Dorothy of Oz
Dorthy of Oz(Codes bestiality  ped  fM fb)
This Story is for adults only who are permitted to read such material. It is pure fiction and has little basis in fact.

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The Farm   

    Dorothy was a 12-year-old girl who lived on a farm in Kansas. She lived in a one-room house with her aunt Em and uncle Henry. Em and Henry slept in a double-bed. Dorothy slept in a single bed across from them. Their farm wasn't very productive. They barely grew enough food to keep them alive. Dorothy had to wear raggedy old clothes that she was growing out of. The dress she wore barely reached down to her mid thighs. She had grown out of her panties and couldn't wear them anymore. The top of her dress was so low it barely covered her nipples. When aunt Em took their clothes to the creek to wash them, Dorothy had to go completely naked. Uncle Henry acted like he ignored her nakedness. But, in reality, he couldn't help but be aroused by the girl, whose breasts were growing and whose pussy was becoming more prominent. 

    Dorothy had a small, mangy dog she called Toto. It wasn't a very smart dog. But she loved it. She slept with Toto in her bed every night. He liked snuggling up to her. He liked to lick a lot too. She loved it when he got under the blanket with her and licked her all over. She especially loved it when he licked her between her legs. That felt really good. He would lap her pussy for minutes at a time. Dorothy was really surprised one night when Toto was licking her. The good feeling suddenly got better than ever before. She shook and shivered with ultimate pleasure. The dog got into the habit of humping things too. He humped dogs, trees and people's legs. Dorothy liked seeing the pointy dick of his poke out through the furry sheath that covered it. When nobody else was around she took a hold of it and stroked it. The dog loved it. 

    Dorthy was curious. She wondered what it would be like to put that dog-cock inside her pussy. There wasn't anyone around, so she lay on her back. She stroked the dog's cock to excite him, and put it to her pussy. Toto got the idea and rammed his dog-dick into her. He fucked Dorothy at lightning speed. She had never felt anything like that before. She had never had anything go so deep into her before. She felt some liquid squirt out of Toto's cock and deep inside her. She liked the feeling. Afterward she got him to lap her pussy again until she got that most wonderful feeling in the world. She didn't do much in her bed. She was afraid her aunt and uncle might hear the dog lapping her pussy. She did that in the daytime when nobody was around. 

    Unbeknown to Dorothy, her uncle Henry saw most of what she did with Toto. He stood behind a tree and jacked off, while watching her fuck the dog. His wife Em was completely frigid and had never had sex with him, so masturbation was his only sexual outlet. He masturbated in bed sometimes. Em must have known about it, because of the cum stains on the sheets. She never said anything to him about it though. One night, when he was going to jack off in bed, he got an idea. He got out of bed and carefully pulled the blankets back on Dorothy's bed. He straddled her naked body and jacked off. He squirted his hot semen all over her, from her tits down and across her pussy. When he was done, he rubbed her pussy a little before replacing the blankets.

    Dorothy was awoken by Toto licking Henry's cum from her body. She had no idea what the sticky stuff was that covered her body. The next night Henry did the same thing. The difference was that Dorothy wasn't really asleep. She kept her eyes slitted so her uncle thought she was sleeping. She had never seen a hard cock before, and it gave her a funny feeling in her stomach. She watched him stroke his cock, just like she had done to her dog, Toto, before. She was intrigued at the shape of his cock. It didn't have such a pointed tip as Toto's. Henry stroked quickly. He unintentionally grunted  as he started ejaculating. Dorothy's body flinched when the first rope of cum hit her tits. She opened her eyes wide while Henry kept squirting cum all over her body and on her pussy. Just before he was done he press his cock right against her pussy. Dorothy gasped and sat up, leaning back on her elbows. She stared right at his spent cock. 

    Henry froze in place, on his knees, on Dorothy's bed. He looked up at her face. She looked him in the eyes and then back down to his cock. She smiled and reached out and took his cock in her hand. They looked over at Em, who was still sleeping. She leaned forward and whispered in his ear. "Let's get together tomorrow out in the fields." She felt his cock a little more before releasing it. She motioned him to go back to Em's bed. She pulled the blankets back over herself and let Toto lick up the man's cum from her body.

The Tornado

    They never got the chance to get together though. The next day a huge thunderstorm came in. The wind was howling. Henry told them to remain in the house and get in the cellar if the winds got any worse. He was going to check and make sure the chickens were in the coop and the cows were in the barn. When he opened the door it was already too late. A huge tornado was almost on top of them. He had aunt Em go down to the cellar first. He told Dorothy to do the same. But Toto broke loose from her and ran around inside the house, barking at the storm. Dorothy ran and grabbed Toto up in her arms. She headed for the cellar where uncle Henry held the cellar door up. He was knocked into the cellar by the rocking of the house. The cellar door slammed down. Dorothy couldn't budge the door when she tried lifting it. 

    The tornado had lifted to about 20 feet high before coming back down on top of the house and lifting it. Instead of ripping the house apart, the tornado surrounded it, quickly yanking it from it's foundation and lifting it off the ground. The small house quickly rose high into the air. The cellar was left intact.  The house was cushioned on air in the eye of the tornado. It didn't spin with hurricane speed though. It rotated slowly. The furniture bounced around, but not violently. Dorothy was knocked off her feet before she could get her balance. She lay sprawled on her stomach over the top of the cellar-door handle. Her dress was pulled up to her chest, her butt fully exposed. 

    The ride smoothed out a bit as the house settled in the middle of the tornado. When she pushed herself up, the door-latch of the cellar door ripped her skirt, exposing her left tit. That was the least of her worries though. The ride went on and on for hours. She couldn't see where she was, because of the swirling winds that surrounded the house. She held the whining dog on her lap and hugged him to her breast, as she sat on the bed. "Don't worry, Toto. We'll be all right." She wasn't so sure about that though.

The Munchkins

    Dorothy got tired and lay on the bed. She was awoken when it felt like the house was falling. It wasn't a free fall. It was more like a slow descent. She lay on the bed, holding Toto close to her chest. All of a sudden she felt the house fall and hit the ground. The bed bounced about a foot off the floor when the house hit the ground. Dorothy bounced up and back down on the bed. The bed slid a little across the floor, but not far. Dorothy's speeding heart slowed back to normal after they stopped moving. She stood up and put Toto down. She looked out through the window. What she saw was wondrous.There were green rolling hills with fruit trees covering the ground. Hedges and flowers were prevent, surrounding small dwellings. Each small house had a garden. In the distance she saw larger trees. At a farther distance she could see a forest. At the farthest distance she thought she detected mountain peaks.

    She opened the door and walked out. Toto ran past her and scampered around. She was surprised when she found a crowd of people waiting there. There was one woman who was much taller than the rest of them. She was wearing a white skirt and nothing more. Her breasts were completely bare. She had golden hair and a sweet smile on her face. The others around her were a mixture of male and females, no taller than 3 feet. Dorothy noticed that everyone was bare from the waist up. Dorothy herself was disheveled. Her brown hair was messed up, and her dress was torn. She became aware that her left tit was bare. But, she saw the foolishness of trying to cover it, under the circumstances. 

    The taller lady walked up to Dorothy and hugged her. "What sort of witch are you? You have just killed the Wicked Witch of the East."

    Dorothy looked confused. "I'm no witch at all. I'm just a regular girl. I am Dorothy from Kansas. I wouldn't kill anyone, even if she is a witch. Where am I, anyway? Who are you people?"

    "I am the Good Witch of the North. This is the land of the Munchkins. This is the mayor standing beside me. You did kill the Witch of the East. See, she is under your house that fell from the sky. It killed her."

    Dorothy looked back and saw that a woman was indeed under her house. Her head and breasts could be seen on the outside of the house. Her tits were thin and wrinkled. Her nipples were pierced with the most beautiful diamonds hanging from them.

    The Good Witch of the North said: "Dorothy, you have earned the magic nipple-diamonds the wicked witch had, by killing her." Suddenly, Dorothy became aware that the diamonds were hanging from her own nipples. One nipple was hidden under her dress.

    The good witch reached over and pulled the dress from her other nipple. In so doing, she pulled the dress off her arm. The dress had no way of staying up and it fell to the ground. Dorothy stood there totally naked. "The people have the right to see the magic diamonds." Exclaimed the Good Witch.

