs of plastic sawhorses, which he could use with some boards for benches or to support a two by four or two by six to make a nasty horse to torture Lynn's cunt.

Lastly, he took the new battery powered nail gun out of the box. He sat the charger on the bench and plugged it in, then put the battery in it to charge. He read the instructions, trying to figure out how to adjust the pressure and stroke of the gun, and to see what various size nails it would take.

Lynn called down to him that Sissy wanted to run to the mall and they were taking Kari with them. She said Bobby was riding his bike over to his friend Jerry's house and he may not be back to go to the pet store. Rob said OK, and continued to putter around the basement, getting various ideas for ways to set up some S&M scenes with Lynn.

Later, Rob heard the girls get home and Lynn called down to him that they were back. He continued to work until Sissy called him to come up. He put some tools away and went upstairs. Sissy had him sit on the couch in the living room and then called "OK, Mom" to Lynn. When his wife walked into the room, Rob's hardon almost sprang to instant attention. Lynn had on a body hugging dress that seemed to mold itself to her huge breasts, emphasizing them even more. It was slit all the way down both sides, with only a couple of thin straps holding the pieces together, and showing that there was nothing but body underneath- no bra, no panties, no slip. No shit!

Lynn twirled slowly around. The hemline was right about the level of the bottom of her butt cheeks and even walking would expose those delightful orbs. From the front, her slit was barely covered and it would only take someone to lean down a ways to be able to see it fully. There was apparently some elastic across the top which held it up over her breasts, because there were no straps going over the shoulder. Rob couldn't even imagine how the damn thing could be held together let alone stay up and on.

Lynn's legs were encased in dark hose that only reached the top of her thighs. On her feet were a pair of what had to be four inch spike heels. There was a thin strap around the back, and a transparent piece over the toes, but again Rob couldn't start to figure out the engineering that went into making them stay on her feet. The height of the heels made her normally trim legs even longer and trimmer. Rob swore that that outfit could give a statue a hard on and make the statue of David cum.

All he could do was give a low whistle and say, "Holy Shit!"

Sissy put her arms around his neck and said, "Like it, Daddy?"

Rob just mutely stared and nodded dumbly. Finally he said, "If you go out in that, you're going to get raped!"

Lynn looked him straight in the eye and said, "I hope so. That's what it's for. See." With that, she touched one of the fastenings at the side on the bottom and it separated apart. Doing the same to the second one on top, the garment fell into a puddle at her feet, leaving her standing there naked except for the stockings and heels.

Lynn looked at him and said, "Do you think the stockings are too much? I could leave them off." She gave him a wicked grin. Rob considered that a rhetorical question and just sat there mute, looking at her. Lynn bent down and picked up the dress and somehow wrapped it back around her and fastened it. How it worked, Rob still couldn't figure out. Sissy said she was going to change so they could go. Kari was sitting by Rob, watching and rubbing Rob's hard on through his cargo pants. She had a short, light dress on and as she moved, he could tell that was all she had on, other than little sandals.

Rob tried to get his voice back, then said to Lynn, "You're going to wear THAT to pick up the dog?"

"Why not? I want to give Ben a little thrill. I know he wants to do Kari, but I thought this might take his mind off her for a while. Plus, I've not met Sarah in person yet and I wanted to make a good impression. Sissy thought this would do it."

"Fuck, honey, THAT would make the Pope give up celibacy."

"Why thank you, dear. That's very nice. I figured that if I was going to be a slut, I might as well dress the part." She walked slowly with a sultry shifting of her hips over to stand right in front of Rob. "And after those exhibitionist videos we watched, it seemed that this could be very useful for doing that kind of thing." She again touched the two fasteners and the dress dropped away from her, leaving her nude and holding the garment hooked on one finger. She spread her legs wide and rubbed her slit with her free hand, then plunged two fingers all the way up inside her.

Rob could only groan. Lynn pulled the fingers from her cunt and slipped them into his mouth. Rob sucked and licked the juices off of them. He looked up at her and said, "God, woman, you are amazing." Lynn smiled down at him, then bent down and kissed him.

Lynn stood up and slipped the dress back on as Sissy bounced into the room. She was wearing a spandex tube top that was barely wide enough to cover her budding little breasts and a tight mini-skirt that looked to be of the same material. Both were so tight and form fitting that Rob swore he could count the pores or goosebumps through the material. She had on some open sandals with enough heel to give her coltish, slim legs an even nicer look. She stood before Rob and twirled, then bent over at the waist. The handle of the chrome butt plug stuck out from between her butt cheeks.

"Like it, Daddy?" She stood up and turned around to face him, put her arms around his neck, then threw one long, slim leg over his leg, then the other over his other leg. She was now kneeling, straddling his lap. She kissed him, then with her best little girl, innocent voice she said, "Daddy, if I wear this to the mall and you come with me, would you like to watch all the boys and men rape me right in front of you? Bend me over and fuck my little ass so you can watch their cum drool out of me? Would you like that, huh, Daddy?"

"Aw, shit, kitten! You're torturing me, you know that, don't you? Both of you? My God, you two are the most perverse, twisted, kinky, grade triple A sluts that God has ever seen fit to make. What have I done to be so lucky as to end up with the two of you?" Kari tugged on his shorts, trying to get at his hard on. He looked down at her. "And you too, you little three holed fuck toy."

Almost like they had arranged it, Lynn stepped closer to Rob, facing Sissy. She spread her legs and Sissy reached over and stuck two fingers in her mother's cunt. Lynn bent down and the two females exhanged a long, sloppy, passionate kiss with each other. When they broke apart, they both grinned at Rob. Lynn said, "I'm so glad we make you happy dear. You're helping us become sex sluts, so the least we can do is try to make you happy." Then she kissed Rob.

Sissy said, "Yeah, Daddy."

Lynn said, "It's getting about time that we headed over to get our new fuck toy. Are you going like that, dear?"

Rob flushed and said, "No, I'll put on a shirt."

Lynn looked pointedly at his crotch and said in her most sexy voice, "I wasn't talking about your clothes."

Rob unceremoniously dumped Sissy off of his lap and stood up. "Damn you two" he said with a grin. "I'm not gonna be able to go anywhere with you two without a perpetual hardon. God! I don't know if I can take this." He kissed his wife and grinned at Sissy. "Let me go throw a shirt on and we'll go." He shook his head as he walked out. "Christ! Almighty! Damn..." they heard him muttering under his breath as he left the room. Lynn and Sissy hugged each other and laughed.

Rob came back down and said, "Bobby's not home yet? Are we going without him?"

Lynn answered, "He's at his friend Jerry's. He... ummm, had something there he wanted to do and if he isn't home by now, then we should go without him. He... uh, may be having fun there." Rob caught the undercurrent of her comments, but decided not to worry about it. Bobby should be alright at his friend's. As they walked out to the car, Sissy whispered in her mother's ear and Lynn shook her head sharply and whispered back.

Sissy put Kari in her car seat and then buckled in. She had to sit gingerly as the butt plug made it a bit uncomfortable to sit down. Now she knew how her mother felt with that monster in her. But it did feel good for her ass to be filled.

Lynn stepped up and into the front seat, trying to find a position where the dress actually covered her snatch. It was a losing battle and she finally just hiked the hemline and sat bareassed on the seat, her cunt in full view. Fortunately, only a trucker would be high enough to see down that far.

As they drove to the pet store, Sissy told them about some of the dogs at the kennel. She said Ben had made a good choice and she liked the Rotty pretty well, in comparison to the others there. She said he was probably just the right size for both of them. The ones that she had taken were way too big to be comfortable, especially when they knotted her. Although she did allow that they certainly made her feel nicely stretched and filled up. She still didn't know how Karen and Sarah were able to take the biggest Danes and then knot with them.

Sissy said that she couldn't wait for mom to meet Sarah. It was going to be fun. And Karen was going to be there and wanted Rob to do her. Sissy said that Karen liked it really, really rough and there wasn't anything that Rob would be able to do that would be too rough or too painful for Karen. Sissy said that Sarah told her that Ben had a big paddle in his office and that Rob should ask Ben for it and then try to beat Karen unconscious with it. Sissy emphasized that there was no way that Rob could go too far in causing pain for Karen and that if he thought Mom could take a lot of pain, Karen would take a thousand percent more. Rob wondered just what he was in for.

They pulled up at the store and Lynn tried to figure out a way to get out of the car without fully exposing herself. After a few seconds, she realized that there wasn't any possible way so she just stepped out, bare from the waist down, cunt and ass visible to anyone in sight. She looked around and straightened the dress, pulling it down so she wasn't completely exposed. Walking on the high heels made her feel sexy and along with the dress, she actually didn't care who saw her or what they saw.

Sissy took Kari out of the car seat and holding her hand, they walked into the shop. There were several customers inside, looking at the various animals. As Lynn walked in, she drew everyone's attention. The women were open mouthed and the men almost started to drool. There were a couple of teenage boys who immediately tried to position themselves so they could see her body through the bare sides of the dress. As Lynn got to the middle of the store, one boy was so bold as to walk quickly over to a display in front of Lynn and crouch down as if he was trying to find something at the bottom. Which would have been hard since his eyes were fixed to Lynns bare crotch under the hem of the skirt.

Lynn saw him and turned slightly toward him, then spread her legs so he had a full view of her snatch. She held the pose for a while, much to the amusement of Rob and Sissy, then turned to Rob and said loudly, "Do we need any more of these?" Saying that, she bent at the waist, staying stiff legged, to point to an item that was on the bottom. Rob knew that she was giving the boy the full view of her bare cunt and asshole. He watched the boy just stare in awe, unable to move from his crouched position.

Sissy gave Kari's hand to Rob and moved past her mother, over to almost next to the crouching boy. She turned a little away from him and spread her legs, then bent down and picked up some random item, saying "Do we need this, Daddy?" in her little girl voice. Her ass, stuffed with the shiny chrome butt plug and most of her cunt were almost on top of the young boy. He was so conflicted he couldn't make up his mind which cunt/asshole combination to look at. Rob almost had feelings of pity for the poor kid.

Lynn stood up and moved to Rob's side and took his arm, squeezing it against her large tit. Rob said to Sissy, "No, dear, I don't think we need that right now."

Sissy said, "Oh, OK, Dad." She put the item back in place, reached back and grasped the handle of the butt plug and made like she was adjusting it for more comfortable fit as she stood up. She smoothed her ridiculously short skirt back in place and sashayed with exaggerated sexy hip swing back over to stand beside Rob. Then she turned back around to face the boy and looked pointedly right at him. He turned beet red and tried to stand up, but the tent in his pants made that awkward. He moved around a display, slightly crouched over until he got back to his friend.

Sissy turned back to face Lynn and they smiled at each other. There was only one salesperson/clerk, a young girl about sixteen or seventeen. She was helping a family getting some exotic fish out of an aquarium in a darkened alcove at the side of the store. A geeky looking guy, probably in his mid twenties, was walking around looking at the exotic reptiles. Sissy left her parents and sauntered past him, brushing against him slightly to get past, even though there was plenty of room in the aisle. Once past him, she found a cage that was on the lower level and made a point of bending down, again straight legged, to look at the cage inhabitant. And also giving the guy full view of her stuffed ass and pink slit. As if absentmindedly and unaware that anyone was looking at her, she reached back around and scratched the top inside of her thigh, which pulled her cunt lips open in doing so. Her pink slit winked as she scratched, then withdrew her hand to tap on the cage lightly. Right next to the card that said 'Do not tap on glass'. She held the pose as long as she could, then straightened up and moved over to another cage. She bent over only slightly, just enough so the hem of the skirt rode up, exposing the plug handle. Again she reached around to slightly adjust the handle, then straightened up and slowly turned around to face the poor guy. She smiled at him and made her way back past him, picking the side that gave her the smallest space to squeeze by. She turned so her new little tits were toward him, and pulling her shoulders back to accentuate the bustline, she smiled and said, "Excuse me" as she brushed against him, breasts against his arm.

She had a shit eating grin on her face as she joined her family. Rob was getting a kick out of the act these two were putting on. Lynn pulled Rob with her over to where a middle aged couple were looking at some birds. Well, the woman was looking at the birds. The man had been watching Lynn out of the corner of his eye and as she got closer, he turned to look at her. She smiled at him and holding Rob's hand, bent forward to look at some item at about knee level. This made her large breasts hang down, and the top of the dress exposed enough cleavage that the guy could probably see all the way down to her crotch. Lynn somehow moved her arm and the top fastener of the dress snapped open, causing the whole front to drop down, completely exposing both of her luscious tits hanging there. Lynn looked up and said very quietly, "Ooops!" and slowly put the item she was holding back down. Then she put her hand back to hold the top back clasp so it wouldn't fall, and she stood up, catching the clasp with her other hand. Both gorgeous globes were fully bare, proudly standing out with rock hard nipples on display.

Lynn took her time fumbling with the clasp, trying to get the dress back over her and hooked together. When she finally succeeded in getting covered up again, she looked up at the couple. The man had a grin on his face and the woman had a very sour one. The biddy tugged at his arm, pulling him away from his pleasant view. No one else had seen what went on, except Rob and Sissy, who had to look away several times to keep from cracking up completely. That probably didn't matter though, as the guy wasn't even aware of their presence while Lynn was exposing herself. Lynn walked back to Rob with a satisfied grin on her face.

Sissy looked around and saw that the two teen boys had moved closer, keeping her and Lynn in view. She whispered to Rob, "Daddy, watch." She walked directly to the two boys, right up to the one who hadn't had the audacity to come closer and put her arms around his neck. She looked at him and whispered to him, "Would you take me outside and fuck me? My dad will give you the keys to the car so we can do it in it. Or you can just bend me over outside. Whichever you like."

His friend, the one who had crouched down and gotten the full monty view, laughed and said, "Yeah, dude. Go do her. I dare ya!" The boy that Sissy was hanging onto was stammering. Sissy let go of him and grabbed the brash one by the crotch and said to him, "You think you're man enough to fuck me?" She reached for her top and pulled it down to her waist, exposing her budding tits to him. When all he could do was stare at them, she gripped him tighter and said quietly, "What'sa matter. Ya never seen tits before?" Now it was his friends turn to laugh at his buddy. But he was smart enough not to open his mouth.

Sissy let go of the kid's balls and said, "I didn't think so." She muttered under her breath, "Whadda fuckhead", then turned to the first boy and took his hand and led him out the front door. She looked around to find a secluded place. There wasn't much besides a dumpster at the side of the buiding. She led the boy over there around the side of the dumpster and started to undo his pants. She looked up at him and said, "I'm serious. I want you to fuck me, right here, right now!"

Sissy got his pants undone and pulled them and his underpants down. His hard cock popped up and she engulfed it with her mouth. Grasping the shaft with one hand she pumped it while bobbing her head up and down the length of it. It tasted good and it was exciting doing it outside where people could see them. The guy groaned as she worked the shaft. She knew he wasn't gonna last long enough for a fuck, but she sure was gonna get some cum. Pumping the shaft with her hand, she licked the underside with her tongue. It didn't take much of this before he groaned again and grabbed her head with his hands. He bucked into her mouth as his cum spurted out. Sissy swallowed as fast as she could, enjoying the taste of his semen. He held her tightly to him until she had sucked every drop out of him.

When he finally let go of her head, she let his cock pop out of her mouth. She looked up at him and licked her lips, smiling. She helped him pull his pants back up and get them fastened, then she took his arm, pressed it tightly to her bare tit and walked him back into the store. Seeing his friend standing there looking at them, she stood up on tippy toes and gave the nice boy a peck on the cheek. She smiled warmly at him and said, "Thank you. That tasted good." With that she walked back over to her parents. Rob pointed to her chest and she looked down, then looked around and covered her mouth with her hand, said "Ooops" and pulled the top back up to cover her titties up. Several of the customers had seen her bare chest. Every one of them watched as the four of them walked around the store, looking at things.

The teen sales girl finally came over to them. As she walked up, she looked Lynn up and down and said, "Wow, you're hot!" Thinking that she'd shock the girl, she said nicely, "Why, thank you. Would you like a taste?" The girl looked at her sweetly and said, "Honey, I'd eat you for hours. If I can get someone to cover for me, let's go in the back room. You're stunning!"

Lynn wasn't prepared for that kind of response and didn't have a ready comeback. Rob decided to come to her rescue and said, "I believe Ben is expecting us. We're here to pick up our new dog." The girl's eyebrows shot up and she said, "Oh? What kind?"

Sissy said, "Ben has a Rottweiler for us that we checked out with Karen on Wednesday."

The girl grinned and said, "Oh, honey, you're going to like him. He can go like a jackhammer. Have you had him yet?"

Sissy said, "No, but Mom tried him out. He's going to be her dog."

Looking at Lynn, the girl said, "He's good, right?" Then to Sissy, she said, "But you're gonna share, aren't cha? I mean, he'll do you both, one right after the other, then start over again. I really like him. Fits good."

Lynn was totally surprised by what the girl said. "You've had him?"

"Oh, yeah. Karen and I did him a couple of times. I didn't get knotted but she did, several times. Guess I'll just have to try him again."

It was interesting to see Lynn confounded and not able to come up with a smart remark. Sissy too. Rob finally said, "Uh, where's Ben? I think he's expecting us."

The girl said, "Oh they're all in the back room. You know where that is, right? Go on in." She turned away to go help other customers. It was all Lynn could do to hang on to Rob's arm and follow as Sissy led them to the hallway and down to the back room. Sissy knocked on the door.

Ben opened the door and a big smile lit up his face. "Ah, Rob! Lynn! Sissy! And my lovely little delightful Kari. C'mon in." He bent down and picked up Kari, holding her with one arm and slipping his hand under her dress between her legs to feel her warm little slit with the finger of the other. Kari turned and put her arms around his neck and hugged him, letting him finger her little hole. She knew what was in store when that started to happen.

They walked into the room and were a little more than surprised. Karen lay back on the futon bed, with the Rottweiler over her, fucking her open hole while her mother Sarah fisted her asshole. Sarah smiled at them and said, "Hi! We were just getting the dog warmed up for you. C'mere Sissy. You can feel his hard cock through the walls of her ass. C'mon dear, hurry up before he finishes." Sissy, having spent the afternoon the day before doing all kinds of perverted things with the two, moved over and knelt down beside Sarah. Karen said, "Hi, Sis!"

Sarah took Sissy's arm with her free hand and put it next to hers as it pumped in her daughter's rectum. She said, "Get ready. I'll pull out and you stick your fist in, OK? You can feel him pumping into her cunt if you press your palm against the ass wall. Ready?" Sissy nodded and Sarah pulled her fist out, and Sissy inserted hers in her friend's gaping asshole. Karen just moaned with pleasure at the intrusion. Sissy felt around with her hand, then exclaimed, "I can feel it! He's really going at it. I think I can feel his knot too. He must be cumming."

Sarah stood up and turned to them. Rob couldn't figure out what exactly she had on and how it stayed on. It looked like a two piece bathing suit, but from the back, he had seen that she looked totally naked. Even her asshole was exposed when she was bent over. The front had a short piece of cloth covering her breasts, and looked like it was attached with a silver rod going through it in two places. The bottom was a tiny triangle of cloth, but there were no strings attached to it to hold it either up or on.

As Sarah got closer, she noticed Rob's appraising look at her. She smiled and did a pirouette, asking "You like it? It's my own creation." When she was next to them, she lifted the hand that had just been fist fucking her daughter'a ass and stuck the fingers in Lynn's mouth. The two women locked eyes and Lynn licked the fingers in her mouth. Sarah stared into her eyes and said, "Oh I'm going to really enjoy doing you, my dear."

Ben was standing next to them, holding Kari and working a finger in and out of her tight little hole. The little girl was really enjoying the feelings and was cooing and moaning with pleasure, holding on around Ben's neck. He smelled good and he certainly was making her feel good.

Rob and Ben watched Sissy work her fist inside Karen's rectum while the Rotty was knotted in the girl's cunt. Sarah had caressed Lynn's face with her other hand while Lynn laved the fingers in her mouth. Then Sarah pulled the hand away and grasped Lynn's nipples through the thin fabric and used them as handles to pull Lynn to her. The two kissed passionately.

Without breaking the kiss, Sarah took Lynn's hands and brought them up to the ends of the metal rod. She closed Lynn's hands over the ends then holding them in place, pulled back away. Lynn felt the rod pulling against her hands while Sarah moaned and lifted the material to show that the rod went through both of her nipples. THAT was what was holding it on. Sarah's nipples were stretched and her breasts were pulled out under that material.

