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Blue Balls 11 (mf, Mf, Ff, Fm, Exhibitionist)

Summary – Theo has a small problem, so mom gives him a hand.

Previous Story Summary - Tiffany has a fun filled day at school (Click Previous Directory, above)

Note - It is OK to have fantasies, but turning a fantasy into reality can destroy lives. Don't be a dick with other people's lives!


Tiffany finally arrived home after her busy day at school. She was sweaty, tired, and smelled of sex. She wanted nothing more than to soak in a hot tub and sooth her tender pussy but she knew she would have to get pass her brother Theo first. She had been avoiding him since last night and even slept with her mom and dad in case he tried to come into her room. She was still very angry at him for tricking her and making her think she had given him - and all the other boys and men she had teased - a case of ‘blue-balls.’ The only good thing to come from it she realized was her love of sex and cocks and cum. ‘I wouldn’t be the slut I am today, if it hadn’t been for Theo,’ she thought, ‘So I should be grateful for that, at least.‘

Theo was waiting for her to come home, and accosted her the moment she opened the door.

“Tiffany, where have you been?” Theo said, rubbing his crotch. He had been horny all day long! First his mom and Tiffany gave him a boner this morning, and then the girls and teachers at school looked especially slutty today. He had sprouted four, fully-hard erections during school today!

“I had to stay late to work on a project,” Tiffany said, putting down her book bag. “My teacher, Miss Mallory had me do work on a ‘special assignment’ too.” Tiffany added, not mentioning how ‘special’ and enjoyable the assignment was.

“I remember Miss Mallory!” Theo said, “She gave me more boners than you and mom put together!” He remembered his days in her class with fondness; watching her breasts jiggle and her ass wiggle as she walked up and down the aisles.

“You should have asked her for a ‘suck-off,’ Theo,” Tiffany said grinning widely.

“Yeah, right!” He scoffed at such crazy talk, but he did fantasize about his hot teacher sucking his hard dick, and often right in class too! Theo walked up to his sister and pulled her tight. He ground his crotch into her belly and grabbed her breasts, feeling her fat nipples through her thin dress. “You have to suck my cock again, Tiffany,” he pleaded. “I have it really bad today!” He groped his sister’s tits a moment, feeling his cock rising. However, being so close to her, he noticed she had a peculiar odor about her today.

“You smell…., funny…, Tiff,” Theo said to her.

“Well, I got a little sweaty working on Miss Mallory’s ‘special project,’” Tiffany lied. She turned a little red in the face, realizing that Theo was probably smelling Miss Mallory’s sperm filled pussy on her face and maybe on her breath.

The smell almost reminded Theo of his mom’s panties, not realizing the smell that turned him on so much was a mixture of his mother’s pussy secretions and his father’s sperm, deposited into her vagina after a hot fuck session.

Theo misinterpreted the cause of his sister’s embarrassment. “I didn’t mean anything by it, you smell great like always! But look, I need it bad, T.T., my balls are hurting, and I really mean it this time!”

Oops! Theo quickly tried to repair the damage. “Uh, I mean they are really hurting this time!” He was not being successful. “I mean they are hurting right now, a real lot!

Theo examined his sister’s expression trying to determine if he was going to get busted for his lies. But his stupid, slutty sister was only staring into space blankly.

‘Be smart and act stupid,’ she said to herself, pretending she didn’t notice. Or was it ‘Act stupid and be slutty?’ It didn’t matter, as long as she acted stupid.

“Aww, poor Theo,” Tiffany said, rubbing his crotch and feeling his swollen member. Her hand traveled down to her brother’s balls and she rubbed them a bit more firmly than she should. He shifted uncomfortably. “Oh, your balls are very swollen, they feel huge!”

She then softly spoke to her brother acting very concerned for the pain he was going through. ”I couldn’t believe it when mom jiggled her breasts at you this morning, Theo.”

“Yeah, and she was only wearing her bra and panties again!” he said, remember his exciting morning. “But you weren’t any help either, walking around with your tits hanging out!”

“Yeah, but you’ve seen my tits plenty of times, you ought to be used to them by now,” Tiffany reasoned. “Heck, you should be used to mom’s tits by now too,” she added, “The way she was showing them off last night!“

“I know!” Theo agreed. “I had a boner for almost two straight hours from watching her! And, how come you never came into my room? You had promised to give me another suck-off!” Theo was trying to make her feel guilty.

“I did not promise anything like that! And, it’s not my fault you fell asleep!” Tiffany scolded him, “If you think I’m going to wake you up just so I can suck your penis, you are crazy! Besides, mom and dad chewed me out last night because of how badly you did my chores!” She actually had her pussy ‘chewed out’ by her mom and dad last night, but two can play the guilt-game!

“Look, I’m really, really sorry about that, Tiff!” Theo said, trying to get back into his cock-sucking sister’s good graces. “I’ll do better this weekend, OK? But you gotta take care of me! I had a boner all night and most of the day at school today and mom and dad will be home soon!”

“Well, OK, but let me ‘freshen up’ first. We have plenty of time,” she said, rubbing his cock again. “Then, we will take care of big ol’ cock and your poor, cum filled ‘blue-balls,’” She gave his nuts another firm squeeze.

“Ow!” Theo cried out, “Tiffany, quit hurting my balls!” He cupped his sensitive marbles to protect them from another attack.

“I didn’t do anything different than I usually do!” she lied. “You balls must be really sensitive because they are full so of cum!”

Tiffany turned and walked to her room smiling, leaving Theo to wonder if he really was getting ‘blue-balls.’

In her room, still grinning, Tiffany stripped off her clothes and briefly admired her sexy body in the mirror. She loved her developing breasts with their big, fat, suck-able nipples. She also loved her fuck-able and suck-able pretty, little bald slit that gave her so much pleasure. “No wonder it is so easy to make all the boys get boners!” she said to herself. She grabbed her robe and headphones and went into the bathroom.

Before drawing a nice hot bath, she remembered to lock the door securely. She then slipped her tired body into the hot, fragrant liquid. She turned on some music, and, while she was putting on her headphones, she heard the door jingling and Theo shouting, “Tiffany, we don’t have time for a bath! Come on!” He began to pound on the door. Tiffany turned up her music, let out a long sigh, and smiled.

After her relaxing bath, Tiffany checked the time. They still had twenty minutes before their mom and dads were supposed to get home. Perfect! Leaving her robe opened, she walked into the living room to find Theo watching TV.

“It took you long enough!” he said. He had changed out of his school clothes and was wearing his comfortable gym shorts. Tiffany noticed his ever present hard-on poking up thru the thin material.

“I’m so sorry, Theo,” Tiffany said; “I fell asleep!” she lied. “But, we still have plenty of time to get your balls drained, OK?”

“OK, but hurry up, Sis!” Theo said impatiently. Tiffany dropped to her knees in front of her brother and quickly pulled down his shorts and underwear. His hard cock was leaking and his balls did look a little swollen.

“Oh, look at your poor balls,” Tiffany said. She noticed one of his nuts pressed tight against the thin skin of his scrotum. “Tell me if this hurts,” she said, and quickly flicked her finger right on the sensitive little nut before he had a chance to pull away.

“Ow-wow-wow!” he shouted, “Tiffany!” Theo nearly climbed up to the back of the couch in an effort to get away and protecting his ball-sack defensively.

“Theo! I’m so sorry, but I barely touched you!” she lied, “You poor thing! Let’s get those ‘blue-balls’ taken care of right now - before anything else happens!” Tiffany stood up and waited for Theo to settle down. After he returned to a sitting position, Tiffany opened her robe and put her tits in front of his face. “Do you want to suck my titties again, Theo?” she said. “I really like it when you suck on my titties, big brother.”

“Well, OK, but just for a minute,” Theo said, licking his lips. He loved to suck his sister’s tits, but was concerned about having enough time to get his cock sucked.

Tiffany dropped her robe and pushed a breast towards her horny brother. He began sucking it immediately. “Oh, Theo!” Tiffany moaned, louder and more sensual than ever before. “Ohhhh, it feels so good when you play with my tits, B.B.” Tiffany gripped her brother’s head and pulled it to her breasts. “You suck my titties so good, it makes my little pussy get wet!”

Theo’s cock was leaking pre-cum and throbbing. He felt like such a stud making his horny little sister moan like a slut! She was going be his personal fuck-toy any day now!

Tiffany urged her brother on, telling him how good he was making her feel. Theo sucked and licked her breasts, ran his hands up and down her ass and thighs and squeezed her breasts until his fingers began to get tired.

“Do you want to play with my pussy again, Theo?” Tiffany then asked. “I really liked it when you were touching it yesterday; you made it all tingly and it felt so good! Almost like it needed something…, more…”

Her cunt needs his hard cock! Theo thought. He brought his hand up to Tiffany’s bald pussy and began to rub it.

“Oooooohhhhhh! Theo!” Tiffany groaned. “Play with my little pussy!” She began to hump her hairless twat against his probing hand. “Put your fingers inside of me!” she said, her voice guttural and breathy.

