Seek Him What Made Them Seven Stars
By Waddie Greywolf

Chapter 8

“For if, in any manner, we can stimulate this instinct, new passages are opened for us into nature, the mind flows into and through things hardest and highest, and metamorphosis is possible.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Billy and Nick began to make passionate love, and they were on fire with lust for each other. Billy could never remember feeling so alive. Each nuance of every moment of his time with Nick was a realization of his strong attraction for him, and he could feel Nick’s unquestionable attraction for him. They were like opposite ends of a bar magnet inexplicably drawn together to form a perfect union which would hold them as a strong bond until forced apart; even then, if they were moved close enough within each other’s sphere of attraction they would instantly be drawn together again.

Was it the herbs? Was it the enhancements the Irin gave him? Was it a combination of both? It felt so perfect; so right. Billy felt neither remorse nor guilt for his commitment or bonding with Boomer on Retikki Prime. Theirs was a bonding of family; more of faith and trust than one of carnal lust; although, Billy had to admit, old Boom was a magnificent beast quite capable of considerable passion and an E-ticket ride, no doubt. He certainly managed to move the stars around in Billy’s firmament. Was all this coming about because the Grigori planned it, and the Irin enhanced it? Some things you can ruin by over-thinking. Billy wouldn’t let it happen.

“If you got in mind what I think you do, I have to tell you, I ain’t never anally penetrated many men in all my years, Son, for a couple of reasons,” Nick said quietly.

“Possible transfer of genetic information?” Billy asked.

“Yes, me and Clyde were warned against it years ago; so many years, I can’t even recall them all. If swallowing my spunk produced enough change in you to reconnect your latent mental hearing abilities, and it survived your stomach acids to achieve it, consider how much more powerful they might be if you ingest them anally. The greatest absorption areas of your body are the last two feet of yore’ gut and the bottom of your feet,” Nick said.

“Que sera, sera,” Billy said, as he propped up his Angel with a couple of earthquake pillows they kept for throws for the huge leather couch in front of the fireplace.

“That’s Italian for what will be, will be, ain’t it?” Nick asked.

“Yeah, it’s an old song title from the 1950's,” Billy confirmed.

“Billy, I ain’t shit’n ya’ none, without anyway to know what them enhancements the Irin done to you, they’s no telling what might happen if’n I’s to pump you full of my gizz; and you know I ain’t gonna’ be able to hold back, none, once’t you get that sweet cowboy ass of yorn’ wrapped around my old cayuse,” Nick said with concern in his voice.
“Have I complimented you lately on your cowboy-speak, Bird-man?” Billy asked and laughed, “That last sentence was some mighty fine cowboy talk, Pod’na.’ If’n I didn’t know no better, I’d swear you been a Texas rancher all yore’ life,” Billy declared, and laughed. He got a big grin from Nick. “You’re right, Nick, ain’t no argument, but as wise and all-know’n as you say them alien folks is, don’t you think they took that into consideration? They knew before they done it, it t’weren’t gonna’ keep you and me from make’n the beast wiff' two backs. I think they expect it to happen. I got enough faith in them, they would’ve warned me of any dire circumstances what might arise from our coupling. They didn’t say nothing. I wouldn't be surprised to discover they planned for it to happen,” Billy said firmly.

“Considering all analogies or metaphors, don’t humans usually consummate a bonding or marriage after a ceremony?” Nick asked.

“Yeah, but you wouldn’t expect a cowboy to buy a pair of boots until he tried ‘em on for size and walked around in ‘em for a bit, would you?” Billy asked in reply.

“Yeah, but ain’t chu’ got this master/slave thing back-assward? Ain’t I the one what’s suppose to be get’n fucked, here? What kind of master would sit on his slave’s cock to please him rather than the other way around?” Nick asked with a puzzled look on his face.

“A good one!” Billy exclaimed without thinking, “Besides, a wise man knows beauty and pleasure is in the moment of the individual experience. You wouldn’t buy a horse until you was sure he’d welcome you to his saddle, and give you a good ride, would you?” he asked.

“Makes sense to me,” Nick replied, “climb on my old horse, and let’s see what chu’ got, Buckaroo,” Nick challenged and laughed.

Billy could feel the full power of Hank’s herbs taking over, and he couldn’t wait another minute. He removed his butt plug, wrapped it in a small towel, and set it aside. Nick was already solidly erect, but Billy wanted a taste of his angel’s cock before he made it disappear where the sun don’t shine. He wondered mischievously if an angel’s cock glowed in the dark. If so, it just might shed new light on the phrase, the dark hole of Calcutta. 'Now, cut that out!' he chastised himself, 'Them ain’t nice thoughts. They's kinda funny though,' he added to his thought.

Billy didn’t hesitate to take Nick to the hilt down his throat, and gently gnawed on the base of his huge member. Nick moaned in ecstasy. Billy pulled off, and ran his tongue beneath, around, and under Nick’s ample foreskin collecting his strong male flavors. Sucking Nick’s penis was like imbibing in a special or forbidden treat. He wondered if an angel’s penis was the forbidden fruit in the garden of E-Dan. If, so, he thought it was too great a temptation for any man made from the dust of the Earth to pass over. As a cowboy, Billy ate his fair portion of dirt over the years and the heavy red clay of the Hill Country settled to his lowest extremities. He knew his feet of clay would have failed the test of resolve miserably. Oh, that Nick’s too, too solid flesh would melt, thaw, and resolve itself into a dew. ‘Christ-a-mighty, where did that come from?’ he thought to himself, and he almost choked when he heard Samson and Maybelle laugh.

Billy positioned himself on his knees next to Nick’s hips, reached back with his hand, removed the small anal plug, found his Bird-man's rock-hard cock, positioned the large head at his rosebud, and with one huge lunge made it disappear up his ass. When he hit the base he heard Nick growl like a big bear what just mounted another bear, but his face was radiant from the feeling of his engorged penis docked deep inside his soon to be cowboy master. Sometimes – not often, but sometimes – life can be sweet. This was definitely one of those moments. He closed his eyes and smiled as he gave one more short stroke into Billy’s voluptuous buttocks to sink his last ounce of rock-solid flesh therein.