Rob couldn't figure out where to focus his attention. On one side, his little two year old was being deeply finger fucked. And liking it. On the other side, his wife was making out with another woman who had a quarter inch rod through her nipples. In front of him, his daughter was fisting the ass of Ben's daughter while their new Rottweiler was knotted in the girl's cunt. After Lynn and Sissy's escapades in the store, Rob was at a total loss to even guess what would come next.

Ben got Rob's attention saying, "I've just got to get my cock into this little one. Sarah, dear, would you and Lynn like to help me?" Sarah leaned in, releasing the tension on her tits and said to Lynn, "Let's watch your little daughter get fucked, dear. I've been looking forward to seeing that." Lynn nodded, her arousal building with the thought of another stranger putting his cock in her little daughter. The two women moved over so they flanked Ben. He said, "What's the best way to do this, Lynn? I certainly don't want to hurt the little one."

Lynn said, "She's had it two ways. You can sit her on your lap and enter her that way from the rear, or I can sit down with her on my lap and you can kneel down and enter her from the front. With her on your lap, we can all see your cock in her cunt better, but you can get a better stroke into her the other way. Whichever you prefer."

Ben said he'd like to stroke into her better, so Lynn touched the two fasteners of her dress and it dropped to the floor. Both Sarah and Ben took deep breaths at the sight of Lynn's naked body. She walked to a chair and sat down, motioning for Ben to hand Kari to her. When she had the little girl in her lap, she draped Kari's legs outside of her own, opening the little cunt up to view. Lynn scooted her ass forward until both of their cunts were over the front edge of the chair. Once situated like that, she pillowed Kari back against her breasts.

Ben knelt down in front of the two, his hard cock sticking out. Sarah got some lube and and gently applied a generous amount to Kari's little hole. The little girl moaned with pleasure as the woman massaged her little clit. Then Sarah lubed up Ben's cock and he was ready to go. He moved forward a ways and put his cock head at the entrance to the little hole, then gently inched it up, little bit by little bit. Kari was grinning and moaning with pleasure and being the center of attention. She really enjoyed this kind of playing.

The tightness and warmth of Kari's little hole enveloped Ben's cock. He shivered at how good it felt moving up into the little honey pot. He kept slowly advancing his hard rod up into the little one until he felt her cervix bump against his cock head. As soon as Kari felt that, she tried to push down against it. Ben pulled back, then stroked up all the way, again hitting the little womb. Kari groaned with pleasure.

Ben continued to pull almost all the way back then stroking up into Kari's little cunt. The little girl wasn't laughing and giggling any more. She was moaning and trying to push down against the cock each time it thrust into her. The pleasure she got from the pressure against her tiny cervix and the large cock filling her up was starting those tingles again. She really, really liked doing this kind of playing.

For Ben, it had been a long time since he had as young a cunt as this on his cock. Each stroke into the little tyke brought him that much closer to orgasm and it didn't take long to build up for him. He couldn't resist thrusting hard into Kari's tight hole, but the position Lynn had her in kept him from going too far. She held her daughter so Ben's cock head just bottomed out on the little cervix and she could feel Kari trying to push into it each time. Just like with the real estate man, Kari suddenly stiffened and gave a little scream, tears starting to well up. Ben thought he had hurt her, but Lynn was ready for this and said, "Don't stop. She's fine, just keep stroking in." Ben followed her instructions and kept up his thrusts, bottoming out again with each stroke. Kari still tried to press down, crying and tears streaming down her cheeks.

Ben finally couldn't hold it back any longer and he gave one sharp thrust up into her little cunt. His cockhead bottomed out hard and Kari screamed loudly, then stiffened her legs and started shaking, gasping for breath as Lynn held her tight and Ben spewed his spunk up into her hot little cunt. It felt like his asshole was being pulled out through his cock, the orgasm was so strong.

The dog's cock had popped out of Karen's cunt while Ben was fucking Kari, and Sissy had extracted her fist from her friend's ass. The two just sat and watched the little girl take an adult cock and reach orgasm. When Kari screamed, Sissy said "Way to go, sis!" Sarah had joined Rob after she had lubed the two and they stood together and watched his little daughter being fucked. Rob had put his arm around Sarah, cupping her breast and feeling the holes in her nipple that the rod was going through. Sarah in turn had extracted Rob's cock and was stroking it with her hand, wanting to get it into one of her holes.

Tears were streaming down Kari's cheeks and she was crying, gasping and moaning all at the same time. Her little legs trembled and shook. Amazingly as Ben started to pull out of her, she cried, "NO, Mommy, mo' do mo'! Fee good." Hearing this, Ben pushed his cock back up into her cunt and Kari went back to groaning and panting hard. Ben started to gradually pull out and she kicked her legs and moaned, "No, no, no. Do mo'." Ben wasn't even getting soft, so he just held his cock all the way up inside little Kari and she groaned and gurgled and panted, finally calming and quieting down. Once her breathing was back to normal and she relaxed back against her mother's large breasts, Lynn nodded to Ben and he slowly pulled his deflating cock out of her little hole. Once he was all the way out, she laid there, softly moaning and cooing.

Sarah said, "One of the best orgasms I've seen in a long while, including Karen's. Sissy. Karen. Would either of you like to do the honors of cleaning my husband's cum out of the little one?"

Karen looked at Sissy and said, "You take the first licks, I'll follow you." Sissy quickly moved over between Lynn's legs and bent down to lick her little sister's drooling hole. Ben's cum tasted good, with a hint of spiciness. She tried to see how far up in the little hole she could get her tongue, then pulled back and lapped at the spend flowing out of Kari's cunt. Her sister's ministrations on her little cunt seemed to bring Kari back to life and she started wiggling her hips and laughing again. "Fee' good, Mommy" she said to Lynn.

Karen moved along side Sissy and said, "Trade my dad's cum for your dog's cum, kid?" Sissy moved aside and Karen took over laving Kari's cunt. Sissy slid down and laid back with her head between Karen's legs, raising up to lick the dripping dog cum from her friend's slit.

Sarah couldn't resist the sight of Sissy's cunt and butt plugged ass. She knelt down and started lapping at Sissy's cunt. The girl shivered with pleasure as Sarah's talented tongue tickled her slit and clit. Then Sarah threw Sissy's legs up over her shoulders and grasped the handle of the butt plug and pulled steadily on it until it popped out of Sissy's ass. She looked it over, finding several small lumps of the girl's shit on it and licked each one off. Once she had cleaned the plug thoroughly, she applied her tongue to the gaping asshole in front of her. Sticking her tongue in the hole, she tried to work it around, reaming the hole as it closed up. Not getting a lot, she pulled back and stuck two fingers into Sissy's rectum, feeling around for any pieces of the girl's shit. Finding one, she pulled her finger out and licked it off. Then she plunged them back in again to find more.

Rob was both slightly repulsed and yet very fascinated and aroused by what Sarah was doing. He'd seen one or two scat movies before so it wasn't completely foreign to him, though he had just never enjoyed the massive smearing and wallowing in feces that they featured. But watchng Sarah take... ummmm, such relish in his daughter's excrement was sort of arousing. Rob moved over behind Sarah, wanting to find out just how the small triangle of cloth was attached to her. He'd felt the rod going through the holes in her nipples, but how the little triangle was attached escaped him.

Rob figured that Sarah wouldn't mind him feeling around a little bit, so he knelt down behind her and ran his hands down her slit and into her cunt. She looked over her shoulder and wiggled her hips and said, "That's nice Rob. My ass could use a reaming out if your cock is up to it." That sounded like a good offer and Rob inserted his finger into her pucker. Then two. Then three. The woman's sphincter was amazingly elastic. A fourth finger followed and Sarah moaned, then said over her shoulder, "Feels good, Rob. Put your whole fist in. I enjoy that." Rob didn't even have to fold his thumb into his palm, all five fingers fit through her opening. He worked his hand around, feeling her huge rectum expand with his probing. She could certainly take some huge objects in her ass. He wondered just what had been in there. Her dog and its knot he figured, for starters.

Sarah was moaning a little with the stimulation of him moving his fist around in her. He started punching up into her, and she groaned louder. After a few minutes, he could pull his clenched fist all the way out of her, then punch back up into her, all the way into her rectum, then repeat. Sarah just moaned and groaned, enjoying the penetration. Ben bent down and whispered in Rob's ear, "She really likes that. The rougher the better. If you get tired, just put the other hand in too."

Rob was intrigued by the thought of putting two fists inside her ass. Lynn had talked about wanting to be able to do that kind of thing, but maybe Sarah had actually accomplished it. So he put his other hand along side the one already in her and started working it in. It didn't take him long before the elasticity of her hole allowed his second hand to slip inside her. Sarah moaned loudly and Rob started alternating the two hands, one in then other out, then back in and first one out. He figured that once stretched out, she could probably take a two liter soda bottle in her. It was an amazing gape when he pulled both hands out of her.

Ben said to Rob, "Really stretches doesn't she. I've gotten my foot in her. It's really entertaining to see just what we can stuff up into her."

Rob nodded and said, "Lynn wants to be able to do the same thing. She wants to be stretched as far as possible."

"It takes some time and effort," Ben said to him, "but as you can see, it can be done. If you want to have a good fuck, let me show you something." Rob pulled his hands out of Sarah's ass and Ben pulled her back and turned her over. He pushed a silver rod that went through the triangle of cloth and slid it over and out. Then he did the same thing with a second one and the cloth came away from Sarah's cunt. He put two fingers through each of two holes in Sarah's cunt lip on one side then did the same with the other lip. With two fingers through the huge holes in her labia, he roughly pulled them apart, stretching them wide.

Ben said, "Lube your cock up good and get ready for fun." Rob grabbed the lube and smeared some on his cock. Ben directed him, "OK, move over here and get the head right at the top of her hole. If you put your finger down here", he indicated with his thumb "you can feel the opening of her pee hole. Hold your cock and just slide it in. It may take a few tries but you'll know when you get it in there."

Rob held his cock and tried to feel for the small hole. The head slipped into Sarah's vagina a couple of times before she reached down and grasped it and guided it to her urethra. When the head slipped inside, Rob gasped. He slowly pushed into the super tight hole while Sarah started loudly moaning and shaking. As he slid into her pee hole, she arched her back so only the top of her head and her butt were on the floor. Rob pushed all the way in and Sarah screamed out. Ben said, "Stroke in and out and watch what she does."

Rob pulled back then thrust all the way back into her. Sarah screamed and shook, her back arched and legs stiff. Each stroke into her got a loud groan or scream and the shaking never stopped. The sheath of her urethra was so tight and felt so good that Rob soon jerked and spurted his cum up into Sarah's bladder. She gasped and screamed and shook all the while he had stroked into her. Once he had cum in her, Rob slowly pulled out and Sarah started to calm down and lay on the floor, panting and groaning.

Ben put his fingers back through the holes in his wife's labia and stretched them wide apart so Rob could see down the stretched hole. As she lay there, his cum started draining out of her bladder, down her urethra and out into her cunt. Ben called Sissy and Lynn to come take a look. They crowded around and watched Rob's cum drain out. Sissy couldn't resist and leaned down and stuck her tongue in the still gaping hole. She licked and thrust her tongue as far up as she could, tasting the familiar taste of her dad's cum mixed with Sarah's urine and some of her cunt juices. It was delicious.

Sissy pulled back and said to Lynn, "Have a taste, Mom." Lynn bent down and stuck her tongue in and lapped up what she could get. Sarah propped herself up on her elbows and watched the action at her crotch. Kari had been petting the dog as he lay quietly on the floor after fucking Karen. She toddled over to Sarah, who laid back down and pulled the little girl over her, She had Kari squat over her mouth and vigorously licked the little one's cunt hole. It wasn't long before this position and Sarah's tongue caused a normal action in the toddler and soon she was peeing in Sarah's mouth. The woman was overjoyed and swallowed as fast as her mouth filled. She took every bit and licked the remaining drops when the stream stopped. Then she started tonguing the tiny asshole, trying to get her tongue as far in as she could. Kari liked this sensation and muttered and laughed. After a bit of such stimulation of her nether hole, the squatting position again triggered a natural function and a stream of little girl shit flowed out of her ass.

Sarah moaned in delight and clasped the little one's butt tight to her mouth, taking every bit as fast as she could and swallowing it all down. Since Lynn had given Kari a good enema the day before, there wasn't a whole lot in her, but Sarah took it all and then licked the tot's ass completely clean.

Rob was watching this with Ben standing next to him. Indicating Sarah and Kari, he said, "Your wife seems to like that, doesn't she?"

Ben grinned and said, "Yep, she a real shit slut. Loves it."

"Doesn't it make her sick? I mean swallowing feces?" asked Rob.

"It hasn't. And she's been doing it a long time. She actually picked it up from Karen." Ben said.

"Karen! My God, she does it too?" Rob asked incredulously.

"Karen started really early, when she wasn't much older than Kari is now. I'd started fucking her and eventually started doing her ass. She loved to suck me after I'd pulled out and doing it after I'd been in her ass got her started, I guess. Anyway, it wasn't long before she was eating her own whenever the urge hit her. Sarah was in the bathroom with her one day and Sarah had just taken a dump. When she stood up, Karen reached in and grabbed a huge turd and stuck it in her mouth. Sarah wasn't paying alot of attention and she realized what Karen had done and had downed almost all of it. Sarah tried to stop her, but from then on there wasn't much we could do. She does it mostly now when she's sexually aroused, but she'll try eating just about anything. The act of doing it sexually excites her."

"Lynn mentioned some videos on the net that had women swallowing various live creatures." Rob told him.

"That might as well have been Karen. Obviously, with a pet store at her disposal, she has tried quite a few things. It can get costly sometimes." Ben grinned. "Want to have a demonstration? Karen, honey, come here."

Karen came over and grasped her father's cock and stroked it while giving him a kiss. "What, Daddy?"

"Could you go get a couple of baby mice and show us your swallowing skills?" Ben asked his daughter.

She squealed and said, "Oh, I'd love to, Daddy!" She turned to Sissy and said, "Sis! C'mon!" The two naked girls walked out the door.

Rob said to Ben, "Should they be going out in the store like that?"

Ben smiled. "We keep a lot of the feeder mice and pinks in a back room. They won't have to go out into the store area. At least I hope they don't, for the customer's sakes."

"That young sales girl you have. When we told her we were here to pick up the dog, she made it plain that she... umm, is intimately familiar with him. Does she do them. And the snakes?" Rob asked Ben.

"Gail? Yeah. She's a good kid. Parents are friends of ours. Want to fuck her? I'll call her in here so you can." Ben offered.

Rob shook his head. "No, no, that's alright. She just seemed pretty open and familiar with those things."

Ben nodded. "She and Karen take the dogs all the time. She's probably had most of the same critters in her as Karen has. She's a little minx. She really enjoyed being corrupted by Karen. If you want some time with Gail, I'll let her know."

"She looks like she'd be fun. Maybe some other time. Do you do all of your employees?" Rob asked, grinning.

"Yeah, mostly. One way or another, they seem to get 'indoctrinated'. Some just want to work here originally because they're curious about doing things with animals. Some just fall under Karen's spell. Some, like Gail, we know the family and they're aware of what goes on."

"And they're OK with it?" Rob asked incredulously. "I'd have thought most people would run away screaming in disgust and revulsion, if they didn't report you to the police."

"Well, we belong to a very private 'lifestyle' group. Have for years. So few of them would be put off knowing what we do. I really can't tell you more than that, though."

"Shit, Ben, Lynn and I'd give anything to know a group like that. We've been so scared and paranoid for so many years. I feel badly for the kids. They've had to keep the secrets and couldn't let anyone know anything. You're the first ones we've ever even let know anything. And I was scared shitless to even let you know what the dog was for, until you told me some things and I found that I could probably trust you. You don't know what that took to do, though!"

Ben grinned at him. "Oh yes I do, Rob. We all know very well. We've been in the same situation and I wasn't real comfortable sharing some stuff with you, but when you and Lynn opened up and then when Karen told me about Lynn and Sissy, Sarah and I decided that we could see how you reacted with us. Now that we know as much as we do about you and your family, and what you all do, I'll let a few special friends know that you can be trusted and I'm sure you will all find yourselves in good company."

Rob felt like a weight had been lifted from his shoulders. "You don't know how many times recently that Lynn and I have wanted to be able to share with others. Doing all this with your family is just the most liberating, and sexually exciting thing for us. Lynn has these really deep, kinky desires and I want to help her indulge them, and it would mean being exposed to others outside our family. So being able to share with you is just beyond our wildest dreams so far."

Ben leaned close to Rob and said, "Just between you and me? I can guarantee that you will be very hard pressed to keep up with these bitches once they get going. But I suspect that you've started to find that out." Ben grinned broadly at him.

Rob nodded his understanding and agreement. Then the door opened and the two girls pranced back in the room. Sissy ran up to Rob and threw her arms around his neck. "Hi, Daddy!" Karen walked over to her dad. Neither girl had anything in their hands, nor did it look like they had brought anything in with them. Rob looked at his daughter with puzzlement, as she just hung on his neck, grinning a silly grin.

"Well, aren't you going to ask where the mice are?" Sissy finally asked him. Without letting him answer, she whispered, "Stick your finger in my cunt, as far as you can" and she spread her legs. Rob suddenly knew what he'd find. He inserted a finger up into her hole and immediately felt a small, moving object.

"So you've finally gotten to have a mouse up in you, huh, babe?" He kissed her.

Karen took Sissy's hand and pulled her over to the chair, saying, "Yeah, but watch." She pushed Sissy back and knelt between her spread legs, pushing two fingers up into Sissy's cunt. She felt around a bit, then finally slowly pulled her fingers out, and the pink/gray baby mouse with them. She held it up by the tail as it squirmed, showing it to everyone. Kari ran over the second she saw it and clapped her hands, saying "Mousey!!"

Karen smiled, tilted her head back and lifting the little mouse up, dropped it into her mouth. She stood up and walked over to Rob and put her arms around his neck, giving him a kiss. He wasn't about to open his mouth or tongue kiss her, so she pulled back slightly and opened her mouth. The little critter wiggled and squirmed on her tongue. Karen worked the mouse out so that its hind legs and tail were outside, then closed her lips on it. Then she slowly and sensuously sucked it back into her, opening her mouth to show Rob the mouse laying at the back of her tongue. Keeping her mouth wide open, she let the mouse slowly slide back and down her throat, then swallowed it down. Looking him right in the eyes, she said, "Like that, Rob? Want to see your daughter do it? Swallow a live mouse down into her tummy?" Karen reached down and grabbed his hardening cock and smiled. "I can tell from this that you would, huh?"

She laughed and walked back over to Sissy. They traded places, with Karen laying back in the chair. She crooked her finger at Rob and said in a sexy voice, "C'mere, Rob and fuck the little mice in my cunt with that nice cock. Dare ya." She took hold of her cunt lips and pulled them apart, exposing her pink hole. No mice were to be seen though.

Rob looked at Ben, who grinned at him. Rob knew she didn't believe that he'd actually do what she dared him, so he walked over and knelt down. He got his cock into position and with one stroke, jammed it all the way up into Karen's cunt. He looked down at her and said, "You mean, like that?" Then he started pulling back and roughly jamming his cock back up into her, not worrying about hurting her. She groaned in response. Rob stroked a few times and Karen looked at Sissy and said, "Your dad's kewl. I want to fuck him all the time, if that's OK with you."

Sissy nodded her assent. "You'll have to talk to Mom though, I think."

Rob pulled out of her with a grin on his face. Karen reached forward and grabbed Sissy and pushed her head down into the hole her dad had just pulled out of. Sissy didn't object at all, and lapped her friend's cunt enthusiastically. Then she pushed two fingers up inside Karen and tried to feel the mice. She could feel them but couldn't grasp one to pull it out. Karen said, "Daddy, looks like we're gonna need some tools."

Ben laughed and walked over to a counter and opened a drawer. He pulled out a plastic speculum and then in another drawer he found a pair of long forceps. He went over and knelt between his daughter's legs and licked the blades of the speculum. Then he pushed it inside his daughter and cranked it as far open as he could. Karen moaned with pleasure at this. Ben then put the forceps down inside the gaping hole and got one mouse. He pulled it out and dropped it on Karen's tummy.

"How many did you put in you, dear?" he asked her. "Only three, Daddy" was her reply. So Ben fished around with the forceps and got another one and laid it on her tummy next to the other one. Karen played with them with her fingers.

"Can't seem to get the other one. Sarah, maybe you can help," he said as he pulled the spec out of his daughter's gaped hole. Sarah smiled at Rob and Lynn and joined Ben. Kari was right at Karen's side, wanting to play with the 'mousey's'. Karen picked one up by the tail and let the toddler touch it and play with it. Meanwhile, Sarah had put some lube on her hand and started to work three fingers up into her daughter's hole. The two of them had obviously done this a lot, as it took next to no time before Sarah had her whole hand up inside Karen's cunt.

