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The following story is a work of fiction. Its contents are of a graphically 
sexual nature and may involve non-consensual sexual acts between underage 
partners. Any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental. 
This story is intended for ADULTS only. If you are under the legal age of 
consent in your local jurisdiction, or if you are easily offended, STOP 
READING NOW. Feedback is appreciated from those who enjoy the story and find 
it stimulating.

Bed and Breakfast

Codes: mF Mg bg nc incest rape torture bestiality

By Kelli Paine ([email protected])

[Note: This is Chapter 9, the final chapter. In Chapter 1, Helen opened a 
bed-and-breakfast with her son and two daughters, and offered the services 
of herself and her children to the guests of the inn. Chapter 2 described 
Helen's appointment with a married couple, and Chapter 3 described her 
17-year-old daughter Dara's appointment with two teenage boys. Chapter 4 
described her 13-year-old son Dillon's appointment with a married couple and 
their two young daughters, and Chapters 5 thru 8 described her 15-year-old 
daughter Laurel's appointment with two older men, which now concludes in 
Chapter 9.]

Chapter 9: Laurel (Part 5)

The knot inside Laurel's pussy had finally subsided enough for the dog to 
pull it out, but a scream erupted from her throat as the dog jerked its cock 
out of her ravaged cunt. She was panting from the exhaustion of so many 
orgasms and the physical strain of having the knot inside her, knowing it 
could permanently damage her vagina. Her mouth was hanging open as she 
panted like a bitch, and dog sperm was dripping out of her pussy and pooling 
between her legs.

Laurel moved her knees a little, and winced with pain as she realized she 
had gotten some splinters from the rough wood of the platform. Her hands had 
some splinters, too, from gripping the edge of the platform as she was being 
fucked by the dog. But at least she had gotten through that awful 
experience, and now maybe the men would let her go.

Laurel didn't realize that Ron and Ted wanted to hurt her even more before 
they were through with her. The perforation in her colon was going to become 
infected within a few days, but the men wanted to give this little whore 
something more to remember them by.

Ron went into the bathroom and opened a plastic bag that he had filled that 
morning when he took the dog out for a walk. The bag was full of dog shit, 
and he held his breath as he stuck two of the 10-inch needles into the thick 
turds, getting dog feces all over the points and shafts of the needles.

He came out of the bathroom and went over to Laurel, still locked in place 
on her hands and knees on the platform, and reached under her to grip her 
left breast as it hung out. "Let's see if she likes these needles in her 
breasts again." Laurel twisted her body, trying to protect her breasts, but 
Ron pulled down on her nipple, then stuck the needle through the soft tissue 
of her breast near the base, mixing dog shit with her blood as the needle 
penetrated her tit. He did the same with the other needle, at right angles 
to the first one, then went back and got two more needles covered with dog 
feces and stuck them in her right breast. Laurel whimpered in pain and 
disgust as she gritted her teeth to keep from screaming.

The germs in the dog's shit would infect Laurel's breasts within a week, 
making them swell up as they filled with pus. Ron and Ted had done this to a 
lot of other young girls, and almost every girl ended up losing her breasts 
-- the doctors had to perform a double mastectomy to keep the infection from 
spreading. A few of the girls got to keep their breasts, but they were 
covered with permanent scars where the infected tissue had to be cut away. 
Either way, the girl ended up looking like an ugly little whore for the rest 
of her life.

* * *

Now it was time for Ron and Ted to fuck Laurel's cunt. She had been 
deflowered by the dog, degraded and humiliated by having her first 
intercourse take place with a dog's cock in her vagina, and now it was time 
to show her what a man's cock could do to her. And it was a good chance for 
the men to inflict one more debasement on Laurel's beautiful body, to hurt 
her from the inside.

Ron stood behind the girl and took out his cock, already stiff and ready -- 
but instead of sticking it up her twat, he penetrated her bleeding asshole. 
Laurel yelped with pain as her torn anal ring was stretched by Ron's 10-inch 
cock. He gave her a few slow strokes, then pulled out of her anus -- his 
cock covered with her shit and her blood -- and penetrated her vagina. 
Laurel gasped from the pain of a cock in her pussy so soon after the dog 
finished fucking her, but as Ron started screwing her, she started to enjoy 
the feeling of so much cock inside her. But he gave her only a few strokes 
before he pulled out of her cunt and once again impaled her anus with his 
big cock.

Each time he pulled out of her anus, a little gush of blood and shit ran out 
and dripped down Laurel's thighs. She hated the pain of being ass-fucked, 
but she was such a little hottie, she was really loving the cock in her 
pussy. It was bigger than the dog's cock, and Laurel had a dreamy smile on 
her face each time she was penetrated in her cunt.

