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    Eric was a 16-year-old boy when he promised to take care of  his sister's 5-year-old daughter, Adora. Eric had never taken care of children before. His sister told him what her daughter was allowed and not allowed to do. She was pretty lenient with the child.

    After his sister left Eric alone with Adora, she started running around laughing and asking him to pick her up and swing her around. She stripped her clothes off down to her panties.

    Eric wasn't sure what to do. He said, "I don't think you are supposed to run around in your panties, Adora."

    She grinned at him, and pulled them off. She stood completely naked in front of him. "Okay, uncle Eric. I won't run around in my panties."

    He felt he should scold her, but her smile and playful attitude was attractive. Besides, he liked seeing her little slit. Eric was wearing shorts. He sat down and turn the tv on. Adora jumped up on his lap and straddled his bare leg. She moved her pussy back and forth along it. She balanced herself, putting one hand on the arm of the chair. Her other hand pressed down on the middle of Eric's lap. She had a sexy look on her face as she moved herself back and forth along his bare leg. Her hand smashed down on his hard shaft, through his pants. Eric knew he should move her hand away. But, he thought she didn't know what her hand was touching, and he liked the feeling. 

    Adora said, as she continued rubbing herself along his leg, "I like the feeling I get doing this, uncle Eric. Do you like it?"

    Eric picked her up, turned her around and sat her on his lap. "I don't think you should be doing that, Adora."

    She looked over her shoulder at his face, pouting.  Then she started rubbing her pussy with her finger. Eric had a good view of her fingering herself. Eric's cock was so stiff it started throbbing against his pants and Adora's butt. He couldn't help what happened next. He shook and shivered. He moaned loudly as his cum shot up his shaft and into his drawers. He held Adora close to him as he kept shaking and spurting more cum into his pants.

    She stopped fingering herself, and asked, "What's wrong, uncle Eric? Are you all right?"

    He lifted her off his lap, and stood her on her feet. His pants were soaked in front. Adora's butt was damp as well. "Sorry, Adora. I have to go into the bathroom." He ran in there, shut the door, and locked it. 

    Adora knocked on the bathroom door. "Did you pee your pants?"

    Eric had his pants off and was trying to clean his cum off of them and himself. "No, honey. That's not pee. I'll be out in a minute."

    Eric never realized the door hadn't shut all the way. Adora walked in and saw him washing his pants in the sink. She looked at his cock and balls. She'd never seen anything like that before. Her eyes were wide while she moved closer. She looked up at his face. "What's that, uncle Eric? I never knew you had anything like that before."

    The boy was stunned. He stopped while the girl reached out and took a hold of his cock. He just looked at her while she examined it. "It's nice and warm. But, it's wet."

    He pulled away. "Yes, Adora. I'm going to wash off now." He took the rest of his clothes off and got in the shower. Adora pulled the shower curtain aside and watched him wash his cock and balls. After he dried off he took a hold of Adora's hand and walked back into the living room. He sat down, completely naked. She climbed up on his lap. She took his cock in her hand once more. It started stiffening. "I like this, uncle Eric. Lets go naked all the time."

    "Ok, Adora. I'll go naked with you when we are alone together if you promise not to tell anyone."

    She straddled him, and held his stiff cock between her legs. She rubbed her slit up against the side of it. Eric moaned. "That really feels good, Adora. Keep doing that as long as you want."

    She giggled, and rubbed his cock against her pussy harder. Eric was getting close to orgasm. She smiled up at him while he started shaking. She did it faster until Eric shot his hot cum out of the end of cock and all over her. When she got startled and moved her hand away, Eric grabbed his cock and pushed it back against her pussy and kept jerking off until he was done. Adora was covered with his semen. She looked up at him quizzically. "That was fun, Eric. It felt good to me. You can pee that stuff on me anytime you want." She rubbed some of his cum all over her belly.

    She let him rub her pussy with his finger and even put the end of his cock against her tiny hole that day. One time Eric held the head of his cock against her hole while jacking off. Some of the cum went inside her. About an hour before her mother was due to get home, Eric took Adora into the shower and washed them both off. He made her put her clothes on before her mother got home. He, of course, got dressed, too.

    The next day Eric's sister met Eric after school. She had him sit in the car with her. Her name was Anna. "Eric, Adora said you two really had a good time yesterday. She wants you to babysit her all the time from now on. Other babysitters have said she is hard to control. They say she takes her clothes off and won't put them back on. I guess you never had that problem though, Eric."

    He hesitated. "I never had any problems with Adora. She likes me."

    "That's what she told me." Said Anna. "She said you like doing the same things she likes. She said you liked seeing her little pussy, and that she liked seeing your thing too."

    Eric was scared to look at his sister. He sat their silently. Anna continued. "She said you rubbed her pussy with your cock and squirted white sticky stuff all over her." She stopped for a second. "Eric, look at me. I knew something like that would probably happen when I asked you to babysit for me. Adora has been rubbing her pussy since she was two years old. She does it when I'm around too. I just haven't done it for her before. I'm glad you washed yourselves off in the shower before I got home. How many times did you ejaculate all over my little girl, Eric?"

    Eric was really scared. His lips quivered when he answered. "3 or 4 times. I couldn't help it. She made me cum in my pants before she ever saw me naked. I had to wash my clothes, and she grabbed my cock when I was in the bathroom."

    "Eric, you know I'm just 21 now. I got pregnant when I was 15. I don't know who the father is. I know you tried to get to see me naked when I lived at home. I moved from home 3 years ago. I let you see me a couple times. After you saw my naked body, I followed you and watched you jack off in your bedroom. Did you know that?"

    Eric's mouth fell open. "No, I didn't know."

    "That doesn't matter. All boys jack off. They just don't always jack off all over a 5-year-old girl." She paused. "You can get out of the car, Eric." He started opening the door. "One more thing, Eric. Can you babysit again this Friday night? I'll be out most of the night with my new boyfriend."

    He was astonished. "You still want me to babysit Adora after what you just said?"

    "Of course, brother. I can't think of anyone I'd rather have take care of my daughter. She's just like I was when I was her age. Daddy taught me all about sex. But, he had to hide it from my mother. You don't have to hide anything from me." She reached over and kissed Eric, passionately on the lips. Eric staggered out of the car and walked in a confused state back home.