Karen put the mouse back down on her abdomen and pulled her legs wide apart. Sarah twisted and turned her fist inside of Karen, making her moan with pleasure. Sarah picked up the two mice and handed them to Sissy to hold, then said to the others, "Watch this."

She got up on her feet, keeping her fist inside of Karen. She then made as big a fist as she could inside her daughter and then started lifting up. Karen's membranes and tissues around her cunt bulged out from the pressure and Sarah actually dragged Karen off the chair with just the pressure of her fist in the girl's cunt. She continued lifting until Karen was in a handstand, being held up and steadied by Sarah's fist inside her. Sarah told Ben to come help her, and he moved next to her and grasped her wrist with both of his hands. They both looked at Lynn and Rob, then Ben lifted up and Karen raised her hands off the floor until she was dangling in the air, held up only by pressure of Sarah's fist in her cunt. Karen squealed loudly in ecstasy, then put her hands back down to support herself as she was lowered back down.

Once Karen was back down on the floor, Sarah relaxed her fist and it popped out of her daughter's cunt. She opened it up to reveal the last mouse, a bit worse for the wear. She offered it to Lynn, who politely declined, so Sarah popped it into her mouth. Doing like her daughter did, closing her lips around it with only the hindquarters sticking out, she turned to Rob and started to give him a full mouse kiss. This time, he had gotten a lot bolder as well as aroused, and he kissed Sarah back. She pushed the rodent into his mouth with her tongue and then pulled back to smile at him.

Rob grabbed Lynn and immediately planted a big kiss on her, working her lips open with his tongue until he could push the mouse into her mouth. Lynn took it reluctantly, but found that it really wasn't that bad. There was no real taste at all and it was making very little movement, after what it had already been through.

Rob grasped Lynn's nipples and squeezed them hard, causing her pain. "Swallow it, slut!" he ordered. Lynn flushed with embarrassment, but opened her mouth like she had seen Karen do, and showed her husband the mouse on her tongue. It was hard for her to do, but she finally let the mouse slide back and down her throat, finally swallowing it down. She kept her mouth open, showing him that it was all gone. Rob twisted hard on her nipples and kissed her. "That's a good slut," he said.

Sissy was so turned on by this that she was hopping from one foot to the other. She stood in front of her father and held the two baby mice out in her open palm, offering them to her daddy. Rob knew instinctively what she wanted, so he took one by the tail and lifted it up, putting his other hand lightly on her throat. She tilted her head back and opened her mouth, and he dropped the rodent into her. Looking at Rob and Lynn she showed them the mouse then with a gulp swallowed it down. Rob felt her throat contract as the mouse went down. Sissy smiled at her parents and gave them both a kiss.

Little Kari was tugging at Rob and Lynn, saying, "Mousey fo' me?" and pointing to her mouth. Lynn was very apprehensive and squeezed Rob's arm and shook her head 'no'. Rob wasn't sure about it either, but the little girl kept insisting, pestering them. Sissy held the last mouse out on her hand.

Sarah bent down and picked Kari up. "You want mousey too, Kari?" The little one nodded. To Lynn and Rob she said, "It's not going to hurt her and she's at the age when she'll be putting worse things in her mouth. This is a good way to teach her what and when to do things like that. Believe me." She smiled at Karen, who nodded. Sarah took the mouse from Sissy and held it up to Kari. "Hold out your hands, dear, and you can play with the mousey." Kari held her hands out and Sarah put the mouse in them. Kari giggled and played with the tiny creature. She started to put it into her mouth, but Sarah stopped her.

"No, you don't put things in your mouth unless mommy or daddy let you. You understand? Only mommy or daddy can let you put things in your mouth. OK?" Kari nodded and Sarah let her play with the mouse again. Sarah said to Rob and Lynn, "Just give her a little while." She held Kari while the toddler played with the mouse. She picked it up in her hand and held it out to Lynn and said, "Mousey!" Then with her other hand she pointed to her mouth. "Fo' me?"

Lynn said, "No, honey, not in your mouth. That's only for mommy and daddy and Sissy. You can play with it, but you can't put it in your mouth. OK, honey?" Kari nodded and continued to play with the little thing. After a little while she tried to hand the mouse to Lynn, who took it from her. "Sissy! Mousey!" the little girl said.

They all looked at Sissy, who shrugged and opened her mouth. Rob nodded to Lynn, who dropped the mouse into her daughter's open mouth. Sissy kept her mouth open, flipping the little thing around and over with her tongue, showing everyone.

Sissy held her arms out to Kari and took her from Sarah. She showed li'l squirt the mouse in her mouth, then gave the child a kiss. Pulling back, Sissy opened her mouth up and Kari stuck a finger in to touch the mouse. Sissy closed her lips on the finger, trapping it, much to the delight of the toddler. They did this a few times, then Sissy looked at Lynn and Rob. She tucked the mouse into her cheek and said, "Daddy, will you hold Kari and put your cock into her? I want to watch you enter her while I swallow this mouse for the two of you. OK?"

Rob could tell that Sissy was really aroused and wanted badly to do that. Rob took Kari from her and held her to him, his hard erection just under her little cunt. He said to Sissy, "Honey, will you guide my cock into your little sister's hole for me?" Sissy's face lit up. Sarah had the lube ready and put some on Sissy hands. Bending down, Sissy stroked the head and shaft of her daddy's cock, getting it lubed good. Then she smeared some on her little sister's hole for good measure. Grasping Rob's shaft, she held it pointed at the little slit as Rob lowered his little daughter down onto it. Having been fucked by Ben, then fingered, Kari was nicely loose. Rob's well lubed cock slipped easily up into her. The little girl giggled and moaned and hugged her daddy.

After they were situated, Rob started moving his hips, stroking gently into Kari. Sissy watched his cock slide up into her little sister, then stood up and put her arms around both of them. She opened her mouth to show the mouse still in it and while Rob was thrusting into Kari, she swallowed it down.

Previous to this day, Rob hadn't thought that would be erotic at all, but in this context he was charged up. All of them watched as he stroked his cock up into his little daughter's cunt. Kari was moaning with delight, hugging her daddy and trying to push down onto him. She started panting and gave a groan each time his cock bottomed out against her cervix. Kari was muttering somewhat incoherently. "Daddy, daddy daddy, mo' good, daddy daddy." She felt so delightful on Rob's cock and he lowered her down a little more so she got more pressure when he hit her cervix, as he had noticed that she really liked that.

He was banging her hard and she was mewling and crying as he pumped into her. She started shaking and crying, then her body stiffened and she let out a loud cry. Her hot little cunt and her response to him brought him off and he started spurting his cum up into her. Little Kari clung to him for dear life and just murmured "daddy, daddy, daddy, daddy" over and over again, tears streaming down her cheeks. Lynn and Rob had seen her do this before so they just watched, with Rob keeping his cock inside her and Lynn stroking and patting her back.

Karen had her arm around her mother and said, "Wow, she really gets off on that! Did I do that when daddy first fucked me at that age?"

Sarah smiled lovngly at her daughter and said, "Yes, dear, pretty much like that. You really enjoyed it too, although you seemed to like it more when he fucked you in the ass."

Karen reached out and grasped her father's cock and said, "Mmmmmmmm. I still do. I LOVE feeling my daddy's cock jamming into my ass." Then she said quietly to her mom and dad, "They're a pretty neat family, aren't they?"

Ben and Sarah nodded and Ben whispered, "I think they're going to fit in to our circle real well."

Karen leaned over and kissed Ben and said, "Yeah, Daddy, you just want to fuck her little two year old holes, doncha? I know you too well." Ben grinned at her. "But it will be nice having them to play with."

Lynn, Rob and Sissy were huddled together, Lynn and Sissy caressing Kari, while Rob's cock still throbbed inside her little cunt. After a while, Lynn smiled and said, "I'll bet she's going to sleep well again tonight." Rob nodded.

Sissy asked her mom, "I know I was a little older, but did I react like that when dad was first doing me?"

Lynn reached out and stroked Sissy's hair and gazed into her eyes, remembering exactly how she took it. "You sure did, sweetheart. We couldn't keep you off of your dad's cock. You wanted to be carried around with it inside you. I've never seen you so happy as when you had Rob's hard cock inside you. Either hole."

"I'm still like that, I think" Sissy said. "I can't get enough cock, Dad's or anyone's. I love being a cock hungry slut. And I love that you want that too, Mom. You've been so awesome these last weeks. I don't know what got into you, but I'm loving it." Rob nodded his assent.

Ben, Sarah and Karen had moved over next to them and had heard what Sissy said. Lynn looked at them and held out her arm, saying "Yes, I love it too and I'm so glad that we've found these wonderful people to share it with." To Sarah she said, "Does it ever quiet down or go back to 'normal' once you start like this?"

All three shook their heads. Sarah said, "Not at all. The activities come and go, like the phases of the moon, but no, it never goes back to staid, boring old normal. Once you get a taste of the wild side, you're sorta hooked. But we'll be so happy to help you explore and enjoy your kinky side. We've 'been there, done that', like the kids say."

The dog had all but been forgotten in the frantic sexual activities. He'd been laying over in a corner, mostly asleep, but had now gotten up and his cold nose was poking and sniffing at Lynn's crotch from behind her. She jumped at the touch then remembered the whole reason for being here. She turned around and knelt down and scratched the Rotty's head and ears, baby-talking to him about how he was a good dog.

Ben said, "He seems to like you already, Lynn. Maybe it's your smell. Maybe he remembers you from the other day."

"I'd think he'd be remembering Karen as she's the one who's been fucking him. And your clerk out there, apparently." Lynn said with a smile.

"Yeah, Gail's taken him on her break or lunch times a bit. She likes him. She'd be happy to visit, if you'd like her to." Ben said.

Rob said to Lynn, "Ben said that Gail would be... ahem, 'open' to getting together with us. If you'd like that."

Lynn grinned at Rob and said, "You mean, you'd like that, don't you?" Rob got a guilty grin on. Lynn continued, "I'd love to see you do her, dear. Or the dog do her. And I might like to have a taste myself."

Ben said to Karen, "Why don't you put something on and go relieve Gail and send her in here. I know she'd enjoy a sex break."

"OK, Daddy," Karen said, going over and hastily pulling on a very skimpy mini-skirt and top. Her hard nipples made little tents in the tube top. She pranced out of the room.

Rob said, "Are you sure, Ben. I'm about fucked out and should we let her see little Kari like this?"

"Don't worry. She's not a problem with that. You'll see." Ben said, grinning.

Rob still had his now softening cock up inside Kari, who was half asleep in Rob's arms, thumb in mouth. A minute or so later, the young girl clerk bounced into the room and closed the door. She made a beeline for Rob and Kari as she stripped off her clothes at the same time. She was soon standing naked next to Rob and Lynn.

"Ohhhhhh, such a sweety!" she cooed. "Ohhhh, honey, does daddy's big cock feel good inside you? I'll bet it does! She's such a sweet piece." To Rob, she said, "Did you just do her? Is it OK if I lick a little bit to get a taste?"

Rob could only mutely nod and the girl dropped down and started tonguing anything she could get access to where Rob's cock penetrated into little Kari.

"I told you she wouldn't be anything to worry about, Rob" Ben said, smiling broadly at Rob's astonishment.

The girl couldn't get much, so Rob slowly lifted Kari up off his cock. As it slipped out of Kari, Gail took it in her mouth and sucked on it, cleaning it up. Then she put her tongue to work catching his cum that was draining out of Kari's hole. She must have been doing a good job, because Kari roused and moaned, trying to look down to see what was the cause of the pleasant sensations.

Ben moved close and put his arms around Kari's hips. With Rob holding her under her shoulders, the two lifted her and held her up so her cunt was over the girl's upturned face. She vigorously licked and sucked, moaning "Ohhhh, that's so nice. She tastes so sweet. Ahhhhhh."

When she had gotten most all of the cum and cunt juices that were available, she stood up and caressed Kari's cheek. She said, "You're such a sweet baby! I could eat you for hours!" Then she looked at Ben and Rob and said, "I need one of you to fuck me badly. That made me horny as hell."

Rob had just cum in his little daughter and Ben had cum in her a while before that, so neither of them would probably be able to do much for the young slut. Sarah said, "Dear, why don't you show Lynn how to have the dog do your ass? She needs to see that and you do it so well."

Gail brightened up and said, "C'mere boy!" and took the dog's collar and led him to the padded bench that Lynn had used. As she laid face down on it, she asked Sarah, "Can you help get him into me? I haven't taken his knot in my ass yet."

Sarah knelt down beside her and started skinning the dog's sheath, and soon the pink tip of his cock was extending out. Bending down, Sarah put her lips around the tip and started licking and stimulating the dog. He was soon fully erect and Sarah helped him get mounted over Gail, then held his cock as he started thrusting, pointing it at the young girl's puckered hole. He speared her asshole and drove in, Gail letting out a slightly muffled scream, then as the dog started hammering into her, she would gasp and groan with each thrust. Sarah held a hind leg and helped keep the dog plunging into the girl's ass. Sarah beckoned for Lynn to get closer with her.

Lynn knelt down and watched the dog's cock jackhammer into Gail's ass. The girl was moaning with pleasure, and as Sarah felt the dog's knot start growing, she held his hind end tight against the girl. She had her hand behind the knot and it slipped into the tight little hole. After some more rapid thrusting, Gail screamed and shook with orgasm and soon the dog started spraying his puppy seed up into her rectum. Lynn could see her hole bulging from the knot inside it. Now that they were tied, Sarah pulled her hand away and leaned back.

She said to Lynn, "See, he's got the knot all the way inside her. That's plugging her good and he's spurting into her. Once they get knotted, they continue to spurt for a while. Once he stops then it'll take some time before the two can be separated. I know you're going to like taking his knot. It really stretches you and fills you up. Go ahead, feel it."

Lynn tentatively put her hand out and felt around the base of the dog's cock. She could feel the girl's membranes bulging out. It felt so interesting. She didn't know if she wanted to fully take his knot but figured that she'd probably end up trying.

Gail was moaning and cumming. "Ohgodohgodohgod! Oh, that feels good. Oh shitshitshitshit! Oh you fucking hound! Damn that's so good!" She kept mumbling like that for a while.

"How long does it take to be able to separate?" Lynn asked Sarah.

"Oh, depends. If you're loose and relaxed, it'll slip out quicker. If you're squeezing tight, takes longer. In an emergency, someone can douse his cock or rear end with cold water and that may get him untied. I usually just like to let him tie and spurt in me then just stay locked into me. I like the feeling and the stretching. If you really want to enjoy it, make sure you have a vibrator for your clit and after you're tied, use the vib to get you off as many times as you want. Yummmmmy! Or have Sissy or Kari get down under you and lick you off."

Lynn shivered a little at the picture those words flashed in her mind. The two discussed the techniques of dog fucking for a while until the dog's knot popped out of Gail's ass. The dog jumped off her and went to lay down and lick his cock. Sarah immediately wrapped her arms around Gail's hips and stuck her tongue in the gaping ass. She licked and sucked for a little bit, then pulled back. "I'm sorry, Lynn, I'm forgetting my manners. Please, go ahead and have a taste."

Lynn had been frigging her clit the whole time and was feeling horny. She threw caution to the wind and leaned in to lick the girl's asshole. Then she moved down and slurped her tongue along the moist slit, tasting the girl's juices mixed with the dog cum that had drained down. Gail moaned loudly at the pleasant feeling, which prompted Lynn to wrap her arms around the girl's waist and lap her cunt with long, slow strokes. Gail moaned with pleasure. "Damn you do that good. Don't stop, stick your tongue up my cunt. That's it! Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, shit that feels goooooooood." The girl obviously approved of Lynn's work.

Little Kari had roused during the dog fucking and wanted to get down. Rob put her down and she ran over to her mother. She watched Lynn lick the girl's slit and when Lynn pulled back for a breath, Kari stuck her head in and tried to lick. The position wasn't good, so Lynn slid back and pulled Kari in front of her, giving her full access to Gail's holes. Kari started tentatively tasting and licking. Gail had a spasm and dog cum ran out of her ass and drooled onto her cunt. Little Kari got a tongueful and sat back, exclaiming "Yummmy, Mommy! Good. Me like!" She leaned back down and continued to lick.

Lynn and Sarah just grinned at each other. Lynn said to Kari, "Yes, dear, but it's 'I like' not 'me like'. OK, sweety? And I agree with you. I like too, honey."

Gail was moaning. She finally sat up and turned around, taking Kari's face in her hands and giving her a big kiss. "You little angel! You can suck my cunt any day of the week. You're such a sweety!" She looked at Lynn and said, "And you aren't bad either. We need to get together sometime. Soon." To Sarah, she said, "Thanks! That's one of the nicest breaks I've had in a while."

During this last bit, Karen had come back in and immediately stripped off the little she had on. Ben looked at her questioningly and she said, "Neena got here early for her shift. She's taking care of things. Looks like Gail's been having all the fun." She went over to Gail and bent down and kissed her. "Neena's here, so you're clear. Wanna suck my cunt?" As a reply, Gail wrapped her arms around Karen's hips and applied her tongue to her slit, licking vigorously on her clit. Karen moaned and smiled. She said, "Why don't we move over to the futon so you have a better position." The two went to the futon and Karen laid down on her back with her legs widely spread, holding her cunt lips open. Gail laid down on her stomach and started sticking her tongue in Karen's hot hole. Gail was very good at that and Karen started softly whispering, "Eat my cunt, slut. Suck it, you whore! C'mon, drive that tongue into my hole until I pee in your mouth. Ohhhhhhhh, God that's nice. Ahhhhhh" She wiggled her ass as Gail worked hard on her cunt.

The others were standing together, watching the two girls go at it. Rob jokingly said to Ben and Sarah, "Is there anyone that you don't do things with?"

Ben smiled and said, "Nope. We pretty much corrupt anyone we come in contact with. Look at you three."

Rob hugged Lynn and Sissy to him and said, "Sorry, you can't take credit for that one. These two sluts have been running me ragged. And I've found that my lovely wife is fast turning into a real kinky sex pervert. And I love it. We can't thank you enough for what you've done for us, though. I think I speak for all of us when I say that we're so happy to have been taken into your confidence." Lynn and Sissy nodded in agreement.

Ben said, "Well, there's still plenty in store for you. And we'll be right beside you if you want. It's a real pleasure finding a family like yours."

Lynn, Sissy and Sarah moved over beside the two girls to watch them. Rob said to Ben, "Lynn and Sissy are really turning into exhibitionist sluts. I hope you don't mind, but when we got here, they did a little flashing in the store. I don't want to do anything to hurt your business. But they were really turned on and incorrigible."

Ben grinned and motioned Rob to follow him. He opened the doors to a cabinet to reveal six full color, hi def video monitors. He flipped a switch and they lit up, showing every part of the store. He touched a joy stick and the view on one monitor moved. He pushed the stick and the camera zoomed in on the front counter where a shockingly gorgeous blonde in a low cut blouse was waiting on a customer. She looked to be about eighteen and where Gail was somewhat slim and straight, this girl was curvy and rounded. Gail had nice small B cup or so tits, where this girl had boobs like Lynn had at her age.

Ben zoomed in on her tits and Rob could almost make out the fine hairs on them, the picture was so good. Ben zoomed back out and pressed a button, and the camera view changed to outside in the parking lot. With a touch of the joystick, the camera panned to show the dumpster at the side of the building, right where Sissy had sucked off the young boy.

With a big grin on his face at the look on Rob's, Ben said, "Don't mind at all. I watched the whole thing while the girls were occupied with your dog. They aren't as much of a voyeur as I am. If you want, I can let you watch the digital video playback of Lynn... or Sissy." He hit a few keys on a keyboard and one of the monitors switched to Sissy and the young boy walking back into the store. Ben reversed the video showing the two walking backwards to the dumpster then the boy's cum spurting back into his cock from Sissy's mouth. It was comical. Ben stopped it and let it run forward, showing a very detail high def close up of Sissy's mouth taking the boy's cock and cum. Ben grinned at Rob. Then he pressed a button and the monitor switched back to present with the Neena at the counter.

Rob smiled and said, "That's great. Hope I can get a copy? But who's that angel that you have working for you? Don't tell me you do that one too?" Ben grinned wolfishly at him again. Rob laughed, "You lucky dog, you! God, what I'd give to take that home for a night." he said jokingly.

"Well, she's working late shift tonight, but she might be available after that. She's got a number of boyfriends, and this is Saturday, so she might be tied up. But I can go see what can be arranged if you want."