    Dorothy was embarrassed with everyone staring at her naked, adolescent body, her half developed tits and her bulging pussy. But, it was a turn on too. The 50-year-old mayor smiled as he looked her up and down lustily. He was only 3 feet tall and she was over 5 feet. She felt her pussy moisten.

    Suddenly a hideous looking woman zoomed in, flying on a broom. She was topless also. Her tits were as thin and wrinkled as the Wicked Witch of the East. "Who killed my beloved sister? I'll have that person for supper. And, where are the diamonds I should inherit from her?" She then noticed Dorothy wearing the diamonds. "Give me those diamonds, you slut. They belong to me." She reached out and tried to take them. But, her hands couldn't take a hold of them.

    The Good Witch of the North smiled. "You can't take them by force from the rightful owner. The only way you can get them is by killing the rightful owner."

    The wicked witch replied. "I will have those diamonds. I can't get them now. I'll bide my time and will kill this slut to get them, if I must." She then jumped on her broom and flew away.

    Dorothy was distraught. She had tears in her eyes. "Why did she call me a slut? I am only naked because you took my dress off me."

    The Good Witch of the North smiled. "You are young, Dorothy. There is nothing wrong with being a slut. Ask the mayor of the Munchkins. He loves treating me as a slut. Why do you think I come here so much? I have tried helping them oppose the Wicked Witch of the East. But, I couldn't do much. The mayor will be very pleased later."

    Dorothy didn't understand what she was talking about. "I need to get back to Kansas. I don't know where it is. Do you know how I can get back there?"

    The Good Witch was a bit confused. "I have never heard of Kansas. Is it a very good place where people have complete and uninhibited sex without wicked witches interfering?"

    Dorothy didn't know how to answer. She finally said. "No, it is a place where I was born. I need to go back to see my aunt Em and uncle Henry. They both love me very much and are worried about me."

    The Good Witch answered her. " Did you have lots of good sex with them?"

    Dorothy didn't know what to say. She finally said. "I'm just a girl. They are all grown."

    "Well, Dorothy, You are old enough to know what sex feels like. Don't you?"

    Dorothy blushed a little. For some reason she couldn't keep from being honest. "Well, my dog, Tito, licks me down there. Uncle Henry took his thing and squirted stuff all over me. That felt good." She hesitated a minute. "Can you help me get back to Kansas?"

    "I don't know where Kansas is. The only hope you have is seeing the Wizard of Oz. He is the smartest wizard of the land. He is a long way from here, in Emerald city."

    "How do I get there? Can you take me?"

    "The only way to get there is by taking the Yellow Brick Road. You can petition him. If anyone can help you, he can."

    "Do you have anything I can wear? I can't go naked, can I?"

    "Of course you can go naked, Dorothy. You will get help along the way if you are completely naked. Many will want to help you if you satisfy their sexual desires."  

    Dorothy looked down at her body. She was uncomfortable going naked. But she would if that helped her get to the Wizard of Oz. She sighed. "So be it. I'll go naked and let everyone see me that way, if it will help me get home."

The Yellow Brick Road

    Dorothy found the Yellow Brick Road and walked naked with Toto in tow. At first it felt strange walking naked through the forest. But it didn't take long for her to get used to it. Munchkins cheered her on while she walked along, swaying her hips. Her little tits bounced with the weight of the diamonds on her nipples. She wasn't cold at all. She began to enjoy the freedom of being naked. The Munchkins smiled and waved as she walked by. 

    By and by Dorothy got tired. It was getting to be late, and she was hungry. She spotted a small house a short distance from the path. She knocked on the door and was greeted by a Munchkin who couldn't keep his eyes off her nakedness. "Please sir, I'm very tired and hungry. Could you please help me?"

    "Of course I will give you food if you will do something for me."

    "I'll do anything you want, Sir."

    "If you will give me a blow-job, I'll feed you and let you and your mangy dog sleep on the hay here tonight. "

    "I don't know what a blow-job is. If I had one I'd give it to you."

    The little old  Munchkin laughed and dropped his pants. His cock stood straight out. "A blow-job is not a thing. It is something you do." He pointed to his cock. You suck on it until I cum."

    "But, sir. I saw my uncle pump his cock with his hand before, and sticky white stuff came shooting out of it. Do you want me to take that in my mouth?"

   "It is up to you, child. Either suck me off or I'll send you on your way with nowhere to sleep, and hungry."

    Dorothy was very hungry and tired. She sighed. "Very well. I'll give you a blow-job."

    The Munchkin led her to his bedroom where he lay back on his bed. Dorothy took his cock into her mouth and sucked on it. Soon he started shaking with pleasure and shot his semen into the girl's mouth. He yelled at her to swallow it. She did. When he was finished, Dorothy lay beside him, exhausted. She thought it didn't taste too bad. The Munchkin took her to the kitchen and cooked her a steak and potatoes. She ate ravenously. When she was done she was very sleepy. The Munchkin led her to his bedroom. 

    He told her she could sleep on the hard floor without pillow or blankets, or she could sleep in his comfortable bed with him and let him fuck her. He said he would give her a good breakfast in the morning if she satisfied his every sexual desire.

    "But, sir. I don't know what the word, fuck, means. I'm sure I'll let you fuck me if you tell me what that means."

    He pointed at her pussy. "It means I'll put my cock inside your pussy and push it in and out until I shoot my cum inside you."

    Dorothy's eyes went wide. "Oh, I guess that is ok. After all, I let my dog Toto fuck me before. It felt really really good. But, your cock is a lot bigger than his. Will it fit?"

    "It will fit all right. I'll make it fit." He made Dorothy lie on her back and spread her legs. The 3-foot-tall Munchkin climbed up on top of her. He shoved his hard cock into the girl and fucked her fast. She got that wonderful feeling again, shaking and shivering with extreme pleasure. He kept fucking her throughout her orgasm. He soon reached orgasm. His body stiffened, and his cock shot a huge amount of hot semen into the girl. When he was done he rolled off her and relaxed. They both fell asleep. 

    Dorothy slept deeply and dreamed of many Munchkin men fucking her, one after another. She orgasmed in her sleep. She didn't realize the reason for her orgasm was because the Munchkin was fucking her again. He ended up fucking her 4 times that night while she slept, bringing her to orgasm each time in her sleep. 

    In the morning the Munchkin cooked her a fine breakfast of pancakes, bacon and eggs. He told her how much he enjoyed fucking her, but knew she had to be on her way. "My name is Bernie. I have three brothers who live along the yellow brick road, many miles from here. It will take you a long time to reach them.When you see them, tell them what you did with me. They will gladly feed and lodge you if you fuck and suck them."

    Dorothy smiled. "Yes, Bernie. I love fucking. It is the best feeling I've ever had.  I'll be sure and fuck all of them."

    Bernie gave Dorothy a blanket and pillow, and some food to take with her. She started to leave, but changed her mind. She turned around. "Bernie, I know I should be on my way. But, fucking feels so good. Will you fuck me one more time before I leave?"

    Bernie gladly obliged her. He soon had her on the bed fucking her hard and fast. She orgasmed just as he shot another huge load of Munchkin semen inside her young pussy. After relaxing awhile she fucked him again. She couldn't get enough. After 3 more times, he couldn't get it up anymore. Dorothy was disappointed, but decided she should leave anyway. It was afternoon by the time she and Toto walked swiftly down the Yellow Brick Road.

The Scarecrow

    It was a dank and dreary area they walked through. Dorothy wrapped the blanket around her shoulders to keep the dampness off her. It was starting to get dark. Dorothy was wondering where she could find a place to sleep. She finally found a spot with a patch of grass. She settled there with Toto on top of the blanket. When Toto snuggled into her arms she felt his little cock. She really loved the feel of something inside her pussy. She decided to pump the dog's cock. When he started humping her hand a little, she put him between her legs and let him fuck her. Toto pumped in and out of her as fast as he could. Dorothy reached orgasm again. She felt doggy cum squirt inside her. She loved it. She eventually fell asleep. 

    Dorothy was awakened in the morning by Toto licking her pussy. She lay there with her legs spread wide, enjoying the feeling. She ended up having another huge orgasm. 

    She became aware of someone laughing. She sat up and looked around, but all she saw was a field of corn with a scarecrow on a pole. She said out loud. "Who is laughing? Is someone out here?"

    The scarecrow answered. "I was laughing at you, stupid little slut. I saw you fucking a dog and letting him lick your pussy."