   Eric jacked off that night, thinking of his sister watching him, and of the pleased grin on Adora's face when he ejaculated. He had been so worried he was in bad trouble when Anna told him she knew what he'd done to her daughter.

    Eric got to Anna's apartment at 6pm as she requested. Adora shrieked, and ran into his arms when he got there. She was naked. He held her by her butt and gave her a kiss on the lips. "We're going to have so much fun tonight, Eric."

    Anna had answered the door with a towel wrapped around herself. Eric was all eyes when she removed the towel. She smiled at him. "Eric, remember I told you I watched you jack off when you were 12 or 13. Will you take your clothes off and jack off for me now? You can have Adora sit on your lap and rub her pussy against your cock if you want."

    Eric didn't hesitate. He put the girl down and quickly stripped naked. He sat in the easy chair. Adora jumped on his lap and pulled his hardening cock between her legs. Eric took his cock in his hand and pulled it against her little slit. He then jacked off until he shot his hot cum on the child. She squealed with delight. She smiled at Anna. "See mommy. I told you Eric shoots white sticky stuff out of his thing. It makes him feel good."

    "Ok, honey. Mommy has to get dressed now. I'm going out with my new boyfriend. We might be out all night. He really loves to fuck."

    Eric sat with Adora on his lap until Anna left. He never tried cleaning the cum off of them. He said, "Adora, I'd like to try something that I think you will find a lot of fun. It will feel better than ever."

    "Ok, uncle Eric." He carried her into his sister's bedroom and laid her on the bed. Then he moved his mouth to her pussy and licked the length of her slit. Adora squealed. "Oh, yes. Keep licking it. That feels so good." Eric kept licking her for about 5 minutes. He'd never licked pussy before. It really turned him on. His cock throbbed. He laid on his back and had Adora straddle him, and put her pussy, lengthwise, against his stiff cock. His shaft was between her pussy and his belly. She slid back and forth along his cock until he reached climax. He had to hold her in place by her hips, he was shaking so much. Gobs of cum squirted out of the end of his cock. Adora giggled and laughed, a wide smile on her face. After he was done ejaculating he hugged her to him. She loved feeling the wet cum on their stomachs. 

    After they rested like that for awhile, Eric took Adora into the shower and washed them both off. They took a break for awhile. Eric got them some treats from the kitchen and sat down, and watched some kids' shows on television. Of course, Adora sat on his lap with his cock between her legs. She played with it some while they watched their shows. 

    The constant feel of Adora's pussy against his cock and Adora's constant fiddling of his tool, eventually got him hard again.They went back to the bed. Adora straddled his body once again and guided the head of his cock to her pussy hole. She held it, with the tip of his cock pressed hard against her hole. She rocked back and forth without stroking him. Eric soon ejaculated up into her. Not much went inside. Most came down his shaft and all over him. It was getting late, so Eric covered them up with blankets. They both drifted off to sleep.

    Anna came home about 10pm. When she saw them sleeping in her bed, she stripped naked and climbed in with them. She snuggled up to Eric's back, pressing her tits against him. She whispered in his ear. "Wake up, brother. I have a surprise for you."

    Eric released Adora and turned toward his sister, surprised to find her naked. "What is it, Anna?"

    "I've decided to let you fuck me tonight. That is if you want to." She pulled the blankets off them. She'd left the lights on so they could see each other's naked bodies. She took his cock in her hand and guided the stiff member to her fuck hole, as she laid on her back and spread her legs. Eric never dreamed Anna would ever do this with him. He pushed into his sisters tunnel of love all the way to his balls, and started pumping in and out of her as fast as he could. He'd never felt anything so good as a soft warm pussy surrounding his shaft. Adora woke up, wiping her eyes. She looked over at the two, fucking. "What are you and uncle Eric doing, mommy?"

    She turned her head toward her daughter, and breathlessly said. "We are fucking, honey." Eric quickly reached orgasm and shot a huge load of cum inside his sister. He shook and shivered with ultimate pleasure.

    After he rolled off her, he lay on his back catching his breath. Anna leaned over him. put one of her legs over one of his, so her pussy was against his leg. Her tit was on his chest. She kissed him on the cheek. "That felt good, brother. Was this the first time you fucked a girl?"

    "Yes, Anna. I want to keep doing it over and over again. That was the best orgasm I ever had. I must admit I didn't expect you to be my first fuck." He looked over at the clock. "It's only 10:30. I thought you would be fucking your new boyfriend all night."

    Anna sat up against the headboard. Eric did the same. "That puke. He's a fucking queer. He is very good looking. I was told he has a huge cock. I was looking forward to fucking him all night. It turns out that he dated me on a dare. He took me to dinner, and when we got back to his place, a lot of guys were there sucking each other off and fucking each other in the ass. They all laughed when they saw the surprised look on my face. That's when I began thinking of you, Eric. I remembered watching you jack off all over Adora. I was really horny when I got here, and had to have your cock in me. I want to fuck you all night. Next time maybe you'll let me reach orgasm before flooding my uterus with your hot semen."

    Eric wasn't quite ready to go again. He reached over and took a hold of his sister's tit and squeezed it. Adora interrupted. "Mommy, guess what we did today."

    "I'm sure I know what you and your uncle did today, honey."

    Adora giggled. "You don't know this. Uncle Eric licked my pussy for a long time. I like that a lot."

    "Good for him, Adora. Did you do the same for him. Did you suck his cock?"

    Adora looked surprised. She looked at his cock wide eyed. "Here. I'll show you how." He asked Eric if he'd ever had a blow-job. He shook his head no. Anna leaned over and sucked his cum-covered and female-juice-covered cock into her mouth. He soon stiffened. Eric loved the sensations his sister was giving him. Adora watched her mother closely as she licked around the cock head and licked and sucked his balls into her mouth. She stopped before Eric reached orgasm. "Eric, I think you are ready to fuck me again." She pulled him on top of her once again. Anna reached climax just before Eric shot another hot load of cum into her hot cunt. They turned off the light and slept for awhile. Adora had already fallen asleep. 