"Oh, shit! You're serious aren't you? Ummm, not tonight. I think I'm worn out and I'll still probably have to take care of Lynn or Sissy tonight. But, damn that's nice. Maybe some other time." Rob said, grinning.

Rob jumped, startled when Lynn's voice behind him said "You actually think you can handle a piece as hot as that, dear?" Rob turned around and she smiled, putting her arms around his neck and pressing her huge tits into his chest and rubbed them against him. "When you've got these at home to play with?"

She laughed at the guilty look on Rob's face. She slapped him playfully "Honey, I wouldn't mind you doing her at all. In fact I'd like to watch and probably lick your cum out of her cunt afterwards." She gave her relieved husband a big kiss then turned to Ben. "You've got the most delightful...ummmm, menagerie, don't you? And I really like your setup here." She nodded to the monitors. "I assume that you saw what Sissy and I did when we got here. I hope you didn't mind, but I hope you enjoyed watching as much as I did exhibiting."

Ben reached out and fondled one of her huge globes and said, "My dear, if these were on display here every day, I'd have more business than I could handle. You go right ahead and exhibit your wares anytime you want to. Just let me know so I can watch either live or on the monitors."

Lynn thought for a moment then asked, "Would it be too bad if I did something when we're done here? These are recording, right?" Ben nodded. "And would that lovely young lady be offended if I did something specifically targeting her? I mean, she's so gorgeous that I'd eat her out in front of a crowd. But I wouldn't want to do anything that would offend her. Maybe a little proposition?"

Ben said, "Well, she's not a big exhibitionist like Karen is. Or you are. But no, I've got a feeling that she would take your best and probably top you. She's a very, very bright girl. And quick. Gail's a lot of fun and loves sex, but Neena is sharp. She has to be with her looks. She's had to beat guys off of her most of her life. She does enjoy being with Sarah, Karen and me. But she's not big on being the center of attention. Go ahead and see what she does, though. It should be fun to watch."

Sarah came over and put her arm around Lynn. "I'm sorry I had Rob and you haven't been able to have Ben or the dog. We've gotta do something about that."

Lynn smiled and said, "That's OK, I've gotten myself off several times just watching. And I've loved every minute of it. But we really need to have a serious discussion with you two. I've got a lot of questions and I'm sure Rob does too. Plus, we've still got the dog and some other supplies to take care of. And we don't want to monopolize all your time."

Ben looked at Sarah and said, "No problem. We wanted to have a little talk with you two, also. Let's gather the chairs around. The girl's can watch Kari. If that's all right with you, Sissy?"

Sissy nodded. "We'll go play with Gail and Karen. Let me know if the discussion gets around to me." She grinned at her mom and dad.

Rob swatted her ass as she turned to join the other two. She grinned over her shoulder at her dad and wiggled her ass.

"Well, I know that you two probably have a lot of questions. Fire away!" Ben said once they were all situated.

"God, I don't even know where to start! We've been so paranoid and haven't ever had anyone to talk to about these things. First, I guess, you keep mentioning this 'lifestyle' group, so we have to assume that there are more than just you three out there doing the kinds of things that we've been doing in our family, and what we did today. Is there anything that you can tell us, without breaching any confidences that is?" Lynn asked.

Ben said, "We do have a group that is involved in things that others wouldn't approve of. We have to be very careful, as you already know. Today was a chance for us to find out a lot more about you and what you do. I think we're pretty satisfied that you would fit in pretty well with the group. Unfortunately, it's not up to us to make that decision. But like I said, we'll be here for you."

Sarah nodded and said, "We do want you to know that you aren't alone any more. We'll be most happy to join you in activities like today. I'm sure that Karen and Sissy will be spending some time together, and Ben and I do wonder if the four of us will be able to survive those two sluts." She laughed, along with the others. "Until you're cleared and accepted for the group, we'll have fun together and introduce you to a few select friends... like Gail and Neena and some others."

Rob said, "It sounds a little bit mysterious, but I think we understand the reason for being careful. After all, we've had to watch every word we said to others and make sure nobody found out about us."

Ben nodded. "We've all been there. But if you want to follow the kinky yellow brick road, we'll help. And it'll be much easier with us as guides. And those who we know."

Lynn said, "You've helped us so much already. I've told Sarah a few things that I fantasize about and they're pretty extreme. Plus, Sissy and I really have gotten bit by the exhibition bug, too."

Sarah smiled at Lynn. "Not much different than me, dear. I told you about our friend, the doctor. I've talked to her and she will be happy to work with you. I've given her your number and she'll call and arrange a get together. Your SM desires aren't anything new, dear, and Barb's a domme. A very skilled domme. You see, I'm into a lot of the same things and she can work me over so deliciously."

"That's great," Rob said. "I've been worried about causing damage if I went too far with Lynn, so having a doctor to discuss it with will be... well, let's just say we can't talk to our family doctor about this stuff. Especially about doing things with little Kari."

"Barb will be very helpful with all that. One of the perks of the group, let's say, without actually being in the group. Yet," Sarah said.

"Ben, you said you started Karen when she wasn't much older than Kari. Sissy was several years older before I started her. Do you regret doing Karen so young? And was there any problems from it?" Rob asked.

Ben said, "No problems other than being a total slut from the word go. I don't regret a minute because I love her so much, and I'm sure some of that is because we've been able to totally share our love since she was so young. All I've got to say is now that you've started that little one, just be prepared to be totally worn out all the time and raising a complete slut whore from now on." He smiled a great big smile, "And you're gonna love it!"

Rob and Lynn laughed. Rob said, "I already do. But I've had Sissy to be like that too, so I think I've had a preview. And now my dear wife, too."

"One question in my mind," Lynn said, "is does this hyper sexual sluttiness feeling ever go away or diminish? I mean, we've been going constantly for the last week or so. I'm scared it's taking over our lives."

Sarah said, "What's wrong with that? You have fun doing all the sex things, don't you?" Lynn nodded. "So instead of sex, think about what it'd be like taking up a new and exciting hobby, like skydiving. Or flying. Golfing. Yachting. I'm sure, from knowing people who have done those things that they think about and spend as much time as possible doing those things. We've known people who have spent untold amounts of money and nearly all their spare time in those activities. They never stop, nor do they want to. Sex is just like that, only you have to be more discreet than a golfer."

Ben added, "There's highs and lows. After awhile, you'll go for days or weeks without feeling like doing things, then all of a sudden you'll get horny and caught in a frenzy. All we can advise is just go with the flow. Take a rest when you need to, fuck your brains out the other times."

Sarah stood up and pulled her cunt lips apart. "I don't know if you noticed, Lynn, but I've got a clit piercing. See." She moved closer and used her fingers to stretch out the hood, flicking the ring in it. "You probably saw the large piercings in my labia, but this is a little more hidden. I got this just because it keeps me aroused. I'm gonna get my clit hood pierced pretty soon. That will do it even more. My nipple piercings, and all the rest are so much of a turn on. I've got them specifically for the constant arousal factor, in addition to all the yummy things we can do with them. Such sweet torture."

Lynn said, "We're definitely going to have to talk about them. Just thinking about them gets me aroused. I can't imagine what it'd be like to actually have them to play with like you do."

"Said like a true slut," Sarah said and laughed.

"So Lynn and Sissy's exhibitionist streak. That's not something we should worry about them doing?" Rob asked.

"Choose the right times and places and what you do," Sarah said. "I've done some pretty wild things, and Karen outdoes me all the time. Actually, very few people are ever busted for exhibitionism, or 'lewd conduct'. You do something to expose yourself and you're usually done and gone before anyone could report it and a cop shows up. Just use good judgement and don't do it in front of the cops or the police station. Leave yourself an out. Don't do it alone. Although..." she glanced at Ben, "we do know some cops who would be more than happy to watch you do some things." She grinned.

Ben added, "Doing something like what you did in the store is pretty innocuous. The most anyone could do is ask you to leave. A bunch of prissy's will get their panties in a bunch, but usually most people will tolerate it because they'd like to be able to do it too. Short of fucking in public, not much will happen. If you're discreet, even fucking isn't a great problem. Look at what Sissy did, sucking off the boy outside. He liked it. What's he gonna complain about? A strange, hot girl sucked him off? And he was several years older than her, so he would be in more trouble than she would. But just be prepared to get some calls from school officials or a store manager about Sissy. Be the concerned parent and promise she won't do it again. Then fuck like mad when you get home and she tells you all the juicy details."

Rob and Lynn laughed. Sissy had heard her name mentioned and had come over. "I got one of my teachers to fuck me already."

"Yes, Bob. He's a good friend as you've found out. We told him that he wouldn't have to worry about you and to have fun. Apparently he has," Ben said.

Lynn said, "He certainly has. He did me in McD's restroom and watched Rob fuck Kari- in public. I'm looking forward to having him do Kari, too."

"Oh, he'll really like that!" Sarah said. "He's been a pedophile for a long time. Why do you think he teaches elementary school? Think of it as a target rich environment, as the military guys say." She smiled at Ben.

"So he's OK to trust with everything?" Lynn asked.

Ben nodded. "Oh, yeah. Everything. And we'll find a few others to introduce you to also."

Karen and Gail had joined Sissy. Talking about school reminded Lynn she wanted to ask them if they knew anything about the teacher that Bobby had an apparent crush on. "Speaking of school, there's a teacher that Bobby mentioned and we wondered if you had heard of her. A Ms. Williams. Nice looking young lady."

Karen said, "Oh, Adrienne! Yah, I've had her."

"Oh? What grade did you have her for?" Lynn asked.

Karen laughed. "No. I've HAD her. Like done her, you know?"

"Oh my God!" Lynn exclaimed. "Is EVERYONE screwing around and we've never known it?"

Ben said, "You won't believe how many, Lynn. You think you're the only one that get's horny? Hehe. Adrienne is a very nice young woman. Bi. Very discreet. We can put in a good word for you if you want."

Lynn said, "Bobby was sorta smitten by her. A little crush. He said that all the boys try to peek on her and the male teachers are constantly hovering around her. I gave him some pointers on how to treat a lady and get her attention, but I think he's still too young for her to be interested."

"She has to beat the vulgar clods off with a stick" Sarah said. "She's very selective and doesn't really want anything to do with most of the teachers. She has to put up with them to get along because she's so new. I'll bet she'd give Bobby a real thrill if she paid attention to him- and make the other boys green with envy. Let me call her and let her know. Don't tell Bobby we said anything though. She can't do anything overt at school, but just paying attention to him would probably make him king of his class."

"Oh, he'll just flip! We looked her up online and she's really gorgeous. I wouldn't mind doing her myself." Lynn blushed.

"She's good. And kinky. And tastes delicious" Karen said. "If I get a chance to get together with her, I'll see if we can include you. I still want to do you, too. We could do a threesome."

Lynn grabbed Karen's hand and pulled her down to her, giving her a hot kiss. "Anytime, slut. I'm willing."

"Hey, what about me?" Sissy said plaintively.

"Oh, I've got plans for you, cunt," Karen said to her. "Just wait until I get you in that harness under the stallion. You'll walk bow legged for a week. That's after I suck his cum out of your drippy hole."

Sissy stuck out her tongue and said, "Promises, promises."

Karen grabbed Sissy and said, "C'mon Gail, help me fist this whore," and tried to push Sissy over to the futon.

Lynn said, "Hey, hey. Let's hold on here. We've still got things to do. Haven't you two had enough?"

Both Karen and Sissy grinned and shook their heads 'no', but embraced each other then moved back to the others.

Lynn said, "Sissy, get what little clothes you wore on and bring my my dress and heels. We really should get our business done and get home. We can't monopolize all these wonderful people's time. Rob, will you get Kari dressed?"

"Well, we've certainly enjoyed having you. Literally." Ben laughed. "I think we all agree that we WILL be seeing a lot of you. That is, if you want to."

Lynn said, "Oh, Ben, WE WANT TO! Believe me. You don't know how much we want to share with you. And I know you enjoy fucking my little daughter... well, both of them. It's so good to have someone to share with. I hope we don't wear out our welcome and drive you all crazy."

"Don't worry about that, dear" Sarah said. "We've helped introduce a number of new people and families to our... ummm, favorite activities. As long as Ben can poke his cock in that little two year old sweetie's pussy, he'll be at your beck and call."

"Well, I look forward to his beck calling on all my holes, too. And you two girls are welcome to Rob's beck and call too." Lynn said.

"Don't forget me!" Sissy said, finishing dressing Kari.

Rob said, "Slut, you'll be getting your holes filled by all the strangers you can talk into it, along with your mother. Plus, you'll have the dog now. I don't doubt that he'll need a cock transplant when the two of you get done with him." They all laughed at that.

Sissy handed Lynn's dress to her and helped her mother get it on and fastened. Gail looked envious and said, "I wish I had your figure to wear a dress like that," as Lynn closed the last clasp, holding the bottom together.

"Don't worry dear, you look good in the tube tops and minis. You've got the nice, long legs for those," Lynn said to her. The girl beamed at the praise.

Sarah was fastening her bottom piece of cloth to her and Rob was absorbed in how it worked. She noticed his attention and moved right in front of him, showing him how the barbells passed through the material, then through her pierciings, then out again to hold the tiny bit of cloth in place. Then she put the top on, having him assist her in threading the rod through her nipples and the cloth. It could be held on with two small barbells, like the bottom, but the long silver rod through both nipples made it look so much more exotic. And erotic.

"I want to do something like that for Lynn", Rob said to Sarah, "but just use needles or safety pins through her tits and cunt lips to hold it on."

Lynn flushed and said, "Rob! Don't get me all hot talking like that."

Sarah said to Lynn, "I see that we're really going to have to have a session together, dear. Needles, nails, staple gun, crop, cat."

"You supply the hardware, I'll supply the tits", Lynn said to her.

Sarah leaned close to her and said, "Ever had your cunt sewn shut, then go out on the town for dinner and dancing? No panties, and a mini that would work better as a belt?"

"Oooooooooo," Lynn shivered. "With my chrome butt plug!"

Sarah looked at Ben and said, "We'll have to plan for that soon."

Ben looked at Rob and laughed. "We've got ourselves a handful, buddy!"

Rob finally got Kari, Sissy and Lynn dressed and Ben, Sarah and Karen got as close to presentable as they were going to get. Gail had dressed and gone out to the front. Ben put a leash on the Rotty, and headed out to the front with Rob. Sarah and Karen kisssed Lynn and Sissy and then they fawned over little Kari, who loved their attention. Sarah and Karen stayed while Lynn, Sissy and Kari went to join Rob.

Lynn reminded Rob that they needed the mouse cage additions, and other things. Ben helped them collect the items and take them to the front counter where Ben rang everything up and then said he'd give them a 'special Kari discount' if he could get a kiss from the little toddler. Rob handed her over to Ben and she put her arms around his neck and gave him a big hug and returned his kiss. She liked him because he had made her feel all tingly again. He reluctantly gave her back to her dad.

Rob thanked him, paid and had Sissy take the dog on the leash while he carried the other things and they went out to the car. Lynn had walked over to where Neena was arranging some stock and stood next to her. The girl smiled at her in greeting.

Lynn said, "My dear, you're absolutely gorgeous. I would be very interested in getting together with you sometime."

The girl hesitated, then said "You're friends of Ben and Sarah's?" Lynn nodded. "That may be possible then. I'll get your number from them. I really like your dress."

"Me too," Lynn said. "My daughter helped pick it out. This is what I like about it." Lynn touched the top clasp on the side and the dress fell apart, exposing her substantial rack to the girl, and anyone else who was looking. The bottom clasp was all that was holding the dress around Lynn at the waist.

Neena looked at the two gorgeous tits exposed to her and said, "If you undo the bottom one first" and she touched the clasp so the dress could drop to the floor, "it's much more effective. But you've made your point and I'm sure we can arrange for some time togther." She turned and walked up to the front counter, leaving Lynn standing completely naked in the middle of the store, dress puddled at her feet. Several customers stood staring at the beautiful woman. Lynn bent down and picked up the dress and walked to the front counter. She felt embarrassed but so absolutely perverted and turned on doing it. She thanked Ben for the enjoyable time and for her new canine lover, then with Ben smiling broadly, she walked naked out of the store and to the car.

Rob watched his wife walk out to the car totally nude except for her high heels, and Sissy said, "Way to go, Mom!" When Lynn got to the car, she stood there and asked Rob for her butt plug. He'd put it in his pocket when they left the back room, and he fished it out and handed it over to her. Lynn put it in her mouth to lube it with spit, then bent over and worked it into her ass, unconcerned with how many people could see her. Once it was in place, she wrapped the dress around her and fastened it in place, then climbed into the front seat and gingerly sat there and closed the door.

Rob asked her, "Ready to go dear?" and Lynn nodded. He started the car and pulled out of the lot.

"Hot shit, Mom, that was awesome. You were totally naked! Everybody could see everythng." Sissy exclaimed.

Lynn grinned a wicked grin and said, "I know, dear, I was there."

Sissy said, "Yeah, but you weren't looking from where we were. How did it feel being completely naked in front of everyone in the store?"

"Very wicked", Lynn said with satisfaction, trying to find a comfortable position to sit with the butt plug pressing into her.

Rob had a hardon which persisted all the way home. Lynn and Sissy carried on a coversation about fucking strange men and parading around naked in public. Both of them wanted to do both and hoped that Rob would help them. He indicated his willingness and told both of them that the really loved his two new sex sluts. He couldn't be more proud.

When they pulled in the driveway, Lynn told Sissy to strip her little sister and then to get naked herself. Lynn touched the clasps of her dress and it fell apart, lying on the seat as she stepped from the van. Then she walked around the back of the vehicle and opened the rear door. A very friendly Rottweiler greeted her with his snout pressed up against her crotch, his tongue working its way as deep as he could get it into Lynn's dripping cunt. Lynn spread her legs to give the dog access and stood there enjoying it. She knew she was going to just LOVE this new pet. Literally.

Kari walks with Storm

Rob, Sissy and Kari stood watching the dog eat Lynn's pussy. Little Kari clapped her hands and said, "Nice doggy." Sissy said to her dad, "Mom's really gonna be his bitch, isn't she?"

"She certainly is," Rob smiled to his daughter, then started unloading the stuff they'd bought at the store. Lynn seemed to be in no hurry to get out from public view, although there was little chance of being seen where they were.

"C'mon, slut, I've got some plans for us this evening and we're going to have to get dinner then get ready. Bring your new lover and show him his new home in the back yard. I suspect he's ready for something to eat from the way he's trying to find something in the depths of your cunt."

Lynn snapped back to reality and, holding the dog's leash, led him into the back yard with the rest of the family following. Once in the fenced back yard, she unhooked the leash from his collar and let him go. However, the dog had no desire to check out his new home and continued his doggy cunnilingus efforts, which Lynn made no effort to stop. Rob and Sissy left her there and took the things into the house, accompanied by little Kari. She wanted to watch the doggy but Rob had Sissy take her hand and lead her inside.

"You'd have thought that Mom would have had enough today, but it looks like she hasn't. Can I go out and help her with the dog?" Sissy asked her dad.

"Fill up his bowl with dog food and his water dish and take them out with you. Don't let him fuck her more than once as I've got something planned for this evening. She's gonna need all her energy for that, I think." Rob smiled.

Sissy looked intrigued. "What have you got planned? A session in the basement? I wanna watch that!"

"No, We're going out for a few drinks and some public exhibition. And I think your mother is going to be a bit uncomfortable during it", Rob explained cryptically.

"Oh, wow, can I come too? I wanna see what you do to her. Especially in public" Sissy asked, excited.

Rob shook his head. "No, I need you to stay here and babysit Kari. And keep an eye on Bobby when he gets home. Besides, we're going out to a bar and there's no way we could get you in. So you'll just have to be satisfied with your mother's description afterwards. You can watch me prepare her, though. I think you'll find it interesting."

Sissy was disappointed at not being allowed to go, but she understood. She also wondered what exactly her father had up his sleeve that needed him to 'prepare' her mother.

Rob said to Sissy, "By the way, where is Bobby. Shouldn't he be home by now?"

"I don't know. Mom said he was going over to his friend Jerry's. Maybe he's gonna stay the night there. You should ask Mom."

Rob laughed and said, "OK, go tell her to get her dog fucked ass in here. If they aren't tied, yet."

Sissy grinned and went out the back door. A while later, Lynn straggled in the door, with grass stains on her knees and elbows. "I see you just couldn't wait to try out your new toy, huh, dear?"