Theo tried to find her hole and pushed and prodded until he finally found it. He slipped a finger inside her warm, wet hole. He was surprised that it went in so far! What a hot cunt his sister had! He slipped another finger into her and wiggled them about.

”Oh, yeah!” Tiffany groaned. She looked at the clock; it was almost 5:00 PM. Their mom and dad were usually home by 5:15 PM.

“OK, I’ve sucked your tits and played with your pussy long enough,” Theo said finally, “Now it’s my turn!” He grabbed his throbbing member and waved it about, splattering pre-cum onto himself, his sister and the couch.

Tiffany again went to her knees and grabbed his rock-hard shaft. “Don’t touch my balls this time!” Theo warned her. Tiffany looked at him and pouted. Then she licked her lips and opened her mouth. She opened wider and engulfed his swollen cock-head with her hot, wet mouth.

“Oh, yesssss!” Theo groaned, “Finally!” He knew he wouldn’t last long but was sure he could talk his dumb cunt into giving him another ‘suck-off’ tonight!

Tiffany bobbed her head on his cock once and pulled her lips off him to lick his flared head, slowly teasing him. “Do it Tiffany, suck it!” Theo demanded. He need to cum now! “Please!” he added.

“I…” Tiffany started to say, but then, the two siblings heard the garage door opening! It was exactly 5:00 PM.

“Mom and dad are home early!” Theo said. His day kept getting worse and worse!

“Awww, I’m sorry Theo,” Tiffany said, appearing crestfallen as Theo pulled his underwear and shorts up and over his massive, throbbing, and oozing erection.

“Oh, I know what will make your balls feel a lot better!” Tiffany said, slipping on her robe.

“What?” Theo said, angry and sexually frustrated.

Tiffany opened her robe and spread her pussy-lips with her fingers, showing her brother her warm, wet, pink insides. “Do you want to put your penis in here tonight?” she said to Theo seductively.

“Really?” Theo was ecstatic. Finally, his stupid, slutty sister was about to become his personal fuck-toy! “Do you mean we can fuck tonight?”

“If that is the same thing as ‘in-her-course,’ Tiffany said, then “Yes.” She tilted her head and looked blankly at her brother. She was still holding her cunt lips wide open. “’Fuck...’” she pondered. “Is that like a ‘jack-off’ or a ‘suck-off?’” she said acting very puzzled. “I can give you a ‘Fuck-off?’”

Theo looked at her confused. “Uh…” Just then, the door opened. Tiffany quickly closed her robe and tied it tight.

“Hi mom, hi dad!” she said happily. “You are home early.”

“Your father and I had to run an errand and we finished sooner than we thought,” their mother said. “How is everything here?” she asked.

“Perfect,” Tiffany said smiling at her mother and father.

“Yeah, perfect,” Theo agreed, grinning at his future-fuck-toy. It was going to be perfect, if he and his hard cock could only somehow last until tonight!


“Tiffany, can you come here a minute please?” Their mother called to her from the master bedroom.

“Sure mom!” Tiffany yelled back, and went to see what her mother wanted. The families had already had their dinner, and as usual, had just settled down to watch TV. Their mother had gone to her room to change into her night clothes.

Holly and Tiffany were gone for quite a while, leaving Theo and his father alone to watch sports together. Neither spoke much. Theo’s mind was elsewhere and he found it difficult to concentrate on the game.

“Look what mom bought me!” Tiffany shouted excitedly, prancing into the room. She was wearing a pink, see-thru teddy, just like her mother’s black one. The flimsy material lay across her breasts, leaving nothing to the imagination. Her nipples made double-tents and the thin cloth was draped over them as if her fat, hard nipples were the only thing holding the garment up. Her bald cunt was visible thru the pink material and it was barley long enough to cover her ass checks. If she bounced when she walked, like she was apt to do, she would flash her ass and pussy!

“You look, uh, very nice, Tiffany,” her father said. Theo stared, his pecker starting to rise once again. He had finally gotten it soft from watching the baseball game.

“Doesn’t she though!” her mother said, walking into the living room behind her. She was dressed like her daughter in her flimsy, black, see-thru teddy. She was braless, her dark nipples visible, and her ponderous breasts jiggled seductively when she walked. Her small, black panties barely hid her amble ass-checks and juicy cunt.

“Don’t you think Tiffany is being a little too revealing, Holly?” Greg asked his wife. “And you too, for that matter.”

“Are you comfortable, Tiffany,” her mother asked.

“Oh yeah,” Tiffany said, twirling around. The force of her twirl lifted the material until her naked pussy and ass were on display. “Really comfortable!”

“Well then,” her mother said, “If she is comfortable, that is all the matters!”

“But, she is not wearing any panties!” Greg said.

“Why do I need panties, daddy?” Tiffany asked, looking down at her bald pussy and pulling the thin, pink material tight against it. Greg and Theo stared at her camel-toe.

“Why indeed,” Holly said, “Why do I need panties either?” she asked.

“Take ‘em off mom!” Tiffany teased her mother, “Do it, I dare you!” Tiffany giggled.

“I will!” Holly replied, to Theo and Greg’s shocked expressions. In front of her entire family, Holly pulled up her flimsy teddy and grabbed both sides of her panties; she pulled them down with a flourish!

“Holly!” Greg said, shocked.

“Mom!” Theo said, his cock giving a lurch.

“Way to go!” Tiffany said, jumping up and down, clapping, flashing her cunt and making her tiny titties jiggle.

“Holly, your children can see your pussy!” her husband said.

“Oh, they’ve see it before, just the other day I wore this exact same thing!”

“Not like that - you’ve shaved it!” Greg said, astonished. Where Holly’ s thick, black carpet of cunt hair used to be, there was only a small, black, V-shaped patch of fur on the  top of her pussy, as if it were an arrow pointing down to her now naked twat.

“I know - it feels great!” Holly said twirling just like Tiffany had done. Her family received a perfect view of her bare pussy and round, full ass. “I feel like a little girl again!” she said happily. “Tiffany inspired me, and I love it!”

“Yeah, and I helped too!” Tiffany said proudly, continuing her bouncy-dance.

“You, uh, ‘helped,’ did you?” Greg asked, while the two men imagined the sexy scene between mother and daughter.

“Yeah,” Tiffany said, “I got to keep soaping her vagina up while she shaved the hair off. She let me use the razor on her a little too!” Tiffany twirled again in her excitement.

“Come on, Tiffany, let’s go make some popcorn!” Holly said excitedly to her daughter.

The girls left the living room and the boys stared at their nearly naked retreating asses. Theo looked at his dad and then down at his straining boner.

“I know champ, I know,” Greg said, shaking his head, “I say we  just enjoy it while we can.”

Theo groaned, not knowing how he was going to last the night. His balls were aching for release.


“Did you see Theo’s expression?” Tiffany said to her mother, still giggling, once they had retreated to the safety of the kitchen.

“Yes!” her mother said to her. “Did you see his boner?”

“Yeah, dad’s too!” Tiffany replied happily.

They started the popcorn and Holly leaned over and kissed her daughter on the mouth. Tiffany kissed her back, licking her mother’s lips and darting her tongue into her mouth.

“Thank you for helping me shave my pussy, Tiffany,” Holly said to her daughter, “And, uh, thanks for licking out all the soap it.”

“You’re welcome mom; your pussy is a lot more fun to lick without all that hair. See? I told you! Oh, and thanks for, uh, licking all the juice out of my pussy too!” Tiffany said shyly.

“You are welcome, sweetheart,” Holly said, proud of her daughter for being so polite.

Tiffany and her mother soon returned with two bowls of popcorn. Tiffany however, decided to show off again and performed another twirl in her teddy, sending popcorn flying all over the floor! Holly set her bowl between the two men and went to help her daughter. Tiffany and Holly started picking up the popcorn, bending over low and making their short teddies rise up. They were giving the boys a perfect view of their naked twats and asses. Greg and Theo shared the bowl of popcorn, munching happily, watching the entertainment, the TV forgotten.

Tiffany and Holly quickly got on all fours and scurried about the floor, searching for the popcorn. Holly’s fat breasts swayed liked heavy pendulums, making Theo moan softly in agony. He could see his mother’s cunt perfectly as her teddy scrunched up on her back. It was not covering even a single portion of her ass. When she bent low to reach under the couch to get a piece of popcorn, it appeared that she was thrusting her butt at him. He could actually see her tiny, brown shit-hole! He thought he was going to cum in his pants. Tiffany was no better; he lusted after her dangling titties, bare cunt and shapely butt.

Tiffany and Holly began laughing uncontrollably. They had started to feed each other popcorn, putting pieces in each other’s mouths. Tiffany started to lick and suck on her mother’s fingers. Holly did the same thing to her daughter until they were making loud slurping sounds! They were having so much fun, they laughed and giggled until they were lying on their backs, kicking their legs in the air and screaming with abandon.

Knowing he was going to fuck his stupid slut sister tonight was the only thing that kept Theo sane. That, and knowing he had a year’s worth of jack-off material mentally filed away; compliments of his mother.