    They fucked twice more before getting out of bed in the morning. They let Adora sleep while brother and sister showered together. Anna said, "Have you licked pussy before, Eric, other than Adora?"

    "No, I haven't Anna."

    "There is a technique for that too. I'll teach you how to enhance a woman's pleasure with your tongue. Do you want to stay here today with me and Adora and have all kinds of sex?"

    Eric's semi-erection stiffened some more. He stroked it a couple times. "You know I do, sis."

    After awhile Anna woke Adora up to get her breakfast. After they ate, Anna asked, "Adora, your body is covered with dried semen. Who do you want to help you shower and wash that off, me or uncle Eric?"

    She grinned. "I want uncle Eric to wash me. He makes my pussy feel good when he washes my pussy." Eric took her by the hand and led her into the bathroom. They had fun washing each other. Adora made Eric's cock stiffen by washing it so much.

    After drying off, they walked into the front room, hand in hand. Eric's stiff cock bounced up and down as he walked. He sat in the easy chair, and Adora sat on his lap, as usual. They were both comfortable with his cock between the girl's legs, against her little pussy. They watched the news and then some kid's shows. After awhile Anna said. "You've had a hard-on for quite awhile, Eric. Would you like to get your rocks off soon?"

    Eric brightened up. "Oh, yes. What do you have in mind."

    "Come into the bedroom, you two. Sit on the side of the bed, Eric." She put a couple pillows on the floor in front of him. "Adora, get on your knees in front of him. I'm going to teach you how to suck cock. Do you want to do that?"

    Adora looked at her mother and then smiled at Eric. "Yes mommy. I want to suck him until he shoots his cum."

    Anna had her hold his stiff cock in her hand and pull the skin down so the head was showing. She had her lick across his pee-hole and then all around the head. Eric moaned with pleasure. She then had her daughter lick the length of the shaft. She then had her lick his balls and suck them into her mouth, one at a time. Eric looked down at her, his pleasure evident on his face. She smiled up at him. Anna had her daughter suck his cock into her mouth. She could only take about 3 inches into her mouth. She stroked his cock quickly until he was about to cum. Anna said, "He's just about to shoot his cum into your mouth. I want you to swallow as much as you can, then keep jacking him off onto your face until he's done."

    Eric got that most wonderful feeling as the child stroked and sucked him. He grunted and shot a huge rope of cum into the 5-year-old child's mouth. She pulled his cock from her mouth and dropped his cock. He took a hold of it and stroked fast, shooting a huge load all over the child's face. Anna told Adora to close her eyes while he was cumming on her face. She obeyed. Cum squirted on her forehead, cheeks, lips and chin. When Eric was done ejaculating, Anna reached over and wiped some of his cum from the child's eyelids and forehead. "You may open your eyes now, Adora. You look so sexy now, sweetheart, doesn't she, Eric."

    Eric said, "Yes. She is adorable."

    Anna had Adora look in the dresser mirror. "See how sexy you look, honey? You look like a cum slut."

    Adora smiled. She started wiping the cum from her face. Anna said. "Wait, I'll clean that cum off you honey." Anna bent down and started licking her brother's cum from her daughter's face. Adora giggled while her mother licked the cum from her face. "You'll learn to like the taste of cum, Adora."

    She smiled. "I tasted some. I think I like it, mommy. I'm going to be sucking  uncle Eric off a lot."

    Anna didn't lick all of Eric's cum from her daughter's face. She liked seeing the white sticky stuff there. It eventually dried. She turned to her brother. "Eric, I said last night I would teach you how to lick pussy and make a woman feel good. I'm really horny now. Would you like to try and make me orgasm with your tongue and mouth?"

    Eric was nervous as he brought his face to his sister's pussy. He noticed the aroma of her sex. That turned him on. She had him take his fingers and spread her pussy-lips. He had never seen a pussy so close up before. She had him lick across it. She twitched with pleasure. She had him put one, and then two fingers in her fuck-hole, while licking her clit. She then had him ram his finger inside her, while rubbing her clit with his other hand. She showed him how to bring her to orgasm with his tongue and fingers. She shook and shivered with extreme pleasure. 

    Eric's cock was hard as a rock after that. Without asking, he climbed up her body and shoved his cock inside his sister's cunt. They fucked a long time. Eric reached orgasm and shot his hot cum deep inside his sister.


    Over the next few years Eric went to his sister's place as often as he could. Adora got proficient in giving him blow-jobs. She swallowed all his cum when he ejaculated. She loved the taste. One day, Anna got a call from school, when Adora was 8 years old. It was the school principal. He said he had to have Anna come and talk to him, right away. Adora had said some things that were very disturbing.

    Anna talked to the principal. "I am very concerned about your daughter. She got in trouble for talking too much and disturbing class. I talked to her about disturbing the class. Adora just smiled, and said, 'I'm sorry. I should be punished. Would it be ok if I suck you off for punishment?"

   Anna sat there uneasy. "I don't know why she'd say such a thing. She must have heard that from someone in class or maybe on the Internet. I'll have a talk with her and make sure she doesn't say anything like that again." 

    She took Adora home for the rest of the day. On the way home she said, "You know better than saying things like that, Adora. Are you trying to get me in trouble? We only talk that way with each other and uncle Eric."

    Eric had graduated from high school the year before. He just got a good job and was looking to move out of his parent's house. While discussing his possible choices of where to live, Adora said, "Why don't you move in with us, uncle Eric?"

    Anna concurred. "It would be nice to have you here every night, Eric. You would have your choice of beds. You could sleep with me or with Adora. But, having us around might stifle your romantic life."

    "I'll move in with you for awhile, Anna. We'll see how it goes. Maybe you will get tired of having me here all the time."

    Things went well over the next few years. Eric fucked his sister at least once everyday. Adora sucked him off all the time. She loved the taste of his semen. She loved having him lick her pussy all the time. Adora was careful not to use bad language in front of the principle or teachers at school. 