    Dorothy gasped when she heard the scarecrow speak. "Of course I'm a slut. The Good Witch of the North told me to be, so I could get food and shelter from those I met on my way to the Emerald City to see the Wizard of Oz. Why shouldn't I fuck my dog and let him lick me? He likes it, and it makes me feel good."

    The scarecrow replied. "I'd fuck you if I could get down from here, and if I had a cock. My creators never thought I'd need one, I guess."

    Dorothy sighed. "I can get you down. I'm so sorry you don't have a cock. I could use one about now. Maybe the Wizard of Oz can help you. I've been told he can grant any wish anyone has." She lifted the scarecrow off the nail, holding the scarecrow up on the pole, and lowered him to the ground. 

    He looked at Dorothy. "May I go with you to see the wizard? I really want to see you fuck others on the way there." Dorothy ate the rest of the food Bernie had given her. Soon they were on their way on the Yellow Brick Road heading for the Emerald City. 

    Late in the afternoon they came to a house just off the road. Dorothy knocked on the door. A 3-foot Munchkin answered the door. She saw two others inside. "My name is Dorothy, I'm on my way to see the Wizard of Oz. I am famished and tired. I met your brother, Bernie, a couple days ago. He said you would give me food and lodging if I'd give you all a blow-job and fuck you all, like I did him."

    The Munchkin looked at her hungrily. That got the attention of the other two Munchkins as well. They brought her inside and into a bedroom. "My name is Larry, and these are my brothers Curly and Moe. We'd all love that. Lie on your back. I'll fuck you while you suck on Curly and Moe's cocks. The scarecrow watched closely while she got her pussy fucked, and sucked cock at the same time. Dorothy was soon writhing and moaning with extreme pleasure. Moe was first to ejaculate into her mouth. Larry ejaculated into her pussy while Curly shot his load all over her face and tits. They switched positions so Moe could fuck her while she sucked off Curly, and Larry jacked off all over her face and body. 

    After Curly fucked her, and she sucked Larry off while Moe jacked off all over her, she finally got something to eat. They never offered to let her clean the Munchkin semen from her body. She didn't want to anyway. She loved the feel of the sticky stuff all over her face and body. She loved the aroma of sex and the taste of semen. 

    After she ate, they went back to fucking her. Then she noticed something that surprised her. Larry was sucking Moe's cock while Curly was fucking her. Larry's cock was stiff, and he shoved it into her mouth. He roughly fucked her in the mouth while Larry continued sucking Moe off. Soon all four of them orgasmed. Curly ejaculated deep into Dorothy's pussy while she swallowed Larry's load, and Moe shot his cum into Larry's mouth. 

    When they relaxed a little, Dorothy said: "I didn't know males would suck each other's cocks."

    Larry answered. "Why do you think we all sleep together in this bed. We love the feeling of sex and sucking each other off. There aren't many females in the area whom we can fuck. We thank you for providing that for us, Dorothy. We want you to stay and fuck us over and over again."

    The 3 of them fucked her pussy and her mouth repeatedly, all night long, and all day long for 3 days straight. She slept through much of it. But, still felt her orgasms and the delicious taste of cum. But, all good things must come to an end. Dorothy finally left the 3 Munchkins while they were in a circle on the bed sucking each other's cocks. Her body was crusted with wonderful cum. The taste remained in her mouth for days.

The Tin Man   

   Dorothy and the Scarecrow took enough food to last a few days. She was a bit weak in the knees, and her pussy was sore. But she never regretted fucking Larry, Curly and Moe. She smiled as they walked down the Yellow Brick Road. They entered a wooded area and heard a muffled voice a few feet away. When they investigated what the sound was, they found a tin man with an axe in his hand unmoving. When they asked what he was doing there, he couldn't move his jaw to answer. He finally got the message to them to pick up the oil can and squirt oil all over his body. 

    Having done that, he thanked them profusely and asked where they were headed. "We are going to the Emerald City to see the Wizard of Oz. He is a very powerful wizard who can grant us any wish we have. I want to go home to my Uncle Henry because I promised to fuck him. Scarecrow wants to have a cock. He saw me fucking my dog and 3 Munchkins. He wants to be able to fuck me too."

    Dorothy smiled when he looked her up and down. "You are a slut, Aren't you Dorothy. Could I come along and watch you fuck others? I don't have a cock either. The Wicked Witch of the East charmed it off me when I was a flesh and blood man, using the magical diamonds you are wearing on your tits now. She attached that cock and balls to a winged creature that uses it to rape unsuspecting females throughout the land, both humans and animals. The beast obeys her every command. So the witch fucks it anytime she feels like it. My cock was the biggest in the land, measuring 11-inches long. I squirted a full pint of semen every time I ejaculated. The Good Witch of the North found out about it and saved my life. She shielded my body with magic, turning my skin to tin. Eventually my body of flesh rotted away and turned to dust. I am now a hollow tin man. I used to fuck the Good Witch of the North a lot. That's why she saved me. I want to go with you to see the Wizard of Oz and ask him to return my cock and balls to me."

    The Tin Man joined Dorothy and the Scarecrow on the Yellow Brick Road. They continued on their long journey. Dorothy commented, "The Wicked Witch of the East was killed by my house falling on her. That is why I have these diamonds hanging from my nipples now. I don't know how to use the magic though. Where do you suppose that winged beast is that has your cock and balls?"

    "I haven't a clue. I suppose it is running rampant, fucking every female it can find. Perhaps the Wicked Witch of the West has control of it now."

    Dorothy didn't realize she spoke out loud when she said, "I wonder what it would be like to have that huge cock pumping into me and squirting so much cum. I wouldn't mind if it raped me."

    Suddenly the flying beast came swooping down on them. The Scarecrow, Tin Man and Toto went running away. It flew down and pushed Dorothy over on her back with it's powerful talons. It's huge cock quickly found her hot pussy and pushed into her. It raped her and squirted a pint of cum inside her. When it was done it pulled out. The cock stiffened again. She felt the cock enter her again Dorothy orgasmed twice more before it shot a second load of cum into her cunt. When it was done, the beast put the cock into her mouth and fucked. It went down her throat. She could hardly breathe as the beast fucked her mouth and throat. It soon ejaculated a a pint of cum into her gullet. Dorothy was in heaven. The beast fucked her pussy once more before she thought it should stop. 

    The beast stood in front of her. "Dorothy, you summoned me here with your magic diamonds. You wished for me to rape you. I am Endor, your faithful servant. I must obey your every command as long as you wear the diamonds on your nipples."

    She thought about that a little. Then she asked, "Have you raped the Good Witch of the North, Endor?"

    "No, I never got the command to do so, and she can thwart me with her witch's power. You can give me the power I need using the power of the diamonds, mistress. Do you wish me to rape the Good Witch of the North?"

    "Oh no, Endor. I don't want her raped. Have you ever raped the Wicked Witch of the West?"

    "No, I have fucked her though, by order of her sister from the East. I don't like fucking her. Her pussy is too dry. It is not like your young, wet pussy that feels so good. Hers is like fucking a hole in the knot of a log. It hurts my cock too bad. Sometimes it causes it to bleed. I hope you don't order me to fuck that wicked witch."

    "No. I don't want your cock to be sore or injured. I want to use it a lot. What I want you to do is go to the Good Witch of the North. She has been fucked by your cock before, when it belonged to the man who is now the Tin Man. Tell the witch that I sent you to offer to fuck her. This is thanks for all she has done for me. Honor her wishes whether she wants to fuck you or not."

    "I will summon you, many times, to come back and fuck me. You have new orders now. I understand you are constantly horny and need to fuck pussy. I forbid you from raping any female. You may fuck anyone you wish, but only with her consent. With your cock, I doubt many will refuse. Now be on your way. Go to the Good Witch of the North."

    When Endor flew away, the Tin Man walked up to Dorothy. "I miss my cock. I hope the Wizard of Oz will get it back for me."

The Cowardly Lion

    The group of them continued their journey to the Emerald City. As it got darker, they heard a growling from somewhere near them. They all got nervous, looking over their shoulders. They didn't know what to expect. Suddenly a lion jumped out of the trees. It was swift and seemingly fearless. The lion knocked the Scarecrow down with it's paws, turned to the Tin Man, and roared menacingly. The Tin Man ran. The lion turned to the tiny, mangy mutt, Toto, and roared again. That pissed Dorothy off royally. She ran out and slapped the lion on the snout. "What the fuck do you think you're doing, you piece of shit. Do you always pick on those weaker than you? It is a coward who picks on those who can't defend themselves."