After the popcorn was cleaned up, Tiffany and her mother sat on the couch together, sharing popcorn and ignoring the TV. They continued to feed each other sensually, giggling and whispering together. They eventually sat cross-legged, their pussies naked and uncovered. Their spread wide position made their cunt lips open naturally, displaying a hint of the pink wetness inside.

Theo couldn’t take anymore. He had even tried to watch the rest of the ballgame but a giggle or a squeal made him focus his attention back on his seductive mother and sister. He stood up with his erection sticking out and a huge wet spot showing on the front of his shorts. Bent over, either in pain or from trying to hide his erection, he grunted that he was going to his room.

“Aren’t you going to watch the rest of the show?” Holly asked her son. Greg snorted with laughter. Theo simply hobbled out of room.

Tiffany ran after him and caught up with him in the hallway. “Don’t forget to come in my room tonight!” she teased. “Remember, you are going to put your penis in my vagina so we can have ‘in-her-course’ until you ‘e-jack-u-late’; just like I was taught in my sex-ed class!”

“How could I forget?” Theo grunted, taking a good, close look at his sister’s hot body. He was determined to fuck the little slut twice or maybe even three times tonight!

Theo went to his room and lay back on his bed. He pulled out his hard cock; not to masturbate, but only to release it from its confinement. He tried to make his dick soft again, thinking about anything but tits, cunts and asses. He had almost forgotten what it felt like to have a non-erect penis.

Later, Theo woke to a darkened room; he must have dozed off. He was dreaming of his mother crawling around on the floor naked, begging him to fuck her freshly shaved cunt. His cock was hard once again. As his head cleared, he realized the house was quiet.

“Time to fuck!” he whispered to himself, pulling up his shorts and sneaking quietly out of his room. He tip-toed down the hall and stealthily opened the door to Tiffany’s room. He was holding his breath as he softly closed it behind him.

The room was very dark with only meager light coming thru the small window – the blinds were closed and the curtains were pulled.

“Tiffany!” he whispered.

Receiving no answer, he walked to the edge of her bed. He saw her recumbent form on the bed and reached out to tap what he assumed to be her shoulder. He received a grunt in response and Tiffany rolled over onto her back. He decided to be a little playful and reached out to jiggle her breast until she woke up.

“Tiffany!” he whispered again, slightly louder than before. He put his hand where her small breast should be, but something wasn’t right. The flesh under his fingers felt softer and fuller; more like her ass, but not quite. He couldn’t put his finger on what was different. He jiggled it again before exploring her naked flesh with his fingers. Ahh! He found her nipple and gave it a tug. But Tiffany’s nipples were fat and pronounced and her breast small and firm, this couldn’t be Tiffany tit, it was way to big, it must be his mmmm…!

“Theodore Thompson!” his mother’s voice cried out in the darkness.

“Mom!” Theo yelled in surprised. “What are you doing here?”

“No, the question is, ‘What are you doing here, mister!’” she said angrily. After a short pause she yelled, “Take your hand off of my tit!”

“Mom, it was an accident,” Theo whined, wanting to give her soft flesh one more squeeze before taking his hand away. He pulled away, but not before pressing down with his fingers slightly before pulling away. It was so soft!

His mother jumped out of bed and quickly flipped on the light. She was totally naked!

“Mom, you’re naked!” Theo said, stating the obvious. His cock didn’t know whether to shrivel up from shame or stay hard from the excitement. He glanced on the bed and saw his sister Tiffany naked as well, the covers thrown back, her hands on her face trying to block out the sudden light. She moaned, not wanting to wake up and trying to pull the warm blanket back over her chilled, naked body.

“I know what I am,” his mother screamed at him, her breasts swaying as she moved about. She reached down with her breasts hanging low and quickly stood up to slip on her teddy, not that it made much difference to her nakedness.

 “What’s going on here?” His father said loudly, stepping into the room. At least he was wearing underwear.

“Theodore grabbed my boob!” Holly yelled.

“It was an accident!” Theo whined again. He was always in deep trouble when his parents called him ‘Theodore.’

“Accident or not, why are you in your sister’s room in the middle of the night?” his mother interrogated.

Shit! He was busted for sure! “Ah..,“ he paused, trying to think of something. “I needed help with my homework!” he blurted out. It was the first thing he could think of. It was lame. He knew it.

“What kind of homework would you need help from your little sister in the middle of the night?”

Oh shit, this was it. He couldn’t say ‘math’ or ‘science.’ Why did his sister have to be so dumb at everything!

“Biology,” Tiffany’s voice spoke from the bed, “I was going to help him study for a test he has tomorrow in Biology. We kinda forgot about it for some reason.”

“Well, that makes sense,” their father said, “Tiffany did get an ‘A+’ on her last exam.” 

“So why are you here, mom,” Theo asked, trying to quickly change the subject away from him.

“Oh, your father spilt a huge glass of water on our mattress. Neither of us can sleep on the wet spot, so I’m sleeping with Tiffany and your father is on the couch.”

“Not anymore,” their father said, “That couch is killing my back, I’m bunking with you for the rest of the night, champ!”

“Uh…” Theo said, wondering how he was going to jack-off with his dad in the bed. Fucking Tiffany was out of the question, for tonight anyway. Maybe could sleep on the couch! “Maybe, I…”

His mother cut him off. “Now, get to bed young man, I want no more foolishness tonight. Greg, keep an eye on him! I think something else was going on in here tonight, but I can’t put my finger on it!”

“Come on, Theo,” his father said, “Let’s go to bed.”

“Don’t worry about your test, Theo,” Holly said as he was leaving. “I’ll make sure to wake you kids up early, so you can have time to study with your sister. Now, go get some sleep!”

Greg marched Theo into the room and they both got into bed. After a while, lying in the darkness, Theo heard his father breathing deeply and regularly. He decided to furtively try to jack himself off. He was still nearly hard and his cock was slippery with pre-cum. He gave his cock s few soft strokes, moaning in anticipation.

“Theo,” his father asked, “What are you doing…?”

“Nothing dad!” Theo said, jerking his hand away from his throbbing cock.

“Keep it that way; now go to sleep, Theo.”

It was a long, hard night for young Theodore.


Theo realized he must be delusional. He dreamed his shorts were being pulled down and someone was playing with his cock and balls.

“Mmmmmmmm,” he moaned. He slowly left his dream and tried to sort out the feelings he was having. Yes, his cock and balls were definitely played with. “Ohhhh, yes…, Tiffany…, Thank you!”

“Good morning B.B.” Tiffany said. “You just lie there and let me take care of your ol’ blue-balls!” She gently massaged his balls with her dainty fingers. She played with his cock, using only a single finger, sliding it around his leaking pre-cum and tracing the ridge on his cock-head.

“Mom sent me in to wake you up, so we can study for your exam.” Tiffany explained, teasing his throbbing member with her finger. “We should turn the light on, so mom and dad don’t suspect anything. Tiffany let go of her brother’s cock and softly padded over to the light switch.

The bright lights blinded Theo momentarily and he placed a pillow over his face. He humped his hard cock, indicating to his sister that he was getting impatient. He had a boner all night long and didn’t dare touch it with his father lying next to him.

“Oh, Theo,” Tiffany moaned. Even the sight of his cock is getting her horny now, Theo assumed.

Tiffany kneeled down beside her brother. Her dainty fingers traced around his balls. “Does this hurt?” she asked.

“No, but don’t squeeze them!” he said, pulling his junk away from her.

“I wouldn’t Theo,” she said, “It’s just that…, your balls…, they’re BLUE!”

“What?” he said, his balls were aching a little but…, he looked down at his best friend and his friend’s two little buddies. “What the FUCK!” he yelled out. His balls were definitely blue!

“OMG, Theo,” Tiffany said, looking very scared for her big brother; “You have BLUE-BALLS!” She put her hand to her mouth. Her expression showed just a hint of terror.

“Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit!” Theo stammered; his balls were mother-fucking blue!

“I better go tell mom and dad!” Tiffany said, running from the room.

“No!” Theo yelled, but it was too late. Maybe he could catch her. He pulled his shorts and underwear over his wilting cock and pretty, blue-colored balls. He found Tiffany in the kitchen, talking to his mother. By his mother’s expression, Tiffany had already told her. She looked a little bemused. She also looked hot! She was wearing a frilly black push-up bra that barely hid her nipples (in fact, he could glimpse a portion of a pretty nipple trying to escape from her bra). Matching black panties, black hose, garter belt and high-heel shoes. She was made up for work, except for her dress, looking very sexy and provocative.

“Tiffany tells me you have blue-balls, Theo,” His mother said to him smiling. “Tiffany, how did you happen to see your big brother’s balls anyway?”

“Uh…, I went into his room - like you told me to - and I saw his balls - and they’re blue!”

“Well, no harm done, I guess,” their mother said. “After all, Theo saw your little cooter yesterday, so it is only fair,” she reasoned. “Now, Theo, do you really have blue-balls?”


“Theo..?” her mother said, her voice rising. She looked at her son sternly and a little terrified.

“Yes.” Theo said quietly, his head hanging down.

“OH MY GAWD!” Holly screamed. She began shaking. Theo began shaking too!

