The Tome of Ebon

Upon a pedestal deep in the ancient library sits The Tome of Ebon, the dark secrets of its pages hidden behind its jet black cover, soft leather frayed at the corners. Inked with mysterious text in careful hand, its aged pages await you, traveller, to peer within.

The Stories

Index in alphabetical order, with multiple stories that are part of a longer tale grouped together. These stories range from sweetly sensual to dark, hard, and potentially squicky. Most are somewhere in-between but tend to be on the darker side.

Guide to story codes used
* = Latest posts. (Oct 31, 2015)
Happy Halloween, readers. Rumors of my death are an exaggeration, and I bring to you three new stories: the next episode of "Drow in Exile" and two dark shorts for you as well.
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Alesha's Secret Adventure Journal
The most embarassing moments from the life of a dungeon-crawling adventuress.
Nosferatu's Dance - MM/F, nc, reluc, piv, anal, oral, a2m, group, vamp, monst, magic
Marked by the Goat Clan - M+/F, Mdom, group, nc, ws, piv, anal, monst, humil
Orcish Toll Booth - MMM/F, Mdom, group, nc, reluc, piv, oral, anal, a2m, humil

An Assassin in the Tower of Khradex
Seyira finds herself captured by the wizard Khradex after a failed assassination mission.
Ch. 1 - M/F, Mdom, nc, bd, oral, magic, sad, ds, va
Ch. 2 - M/F, M+/F, Mdom, group, monst, nc, mc, bd, oral, piv, magic, sad, ds, va
Ch. 3 - MM/F, Mdom, nc, reluc, bd, ds, va, humil, tort, toys, sad, magic
Ch. 4 - M/F, Mdom, nc, reluc, oral, anal, a2m, toys, bd, ds, va, humil, tort, magic
Ch. 5 - M/F, MMM/F, Mdom, reluc, humil, anal, oral, a2m, bd, ds, dh, group, va, magic
Ch. 6 - M/F, M/FF, Mdom, humil, mc, oral, piv, anal, bd, ds, dh, group, magic

Baroness & Barbarian - M/F, Mdom, nc, reluc, bd, piv, viol
Baroness Valana is captured in a barbarian ambush.

A Beam of Sunshine - M/f, Mdom, ds, cons, rom, titf, oral, piv
Sultan Azinar enjoys some intimate passions with his imported blonde slavegirl.

Captivity of an Elf Slut
Once a proud warrior, now she is nothing but a toy for a band of savage orcs and their perverted desires.
Captivity of an Elf Slut - M/F, M+/F, Mdom, nc, mc, oral, anal, a2m, anex, scat, ws, ds, dh, magic, va
Lost Scene - Beast Mating - M+/F, Mdom, best, anal, anex, oral, humil, ds, dh, mc, va, magic, knot

Cereliel and the Wolf
Elven ranger Cereliel is pursued by a giant black wolf who desires her as his mate.
Ch. 1 - M/F, nc, reluc, piv, 1st, best, knot, mast
Ch. 2 - M/F, reluc, piv, best, knot
Ch. 3 - M/F, reluc, piv, oral, best, knot, mast, magic

* Cold - M/F, magic, rape, piv, humil, viol, caution
For cold and haughty baroness Marielle, the guillotine was but the beginning of her torment.

The Dark Thirst
Marinne intended to elope with her lover—but they never anticipated what lurked in the dark forest they fled through.
Ch. 1 - M/f, Mdom, viol, vamp, 1st, rape, anal, a2m, sad, tort, monst, magic, caution
Ch. 2 - M/f, Mdom, vamp, 1st, rape, piv, sad, tort, snuff, monst, magic
Ch. 3 - M/f, Mdom, vamp, rape, piv, sad, tort, toys, snuff, monst, magic, caution

A Drow in Exile
Sy'lathris the drow seeks a cure to her weakening disease in the realms beyond her home.
Ep. 1 - M/F, Mdom, nc, rape, anal, humil, va, monst, caution
Ep. 2 - m/F, Mdom, nc, piv, humil, va
Ep. 3 - thing/F, nc, monst, tent, humil, anal, oral, piv, caution
Ep. 4 - M/F, Mdom, nc, monst, anal, rape, sad, humil, magic, caution
Ep. 5 - M+/F, M/F, Mdom, nc, rape, bd, oral, piv, anal, a2m, humil, magic
* Ep. 6 - M/F, nc, oral, piv, humil, magic

Enthrallment in Blood - M/f, Mdom, anal, nc, mc, rape, sad, monst, vamp, magic, 1st, caution
A dark and sinister visitor enters Elia's bedchamber at night.