“Well – that’s one,” Nick said firmly.

“One what?” Billy asked.

“One load deposited up your fine cowboy ass,” Nick replied.

“You done shot already?” Billy asked.

“Couldn’t help it. When a real buckaroo mounts yore’ old pony, and knows what he’s doing, you know you got an honest-to-god man of the West in your saddle. Ain’t no finer feeling in the world, Son. It’s been so long, I forgot how wonderful it can be, but before I could say anything, my pride, my raging stallion, my demon-dong, filled your empty void,” Nick said.

“You don’t get off so easy, Tonto,” Billy said.   
“I was a’ hoping you might feel that way,” Nick said and grinned, “Give yore’ old cayuse a good ride, Kemosabe,” Nick urged him.     

“I plan to, my faithful companion,” Billy said with determination, dropping his voice an octave to sound like the masked man. Billy wondered if the Lone Ranger ever invited Tonto to fuck him, or if he ever sucked his faithful Indian companion’s cock. He was sure they were bonded mates, or at least, he hoped they were. They had to be. Two men couldn’t travel, live together so many years, fighting injustice, rescuing each other from sure death to save their lives, and not share a closer walk with thee. Beside, Billy rationalized, you’d really have to love a man deeply to allow him to call you ‘Tonto,’ or ‘Kemosabe’ for that matter. Billy knew he and Nick didn’t have a problem with it. They rather enjoyed the cognomens. Somehow, Billy thought the names almost challenged a greater inspection into their relationship. Maybe that wasn’t so good. He’d have to think about it.

“Was there something unusual in them cakes or the coffee?” Nick asked.

“Yeah, I added a small packet of exotic herbs Hank brought back with him from Retikki Prime. He and Buck gave ‘em to me and Boomer in a cup of strong tea on our first night together, and they were wonderful. I thought you might like to share them with me. I feel you still strong in my ass, that’s a good sign you’re feeling the effects,” Billy said and took a good long slide off and returned to the base of Nick’s cock.

“I thought something was a little different, but I like it. It’s mellow, relaxing, but it makes me horny as if I really was a demon from Hell. It definitely brings out the demonic part of me,” Nick said and began to morph into a red devil under Billy with huge ram like horns, large legs like a satyr with black hooves, a long red tail with a barb on the end, a long black tongue with which he leaned forward and took a big lick of Billy from his navel to his neck as he grew larger beneath his master. He grew bigger physically all over including his already sizable cock. Nick’s wings were changed to black leathery bat like wings, and he was completely bald beneath his horns. His eyes were like two black marbles. Billy could see his own reflection in them.

“Oh, my God, that’s so hot! You’s filling me up so good, Tonto!” Billy exclaimed, as he worked his ass harder on Nick’s cock. He could feel it growing larger to compensate for Nick’s overall increase in size. It was no longer just comfortable. It was filling his ass to the max, and it felt sensational. Nick became a fucking devil; the cowboy’s own personal demon for him to ride and fuck with his ass. Billy threw back his head and roared with laughter. He got Nick laughing, but a demon laughing his ass off somehow took the scary part away. They were both enjoying the novelty of their unusual coupling.

“I brought my computer with me to the cabin to show you some pictures of the many different ways people imagine the devil, and they post them on an Internet site called Deviant Art. Some are wonderful. Others are way out. I love one artist’s pictures more than the others, and want you to morph to look like him sometime when you fuck me,” Billy said.

“As my master, your wish is my command, sir,” Nick said, “shall I morph back, my young master?” Nick asked.

“Fuck no! Not for a while, at least. I like you like this. I wanna’ get you off this way. I wanna’ satisfy the inner demon in bowfuss,” Billy said in the cowboy tongue, with a wicked grin.

Billy took another long trip up and back down the enormous shaft in his ass, but Nick’s cock felt different. Billy raised up again, and felt the huge red shaft up his ass with his hand. Positioned about an inch apart were black bumps circling Nick’s red cock that felt like speed bumps when Billy fucked himself. He looked Nick in the eye, and his demon grinned real big.

“The better to fuck you with, my good Master,” Nick responded in a deep demon voice and laughed.

“Damnation! That’s so hot, Nick. I may ruin my ass, but I feel challenged to ride you like this until I get you off,” Billy declared.

“Cowboy up!” Nick growled, “If you can ride Satan’s cock, you can ride anything, Buckaroo,” Nick teased him.

Billy was a cowboy who never backed down from a challenge. In his mind, Nick, Satan, his Demon Dad, or his radiant angel of light, the most ruggedly handsome of all the angels was being incorporated into a single fuck. How sweet was that? He was out to prove something to one and all of them. If they said the magic words asking him to take them as his slave and paid homage to his boots, he would welcome Nick and company into his fold; into the very heart of his family with open arms. The experience of riding the big demon’s cock was like none other he could ever imagine. It was like a gift from the story book of his fertile imagination working overtime. He decided the speed bumps were going to be a major spoiler for sex with any other man or critter.
He worked his ass hard, and rode his mount faster until he got a rhythm going which almost encompassed the length of Nick’s enormous demon shaft. Billy could almost smell the fire and brimstone as Nick arched his back to meet his rider’s fearless thrusts with his ass, slamming his huge red cock into Billy’s lower abdomen. Nick could actually see the outline of his demon cock press outward trying to break through Billy’s stomach area. It was the sight what tripped the demon’s come switch and Satan was conquered by the hard riding young cowboy. Nick blew his massive, full bags of demon seed hot and heavy into Billy like a demonic horse of the apocalypse might mate a willing mare. Nick growled, grumbled, and shouted his lost of control as he emptied more and more of his demonic gizz deep within his master’s safe-hold like he was making a deposit in his castle’s keep.

