Inviting a Pickup

A story in the Swarm Cycle Universe
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Chapter 6

Jake was smiling as he showered Saturday morning. He had slipped out of bed, drained his bladder despite his morning wood while hunched over the toilet, and climbed into the shower. He had a day planned that he hoped Lana would enjoy. He had talked with her a few times at school and enjoyed the girl's company. She was feisty, and didn't take shit off of anybody.

He had borrowed his Dad's pickup for the day, giving Mark the keys to the Mustang. His dad loved the car almost as much as Jake did, having helped with the restoration at times. Jake had loaded everything he needed in the back of the truck and locked the cover the night before. Checking that it was still secure and nothing was missing he climbed in the 4x4 and headed to Lana's address.

He found the house, a small well kept cottage on a street of similar houses. He was a little nervous as he stood on the front porch waiting for someone to answer the doorbell. He heard heavy footsteps and a large man opened the door, staring at Jake bleary eyed. Jake thought the man was hung over before he realized the man was weary, his eyes red from lack of sleep.

"Mr. Dean, my name is Jake Whitman, I'm here to pick up Lana," he said politely. Jesus, the guy was huge; he made his son look small. If this was what Harvey was going to look like when he grew up, maybe I shouldn't have broke his nose, Jake thought.

"Yeah, you're the guy that broke Harv's nose, ain't you?" the man said as he ushered Jake in. Jake followed him into the kitchen, accepting a cup of coffee when the man offered.

"Lana said to tell you she'll be down in a minute, but you know how women are." The big man shrugged. Jake nodded; he would have agreed if the man said the sun was dark. Big Harv stood 6'9" in his stocking feet, and weighed every bit of 325 pounds. His coffee mug, which held three normal cups, disappeared in his hand, making it look like a toy cup. Jake was beginning to have second, and third, thoughts about getting involved with Lana. Having a guy this size mad at you would assure a bad day.

"So, how'd you break his nose? He telegraph his punch again? I keep telling him that's going to bite him in the ass one of these days." Big Harv eyed Jake appraisingly, waiting for an answer.

"Yeah, that and he moves slow, no offense, but most bigger guys do. They've got the power, but all that bulk slows them down some." Jake hoped Mr. Williams didn't try to prove him wrong.

"Yeah, but if we ever get our hands on someone, it's usually all over." Big Harv liked this kid, he was respectful of his elders, and didn't beat around the bush. He was a little nervous, but Harv was used to that. A lot of people were nervous around him.

"Lana tells me you got a '70 Pony, fully restored. Did you do it all yourself?" he asked yawning. He'd had a late night, a customer showed up at the last minute, willing to pay extra if Harv got his ride fixed soonest.

The money was good, but Harv had only gotten three hours of sleep. Still, he had the Daddy thing to do, and he wouldn't want his wife, God rest her soul, coming back and haunting his ass if he screwed it up.

"Everything but the motor," Jake replied, happy to talk cars. "You did it or someone from your shop." Harv looked puzzled for a moment, and then snapped his big fingers, the pop like a gunshot.

"I knew I recognized the name from somewhere. You're Mark Whitman's boy." Harv sipped his coffee. "So how's she run?"

"Like a sewing machine. Dad took your advice and we took it to Gomez's for the exhaust. What a sweet rumble. I swear I feel more alive when I'm driving that car." Harv grinned at Jake's enthusiasm; he liked a fellow gear head.

"Well, if it ever needs a tune up, bring it by." Harv liked seeing projects he had worked on when they were finished. It made the job seem complete somehow.

"How about I just bring it by so you can check it out, I'm pretty proud of my baby." Harv laughed, yeah, he and this kid were going to get along fine.

"You aren't terrorizing my date, are you Dad," Lana said from the doorway. Jake turned, seeing her dressed in jeans and a tight black half T-shirt that read "I SWALLOW".

"Nah sweetie, we were planning on ditching you and taking a drive in his ride, until you showed up with that shirt on. Don't know how a Dad can compete with advertising like that." Jake could tell his grumbling was second nature, and that he was the kind of father who would give his daughter anything.

"Sir, it was nice to meet you, and I promise to bring my baby by so you can check her out. I also promise to bring your baby back safe and sound."

"That's all I can ask," Harv said, standing to escort them to the door. "Her mother was a wild one and I loved her for it. Lana reminds me of her mother so much sometimes it hurts." Jake watched as Lana hugged her father, her hands not even reaching around his middle.

Jake walked her to the truck followed by her father. Opening the door he helped her climb in and told her to buckle up before closing the door. He shook Harv's hand, handing him a piece of paper.