    The lion backed off. "I'm sorry, lady. it's just that I am so scared all the time. When I saw you weak-looking people here, I thought I'd show my bravery."

    "There is nothing brave about hurting those weaker than you. You are a coward. Admit it."

    The lion sat back on his haunches. "Yes. I am a coward. I have been since I was a cub. I think I lost my courage when I was in a zoo. They neutered me. I lost my confidence after that."

    "You poor thing. I think you should come with Scarecrow, Tin Man and me. We are going to see the Wizard of Oz in Emerald City. He can grant any wish you have."

    The cowardly lion perked up. "Do you think he can grant my wish to have my balls back, so I can fuck? I would really love to fuck you, Dorothy."

     "I'm sure he can. I'm asking him to send me home, so I can fuck my uncle. Scarecrow is asking for a new cock, and the Tin Man wants his huge cock and balls returned to him. When you all have working cocks, I'll want to fuck all of you. Now, let's sleep so we can get an early start in the morning." Dorothy let Toto fuck her again that night.

    Their long journey continued for many days. They didn't run into many people. But, they had some hard times The Yellow Brick Road had huge chasms across it that were hard to traverse. They used unique and clever ways to get across them to continue their journey. 

    After a couple days, Dorothy became tired of fucking only her dog. She wanted a huge cock inside her. She summoned Endor, the winged beast. She had to have his huge cock pound her and give her exquisite pleasure. After she fucked him 3 times, she asked him about the Good Witch of the North.

    "When I approached her, I told her you told me I should offer to fuck her with my huge cock. She was skeptical at first. But, when she looked at my huge, hard cock she couldn't resist. We fucked all night. She said she just wished it had been the Tin Man in the flesh with his cock. She told me I was welcome to go back and fuck her anytime I feel like it. She has a very hot pussy, just like you, Dorothy."

    "How do you feel about having someone else's cock with which to get your pleasure, Endor? Don't you feel guilty about that?"

    "I feel neither guilty nor proud of it. I am happy to have so many extreme orgasms every day of my life. Before The witch gave me this cock, I didn't know what sex felt like. I don't know how I could survive without sex after this."

    "Justice says the Tin Man should get his cock and balls back. Could I use the magic of the diamonds to take his cock and balls from you and give them to him?"

    "You could, Dorothy. But, they would do him no good. A cock has to be on a body of flesh and blood. The cock would die on a body that has no blood flowing through it. I'm afraid he is doomed to go without sex, forever."

    Dorothy didn't like that very much. But, she understood. "Endor, thanks for your honesty and loyalty. You may go now. I'll call you back every couple days until I get to the Emerald City. I haven't found anyone else to fuck me in awhile, and I suspect I won't for awhile. Keep enjoying all the girls and women who want to fuck you."

Dorothy Becomes a Whore

    Dorothy and her entourage eventually made it into the country near Emerald City. It was a beautiful green land with many trees and nice homes lining the road. They came to a large house and knocked. A woman, dressed in a green skirt, answered the door. She observed Dorothy's naked body. Dorothy asked how far the Emerald City was. The woman said it was still a good 6 hours walk from there. She invited them in. Her name was Winona. 

    "You are a very pretty girl, Dorothy. You would make a great addition to my house. Are you a virgin?"

    "Dorothy was confused. "I don't know what a virgin is."

    Winona laughed. "A virgin is a girl who has never fucked before. Have you ever had a man put his cock inside your pussy."

    "Oh yes, I fuck every chance I get. It really feels good."

    Winona smiled and led her into a room full of men. "These are my clients, Dorothy. Any one of them would be willing to pay a fortune for a knockout doll like you. The other girls are primping themselves in their rooms, and will be here soon."

   There were about 20 men in there. All eyes turned to Dorothy. They salivated while looking her up and down. Dorothy smiled widely. "Are you going to let me fuck all of them?"

    Winona's jaw dropped. "You want to fuck them all? I guess you may, if you really want to. But I think the other girls may feel disappointed and cheated out of the money you'll be earning."

    Dorothy shook her head. "Money for fucking? Why would anyone pay to fuck someone. It feels good to everyone. If the men have to pay money, you can give it all to the other girls. I still want to fuck all these men."

    "Very well. You choose the one you want to start with. Gentlemen put your 20 pieces of gold in the basket before you can have at the young girl."

    Dorothy had all the men strip naked. She told them to stroke their cocks to erection. They all complied. She grabbed the first stiff one she came to, and pulled it into her pussy while she lay on the floor. Some of the brothel girls started showing up in sexy outfits. They looked disappointed when they found out they wouldn't be able to fuck any of the men. Dorothy got an idea. She pulled on the diamonds that were attached to her nipples and summoned Endor the flying beast. She did that while the first man was still fucking her. When Endor showed up, all the girls stared at the huge stiff cock of the beast. 

    She croaked out between thrusts, "Endor, while I'm fucking all these men I want you to fuck all the whores in this room. Have fun." The girls were extremely pleased with that. Endor shoved his huge cock into the first whore he came to, and soon gave her the best orgasm of her life. Dorothy kept fucking the 20 men, one after the other. Endor enjoyed fucking about 25 whores, plus the madam, Winona.

    Dorothy and her companions stayed the night at the brothel. They had a comfortable night there. Winona gave her a good meal and comfortable bed to sleep in. She was awoken in the morning by the feel of a huge cock going in and out of her. It was Endor. After he ejaculated a pint of cum inside her pussy, he wished her good luck with the Wizard of Oz.

The Wizard of Oz

   After a good breakfast Dorothy, Toto, Scarecrow, Tin Man and Lion headed for Emerald City. They were in good spirits and sang along. "We're off to see the wizard, the wonderful Wizard of Oz." Six hours later they entered the Emerald City. There were hundreds of people there. They all stared at the strange ensemble consisting of a naked 12-year-old girl, a mangy mutt, a lion, a scarecrow, and a tin man. Some shied away from them. Some were intrigued and gathered around them. There were several teenage boys who gathered around Dorothy, to get a closer look of her nakedness. She smiled at them.

    "Hi, guys. I see you like my tits and pussy. If you will show me to the palace of the Wizard of Oz, I'll let you fuck me."

    All 5 of the boys liked that. They took her to a room and proceeded to shove their cocks into her, one after another. The youngest boy was about 13, and the oldest was 18. Dorothy had 8 or nine orgasms. She sucked some of them off while another boy was fucking her. She fucked and sucked them for about 3 hours. She finally said she had to go see the wizard.

    The youngest boy had never fucked a girl before. He was the one who led her to the palace. He was all smiles when he left them. "Dorothy, your pussy really feels good. When you are done with the wizard, would you let me fuck you again?"

    Dorothy smiled at him. "If you are here when I'm done, I'll fuck you on the palace steps in front of everyone. But, you will have to be naked when I come out. I am a slut, and like hard cock. You better have a hard-on when I see you."

    The butler answered the door when Dorothy knocked. "We are here to see the The Wizard of Oz. The butler looked at the naked girl and the strange ones accompanying her. "Come into the foyer and have a seat. I'll take a message to him." 

    There were a couple couches and easy-chairs. Dorothy sat and held Toto in her lap. The others just stood there. After about a half-hour, the butler returned. "The great and terrible Wizard of Oz told me to quote him and say: what the fuck do you want of him? He is a busy wizard that doesn't have time for frivolous requests. Now be on your way."

    They were all shocked. They started to leave when the butler said, "Wait. Where did you get those diamonds hanging from your nipples?"

    "They magically attached to my nipples after I killed the Wicked Witch of the East."

    He told them to wait there again, and left the room. He came back 10 minutes later and told them to follow him. They walked through the beautiful palace to a huge door. The butler opened the door and let them in. He stayed out of the room and shut the door behind them. The room was lit very dimly. They couldn't see anyone there. A powerful voice came across to them. "I am the great and terrible Wizard of Oz. I decided to allow you to have an audience with me because of the diamonds hanging from the naked girl's tits. Tell me who you are and what you want."

    Dorothy spoke for the others. I am Dorothy and this is my dog, Toto. I am from a land far away and can't get back to it. I want you... I mean I'm requesting you to help me get back to Kansas, where I came from."

    "I've never heard of Kansas. What do the others want?"