Billy made one huge final lunge and shot his load six feet into the air over his red devil’s head, slammed his ass down hard for his final lunge, and collapsed in a dead faint like a frightened genetically-narcoleptic goat. After his thundering ejaculation he remained impaled on his demon’s hugely engorged penis. Nick engulfed his young cowboy in his massively muscular arms, stroked him gently with his rough hot red hands, licked him on and about his upper body and face with his large industrial-strength black leathery tongue, and whispered, “You rode Satan to win the rodeo, Cowboy. You beat the devil’s rod to make it sit up, take notice, and forced it to share its bounty with you. You have tamed the savage beast within your demon dad. Like a wild bronc who knows he’s been conquered, you have broken me to your saddle, and your prize is my love and trust. I will no longer be a beast from Hell with your practiced hand to guide me, unless you call me forth to satisfy or pleasure you as my master. I will gladly give my heart and soul to you to be your slave. So say I, born Samu’el, known as the Archangel Lucifer, the bearer of light, the morning and evening star, Azazel, Beelzebub, Azmodeus, Satan, Nick, and Tonto; so I have said, it shall be. Hosanna in the highest!” he exclaimed.

“I love you, Tonto,” Billy said.

“And I love you, Kemosabe, my good Son,” Nick replied.

Billy engaged his demon in a goodly kiss. He’d never kissed a demon before, but the excitement caused him to grind his ass around hard on Nick’s demon rod. They broke off their kiss, and Nick sighed a contented sigh like that of an old heifer what just got fucked. “Shall I change back, Master?” Nick asked.

“Not quiet yet. Let your master enjoy this moment. Some of you slipped out. Please – put it back inside your master’s sheath to keep it warm for a while longer,” Billy requested.

“My Master’s wish is my command, sir,” Nick said and worked the rest of his demon cock back into Billy’s ass.

“Home?” Billy asked.

“Sweet home,” Nick replied and gently kissed his master on his head.

 * * * * * * *
Billy enjoyed the closeness with his surrogate demon dad, but he finally withdrew from his perch, and lay in the big red monster’s arms. He examined Nick in his Satan form more closely and was impressed by his huge cock with black bumps around it. He could only imagine trying to suck the thing, but knew he would challenge himself to try. Billy retrieved his plug and deftly inserted it into his ass to keep from leaving trails of demon gizz around the cabin. He got a warm damp hand towel to clean his demon and marveled at the heightened musculature of Nick’s body in his Satan form. He was truly impressive, and sexy as Hell to Billy.

‘Was 'Hell’ sexy?’ he wondered. Probably, since inventive sex and anything beyond the missionary position was taboo with them Fundigelicial fools. ‘Creative sex’ in their small world became an oxymoron. ‘How sad for them,’ he thought. No wonder so many of them bible-banging married men sought out a good time with a gay man on the down-low. They got more bang for their buck that way. They were told they were born sinful so a little more couldn’t hurt none, and if they padded their next donation when the collection plate was passed around, Jesus would forgive them. It all worked out for them. They could turn their heads the other way and rationalize their vote against equal rights for gays because they were forgiven knowing there was always going to be gay people willing to scratch their itch. That way, they could have their cake (cock?) and eat it, too.

Billy just couldn’t understand what the fuss or horror was all about if the handsome but fierce looking demon before him was the form Nick used to scare the tribal witch doctors of the various early religions. He chuckled to himself as he gently cleaned his giant demon. Billy had to admit, Nick was stunningly handsome as an angel, but equally impressive as a demon. Billy thought Nick certainly must have made a lasting impression on them goat herders and camel jockeys during the bronze age. “Now I got me a good look at my demon lover and new dad, you may change back, Pa,” Billy said.

“Pa?" Nick asked, and grinned, “I like that. Thank you, Son. I’m a bit more comfortable in my natural state,” Nick said as he morphed back to his regular angel body complete with wings. “Yesterday, when I morphed into a copy of you, it hurt my wing when I morphed back, but it didn’t this time. I’m convinced you have been given the gift of healing,” Nick said quietly.

“It would be a nice talent to have,” Billy said, as he rinsed and cleaned himself with the same towel he used to clean Nick, “How ‘bout another cup of coffee and another Hosanna cake?” Billy asked.

“May as well. I love them sweet cakes, and the herbs in the coffee make me mellow,” Nick replied.

Billy told Nick the story of where the flavor for the filling in the Hosanna cakes came from, and how they got their name. He thought Nick was going to bust a gut from laughing.

“You’s shit’n me for sure, Cowboy!” he exclaimed.

“Not a bit, Tonto. Kemosabe no lie to his faithful companion. They got the name Hosanna cakes ‘cause they make ever’body what tastes one wanna’ shout ‘Hosanna,’”Billy said, “And your master done sucked off both them little men, and I swear to you their gizz tastes just like that creamy filling. Only problem is, you can’t suck just one. You gotta’ have ‘em both, they’s so good,” Billy said, and laughed. Nick just shook his head in awe.

“Is that why you told them to take care of their cowboy brothers this evening?” Nick asked.

“Yeah, they agreed to my conditions before I would accept them for my slaves. We got us an understanding. As their master, I control their sex lives, not because I’m a tyrant, but because they got a tendency to be a mite promiscuous. I just think they need a little discipline in their lives they weren’t get’n on Retikki Prime. So far they been good to obey me. My uncle-in-laws on the supreme council slipped me their chastity belts with small locks they were forced to wear for several months when they got a little too carried away and didn’t mind their masters. I don’t know’s they could lie to me if’n I’s to ask them point blank if they been good,” Billy said.

“You gonna’ control my sex life, Son?” Nick asked, and grinned.

“Absolutely! Billy exclaimed, “I plan to keep my angel or demon so well bred he’ll be on his knees beg’n his master for mercy,” Billy said, and laughed at the look on Nick’s face.

“I ain’t never met a man – especially a human – what was so damn cocksure of himself, but somehow, I ain’t got me no doubt you mean what you say,” Nick said, and laughed.

“So say I, Tonto,” Billy said, winked, and grinned.

“Heard and acknowledged, Master Kemosabe,” Nick replied.

“Kemosabe is enough, Demon Dad. Master, Kemosabe, and Son, are synonymous; they mean the same to me; they share equal respect when you use one of them. Understood, Tonto?” Billy asked, and smiled.

“Understood, Kemosabe,” Nick replied.