"That's my cell phone; I don't know if Lana's will work out where we're going. Has she ever shot clays before?" he asked. Harv's eyebrows arched.

"Not for a few years, we did a lot when her mother was still alive and she keeps after me to take her, but I just couldn't." His voice choked up a little. Jake took the paper back and grabbed a pen from the truck.

"Here's the address we'll be at. It's a farm that's been in the family for years. The old barn is still standing, although the house burned down in a lightning storm a few years back. We've got a couple of trap pits there, and there's a pond for fishing or swimming. You're welcome if you want to come out. You look like you could use some more sleep though."

"Yeah, up all night fixing a rush job. But hey, gotta keep the lights on. Thanks for this; Lana will love you for it. And it will mean a lot to me to see her happy." Harv squeezed Jake's hand firmly, but not too firmly. Jake could feel the power in the man's grip, along with the control. He had the grip of a powerful man who had come to terms with his strength. The more Jake talked with him the more he liked him.

Lana waved at her dad as they drove away. Jake wouldn't tell her where they were going, and she finally gave up asking. The drive only took thirty minutes, and they chatted the whole way about whatever topic came up. Jake pulled into the rutted drive at the old farm, stopping the truck. Climbing out, he grabbed two shotgun cases out of the back, seeing Lana's eyes light up.

"Jake, what are we doing here," she asked, her smile saying she suspected him of something clever.

"Well, you said you were somewhat of a tomboy, and every boy needs to learn to shoot. I was going to teach you to shoot trap, but your Dad said you already knew how. So how about we dust a few clays, and then eat the picnic lunch I brought. After that we can swim or fish. I brought one of Della's suits; you guys are about the same size."

"Jake, I've gone on a few dates, been to movies, out to eat, even had one guy take me to a ball game, but this is the first time someone has taken me on a picnic." She shook her head in wonder. "And to top it all off, I get to shoot shit." She grinned widely, her eyes twinkling. "So do you want to fuck now or later?"

"Actually, both, but that's not why I brought you here, I promised no strings attached and I meant it."

"I know Jake, and my offer was made for just that reason. I'm not your typical freshman, I haven't slept with every guy who's taken me out, but I have given out a few hand jobs and one or two blowjobs." When Jake started to interrupt she stopped him.

"What I'm trying to say is I promised myself I would wait until I found a guy who was more concerned about what I wanted than getting his rocks off. I found him, and Jake, anytime you want to, you let me know. I'm all yours."

"God Lana, you know how to swell a boys head." Catching her glance at his crotch he chuckled, "That too, but I want you to know something up front. I'm not looking for a steady girl, or not just one anyway. I'm not bragging, but I'm currently active with three girls who know about each other, and don't care if I throw another one or two in the mix occasionally."

He was watching Lana's face for any adverse reaction to his words. Seeing nothing but curiosity he went on. "What I'm saying is that I would love to be with you, and feel honored that you would want me to be your first. I just don't want you to get the wrong idea. I like you, but I've got other girls too, and I won't give them up for anyone, not even you."

"Oh Jake, I know about your rep, hell, all the girls at school do. And I'm not asking you to marry me. When I first agreed to this date I had already heard what a kind and thoughtful lover you were. I've talked to two girls whom you deflowered, and both said that despite your size, and their worries, it was a sweet and wonderful experience. That's what I want for my first time. If we keep seeing each other, that would be great, and I wouldn't care about the other girls, heck, I might want to be number four."

"Anytime you're with me you're number one," Jake said.

"I bet you say that to all the girls," Lana said with a smile. Jake gave her a grin.

"You're right, I do. Now do you want to go shoot some shit, or what?"

Lana laughed and hugged him, walking arm in arm with him around to the back of the barn where the launcher pits were located.

Jake had brought along Della's Bennelli 20ga. semiautomatic, and Lana quickly fell in love with the gun. It had been a couple of years and her skills were a little rusty, but she was soon matching Jake clay for clay. Once they got tired of turning round pieces of clay into dust Jake fetched the picnic basket and a blanket and carried it down by the pond.

The grass had been mowed back around the pond, leaving a fifty foot area free of the surrounding weeds. Jake had called the man his Dad had mow once a month, and promised him extra if he would mow again this week. Once the blanket was spread Lana and he dug into the sandwiches he had brought along. Lana found a six pack of beer and a bottle of wine in the basket and raised an eyebrow.

"I didn't know which you preferred, so I brought both. I'll have a beer now, but that's all because I have to drive back. If you're wanting to do some more shooting, better limit yourself to one, guns and alcohol are a bad mix," Jake said. Lana nodded, opening a beer for both of them. They lay back on the blanket, looking up at the fluffy clouds floating along.