    When Adora was 10 years old, she was in bed with Eric, playing with his cock. She straddled him and put his stiff cock to her pussy-hole. She often did that, and then rocked on it awhile until he ejaculated into her. His cock never went inside her more than just the head. But, Adora had a plan. Her mother was there watching. She always got turned on when she saw her little girl get her uncle off. Adora started rocking on his cock for a short while. Then she sat down harder on it. The cock slipped a full inch inside her. She fucked up and down on it a few times before forcing more of his cock inside her. She gritted her teeth, and grunted hard, and sat down as hard as she could. His hardness broke through her hymen and deep inside her, up to his balls. Adora never moved for a few seconds. Her eyes watered. Then she started sliding up and down on Eric's cock. Eric held her by the hips and fucked up into her a bit faster. Adora smiled over at her mother while she fucked her uncle. Adora shrieked her pleasure as she reached orgasm. Eric kept fucking the 10-year-old girl until he climaxed as well. He shot a huge load of cum inside the tight, young pussy.

    He rolled them onto their sides and pulled out of her. Anna wasn't sure if she should be happy about what had just happened, or not. Her little daughter had just lost her virginity. There was nothing to be done about that though. She got on the bed with them and had a group hug. 

    Eric was busy fucking either his sister or niece much of the time, when he was home. They each had to have his cock in their pussies at least twice a day. He didn't mind though. Anna made sure she put Adora on birth control pills. She didn't want her getting pregnant by her uncle.


    When Adora went to middle school, the next year, her tits were growing. A lot of the boys her age, and older, started paying a lot of attention to her. She was 11, and the boys were anywhere from 11 to 14. She had lots of guys making a play for her. Adora flirted with a lot of guys, and some teachers. She was teacher's pet in her literature class. He was a good looking man. He was muscular, about 6'3" tall. His booming baritone voice always brought the class to order, instantly. Adora always volunteered to help with anything he wanted. She thought he liked her, although he didn't seem to pay attention to her beauty. She tried talking to him flirtatiously, but he ignored that. He treated her like a little girl.

   She decided to use desperate actions. She dressed as provocatively as she was allowed. Her top showed a lot of cleavage. Her skirt hung 6 inches above her knees. She walked seductively up to him after class. She spoke with a soft voice. "Mr. Johnston, I've been meaning to talk to you."

    He regarded her. "What is it you need to talk to me about, Adora?"

    She smiled shyly. "I just have to tell you, I think you are the ultimate figure of a man. You're tall, and muscular, and very handsome. All the girls in school have a crush on you." He started to reply, but she continued. "I know it is bold of me to say that to you. But, I wanted you to know how much you are appreciated."

    He didn't smile or frown. "Very well, Adora. Thank you for the complement. Now go to your next class."

    "I will in a minute, Mr. Johnston." She leaned over his desk, showing as much cleavage as she could. He quickly glanced, and then looked up to her face. "Is there anything else, Adora?"

    She tried to get a sultry look on her face. "Yes. Do you think I'm pretty? Do you think a man like you would find me attractive?"

    The edges of his lips turned up slightly. It wasn't quite a smile. "You are a very pretty girl, Adora. I've seen how popular you are with the boys. You have your choice of any of them."

    "Oh, but, I don't want any boy. I want the perfect man. You may think I'm an innocent virgin, who knows nothing of love and sex. But, I have more experience than you could guess."

    She stood back straight again. She took a quick look around and saw that nobody was looking. She pulled the bottom of her top up, revealing her nice tits to the teacher. He didn't tear his eyes away. But, he didn't give any sign of enjoying what he saw. She covered her tits, and said. "I'll stop by after school." He watched her sway her hips as she walked out of class. She turned around at the door. "Mr. Johnston, I'm on the pill. I thought you should know."

    Adora hurried to Mr. Johnston's classroom after she got out of her last class for the day. She waited until his last students left the room. She closed the door and threw the bolt-lock. She walked sexily to his desk. "I hope I didn't shock you too bad, showing you my tits before."

    He shook his head. "No, sweetie. I'm a married man with 2 daughters. I know what the female body looks like. There is nothing you can do to shock me."

    "Good." She said, as she pulled her top off. "Then you know what else I have. I just as well show you that too." She finished stripping and stood in front of him, naked. She said, "As you can see. My pussy is wet and needs a cock in it. I know you have a cock in your pants that would love to go inside me. Would you let me see it?"

    He looked the girl up and down. "You are a very beautiful young woman, Adora. I would like nothing more than to ravish you right now. But, you see, that could ruin my life if I gave into that temptation. Please, put your clothes back on. My wife will be here in about 10 minutes to pick me up. My car is in the shop. I'll have it back tomorrow." Adora quickly got dressed and left the room.

    Jacob Johnston was very much attracted to the young girl. He was distracted all night. The next day at school, he had Adora stop for a minute after her literature class. "Adora, would you like to help me grade papers after school today? You are a straight A student and know the answers as well as I do. It sholdn't take more than half an hour to an hour."

    She grinned from ear to ear. "Make it an hour or more, Mr. Johnston."

    She hurried to his classroom after school. When the last student left the classroom, she shut and locked it. The teacher got up from his desk-chair and walked around to the front of his desk. "Thanks for helping me, Adora."

    She grinned. "May I take my clothes off now?"

    He nodded. "If that's what you want to do, you may."

    He watched her closely as she disrobed. "Are you going to take your clothes off, Jacob? It's only fair to let me see your cock, since you are staring at my tits and cunt."

    He flinched a little and started undressing. "I guess it is alright if you call me by my first name when we are being so intimate. But, don't call me that during school, or in front of anyone else."

    His cock was stiff when he finished pulling his clothes off. Adora reached out and took a hold of it. She got on her knees and sucked it into her mouth. "You assured me that you have had sex before, Adora, and are on the pill?"

    "Yes, Jacob. I have a very strong sex drive. I fuck every chance I get." Then she noted his size. "I've never had a cock this big inside me before. I can't wait for you to push it inside my little cunny."

    She lay back on the floor and pulled him down to her, guiding his 9-inch dick to her fuck-hole. Adora loved the feel of the huge cock going inside her. She pushed up at him as he buried all 9 inches in her. Jacob held her tits and sucked on her nipples while he fucked the young nymph. Adora soon hit orgasm. Her body vibrated as the man kept ramming his huge member in and out of the small girl. He groaned loudly as he shot a huge load of semen deep into her. He kept erupting for a long time. After he was done, he stood and picked her up in his arms. She wrapped her legs around his waist, and her arms around his neck. She pressed her tits tight against his chest. He held her by the butt as he moved his mouth to hers and kissed her deeply. He finally put her back on her feet. 