“What’s going on?” their father said, being very fatherly and nearly running into the kitchen.

“Theo has blue-balls!” Tiffany blurted out.

“Tiffany!” Theo scolded. She always was a little tattle-tale!

“Ouch, that can really hurt,” Greg said to Theo.  “It can be very serious too.” he added grimly, looking at his wife.

“They do hurt him!” Tiffany exclaimed, “A lot!”

“Tiffany!” Theo shouted again. He was very uncomfortable having everyone talking about his balls.

“How do you know his balls hurt, Tiff?” Holly asked her daughter sharply.

“Uh, um, he told me!” Tiffany said. It was the truth after all. Theo told her everyday how much his balls hurt and how much he needed her help to get his sperm out of them.

“Greg, you better take Tiffany to school. I know you have an important meeting today and Tiffany doesn’t need to see her brother go thru this. Get her something to eat on the way. I’ll stay home and look after Theo.”

“I’m fine, mom!” Theo said. In reality, he felt his balls were actually hurting more than ever.

“Let me see. Hold still!” Holly walked over to her son, reaching out her hand. He started inching away from her. As she came closer, he jumped back frantically until his back was against the wall.

“I said ‘hold still!’” Holly hissed in her best ‘don’t-fuck-with-mom-right-now’ voice. Theo froze. He knew she meant business.

Holly reached out her hand again. Greg and Tiffany watched in anticipation and Theo with trepidation. Holly gently cupped his balls thru his shorts. She traced her finger up his thickening penis to the big wet spot at the tip of his cock.

Theo was getting turned on looking at her. He couldn’t help it. Her nipple had escaped completely. Her breasts were so sexy, her cleavage so deep.  She ran her finger back down his swelling organ. She cupped his balls again. Theo stared at her breasts. He could feel his heart beat pounding in his chest. Then, his mother squeezed his nuts.

“Ow! Fuck mom!” he exclaimed as a sharp pain jolted him. He jumped nearly a foot into the air.

“That settles it,” Holly said. “Greg, Holly, you guys go. Theo is staying home with me.”

“Any you watch your language in front of your mother, young man,” Greg scolded his son. He turned and started pushing Tiffany out of the kitchen.

“Well, how would you like someone squeezing your fucking nuts?” Theo whined.

“Theo!” Holly exclaimed, “That’s enough! Tiffany, go get dressed! Greg, go get Theo some pain medicine!”

Greg quickly returned and gave his son a pill.

“Will Theo be OK?” Tiffany asked, with a little quiver in her voice.

“Go get dressed, Tiffany!” her mother scolded.

Tiffany was ready in less than 20 minutes. Greg and his daughter left the house, shutting the door behind them, leaving Holly alone in the kitchen with her son.

Holly looked at Theo. Theo looked back at her. He was feeling very, very nervous.

“Let me see them,” Holly said softly.

“Mom, no!” Theo whined. He looked at her, pleading.

“I said, ‘Let…, me…, see them!’” she hissed in her stern, mother’s voice again.

“But mom!” Theo argued. His hands went to his waist band, but slowly dropped down again. “I don’t want to!”

“I’ve seen your little dicklet a hundred times - when I’ve changed your diapers, wiped your ass and gave you baths - now quit acting up and let me see your balls!” She said. “Now!”

Theo knew he was defeated. He dropped his shorts and underwear, turning his head to avoid meeting his mother’s gaze. His cock was nearly erect and the tip was wet. Seeing her son turn away, Holly stared at her son’s cock, grinning lecherously, pleased by its length and girth. It was long and fat and oozing pre-cum.

“Oh my,” she said. She touched his balls with her fingers, gently touching her son’s blue nut-sack. It was a very pretty blue – not too dark and not too light. She squatted down. Theo looked down as his mother. He stared at her breasts. Her lipstick covered lips were inches from his cock-head. His pecker lurched and filled with blood. It throbbed. Pre-cum oozed from his piss-hole and began to drip. “My, my, my,” she repeated. Holly gripped her son’s cock making it ooze even more. She felt it twitching in her hand, hot and hard.

“Mom!” Theo said, “Don’t do that!” He made a small noise in his throat, like a little dog whining.

“I’m just getting this thing out of the ways so I can see how bad your balls are, so shut up!”

Holly gauged her son’s thickness with her hand and imagined what it would feel like inside of her. She leaned in closer to inspect his balls and took a deep breath, smelling his essence. Theo whined again.

Another gentle touch on his balls and Holly released her grip and stood up. His cock bounced once, and stayed firm, pointing at her. “How much do you know about ‘blue-balls,’” she asked him.

“Just…, just what the kids at school say,” Theo replied nervously. His cock lurched again as his mother bent over, thrusting out her ample bosom to have another look.

“What do the kids say, exactly,” she said, continuing her interrogation.

“That…, you balls can hurt and turn blue, if you don’t…, if you don’t…,” Theo stopped.

“If you don’t what?” Holly prompted.

“If you don’t cum!” Theo blurted, thoroughly embarrassed, talking about cocks, balls and cum with his mother.

“Anything else?”


“Good, I don’t want you to worry,” she said, acting very motherly. “We will get you taken care of the best we can, Theodore.” She picked up the phone and made a call. She paused, waiting for an answer.

“Hello?  Pleasant-Valley high-school absence reporting? I need to report a student absent. His name is Theodore Thompson.”


“Oh no, nothing contagious! He has a very bad case of ‘Blue-Balls.’”

“MOM!” Theo cried out in alarm.

“Shut up, Theo, I’m on the phone!”

 “Yes, he has it really bad! His balls are all blue and his cock…, I’m sorry…, I mean his little penis is very, very hard. I can’t send him to school like this.”

“Mother!” Theo whispered, “Stop talking about my penis and stuff!” He knew the nice old lady that answered the phones. How could he ever face her now? Besides, his penis was not ‘little!’”

“Shut up, Theo!”

 “Yes, I know it can be serious! I’m his mother for crying out loud! I’m going to call the doctor right now.”

“I will thank you.”  Holly hung up.

“Mom, why did you…,” he started.

“Theo, if I have to tell you one more time to be quiet while I’m on the phone! Now, for the last time, SHUT UP!”


Greg and Tiffany were just leaving the drive-thru restaurant when his phone rang. It was his wife. He answered, listened a moment and then asked, “Has the Viagra started to work yet?” Receiving an answer, he hung up. He turned to Tiffany and said, “That was your mother pretending to call the school.”

“Theo’s going to get it now!” Tiffany said, biting into her breakfast-sandwich with her sharp teeth and holding it delicately with her dainty blue-stained fingers.


A few minutes later, his phone rang again. He looked at the caller ID and playfully answered, “Hello, Doctors Yank-em & Spank-em, how may I help you.”

“Tell him we have to cut off his balls!” Tiffany said, lifting her head from her father’s  lap. She kept a tight grip on his cock with her hands. She then opened her mouth and began sucking his hard cock again.

“Nurse Tiffany says we have to amputate Theo’s testicles.”

 “Look honey, I have to go; Tiffany decided she was still hungry, so she is trying to swallow my entire cock right now.”

“I said I wanted some deep-throat practice!” Tiffany said, “And tell mom how much better I am at sucking cock now! My mouth hardly ever gets tired!” She was proud of her hard-earned cock-sucking muscles and immediately returned to her practice session, trying to deep throat her father’s fat, hard cock. She almost took him all the way to his balls.

“Tiffany wants you to know that she is a nasty cock-slut just like her mom.”


 “Love you sweet-heart! Bye!” Greg said, hanging up and then thrusting his crotch upwards. “Oh Tiffany, you are making daddy’s cock feel so good!” Tiffany paused her sucking and then rapidly flicked her tongue on her father’s frenulum like her teacher Miss Mallory had taught her.

“Oh, that’s nice, mmmmmm,” he moaned. 

Taking a deep breath, Tiffany pushed her head down forcefully on her father’s cock, sliding it down her throat until she felt his pubic hairs tickling her nose.

“Aww, fuck! Tiffany, you did it!” her father praised.  She bobbed her head a few more times and Greg grunted, “You are going to make me cum soon, Princess!”

Tiffany smiled, her lips tightening around the hard, throbbing daddy-dick dancing in her mouth. She throated her father’s cock a few more times until she felt his cock twitching deep in her throat. She pulled back, stopping just before the fat cock-head left her lips. She licked it all around and then sucked it gently, before wrapping her lips around the fat-cock-head once more. Tiffany slid her sucking lips over her father’s flared ridge, sucked his head, and slid them back over the ridge again,  attacking his sensitive glans with her mouth and tongue as she stroked his shaft and played with his heavy balls. His cock swelled, surged and then began spurting forcefully, filling her small mouth with hot, fresh sperm. Tiffany didn’t spill a drop as blast after blast of thick cum slid down her gullet.

“Ahhhhh,” Greg sighed, as his orgasm lessened, but pleasantly lingered, as his daughter expertly prolonged his orgasm. The final pulses of his prostate emptied his balls into his daughter’s mouth.

“Life is good,” he said, “What a way to start my day!”