"Jake, can I kiss you?" Lana asked suddenly. Jake nodded, watching Lana's eyes as she moved in toward him. They shared a long gentle kiss before Lana laid her head on Jake's chest.

"That was nice. Jake did you ever play the 'I'll show you mine if you show me yours' game when you were younger?" Jake nodded; he knew what she was referring to. He remembered a vivacious young girl, a distant cousin he had met at a family reunion when he was 10 or 11. She had introduced him to the game in the loft of the old barn here, while their parents and relatives were just outside.

"Yeah, why do you ask, are you wanting to play now?" he asked, his tone teasing.

"Yeah, but I want to change the rules a little, I want to see your CAP card." Jake stiffened a little; Lana could feel it as she lay against him. "Don't get me wrong Jake, I like you no matter what, and I would love to be friends with you, probably even friends with benefits, if you're as good as the rumors imply." Jake waited out her pause as she gathered her thoughts.

"It's just that I didn't do so hot, and when you were talking about having three girls already, well, I just had this thought that maybe you've got a good enough score to get yourself and those girls out, which would mean you have at least room for one more, they let you take concubines in pairs, right?" Jake nodded, remaining silent, waiting to see what she would say.

"So I was wondering, do you have a good enough score and if you do, would you be interested in me as a concubine? I mean, I know we haven't done anything yet, but if you would be interested, well, you could test drive me everyday, because I won't let you out of my sight until we're picked up."

Jake was silent for so long that Lana began to fear she had crossed some invisible line with him. He felt her start to pull away and held her tight with the arm that was around her shoulders. He kissed the top of her head, his mind working out how to say enough without saying to much.

He realized he was going to have to lay it all out and trust her to keep her mouth shut. He hated this part, not knowing who could be trusted. His parent's said to trust his instincts, so he decided to go with his gut and tell her all.

"Lana, you're right, I do have a high enough score, and I actually will get six concubines when I'm picked up. Let me run a scenario by you, say I knew for sure that on a certain date at a certain time and at a certain location, there was going to be a pickup. In this scenario I would want to pick my concubines ahead of time, that way I have a larger pool to choose from, and have the time to get to know the prospects a little better. Are you with me so far?" Lana nodded, although she was a little confused, how could Jake know that kind of information?

"Anyway, knowing this ahead of time, I can make my choices now, and then see if the prospect is going to fit in with me and my other concubines before we get picked up. This gives me the advantage of making sure we'll all be able to get along. It also gives the concubines time to become used to being slaves, for that's what they essentially are, before they are thrown into a world where they are nothing more than property."

"Yeah, I've heard that, is it true that a sponsor can kill a concubine for no reason and the Marine's won't do anything to stop it?" Jake nodded, sitting up so he could see Lana's face. He needed to see as well as hear her reaction to what he had to say.

"Yes, it is Lana. That's why all my concubines that I have selected so far live with me, and they follow all the rules that they will have to follow up there, down here. It serves a couple of purposes, number one; it gets them used to being a slave. They will have no rights up there, none whatsoever. I can punish them for breaking the rules, and for some rules I have no choice, I must punish them."

"I'll give you an extreme example, one that actually happened and from what I understand, happens fairly often. A concubine, upon reaching the ship found out that all concubines are required to go nude at first. This rule, one I currently enforce within the walls of my home, helps a concubine realize that they have no rights, not even the basic right of privacy."

"This concubine refused to undress, and when the Marines went to forcefully undress her, she attacked one of them. She was executed, plain and simple. A concubine who physically attacks a sponsor or Marines dies; no questions asked and no second chances."

"It's potentially a harsh life, being a concubine. Those that are picked up on the spur of the moment have it worse, I mean, what do they really know about their sponsor? And what does their sponsor know about them. Yeah, they may be willing to take it up the ass at the time of the pickup, but once they are on the ship and feeling secure because they've escaped the Swarm, well, they may believe they paid the price for that privilege, and change their mind about what they will and won't do." Jake shrugged. "They don't have that option anymore, and learning that is hard for a lot of them."

Lana looked kind of nervous; Jake had dumped a lot on her all at once. He wasn't done though, now that he had started, he meant to see it through.

"Lana, I would like for you to come and live with us. I have a gut feeling that you will fit in fine, and I really like you. Granted, we haven't had sex yet, but unless you're a real dud in the sack, or have some major hang up you can't get past, I don't foresee any problems in that department." Lana frowned, she didn't have a lot of experience, but she knew what she was willing to try, and some things were out of bounds.

"Jake, you're not into anything real weird are you?" She fidgeted with a blade of grass. "I mean, I don't have a lot of experience, but I don't think I would enjoy some of the sick shit you see on the internet. I mean, people playing in their own piss and shit," she shuddered at the thought.