Faceless Rites - M/F, Mdom, bd, mc, oral, anal, a2m, magic
Slave to a coven of mages, her beautiful body is a conduit for magic power—and pleasure.

Filth Princess - M+/f, Mdom, group, ds, nc, reluc, anal, a2m, anex, scat, enem, bd, va, dh, humil
Princess Miramelle survived the barbarian conquest of her city-state—as a debauched anal slave.

A Fine Toy - M/F, nosex, Mdom, magic, mc, ds, dh
A customer visits a shop which sells some highly specialized wares.

The Healer's Touch - MF, oral, magic, viol, caution
In the aftermath of a battle, a lone elven healer offers her assistance to a wounded footman.

Heart of Lothar - Mf, rom, cons, anal, oral, a2m, magic, viol
Young Scarlet meets her secret lover in the forest—and finds that the secret goes deeper than she knew.

In Her Crypt - M/F, Mdom, rough, piv, anal, a2m, ds, magic, caution
In the gloom of the crypt, she serves the desires of the one whose dark powers have claimed her.

Kragh the Demonslayer
The brutal Demonslayer, Kragh, seeks to exterminate the demons oppressing his world—in his own way.
Maldria's Demise - M/F, Mdom, anal, tort, sad, snuff, viol, va, magic
Forest of the Impaled - M/F, Mdom, piv, anal, best, tort, sad, snuff, viol, magic

To Light the Moon - M+F, cons, rough, group, oral, anal, a2m, piv, monst, furry, magic, knot
The eclipse is a time for secret rites in the primordial forest, far from humankind.

Melinaraami's Tales
Melinaraami, the inimitable Elven Witch, is notorious for both her black magic and her nymphomaniac tendencies.
Melinaraami's Blood Lust (written jointly with Rhys the Mage) - MF, piv, anal, oral, tent, vamp, magic, caution
Melinaraami's Contract - MF, bd, piv, anal, oral, a2m, rough, monst, tent, magic
Melinaraami's Prisoner - MF, bd, piv, anal, oral, a2m, rough, furry, knot, magic

Mirror Image - M/f, Mdom, anal, nc, ds, magic, caution
Klea had never been fond of her Master's sessions with her in front of the magic mirror.

Moon-Mad - M+/f, group, 1st, nc, rape, piv, anal, oral, a2m, magic, sad, furry, knot
Catharyne is ambushed in a werewolf-haunted forest on the night of the full moon.

Prisoner to the Man-apes - M+/F, Mdom, rape, nc, piv, anal, sad, tort, bd, humil, monst, furry, magic
Queen Amdellesiel is a prisoner after the revolt of her man-apes.

* Red Kiss - M/F, mc, vamp, nosex, caution
He had the most alluring eyes she had ever seen, and his only desire, a kiss.

Red Knight - M/f, rape, viol, sad, snuff, piv, 1st
A peasant girl falls victim to a deadly berserker.

Sand Raider's Jewel - M/F, Mdom, cons, rough, bd, ds, anal, oral, a2m
A savage half-orcish brigand has a precious treasure in his hideout beneath the desert.

Summoner's Snare - M/F, MM/F, Mdom, magic, monst, piv, anal, bd, nc, rape, va, best, sad, humil, knot
Mehla'na finds that the spell in a mysterious grimoire is more than she bargained for.

Winter Comforts - M/FF, Mdom, cons, bd, ds, anal, oral, a2m, lac
Berserker lord Vadrek Norgessern enjoys the comforts of his slavegirls.

Malryn, warlock of blood magic, seeks to bind a familiar, further his mastery of the dark arts, and enjoy himself in the process.
Ep. 1 - M/g, cons, piv, oral, anal, a2m, vamp, magic, caution
Ep. 2 - M/g, cons, piv, oral, vamp, magic, toys, caution
Ep. 3 - nosex, viol, vamp, magic, caution
Ep. 4 - M/g, Mg/g, g/g, rape, mc, oral, anal, rim, sad, va, vamp, magic, caution

The Wolf-King - Mf, best, oral, piv, zoo, 1st, knot
Cymelle takes an unusual lover in an ancient ritual.

Worship - M/F, M+/F, Mdom, mc, ds, group, oral, anal, a2m, piv, monst, magic
Llanira performs ritual service to a dark and otherwordly Master.

Zak's Catch
Zak the trapper catches a little brown elf.
Zak's Catch - M/g, nc, anal, ds
Zak's Girl - M/g, nc, reluc, anal, ds

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