    "The scarecrow saw me fucking my dog and he wants to be able to do the same thing. He wants a cock and balls so he can have orgasms too. The Tin Man had his cock whisked away from him, when he was human, and given to a flying beast. He wants his huge cock and balls back. The lion is a coward who thinks his cowardice started when he was just a cub, because he was neutered in a zoo. He wants his balls restored so he can fuck."

    The wizard chuckled. "You fucked your dog? You really are a slut, Dorothy. What a bunch of fucking losers. The Scarecrow should be asking for a brain, not a cock. The Tin Man should ask for a heart. His cock belongs to some kind of bird now. That bird won't give it back to him. The Lion should stand up for himself. He needs courage, not balls. As for you Dorothy, I want to know where you got those diamonds. I know they are charmed diamonds that contain very strong magic. Did you steal them?"

    Dorothy got all flustered, saying she didn't and wouldn't steal them. She told him how the house fell on the witch and killed her. The diamonds then attached themselves, magically to her nipples.

    "I believe you, Dorothy. I praise you for killing the Wicked Witch of the East. You told of the Good Witch of the North. I know her very well. She is a very hot slut, like you. There is now just one wicked witch. She is in the west. If you kill her, I'll grant your wishes. Bring back her broomstick as proof that she is dead. Oh, before you go, Dorothy. Come behind the curtain by yourself."

    Dorothy obeyed. It was completely dark. She felt a man's hand grab her by her right tit and push her to the floor. The weight of a man pressed against her. Then she felt his cock enter her pussy. He fucked her hard and fast. Dorothy loved the feeling. She orgasmed when she felt the wizard's cock ejaculate his hot cum inside her.

    When they left the palace, that 13-year-old boy was waiting for them. He was completely naked. He turned his back to them for a few seconds and stroked his cock to erection. When he turned around, Dorothy had him lay on his back. She mounted him and fucked up and down until he shot his young semen inside her.

    She asked his name. "I'm Lemuel. I really love fucking you, Dorothy. I would like to do it all the time."

    "Maybe you can, Lemuel, if you lead us to the Wicked Witch of the West. I intend to kill her."

    Lemuel's eyes went wide. "I don't know exactly where it is, and I am afraid I'd become a slave to her, just like you will be if you go to her land."

    Dorothy smiled. "I can kill the witch. We won't become her slaves. You know the area better than any of us. Isn't it worth the danger for being able to fuck me day and night, anytime you want?" Lemuel nodded his head. "Leave your clothes here. I want you to be naked like me, so I can see a cock all the time."

    Dorothy took Lemuel's hand and walked, proudly with him, naked through the Emerald City. The others followed them to the edge of town. Some of the teens she'd fucked earlier looked on, enviously.

The Castle of the Wicked Witch of the West 

    There was no road to the witch's domain. They walked cross-country to the west. They were soon out of sight of any civilization at all. It was late afternoon before they left the Emerald City. So, they didn't go far before they had to make camp. Dorothy had brought 2 blankets and two pillows, and plenty food. She and Lemuel snuggled together all night. They fucked twice more before falling asleep. The next morning Dorothy woke Lemuel by sucking his cock. He'd never had a blow-job before. He quickly reached climax and shot his teen load into her mouth. She swallowed it hungrily. Lemuel surprised her when he put her on her back and started licking her pussy. She rubbed her clit while he licked. She soon reached orgasm and gushed her female juices into his mouth. 

    They finally decided to eat some breakfast and go on their way. There were incidents, over the next few days, that showed that the witch was aware of them. They were attacked by wolves, crows and bees. They survived those attacks unscathed. The way got rocky and hilly. Soon the way was almost completely blocked. They started to go back down hill to find another way up. They saw something flying their direction. It was flying monkeys. There were about 30 of them. One flew down and picked up Tin Man, another took Scarecrow. Several swooped down and bound the cowardly Lion. It took a half dozen monkeys to fly him away. Two monkeys grabbed Lemuel and flew him away. That left Dorothy with 20 winged monkeys. The leader grabbed her tits and squeezed them until they hurt. They picked her up and put her on the ground, holding her flat on her back. They spread her legs and took turns fucking her with their monkey dicks. Dorthy wouldn't have minded if she wasn't so worried about her friends. Each of the 20 monkeys squirted his monkey semen into her twice before they picked her up a flew her to the witch's castle.

    When she got there, the Wicked Witch of the West was waiting for her. She scolded the monkeys for taking so long. "What took you so long to bring the girl to me?"

    The leader monkey answered. "You said we could do anything we wanted to them as long as we killed the Scarecrow and Tin Man, and if we didn't damage the Lion or the boy or girl. We saw that the girl has a hot pussy. So, we all fucked her twice."

    The witch looked at Dorothy. "You are the slut who stole my diamonds. I could kill you now and take them from you, but I want to have some fun with you first. See your boyfriend. I have him tied up. I've fucked him twice and will keep fucking him until you decide to give me those diamonds."

    Lemuel was tied to a bench on his back. The witch walked over to him and stroked his cock. The boy had no control. He stiffened right away. She pulled her skirt off and straddled him, forcing his boy cock inside her. She fucked the boy with all her might until he shot his hot cum inside the witch's cunt.

    The leader of the monkeys said: "There are some of us who never had the chance to fuck the girl. Is it alright if they get their chance?"

      The Wicked Witch of the West said. "Of course. I want you all to rape her over and over again. I want to watch you shoot your hot monkey cum into her. They spread Dorothy's legs wide apart and started all over again. The ones, who hadn't fucked her before, got to be first. The monkeys fucked fast and shot more and more cum into the young girl's pussy. The witch laughed. Dorothy really didn't mind. She had many orgasms. She looked over at Lemuel while the monkeys had their way with her. She smiled when she saw his cock stiffen while he watched her. The witch mounted him again when she saw his cock was stiff. This kept going on for hours.

    The Witch of the West suddenly got an idea. "You monkeys. You jack off a lot. How would you like to fuck the girl's mouth and shoot your hot cum into it? Dorothy was nervous about that. She didn't know what monkey cum tasted like. She soon found out though. One after another straddled her head and rammed their little cocks into her mouth. She closed her lips around the hot cocks. Soon the first monkey shot his cum into her mouth. Every one of them shot a load of cum into the girl's mouth. The witch fucked Lemuel twice more before she called a halt to it.

    "Your name is Dorothy, I was told. Well, Dorothy, you and your boyfriend are my prisoners. I will fuck the boy, Lemuel as often as I want. I will have every beast I can find fuck you. I'm not going to feed you. You will live on semen. It has lots of protein in it. What I won't let you do is fuck Lemuel. He is my toy now. I'm going to get pregnant by him."

    She still had a few wolves around. She called a few of them in. I want you to fuck that slut over there. One of the wolves said, "She has to be on her hands and knees so we can get at her pussy." The monkeys let her up and made her get on her hands and knees. The wolf quickly pounced up on her, wrapping his front legs over her, from behind. She felt the wolf-cock enter her pussy. The wolf fucked her as fast as Toto had before. The wolf's dick was similar to Toto's but a lot bigger. Dorothy reached orgasm. The wolf shot it's semen into her. Another wolf took it's place. After 5 wolves fucked her, she thought she was done. But, she wasn't The monkeys turned her over on her back and propped her head up with a pillow. A wolf walked up, straddling her until his wolf-cock was close to her mouth. She was told to stoke it and take the wolf-cock into her mouth. She did as she was told. The wolf fucked her mouth fast. Soon it ejaculated its semen into her mouth. She had to do that same thing with 5 wolves.

    Eventually, the Wicked Witch of the West let her and Lemuel rest for awhile. "You have had lots to eat today, Dorothy. Your fucking boyfriend hasn't had any yet. He is going to have to live on semen too. What I want you to do now is jack off some monkeys and wolves into a glass. When it is full, you will make him drink it."

    Dorothy thought that wasn't a good idea. "Witch of the West. I can find some semen that is much better. I control the flying beast, Endor. He will come at my bidding. He has a huge cock that squirts a pint of cum every time he ejaculates. I can fill a glass with his semen for Lemuel to drink. Would that be ok?"

    The Wicked Witch brightened up. "Oh yes. Summon him. I love that cock. It can shoot tons of cum in short order. I want some of that semen in me too."