    Adora said, "We'd better get to grading those papers, Mr. Johnston."

    He shook his head. "I already finished grading them during my free period. You got an A+. Just relax here a few minutes. We'll fuck again in about 15 minutes. Is that ok with you?"

    Adora beamed. "Oh yes, Jacob. Your cock fills me up better than any other cock I've ever fucked. The other girls in school will be so jealous when they hear what we did today. They all wish they could fuck you."

    Jacob looked startled. "Oh, you can't tell anyone. You won't tell, will you?"

    Adora giggled. "Of course I won't tell anyone. If you were hauled off to jail for fucking an under-aged girl I wouldn't be able to fuck you anymore, and I want that huge cock pounding into me many more times."

    Adora sat in a chair near him. She reached over and fondled his cock until it started hardening. He said, "Go ahead and suck it until it gets hard again, Adora." She did as instructed. 

    When he was sufficiently hard, he sat in his chair, lifted her, and had her straddle his lap. His huge cock had no problem entering for the second time. He loved the look of pleasure he saw on the young girl's face. It wasn't long before he shot another huge load of cum inside the girl. 

    While they got dressed, Adora said, "You can fuck me anytime you want, Jacob. Here is my phone number. Just text me whenever you need my pussy. If you know any other men or boys who want to fuck me, give them my number. I'll fuck any guy who wants me."

    Jacob looked concerned. "Maybe I was rash in consenting to this today. Have you been tested for STD's lately?"

    She looked confused at first. "Oh, you mean venereal disease. Yes. My mom is a nurse. She's the one who got the birth-control pills for me. She has me and my uncle checked once every two weeks. She knows a doctor who handles that for her. She gives him a blow-job, or maybe even fucks him so he'll keep it quiet." She paused a minute. "I still wish I could tell some of the girls here in school about fucking you. They'd all want to fuck you, for sure."

    Jacob chuckled. "Who says I'm not fucking some of the other girls? You know I never have to pursue any girl or woman. They are constantly approaching me with all sorts of propositions."

    Adora waited for him to continue. But he didn't say anything more about it. "Go on home, Adora. We'll fuck again soon. I promise."

    After she was dressed, she went home with a dreamy look on her face. Her mother, Anna, asked what she was so happy about. "I just fucked the man of my dreams, mom. He has such a huge cock and is so strong and powerful every girl in school wants to fuck him."

    "Oh. Is he a boy in one of your classes?"

    Adora gasped. "Boy? Oh no. He's my literature teacher. I'm not supposed to tell anyone about it though. Don't want to get him in trouble. He said we can do it again sometime. Could I have him over sometime? I'll bet he'd like to fuck you too."

    "You work it out yourself. If you bring him here, he'll probably find out about the way we live. Do you think he would keep that secret?"

    "Yeah, I do. He told me he has fucked a lot of girls in school. He wouldn't want me to tell anyone about that."

    The next day at school. Adora handed the teacher a note. When he got the chance, Jacob read it. "Jacob, I really loved fucking you. If you want, you can come to my place Saturday. We can fuck for hours together there. Text me and let me know."

    Later that day, Adora got a text message from him. He said, "I'll be there at 10 in the morning. I have a surprise for you."

    Saturday couldn't get there soon enough for Adora. She told her mother and uncle all about him. At 10:00 the doorbell rang. Adora answered in the nude. She was surprised to see a woman and two girls with him. She let them in, and led them into the living room, where her mother and uncle were sitting in the nude. They both stood, and smiled. "Hello, you must be the famous Jacob Johnston. I'm Anna, and this is my brother, Eric. Please make yourselves comfortable."

    "Very happy to meet you, Anna and Eric." Said Jacob. He started taking his clothes off. His wife and daughters stripped too. "This is my wife, Linda. And these girls are our daughters, Kelly, age 5 and Terry, age 9." He looked at his wife. "See what I told you, Linda? Isn't Adora a gorgeous young woman?"

    Linda said, "Oh yes, and her mother is a beautiful woman as well."

    Anna said, "Thank you Linda. You're beautiful as well." She looked at Jacob's semi-erect cock. "You were right, Adora. He does have a fantastic cock. It is huge. I hope to feel it inside me soon."

    He chuckled. "I told Linda and the girls they could watch me fuck Adora today. If you don't mind. Kelly and Terry, why don't you sit on Eric's lap for awhile."

    The girls eagerly went and jumped on Eric's lap and started fondling his cock and balls. Adora got on her knees in front of Jacob and sucked his cock until it was stiff as a board. Jacob laid her on her back, and moved over the top of her. She guided his pole to her fuck-hole. Anna and Linda watched closely while he pressed it inside the young girl. Adora loved having an audience while she fucked. It didn't take them long to reach orgasm. Adora moaned and shivered with extreme pleasure before Jacob shot his hot cum inside her. 

    They relaxed a little while. Linda walked over to where her daughters were sitting on Eric's lap. She smiled, and said. "I see you girls got Eric's cock nice and hard for mommy. Get down now. Mommy has to have that hot cock inside her."

    Eric was pleasantly surprised when Linda straddled his lap and pressed his cock to her pussy. She grunted when he shoved up inside her. He looked over and saw the 5 and 9-year-old girls licking the cum from their dad's cock and balls. They soon had him stiff. Jacob said, "That's enough for now, girls. Daddy has another beautiful woman he promised to fuck."

    He reached up and took Anna's hand, and pulled her to the floor. He pressed his hard cock inside her, and fucked in and out of her. Anna and Jacob fucked the same time Eric and Linda were fucking. Adora and the little girls watched it all. Soon, both couples orgasmed. When the women moved from the cocks, Kelly went to Eric's cock and started licking up his cum from him. She smiled up at him. "I like the taste of your cum, Eric." Terry did the same to her dad.