They drank another cup of coffee with another treat. Billy exclaimed, “Hosanna!” after his first bite of his cake and Nick did the same after his first bite. They fell together laughing. Billy showed Nick his laptop and explained the Internet to him. He told Nick he needed a signal to get on the net, but couldn’t get on-line at the cabin. He showed him his collection of pictures and one folder devoted to pictures of biblical figures and individual folders devoted to Satan and Lucifer. Nick couldn’t believe some of the many different and totally disgusting ways artists depicted him. Most he just laughed at, several he found interesting but unlikely, but a couple really seemed to disturb him and hurt his feelings. Billy thought Nick’s reactions were a revelation in itself.  

He showed Nick his favorite renderings of Satan, and Nick really liked them. They were very similar to how he presented himself to his new master earlier. He morphed to look like the pictures except in the picture Satan was wearing clothes, most probably for modesty for publication. Billy considered contacting the artist, to inquire if he did nude renderings of his Satan pictures, but decided not to out of respect for the artist himself. Nick improvised and added an appropriate cock with the same speed bumps Billy seemed to like so much.

“I just knew you’d be a knockout if you looked like him,” Billy referred to the picture on his lap-top screen. He went to Nick, fell to his knees and took his enormous cock in his mouth. The herbs and coffee were having their effect, and they both got into the mood again. Billy worked his demon dad’s big cock as far down his throat as he could get it, relaxed, and took some more. The adjustment Nick made the day before and the enhancements from the Irin were making Billy’s blow-job easy. He could feel the black bumps moving in his throat like they were alive and massaging him, urging him to take more. Nick decided to be a bit more aggressive and started fucking Billy’s face and throat. Billy moaned, indicating his pleasure and approval. He wanted Nick to fuck his face until he climaxed. Nick’s fucking was relentless until suddenly he pulled Billy all the way onto his big red cock and held his lips pressed tight against the dark red skin of his lower abdomen. “You worked for it, Son, now take your prize. Drink your Demon Dad’s gizz, Boy,” Nick growled in his best demon voice.

Billy swooned as he felt volley after volley of demon gizz being pumped into his gut. He worked Nick’s cock even harder to milk him of all his hot demon cream, as he played with himself, and shot his load into a pool on the floor of the cabin. When Nick finished, he pulled Billy off his cock, up into his arms, and kissed him hard. Billy returned his kiss. “Damn, Nick, that was so hot,” Billy said with his arms thrown around his great horned beast’s red neck stealing kisses from him.

“It was pert-damn fine for me, too, Son,” Nick said as he continued to hold Billy to him. He looked down at his young master’s shoulders and smiled to himself. “Guess what, my stout and brave buckaroo? Your body is beginning to morph,” he said quietly.

“No! What are you talking about?” Billy asked.

“Look in the old full-length mirror over there in the corner,” Nick urged him.

Billy walked over to the mirror and looked. His body was changing. Billy’s muscles were noticeably filling out, especially on his back and his pecks in front were becoming massive. He seemed to have grown several inches taller. Even more startling was when he turned sideways to the mirror, he could see two growths on his back that looked like the sprouting of a set of wings. They had not yet broken through the skin on his back, but he could see the outline of what looked like large chicken wings without feathers. “Is that what happens to a buckaroo what sucks off the Devil, he becomes an Angel?” Billy asked.

“Or a turkey, we’ll just have to wait and see," Nick quipped, and roared with laughter. “I don’t think your fine bow-job had anything to do with it, Cowboy. I think my gizz in your gut is giving you the information, and the enhancements from the Irin are making it possible. All you need now is a little tender love and guidance, and I’m just the Angel cum laude or Demon come lately what can provide you with the favor,” Nick said making a bad pun, as he morphed back into his angel form. Billy was always wowed by Nick and Clyde’s wings. He thought they were masculine and powerful looking.  

“Is there any way to speed the process, Tonto?” Billy asked.

“Yes, I could complete what’s already begun, but why rush it? Let it happen naturally. If’n I’s a bet’n man, and I am – bet’n I’m doing the right thing by give’n myself to you as yore’ slave – I’d say they should be grown out by morning. It may be uncomfortable for a bit. The first transition is always the roughest, but with my wings to cover you, it shouldn’t be too difficult,” Nick said, and smiled like a proud papa.

“Oh, Dear,” Billy lamented, “will I be able to hide or morph them away when I don’t want them to be seen?” he asked.

“I’m sure your Irin daddies done considered it, and added that perk. It’s usually a package deal. Clyde and I can make ours invisible or morph them away for a while,” Nick reassured him. Since we were created with wings, we must return to our original form after a while, but you may be able to switch back and forth at will. I know those what can, and they were of Irin heritage. It would make sense they enhanced you with some of their better attributes. Certainly you got the very best of yore’ daddy and granddaddy passed down to you,” Nick said, and smiled looking at Billy’s cock and balls.

“Thank you, Tonto. I think you’re a nice package, too,” Billy said, and hugged Nick to him, “You think I’ll be able to trans-locate?” Billy asked.

“I’d bet ma’ last feather as a Seraph on it, Kemosabe,” Nick said with conviction.  

“How would one go about finding out?” he asked.

“I give you a quick course in ‘Jumping 101.’ You try a small solo jump from room to room; say from here into the barn; if you don’t show up, I come find you, and with a little Angel assist, we pass through together. Like any other skill you learn in life, you do it ‘til you get it right. Advanced jumping by triangulation will be covered next semester. There will be a small charge for lab fees,” Nick said, and grinned.

“One thing at a time. Let’s save ‘jump’n’ for tomorrow. Right now them herbs is moving us into a super relaxed zone, and I want us near a bed when the lights go out,” Billy said.

“Sounds like a good idea to me. I could use a good night’s sleep. I think with several things resolved between us, we’ll both benefit,” Nick said like a take-charge dad looking after his boy. Billy responded well to Nick’s strong strength of purpose and silently encouraged him.

Billy took Nick to the shower to bathe himself and his Bird-man. Since it wasn’t warm enough for Nick to go outside to shake the water from his wings, Billy used two big towels to dry him and then an old hairdryer which was a toss-off from his grandma. She got a new one and was going to throw the old one away. Billy thought it might come in handy at the cabin. He was glad they were preparing for bed. His back, where his wing nubbin’s were, was beginning to hurt.