    Dorothy summoned Endor to the witch's castle. He looked disappointed when he got there. Dorothy explained the circumstances. He could see that she and the boy were prisoners. "I'll do whatever you tell me to, Dorothy. Please don't order me to fuck the Wicked Witch. Her pussy hurts my cock. As for the boy, I think it would be better if I ejaculate my cum directly into his mouth."

    Lemuel looked scared as Endor put his hard cock to the boy's lips. He pushed inside his mouth and fucked in and out. Soon, the 11-inch cock started ejaculating. He shot hard and strong into the boy's mouth. Lemuel swallowed as much as he could. Eventually Endor's orgasm subsided. He pulled away. Dorothy saw tears in Lemuel's eyes. He had been crying. Dorothy said. "I'm sorry, Lemuel. That is better than monkey and wolf cum. It will nourish you and keep you alive until we get out of here."

    The Wicked Witch of the West cackled. "Like you will ever get out of here. I would make you order Endor to fuck me, except I want this young boy to get me pregnant first. Once I'm pregnant I will want that huge cock inside me."

    Over the next few days, Endor ejaculated into Lemuel's mouth 4 times a day. Lemuel got used to the taste and liked it. He smiled at Dorothy every time he got a mouthful of it. Dorothy, on the other hand didn't have it that good. She had to have monkey and wolf semen shooting into her mouth and pussy. She didn't mind that too bad though. She had many orgasms. The Wicked Witch of the West wouldn't let her fuck Endor though.

    She learned that the monkeys had ripped the Scarecrow to pieces and strew his straw all over. They had also taken the Tin Man high and dropped him on some sharp rocks. The Lion was a disappointment to the witch. She thought he'd have a lion dick that she could use to fuck Dorothy with. She didn't know he'd been neutered. She didn't kill him though. He was caged somewhere outside of the castle.

    Dorothy finally decided to try something. "Witch! You fucking witch. Do you want these diamonds on my tits? I'll make you a deal to let you have them. If you let us all go, and find the Tin Man and Scarecrow, I'll give you these diamonds. You will also have control over Endor. You will be able to fuck him all the time."

    That got the witch's attention. She immediately sent the monkeys out to find the Tin Man and the Scarecrow. They had been dismantled. In the mean time, the witch fucked Lemuel more frequently. She wanted him to get her pregnant."I'll agree to your terms if you let me keep Lemuel until he gets me pregnant."

    Dorothy looked over at Lemuel. "Are you willing to stay here and let the witch keep fucking you until she gets pregnant?"

    "If you wish it, Dorothy. I love you. If I have to fuck this cunt for the rest of my life, I will, if it gets you back to Kansas."

    Dorothy saw that the witch was naive. She was way past child-bearing age. She could never get pregnant. Dorothy told her she would have to let her be unbound and let her see the Lion. The witch complied with her demand. 

    Dorothy went out to find the Lion. He was caged out back with other animals.  The Wicked Witch had sent a flying monkey to keep an eye on her. It kept its distance so it couldn't hear what Dorothy and the Cowardly Lion said. "You look distraught, Lion. Don't worry. We will soon be free to go back to the Emerald City. The flying monkeys are gathering up the straw for the Scarecrow and are repairing the Tin Man.  All I have to do is give the fucking witch these diamonds hanging from my tits."

    "Oh! But, Dorothy, you can't do that. All of Oz would be doomed if you did that. With those diamonds she would rule everywhere."

    "Well if you are so fucking smart, what do you suggest I do? I'm tired of fucking wolves and flying monkeys, and drinking their cum. I want to get back to Oz so I can fuck my uncle Henry."

    "Well, there are other animals around here you could fuck, like goats, sheep, chimps and horses. Endor is in the barn, fucking a cow now."

    Dorothy summoned Endor. He flew over in a few minutes. "Sorry, I took so long. I just fucked the 6 cows in the barn. I was planning to fuck the female sheep next."

    "Shut the fuck up, you horny ol' monstrosity. I called you over so you could tell me more about the magic of the diamonds on my tits. That old hag of a witch said she'd let us go if I give them to her."

    "Oh, you can't give them to anyone. They are part of you. The only way anyone can take them from you is if you die. I don't think you want that."

    "Then what am I to do?"

    "You must discover the power of the diamonds on your own. You know you can call me, and I must come to you from wherever I am at the time. I have no choice. I was created by the Wicked Witch of the East, using the power of the magic diamonds."

    Dorothy thought about that. "I'm sure there are other magical feats it could accomplish as well. We have a few days before Scarecrow and Tin Man can be returned and put back together. I will experiment."

    "Of course, Dorothy. The magic of the diamonds is your magic, and will be so, as long as you live."

    Dorothy took a hold of her adolescent tits and observed how the chains, holding the diamonds, were attached to her nipples. There were no piercings. The chains seemed to have just grown out of her tits about half way up her nipples. 

    Endor pushed his hard cock against her pussy. "Let's fuck while you think about it, Dorothy."

    The flying monkey chattered like mad. "The illustrious witch forbade Dorothy from fucking you, Endor. Come back inside, Dorothy. She is going to be pissed when she hears about this."

    When Dorothy was brought to the witch, the flying monkey told the witch what happened. She cackled. "So, Dorothy. You were about to disobey my orders. You deserve to be punished." She turned to the monkey. "Go get the Chimpanzee."

    Soon a chimp came into the room. "Dorothy, this is Roger, the horny chimp. He loves to be rough when he fucks. Roger, do you want to fuck this human girl?"

    Roger jumped up and down and twirled around making a racket. He grabbed Dorothy and checked her body out, sniffing her tits and her pussy. He rammed a finger into her cunt. Then he slammed her down on the floor. His chimpanzee dick was much bigger than the flying monkeys'. He put his chimp-cock to her pussy and rammed it inside her. He fucked her hard and fast. Dorothy felt the wet chimp-cum squirt inside her. She reached orgasm and held him as tight as she could. When he was done, he jumped up and twirled around, making monkey sounds. Dorothy thought that was great. She smiled up at him. "Do it again, Roger. Fuck me hard."

    Roger soon rammed his cock into her again. After he ejaculated more cum into Dorothy, the witch sent Roger away. She sent the flying monkey out to bring in a goat. The goat had a huge cock between its legs. "Dorothy, this is Sam, the horny goat. Sam do you want to fuck this slut?"

    The goat said. "Oh yes. She must get on her hands and knees so I can mount her from behind."

    Dorothy willingly got into position and soon felt the goat-cock enter her cunt. She orgasmed again before the goat shot his goat cum into her. 

    This went on and on for hours.  One kind of animal after another assaulted Dorothy's pussy. She loved it, orgasming every time. Finally the frustrated witch had the flying monkey bring in a horse. It's cock was 2 feet long, and thick. "Dorothy, This is Mr. Ed. He is going to see if your cunt can take his huge cock. It's liable to tear you apart. In order for him to get to your pussy, we are going to prop you up on a table in the right position."

    When they got her in the right position for the horse. Mr. Ed said. "That is a very small cunt. I don't think it will fit." But the witch insisted. Dorothy felt the two foot cock press against her pussy. It was too thick to enter her. She concentrated on using the magic diamonds. Her pussy widened. The horse's cock entered a little. Once it got entry the horse fucked all the way inside her. Her magic kept her from harm. The force of his ejaculation would have blown her off him if the horse hadn't been fucking downward. Her orgasm lasted a long time while that horse shot a bucket load of cum into her. 

    When they were done, Dorothy looked at the witch with a wicked smile on her face. "You see, I can fuck anything. I am more powerful than you are. I've fucked monkeys chimpanzees, wolves and horses and everything else you threw at me. All you managed to do to me is give me sexual pleasure. I am better than you, you fucking old hag of a has-been witch. You aren't so powerful after all."

    The witch started to say something, but her voice wouldn't work. Dorothy stood up and walked over to the witch. "I've learned to use the power of the diamonds. You have no power over me at all now."

    The witch threw a flame of fire at Dorothy. She partially blocked it, but was still singed. "I'm afraid you aren't as powerful as you think, little girl. You have no experience. I'm going to kill your boyfriend here before I kill you and take the diamonds from you."

    The witch turned toward Lemuel, and started chanting, while using hand gestures. Dorothy tackled her physically, disrupting the witch's spell. She realized she might have been a little premature in challenging the witch. She reached down with her mind and wished Lemuel was back in Emerald City. Lemuel disappeared. Dorothy and the witch wrestled around on the floor, the witch throwing spells at her, Dorothy fighting the spells off with powers she didn't understand. They both became completely exhausted. They collapsed onto the floor. 