“Mmmmm-mmmmm,” his little cum-slut-princess groaned in agreement.


Holly pretended to dial the doctor’s emergency number. Theo was looking at her as she paced back and forth; his cock was painfully erect. His eyes traveled up from his mother’s sexy heels to her black, mesh stockings. He paused at her garter and then at her panties, only to stop again at her full breasts encased tightly in her black, push-up bra. The escaped nipple seemed to stare back at him. He stood in the kitchen naked except for his t-shirt. His feet were cold on the hard tiles. Every time his mother passed him pacing, her heels clicking; his cock throbbed, watching her ass and breasts jiggle.

“Yes, is this Doctor Clark’s office?”

“Yes, I need an appointment, or maybe we need to go to the emergency room, I don’t know.”

“My name is Holly Thompson; yes T-H-O-M-P-S-O-N. Yes, Holly and Greg, on Filbert Boulevard.”

“No, I’m calling for my son, Theodore Thompson. Poor Theo has blue-balls… It’s bad.” She sniffed and wiped a tear from her eye.

“Yes I’m sure. His balls are definitely blue. Really, really blue! And his penis is hard and leaking!”

“Yes, I’m looking at them now.”

“Well,” Holly said and squatted down again, inspecting her son’s balls. Theo whimpered. “Well, they are not quite a ‘royal blue’ but definitely darker than a’ baby blue’ – a shade in between I guess.”

“Hang on…” She covered the phone with her hand. “Honey, when did you last ejaculate?” she asked her son. When he didn’t answer, she looked at him sternly and said, “Theo, this is no time to be playing around! I know you masturbate, I’ve found enough of your cum in my dirty panties! Now, when did you last shoot a load?”

“Uh, the day before yesterday, I guess,” he said, stammering and turning a brighter shade of red.

“Two days ago,” Holly spoke into the phone.

“And, how many times has your penis gotten erect since then?” Theo gave his mother a dumb look, feeling embarrassed. “Quick, Theo, how many boners have you had since your last ejaculation?”

“Mom!” Theo cried, “I don’t know! Twenty? Thirty? A hundred? All last night and most of the morning too, Jeesh!” His penis was painfully hard now. He was getting concerned.

“A lot - dozens probably - he can’t even count them all. His penis was very hard, for a long, long time last night. He was peeking at his sister and me.”

“No, we were just playing around in our underwear. But, you know how teenage boys are…”

“Let me check. Hold still honey,” Holly said to Theo. She gently squeezed the shaft of his penis with two fingers. “Oh yes, his penis is so very hard. Much harder than my husband’s cock. It’s like a hard stick, or one of those baseball bats you buy at a ball game, really hard. It is twitching and jumping around, especially when I touch it. And I told you, his penis is leaking fluids too. It is leaking a lot. Is that normal?” Theo’s cock twitched and pushed out another drop of pre-cum.

“No, the fluid looks clear,” Holly said, talking on the phone and bending over again, her face inches from Theo’s cock-head. “Yes, it is clear, no blood; at least not yet.” Theo’s eyes widened.

“How would I know what it tastes like? Are you sure? Of course, anything for my baby boy!” Holly said. “Hold still honey.” Theo wasn’t about to move. He watched incredulously as his mother stretched out a finger and gathered up some pre-cum, rubbing her fingertip over his leaking piss-hole and scratching it with her fingernail as she brought it to her face. She felt the slipperiness between her fingers and thumb and then sniffed it. Theo stared. His mother opened her mouth and licked her slimy finger.

“No, it is very slimy and clear and it tastes salty, very salty. Is that normal?” She wanted to say out loud how delicious her son’s pre-cum was, but she somehow controlled herself.

“No, it doesn’t taste like vinegar at all.  Well, I should try again, just to be sure. Honey, mommy needs to get a lot this time.” Holly reached out her hand and squeezed his cock firmly, milking it until a big, fat drop of pre-cum oozed out. Holly quickly captured it and sucked it into her mouth, licking her lips. “No, definitely not vinegar. That’s good right? But it is just pouring out of my poor baby’s penis!” She squatted low; her thighs spread wide, her breasts heaving.


“His temperature? Is that important?”

“Well, I didn’t know! I’m not a doctor!” Holly said, exasperated. “Look. I’m sorry; I’m just concerned about my poor baby boy! Yes. I’ll do it right now, hold on a moment, please,” she said. “Stay, Theo!” she ordered. She was back in a moment, holding a thermometer in her hand.

Theo saw the thermometer and opened his mouth, waiting for it. “No honey, bend over and put your hands on the counter. No arguing! Your rectum is much closer to your balls. Doctor’s orders! We have to get an accurate reading.”

Theo did as he was told and Holly squatted behind her son. She pulled on his ass-cheek exposing his ass-hole. She watched it clenching tightly. She thought about giving his ass-hole a nice wet lick to get it ready, but imagined her son jumping in surprise. Instead, she thought of a better idea.

“We need to get the thermometer slippery, or it might hurt. Hold still again.” Holly maneuvered to the side of her son’s body and pushed the base of the thermometer into a long, dripping strand of pre-cum, rolling the slime on to the thermometer. She then pushed it around his leaking cock-head, smearing the pre-cum onto his cock-head with the cold, glass instrument. “That’s convenient,” she said.

“Unnnhhh!” Theo grunted loving the exquisite feelings of something, anything, touching his throbbing cock. He grunted again as his mother quickly found his tight hole and pushed the thermometer in deeply.

Holly played with the instrument, wiggling it and pushing it gently in and out. “Yes, I’m doing it now. It will just be a moment.” She began whistling to pass the time. After a moment, she removed it, just as Theo was beginning to enjoy it.

“Almost 100 degrees.”

“Whew! Good news Theo, we don’t have to cut them off!” Theo grew light in the head; either from shock, or from all the blood being diverted to his throbbing member.

“What? We have to what? Hang on honey, I spoke too soon.”


And how do you propose I do that?”

“And if I don’t?”

“You’re saying if I don’t, his temperature will continue to rise until it’s too late, and then we will have to amputate?”

“I heard they can fall off by themselves…”

“Oh, yes, the risk of infection. I see.”

“Well yes, I’m his mother after all. I’ll do whatever I have to do. I’m sure the other kids would tease him if he didn’t have them. And, I do want grandkids some day. Thank you, doctor.” She hung up.

Holly looked at her son. He looked at her. She watched his gaze drop to her breasts. She looked down at her tits, gave an exasperated sigh and tucked her wayward nipple back inside its restraint. Theo looked at the floor sheepishly.

“Come into the living room with me, Theodore,” his mother said. Theo and his hard cock followed his mother into the living room. The carpet felt warm on his cold feet. He stared at his mother’s ass, framed in her silky, black panties. The garter, hose and heels made his cock lurch again. His balls hurt. “Sit down, dear,” she said.

Theo sat on the edge of the couch, his steel rod between his spread legs. It was dripping again.

“Honey, I’m sure you heard me talking on the phone to doctor’s office,” she said to him, with pity in her eyes.

Theo nodded.

“There is still a chance to save them, but we have to hurry, before your temperature gets any higher.”

Theo nodded.

“I don’t know how to say this, Theo, so I’ll just say it.” She took a deep breath, making her breasts swell until they were threatening to snap her bra-strap. She placed her hand on his naked thigh, making him jump.  “The doctor said we have to get the sperm out of you…, fast…, or you could lose your balls.”

Theo’s eyes widened.

“Don’t worry, mommy will help you…, it will be OK!” she smiled at him, acting shy.

No, she couldn’t mean what he thought she meant! “But, how…?” Theo managed to say, beginning to tremble a little.

“Well, the doctor says there are two ways we can do this. I can do you a ‘jack-off’, that is where I take my hand and wrap it around your penis and slide it up and down – If we had to, we could use some of Tiffany’s lotion to make it slippery - but, your penis is leaking so much of that stuff we probably don’t need it…,” She gazed at his leaking pecker, oozing delicious teenage pre-cum. It was dripping onto the carpet, leaving a growing, wet spot. It was being wasted, she suddenly realized.

“The other way is where I do you a ‘suck-off’. It’s a little gross,” she admitted, “But that is where you put your penis in...,” she watched his face, trying not to smile… “You put your penis in mommy’s mouth and she will pretend her mouth is a vagina. Mommy would have to lick and suck your penis until she makes the sperm comes out.”

Theo’s cock was ready to erupt. His mother was sitting so closed to him. He could smell her perfume and her pussy. She was offering to give him a ‘jack-off’ or a ‘suck-off!” He thought his stupid, slutty sister Tiffany made those words up, but they were real medical terms!

“There is a third way too,” Holly said, looking down and acting embarrassed, “But I don’t think we have to resort to that… yet.”

“A fuck-off?” Theo questioned, trying to pretend he was very knowledgeable about sex, remembering how Tiffany had mentioned that very term last evening! Would his mother really let him fuck her pussy? Oh, this was going to be so good!

“Well, yes…,” his mother repeated, turning away, needing to urgently and softly cough as she was speaking. “Fuck-off!” she managed to say. “But, maybe we can start with a ‘jack-off’, and see how it goes from there, OK?”