He didn’t say anything to Nick, but his angel didn’t miss Billy’s wincing as he gently dried his back for him. “We better get you to bed. I need to send you away into a deep, restful sleep so nature can take its course without causing you a lot of unnecessary pain. At the rate they’re growing, they will be grown in by morning,” Nick said and gently kissed each one as a father swan might nuzzle his young.

“Will you still love me, Pa?” Billy asked with uncertainty like a frightened little boy.

“Of course I will, Son. Where did that question come from? Where’s my Cocksure Cowboy?” Nick asked.

“Most times, I got me a pretty good grip on reality, Pa, but with all what’s happened in the last few days suddenly come slamming into me like a big eighteen wheeler who’s been tailgate’n me for miles what dozed at the wheel when I slammed on ma’ brakes,” Billy replied in a frightful cowboy hyperbole.

Nick chuckled at his young master’s apt description of his feelings. “I think you’s having a bad reaction from them herbs; plus, you been going strong for almost forty-eight hours without proper rest. I say we go to bed, and outrun the sum’bitch, Son. You let yore’ old Pa take over the wheel and drive for a while. He’ll get you to safety and hold you in his care ‘til the storm is past,” Nick said.

“I love you, Pa,” Billy said almost in a whisper.

“If you only knew how much I love you, Son, it might frighten you worse than you are right now. I love you, too, but no more words. Let’s us hie our butts off to bed,” Nick ordered, and Billy obeyed.   

The last thing Billy remembered was Nick holding him in his big arms, enfolding him in his huge wings, and humming a melody to him as he drifted off to sleep. It was a melody Billy didn’t recognize, but he could swear he heard it once before somewhere. If only he could remember.

* * * * * * *
Billy awoke to the smell of coffee. Nick got up and made a pot, and quietly crawled back into bed with his cowboy. A buckaroo with a new set of wings – and not just any wings. Nick never saw wings like Billy’s before. The were gold. They shined like they were made of fine gold. They shimmered, sparkled, and reflected the light so greatly they were almost blinding to look at even in the dark cabin. Nick could only imagine the effect they might have in a well lit room or in sun light. Nick gently covered his young master with his wings hoping he could induce more sleep for him, but Billy was awake.

“What time is it, Tonto?” Billy asked softly.

“A little after seven,” he replied.

“Thanks for fixing coffee. I should get up. We got us a busy day ahead,” Billy said and started to rise up, but it was like he had a lead weight on his back. “What the fuck?” Billy said and then remembered, “Were you right, Nick, did they grow in?” he asked.

“‘Feared so, Youngster, but they ain’t like nothing I ever seen before,” Nick replied.
“What’s wrong with 'em? Oh my God, you mean I turned into a turkey?” Billy asked, straining to get a look.

Nick couldn’t help laugh, “No, you ain’t no turkey. Ain’t nothing wrong with 'em. They’s gold,” Nick replied.

“Golden wings? Gold’s a nice color,” Billy said.

“I don’t mean color, Kemosabe, I mean they look like pure gold. They’s breathtaking,” Nick said.

“What? I gotta’ see this for myself,” Billy said, and tried to get up again only to feel dizzy and lay back again. He felt like he was anchored to the bed from the weight of his wings.  

“Easy, Kemosabe, you lost a lot of blood when they broke through the skin on your shoulder. I had to make a couple of small cuts to free them from the skin on your back. I was up half the night sopping up blood with them towels we used to dried ourselves. After they’s fully formed, I finally managed to get them to heal enough to stop the bleeding. I rinsed them towels out and hung ‘em in the bathroom to dry. We need to get fluids and some food in you so’s your body can replace the blood,” Nick said.

“You poor thing, you must be exhausted,” Billy said.

“I got some sleep after I got the bleeding stopped. All things considered, I feel pretty good this morning,” Nick said, “Ya’ont a couple of them big pillows to prop you up in bed so’s you can drink a cup of coffee and eat a little something. We still got that pot of chili you made in the cold box. I could set it on the rock to heat,” Nick said.

“Hell, yes, I eat chili lots a times for breakfast when I’s down here. I love chili anytime of day. Good idea. Put it on, and bring me them pillows, Tonto,” Billy replied, “I gotta’ get up soon to clean up the stalls and check on Boomer,” he added.

“I already done both. I cleaned the stalls like we done last evening, and told Boomer I’d come get him as soon as you woke up,” Nick said, “Take it easy, Son, you got folks to help you now. You don’t have to do ever’thing by yourself. You gotta’ learn to delegate some responsibilities,” Nick said like a father concerned for his boy.

“Thanks, Nick. Don’t know what I’d done if you weren’t here last evening. Thanks for taking such good care of me.”

“It was a pleasure. You worked yore’ butt off to take care of me last night. You’ll never know how much it meant to me. If I ever had any doubts about my decision they’s gone now,” Nick said.

Nick got out the pot of Chili and set it on the large rock near the fire to heat. He got two of the large earthquake pillows from the leather couch, and helped Billy prop himself up in bed. He turned and walked over to the barn door, opened it, and called for Boomer to join them. He waited and held the door for him. Boomer thanked Nick and came into the room and saw Billy in bed with his new wings. They were spectacular. They were breathtaking. Boomer stopped dead in his tracks like he was stunned and afraid for a moment. Billy only saw that look in Boomer’s eyes one time before when he explained to him what he was going to do to spring the bear trap to get his foot out. He thought for a moment Boomer might bolt from the room. Billy put out his hand to him, “Come to your bonded master, number one,” Billy said gently.  

Boomer rushed to his master’s side, fell to his knees, took Billy’s hand in his huge hairy hands and kissed it, then held it to his big heart. Billy could feel it beating fast. He wouldn’t look Billy in the eye.

“What's the matter, Boom? You and me, we’s bonded mates. If ever’thing went okay last evening, hopefully, we got us a son on the way. We ain’t got no secrets between us,” Billy said gently.

“You look like a god, Master Billy,” Boomer said, still not looking up into Billy’s face.  
“Well, I ain’t,” Billy replied.