    They both woke about the same time. Dorothy and the witch looked at each other. Neither one wanted a repeat performance. Finally the witch said. "You know I could cancel my order to bring back the Tin Man and the Scarecrow."

    "No you can't. They are almost done now and I can block your communication. I also know you are much too old to get pregnant. How old are you, anyway?"

    "I'm 120 years old. I know I'm too old to bear a child. I was hoping to get the diamonds off your tits, and perhaps use a spell that would give me youth. It was so naughty fucking a 13-year-old boy. I hoped to keep doing that for a long time."

    They call you the Wicked Witch of the West. I don't think you are that at all. I think you are the scared old woman who never had love in her life. You used magic to compensate for that. You are a scared old hag who tries to dominate people, in order to make yourself feel important." She looked into the witch's eyes. "Do you feel sex at all when you fuck?"

    The witch hung her head. "Well, I kind of feel it. I don't know what an orgasm feels like. The men like the feeling, so I like to make them think I like it too. It seems like a waste of time. I did like trying to humiliate you by making you fuck every male cock of all those animals. It was frustrating, though, when you enjoyed it all."

    Dorothy looked curiously at her. "Witch, I think you are frustrated knowing that you are missing out on the pleasure you see everyone around you having. I would like to try an experiment. I want to test the power of the diamonds. Take my tits in your hands, and pinch my nipples between your thumbs and index finger. Tell me when you can feel what I feel."

    The witch did as Dorothy asked. Dorothy held the diamonds in her fists and concentrated. A glow came over the two of them. The witch gasped. "I feel what you feel now, Dorothy. I feel hands on my tits with fingers pinching my nipples." 

    Dorothy summoned Endor and told him to fuck her while the witch held her tits. Once the huge cock entered her pussy, the witch sighed. "Oh my. This does feel good. Endor fucked in and out of Dorothy. The witch felt Dorothy's body getting more and more pleasure until she reached orgasm. Soon Endor shot his hot semen deep inside her. The witch moaned along with Dorothy, feeling all she felt. Both of their bodies shook with extreme pleasure. 

    After her orgasm finished, the witch released her tits. Her face lit up with brilliant radiance. "Oh fuck! Did that ever feel good. I'd be a slut too if I could get those feelings you shared with me, Dorothy. I can never let you leave now. We must do this over and over again."

    Dorothy looked shocked. Then she smiled. "Of course, we will do that again many times. But, I don't think you will be able to keep me from leaving when I want. In any case, I'm not going anywhere until the Scarecrow and Tin Man get here. Now, grab my tits. I'm going to fuck Endor again."

    Endor ended up fucking Dorothy 4 more times that day, giving pleasure to her and the witch. It was several days before the Tin Man and Scarecrow were brought to the castle. During those days the witch enjoyed Dorothy's pleasure with her. The witch's attitude started changing. She showed kindness to Dorothy and let the Lion into the castle. She and Dorothy enjoyed the pleasure of sex with the flying monkeys, the chimp and even the horse. The witch's body seemed to grow younger. Her ugly face became almost pleasant. Her pointy nose shrank to a normal size. Her voice softened somewhat. Her smile became sweet instead of wicked. 

    It was a happy day when the Tin Man and Scarecrow returned. Dorothy and the Lion held hands with them and danced in a circle. The witch smiled when she saw their joy. 

    The witch said. "I suppose you will be going back to the Emerald City to see the Wizard of Oz. I won't try to stop you."

    Dorothy shook her head. We can't go back to see the wizard until you are dead, I'm afraid. I will not kill you. We will remain with you for a time and figure out what to do. Let's try something else. I will hold your tits and pinch your nipples while you hold the diamonds. I will try to feel your body. Endor, fuck the witch's pussy."

    Endor reluctantly obeyed her command. The witch's pussy wasn't nearly as coarse and rough as he remembered. It was a warm hole that gave him pleasure. Dorothy concentrated on the magic of the diamonds. She felt the witch's pussy moisten. Her pleasure increased as they fucked. Endor ejaculated into the witch before they reached orgasm. Once he pulled out, Dorothy said: "Get that cock hard again and put it back in. Fuck us faster this time."

    It took about half a minute for him to get stiff. He pushed back into that pussy and fucked fast. Dorothy and the witch felt the orgasm approach. Soon they shook with extreme pleasure. Endor shot another huge amount of cum inside the witch's pussy. When he was done, Dorothy and the witch huddled together for a minute. Dorothy stood while the witch basked in the afterglow of her orgasm. The witch looked even younger than before. Her face became pretty. Her tits grew fuller and less saggy. She was going through a change. They kept that up for the next 2 weeks. The witch was becoming a beautiful young woman. She had long blond hair, warm, full tits with perky nipples and a mound between her legs that was just about as inviting as Dorothy's. Her soft soprano voice and contagious smile would make any man stand up and pay attention.

    The Scarecrow, Tin Man, and Lion were getting restless. Scarecrow asked, "When are you going to kill the Wicked Witch of the West, Dorothy, so we can take her broom to the wizard?"

    Dorothy shook her head. "Be patient. There is one more phase of my experiment to try with the witch." Dorothy walked over to the witch. "I think it is time you fuck Endor on your own without my participation, to see if your sexual pleasure is just as strong." 

    Endor gladly fucked the witch. She moaned with extreme pleasure and reached a magnificent orgasm. Endor filled her with an enormous amount of cum. Afterward Endor fucked Dorothy. After a couple more days of almost constant sex, Dorothy said. "Witch, it is time for us to go see the Wizard of Oz. He told us not to go back to him until we killed the Wicked Witch of the West. I believe we have done that. You are no longer wicked. You are a kind and gentle, generous witch. I call you the Beautiful Witch of the West. You don't look much older than me. You look to be about 13 or 14. I'd like you to enlist the help of your flying monkeys to take us to the Emerald City."

Return to the Emerald City

    The Beautiful Witch of the West replied, "Dorothy, I will summon the winged monkeys, but I don't think you should be carried by them to Emerald City. You should fly on a broom like I can. With the help of the charmed diamonds you have become a witch in your own right. With continued practice, you will become the most powerful witch in Oz."

    Dorothy practiced flying the broom the witch had given her. She loved the feeling of the broom pressed up against her pussy when she straddled it. After a little practice she got the hang of it. They were soon flying toward the Emerald City. The flying monkeys carried the Lion, Scarecrow, Tin Man and Toto. Dorothy flew, naked, on her broom. The Beautiful Witch of the West flew on a broom wearing a skirt, pointy hat and pointy shoes. She was topless. 

    They landed outside the city and walked in. Dorthy and the witch carried their broomsticks with them. The witch decided to leave her hat, shoes and skirt outside the city. She walked naked, side by side with Dorothy. Lemuel spotted them and ran up to them, hugging Dorothy and kissing her passionately. He was so excited he didn't realize he displeased her by wearing clothes.

    "Lemuel, you insult me. I told you before that I wanted you to be naked so I can see your cock whenever you are with me. If you want to accompany us to see the wizard you must go naked."

    Lemuel quickly stripped so Dorothy could see his cock. He noticed the other girl carrying a broom. He didn't recognize her, but he secretly hoped he'd be able to fuck her too. She was gorgeous. Hundreds of city dwellers followed and watched them as they walked to the palace of the wizard. The butler was made aware of their presence before they reached the palace. He had the door open for them. He let them right in. "The Great and Terrible Wizard of Oz is expecting you. Please go right in."

    The Wizard of Oz didn't disguise himself this time. He wore a wizard's robe and a cap that looked a lot like a cone. "Welcome, Dorothy. I see you have a naked boy and girl with you that I've never seen before. You and the girl each have a witch's broom. Did you kill 2 witches?"

    Dorthy answered, "We haven't killed anyone. The magic diamonds hanging from my tits have given me the magic of a witch. They are a part of me, just the same as my hands and feet are part of me. This girl beside me is the  Beautiful Witch of the West. She and the boy, Lemuel, are going to have a baby together."

    Lemuel gasped and looked over at the young witch. She smiled back at him. "I'm not pregnant yet, Lemuel. I couldn't get pregnant before, but I'll be able to do so the next time we fuck."

    His brow furrowed. "Next time? I've never met you before in my life."

    Dorthy interrupted. "Quiet! The wizard asked for an explanation." Dorothy told him all about how the Wicked Witch of the West had made her fuck animals and drink their cum. She told him about the witch forcing Lemuel to fuck her over and over again and made him drink lots of cum.