Theo nodded, perhaps a little too enthusiastically. His wild-eyed face and bobbing head made it appear as if he was having tiny convulsions.

“And we really need to hurry. We can consider those other things…, well, if we have to…. The doctor did say it may take a few ‘e-jac-u-lay-shuns’ until, you…, well, you know…, until your balls get back to normal.” She looked at her son, smiling at him, as if trying to make the best of an uncomfortable situation. She batted her eyes and seemingly unconsciously touched her breasts. “What do you think, Theo, would let Mommy to do you a jack-off? Would that be ok?”

“Uh, sure.., a ‘jack-off’ sounds OK…, I guess…, if it will help…” Theo tried to act cool but on the inside he was ecstatic! He was so going take advantage of his illness and pretend his balls really hurt – just like he did to his stupid, slutty, sister Tiffany! He was looking forward to getting jacked, sucked and fucked by his mother and after that, he was going to convince her that his cock needed to fuck her ass too!

Holly slowly stood up and looked down at her son. “Now, you just relax honey, and let mommy take care of you.” She knelt before her son, licked her lips and stared at her son’s hard, throbbing member. She said, “You may want to take off your shirt sweetheart; there is no telling what might happen when this thing finally goes off!”

Theo tossed his shirt away and scooted to the edge of the couch, feeling an arousing sense of déjà-vu. His slutty sister has jacked him off in this very spot! Now his mother was going to do it. His cock had never been so hard! He stared at his mother kneeling before him in her underwear, ready to pleasure him.

Holly reached out and touched her son’s hard, swollen cock; touching it experimentally. She pushed it down and watched it spring back up. The Viagra they had given him was in full effect. The combination of the medicine and her son’s teenage vitality should combine to provide her an enjoyable morning and afternoon. She cupped the dripping pre-cum, gathered it in her hand and smeared it over his firm, swollen cock-head.

“Ohhhh, mom!” Theo groaned, finally knowing he was going to get some relief for his aching balls and neglected penis. His mother ran her slimy fingers all over his cock-head, making it slick and exploring the hidden places behind his flared ridge.

“Honey, your penis is so hard!” his mother said. “You should never have let your sperm get all backed up like this!” She began to stroke him gently. “Theo, promise me next time you’ll come to mommy for help before it gets this bad, OK?”

Theo grunted, acted sad and sore and said, “Yes mommy, I promise.”

 “And if mommy is not around, maybe little Tiffany would be willing to help you get all that nasty cum out of your poor balls. Would that be ok? Would you let Tiffany help too?” his mother asked him. “But I don’t want you to get embarrassed by having your little sister see your hard penis and balls. Touching it and maybe even putting it in her mouth.”

“Well, if we have to, I’ll be OK with it,” Theo said sadly.

“Good! I’ll talk to her after school today,” Holly said happily. “Maybe the three of us can go into my room and I can show her what to do…”

Theo imagined his mother and sister taking turns with his cock. His penis jumped. Holly felt his excitement in her hand and gathered more of his oozing pre-cum, wetting his shaft and sliding her hand up and down, nearly to his balls.

“You are not ready to ejaculate yet, sweetie?” Holly asked her son, pretending to tire. However, she was deliberately teasing his cock, making gentle strokes and only touching him softly. She knew very well that she could give his hard cock a few firm strokes and have him blow his load in seconds. “Maybe this will help,” she said, reaching back as if she was going to unsnap her bra.

“Wha…?” Theo exclaimed in surprise.

“I’m sorry, I heard that boys like breasts, so I thought if you saw mommy’s breasts, it might help you cum faster.” She put her hands in her lap. “I don’t know what I was thinking. You don’t want to see your mom’s fat ol’ titties!”

“Yes I do!” Theo exclaimed, and then tried to act as if he was in control of his sexual emotions once again. “I think it might help, mom,” he said. “You have nice breasts…” he added, breathing heavily.

“You do? You really think so?” his mother said cheerfully, reaching back and unclasping her pretty, black bra. She held the loose material with her arms, hiding her full, round breasts. “Now, try not to get grossed out!” she said.

Holly dropped her arms and presented her beautiful, naked breasts to her son. They were heavy and full, stretching slightly towards the ground by their sheer weight. Theo’s mother looked down, acting shy and embarrassed by her huge, fat breasts. “Do you like them, Theo?” she asked.

Theo stared with lust at his mother’s naked breasts – seeing them in all their glory for the first time. He licked his lips. This was better than all of his countless fantasies!

“They are real…, really nice,” he stammered. He wanted to suck her fat nipples while he was fucking the living shit out of his mother. His slutty cock-stroking mother!

“Thank you dear,” she said demurely, “Now, let’s get all that sperm out of your balls, OK?” She grabbed his cock, thrust out her breasts, and began stoking him earnestly.

“I’ll try,” Theo said gamely, watching her breasts jiggle with each stroke of her hand.

“Poor Theo,” Holly said as she worked to jack-off her son. “Mommy will make you all better! Mommy will get all of that nasty sperm out of your poor, aching blue-balls!”

She began to stroke him harder. Her breasts began to bounce as her hand slid up and down on her son’s hard, slimy cock. With each firm stroke, her arm slapped into her breast, sending it careening into the other one. Theo watched in awe and his mother’s breasts jiggled and flopped around.

“Slap…, slap…, slap…, slap…!” Her wet hand slapped his balls and her arm smacked her breast. The sounds of naked flesh hitting naked flesh filled the room.

Theo watched his mother’s breasts dancing. He stared at her sexy, red lips. He glanced at her sexy, black underwear. He felt her fingers tighten around his hard shaft. “I think…, I think.., I think it’s about to happen, mom!” he cried.

“Oh, yes! Oh baby yes!” Holly moaned. She pointed his throbbing cock at her breasts, then at her face, as if she couldn’t control it. She brought her free hand up to her breast and began to massage it. “Get it all out! Let mommy help you get it all out! Ooooooohhhhhhhhh!” she said, pursing her lips. Then, “Aaaaaaahhhhhhh!” she moaned, opening her mouth and licking her lips with her warm, wet tongue.

Theo saw his mother gripping her breast. He watched her other tit jiggle. He heard her urgings and watched her open her mouth and wet her lips as if giving him a target to aim for.

Theo’s balls began to tingle. His cock swelled. His first orgasm it two days began to explode inside of him. He felt the slow tingle in his groin expand suddenly, like an exploding supernova. He came! His cock erupted, sending hot sperm flying. The first exploratory blast landed on his mother’s cheek, the second long, thick wad landed in her open mouth and the tail of the long, wet spurt splattered her lips and fell to her breasts. His cock kept shooting, covering his mother’s bouncing breasts with his boy-splooge. Before each blast, a wave of good feelings rolled over his groin, forcing his prostate to clench violently and send another wad of cum towards his mother’s cum-covered face and body. Another blast hit her cheek and the final two landed on her breasts. His mother squeezed out the last oozing spurts onto a breast, holding it up with her free hand and rubbing his cock-head onto her breast and wet nipple.

“Oh, Theo, look at the mess we made!” Mother and son looked down at her splattered, cum-covered tits. The thick sperm dripped onto her thighs and the white splooge glistened in contrast with her black, fishnet stocking.

Theo watched his mother licking his sperm from her lips. His eyes opened in wonder as she squeezed his cock a final time and brought her hand to her face. She inspected the thick cream filling the space between her finger and thumb and slurped it up! Then, she began to clean the cum embedded between her other fingers. If he didn’t know better, he would think his mother was a cum guzzling slut! Suddenly, remembering Theo was still there, Holly glanced up and saw her son was watching her intently. She smiled sheepishly and said, “Uh, the doctor said I should check it…, to make sure…, you are OK…” She wiped her cheek and licked that wad too. Then she cleaned up her breasts and thighs. “I have to check all of it…,” she said, defending her actions. The remaining cum she massaged into her breasts until they were wet and sticky. “You’re sperm is good!” she stated. “I mean it is clean, and no signs of blood or vinegar!” She smacked her lips and stood up.

“Stay here, mommy is going to get cleaned up.” Holly walked away.

Theo watched her ass retreating into the bathroom. Alone, he looked around the living room, still in shock. He couldn’t believe what had just happened. Did he really just cover his mother’s face a tits with his sperm? It seemed to be a dream, but a glance at his oozing cock and blue-balls convinced him.


His mother quickly returned. Her breasts were still bare and shining with water now instead of his cum. She sat down next to him and cleaned his cock with a warm, wet cloth.

“Feel better now, son?” she asked, patting his thigh. Her hand remained on his leg, dangerously close to his softening penis.

“A little,” he admitted, trying not to stare at her naked tits. He vaguely wondered why she wasn’t covering herself up, but quickly dismissed such negative thoughts from his horny, teenage brain.

“Good!” she said happily. “Let’s get your temperature again, shall we?” She stood and reached out a hand to help her son off the couch.

“Aw, mom, I’m fine!” he said. He didn’t want the thermometer shoved up his ass again.