"Gross, just what kind of sites are you visiting," Jake said, laughing. "No, I'm not into scat or golden showers. I have had one prospect do ass to mouth; do you know what that is?" When Lana nodded, looking at him a little unsure he went on hurriedly.

"Oh don't worry, she had time for an enema ahead of time, and if the situation had gotten a little, let's say icky, I wouldn't have made her go through with it. It wasn't really my idea, I was giving her a test drive for another sponsor, but she didn't even hesitate. I had to admire that in her, she knew what she wanted and was willing to do whatever it took to get it."

Lana looked a little puzzled for a moment before the light dawned. "You're putting together a pre-pack. I've read about that on the internet. That's how you know about the pickup. Only you don't know exactly when yet, do you?" Jake shook his head no and Lana chewed her bottom lip for a moment. "So, can I know who the other sponsors are?"

"Promise not so say a word to anyone?" Lana nodded her head. "My parents for now, although we are trying to find more sponsors. The more we get together, the more attractive our pre-pack looks to the Marines."

"What about your sisters, they aren't sponsors?"

"No," Jake said, knowing this would come up sooner or later. Might as well get in over with now, he thought. "Actually, they're my concubines."

"Oh. Isn't that kind of weird, I mean, you being related and all. I couldn't, I mean, Harvey, gross." Lana shuddered and Jake chuckled at her reaction.

"No, I mean, it was really their idea, and they're both gorgeous, so what guy my age wouldn't find them attractive. Besides, who could I trust to treat them right, at least this way I know for sure they'll not get eaten, and they won't get beaten or worse. Well, Della might, but she's into that rough shit, not beatings but she likes her ass spanked when ... Oops, maybe that's a little too much info right now." Jake shrugged, his eyes searching Lana's face for signs of revulsion.

"I guess if I agree to become yours, I'll see all that first hand, so it's kind of nice knowing before, if you know what I mean?" Lana said seriously. "Can I ask who the third one is?"

"Kimmy, Bonnie's best friend, I believe you saw her at the table with us the other day." Lana nodded, she had never talked with the girl, but had seen her around. She had been pointed out as a lesbian by one of her classmates, an incurable gossip.

"Isn't she into girls?" she asked Jake. When he nodded she chewed on the blade of grass, thinking things through. "Would I have to, well you know, with her?"

"And my sisters, and any other woman I told you too. Is that going to be a problem?" Jake asked, fearful of the answer.

"I don't think so, I mean, I've like tasted myself on my fingers, just curious, you know, and I think I could do it, I'm not like grossed out at the thought or anything." She looked Jake in the eye. "What else would I have to do?"

"Well, oral of course, and vaginal and anal. I promise to be gentle with the latter, especially, and if it's too painful I can have you modified when we get on the ship to make it easier."

"What, are you like John Holmes or something," Lana asked with a laugh. Jake eyed her seriously for a moment, then stood up and dropped his jeans. Her gasp made him chuckle, as she clapped her hands over her mouth in surprise. He was about half hard and she had a shocked look on her face.

"Jesus Fucking Christ, that thing would kill me." Jake could hear a little fear in her voice.

"No it won't, I promise. I've not run across a girl yet it wouldn't fit in, given a little time and some patience. I don't want to sound like I'm bragging, but most find they like it once they get used to it." He looked down at Lana, who had moved to her knees in front of him and was slowly and tentatively reaching for him.

She lifted him, looking him over carefully. He was about half hard and she stroked him gently, her soft hands soon bringing him to full mast. He was circumcised, and the large head was beginning to turn purple as his cock filled with blood. Lana looked up nervously, both hands on his cock and still the head stuck out past them.

"Jeez, how long are you?" she asked. Jake told her, seeing her eyebrows shoot up. "Can I suck on it?" she asked, looking up at him. He nodded and she opened her mouth wide, engulfing the head. "Christ, that's going to take some getting used to," she said as she pulled off. "It feels like I'm stretching my jaw out." She continued stroking him, leaning in to take him into her mouth again. "Tell me if I do something wrong," she said just before she slid down over him.

Jake had no complaints, there is no such thing as a bad blowjob, he thought, then changed his mind. That one girl, what was her name, he couldn't remember, but he had finally made her stop, she kept raking him with her teeth.

"Just watch your teeth, you're doing great so far, and I promise you I won't complain," he chuckled, seeing the twinkle in her eyes. She slid down a little more, taking about half of him. He could feel her tongue as it slid along the underside, somewhere she had gotten some pointers, but it wasn't polite to ask a girl how they got good at sucking cock, so he just groaned his appreciation.