"God, Rob, that thing is a wonder. He can hammer my cunt so fast, I can't believe it. I'm gonna have to go douche his cum out of me. At least I managed not get his knot and get tied together. But I got a feeling I'm gonna enjoy doing that." Lynn had dog cum draining down her legs as she headed for the bathroom to get cleaned up. "I'll get some dinner going as soon as I finish."

Rob said, "Don't forget the grass stains on the knees and elbows." Lynn looked at her green and brown knees and raised an elbow up to look at it, then sighed and left. Rob wondered that since the dog had just fucked Lynn whether Sissy would be getting anything. He walked to the back door and looked out, seeing Sissy on her hands and knees, trying to coax the dog to mount her. He seemed more interested in the food, although he'd eat a little bit, then run over and lick at Sissy's cunt then go back to the food. Rob opened the door and could hear his daughter's exasperation with the dog's lack of interest in mounting her.

He leaned out and called to her, "Honey, c'mon in. He just did your mother so he's gonna want to recharge a bit. Don't torment him. Give him a little while." Then he realized that he was actually telling his twelve year old daughter to go easy on the dog that she wanted to fuck her. He grinned ruefully, wondering just how he was going to be able to keep up with these two sluts. And with a third one in training. And with that thought of little Kari, he realized that his little soon-to-be three year old may actually turn into an even worse sex slut than her sister and mother. Oh well, like the Chinese proverb, 'May you live in interesting times.'

Rob had gotten a glimmer of an idea in his mind about displaying Lynn in public, and it had grown a bit until thinking about doing it got him aroused. So he had planned in his mind taking Lynn out tonight and combining several of her most extreme fantasies. At least if he could wear her out, she wouldn't be wearing him out as badly. He found his stash of med needles and picked out twenty, two inch, 20 gauge ones in their sterile packages. He put them in his pocket for later. A friend had told him about a small bar that had a clientele that would probably go along with some raunchy activities. It wasn't a biker bar, but he thought nobody would complain about a little sexy show.

Lynn came back down a while later naked, fully scrubbed and looking amazingly fresh and attractive. Sissy and Kari came down and they got a light dinner made up for them and sat down.

After they ate, Sissy said "So where're ya takin' mom tonight?" Lynn looked at Rob as he hadn't mentioned it to her other than telling her not to make plans for the evening.

"Yes, dear, where are we going?" she asked her husband.

Rob grinned and said, "Oh, just out. Can't I take my exhibitionist slut wife out for the evening?"

"So I'm supposed to be a slut this evening, huh?" Lynn asked, smiling.

"My dear, you ARE a slut all the time. I'm just going to take you out so other people can see you being one." Rob said to her.

Lynn's clit twitched at those words. Her cunt, already moist from the sensations of the day's activities, then the dog, started to lubricate more with the fleeting visions passing through her mind. What did Rob have in mind? More of the things like he had her do at the fast food place? But Rob wouldn't discuss it any more than that.

"By the way, where's Bob at? Is he staying the night at Jerry's? Has he called?" Rob asked the two.

"Well, it seems that his friend Jerry's mom has let the two of them see her naked, apparently more than once. I told Bobby that he could try to find out if Jerry and his mother do things like we do as a family. He was excited to go over there and I haven't heard from him. I'm sure that if he's going to stay the night, he'll be calling soon. But I am getting a little worried since we haven't heard from him. If he doesn't call by the time we're ready to go, I'll call over there and check."

Sissy said, "Jerry's a nice kid. His dad died a couple of years ago and it's just him and his mom. He's sorta quiet. I didn't even think about him doing his mom or stuff like that. But every time he's been here, it seems that he's tried to catch a look at me. And he almost drools at the sight of you, mom."

Lynn nodded. "Bobby told me that he likes looking at me and wanted to see me naked. Bobby says that he's seen Jerry's mom naked quite a few times and thinks that she'd like to do some stuff with him. I'm going to try to get a hold of her next week and arrange a meeting. I'd like to know if she and Jerry are doing anything, too."

"Wow, Mom, you should let Jerry see you naked. He'd, like, pop a blood vessel or something. I think he's in love with you." Sissy exclaimed.

"Well, Bobby and I haven't ruled out letting him see me. We just have to work it out. I don't want to be attacking the poor boy."

"Mom! You should do it! He'd love to see you... or get his hands on you. I'd let him fuck me if he wanted to." Sissy said.

Rob laughed. "You mean you haven't yet? What kind of a slut do you think you are?"

Sissy knew he was being facetious. "Oh, Dad! No, I haven't done anything except flash the two of them when he was here. The poor guy nearly lost his retainer. But if it's OK with you two, I'd love to see how he fucks. He's a little young and probably can't cum, like Bobby doesn't yet, but I'd let him do me."

"A mercy fuck for the poor kid, huh?" Rob laughed.

"No, he's really not that bad. At least compared to a lot of the boys at school. He's been polite and hasn't tried to grab my tits or anything. It's just obvious to me that he wants to see me... or mom. Hey, Mom, let's double team him. That'd blow his mind. It'd be fun."

Lynn shook her head. "No, dear, we're not going to embarrass the poor boy. If he wants to see us naked, I don't mind at all. But trying to shock him is something else. I don't see the fun in that. A grown man, fine. But a poor, sensitive boy, no. So you can let him see you all you want, but I want you to be nice to him and consider his feelings. You know what it would be like in his place."

"Awwww, Mom, I know. I was just having fun. I promise I won't embarrass him if I can help it. But I won't put up any resistance if he wants to fuck me."

Rob asked his wife, "So what's this woman done with Bobby? You said she let him see her nude. Anything else?"

"Well, he did say that she came into the bathroom when he was peeing and put her hand on his leg and asked him if he needed any help. Apparently, she's been a bit overt sometimes in her actions. But she's not actually done anything with him at all... at least until today. He seemed really excited when he left here, so I don't know what the two of them had cooked up."

Sissy said, "Oh wow, Mom, she wants him. If she lets them see her naked and touches him while he's peeing, she wants it."

"I know, dear. I told him to be very careful, and be considerate of both of them." She got a sheepish look on her face. "In fact, I sorta told him to go for it and gave him a pointer or two."

"You're such a SLUT, Mom. I love it. I'll bet the two of them are over there banging her right now. How much you wanna bet?" Sissy said.

Rob said, "Bob knows enough to keep our secrets, I think. But if he and Jerry are getting it on with her, that's fine." He looked at Lynn, "Hon, try to get a hold of her and see if she can't come over some time. Losing her husband was probably hard on both of them."

Lynn laughed. "You just want to add another slut to your harem, that's what. But I will definitely talk to her. And I'll let her know that you and Bobby both are welcome to bang her to her heart's content." She thought seriously a minute. "Maybe I should call over there now and find out if Bobby is OK. It's later than I thought. I figured we'd hear something by now or he'd be home."

She got up and sat on Rob's lap and said in her sexiest voice, "So, where are you taking me tonight, my handsome husband? Just what have you got planned for me?"

Rob kissed her, then slapped her on the ass, hard. Lynn jumped and exclaimed "Owww!" Rob said, "You'll find out when I think you need to know, slut. Now, go call and check on Bobby, then we'll plan on what you're going to be wearing... if anything."

Sissy said, "Ooooooooooooo, that's gotta be interesting."

Lynn got up, rubbing her cheek that had Rob's handprint starting to show in red. She stuck out her tongue at him and quickly moved out of the way of another slap. She went to look up Jerry's number and call.

When Lynn was out of earshot, Sissy said, "What're ya gonna do, Dad?"

"Well, hon, I had an idea earlier and I decided to go for it. You know how well your mother liked having the needles stuck in her? Well, there'll be a little of that, a lot of exhibitionism, and maybe she'll get fucked by a stranger... or two or ten. Plus, I've got a real surprise for her pain slut side."

Sissy looked wide eyed. "You mean as if the needles weren't enough for the pain slut stuff. What else could be worse than that? And how're you gonna do all that in public? Jeez, that sounds like fun. I wish I could be there to see it!"

"You'll see when I get her ready to go. I think it's going to be quite interesting." Rob said to his daughter.

They talked a little more, then Lynn came back in the room. "Uh, it seems like Bobby is staying overnight at Jerry's."

"What do you mean it 'seems'? What did he say?" Rob asked.

"Well, he has been thoroughly enjoying his day. Jerry's mother has been entertaning him. After I talked to Bobby, I talked to Ms. West. She had been enjoying having the two young studs and I told her that she had our permission to enjoy Bobby as much as she wanted. We understood each other and Bobby will be spending the night. I have a feeling that he'll be a little tired out when he gets home tomorrow."

Sissy exclaimed "Way to go, Bob!! So he's fucking her, huh?"

Lynn said, "Well, we don't know that for sure. She was a little hesitant to say anything explicit, just like we would be. But I let her know that we didn't have any problem if she wanted to enjoy the pleasures of the two boys. I guess we'll find out tomorrow when Bobby gets home. And she and I are going to get together in the next day or so. Maybe tomorrow, depending upon our schedules."

"So you'll find out if she wants to fuck Dad, too. Kewl." Sissy said.

"Well, that's not the main reason, but if she wants your father and he likes her, then that will be fine. Right now, it looks like Bobby may be getting a little. If she and Jerry do things like we do, it'll be nice to maybe be able to share with them, too."

"I'll bet she isn't near as much of a slut as you are, Mom. Even if she fucks Jerry." Sissy said proudly.

"Well thank you for that vote of confidence... I think." Lynn laughed.

Rob said, "Well, I tend to agree with her, slut. Now, get your ass upstairs and clean it out good with some enemas. You're going to put it to good use tonight. And pick out your shortest, tightest mini and the sheerest, low cut crop top. You won't be needing anything else, other than you're highest spike heels. Then I'm going to help prepare you to go out and meet your adoring public."

A thrill went through Lynn at his words. She couldn't imagine what he had in mind for her, but it sounded interesting. Apparently she was going to be on display tonight, like she was at the fast food joint. But the enemas meant she was going to get her asshole used. Or abused. That sounded delicious.

Rob said, "I'll expect you on the bed with your legs spread when I get up there."

That added even more mystery and anticipation. Lynn shivered and headed up to pick out the clothes. There wasn't a lot to choose from really and she realized that she was going to have to buy some new slutty, revealing clothes for her new slutty lifestyle.

She filled herself several with soapy water enemas, until everything that came out was clear. She was lying on the bed, her mini and crop top set out along with her highest spike heels, when Rob came in. Sissy followed him. Rob had a bristled toilet brush in his hand. She couldn't figure out what he could want her to do with that. Clean the toilet?

Rob said, "OK, slut. Spread 'em wide. This is going inside."

Lynn gasped and said, "Rob, you're not going to put THAT thing up in me! Are you?"

A look of relief flashed across her face when Rob said, "Of course not, dear. I'm not going to shove this up into your cunt." He paused. "You are." She looked terrified.

Sissy said under her breath, "Kewl! This I gotta see."

Lynn was both mortified and scared spitless. He couldn't really think that she could take a stiff bristled toilet brush up onto her cunt? God, the pain! It would tear her tender membranes apart!

Rob threw the brush to her. "Either you push it up into your cunt or I do. I'm sure I won't be as gentle as you will be. Or we could let Sissy do it. I'm sure she'd love to work it up into you."

"My God!" thought Lynn as she felt the stiff, sharp bristles. This isn't possible. It would tear her insides up. He couldn't be serious! Then she saw Rob pick up his leather belt and fold it in two. He held the two ends and snapped it against his palm.

"It's either the brush, slut, or the belt, then the brush. Up to you. But one way or the other, that brush is going in your cunt. Your choice." Rob said in his strong, master voice.

Lynn realized that he was serious. She pressed the head of the brush against her slit, flinching at the touch of the rough bristles. With one hand she spread her cunt lips open and started to press the tip of the brush against the tender inner membranes of her cunt. Her fear was intensified by the pain she started to feel, then she realized that she was actually starting to get aroused by the idea. How could that be? She felt embarrassment as her arousal increased. She pressed the brush harder up into her. The pain of each of the hundreds of bristles pressing into the tender membranes increased, but so did her arousal. She spread her legs as wide as she could, trying to spread her hole to accommodate the brush head. She screamed as she tried to push the bristled invader into her tender cunt. After several tries, and accompanying screams of pain, she had gotten just a little bit up into her. She'd never be able to do this herself.

Finally, she said, "Rob, I can't do it. You'll have to. I can't do it to myself."

Rob said, "Fine. I thought that might be the case. This time I'll make it easy on you. Well, as easy as having a stiff bristle brush in your cunt can be." With that, he grabbed the speculum that he'd brought with him and inserted it in his wife's cunt. She gasped at the invasion without any lube. Once the spec was all the way into her, Rob cranked it as far open as he could get it. Lynn groaned loudly as her cunt opening was stretched widely.

Taking the brush, he placed it at the opening of the speculum and pushed it down into his wife's gaping cunt. The blades of the speculum guided the brush in and protected most of her cunt from most of the bristles. The ones that scraped against her tender inner membranes caused Lynn to gasp and hold her breath. Once it was all the way in, Rob bounced it down a couple of times to make sure it bottomed out against her cervix. Lynn let out a little scream with each torturing push.

Once it was seated all the way in, Rob pulled the speculum out quickly. Now Lynn's cunt membranes were pressing against the sharp points of the bristles. She groaned with the pain.

Rob didn't give her any time to adjust to the feeling. "OK, slut, stand up!"

Lynn awkwardly moved to the side of the bed, each movement causing her pain in her cunt. She screamed in pain as the end of the handle caught on the bed covers and shoved the sharp bristles roughly farther up into her.

"You're gonna have to be more careful than that, slut." Rob said.

When Lynn finally was standing next to the bed, tears streaming down her cheeks, Rob handed her the mini-skirt. "Here, put this on. I want to see how it looks with your new accessory."

Lynn bent over and tried to step into the skirt, each movement causing her pain as the brush moved inside her cunt. She tried to minimize any leg movement, but it didn't seem to matter. Every slight movement caused her pain. But in spite of herself, she found that she was getting very aroused at the combination of pain and the lewd idea of having this thing invading her. She finally got the mini up and adjusted into place. This particular mini barely covered the bottoms of her ass cheeks and was only marginally below her bare cunt lips. The plastic handle of the brush extended down between her legs to knee level.

Rob picked up a pair of heavy side cutters and grasped the plastic handle, the movement causing Lynn to gasp with renewed pain. Putting the cutters up just beneath the level of the hem of the mini, Rob cut the handle off the brush. Immediately, Lynn felt some little relief as the every movement of the long handle had caused the brush to move around inside her. Now, with a very much shortened length, there was much less movement.

"OK, slut, now put that top on and let's see if it's presentable to go out in public in." Rob commanded.

Doubting that Rob's idea of 'presentable' was the same as hers, Lynn moved to pick up the top, every movement of her legs still causing pain in her cunt from the brush. She got the top on. Its lower edge came down to almost the top of the mini. Rob shook his head and told Sissy to go get a pair of scissors.

"That will never do, slut. It's way too long. Covers up too much of your lovely charms. Both of them." Sissy came back with the scissors and Rob had her cut the bottom off, just under Lynn's large melon breasts. When Sissy had the cut made, Rob turned Lynn around, evaluating the new look. He turned to Sissy and said, "Doesn't that look a little too long to you? I think it needs another inch or so off."

Nodding, Sissy trimmed more off the top, leaving just enough to barely hide the lower part of Lynn's huge globes. "That looks better," Rob said.

Lynn looked at her reflection in the mirror and said, "My God, Rob, you can't think that I can go out in public like this? I'll be arrested for indecent exposure!" She groaned as each of her movements made the brush cause her more pain. "I can't go out with this brush inside me. I can't even walk! You can't be serious!" Lynn hissed at Rob.

He slapped her across the cheek and said, "We're just getting started, slut. Lift up that top and let me see your gorgeous tits." Smarting from the slap, Lynn realized that he meant business. This new dominant part of Rob was starting to arouse her newly recognized submissive streak and the pain in her cunt was starting to make her clit itch. She lifted the bottom of the short top up above her breasts and held it there. To her extreme consternation, Rob picked up a package of med needles that he'd brought in. He opened one and pulled it from the plastic sheath. She gasped again at it, but realized that her cunt was starting to juice at the very sight.

Rob placed the point of the needle against her nipple, then started applying pressure. The needle dented the nipple about a quarter inch, then popped through the skin and went about a half inch into her breast. Lynn gasped and then moaned with the pain... and pleasure.

"You like that, slut? Getting wet? Here, let me make a minor adjustment." With that, Rob pushed the needle until it seated all the way up to the hub. Lynn screamed with pain. In addition to the brush in her cunt causing her pain with even the smallest of movements, now she had a needle embedded in her breast, straight through the nipple. Lynn was breathing hard, but found herself getting more aroused by the stimulation.

Rob handed a needle to Sissy, saying, "Here, hon, why don't you do the next one? I know your mother loves to have you stick needles in her tits, don't you slut?"

Lynn nodded, eyes downcast. Sissy removed the needle from the sheath and put the point at the center of Lynn's other nipple, then started pressing. Lynn took a sharp breath as she felt the pain of the point against her nipple. When Sissy applied pressure and the needle slid into her breast, Lynn screamed again, but still held the top up, her hands and legs trembling. Sissy pushed until the needle was seated to the hub in her mother's breast. Lynn now had a two inch long needle penetrating both of her nipples, straight into her breast meat. For good measure, Sissy looked at her mother then lightly tapped the needle hub with her finger. Lynn groaned loudly with the pain her daughter was causing her. Then Sissy tapped the other one the same way. Lynn squealed with pain.

Rob said, "OK, put the top down and let's see how presentable you are." Lynn pulled the top down over her breasts, trying to keep the material from pressing against the needles any more than necessary. The top looked pretty normal, except that instead of her hard nipples denting it, the shape of the hubs of the needles were poking out. She also realized that she was really getting drippy, becoming more aroused and excited with every painful movement. The thought of going out like this was really starting to make an impression on her.

Rob grasped the two needle hubs through the thin material of the top and jiggled them, causing Lynn to scream with the pain. "Seem to be pretty well set, don't they, slut?" Lynn nodded, tears streaming down her cheeks, eyes downcast. She couldn't look at either Rob or her daughter she was so embarrassed that the pain and humiliation were actually exciting her.

Sissy said, "Mom, you look HOT! You're going to get fucked tonight, no doubt about it."

Lynn let a small smile creep onto her lips, but she still kept her eyes downcast. Rob said, "Put your heels on and stand there while I change."

Lynn struggled to slip into the ultra high heels. With each motion of her legs, the brush inside her caused pain with every slight movement. Rob slipped on a pair of dress pants and a good dress shirt then turned to Sissy.

"Put the rest of those needles in her smallest clutch purse, would you. We're going to see just how many she can get before the evening is over." While Sissy got the purse and put the needles in it, Lynn's mind was whirling with questions. What could he mean by 'how many she can get'? How was he going to put more in her? How many could she take? And that damn brush! Even when she was standing still, just trying to keep her balance made it cause her pain. She wondered just how much more of this she could take.

Rob handed her the purse and then put her other arm around his. "Shall we go dear. I've got a big evening planned for you."

Each step was excruciating. Any slightest movement caused the bristles of the brush to change the pressure against her tortured cunt membranes. Lynn took a sharp, deep breath and walked with her husband. At the door, Rob gave Sissy some instructions and said he'd call later to check on everything. With Bobby at his friend's house, all Sissy had to do was watch Kari and put her to bed.

Just before they walked out the door, Sissy put her arms around her dad's neck and kissed him, then whispered in his ear, "This is so neat. Call me and tell me what's going on, please?" Rob nodded and kissed her back, then took his wife's hand and led her out to the car.

If Lynn thought it was nearly impossible to stand or walk, she hadn't yet found out about sitting. As Rob helped her into the passenger seat, she couldn't help but scream several times with the pain in her cunt, until she finally found a position that at least minimized the movements.

While Rob drove, Lynn pleaded with him several times to take the brush out, that she couldn't stand it any longer. He disregarded her pleas and told her what he had planned for the evening. First, they were going to an out of the way bar that he had found out about. The clientele pretty much guaranteed that there'd be a number of black men there. While there was no live music, there was dancing to recorded or DJ'd music.

Once they arrived, Lynn was going to accompany him to a table. After they were served, he expected her to take one of the needles out of her purse and go find a likely candidate to dance with. At that point she was to show the man she chose the two needles in her nipples and ask him to put another one in her and then dance with her. Once they were finished dancing, she would offer him the opportunity to fuck her.

Lynn couldn't believe her ears. How could she accost a total stranger, especially a black man, and offer to let him stick a needle in her breast then to fuck her? In public? Rob couldn't possibly believe that she could do that.