    They all found a place to sit down after that. Linda talked quietly with her daughters for a moment. The girls went back and sat on Eric's lap, one on each leg, facing away from him. They both took one of his hands and guided it between their legs. He got the idea and started rubbing each of their pussies. Adora was sitting up tight against Jacob. She said, "I never thought your wife knew about us fucking, before. You scared me away that one time when you said she was coming to pick you up at school."

    "Yes, I know, Adora. I don't cheat on my wife though. I told her all about you that night, and she agreed that I should fuck you. I think she thinks it was a good idea now that she's met you."

    Linda said, "Yes, I loved the look on your face when my husband brought you to orgasm today. You have permission to fuck or suck Jacob anytime you and he want."

    Adora asked, "What about all the other girls you said you have been fucking, Jacob? Who are they?"

    He chuckled. "I said, maybe I was fucking a lot of girls in school. But, I haven't been. I don't want to take a chance on anyone opening their mouths about it. I have fucked some older girls from the high school though. Linda knows all about them. I know you won't say anything about it to the wrong people, since you and your family have something to hide, as well. Your mother fucks her brother, and you fuck your uncle. That is illegal too.

    Linda looked over at the girls on Eric's lap. "Okay, girls. Why don't you give Eric his big surprise now." Eric's cock was stiff. The girls got off his lap and started licking and sucking his cock and balls. The 5-year-old sucked his balls into her mouth while the 9-year-old sucked his shaft as far as she could into her mouth. Then they switched. Eric was getting close to orgasm. Terry took his cock in her hand and jacked him off as fast as she could. He shook and shivered as he shot his hot cum straight up. The girls covered his cock with their mouths alternately, drinking as much cum as they could. When he was done ejaculating they licked the residue off his belly, cock and balls. Their faces were covered in white, sticky cum.

    They smiled up at Eric before running and jumping on their daddy's lap. They gave him a big kiss. He said they did a good job making Eric squirt so much cum. Linda said they sure did. Terry looked at Eric and said: "Mommy taught us how to do that. We practice a lot on daddy."

    Anna said, "This was all a big surprise to us. We never dreamed you and your family were like this. Adora always said you were so proper in school, Jacob. Do you have much sex with other people?"

    "I have to be circumspect while at school. I can't have anyone suspecting the truth. As for sex with others, I want to invite you to a party at our place this evening. There will be 15 to 20 people there. Clothing is forbidden while there."

    "Will grandpa be there, daddy?" Asked Terry.

    "Of course he will be, honey. He's the one who introduced us to this lifestyle."

    "Good. He makes me feel so good when he licks my pussy.

    Adora gave Jacob a blow-job before they left. She said she'd never had a good mouthful of his cum yet. She swallowed all of it when he ejaculated into her mouth.


    Eric drove them over to the Johnston's at 6pm. Linda answered the door. She had them strip right away. She led them over to an older man who had her daughters on his lap. "I'd like you to meet my dad, Dick. He's the man who got this whole thing going. He introduced me to sex when I was very young."

    Dick stood up. He looked like he was about 70. His cock was stiff. He grinned when he saw Adora. "Awe. That's the girl who seduced your husband. I can see why he couldn't resist her."

    Adora didn't waste the opportunity. She reached out and took his cock in her hand. "Glad to meet your dick. I mean, glad to meet you, Dick. I've never fucked a man your age before. Would you mind?"

    Dick loved ramming his old cock into the young girl. They were on the floor, with the old man pounding his stiff cock into the child. She reached orgasm before he shot his hot cum inside her. After they were done, he said. "I haven't fucked a girl as young as you since Linda was your age. You are a very beautiful and sexy girl."

    Adora giggled. "I loved fucking an old man. Did Jacob tell you I will fuck anyone who wants me? I will."

    Adora looked up when she heard a girl laughing. It was a 12-year-old girl she knew from school. Adora stood up. "Caron, I didn't know you'd be here. We both talked about wanting to fuck Mr. Johnston. You never let on that you were already fucking him."

    "He told me I couldn't tell anyone about it. He didn't know at that time that you were fucking your uncle. My dad is a single father. He taught me about sex when I was 4. We always sleep together, and fuck a lot. Jacob learned about that before he allowed me to fuck him. My dad is here. I'll introduce you to him."

    She found her dad fucking a 14-year-old girl. Caron and Adora watched them until they were done. "This is my dad, Steve. Dad meet the horniest 11-year-old girl in the world, Adora."

    He smiled at Adora, as he looked her body up and down. Caron said, "It would be fun if you fuck Adora while I fuck her uncle. Would you be willing to do that, Adora?"

    Adora said, "I'll fuck anyone with a cock, who is willing. I love sex. What are there, about 12 or 15 guys here now? I want to fuck every one of them before I leave."

    After Adora fucked Steve, she found the next guy who wasn't already involved in sex, and sucked his cock to erection, and fucked him. There were a couple teens among the guys she fucked, as well. At one point she was fucking a guy and sucking off two other guys at the same time. She proved to be the horniest girl at the party.


    Over the next few years Adora went to a lot more orgies with the Johnstons. She and her mother fucked Jacob a lot of times. Adora fucked Dick many times as well. The old man seemed to get harder and ejaculate more semen whenever he fucked the young girl. Adora found more opportunity at school to fuck other boys as well. Whenever a boy showed interest in her, she would contrive a way to get him alone to either fuck him or give him a blow-job.

    It got even better when she went into high school. She was 14 and a freshman. The first day in school she was a little nervous, but not extremely so. After getting her schedule she went searching for her first class. She saw a boy looking at her. He was about 16. He looked like a geek. She started to tell him to stop staring. But, she decided to use him, instead. She walked right up to him with a sultry look on her face. "Hi, I'm new to the school. If you show me where my first class is, I'll give you a blow-job."

    The boy was surprised. He stammered. "Yeah, ok. Where? When?"

    She grabbed him by the arm and led him into the girls' restroom. She took him into a stall and locked it. She quickly pulled his pants down and sucked his cock into her mouth. She soon had him ejaculate into her mouth. The boy couldn't believe his good fortune. She swallowed it all. When she stood up, she smiled at him. "I have to have the taste of cum in my mouth all the time." When they went out in the hall, she said: "Don't bother showing me where my classroom is. I have a map. Don't bother telling anyone what I did. Nobody would believe a beautiful girl like me wound suck-off a geek like you."