    When she got to the part about utilizing the diamonds for giving the witch orgasms and changing her body, she grinned and winked at Lemuel. "You see, over time, the Wicked Witch of the West changed into the Beautiful Witch of the West, and gained her youth. You have fucked her many times, Lemuel. The next time you fuck, I'm sure you will enjoy it a lot more."

    She turned back to the wizard. "We have destroyed the Wicked Witch of the West. We demand that you adhere to your part of the bargain."

    The wizards eyes darted back and forth. He didn't know what he was going to do. He stammered. "T-technically you haven't killed the witch. This girl is the same person."

    Dorothy got angry. "You are a fucking fraud, wizard. You said we had to bring the broom of the witch here as proof that we killed the Wicked Witch. We brought 2 witches brooms here. The Wicked witch is dead and has been replaced by the Beautiful Witch of the West. You will do as you promised, and give the Scarecrow a cock so he can fuck me. You will return the cock and balls to the Tin Man that were stolen from him. You will give the Lion some working balls so he can have semen to ejaculate. And, you will help me get back to Kansas so I can fuck my uncle Henry."

    The wizard shook his head. "You are right, Dorothy. I am a fucking fraud. I have no wizardry powers. I've just used mirrors and tricks to make people think I'm a powerful wizard. I'm sorry. There is nothing I can do."

    The Lion roared. The Tin Man and Scarecrow yelled at the wizard. Dorothy was furious. She touched the magic diamonds. They glowed brightly. The wizard looked terrified. Dorothy flung him across the room with her mind. She felt the hand of the Beautiful Witch of the West on her arm. She turned and looked at her.

    "Dorothy, you mustn't let anger control you. The wizard is just a week human, foolish as he is. You will become a wicked witch like my sister and I were before. You taught me to be kind and gentle. Please be the same now."

    Dorothy got control of her temper. She looked back at the wizard, who was cowering in the corner. She turned to walk out of the room. The wizard yelled, "wait!"

    Dorothy turned around while the wizard stood up and brushed himself off. "I can't give these three the cocks they want so bad. But, maybe you can. I've had some experience with charmed items before. I never could control them. But, I have an idea of how they may be used. You told me about a flying monster that the Wicked Witch of the East created with a huge cock that works. I learned the monster with wings was made from metal and turned to flesh and blood. I don't know how she did it. But, I think if I were to build a cock for the Scarecrow out of straw or something else, you could change it and Scarecrow into flesh and blood. Same thing with the Tin Man. He used to be a human. Giving balls to the Lion should be easier, since he is already a living breathing life."

    "What about getting me and Toto back to Kansas?"

    "Dorothy, you told me you used your power to send Lemuel back to Emerald City when his life was in danger. If you can do that, perhaps you can use that same power to take yourself and your mangy mute back to Kansas." Toto growled at him.

   "How long before you can have the cocks and balls ready to attach to them?"

    "I am not sure. I'll start on it right away. You may all stay here in the palace until they are ready."

    Lemuel spoke up. "I am pretty good with carving wood. I could help if you want. I have carved small statues of all sorts before."

    The wizard brightened up. "Wood would be good. They have to look exactly like the cocks and balls they want. They will be stuck with them the rest of their lives. Thank you Lemuel. I'll get the blocks of wood you need and you can get started right away."

    The butler led them to their assigned bedrooms. They were very plush and comfortable. When he took the Beautiful Witch of the West to her room, she grabbed Lemuel's hand and led him in with her. "We have to fuck quick before the wizard has the wood ready for you to start carving. I won't force you this time though. If you don't want to fuck me, you don't have to. I promise it will be much better than when I was the Wicked Witch of the West. My pussy is a lot softer and more moist."

    Lemuel's cock stiffened before they reached the bed. They were soon fucking like their lives depended on it. They both orgasmed 3 times in the hour it took for the wizard to get the blocks of wood and carving tools together. The wizard had Scarecrow there when Lemuel arrived at the wood-shop. The wizard said, "I'll leave you two alone to do this. Scarecrow, describe the look and size of the cock and balls you want, precisely. There is plenty wood. So, it can be redone until you have exactly what you want."

    The wizard left them alone. 3 hours later they called the wizard in. The Scarecrow was excited. "This is exactly what I want. Are you sure it will work after it is attached to me?"

    The wizard shook his head. "I'm not sure of anything. This is a desperate effort. It can't hurt to try."

    The wizard had Lemuel start working on the cock for the Tin Man. The Tin Man said it should be exactly like Endor's, that used to be his cock. 

    The wizard took the Scarecrow and went into his main room. He summoned Dorothy to be there when he attached the wood cock to the Scarecrow. The Beautiful Witch of the West was there too. Dorothy said she might need help with the magic.

    The wizard carefully attached the cock and balls to the Scarecrow. When he was done, he turned to Dorothy. "Do you think you can make that work, Dorothy?" 

    She shrugged her shoulders. "I don't know where to begin."

    "Wishing seems to work with many magic objects, Why don't you insert Scarecrow's wood-cock into your pussy and wish it to be flesh and blood."

    It wasn't easy. There is no soft feeling with wood. Dorothy smiled at the wizard. It will be easier if I'm as moist as possible. Why don't you fuck me first. When you are done shooting your load into me, the wood cock should slip in easily."

    The wizard didn't hesitate. He stripped quickly and rammed his 50-year-old cock into the 12-year-old girl. After he ejaculated, they had the Scarecrow get on top of her. Dorothy pulled his wood cock inside her pussy. The Scarecrow didn't know what to do. He didn't feel anything. Dorothy told him to be patient. The other witch held Dorothy's tits and pinched her nipples to add her power to Dorothy's. Dorothy held the diamonds in her fists. The wizard told her to concentrate on her sexuality. "Imagine the cock, that is in you, is real flesh with blood flowing through it. Imagine his balls full of semen. Think of him as a living, breathing being." 

    The witch from the west helped her concentrate. The cock finally felt less like wood and more like a real cock. She felt his legs were more human, with warmth of a human body. His straw chest felt more like a flesh and body chest. She looked into his eyes. They were hazel. His mouth started getting more fleshy. He smiled and started moving his cock in and out of her. At first it was a little uncomfortable. There was too much wood in his cock. But, gradually his cock felt more human. It soon became obvious that Scarecrow was getting pleasure. He fucked in and out of Dorothy with increasing pace. The Beautiful Witch of the West added to the pleasure.  She and Dorothy reached orgasm. Scarecrow finally reached orgasm. He ejaculated into Dorothy. He shook and shivered with extreme pleasure. Dorothy and the witch from the west felt his cum shoot inside her.

    Scarecrow got up. His softening cock pulled out of Dorothy. He no longer had straw for a body. He was flesh and blood. Dorothy looked at him. "You can fuck me anytime you want, Scarecrow.You are now a full fledged man with a wonderful cock. You will never have to worry about crows again. "Is this what you wanted Scarecrow?"

    "Dorothy, you are the most wonderful person I've ever known. I was created by people I don't even know. You came along and made my life worth while."

    It was similar when the Tin Man got his cock. The beautiful Witch of the West supported Dorothy with her magic. His wood cock was 11 inches long. It took a little while for her to get that inside her. It took longer to get things to work than it did with the scarecrow. But, the 11-inch cock started to get fleshy and the Tin body softened to human flesh. Eventually, Tin Man felt his cock and started pumping in and our of Dorothy's pussy. He moaned as the sensations went through his body. He started fucking her faster. The witch and Dorothy felt the orgasm build in Dorothy's body. Tin Man fucked faster, as Dorthy climaxed with extreme pleasure. He felt his balls release his sperm. His load exploded into the 12-year-old girl. He shot over a pint of cum into her.

    The Lion was a different problem. The wizard attached the wood balls in the right place. The lion's cock couldn't get hard very easily and wouldn't insert into her pussy. So, she had to use her hand to pull the sheath  back to expose the cock. She took it into her mouth while massaging the balls. The balls gradually changed from wood to a softer texture. The Lion started fucking in and out of her mouth. He roared as he ejaculated into her mouth. After he was done, Dorothy turned over onto her hands and knees. The witch helped her get into the right position so the Lion's cock could enter her pussy. Lion fucked her quick. Dorothy reached orgasm just before he shot a huge load of cum inside her.   

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