Ron fucked Laurel for more than an hour, alternating between her asshole and 
her vagina, and every time he penetrated her cunt, he left more of her shit 
inside her. When he was finally ready to cum, he dumped his load in her 
pussy, his thick sperm mixing with the blood and shit and dog semen already 
inside her. Then he came around in front of Laurel, holding his scummy cock 
in his hand. The girl looked up, and a grimace crossed her face as she 
realized he wanted her to clean his cock. She could see her own shit on the 
cock, and her own blood, and she was nauseated at the thought of taking it 
in her mouth. She looked up at him, pleading, begging with her eyes. "Please 
don't make me suck it, haven't you done enough to me already?"

Ron grabbed a handful of Laurel's hair and jerked her head up as far as he 
could. The chain through her slave collar was still attached to the metal 
ring in the platform, but he jerked her head up so he could see her face. 
"You stupid whore, what else is your slutty little mouth for?" He wiped his 
cock all over her face, leaving trails of sperm and feces on her cheeks, 
then he forced her mouth open and started face-fucking her. "Clean your shit 
off my cock, bitch." Laurel had tears of disgust in her eyes as she licked 
and sucked the big cock. When she tried to swallow, her stomach heaved and 
she thought she was going to vomit, but she knew he would make her eat the 
vomit, so somehow she was able to swallow the horrible mess. She could smell 
her own shit on the cock, and it tasted like a dirty toilet.

Finally Laurel finished cleaning the cock, and Ron slowly pulled it out of 
her mouth. He still had an erection, and he waited for it to subside 
slightly before he performed one final humiliation on this worthless little 
slut -- still holding her by her hair, he started pissing on her face. He 
aimed at her eyes, and caught her by surprise, with her eyes wide open. She 
sputtered as the warm urine hit her in the eyes, making them water as she 
tried to blink. She closed her eyes tight, and Ron jerked her head up 
roughly. "Eyes open, bitch, or I'll let the dog fuck you again." Laurel was 
sobbing as she tried to open her eyes, and Ron gave her another heavy stream 
of urine that splashed off her forehead into her eyes, and ran down over her 
lips and leaked into her open mouth.

When he finished using her as a toilet, Ron wiped his cock in her hair. 
"You're a worthless little whore, but you're a good fuck." He reached down 
and started pulling the needles out of Laurel's breasts, leaving the dog 
feces in the soft tissues to cause an infection later.

After Ron finished with Laurel, Ted stuck his 12-inch cock up her ass, to 
get it all covered with her shit, then he screwed her like Ron had done, 
alternating between her asshole and her cunt. The little whore loved it, her 
mouth hanging open as she had one orgasm after another while Ted's cock was 
in her pussy. After he screwed her for an hour, he dumped his load in her 
pussy, his throbbing cock spurting so much semen that some of it leaked out 
and ran down Laurel's thighs. He came around and urinated in her face, and 
told her she was nothing but a stupid little bitch.

* * *

The soft, wet tissues inside a girl's vagina are prone to infections, and 
the filth from the shit inside her pussy meant that Laurel would develop a 
painful infection of her genitals within a week. Bacterial vaginosis would 
cause heavy itching, burning, and irritation of her vagina, along with 
painful urination and a thick, cottage cheese-like vaginal discharge that 
smells like dead fish. She would have severe pains in her lower abdomen, and 
cramps would make it difficult for her to even stand up.

This would lead to swelling and inflammation of her vagina, small pustules 
on her vaginal walls, and a soreness that would make every movement painful. 
The reason both men dumped their cum in her vagina -- besides enjoying her 
tight little cunt -- was that the sperm would move toward her cervix and 
work their way into her womb. As they moved, the sperm would carry the germs 
from her shit deep inside Laurel's genitals, spreading the infection and 
causing more pain.

If the infection spread to Laurel's womb, there was a good chance it would 
also infect her ovaries -- and this is what Ron and Ted were really hoping 
for. If her ovaries and fallopian tubes got infected along with her womb, 
she would have to have a complete hysterectomy -- her womb, ovaries, and 
fallopian tubes would have to be removed. This would destroy her ability to 
have children -- and destroy her womanhood. Her beautiful body would look 
great on the outside, but inside she would be empty and useless and 