"Has anyone ever gone all the way down on this thing?" Lana asked as she pulled off, leaving his cock glistening with her saliva.

"Yeah, a few. One did without any problems, she has no gag reflex, another did it, and still does, but she had trouble at first. And then there's Della," he shook his head. "She likes it when I just grab her head and shove it in, despite how much she gags or fights me, she wants me to make it rough." Jake shrugged his shoulders, "I know it sounds weird, but wait until you see it. She's into the rough stuff, big time."

"Well I'm not, so don't go jamming that thing down my throat yet. If the others can do it, I'll learn, just give me time." She stopped looking serious for a moment, although her hand never quit stroking. "Sorry, I guess you're right, that whole being a slave and doing as you're told thing takes some getting used to."

"It's ok sexy, I wouldn't do that unless you wanted me too. It's the same way with anal. If it hurts to much after the first time or two, we'll wait until we get picked up, they can do something for you so it doesn't hurt." Jake gave her a grin to let her know he wasn't angry.

Lana continued her exploration, sucking on him for a while, and then backing off to look him over. She noticed he was hairless except right above his cock and asked about it. He told her about the trip to the bikini shop and the beach.

"So, do guys like having their balls sucked and licked on?" she asked, hearing why the girls wanted him waxed.

"Yeah, just be careful, it's easy to cause a lot of pain if you're too rough." Lana nodded, dipping her head under his erection and mouthing his balls. She came up a moment later, grinning.

"I could feel them moving around in there, and I think you really liked that," she said, leaning in to lick the drop of precum that had formed on the head. She could tell Jake was really getting turned on now, and concentrated on getting him off. She went back to sucking, bobbing her head up and down, taking him in until he brushed the back of her throat before backing off.

The little glug, glug sounds she made Jake found sexy, he knew she was forcing herself a little past what was comfortable and appreciated her efforts. He began to grunt in time with her, her hand coming up to caress his balls gently. He was getting close, feeling the cum beginning to boil in his balls.

"Lana," he said, his tone a warning. She kept her pace steady, her hands leaving him while her mouth continued its work. Grabbing her shirt near her breast she mumbled around his cock, pointing at her chest. He thought she wanted it on her tits until he looked down and saw the large white letters there. Oh yeah, she even advertises the fact, Jake thought as he began pumping his seed into her sucking mouth.

"Oh fuck, that's it Lana, swallow it all honey. Yeesss!!" Jake shouted out his ecstasy, pumping spurt after spurt into Lana's hungry mouth. Jake could hear her moans of appreciation as she swallowed rapidly, he didn't know if she really liked the taste, or was a good actor, but decided it didn't matter.

When he was done she pulled back, licking her lips. She smiled up at him, giving him a wink. Seeing a small drop forming on the slit in his rapidly deflating cock she leaned forward and swiped it away with the tip of her tongue. Jake collapsed to the blanket beside her, a big grin on his face.

"So, I take it I passed the oral portion of the exam," Lana said, tongue in cheek.

"Well, the first half you did, I'll give you the second half after I catch my breath," Jake said.

"Um Jake, I'd love nothing more, but I just finished my period yesterday and I still might smell or taste a little off..." Jake had placed a finger over her lips, stopping her.

"It's alright, if it makes you uncomfortable, I won't right now, but can you at least let me try, you might be fine too, and I've been looking forward to eating you out since I saw you that first day at school."

Lana nodded, her eyes still a little apprehensive. Jake sat up, moving in to kiss her as she knelt on the blanket. She turned her head, she had just taken his load, and he gently took her chin in his fingers. Turning her face back to him he kissed her lips, forcing his tongue in between them until she got the idea and relaxed. His tongue slipped into her mouth, dueling with hers and trying to perform a tonsillectomy on her.

When they broke apart he nibbled on her neck, whispering into her ear. "It came from my body, and you swallowed it willingly, the least I can do is kiss you afterward." Lana nodded, pleased by him. Every other boy she had ever gone down on didn't want to even think about kissing her afterward. She felt Jake raising the hem of her shirt and lifted her arms over her head, allowing him to take it off.

Jake kept up his oral assault, licking and kissing on her neck and shoulders, meeting her lips for a kiss as he switched from one shoulder to the other. His hands came up to caress her skin, fingers light but firm, stroking all around her breasts but not actually touching them. After several minutes of this she was groaning in frustration as his hands would approach her firm tits before passing by with a gentle brush.

She gasped in satisfaction when he finally palmed one firm globe, his hand coming up underneath and hefting it, like a shopper hefting a melon. She leaned in, pushing herself firmly against his hand. He began stroking and kneading her breast, paying careful attention to what she reacted favorably to.