Rob brushed aside her objections and they finally arrived at a dimly lit bar/tavern. As they walked in, heads swiveled to watch the gorgeous, sexy woman walk by. Rob escorted Lynn to a back, out of the way table. By the time they got there, everyone in the bar had gotten a good look at Lynn, some even motioning others to get their attention and point her out.

Lynn could barely walk from the pain of the brush in her cunt, but which lent a rather sexy gliding motion to her gait. She'd almost forgotten about the needles in her nipples until Rob grasped one and jiggled it after they had sat down at the table.

A very nice looking, but intrigued, waitress came over to the table to take their order. She was probably in her early or mid twenties, slim with nice breasts. Not near as nice as Lynn's, but still good. Rob told her that he'd have a seven-seven and Lynn would have a tall Long Island Iced Tea. The waitress noticed the two bumps the needle hubs were making in Lynn's top and seemed to be trying to figure out what kind of jewelry she had on. After taking their order, she headed back to the bar, but looked back at them several times, trying to figure out what she was missing.

Lynn was absolutely mortified by the whole thing. Plus, she wondered why Rob had ordered iced tea for her instead of a mixed drink like he was having. She felt that she certainly could use a couple of stiff belts right now to get her through this ordeal.

Rob ordered her to look around and see if she could pick out some likely candidate to dance with... and stick a needle in her tit. She couldn't believe that he was actually going through with all this. Yet she did see several men who, under other circumstances, she would have loved to dance with and offer to have them fuck her.

Watching the waitress, Rob noticed her looking back at them while waiting for the drinks to be made. Rob told Lynn to spread her legs wide and make sure her cunt was on display under the table. Lynn did as she was told, flushing with deep embarrassment knowing that anyone who looked over at them could see her gaping cunt, filled with the brush. In fact she noticed several men looking at her spread legs and motioning, discussing what they were watching.

The waitress got the drinks and started over to them. Rob could tell that she could see Lynn's spread beaver under the table. As she got closer, she thought she could see something sticking out of the woman's cunt. Coupled with the possibly strange nipple jewelry, this piqued her interest. She got to the table and sat the drinks down in front of them. Rob could see her staring at Lynn's breasts while he paid her. Lynn grabbed her drink and took several long gulps of it. It wasn't a normal iced tea, but she had no idea what was in it. Tasted good though.

After the bar maid had given him change, Rob said, "I see you're fascinated by the jewelry Lynn has on. Would you like to see it?" The girl nodded. Rob told Lynn to raise her top and show off her adornments. Reluctantly, Lynn slowly raised the hem of the top, exposing her needled nipples. The girl gasped, then smailed. "No wonder I couldn't figure out what they were," she said. "Those are actually needles stuck in her?"

Rob smiled and said, "Would you like to touch them? I'm sure Lynn won't mind such a lovely girl like you feeling them."

The girl looked around quickly and then said, "Sure. I've had my nipples pierced, but these are awesome." She reached out and fingered one of the needle hubs, then the other one. "They're embedded in her tit? How long are they?"

Rob nudged Lynn and said, "Dear, why don't you give the young lady one of the needles in your purse and see if she'd like to add it to the ones you have already?" Lynn opened her clutch purse and took out one of the needles. She took it from the packaging and then pulled it from the plastic sheath. Holding it by the hub, she offered it to the young lady, who gingerly took it, looking at it carefully.

"Whadda ya do, just stick it right in? Doesn't it hurt? A lot?" she asked.

Rob said, "Yes, you can just stick it right in alongside the others. And yes it does hurt, doesn't it dear?" Lynn nodded and said, "A lot."

"But you'll let me do it? Even though it hurts?" she asked incredulously.

"Well, she IS supposed to ask a gentleman to dance and if he would like to insert one, but you're such a nice girl, you're more than welcome my dear. Don't worry about the pain. The slut loves it. Watch." With that Rob grasped the hub of the needle in Lynn's closest breast and jiggled it, causing her to gasp and stifle a loud groan of pain.

"Gawd dayum! She must reslly be a slut to want that done to her. OK, how do I do this? Just put it here?" She leaned closer, carefully looking at what she was doing and placed the point of the needle on one of Lynn's nipples next to the needle already there. Rob nodded. The girl applied a little bit of pressure, dimpling the nipple.

Rob said, "You might want to put your hand over her mouth when you push it in unless you want everyone in the place to find out what we're doing here. She tends to scream a lot."

The girl looked around, then sat down, holding the needle. She looked at Lynn and said, "Dear, are you sure this is alright?"

Lynn nodded and said quietly, "Yes, I'm a pain slut. I love pain. Please push it into me."

The girl shook her head and put the point of the needle back against Lynn's nipple. Covering Lynn's mouth with one hand, she pushed the hub hard, sinking the needle about half way in. Lynn squealed with pain, the girl's hand muffling most of it. A couple of people close by looked over at the sound. Seeing Lynn's lovely globes exposed caught their attention and they continued to watch what was going on. The girl then pushed the needle all the way in, holding harder against Lynn's mouth to hold the sound down to a minimum.

Rob said, "Thank the nice young lady for that, dear." Lynn was still holding her top up above her breasts, with several, well a lot of people looking at them. She said to the waitress, "Thank you for that. It hurts so good."

The girl nodded. To Rob she said, "Is she really a pain slut? I've read about some like that, but I've never known anyone who liked pain."

Rob said, "Yes, she does love it. Why don't you reach down under the table and find out what she has inside her?"

The girl looked surprised, then said, "You know, I thought I saw something in her slot when I was coming back with your drinks. What is it?"

Rob said, "Lynn, you can put your top down now. Everyone's seen your lovely breasts." Lynn put the top in place and took several more gulps of her drink. To the girl, Rob said "Why don't you reach down and see if you can feel what it is. The slut won't mind, will you, slut?" Lynn shook her head 'no'. She was starting to feel a little air headed. She didn't know what was in the drink, but it obviously wasn't just iced tea.

The girl looked around to see who was looking at her, then reached under the table and between Lynn's legs, running her hand up Lynn's thigh to feel her cunt. She could feel the protruding part of the cut off handle and the wire that held the bristles but couldn't get any further up from that position. She looked at Rob and said, "Listen, I can take a break in a few minutes. Can I come back then. I'm really interested in finding out what you've got going with this slut."

Rob smiled at her. "My dear, that would be fine. We'd be happy to have you join us. If you can figure out what is up my lovely slut's cunt, I'll let you fill a tall glass with your piss and my lovely slut here will be happy to drink it down in front of you. Or any number of others you'd like to have watch."

"You gotta be shittin' me!" the girl exclaimed. "If I can feel around in her cunt and figure out what's stuffed up in there, you'll have this slut drink a glass of my piss? With all my customers watching?"

Rob smiled at her. "Why, yes, that's right. In fact, if you have any gentlemen friends who'd like to insert a needle into her tit and dance with her, they're welcome to do so. Or they don't have to dance, they can just bend her over and fuck her ass if they'd like. But they have to put a needle in first."

"I've heard of some pretty kinky stuff before, and some of it done right here, but this about tops it. And I thought gettin' my nipples pierced was pretty daring. I ain't got nuthin' on this slut. And she'll let any of the guys fuck her ass, right here?"

Rob nodded. "After they put a needle in her nipple first. That's non-negotiable. We're trying to see how many she can collect tonight. We've got a total of twenty. Yours was number three, so there's seventeen left. Whadda ya think? You know some regulars here tonight that might be interested?"

"Shit, let me talk to some guys and then take my break. I'll see what I can find." the girl said, getting up and heading over to the bar.

Lynn was so embarrassed, but so aroused at the same time. The combination of the pain from the brush and the needles along with the humiliation of being exposed in public was making her drip. Literally. She could feel the wetness of the seat under her. She was either juicing from her cunt or bleeding from the damn brush! One or the other. She hoped it was the former. She took another several large gulps of her drink, hoping that whatever was in it would help her get through this. She had to admit to herself though that she was abso-fucking-lutely turned on to the max.

The waitress came back over a few minutes later and sat down, sitting a tall, empty glass on the table. She said, "I talked to the manager, who's a horny asshole. He's been trying to get into my pants for the last two months. He said that we can move to the back room where we can do a lot more than we can here. I've also mentioned it to several guys that are regulars here who would be more than willing to do whatever you want to your slut here. Including bend her over a table and fuck her ass. The fuckhead manager said he wants to be first in line though."

Rob nodded. "OK, let's move back there, then. Lynn, dear, finish your drink." To the girl he said, "And if you'd like I'm sure the slut would be more than happy to lick your cunt for you, too. If you figure out what's inside her, she'll take your pee directly in her mouth and you won't need the glass. Won't you, slut?" Lynn nodded, eyes downcast. Then she quickly downed what was left of her drink.

The girl got up and Lynn and Rob followed her. At least Lynn tried to stand up. Any movement was torture for Lynn. Rob helped steady her, wondering if he'd have to carry her. Lynn wobbled woozily on her high heels as she and Rob followed the waitress.

The girl nodded to several men on the way to the back. When they got there, Rob turned to look and there were at least ten guys, several of them black, following them in. He smiled to himself.

Rob had Lynn stand in the middle of the room, although he had to help steady her a bit. Then he had her pull her top off and drop her mini to the floor. She was left standing naked, teetering in only her high heels. Rob said, "Spread 'em" and Lynn unsteadily spread her legs apart.

The waitress knelt down in front of her and started to finger the end of the brush handle and then insert her finger up into Lynn's cunt, much to Lynn's added embarrassment and humiliation, but which was being rapidly dulled by the alcohol. After fingering and probing around, the girl gasped. She stood up and said to Rob and the others, "She's got a brush of some kind in her cunt! Doesn't that hurt like a sunnovabitch??"

Rob looked at her and said, "I'm sure it does. I can't tell you from first hand experience, but she wasn't very happy when I put it in her. My ears are still ringing from her screams. But you've figured it out so you get to piss in her mouth." To Lynn he said, "Slut, get on your knees and let this lovely young lady give you her golden piss." He had to help Lynn kneel down, then she tilted her head up and opened her mouth. The girl hoisted her skirt up and dropped her panties down, stepped out of them and moved so her cunt was over Lynn's open mouth. Lynn started licking her cunt and the girl groaned with pleasure. Several guys let loose with whistles and cat calls as the girl dropped her panties. She didn't even look back at them as she put her hand back and gave them the finger. The guy's laughed.

Rob said, "I hope you loaded up good for her." The girl nodded between moans as Lynn licked her clit and sucked on her cunt. To the gathered group of men, he said, "After this young lady finishes, then you guys can take your turns. The rules are these. As you can or will see, the slut has needles inserted in her breasts. You have to add a needle before you can dance with her. Now you don't have to actually dance, you can just bend her over a table and fuck her ass. You can't fuck her cunt because it's full of a toilet brush. It's causing her quite a bit of pain and fucking her in the ass will only add to that pain. After you cum in her ass, she'll be more than happy to thank you by sucking your cock clean. If you need to piss at that point, feel free to do so. She'll be happy to drink as much piss as you can get down her throat. You can piss on her if you want, but that will only leave a mess for the establishment to clean up, so I'd recommend giving it all to her in her mouth. Everyone clear on all that?"

The guys nodded and started making lewd comments. The waitress was moaning with pleasure as Lynn slurped her slit. Finally she got a spurt of piss out, which Lynn took in her mouth, then locked onto the pee hole to get the rest. The girl started a steady stream in earnest and Rob watched Lynn's throat muscles as she swallowed as fast as she could to get all of it down. When the girl was done, she stepped away and stood next to Rob. He noted that she didn't bother to put her panties back on.

Rob had Lynn stand and called out, "OK, who's the first to stick a needle in the slut's tit and fuck her ass?" The macho manager stepped forward and said "Gimme a needle. I'm ready to do it to this cunt." Lynn pulled a needle from her purse and handed it to him.

He didn't know how to pull it from the sheath and fumbled with it a bit. The waitress finally grabbed it from him, pulled the needle out and handed it to him by the hub. She said, "Handle it down here. Don't get your fuckin' dirty fingers on the needle itself. Lord only knows where those fucking hands have been tonight."

The guy looked annoyed and tried to figure out where to put the needle to push it in. After again fumbling around, the girl put her hand on his and guided him to put the point next to the single needle already in Lynn's tit. She held his hand to steady it and get the needle point next to the other one, then pressed a bit to get it through the skin. The guy yanked his hand away as the needle went into Lynn's flesh, like he had been burned.

The waitress said to him in an exasperated voice, "C'mon ya dumb fucker. Push it in all the way. It won't bite ya!" The macho guy wasn't so macho anymore, needing a girl to tell him how to stick a needle in a tit. Some of the guys were catcalling, telling him to hurry up they wanted their turn to fuck her. The guy got so flustered and put his finger on the hub and started to push. When Lynn moaned with the pain, he pulled away again. The bar maid grabbed his hand, put it on the needle hub and pressed hard, sinking the needle all the way into Lynn's tit. She gave a little scream of pain as it went in and Mr. Macho Man promptly passed out, falling limply to the floor. The girl said under her breath, "Dumb shit!" and used her foot to push him out of the way.

Lynn moved over away from the unconscious dud and the next guy stepped up. He was a huge man, probably all of 275 pounds or better, tattoos all over his arms. He took a needle from Lynn and unsheathed it, then told her to grab her tit and hold it, which Lynn did. He put the point next to the the two that were there and with one swift motion, sank it to the hub. Lynn groaned loudly. He said, "OK, cunt, let's tango. Bend over that table there and open that asshole wide." With a major look of fear on her face, Lynn bent over the table. The bar maid had been thoughtful enough to bring a bottle of olive oil from the pizza kitchen and she applied some to Lynn's asshole, then told the big guy to go for it.

He wasn't rough but he did apply enough pressure to slip his cock right into Lynn's tight sphincter. She groaned with pain as it entered her ass, but screamed with pain as he started to stroke into her. The brush was apparently really causing some discomfort. Lynn tried to keep her large tits from contacting the table top, but as he stroked in and out, Lynn's tits rubbed and banged on the table, driving the needles deeper and jarring them. This also caused some of Lynn's screaming. Rob asked the girl if she could get a bar rag so they could muffle some of the screams. She grabbed one and brought it back. Rob stuffed it in Lynn's mouth to help quiet her down.

The big guy finally shot his wad up Lynn's ass with several deep thrusts and jerks. When he pulled out, Rob turned Lynn around and had her kneel down in front of him so she could suck his cock clean. He finally had to stop her licking so he could piss. He let fly with his stream, and Lynn had to work to keep up with it. A lot spilled out of her mouth and down on her tits and some spurted out of her nose when she couldn't swallow fast enough.

While the big guy was working Lynn over and peeing in her mouth, the bar maid said to Rob, "She's quite the slut, isn't she? It really felt good having her suck my cunt. Think we could get together sometime and have her do it again? And I wouldn't mind it if you wanted to plug my holes either. Maybe while they're doing her, you can do me. Whatta ya say?"

Rob told her that both he and Lynn would be more than happy to accommodate her if she wanted. He said that he had to watch Lynn so they didn't damage her too badly, but he'd love to fuck her later. She pulled out an order pad and wrote her name and number on it, tearing it off and handing it to Rob. "I'm off on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Make sure you give me a call." Rob assured her he would and tucked the paper in his pocket.

Mr. Macho had regained consciousness after the big tattooed guy had started in, and realizing that the smartest thing he could do would be to quietly slip away, he did that. A couple guys saw him slink away and laughed.

The next one in line was a very tall, slim black man. He was several inches over six feet and Lynn had to crane her neck up to look him in the eyes. She shyly handed him the next needle and then held her tit out for him to insert it. He kissed her on the mouth, then stuck the needle all the way in easily. Then he bent down and kissed the top of her breast and then kissed her lips again. He put his arm around her and said, "C'mon white momma, let's see if you like nigga cock." He unzipped and flopped out a very long black snake. It had to be at least eight or nine inches in length if not more. Lynn gasped when she saw it.

"Yo wanna bend over and take it or ya wanna lay back and take it that way. I don wanna hurt ya. Too bad, anyway," he grinned. There was an upholstered bench seat off to the side and he took Lynn over and laid her on her back on it. Then he pulled her legs up over his shoulders and put his cock at her asshole. Since she had been opened up by the one before him, and his semen lubed her ass, the black guy got in with one stroke. Lynn groaned with the pain, not from him entering her ass, but from the sharp bristles of the brush which cause her cunt to scream with agony with every stroke in and out of her ass. At least her needled tits weren't banging against the table top anymore.

While they were watching the black guy hammer into Lynn's ass, the bar maid pulled up a chair behind Rob and pushed him down onto it. Seated that way, he could look over and watch Lynn get pounded. After bending down and liberating Rob's hard cock from his pants, the girl straddled him, holding his cock at her hole. Rubbing the head in her slit to lube it, she dropped down on it with a huge sigh. Rob's sharp intake of breath indicated his pleasurable feeling as her tight tunnel enveloped his pussy sticker. Then the girl started rotating her hips and bouncing up and down, all the while moaning with pleasure. "Fuck my hot hole, stud. Beat my cervix to a pulp. Oh, gaaaaawd your cock feels so good. Fuck me hard and fast."

The last didn't make much sense as she was the one controlling his penetration of her, but Rob wasn't about to point that out to her. All he could do was hold on for dear life as she rocked and bounced on his hard shaft. Rob also had to pay attention to what was happening to Lynn so someone didn't do her some real damage.

The black guy was pistoning into Lynn's ass and she was screaming and moaning. Rob couldn't tell whether they were screams of pain or pleasure, but guessed the latter, caused by the former. Rob watched as the guy's butt cheeks contracted as he shot his baby making seed into Lynn's ass. Her whole body was trembling and legs shaking with her orgasm. As the guy slowly pulled his large cock out of her ass, the rest of the men applauded and whistled in approval.

Pulling Lynn up and having her kneel in front of him, he held his cock in front of her mouth. As Lynn started to try to take it in her mouth and suck it, the guy put his hand on her forehead, holding her back. She looked up at him questioningly. Then he started to piss, and everyone could see the stream spraying into Lynn's open mouth. She worked hard to swallow as much and as fast as she could but ended up with a lot of it dripping down on her tits, crotch and legs. Lynn was frigging her clit furiously as some of it drained down onto her hand. She was letting out low, guttural moans as she got off again and again.

Once he was finished pissing, Lynn took his cock all the way in her mouth and cleaned it of the last drops and her own ass juices. Again the rest of the guys applauded and whistled in approval of their performance. The black guy had a big grin on his face.

Trying to keep the bar maid from bouncing so vigorously on his cock, Rob had Lynn come over beside them. He grabbed Lynn's hand and pushed it down to where they were coupling together. The girl's juices coated Lynn's fingers as she slowly raised and lowered on Rob's cock, letting Lynn feel his hard rod sliding into her hot hole. Lynn brought her hand up to her mouth and sucked off the girl's cunt cream, then bent over and kissed her. The two exchanged spit until the next guy in line pulled Lynn off and told her his turn was next.

Lynn pulled a needle from its sheath and handed it to him, then held her tit out for him to stick it into. The guy looked at the needle then her tit and said, "Day-um, them's the nicest looking set of titties I've ever seen in my life. You could put centerfolds to shame. I really hate to see them stuck full of needles, but them's the rules. Here goes." Lynn steeled herself against the pain she knew was coming, but thankfully the alcohol in the iced tea had blunted some of the pain coming from the brush in her cunt. The guy had watched the others put the needles in so he knew to do it with a steady plunge. He put the tip beside the others and then pushed it all the way home. Lynn just groaned loudly instead of screaming this time.

The guy pulled up another chair and sat on it, putting his hands on Lynn's hips. He pulled her down and she used her hands to spread her ass cheeks for him. Once the head of his cock was centered on her already ravaged rosebud, she dropped down all the way on him. He gave a gasp and Lynn groaned loudly with the penetration.

Lynn started bouncing up and down on the guy's cock, and began fondling and hefting her huge, needled tits. She ran her fingers around the hubs of the needles penetrating them, tweaking the nipples and the needles, increasing the stimulation. She had several orgasms by the time the guy spewed his juice up into her rectum.

Rob had undone the bar maid's bra and worked his hands up onto her tits under her shirt. He could feel the barbell in each nipple, and as she continued to work her cunt up and down on his shaft, he tweaked and twisted the barbells, causing her to moan with pleasure. About the time that the guy had finished spurting his cum into Lynn's ass, Rob whispered something into the girl's ear. She got a wicked grin on her face and nodded to him.