“Are you sure?” she said, bending down a little bit more, reaching for his hand. Her breasts hung down low and swung freely.

“Well, maybe we better check,” Theo said, realizing that if he was cured, there would be no more ‘jack-offs’, ‘suck-off’, and ‘fuck-offs!’ “My balls are still hurting a little…, well…, maybe a lot,” he lied. He cupped his balls and moaned slightly.

Theo followed his mother back into the kitchen, watching her swaying butt-cheeks. He assumed the position - hands on the counter and his ass pushed out, ready for the glass invader. He watched his mother shake down the fluid in the thermometer to get it ready for another reading. Her breasts swayed violently. Once she was ready, she checked his cock for pre-cum. “Aw, no more slippery stuff!” she said. “Oh, well!” Holly put two fingers to her mouth and coated them with spit. She wiped her wet fingers on his ass-hole and worked a single finger into his bung.

“Mom! Do you have to do that?” he cried, feeling his mother’s fingers wiggling around in his nether region.

“Oh, it is just your mother’s spit!” she said, smiling behind his back. She quickly plunged the thermometer up his wet hole. She again began to whistle while she played with the glass instrument. “Let me check your balls while I’m back here, honey,” she said. She reached below his ass checks and tickled her son’s testicles. Theo spread his stance wider to give her better access to his nut-sack. “Hmm, not as swollen as before,” she commented, cupping her son’s balls and playing with them gently. Theo began to enjoy the attention and his cock began to get hard again.

After a few moments, she pulled out the thermometer and checked it. “Hmmm, your temperature is still a little high.” She said worriedly.

Theo turned around, wiggling his ass and feeling the wetness in and around his ass-hole. His cock was hard.

“Oh no!” his mother said, “Your penis is all swollen again and your balls are still blue!”

“What shall we do now, mom?” Theo asked, hoping beyond hope to hear what he so badly wanted to hear.

“Oh honey, this calls for drastic measures, I’m afraid,” she said, shaking her head in sadness for her son.

“What’s that?” Theo asked.

“I think I’ll have to do you a ‘suck-off’ sweetie,” she said softly. She heard Theo’s sharp intake of breath. “Oh, baby, I know it sound yucky, but it’s the only way!”

“It’s OK mom, I’m a big-boy, I can take it,” Theo said bravely. “Besides, the doctor said so, right?”

“Oh, you are so brave, baby!” Holly said, hugging her son and smashing his face into her fat, soft breasts. All too soon she pulled away and said, “Now, jump up on the counter!”

Theo did as he was told. The hard stone felt cold on his naked ass, but the lights were so bright he would be able to watch his mother sucking his cock with clarity. He sat still. His balls were dangling over the edge. His cock was erect and leaking again.

“Here we go!” Holly said. She gripped his cock and bent her head towards her son’s massive erection. She took a deep breath, stuck out her tongue, and licked his cock-head.  She looked up at her son. He was watching her intently. Keeping eye contact, she licked it again, then again. Hearing him moan, she stuck out her tongue and encircled his cock-head, tonguing his flared head and probing his piss-slit. Then, she opened her mouth and sucked her son’s cock.

“Oh, mom!” Theo groaned as his mother’s warm, wet mouth engulfed his shaft. She bobbed her head up and down on his erection. “It feels so good! I think this will work!” he said. He watched her cock-filled mouth pull back and then move forward again. She looked up at him.

His mother smacked her lips and said. “Does mommy’s mouth feel good on your penis?”

“Oh, yeah!” Theo replied as his mother sucked and slurped on his hard, fat cock. He watched her head bobbing up and down on his lap. He could see her breasts below his shaft when she pulled her head back. He gazed at her stocking and spread wide legs.

“Mommy likes it too,” she moaned. “Mommy likes feeling your hard penis in her mouth and knowing she is helping her baby-boy get all better!” Holly began to deep throat her son’s cock, having lost her gag reflexes ages ago.

“Oh mom!” Theo cried, feeling his cock sliding down her throat. Tiffany could never take his whole cock like his mother was doing! His mother’s tongue was so much bigger and hotter too!

“Mommy likes sucking her little-boy’s cock!” she said, before throating it and trying to swallow it.

“Oh, I like it too!” Theo groaned.

“Mommy might have to suck your penis every day from now on,” she moaned, “Would you like that, dear? Would you like mommy to suck your cock every day?”

“Oh, yes, yes!” Theo cried. He was feeling so good His mother was so good! “Suck my cock every day, mommy!”

“Is mommy a good cock-sucker, baby?” Holly asked, and again swallowed her son’s cock to the base. She then stuck out her tongue and licked his balls.

“Oh, yes, mommy, you are the best cock-sucker in the world!” Theo praised.

“Does mommy suck cock better than Tiffany?” she moaned, cradling her son’s balls in her hand.

“Oh, yeah mom, you suck cock a lot better than Tiff…,” his mother paused. “an…,” Theo groaned, this time in fear. He felt his mother’s sharp fingernails surrounded his nut-sack. “y….,” he finished. Theo felt his mother’s claws digging into his soft, tender flesh.

“Mom! No!” he screamed.

Theo tried to get scoot away, but his mother had him tightly by the balls. One wrong move and his plump, little, dangling berries would be ripped to shreds!

“Tiffany and I had a little talk the other night, Theodore,” his mother said, taking a final lick of his hard cock before standing up and looking him in the eyes. She still gripped his balls tightly. “She told me how unfair it is that I give you boners - like at the mall or while I’m cooking breakfast -  and then she has to take care of your poor, little, aching, ‘blue-balls.’”

“Mom! I can explain!” Theo cried, feeling her fingernails tightening around his sack and pinching the skin on his balls. Much more and he was sure they would be cut and bloody.

“Shut up, Theo!” his mother told him. “Do you know that because of you, little Tiffany has sucked off her teacher and a boy at school, because she thought she gave them ‘blue-balls’ too?”

“Really?” Theo said, smiling. What a moron his stupid, slutty sister was! His mother’s firm grip on his tender scrotum tightened again. “Oh, shit! I’m mean, that’s terrible! I’m so sorry!” he yelled. “Mom! I said I’m sorry!” The claws loosened, just a little.

 “How many times has Tiffany made you cum, Theo? How many times has she jerked your little pecker, or sucked your pathetic dick?”

“A couple…,” he said. “Ouch! Maybe a few? Ouch! OK, a lot! She did it a lot, OK?” Theo was at his mother’s mercy.

“Hmm, more like every day for the past couple of weeks and twice on the weekends.” Theo’s cock was still hard, in spite of the torture he was enduring. “How many times did you make Tiffany cum, hmm? How many times, Theo?”

“Uh, I don’t know…,” he said, his mind racing, but distracted. His dominatrix mother looked so sexy in her black panties, garter and heels. Her naked breasts looked so inviting. Theo was thinking fast. She hadn’t killed him yet, so there was still hope! “She said she liked it when I sucked her tits!” Theo blurted out. That had to count for something!

“Yes, you played with her breasts and you touched her little, wet pussy. Aren’t you every girl’s dream lover?” Holly said sarcastically. “Did you ever think that maybe Tiffany was just as horny as you were?  Her pussy was wet and tingling with desire, but did you do anything about it? Did you ever once make her cum?”

He knew it was time for the truth. “No.”

“And why not?” she asked.

“Uh…,” Theo tried to think of the perfect answer that would allow him to escape from his mother’s clutches. He thought really, really hard. He knew his mother wanted Tiffany to be proud of her body. He knew she thought that women were equal to men, in every way. He was so confused! He just wanted a girl to suck and lick and play with his hard cock! He didn’t care about anything else - he was being selfish and he knew it. Yes, that’s it! The truth might work this time!

 “Uh, I was being selfish,” he admitted. “I was only thinking about myself…” His mother loosed her grip slightly. Theo smiled, thinking he was saved.

“And…,” Holly said, scratching his nut-sack with her fingernails.

“Uh…, uh…,” Oh no, the dreaded ‘and’ conundrum! What could he say? ‘And what?’ he thought furiously. ‘And I was horny so I…,’ No. ‘And Tiffany is such a stupid slut, so I...,’ No. ‘And I’m a stupid slut, so I…’ Yes, maybe! He went for it, his cock lurching! That might save him!

“And I’m stupid, mom,” he admitted loudly. “I’m stupid and selfish, and…, I don’t know how… to please…, to make…, Tiffany or any woman cum!”

His mother smiled at him sweetly. She released his balls.

Theo was so relieved he managed to arrive at the correct answer. Sex was so much harder than his algebra tests!

“Good answer, Theodore,” Holly said. “It makes your mother happy to hear her son admit that he is a selfish, ignorant asshole. But, you are not out of trouble yet. You have lot of making up to do. Tiff has even sucked-off her father because of your lies. My innocent little cock-tease daughter was only trying to give you guys boners - until you made up the story about your blue-balls. Tiffany actually believed she was giving you, your father, and all the boys at school - even her teacher - a case of ‘blue-balls’. And all because of you, she has starting sucking cock much earlier than she should have. You are lucky I didn’t squeeze your nuts-sack until your little testicles were black and blue.”