When his fingers brushed her erect nipple she moaned, trying to suck all the air out of his lungs. He began tweaking the nipple, pinching slightly, which produced a slight gasp. Rolling it between his finger and thumb produced a groan, and flipping it lightly with his finger made her stiffen and arch her back. She has very sensitive breasts, Jake thought as he switched to the other one, putting it through the same paces.

Lana was in heaven, most guys squeezed her breasts like toys and pinched and pulled on her nipples like they were made of elastic. Lana didn't mind a little firmer contact with them as she neared an orgasm, but just starting off they were sensitive, the gentler the better, and Jake seemed to understand that. She felt Jake's hand between her breasts, putting pressure on her chest as his other arm guided her to the ground. She lay on her back, their mouths still locked in a kiss as he leaned over her.

Jake broke away, reaching for the waistband of her jeans. She raised her hips and then her legs to allow him to remove her pants, leaving her clad in only what she was born with. Jake knelt at her ankles, looking up the landscape of her body, his eyes drinking in every hill and valley. Her eyes awaited his and she smiled when they finally met.

"My goodness, you're perfect," Jake said in a reverent whisper. Lana giggled, blushing.

His eyes drank in the line of her throat as it came into her shoulder, her clavicle sticking out just a little above the swell of her breasts. They sat like twin peaks on the plane of her chest, two double handfuls that gravity had moved just a little to her sides as she lay on her back. They sat high and proud, capped by dark nipples, sticking up now like twin round towers. Her breasts gave way to a smooth flat stomach, her belly button a small pool in the center. Her tan was unbroken by lines, her skin brown with summer's glow.

Her stomach dropped smoothly to her hips, the point of her hip bones stretching the skin a little. Her pubic hair was as black as night, trimmed into a small inch wide strip that ended above her clit. Her shaven lips were parted just a hair, her inner lips poking just beyond her smooth outer ones. Jake could see a hint of moisture glistening there and longed to lick it away.

Her thighs were well muscled, not bulging, but showing the straight smooth lines of a young woman in the prime of her life. Her long legs ended in small dainty feet, each toe nail perfectly formed and painted. His eyes met hers again and she smiled, his delight in her body was plain to see.

"So, what would you change if you had me in one of those alien medical beds?" she asked shyly. Jake crawled back up over her body, leaning down to kiss her small upturned nose.

"This," he said, running his fingers through her shoulder length black hair.

"What, you prefer blonde," she asked, a little miffed.

"No, I love the color, I just want it longer, about mid back or so." Lana sighed happily as he began nibbling on her neck again. "I mean, it's cute and everything now, I just prefer long hair."

"You don't need any special technology for that Jake; I'll start growing it out now."

Jake returned to her breasts, this time beginning his assault with his lips. He licked and nibbled on her breasts, finally capturing a taut nipple between his lips. Lana arched her back, pressing her tit farther into his mouth. He responded by sucking harder, feeling her hand in his hair on the back of his head. He switched breasts as his hand drifted down over her stomach, teasing the strip of hair above her slit.

Her hips began to rock and he moved his hand down farther, cupping her mound in his hand. His middle finger slipped between her slick folds, finding her warm and wet. He trailed his finger slowly up her slit, feeling her tense up as he bumped her still hooded clit.

Jake made love to her breasts with his lips as his fingers explored, teasing her open farther as her hips began a slow steady hunching motion. Her legs flopped open, her knees coming up. Jake dipped a finger into her channel, feeling the slightly rubbery barrier protecting her opening. He knew she had said she was a virgin, but his research said most athletic girls tore their hymen inadvertently long before reaching Lana's age. He would have to be careful with her since hers was still intact. His size was a detriment in a situation like this, but it was not going to stop him when the time came.

His fingers returned to the top of her slit, her clit was now a hard nubbin poking out of its sheath. He began tracing it, his finger drawing circles around it without ever touching. Lana's hips were in overdrive now, and he knew she was on the brink. Her arms were clutching at his head and shoulders, fingernails digging into his upper back. He placed his thumb on one side of her clit, forefinger on the other and pinched, biting down gently on the nipple in his mouth at the same time.

Lana's scream startled a flock of sparrows from the yard of the burned house, their fluttering shadow crossing over the couple. Jake rolled her clit between his finger and thumb lightly, causing her back to arch nearly a foot off the blanket as he sent her crashing into another orgasm. Backing off, he removed his hand from her body as she collapsed back to the blanket.