As Lynn stood up, pulling off the softening cock in her ass, the girl took Lynn's hand and led her over to the padded seat. She laid down on her back and pulled Lynn's hips over her, so that the dripping asshole was over her mouth. Then she pulled Lynn down and started tonguing the slime from Lynn's hole.

The guy that had just finished moved over and straddled the girl, putting his cock in Lynn's mouth. As she sucked him, he too started to piss and she drank it all down. This guy was considerate enough to start and stop his stream, giving Lynn time to get it all down.

As word had gone out as to what was happening in the back room, the line of guys got bigger. It was soon obvious that Lynn would run out of needles before she ran out of men. Rob decided that was OK, but he didn't know how much pounding her asshole would take.

When Lynn finally got up off the bar maid's mouth, both looked happy. Lynn turned around, bent down and kissed the girl, licking the excess cum and juices from her lips and face. Then she helped the girl up and the guys again gave them an ovation and whistles of appreciation. Rob tried to figure out what he should do, which was complicated by the bar maid coming back over and plunking her hot cunt back on his hard rod.

The next in line took the needle from Lynn and shoved it roughly into her tit flesh, then turned her around and stuffed his raging hardon into Lynn's ravaged hole, without bending her over the table. For this, Lynn was thankful, although her coordination wasn't too great due to the alcohol that was hitting her pretty good. She was feeling better and better actually. The brush wasn't causing near the pain as it had and the cocks driving into her asshole were constantly bringing her to orgasm.

While watching the two while bouncing and grinding on Rob's cock, the bar maid said, "I can't believe that woman is such a slut. I've never seen anything like her and I've got some really nasty girlfriends. Like you said, her asshole was pretty tasty. Thanks for suggesting that."

Rob fondled her pierced nipples and said, "No problem. Yep, she is a real pain slut, but I've gotta figure out a way of having her accommodate all these guys. I'm thinking maybe I'll pull the brush out of her cunt and let them double team her. I'm just worried that they could get so rough that the needles could do some real damage to her."

The girl said, "Hey, I got an idea. Once she has them all stuck in her titties, we can invert a shot glass over each nipple and tape 'em in place. That would give some protection from them being driven in too far. Damn, watching her is so hot I'm about ready to have you put a couple of them needles in my titties." Rob looked at her seriously. "Just kidding. But I'm really curious about how it feels. Does she do this type of thing much?"

Rob stroked her tits and said, "This is only her second time having needles in her tits. First time for the brush. And she's never pulled a train, let along an ass fuck one."

Grinding on Rob's cock, the girl groaned with pleasure and said, "Oh, gawd, that's turning me on. Don't you dare lose my number. I want to get together with both of you and maybe try some stuff. Oh, damn! Ahhhhhhhh, fuck me harder!" She bounced and ground her hips, bringing Rob off and he jerked up into her, filling her cunt with his cum. She kept grinding down and soon hit her own point of no return, and screamed quietly as she jerked and shivered with orgasm. Several of the guys watching them whistled and clapped at their performance.

When the current guy had pulled out of Lynn's ass and had her clean his cock off, then piss in her mouth, the waitress hopped off Rob's lap and put her dripping cunt on Lynn's mouth. She said, "Here's a present from your husband, slut. Lick it all out of my dirty cunt, you whore. Clean me out good so I can go back and put your husband's cock back in my hot cunt again while we watch you get fucked." Her words just aroused Lynn more and soon her cunt was lick spittle clean. She dismounted as the next guy in line moved up.

Going back to Rob and sitting on his lap, they watched as Lynn offered a needle to the guy who drove it into her nipple, then turned her around to enter her slick and gaping asshole. He stroked in and out of her for a while until he spewed into her. Then he pulled out and walked over to a table and picked up a glass filled with amber liquid. Coming back to Lynn, he handed it to her, saying "Couldn't hold it long enough to wait until I fucked you, so I peed in a glass. Drink it down, slut!"

Lynn took the glass from him, looked at it, then looking him in the eyes tipped it up and drank it down. She was getting to the point that she sloshed whenever she moved. The brush in her cunt was almost forgotten unless someone pushed hard or she made too sudden a movement.

After several more guys and more needles, Rob decided that he had to do something to move this thing along. He had the bar girl take Lynn to the restroom and help her puke out the piss that she was full of so far. Once she was cleaned up, the girl brought her back. Rob had Lynn lay down on her back on the padded seat and spread her legs. He turned to the long line of guys and said, "I wanted to show you what this slut has up inside her. Watch."

With that, he grasped the short handle of the brush and roughly pulled it out of Lynn's cunt. She stifled a scream of pain as the rough bristles scraped out of her. Rob held it up so the guys could see it. There were some whistles and muttered comments about 'what a nasty slut'.

Rob handed the brush to the bar girl, who looked and felt it, amazed that it had been inside a cunt. Then Rob said that until the needles ran out, each guy would stick one in one of Lynn's nipples then he could fuck her in either hole. If two wanted to double team her, that was OK too, but they'd both have to stick a needle in her tit until they ran out of them. Rob told them that they could use both holes together or either one together, doing a double penetration in the same hole. He said that the slut wanted to be stretched, so they were welcome to try. If they wanted to mouth fuck her or piss in her mouth while she was being fucked that was OK too. The only thing they had to do is protect the needles in her nipples from doing any major or permanent damage to her. Then he told them to have at her.

Rob pulled the chair beside Lynn and then pulled the bar maid down on his lap. Together they watched another six or seven guys fuck Lynn, brining her to almost continuous orgasms. A couple of the guys who had already taken their turn stood by Rob, talking. One said, "She's a major fucking slut, isn't she? She cumming all the time from the constant abuse. How in the hell did you get that brush up her twat?"

Rob described how she couldn't work it into her because of the pain, so he used the speculum. The guy said, "Damn! Wish I could find a cunt that would do stuff like that. And she's so fucking HOT! You're one lucky asshole, asshole." He grinned at Rob, who nodded and grinned back.

The girl was still on Rob's lap, holding and feeling the brush. She said, "I wonder what it would feel like to have this monster inside me? Gawd, I can't imagine even." Rob told her he'd be glad to help her try it out if she wanted to, just as long as she gave it back when Lynn was done so she could wear it back home. Rob could tell by the look in her eyes that she was seriously considering trying it.

"Tell you what. If you want to try it, I'll have Lynn put it inside you. She knows what it feels like and could do it the best. Then you'd know." Rob told her.

"I dunno. I like my nipple piercings and I'm thinking about getting a clit hood done. I can handle a bit of pain, but this thing? I'm not sure if I want to even try it." the girl confided.

Rob said, "Actually, it's not that bad. Sure it hurts, but I got the idea from a video on the net that I watched. The girl worked one like it up into her cunt and masturbated with it. She got off too."

"Yer kidding me, right?" the girl said. Rob shook his head 'no' and assured her it was the truth. She said, "Ya know, I like a good rough spanking, even with a wooden paddle, but shoving this up into me. Gawd, I wanna feel what it's like but I can't bring myself to try it."

Rob said, "That's no problem. We'll get a couple of guys to hold you down and Lynn can put it in you. You can obviously see from her that it doesn't do any actual damage. But she's been dripping ever since I put it in her."

"Yeah, but she's pain slut. I just like my ass tanned a little and maybe some rough sex," the girl said.

"Until last week, she hadn't ever had anything more than a rough fuck or a good spanking, let alone needles. Now look, she's in constant orgasm," Rob said to the girl.

"Yer shittin' me! She's never done anything before last week? Fuck! I can't believe it," the girl exclaimed.

Rob said, "All true. And earlier today we picked up a new Rottweiler dog, just to have fuck her. She also likes to put snakes, mice and worms in her cunt. You can come over and watch if you want. But you'll have to participate too."

The girl looked at Rob incredulously. "Shit! Snakes and mice? Fucking a dog? I wanna see that! But what do you mean that I'd have to participate if I wanna watch?"

"You know, there's no free lunch. We'd be happy to have you come and watch her take the dog, or stuff a three foot snake all the way up inside her cunt or put live mice in her cunt, but you'd have to join in the fun, not just watch. Maybe lick her cunt with the snake inside it. Or suck the dog up so he can mount her." Rob worked two fingers into her moist cunt. "Maybe we'd put a few live baby mice in you and let them crawl around a bit. Nothing major or nothing you won't see her do."

"Yeah right! 'Nothing major' my ass," she said. "If I'm gonna suck a dog's cock or stick mice in my cunt, I'd call that something major!"

Rob could tell that the young girl was fascinated by some of the ideas and noted that she said 'if I'm gonna', not 'no way I'm gonna'. This might just turn into something rather interesting. Besides, she was a good fuck and he wouldn't mind being able to do her once in a while, if nothing else.

Rob pressed on. "She says that taking the dog's knot is really exciting. And that he fucks like a jack hammer. You'd probably like that, wouldn't you?"

The girl was watching Lynn get both her holes hammered while Rob was talking to her. The guy that had commented on Lynn to Rob apparently knew the girl and said, "Aw, c'mon, Gillian. You'd love to have a dog fuck you. You've probably done most of the guys in line anyway. What would be different with a dog cock? Hell, I'd pay to see you take a dog on."

The girl didn't take her eyes off the action, but said, "Yeah, Jim, fuck you! I wouldn't fuck your dick with another girl's cunt. You're certainly not gonna watch me take a dog cock."

Rob and Jim looked at each other and grinned. Rob figured it wouldn't take much more convincing to get this young babe to join in their kinky play.

The macho man manager quietly came back in and stood beside them. He hadn't heard any of the conversation. "Damn, Gill, you need to get your ass out front and get to work. Either that or let me fuck you."

The girl looked at him with disdain and said, "This from a guy who couldn't even stay conscious enough to watch a needle shoved into a slut's tit. Hell, you'd probably pass out on me. Besides, I've got plenty of nice cock here. But I'll show you the cum dripping out of my cunt if you want. Hell, I'll even let you lick it out!"

The manager blanched at that thought and harummphed, then stood around for a bit, finally leaving again. The girl said, "God, he's such a prick. Oh, pardon me, that's the good part of a guy. He's a fucking pus filled asshole! I'd let him fuck my cunt right after I took on all the animals at the local zoo and there weren't any more humans left on earth." She really didn't like the guy, apparently. But Rob did note that fact that she said she'd take 'the animals' instead of 'if he was the last human being on earth'. Interesting choice of words.

After a little while, Rob whispered in her ear, "We know some people who have a stable and some stallions that are trained to take on women. She hasn't done a horse yet, but she's planning on it. Soon. Interested?"

The girl turned to look at him, wide eyed. "Yer shittin' me!" she said. Apparently one of her favorite expressions. Rob shook his head. She turned to look at the other guy and said, "Hey, Jim? Fuck off. We've gotta talk about some private things."

Jim looked at her and said, "What? You gonna invite him over to do your ass? You need privacy to do that? I'll tap it any time you want."

Gillian laughingly said, "Fuck you, Jim. Go away. This is about the closest you'll ever get to even smelling my ass." Jim chuckled good naturedly and walked away to go talk to some of the other guys. Rob and Gillian watched Lynn take on two more guys, both in the same hole, with a third peeing in her mouth.

After a few minutes, the girl turned to look at Rob and said, "Horses? She's really gonna take a horse cock?"

Rob looked her in the eyes and said, "Mmmm hmmmm. I was told that there's a seventeen year old girl who takes them regularly. She even rides them in a sling underneath, with the cock in her while the horse walks around." Rob still had two fingers working in her cunt, getting her pretty worked up. "You mean to tell me that you wouldn't mind having a huge stallion shove his big cock up in here?"

Gillian said, "Mmmmmmm, feels good. To tell you the truth, I've thought about it before. Actually fantasized about it. I just never thought it would be possible. She's actually gonna do it? Let a horse fuck her?" Rob nodded.

"Gawd, I can't imagine what that would feel like. Well, I can imagine. But I wouldn't mind trying the real thing. You say that your slut takes snakes and mice inside her? Doesn't that hurt? Won't she catch some disease?" The girl was really getting into the thought of doing these things.

Rob continued to finger her cunt with one hand and fondle her nipple piercings under her blouse with the other while they talked and watched. "No, not really. We clean the snake or mouse before we put it in her. She's taken a nearly two foot python and an over three foot one all the way in her cunt, head and all. In fact, we bought the big one just so she could do that. And we got the dog just so he could fuck her. She picked him out for his size. He's pretty big, especially with the knot. I think she's only had one mouse at a time in her cunt, but that was pretty exciting. She liked it. Well she likes it all."

"Fuck! I can't believe it!" she said. "Confidentially, I've thought about doing some things like a dog, but never did anything. But I've never thought of doing mice. That's gotta be fucking awesome to watch. Where'd she find out about that stuff?"

Rob said, "On the 'net. We've got some good videos of a woman who takes a variety of snakes all the way in her cunt. She stuffs multiple mice in her or frogs, worms. A gerbil. Let's see, what else... oh, she does dogs, but there's all kinds of that on the net. Lot of horse stuff too. If you come over and try some things, we'll show you the videos to prove it to you. You really should try some of these things. The slut just loves doing this stuff."

"I can tell," Gillian said. "Ya know, you're a good fuck and a nice guy. And I really wanna watch her do a snake or dog. I think maybe I could try a few things if you guys helped me do it. I don't think I'm gonna be pulling a train with a toilet brush in my cunt anytime soon, but the other stuff sorta tickles my fancy, so to speak."

Rob did the finger wave in her cunt, massaging her G spot and the girl started panting and moaning, then threw her arms around Rob's neck and held on for dear life as she had a great orgasm. After she came down from her cum, she kissed Rob and said, "You know, I think I might just like to try a few of those things. You'll call me, won't you?"

Rob pulled his fingers out of her cunt and put them in her mouth. She sucked and licked her cunt juice from them. Rob told her they definitely would be inviting her over to enjoy some kinky fun.

"Um, does this kind of thing happen here a lot or what? I mean, this is pretty exteme for a public place. A friend told me that it might not be a problem to do some exhibition type stuff with her here. Do you get things happening here often?" Rob asked the girl.

"Nothing like this, believe me!" she said. "But, yeah, with the regular clientele that we have, every once in while we'll get some people who'll bare some skin or want to be seen fucking. Most everyone likes it when that happens. But nothing's ever happened to this extreme I don't think. At least, not when I've been here."

"So the management doesn't mind?" Rob asked.

The girl got a funny look on her face, then said, "Uh, no, not really. The GM would probably like to be here to watch but he doesn't usually work nights. But I can pretty much assure you that the owner doesn't have a problem with this." She nodded at Lynn. "As long as the place isn't raided during. And the regulars, as you can see, are happy to participate." She grinned. "Keeping it to the back room helps. I think it would be fun to put on regular shows like this if we could pull it off. And business would go through the roof!"

"What about the women?" Rob asked her.

"Hell, I know most of them, the regulars anyway and a bunch of them would be back here watching and participating if I'd said anything to them. I probably made it sound like a guys only thing, I guess," she told Rob.

Rob thought a moment, then said, "So would maybe an S&M needle exhibition or an animal show be out of the question?"

The girl looked at him, surprised. "Shit! You're serious aren't you?" she said. "You want your slut to put on a show, don't you?" Rob nodded, smiling.

"God damn, I'm gonna like you guys! Uh, ya know, we couldn't be open to the public doing it. But if we shut down for a private party, and were careful who was allowed in, it could probably be worked out. Damn, that's such a hot idea. I'll have to think about it."

Rob said, "The owner wouldn't get upset about it going on?"

The girl said quickly, "I sure she... ummm, 'they' wouldn't, if it could be kept on the QT. I'll talk to some people and let you know. You make sure you call me. OK?" Rob nodded and assured her he would.

It took a while, but Lynn finally had ten needles in both nipples. With two holes to bang, plus her mouth, the line was slowly dwindling, even with the word going out front. After several hours, the last two guys gave Lynn their cum, one in the mouth and the other in her very sore, overworked cunt. Her asshole felt like it was sandpapered raw.

Rob and Gillian went over to her. Gillian sat down beside her head and stroked her forehead. Rob said, "You've had quite a work out, haven't you my slut?" Lynn nodded, exhausted, but still highly aroused and excited by what she had done. Gillian helped her up and to the bathroom where they cleaned each other up. Then they joined Rob.

Rob said, "OK, time to put your accessories back in place for the trip home. Spread 'em, cunt." Lynn protested but he cut her short with a slap to her cunt. She spread her legs to give him access to insert the hated brush. Gillian leaned down and kissed Lynn. Rob had an idea.

"Gillian, dear, would you do my slut the honor of inserting her brush back into her cunt?" The girl looked at him wide eyed, then at Lynn. Lynn closed her eyes and nodded. Gillian got up and took the brush from Rob, holding it by the short stub of the handle. She looked at Lynn then at Rob. She was really torn by her emotions. She finally said, "How about if I take it up in my cunt and work the rest of my shift with it in me? Would that be OK? I don't want to see her hurt anymore."

Rob looked at the young girl in surprise. She was willing to take the pain of the brush in her to spare Lynn more of the pain. He was really tempted to take her up on her offer just to see if she would. Or could. But Lynn reached up and pulled her down, kissing her passionately. When they separated, Lynn said quietly to the girl, "No dear. It's my place to take it. I'm the pain slut. I want it. Really!"

The girl still was conflicted. Rob finally said, "Gillian, I'll make you a deal. Lynn can put the brush up in you so you can find out what it feels like. Then she'll take it out and you put it up inside her for her trip home. That way you'll have the experience and Lynn will complete her slut evening training. Interested?"

"Oh, shit! I wanna feel it inside me but I'm so scared of how much it will hurt. I just don't want to see her hurt any more." There were tears welling up in her eyes.

Lynn pulled the girl to her and hugged her. She made a point of pushing the hubs of the needles against Gillians breasts, causing Lynn to moan in pain into her mouth as they kissed. Lynn looked at her and said, "I'll put it in you so you can feel it. It's not that bad, it's just the psychological effect. I had rather gotten to enjoy it... no, tolerate it after a while. If you're any kind of a pain slut, you'll like doing it, even if it hurts. I'll put it in you so you can try it. Then we can take it out and you can put it back in me. I want it. I've hardly stopped cumming since we left home." She whispered to the girl, "I may start using it to replace my dildo to masturbate at home."

Gillian was thinking over what Lynn said. "Go close that door and put a table in front of it so none of those asses can come in." Rob did that. When he returned, Gillian laid back down on the padded bench and spread her legs open for Lynn. "Please be as gentle as you can," she said. Both Lynn and she laughed as the irony of her plea hit them both. Gillian asked Rob for the bar towel and put it in her mouth. She nodded to Lynn.

Lynn said, "Relax dear. I know that's hard, but tightening up just increases the pain unnecessarily." Lynn spread the girl's cunt lips apart and pressed the tip of the brush against her pink membranes. A look of pure fear flashed on Gillian's face as she felt the first rough bristles invade her tender hole. Lynn started exerting more force, getting about half the brush into Gillian's cunt. She was screaming into the towel which effectively muffled them. Then she reached down and grabbed Lynn's hand and forced the rest of the brush all the way up into her, screaming and spasming with the pain. But it was all the way up inside her now. She was panting rapidly and grunting, trying to overcome the fear and pain. Lynn caressed the girls cunt lips and her clit, then bent down and sucked the clit into her mouth. Legs shaking, Gillian pushed the towel in her mouth to muffle her screams, which it did. After several minutes of Lynn's sucking mouth, Gillian's legs stiffened and her body shook. Lynn changed to just massaging the girl's clit with the flat of her tongue.

After a while, the girl stopped shaking, took a deep breath and tried to sit up. The movement re-initialized the pain of the stiff bristles against her soft, tender tissues. She moved her legs over the edge of the seat and sat there for a minute, taking deep breaths. Finally, she turned to Lynn and said, "Holy Shit, Batman! I've never experienced anything like that in my life. It hurts like fucking hell but I was orgasming at the same time. It's fucking amazing! Now I understand a little bit of what you feel."

Lynn hugged her again, careful of the needles in her nips. Then the two kissed. Gillian said softly to Lynn, "Your husband said that I could maybe join you guys for some stuff. He told me about the snake and mice and things. It's really got me turned on. And now the super orgasm. Is it OK with you? Will you show me how to do some of those things? I think you're amazing. An' I ain't no lezzie, but I really like making out with you."

Lynn kissed the girl again and said, "And I like doing it with you too, dear. You're completely welcome to join us. I'm sure my husband would be happy to fuck you silly and I'll show you some things that will blow your mind."

Rob said to Gillian, "Show Lynn your nipple piercings. She doesn't have any yet, at least permanent ones. But we're going to get some done pretty soon." Lynn looked sharply at Rob with a questioning look. Rob just grinned.