“Did Nick cause homoousius to happen? Are you an Angel now in his image?” he asked.

“No. Nick may have been a catalyst, but he didn’t do it intentionally. I don’t think I’m an angel or a messenger. I ain’t had time to figure it out yet, but to put yore’ big heart at ease, Boom, you know I’s always been a maverick. My internal voices tell me it’s another unexpected gift from them Irin buckaroos, I’m afraid. I’m glad Nick was here to help me through it,” Billy said like he was as surprised as Boomer. “Look at me, Boomer, I’m still Billy Daniels, your cowboy master,” Billy ordered him.

Boomer finally looked up, and Billy could see tears in his eyes. Billy opened his arms to him. “Come to me, my magnificent beast, don’t shun me because of these changes. There’s no difference in my heart. Them damn wings is window dressing. You’s still my brother, my bonded mate, my beast, and my worthy slave. As you loved me before, love me like I have become,” Billy said firmly. Boomer threw his arms around Billy and shed a few tears in his arms like an overgrown child who needed reassurance. Billy soothed him and whispered soft 'there, theres’ to him like he understood his anguish.

“Did everything go all right with Roz last night?” Billy asked to change the subject.

“Yes, sir, she didn’t complain. Said she found it stimulating and enjoyed it,” he said.

“I’ll just bet she did. I know I did, and I look forward to more stimulating good times with you,” Billy encouraged him. Boomer seemed to recover quickly. Nick got busy and made three bowls of chili for them to have with coffee. Boomer didn’t drink coffee, and ate his chili with some water. Nick sat on the bed next to Billy, and Boomer sat on another one of the throw pillows on the floor next to the bed.

“By the way, what the fuck is ‘homoousius,’” Nick asked.
“It’s an old biblical term from the third century common era which proposed god became man through Christ and vice versa. Basically the father became the son; therefore, the son was of god and equally holy. Of course, Jesus never said that, but that didn’t make them no never mind. They had a religion to get off the ground, and after you invent several myths drawn from the lives of past deities, a few more inventions cain’t hurt none. There was a big battle over the idea when the early Christian church was founded, and one theologian, was banished from the Nicaean council as a heretic by Constantine,” Billy explained, “The early church did that a lot. What they didn’t approve as ‘gospel’ was heretical. Even those sects what actually tried to live their lives by the teachings of Christ like the Cathars were slaughtered in the name of the church as heretics,” Billy replied.

“And you know this, how?” Nick questioned with a big grin on his face, shaking his head in disbelief, like Billy’s fund of erudite knowledge sometimes baffled him.

“When I want to know something I exhaust every bit of information about it I can. I search the Internet and keep files. I update them regularly and discard faulty or spurious information until I have a pretty good idea of a subject,” Billy replied.

Billy’s cell phone rang. Nick reached over to the other night stand, and handed it to him. Billy pushed the connect button. “You got Billy,” he answered.

“Billy, this is Grandma. Are you three men coming up to the big house for breakfast this morning?” she asked.

“No, ma’am, Grandma, we’s having left over chili right now,” Billy said.

“That’s not breakfast,” she said.

“It is for a cowboy, Grandma,” Billy said and laughed, “You know I love me some chili. Besides, I’m a bit indisposed this morning. I can’t get out of bed quite yet. Somehow, I woke up with a set of wings attached to my body. They rather unexpectedly grew in overnight. I ain’t been able to get out of bed, ‘cause I lost some blood when they broke through the skin on my back. Nick cleaned me up good, and healed the wounds, but I’m still weak. He says I need some food and liquids to gain my strength back,” Billy said.

“My goodness, my Grandson’s become an Angel? I’m not surprised. I’ve always known you were an Angel, and after last night’s concert, I’m quite sure of it,” Kate said and giggled.

“Can you take care of my family for me for a little while, and I’ll be up as soon as I can get on my feet. Don’t know what I’m gonna’ do about these wings, but I know you’s dying to see ‘em,” Billy said and laughed.

“You bet I am. Don’t worry about your family. They’re being fed right now. Is there anything we can do?” she asked.

“No ma’am, but when Clyde finishes his breakfast ask him to join us if you would. Tell him to take his time. Ain't no rush, we ain't going nowheres,” Billy said.
“I sure will, Billy. You take care of yourself. Don’t try to do too much today,” Kate admonished, “It’s not everyday an angel earns a pair of wings, but I could swear I heard a bell ring sometime around two in the morning,” she added, and laughed again.

“We won’t, but I’ll get up there the first chance I get, Grandma. Love you,” Billy said.

“Love you, too, Son,” Kate said and they disconnected.
They each had a couple of bowls of chili, and finished up the last of the batch. Nick was right. As soon as Billy ate some food and got a couple of cups of coffee in him, he began to feel better almost immediately. With Boomer’s help Billy tried to stand. He was a little unsure of himself, but his watcher slave was like an oak tree to hold onto and stabilized him. He walked over to the mirror on Boomer’s arm, and looked at his new wings. Boomer was right, what Billy saw looking back was phenomenal. He was considerably taller and more filled out than before to say nothing of the bright shining gold wings on his back. Billy held mixed feelings about a gift he never considered. He thought, at best, he looked absolutely biblical; at worst, he looked like a Hollywood S&M muscled leather-fairy dressed by drag queens riding on the back of a Mardi Gras style gay pride float with lots of tinsel and glitter. He began to hear Bernstein’s music from “Candide" playing in the recesses of his mind. From a brown dirt cowboy to a shining archangel overnight would be a test of any man’s mental stability.

“Can you make these wings go away, Tonto?” he asked.

“Yes, but you should allow your system to become imprinted with them, and wear them for at least twelve to twenty-four hours, or you might have to go through the same metamorphosis again. The second time might be worse,” Nick replied.

“We got shit we need to get done,” Billy said like he was frustrated and perturbed.

“Beyond checking out my ship, it can wait. You gotta’ learn to delegate, Son,” Nick said.

“Nick’s right, Master Billy, put Hank and Buck in charge of getting the bunkhouse cleaned so’s we can bring more help on board to get this operation underway,” Boomer said.