    Adora recognized a lot of students who she knew in middle school. She ran into her friend, Caron, who was a year older than Adora. They chattered like mad at each other. Caron said, "You are going to love it here. The Juniors and Seniors are all horny and will fuck any girl who is willing. I get laid at least twice a day. Do you want me to set you up with some of the best studs in school? There is one guy with a huge cock I know you will like. You are practically the prettiest girl in school. You should try out for cheer leader. Then you'd really be popular."

    Adora interrupted her. "Sheesh, Caron. You are going too fast. I want to meet that stud, with a big cock first. You know how much I love fucking."

    Caron sent off a text message to the 17-year-old boy. "Glen, I told this girl, Adora, about you. She is a freshman. She is gorgeous. She loves sex, so I know you'll be able to get in her pants."

    They texted back and forth a little, before setting up a meeting between Glen and Adora. They met at the cafeteria at lunch time. Glen was excited when he saw the gorgeous 14-year-old girl. "Hi. Caron said you like sex a lot."

    Adora smiled. "Yeah, I love fucking and sucking cock. I need it all the time."

    Glen snuck her into the boys' restroom, and into a stall. He greedily stripped her clothes off her. When he dropped his pants he immediately rammed his huge cock inside her pussy, up against the wall. Adora wrapped her legs around him while he kept impelling her with his pole, over and over again. She squealed with orgasmic bliss while he shot his hot cum deep inside her. When he was done he pulled his pants back up. "Adora, if you want to fuck again, meet me in the boys' locker room after school. I have some friends who I know will want a piece of you."

    He pushed Adora out of the stall, naked. There were 3 boys in the restroom who gawked at her. Glen left her there to fend for herself. She casually put her clothes on while smiling at the startled boys. She swung her hips as she walked out of the restroom.

    Adora stood outside the boy's locker room until she was sure most of the guys were gone. She quickly slipped through the door and entered. Glen was there, wearing just his shorts. 3 other guys were there too. They seemed to drool when they saw her. "Take your clothes off, Adora." Said Glen. "Which one of us do you want to fuck first?"

    Adora liked the way Glen took charge. She was soon completely naked. The guys all dropped their underwear. She sucked each of them a little, before grabbing one at random. She lay back and pulled the boy on top of her by his cock. The guy fucked her fast, until he shot his hot cum inside her. She loved having her pussy rammed by 3 boys in a row, one after the other. They all fucked her twice before they were done. Adora was exhausted. The boys left her lying on the locker room floor. 

    When she sat up and started to get up she saw a man looking at her. It was the janitor. He was a short 50ish man, with a crooked grin on his face. His voice was high pitched. He chuckled. "I saw it all, girl. You let those boys fuck you over and over again." Adora covered the front of her body with her clothes. He moved close to her and pulled the clothes away. He reached out and fondled her tits with his hands. "I won't report this if you let me fuck you too."

    Adora watched him take his clothes off. His cock was on the small side. But, she was a nymphet who could never turn down a cock. She wasn't worried about him reporting her, though. She reached out and took a hold of his cock and stroked it a little. She then got on her knees and sucked it into her mouth. The man looked shocked. He'd never had anyone suck his cock before. He had never even had sex. She lay back and pulled the man on top of her. He didn't know what to do, so she guided his hard little cock to her fuck-hole. While the man fucked her, she guided his mouth to her tits and got him to suck on her nipples. She had another orgasm while he shot his not semen inside her. 

    While they dressed, she said, "Mr. Whipple. I know you were a virgin before we fucked. I am a nymph, and can't turn down anyone who has a cock. We will fuck again, if you want."

    He got that crooked grin on his face, and said. "Sure thing." She had made his day.

    The next day Adora told Caron what she'd done with the guys and janitor in the locker room. Caron laughed. "Mr. Whipple? That old geezer? I believe you were his first fuck. Surprised he didn't have a heart attack. He spies on girls in the shower a lot. He pays some of the girls not to tell. I heard he jacks off, while watching them shower, through a peep-hole." They both giggled.

    Caron said, "They are doing tryouts for cheerleading today at noon in the gym. You should try it. You are so gorgeous you'll have all kinds of guys chasing you if you are on the cheerleading squad."

    Adora showed up at the gym for tryouts. There were about 20 girls in all. They only needed 8 plus 2 substitutes. The cheerleading squad leader said, "Attention everyone. My name is Ilsa. As you can see, this is the outfit you will have to wear if you make the squad. Those of you who were on the squad last year have to make the squad again. We only have 15 outfits here now. We have some plain skirts for those of you who don't get an outfit. Go into the locker room and change. 

    While she was changing into a cheerleading outfit with the other girls, one of the girls said. "You are a gorgeous girl. You're sure to make the squad if you can jump at all. My name is Maggi. Ilsa is my sister. I hope I can make the squad."

    "Hi, Maggi. I'm Adora. The only reason I want on the squad is so I can meet guys to fuck. I love fucking."

    Maggi grinned. "Me too. I fuck a lot. I even fuck my sister's boyfriend. He's the best fuck in the world. After he cums, his cock gets hard again right away. He has fucked as many as 20 girls, one after another. Have you ever heard of a boy named Abe?"

    Adora shook her head. "No, but I think I'd like to meet him."

    "You should see him today. He will probably watch the cheerleading tryouts. He's never far from Ilsa."

    "Does Ilsa know you fuck him sometimes?"

    "I don't fuck him sometimes. I fuck him all the time. Ilsa and I share him."

    "It's not like he is related, I guess." Said Adora.

    "No, he's not related to us. He stays the night with us and sleeps with us. Sometimes we stay at his place overnight and fuck. But, it is a bit crowded. There are some twins staying at his place, John and Amy. They are a year older than I am."

    "Do they have sex with you and Abe?"

    "Oh, yes. Abe took Amy's virginity when she was 12. I like fucking her brother too."

    "Well, it's not like the twins fuck each other, or like someone fucking her uncle or teacher."

    "Or, in Abe's case, fucking his mother, or me fucking my dad or brother."