Gillian lifted up her blouse and bra, exposing her tits to Lynn's view. Lynn fondled each of the silver barbells in Gillian's nips, then leaned forward to suck and lick each one. The young girl moaned with pleasure at this. When Lynn let go of the nips, Gillian said, "Uh, can I, like, leave the brush in me for a few minutes and go out front with it in me. I wanna see how it feels. And maybe let Jim have a little feel so he knows it's in me. That's as close as he'll ever get to my pussy, but he's a good guy and won't blab a lot to the others. At least I don't think so."

Lynn said, "Sure, dear. You're on your way to becoming a pain slut." She helped the girl get her bra and blouse in place. Gillian tried to stand up, but sat back down with a piercing yelp. Lynn stood up and gave the girl her hand and helped her stand up. Lynn found the girl's short denim skirt and helped her on with it so she didn't have to move a lot and the brush wouldn't cause too much pain. Gillian slipped on her work shoes and gave Lynn a kiss.

"Do you guys want to come and watch?" Lynn nodded and gathered her skirt and top. Slipping them on quickly and adjusting them so she was reasonably presentable, aside from the outline of the ten needle hubs poking out from each of her nipples, Lynn stepped into her high heels and took Rob's arm. He'd zipped up while she was dressing.

They followed Gillian out to the front, although all the eyes were on Lynn, knowing that she'd just pulled a train of twenty or thirty of them. The guys that fucked her that were still there stood and gave her a round of applause as she and Rob walked to an empty table. It was dark enough that nobody could see Lynn blushing furiously.

There weren't many others besides all the ones that Lynn had 'entertained'. There were a number of women that had been with the men. Rob whispered something in Gillian's ear and she nodded. Walking to the bar, she got an empty pitcher and walked back to the table. Holding the pitcher between her legs, she let loose a stream of piss into the empty vessel. A number of guys whooped and clapped at the show. When she was done, she walked over to a middle aged woman who's husband/boyfriend had taken a turn with Lynn and handed her the pitcher, whispering in her ear. The woman nodded, and putting it between her legs, let her piss flow to join the girl's.

Finishing, she handed it back to Gillian, who held it up for all to see. Then the Gillian raised it to her lips as if she was going to down it. The guys started whooping and yelling for her to chug it. A couple of people got up, disgusted, and made their way out, obviously not pleased with what was happening. Several loud boos accommpanied their exits. It had turned into a pretty raucous crowd.

Gillian held the pitcher to her lips, tilting it just enough to let the liquid get close to her lips, then held that pose. The yelling got louder. She let them get really excited then pulled the pitcher away and shook her head 'no'. The disappointment was vocal. Very vocal.

Gillian walked over to the bar and got a tall glass, dropped a slice of lime in it and took it and the pitcher over to Lynn. Virtually every person in the whole place was watching. She sat the glass down in front of Lynn and filled it with piss from the pitcher. She looked at Lynn and smiled. Lynn returned the smile, then picked up the glass and held it up as a toast to the crowd. The shouts and yelling got really loud and a chant of "chug, chug, chug" started. Lynn looked slightly embarrassed. She held it up for a dramatic pause, letting the shouts and cheers build. Then she put it to her lips and gulped it down without stopping.

Setting the empty glass down on the table to loud cheers, stomping and applause, Lynn motioned to Gillian for a refill. The girl filled the glass to the brim and again Lynn raised it up accommpanied by virtual pandemonium. She got half of it down this time, then stopped and licked her lips. The cheering and chants continued and she again raised the glass and drained the rest of its contents into her. Lynn sat the glass down on the table to huge applause and shouts of approval.

Gillian was really turned on by everything. She suddenly got an idea of her own. She motioned for quiet and the noise died down. She asked, "How many of you were NOT able to see the action in the back room a while ago?" Most of the women and a few of the men raised their hands. Gillian said, "Would those of you who didn't get a chance like to see what the center of attention was?" There were nods and cheers. Gillian turned to Lynn and extended her hand, offering Lynn to join her. When Lynn stood up, there were loud catcalls of 'take it off'. Gillian moved around behind Lynn and whispered in her ear, "Let's give them what they want, OK?" Lynn nodded slightly, still highly aroused and somewhat buzzed from the Long Island Iced Tea, despite it being diluted by so much piss.

Gillian caressed Lynn's huge knockers and worked her fingers around the hubs of the needles. Then she lifted the top up and off, exposing Lynn's needled tits to everyone. There were several gasps from the women, but they were drowned out by the shouts and cheers from the guys. Then Gillian quickly unfastened the skirt and it dropped to the floor. Lynn stepped out of it and stood there completely naked in front of a bar full of strangers. As Gillian caressed and fondled her tits from behind her, Lynn was having mini orgasms the whole time. Her cunt was literally dripping, her juices mixed with what was left of the various guy's cum leaking from her ass and dribbling down her legs.

She looked back at Rob and saw his big smile. He nodded to her to do what she wanted. So Lynn stepped away from Gillian and hefted her own large globes, tracing around the needle hubs with the tips of her fingers. She walked around, going from woman to woman to let them see the needles embedded in her tits and feel them if they wanted to. One woman motioned Lynn over and asked her if she could pull one out to see how big it was. Lynn nodded and held one of her globes out to the woman. Gingerly picking one of the hubs, the woman slowly withdrew it out of Lynn's breast. Once it was out, she held it up to look at it and show everyone else. She started to hand it to Lynn, but Lynn shook her head no and told the woman to go ahead and stick it back in. The woman was hesitant to do that, but finally pushed it a ways into Lynn's tit. Lynn tried to stifle her groan of pain, but it was evident to everyone that it hurt. With the woman still holding the hub and not knowing what to do, Lynn firmly grasped her tortured globe with both hands and pushed forward, embedding the needle back in her tit down to the hub. She groaned and shook her tits.

Lynn walked back over to their table where Gillian was standing. She put her lips to the girl's ear and said, "Want to give them a really good show? I'll pull the brush out of you now and you can push it up into me."

The girl had to think for a minute but her heightened arousal got the better of her and she nodded to Lynn. They both turned and sat on the edge of the table, facing the crowd. Lynn said, "You guys who were in the back know what I came in with inside me. Well, look where it is now." She lifted the bottom of Gillian's denim skirt, exposing the girl's cunt. Spreading her legs wide, Gillian let everyone see the stub of the brush handle sticking out of her cunt. Lynn said to her, "Slow or fast?" Gillian shook her head and said, "I don't know. Just go ahead and do it. I'll be hearing about this forever."

Kneeling down, Lynn firmly grasped the stubby handle and put her other hand over Gillian's pubic area. Then using her thumb to rapidly massage the girl's clit, she waited for several loud moans to build up. Then she steadily pulled on the brush, continuing to frig the girl's clit like mad. Gillian let out a scream of both pain and pleasure, shaking with orgasm.

Lynn held up the brush up for everyone to see. Loud applause broke with a chant of "stick it in, stick it in" buildiing up. Lynn made a show of kissing Gillian and handing her the brush, then sat back on the table, spreading her legs wide to gape her red, tortured cuntal membranes.

Gillian said to Lynn, "I don't know if I can do this." Lynn responded, "Just push it in. It doesn't matter, it's going to hurt all the same."

The girl knelt down and placed her hand on Lynn's pubis, just like Lynn had done for her. Stroking Lynns clit with her thumb, she readied the brush. The chants and catcalls stopped and you could hear a pin drop in the place, other than the music over the sound system. As Gillian placed the tip of the brush against Lynn's gaping hole, they could hear several sharp intakes of breath from some of the ladies.

Gillian started putting pressure on the brush, forcing it up into Lynn's cunt. Lynn was moaning and groaning, trying to keep from screaming. The girl's thumb working her clit was helping immensely. With half of the brush inside Lynn, Gillian strengthened her grip on the handle and pushed hard, forcing the brush all the way up into Lynn, who let out a loud scream. Gillian didn't stop her thumb movements on Lynn's clit and soon Lynn was squealing through an orgasm.

The girl turned her head to look at everyone with a big smile. They started clapping, stomping and yelling, giving the two a major ovation. Gillian gave Lynn her hand and helped her stand up. Then Lynn turned around and bent over the table, spreading her cheeks and cunt lips to display the brushed cunt to everyone. Rob smiled at his lovely slut wife. Gillian impulsively bent down and placed a kiss on Lynn's butt cheek, much to the approval of the guys.

Lynn turned and picked up her top and skirt, holding them in her hand. She made no move to get dressed. She turned to Rob and put out her hand, letting him know she was ready to leave. Gillian accompanied them as they walked out the door to huge applause from all the customers. Lynn was still totally naked.

When they got to the car, Gillian held Lynn's hand and thanked her. "I'm probably never gonna live this down, but I don't really give a fuck. All those assholes can just dream about getting into my pants. But I'll bet I get a lot more offers after tonight." She kissed Lynn, and Lynn returned it.

"Dear, you were wonderful tonight. Thank you for taking care of my dear husband too. I'm glad he had someone to watch out for him and get him off." Lynn told the girl.

"He said I can join you guys sometime. He's got my number. I really want you to call me. Wednesdays and Thursdays are my days off." Gillian said.

Lynn smiled at her and said, "Don't worry. If nothing else, we girls will get together. I really enjoyed you." With that she tried to carefully get in the car, gingerly trying to find the comfortable spot that wouldn't cause the brush to torment her too badly.

They waved at Gillian as they drove out of the parking lot. Lynn was a bit silent for a while. Rob wondered if he'd done too much. After a long period of silence, he said, "You were un-fucking-believable tonight!"

Lynn reached over and put her hand on his arm and said, "Rob, dear, I was worried that you'd gone a little too far tonight. This damn brush hurts! But I'm still out of my mind with what I did tonight. I can't thank you enough for letting me do things like this. Or pushing me to do them. I've really never been so turned on, ever. How did you know what to do? And where and how?"

"Dear, I've known you for a while and even though this kink is a bit new, I guess I've gotten to know you pretty well. I'm continually amazed at the amount of pain you can take. But you talked about hundreds of guys fucking you on stage at the stadium and I think tonight you got a little taste of that. At least twenty or thirty guys. I hope your holes are going to be able to recover from this. You know that I still consider you the best fuck ever."

"Even better than Gillian? I saw what you two were doing. She rode you for quite a while. I was wondering how you kept from cumming in her for that long."

"She felt good, but she doesn't know how to use her muscles like you do. You can milk the cum right out of a cock. At least you could before the thirty guys tonight. She was only bouncing and grinding around. Sissy does better than she did. But I won't mind in the least having her join us and teach her a few things."

"Yeah, I liked her. And her attitude. I think she's gonna be fun. I think Sissy will like her too, although I'm not sure how we're gonna be able to work that out. Maybe they can get together separate from us after they meet. She doesn't have to know what we do with Sissy. They could do their own thing. But I'm sure Sissy will like her. She was very enjoyable. And I know you'll enjoy teaching her some tricks. I was really amazed when she came up with that pitcher stunt by herself."

"She was very interested in the snakes and dog and horses when we were talking while you were screwing. Or being screwed. I got a feeling she's gonna keep right up with you. And taking the brush in her cunt. She's got the beginnings of a pain slut. How many women do you know that would have done that? Knowing how much it hurt?"

"The touching thing was that she wanted to spare me the pain. She was fully willing to take the brush to keep me from having to take it. It was so sweet. I AM going to have to educate her on being a pain slut though. She'll find out that being deprived of the pain isn't being kind to someone like me. The whole idea of it is to experience the pain and enjoy it. Taking that away isn't what a pain slut wants."

"I didn't know for sure how much you could take. I really hadn't figured on a gangbang with thirty guys, it just sorta happened. I had planned on you maybe doing a few. I never thought you'd get through twenty needles. Or I'd have brought more. I don't know what possessed me to tell them to do the piss drinking thing. The whole thing was just so far beyond what I had planned. And it's all because of you, my dear slut."

"Damn, Rob, I thought the McD's thing was slut city, as Sissy says. But this was just so far beyond, I don't know how you're going to top it. No matter what it looked like, I loved every minute of it. I still can't get over the fact that I took over thirty guys. My holes can attest to that fact, but my mind still can't fully absorb it. I'm gonna be rubbing my clit raw just thinking about tonight for weeks to come.

Rob all of a sudden remembered his promise to Sissy. He said, "I was supposed to call home and give Sissy a blow by blow description of what was being done to you. I forgot. She's gonna have my balls."

Lynn laughed. "She's had your balls for years, dear. Don't worry. For some reason I'm not the least bit tired so I'll sit down with her and give her the whole first person story, slut to slut. God, Rob, how are we going to be able to handle her as she gets older? She's already precocious beyond her years, sexually anyway. I keep thinking I'm setting a horrid example for her and Kari. I mean, look at Kari! She's not even three and she's been fucked in both her holes already. And she obviously likes it. A lot! What happens when this all spins out of control?"

"I don't know dear. I sometimes worry about Sissy too. Not Kari so much, yet. But we've just got to give them guidelines or rules, teach them as best we can, then let them develop into their own persons. I guess what I'm saying is, do you regret NOT starting some of the things you're doing now a long time ago? Think of all the fun you might have had? That maybe you missed out on? I don't know. Both Bobby and Sissy are well adjusted and rather mature for their ages. How many troublemakers and little heathens do you see every day that aren't? Our kids have yet to get into any kind of trouble. When they do, it'll probably be fucking or exhibitionism. We'll have to be the dutiful parents, like Ben says, and apologize and then fuck their brains out when we get them home. Why don't we just let things go and see how the kids do. I know they'll come to us with any question or problem they've got. They always have."

"You're right, Rob. I'm just feeling a little guilty about my newfound sluttiness. You know, we were always told in school that sluts and sexually free girls and women were so evil and bad, but you know, looking back on it, they're always the ones who had all the fun. And now I'm having fun. I just can't shake some of the societal guilt trip."

"Damn, honey. I don't want to bring us down thinking about that stuff. You were amazing tonight. I loved watching you take everyone of those guys, even though Gillian distracted me a bit. How did you ever hold so much piss?"

"I don't know. Once you took the brush out and they could fuck both holes, most of them didn't piss in me. After the first several ones that did, I sorta missed it. It made me so much more of a slut. And I find that I really don't mind drinking piss at all." She leaned over and caressed his hard on. "I'll take all your piss you'll give me any time you want, stud. I find the feeling of drinking your piss very pleasant and stimulating. Like doing something that brings us closer. From now on, you don't have to use the toilet to pee. And do it in front of the kids. I want to do theirs, too. I don't know what it is, but I'm starting to like it. The act, if not the taste."

"God, you're such a slut. I love you!" Rob said.

Arriving home, Lynn proudly walked naked into the house to give her daughter a blow by blow description of the night's activities. And she'd let Sissy pull the brush out of her cunt, too. Lynn knew she'd like that. And the needles too.

Later, after Sissy had gotten the whole story and had gleefully removed the brush and needles from her mother, Rob and Lynn were laying in bed, their arms around each other. They were both really pumped with what had happened and couldn't get to sleep, so they talked for a while. During a lull in the conversation, Lynn looked Rob in the eye and said, "Dear, I need you to find out some things for me."

"Sure, babe, anything. About what?" Rob asked.

Lynn said, "I do need to talk to the doctor that Ben and Sarah referred us to. She'll help with some things, but you said you got some of our 'supplies' from the feed store." Rob nodded. "Do you know if they have those electric cattle prods there? I'm sure a place like that would have them."

"What in God's name would you want one of those things for? You can't seriously... Honey! We haven't even tried out the electo stim that I got yet." Rob said.

Lynn caressed his cheek and said, "I know dear. And we should try that soon. I want to feel what it's like. But I've seen some videos where they used the cattle prods. Would it be possible to get one for me?"

"Well, of course. All I have to do is stop and pick one up. But what the hell do you plan on doing with it?" Rob asked.

"Tonight was so absolutely arousing. The brush was a stroke of brilliance. I can't tell you the psychological pain it caused. Well, along with the physical pain too. And then the needles on top of that. I was in pain slut heaven. Well, you know. You were there. But I saw this video where one of those cattle prods was used on a woman's breasts... and other places." Lynn said.

"What other places, slut? Just what do you want me to do with it? Stick it up your cun... God, Lynn! You're not serious. That would have to be so extreme." Rob was astounded by his wife's suggestion.

Lynn said, "That's why I want you to do the research on the physical effects of them. I want to know if there's any chance of long term physical damage from them. In the video, they used it on her breasts and at one point, the master actually shoved it in her cunt and triggered it. Now I don't know if they actually did it or if it was good acting on her part, but it would have had to have been really painful. But without any physical damage. I've watched that part over and over and I can't tell you how totally aroused I get wanting to be in her place. I mean, the needles are certainly painful. When I fantasize about the chest suspension with hooks through my breasts, I can cum for what seems like hours. But I realize that those things will cause a good amount of tissue damage and that takes time to repair and recuperate from. Needles aren't as bad, but they still required healing time. I'm just fascinated by the amount of pain that could be caused without any real tissue damage by the prod."

"Holy shit, honey, you're really serious about this pain stuff. I mean, really serious. I can't even imagine how you could take that. But I'll do the research and see what I can find out. I know that a lot of police departments use tasers and there's been some studies done. I know they only use like nine volt batteries to drive them. I'll find out what I can. And stop and pick one up if you want." Rob said.

Lynn kissed him and said, "You're the one who amazes me dear. I'm so happy that I have you to help me with my perverted desires. Everything you've done so far has just been so perfect. The brush and needles kept me in constant orgasms tonight. Well, that and the fact that I was being fucked in all holes by over thirty strangers, in public. God, I love you for doing that!"

Rob kissed her and said, "I just hope I can stay one step ahead of you, darling. I'm not sure I would have thought of the cattle prod or taser. I have thought of a few other things, but I'm gonna need some of Ben and Sarah's help probably. And no, I will NOT tell you what they are. You're going to find out when they happen to you. Like tonight."

Lynn hugged him to her and said, "I love you so much, honey. And make sure you call your new girlfriend from the bar. I want to taste her. And I want to watch you fuck her. Agreed?"

"Agreed." Rob said.

Lynn paused then said, "And dear, there's another thing I want to start on. Maybe we can try it tomorrow. If my pussy is up for it. And you already have the tools to do it." Rob didn't say anything but just waited for her to tell him what she wanted him to do to her. Lynn looked him in the eye and said, "I want you to start stretching my pee hole. Really stretching it. Like Sarah has done to hers."

Rob said, "Well, we've got the sounds, so that shouldn't be a problme. You like a little stimulation down there, huh?"

Lynn kissed him and said, "Yes dear. A LOT of stimulation."

"I won't even ask what brought this on. We've at least talked about it before. What are you planning on?" he asked.

"Well, I saw you do it with Sarah. And then this video... I know, I know... it's always the videos. But, Rob, I really enjoy watching them and finding things that I want to try. Anyway, this one woman has stretched her pee hole to the point where she can take large cocks in it like Sarah. She actually did a pee hole gangbang with a bunch of guys. They fucked her pee hole and spurted their cum up inside her bladder. The idea got me so aroused."

Rob said, "Yeah, Sarah's was really tight. For both of us."

Lynn nodded. "I know it's gonna take some time to do it, but I want to get started. And there are two cocks that I want to take first. It shouldn't take a lot to stretch me so I can take Bobby's. His will be first. Then I want yours as soon as possible. I want you to ram that thing up into my pee hole and fuck me 'til I scream, then spurt your cum right into my bladder. Then I want you to pee into my bladder. Fill me up, so I can drain it all out and drink it. Think you can do that for me, babe?"

"Shit dear, yes! I don't know how you can take this kind of stuff or how you come up with it, but damn! That turned me on. Are you able to take one more cock tonight?" he asked, his cock getting harder.

She smiled and said, "I don't know if my ass or pussy can take it, but I know that I'd love to suck that wonderful cock and take your cum down my throat. On one condition."

"What's that?" Rob asked.

Lynn moved down to kiss the end of his hard cock and said, "Leave it in my mouth and give me all your piss. Right down my throat." Then she engulfed his cock with her warm mouth.

Rob groaned. "Didn't you get enough piss down you tonight?"

Lynn pulled off his cock long enough to say with a smile, "Not yours."

It didn't take long for her oral talents to bring Rob off, spurting his hot cum into her mouth. Then without getting soft and without pulling out of her mouth, he emptied his bladder down her throat. Lynn moaned when his stream dribbled to a stop. She crawled up his body and laid beside him. They finally fell asleep, although Lynn did have to get up a number of times that night to pee.

[Continued in Ch. 10]


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