When they ruined girls this way, Ron and Ted always kept track of what 
happened to them -- and most of them ended up as street whores, giving 
blowjobs for $5 in doorways or bending over a trashcan in an alley while 20 
men took turns fucking them for $5 each, then beating them up and leaving 
them bleeding in the alley. As they got more desperate, these girls would do 
anything for a few dollars. Ron had seen one girl strip herself naked at a 
sex party and spread her legs so a man could rape her with a hot soldering 
iron. Another girl at the same party stripped naked and bent over, with her 
hands on her ankles, while a man forced a beer bottle all the way inside her 
asshole, so only the base of the bottle was showing -- and then he hit the 
bottle with a hammer, and it broke inside the girl's rectum. Both of these 
girls survived -- but the first girl will never be able to have sex again, 
and the second girl will be wearing a colostomy bag for the rest of her 

* * *

Ron and Ted released Laurel from the cuffs, and she tried to stand up, but 
she fell to the floor, grunting in pain as the splinters in her knees and 
hands were driven deeper under her skin. The men just stood and watched her, 
laughing as the little whore tried to stand up in her 6-inch high heels, 
still locked onto her feet with padlocks. Finally Laurel made it, teetering 
on her high heels, with blood and semen dripping down her legs from her 
pussy and her asshole.

"You're a great fuck, pussy -- let's do it again tomorrow?" Laurel winced in 
pain as she tried to walk toward the door, and then she tripped on the 
carpet and fell down again, screaming as the splinters tore into her soft 
skin. A little gush of blood ran out of her anus and seeped into the carpet 
between her legs.

"Hey, cunt, don't forget your money." Ted showed her two rolls of bills. The 
men had bought all of her services, and with the extra charge for 
deflowering her, the total was $850. Ted had gotten all $1 bills -- 850 of 
them -- and split them into two wads, each rolled up tightly with rubber 
bands. "Come over here and take your money, pussy."

Laurel groaned, but turned around and dragged herself back to the men, 
barely able to stand up in her heels. Ted grinned at her, then stuck his 
hand between her legs and forced one of the wads of bills into Laurel's 
vagina, making her scream in pain. He shoved it far up inside her pussy, 
then turned her around and stuffed the other wad into her bleeding asshole. 
Laurel's whole body stiffened with pain as her damaged anal ring was torn a 
little more.

Ted wanted both wads of bills deeper inside Laurel than he could reach with 
his fingers, so he picked up a hammer and, gripping it by its head, used the 
handle to force the money deeper into Laurel's ravaged asshole. Then, 
without cleaning her shit off the handle, he forced it up her snatch and 
shoved that wad of bills up against her cervix, making Laurel yelp with pain 
and anger.

He left the hammer in the girl's contorted vagina, with the cold metal 
touching her pussy lips and her clit. She had to remove it herself, making 
little grunting sounds as she slowly pulled the hammer out of her cunt. "Get 
out of her, pussy, go see if you can get anybody else to fuck you."

Laurel was crying as she stumbled toward the door, but Ron grabbed her 
shoulder and twirled her around. "No, not that door, pussy, you use the 
other door." He dragged her over to the patio door as Ted opened it, and 
shoved her out onto the patio. By now it was morning, and there were guests 
all around who saw the naked girl stumble and fall onto the brick floor of 
the patio. Laurel got up slowly, trying to cover her nakedness as she 
staggered through the bushes into the parking lot.

* * *

Laurel kept teetering on the 6-inch heels, trying to cover her breasts and 
her pussy as she moved slowly toward her room. It was all the way around on 
the other side of the inn, and people kept pointing at her and laughing as 
she struggled to keep her balance. Finally she fell down in the parking lot, 
hurting her breasts as she fell on the asphalt, and just sat there and 
cried. Two men came over to her, and she looked up at them, hoping they 
would help her. A small crowd had gathered around her, and she looked up at 
the people, begging with her eyes, but then the two men unzipped their pants 
and took out their cocks. Laurel collapsed in sobs as they started urinating 
on her, the hot piss splashing in her eyes and all over her face.

When they finished, three more men decided to use Laurel as a toilet, 
pissing all over her body as she cowered on the ground. They wiped their 
dripping cocks in her long auburn hair, then told her she was nothing but a 
slutty little whore. As she tried to stand up, one of the men punched her in 
the stomach, dropping her back on the ground in a puddle of warm urine.

Finally Laurel made it back to her room, but her agony was just beginning. 
She developed several severe infections, and within a month she lost her 
breasts when the soft tissues became overrun with bacteria. She also lost 
her womb and her ovaries, so she would never be able to have children. 
During the operation to remove her ovaries, the surgeon's knife slipped, and 
Laurel's clitoris was cut off at the base, making it impossible for her to 
ever have orgasms. But she still had her cunt, and she became a street 
prostitute, doing gang bangs and hard anal sex that other girls wouldn't 
even think about.

[End of story]

Pursuant to the Berne Convention, this work is copyright with all rights
reserved by its author unless explicitly indicated.
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