    Adora said. "This isn't hypothetical, is it, Maggi?"

    She grinned, "Maybe. Is it hypothetical about you fucking your uncle and teacher?"

    Adora looked at her. "Let's not talk about that right now." They were in their cheerleading outfits by that time, and went back into the gym."

    There were some guys there watching the tryouts. A 17-year-old boy was talking to Ilsa. Maggi grabbed Adora's hand and led her to them. "Abe, this is Adora. I told her all about you. She wanted to meet you." She whispered into his ear. "It's ok. She fucks her uncle and her teacher."

    Abe smiled down at Adora. "I'm very happy to meet you. Would you like to talk after tryouts?"

    She smiled at him. "Sure. I'm open to anything."

    Adora made the squad. She wasn't the most athletic, but wasn't terrible. Her good looks got her on the squad. The only thing significant at the tryouts was Maggi. She didn't put any panties on. When she jumped and spread her legs her pussy and butt were visible to all. There were a couple faculty members there. The female teacher escorted her out of practice. She got detention for that. Ilsa said, "Maggi, you stupid cunt. You failed to make the squad."

    Ilsa and Abe talked to Adora after the tryouts were over. "We'll work on your technique, Adora." Said Ilsa, "You are the most beautiful girl in school. Abe really likes the way you look. Would you like to meet with us at lunch in room 105 tomorrow? I think you'll be pleasantly surprised."

    Later that day Adora saw the janitor cleaning up a spill in the hallway. When he saw her, he stopped and stared. She grinned and walked up to him. She whispered in his ear. "If you want to have a good time, meet me in the girl's locker room after school."

    He got that conspiratorial look on his face. He nodded his head. He had never felt so good in his life. He had a big grin on his face for the rest of the day.

    Adora never realized she had a class with Maggi, later that day. Adora said, "What were you thinking, Maggi? You must have known you would be cut from the squad for going without underwear."

    Maggi giggled. "I don't want to be a cheerleader. My sister loves it though. I wanted guys to know I'm available. What better way to let them know than by showing them my pussy?"

    Adora chuckled. "I get it, Maggi. You are a sly one. My mother and uncle call me a nymphet. That's because I'll fuck anyone with a cock who is willing. Ilsa told me to go to room 105 tomorrow at noon. She said I'd be pleasantly surprised at what Abe would do."

    "You won't have to wait that long if you'll come to my place tonight. Abe and his mother will be staying overnight."

    "Sounds like fun." Said Adora. "What time should I be there?" 

    "Anytime you want. You can bring your uncle if your want."

    "What about my mother? She has sex with my uncle all the time, too. My uncle is her little brother." Said Adora.

    Maggi giggled. "This is getting better all the time. Yes, she must come over too. I'll bet she'll want to fuck Abe, too."


    Adora went to the girl's locker room after school with 3 other girls, including her friend, Caron. When they went in, Adora called. "Mr. Whipple, come out here." He looked, wide eyed at the 4 girls when he got there. "We are all going to get naked. Then you are going to lick all our pussies, and make us orgasm. After that, you are going to dip your cock into all our pussies."

    Whipple was all eyes as the 4 teenage girls stripped in front of him. Adora said. "Take your clothes off too, Whipple. You are going to give us all orgasms."

    The four girls stood in a row, side by side while he finished taking his clothes off. Adora had them all sit on a bench and spread their legs. "Come her and get on your knees in front of me, Whipple. Put your face to my slit and lick across it. That feels good.. Now, find my fuck-hole with your finger. Push it inside and fuck in and out of me like you would with your cock. That's right. It feels good. See that button there." She took his finger and guided it. "That is my clit. Rub it vigorously in a circular motion. Mm, yes. While doing that, lick my pussy. You will have me orgasming in no time."

    Adora guided him some more, and she soon reached orgasm. She exaggerated her orgasming, saying, "Oh yes." She shook with her orgasm. After she was done she had him move to the next girl. Adora talked him through that one as well. When he got to Caron, she said, "I don't know about this, Adora. He doesn't really turn me on."

    "Come on Caron. You promised you'd do this. Besides, an orgasm is an orgasm, no matter how you get it." Adora knew that Caron faked her orgasm in order to get it over with.

    Adora smiled at him. "How do you feel giving 4 young girls orgasms, Whipple?"

    He gave her his crooked smile. "I like it. But my tongue is kind of tired."

    "You'll get used to it. Milly, suck on his cock to get it hard. It is too soft to enter your pussy yet." Milly was the skinny 14-year-old who was just beginning to develop breasts. She got on her knees in front of him and sucked on his cock until he was hard enough. She then leaned back and pulled his cock to her pussy. 

    Adora said. "You can fuck in and out of her with 10 strokes. Then you have to move on to the next girl." Adora counted his strokes out loud. Milly smiled over at Adora while the older man fucked her. He then moved over to Caron. She said, "Oh fuck." She had her legs together. Then she said, "Alright, old man, stick your little cock inside me." She spread her legs. She had to help him find her fuck-hole. After his 10 strokes he moved to the 3rd girl. Then it was Adora's turn. As she guided his stiff cock to her cunt, she said. "Fuck me as hard and fast as you can. I want you to fill my young pussy with your hot semen."

    Whipple did just that. Adora had another orgasm while fucking the man. He soon shook and shivered as he shot his hot cum inside the girl. When he was done, Adora said. "We are all going to go shower now." While they did that she continued. "Whipple, you have a reputation here of being a sour old pervert who the students all make fun of. You will always be a pervert, but I intend to make you a happy one. I want you to smile and greet the students when you see them. One of us girls will come here after school, everyday, and fuck you. You must do whatever we tell you. Also, whenever a girl brings a guy, or guys, in here, leave them alone and keep a watch-out for them. Warn them if a teacher or adult staff comes in. Will you do that, Mr. Whipple?"

    He said, with his crooked grin on his face, "Sure Adora. I'll do anything you want as long as I can keep fucking all you girls."

   "Good, Milly will come here tomorrow after school. I could tell she really enjoyed having your cock inside her pussy."


    That evening Adora went to Ilsa and Maggi's house with her uncle, and mother, Eric and Anna.

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