“All right, you’re both right. Let’s get this show on the road. Boom, help me on with me Wranglers and boots. I guess I’ll have to go topless since I can’t put no shirt on with these wings. I suppose I could take a couple of ideas from leather harnesses I seen on them gay S&M sites on the Internet to keep me from looking totally naked,” Billy pondered and instantly he was wearing a massive black leather harness that came across his shoulders and crossed in the front with an “X” effect and finished with gold brads.

“Did you do that, Tonto?” Billy asked.

“Naw, don’t look at me. I didn’t have nothing to do with it,” Nick said, and grinned.

“Boom?” Billy asked his mate.

“No, sir, Master Billy, I didn’t do it, either,” he said with his eyes wide.

“Did you picture it in your mind, Kemosabe?” Nick asked.

“Yeah, I did. I saw it like this, but now I see it, I don’t like the color. Black don’t look Western and won’t go with ma’ brown boots,” Billy said like a cowboy fashionista.

“Then you better rethink that one,” Nick said and laughed.

Billy did rethink his harness, and instantly it became a handsome buckskin color to match his buckaroo boots. “Excellent!” hissed Billy like Monty Burns on the Simpsons. Nick laughed at his master’s experience learning to use his new talents.   

“Ain’t no doubt in my mind, them Irin buckaroos done give you the grand super-deluxe package, Kemosabe,” Nick said, “There ain’t no tell’n what you can do if’n you put chore’ mind to it,” he added, pouring on the cowboy lingo.

“It’s a bit overwhelming,” Billy said quietly.

“Hour by hour, day by day! I got a shit-load of faith in you, Son. There ain’t nothing my buckaroo master cain’t handle,” Nick said with encouragement.

“Is Nick gonna’ become your slave, Master Billy?” Boomer asked as he was helping Billy on with his heavy buckaroo boots.

“Yes, as of last night he decided he wanted him and his crew to join us. We need to have a small ceremony before our family and Nick’s crew on his ship. You will be witness for the Grigori and Clyde for the Irin,” Billy replied.

* * * * * * *
Meanwhile, back at the ranch house, the family finished breakfast and sat around talking while the twins and the psyche’s cleaned up the dishes and kitchen. Kate loved the extra help. “Clyde,” she addressed Billy’s messenger, “when I talked with Billy a while ago, he told me to asked you to join him at the cabin when you finished breakfast,” she said.

“Thanks, Ms. Kate, I’ll go right away,” Clyde swallowed the last of his coffee, pushed back from the table, and stood, “Would you like to go with me, Ms. Kate?” he asked, “I’ll bring you right back afterward.”

“I don’t know. Will it hurt?” Kate asked.

“Not a bit. You might tingle a little and feel a bit giddy,” Clyde said.

“Hell, Son, that’s her natural state,” Nathan said, slapped his knee, and laughed at his own joke.
His mother was not amused, “That’s one,” Kate said, and mimed like she was licking a pencil and jotting it down in a little book. “Okay, Clyde, let’s go. I’ll try almost anything, once,” she said.

Clyde offered his hand, Kate took it, and they vanished.

“Damnation! Why can’t I never keep my big pie-hole shut? Now I won’t get me no dessert for a damn month,” Nathan lamented disgusted with himself. Everyone in the kitchen laughed at him.

“I’m surprised at you, Master Daniels,” Hank said, “The first thing a cowboy learns when he goes to work for an outfit is, never make the mistake of speak’n ill of the cook,” he said and everyone laughed again.

* * * * * * * *
In a great flash of light, Clyde and Kate arrived at the line cabin. Kate looked about and saw Billy standing, still holding on to Boomer’s arm with Nick on his left side holding him up. They just got him dressed, and were helping him up from the bed. Kate rushed to him when Billy opened his arms to her. She was in them in a second. “You’re taller and bigger. You’ve filled out like a mature man, Billy, and those wings – they look like they’re made of gold,” Kate said, “You look like the picture of the archangel in my angel book. Remember?” she asked.

“Yes, ma’am, Grandma. I think that’s what caused ‘em to be like this, was my memory of that pitcher. My body tried to copy it. They sure are heavy, but I’m getting used to them,” Billy said.

“My Grandson, an Archangel,” Kate said, giggled, and kissed him on his cheek, “You men been taking good care of my Grandson?” she asked Boomer and Nick.

“Yes, ma’am, Ms. Kate,” Boomer replied.

“I was up with him half the night,” Nick said.

Kate moved aside. Clyde was struck dumb. His mouth stayed open while Kate was talking with Billy. He finally broke his trance, went to Billy, fell to his knees, and kissed each of his master’s buckaroo boots. Billy rolled his eyes in surprised, but didn’t discourage his messenger. Billy could sense it meant something important to Clyde. “Come to your master’s arms, my good and worthy slave, and share your love with me,” Billy said gently. Clyde jumped up and kissed Billy a good one right on the mouth, and Billy returned his kiss with equal passion. Kate wasn’t the least upset. She was used to it by now. Seeing men kiss each other was better than watching them make fools of themselves testing each other’s testosterone reserve while throwing punches and butting horns for dominance.

“You want to share what’s in your heart, Messenger?” Billy asked.

“You look like a god, Master Billy,” he said like he was afraid to look into Billy’s eyes.

“Will you men cut it out?” Billy asked, “My number one told me the same damn thing this morning, and I’ll tell you what I told him – I ain’t no god. I been given these wings for a purpose, but having you men, my family, worship me ain’t one of ‘em. You’s allowed to love me, but not to worship me. The very idea makes my flesh crawl. With cooler heads, reason, and a little luck, hopefully, we’ll be provided with answers to a number of strange happenings before much longer, and we can learn together. Until then, work with and for me until we get this project off the ground,” Billy said.

“I re-pledge myself to you, to be your faithful slave, Master Billy. I will do everything in my power to help,” he said.

“Good! Do you think you can outfit my other messenger with some buckaroo clothes so’s he can get out of my Uncle’s overalls and muckabouts? As much as I love to see him in them, he needs some proper Western wear for today,” Billy asked.