While she was still recovery from her intense double orgasm, and before she had enough air to protest, Jake crawled between her legs, lying on his stomach. His strong hands wrapped around her hips from the outside, pulling her to his waiting mouth. An experimental sniff and lick found nothing repugnant, maybe a little stronger than normal, but tasty all the same and he dove in, his tongue leading the charge.

Lana had barely come down from the double whammy Jake had provided when she felt him leave. Her fingers clasped weakly at him, feeling him kneel between her legs. For a moment she thought he was going to take her here and now and her heart leapt with joy even as her mind screamed, NO! I'm not ready, it will hurt! She tried fruitlessly to pull him back up to her chest when she realized his true goal. She was afraid she would smell or taste bad.

Then his tongue hit her clit and a small earthquake rumbled through her body. He never paused in his assault, his tongue and mouth driving her back to the heights she had just recently left. She knew she was shouting, screaming, but she didn't care. No one had ever made her feel like this and she let the world know her pleasure. She felt his finger plunge into the small opening her hymen left, curling into her and touching something deep inside.

Lana's mouth opened, her scream of pleasure fading off as her overloaded senses shut down. Her body was still coming though, her hips pumping while her juices squirted out of her virgin canal to pool in Jake's hand. With a final jerk she collapsed completely, the muscles in her whole body twitching under her smooth brown skin.

Lana realized someone was holding her, strong muscular arms cradling her head as she lay on her side, feeling like she was having a seizure as muscle spasms caused her body to twitch. She knew she was still having an orgasm, even though the stimulation had stopped.

"GOD!! What ... what did ... you do ... to ... to me?" she gasped out as her muscles continued twitching. The spasms were slowing down now, leaving her feeling drained and better than she had ever felt in her life. Jake kissed her forehead, pulling her tight against him. Her body was slicked with sweat and the slight breeze was raising goose bumps on her arms. Jake reached behind her, grabbing the blanket and pulling it up and over their bodies.

Lana woke to the sound of an engine, followed by a slamming door. Jake was laying on his back and she thought he was asleep. Rising up on one elbow she saw his head turn to her and he smiled.

"How you feeling sweetheart?" he asked. He was a little worried about her at first, but when she finally stopped twitching and went to sleep he had relaxed himself. Not feeling tired, he had gone through his mental list, checking off possible concubines. With two slots left to fill, he had over a dozen candidates.

"Like I just ran a marathon, and won" Lana said, snuggling into his side. "Who's here, I thought I heard a vehicle pull in and a door close."

"Yeah, it's your Dad," Jake said. Lana started to jump up and then froze. She looked around wildly for her clothes.

"Relax, he's not going to kill us, he knows what we're doing. He pulled in about the time you started screaming "Fuck yes" over and over. He figured out pretty quick what was going on." After you passed out he waited a few minutes and called. I told him you were asleep, he even came down here and talked to me." Seeing her blush he chuckled. "We had the blanket over us, so you weren't exposed."

"Wasn't that kind of awkward?" she asked, trying to picture her Dad standing there with them lying naked under a blanket, the sweat from their recent lovemaking still on her body.

"A little at first, but he put me at ease." Jake looked into her eyes. "He said he thought he was hearing a ghost at first. He said your Mom used to sound just like that when they made love." Jake's face softened. "He was crying when he said it."

Lana nodded, her eyes were tearing up a little. "Well, I need to clean the sweat off and get dressed, race you to the pond."

"Lana, your Dad is just up the hill, he will see us, and we are naked." Jake shook his head, moments before she was blushing that her Dad had been here, now she was talking about streaking in front of him.

"Silly, we live in a small house; he's seen me naked, and visa versa, so come on chicken. Are you afraid he'll fill your ass with buckshot?"

"Something like that," Jake grumbled as Lana stood up. She waved to her Dad, who responded with a wolf whistle, causing her to strike a pose. With a laugh of pure joy she turned and ran for the pond. Jake shook his head and then launched himself after her. He timed his arrival perfectly, tackling her as she screamed, both of them landing in the pond with a loud splash.

Lana came up sputtering, Jake ducking her flailing arms and laughing. She finally settled down and they swam for a few minutes, letting the water wash away the sweat. The water was still warm, warmer than the cool breeze and they played for a bit, kissing and touching under the water. They finally made their way to the shore, running to the blanket and finding their clothes. Jake used the blanket like a towel to dry them, and they hurriedly dressed.

Harvey was waiting by the truck, a double barreled shotgun in the crook of his arm.

"Your lily-white ass sure made a tempting target," he said to Jake with a smile. Jake feigned terror at the threat, causing Lana to giggle. "So, we going to shoot some shit or what?" Harv asked, turning toward the barn. Grabbing their shotguns out of the truck, the two teens followed him.