Theo quietly listened to his mother’s tirade, all the while staring at her flesh. His cock had stayed hard all through his humiliation. It began to drip.

“At least your father had the courtesy to lick her pussy and make her cum. Unlike you - but we are going to work on that. Listen, you have a choice to make – you can be grounded for infinity, or…,” she smiled at him, playing with her breasts, “Or mommy can teach you how to take care of a woman.”

What was she saying? She would ‘teach’ him how to take care of a woman? His own mother? Wow.

“Teach me,” Theo said, “Please?”

“All right young man, come with me” Holly turned and walked away, heading to the master bedroom. Theo jumped off the counter, rubbing his cold ass to get the blood flowing again. He quickly followed his mother’s strutting and jiggling ass into the bedroom. “Lie down,” she said. Theo jumped onto the big bed, his cock straining. He watched as his mother reached down and began to slide off her panties. Her jugs hung low and elongated as she bent over. Her shaved cunt appeared – it looked wet, puffy and aroused. She tossed her panties into the hamper. Theo knew he would retrieve them later.

His mother lay on the bed, her massive breasts flattening on her chest. Her legs were spread slightly, with one knee bent, showing off her heels, garter and hose. “Come lay next to me,” she said, patting the bed.

Theo scrambled to get next to her, placing his warm flesh against her. He put his head on her shoulders. He looked in her eyes. He stared at her breasts.

“First, tell a woman that she is beautiful,” Holly instructed.

“You are beautiful!” Theo replied, gazing at his pretty, sexy mother.

“Kiss me,” Holly said. She then told him how to start softly, kissing her lips, nibbling and then open mouth, with passion. She had to caution him against trying to shove his tongue down her throat. He nibbled her ears and kissed her neck, gently, as she directed.

“Play with my breasts,” she said. “Softly!” she added, as she felt her son’s forceful grip. She couldn’t blame him. He was so excited he was shaking. “Tell me how much you like them.” Holly taught her son how to arouse a woman by playing with her breasts. “You can get a little rougher with them later, but for now, everything has to be soft and slow. It takes a while for a woman to get horny, so take your time.”

Theo nuzzled, suckled, tugged and groped his mother’s fat titties. He was soon rewarded with a soft moan coming from his mother’s throat.

“Now, my pussy,” she said, “If you have done everything right, a woman should be moist down there. Touch my thighs, run your finger’s gently over my cunt and then gently open me up.”

Theo couldn’t believe it! His hand began feeling up her hot, wet, twat! He had sucked his mother’s tits and now he was playing with her hot pussy!

“Feel that bump?” Holly asked her son. “That is my clitoris. It is very sensitive, like the head of your pecker, so be very gentle with it. Rub it like this, but not too much. Come back to it every so often, but don’t rub it raw. Now, put your fingers inside of me. More…, another finger…, Ahhh, that’s the way!”

Theo was a fast learner.

“Get between my legs and have a closer look,” Holly told her son. She spread her legs and bent her knees, presenting her sopping wet pussy to him. Theo climbed between her legs and stared at it. “Tell me how pretty my pussy is,” she told him. “Tell me good it smells.”

“It is very pretty. It smells better than your old panties, that’s for sure!” he said, staring at the very hole he slid out of on his birthday.

“Oh, you flatterer!” Holly said, “We will have to work on that silver tongue of yours.” She spread her lips for her sons and pointed out various parts of her vagina. “Speaking of tongues,” she said, “Start licking my cunt.”

“Uh, isn’t that kinda gross?” Theo said. “That’s where you pee…”

“Uh, isn’t your cock kinda gross?” his mother repeated. “You piss out of it and shoot your sperm out of it, but you don’t have any problem with Tiffany and I putting it in our mouths?”

“I guess,” Theo said.

“Start licking!” Holly said, getting impatient, “The fastest way to a woman’s heart is by licking her cunt.”

Theo tentatively licked his mother’s twat and decided he liked it. He began to feast on her pussy.

“Oh, Theo, you are a natural born cunt-lapper!” she praised. As her son went down on her, Holly offered him tips. “Lick my clitty!” and “Fuck me with your tongue” and “Suck it! Suck my cunt!” She was getting turned on and was close to orgasm.

“Here, lay down!” she ordered. Theo lay on the bed and his mother straddled over him, “Now eat me,” she said. Theo began to lick his mother’s cunt again and Holly ground her pussy on her son’s face, sliding it up and down, fucking his face with her steamy crotch. She placed her ass over his lips. “Lick my ass, Theo.”

Theo paused.

“My ass-hole is clean, now do it!” She pushed her sphincter onto his mouth. Theo had no choice but to begin licking her hole. “Ahhh, that’s it! Eat my ass!” She wiggled her ass onto his face in small circles. Theo began to get into it and licked her tight hole for all he was worth. “Oh, you are going to make a great cunt-lapper and ass-eater,” she said. “Remember, you have to be willing to eat ass if you want to get yours eaten.”

Theo licked his mother’s ass and tongue fucked her tight, brown hole. He nibbled and slurped on her cunt, feeling her juices coating his face and filling his nose.

“Oh, Theodore,” Holly groaned, “You are making mommy cum!” She hunched her cunt into his face as he began to lick her furiously. He sucked on her clit, grabbed her ass and probed a finger into her rectum. “I’m cumming!” Holly cried. Her thighs squeezed her son’s face but he bravely kept on licking. She ground her cunt into him until he thought his nose might bleed, but, he kept on sucking. He felt his mother shaking and then convulsing, her abdomen curling as her orgasm washed over her. Her pussy gushed, coating his face with her pussy juices as he did his best to swallow it all.

“Ah, ah, ah, ah, aaaaaahhhhhhh!” she screamed loudly as she came. She bucked and groaned and grunted until her orgasm finished. She was breathing heavily. Theo was still gently licking and sucking at her twat. She climbed off of her son, looking at his soaked face with fondness.

“You did good, baby,” she said.

Theo sighed and lay next her to his mother. He played with her breasts gently as she caught her breath. After a while, Holly looked at her son. She was very proud of him and smiled. Theo smiled back.

“Do you want to fuck mommy now?” she asked.

“Can I?” Theo asked.

“Yes, you may,” Holly said, correcting Theo’s English.

Holly helped position her son between her legs. Theo slid his hard cock up and down his mother’s bald cunt, searching for her fuck-hole. He quickly found it. Holly watched his expression as he slipped his hard member into her warm, wet hole. He had is eyes closed in ecstasy. His Viagra-fueled cock was so hard inside of her.

“Oh, you are so hot, mom!” he groaned, feeling his mother’s pussy engulf his stiff rod. He slid his cock out and then back in.

Theo began to fuck his mother with long slow strokes as she instructed. He wiggled his ass and fucked her from the left and then from the right. Holly put her legs on his shoulders and he began fucking her deep and hard. Her breasts rolled obscenely with each thrust.

“Oh, fuck your mommy!” Holly cried out. “Fuck me!” She began to fuck her son back, humping him and encouraging him to fuck her harder and faster. The nasty, incestuous sex excited her so much she began to have little mini-orgasms as her own son fucked her cunt with his hard, throbbing cock.

“Oh shit!” Theo groaned, feeling the tingling in his balls. “I’m going to cum!” He didn’t know if he should pull out or what.

“Do it, Theo!” Holly groaned, “Fill up your mommy’s cunt with your cum!” She began to moan. The mini orgasms grew closer together. As Holly felt her son’s cock expand inside of her and felt the first hard spurt leave his cock, she came. “Oh! Fuck your mama, fuck me! Oh, oh, oh! Mommy’s cummm-mmmm-ming!” Her pussy gushed.

Feeling his mother’s cunt gripping his cock, Theo pounded her juicy hole, shooting his hot, teenage, baby-juice deep into her vagina. He slammed his hips into her and held her tight as he unloaded his pent up splooge until he was satisfied and his balls were empty.

The two lay together, his cock still inside of her. Holly traced her fingernails against his back and felt him nuzzling her breasts.

“I could do that all day,” Theo said contentedly.

Feeling his cock still hard inside of her, Holly said to him, “You may have to.”

They spent the rest of the morning in bed. Theo’ dreams came true when he fucked his mother’s fat titties and shot his cum onto her face. Mother and son then shared a long, hot shower together, and later, Theo watched his naked mother fix their lunch. Rested and refreshed, they returned to the bedroom and Holly rode her son’s still hard cock until she was completely satisfied. Finally, please with Theo’s progress, she gave him a surprise, and allowed her son to fuck her tight ass-hole.

“Mom, when will my balls get back to normal?” he asked her, lying in bed. His balls were still a deep shade of blue after his shower – even though he had scrubbed them with soap and a soft brush.

“Well, the doctor said it might take quite a few ‘e-jack-la-shuns’ before they are back to normal. If you want, I could take your temperature again, or…,” she smiled, “We could try to empty them one more time.” She looked at her son, grinning wickedly.

“Do you want another ‘fuck-off,’ Theodore?” she asked, spreading her legs and beckoning him to her once again. “Let mommy help with your poor, aching ‘blue-balls.’”

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