What followed was one of the most enjoyable afternoons Harvey had experienced since his wife passed three years ago. He still missed her, but after having a talk with Jake while watching his daughter sleep in the boy's arms, he realized life was passing him by. Before long, if Jake's plans worked out, Lana would be gone, safe from the invading Dickheads, but gone none the less.

Jake's offer had intrigued him. He hadn't told the boy his CAP score, but he had barely made the cut-off. His 6.7 would get him off the planet. His son was shit out of luck, his 4.5 a dismal showing. Harvey loved the boy, but there wasn't much hope for him. The idea of selecting a couple of women to accompany him hadn't been that appealing yesterday, but now? Well, things change, he knew that for a fact.

His attitude had changed when he found himself sitting in his truck, listening to what sounded like a voice from beyond the grave. He had known it was his daughter, but it sounded so much like his late wife that he had popped a woody. With a start he realized it was the first time he had been horny, really horny, since Liz had passed away.

It wasn't his daughter fueling his lust, it was the memory of his wife, how she had felt in his arms, how she had lain under him, so small and frail, trusting him to not hurt her. Of course, once she was turned on, she was begging him to pound her harder and harder.

She had been the love of a lifetime, he had always said. But as he sat in the truck and heard his daughter's cries of joy fade away it was as if Lana's voice was replaced by another's. He swore he heard Liz whisper in his ear, telling him it was all right to feel again, that it was all right to have a life... , that it was all right to love again.

He sat in the truck, his head resting on the steering wheel, and bawled like a baby. He didn't know how long he was there, five or ten minutes at the most, before he finally stopped sobbing. After he had wiped his eyes he called the number Jake had given him. The teen answered on the fifth ring, surprise in his voice when he heard Harv was there. He was out and walking around then, finally seeing them by the pond. He was almost to them when he realized by the scattered clothes that neither was dressed. The kid looked like he was sweating bullets, and Harv didn't blame him.

He squatted down; his work hardened hand brushing the sweat dampened hair back from Lana's forehead. He felt a tear in his eye as he mumbled to her.

"So my baby's a woman now." Harv was startled when Jake spoke up; he had almost forgotten the boy was there.

"Actually, uhm, she's still, I mean we didn't..." the boy had broken off, blushing.

Hell, he made her scream like that and pass out and didn't ... Damn!!! Maybe I ought to ask the kid for some pointers!

Harv stood up. "I'll be at the truck when she wakes up. Thought I'd take you up on that offer to shoot some trap. It's been a while, but I think I might be able to hit one or two."

Harv had gone back to the truck, leaning back in the seat, a smile on his face. Jake had called a little later, the boy had something on his mind, and once again he didn't beat around the bush.

Harv trudged back down the hill and sat on the grass, watching his sleeping daughter as he and Jake talked. Jake told him of the pre-pack plan, and how they were looking for sponsors. Harv agreed to think about it, and to keep his mouth shut.

Jake told him that Lana had asked to be his concubine. Harv had to give the boy credit for guts, if not brains. Jake had made no bones about the role of a concubine, and what would be required of Lana.

Harv had agreed to let Lana move in with Jake, and promised he would call Jake's parents and set up a time to discuss the pre-pack idea.

The sun was setting when Jake walked Lana to her Dad's truck. She asked why he wasn't taking her home and he said she and her Dad needed time to talk. She had given him a scorching goodbye kiss, thanking him for the wonderful day.

Harvey had thanked him, shaking his hand before getting in his truck and heading home. Jake had driven home smiling; he had enjoyed the company of a wonderful girl and had made a friend of her father.

Harvey and Lana drove in silence for a while; finally Lana turned in her seat and faced her Father.

"Daddy, we need to talk." Harv had heard that tone before; his late wife had used it on the big man when she had made up her mind about something. "Jake is a sponsor, and he's agreed to take me as a concubine, but he wants me to move in with him. He said it will give me time to get used to being a concubine before we get picked up. I can't say a lot, I promised him that I wouldn't, but he's got a plan that will work."

"Daddy, I know you miss Mom, I do too. But you've got a good enough score to pick out a couple of willing ladies and get off this rock too. Promise me that if you get the chance you'll go, please."

"Honey, Jake told me about his plan, heck he even wants me to talk to his parents and maybe join in. I'm thinking real hard about it, Harvey Jr. being the only thing that's holding me back right now. I made peace with your Mother's memory today, and I know she would want me to get out while I can. So give me some time, and I'll do my best, that's all I can promise."

Lana placed her small hand in her Father's large one, feeling his work-hardened calluses. They rode home in silence, each lost in their own thoughts.

How am I doing? Care to comment?

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