“Certainly, sir. Right away, Master Billy. Nick, you wanna’ come with me to the back room?” Clyde invited Nick. Nick followed Clyde, and they returned in a few minutes. Nick was fully dressed from hat to boots, and looked like a genuine buckaroo. He was wearing a harness similar to Billy’s but not as massive. He later confided in Billy his was considered a slave harness, and had a few additions Billy’s didn’t have. He returned Nathan’s muckabouts to the closet and Kate took the overalls from him to take with her to the big house to wash.  

“You gonna’ take it easy today, Son?” Kate asked.

“Cain’t grandma. Me, Nick, and Boomer gotta’ go check out his ship, and see to his crew; however, we should be back afore supper time,” Billy said.

“Well, you men count on coming up to the big house for supper. At least I can see to it you get one decent meal today,” Kate declared like a protective mother hen.

“Ain’t that gonna’ be a lot of extra work for you, Grandma?” Billy asked concerned.

“If you cook for one, three, or as many as we had last night, there’s little difference, but when you got expert help like them two half-highs; Archie and Edith; Hank and Buck, my work is a breeze. Sometimes, I swear them little men can read my mind. I turn around, and they got the pot I’m thinking on in their hands. I think about something else, and they’re at the ready with it before I can say a word to them. It’s remarkable,” Kate said.

Billy didn’t have the heart to tell her the truth right then. He thought he’d save it for later. He just smiled, and agreed with her.

“Your uncle told me a fantastic story about Boomer’s reproduction capabilities. Nathan said you and Boomer were going to have a human child together, and it will be born to a cow. Is it true, Billy? Am I going to be a great grandmother?” Kate asked.

“Yes, it’s true, Grandma. Come, we’ll introduce you to Roz our Highland Heifer who Boomer implanted with our proto-embryo last night. She’s pregnant,” Billy said.

Billy took Kate by the hand and led her to the barn door. They walked into the warm barn and Kate marveled at the plasma ball giving off radiant heat and a small amount of light. They walked over to the area where Roz was standing. Billy could see Boomer fed her, and she was just finishing eating.

“Roz, this here lady is my Grandmother. Her name is Mrs. Kate Daniels,” Billy said.

Kate was amused Billy introduced her to a cow. “Hello, Mrs. Daniels, it’s good to meet you ma’am,” Roz said.

Kate looked stunned the cow spoke to her. “What a surprise, a talking cow. It’s nice to meet you, too, Roz. How are you?” Kate asked.

“Pregnant,” Roz said and laughed a little.

“So I’ve heard. Thank you for agreeing to have my Great Grandson, Roz,” Kate said.

“It will be an honor to have Master Billy’s bairn, Ms. Kate. I see our leaders have blessed you with wings, Master Billy. Looking good. Very god-like. Nice,” Roz observed.

“Why, thank you, Roz. I don’t quite know what to think about them, but I’ll adjust. I’m hoping Clyde can help me and explain a few things,” Billy said.

“Maybe. You just never know. My people can be a crafty lot. I’ve long considered secrecy and intrigue to be so late Twentieth Century Earth,” Roz said and laughed again.
“Before yesterday, I wouldn’t understand your point, Roz, but today I understand it perfectly,” Billy said. They shared a laugh.

They said their goodbyes and returned to the cabin to leave Roz alone to finish her breakfast. Billy asked Clyde if he knew why the Irin wanted him to have wings.

“They didn’t share that information with me, Master Billy, or I would have told you. I really have no secret information. Your owner you speak of, Samson, has already told you about another delicate matter so you know everything I know to this point, sir,” Clyde said.

Billy knew immediately what Clyde was referring to without giving anything away. “You’re right, but it don’t matter no more. That’s why I want you to return my grandmother to the ranch and supervise getting things underway there. I want you to work with Hank and Buck to get the bunkhouse cleaned, estimate repairs and equipment we will need to bring more folks on board. Our main goal for the next several weeks will be housing, feeding, and seeing to the needs of those we already have. It will be a learning and growing experience for all of us,” Billy said.

“Thanks, Master Billy. I’ll do my best, sir,” Clyde said.

“I know you will, Clyde. You have my trust, and I have faith in you,” Billy said.
“Thank you, sir,” Clyde said.

* * * * * * *
After Clyde and Kate transported back to the ranch, Billy sat down with Boomer and Nick to have a final cup of coffee. Billy was feeling better, and his strength was quickly returning. He wondered if that was another Irin enhancement; faster recovery time from illness or injury. It would make sense.

“Don’t know which I like you in better, them old overalls and muckabouts, or this fine looking buckaroo outfit you be wear’n, Tonto,” Billy said and grinned.

“Maybe we can buy your uncle a new pair of them overalls and muckabouts, and I can talk him out of the old ones,” Nick said.

“Sounds like a good plan to me,” Billy agreed, “How you gonna’ know where to transport us if’n you’s unconscious during our trip back?” Billy asked Nick.

“I can get us to the river. Remember we watched that video together of you rescuing me?” Nick asked.

“Oh, yeah, I guess you could correlate time and distance. If you can get us there, I’ll show you where your ship is,” Billy said.

“How would you know?” Nick asked surprised.

“Enhancements,” Billy said, and smiled. Boomer knew better, but he was wise enough not to say anything. He was there when the Irin told Billy where Nick’s ship was hidden. They didn’t tell Billy or Boomer about giving Mother Nature a goose in the butt to bring about an unforeseen accident. “Will you need the gold key?” Billy asked changing the subject.

“Naw, leave it here for safety. I done told you what it unlocks,” Nick replied.

Billy and Nick didn’t have anything on over their upper bodies except for their leather harnesses, and it was still chilly outside. They discussed it, and decided they wouldn’t be exposed to the cold for more than a few minutes. They stood and Nick transported them to the edge of the river. Billy got his bearings, and found the entrance to the cave. He pointed it out to Nick, and told him to transport them there.

They were standing inside the cave. It was a bit warmer but not much. Billy and Boomer knew the cave like the back of their hands. They spent a couple of weeks on two separate occasions there while Billy took care of Boomer. It was an enormous cave, wide and deep, but it didn’t seem so large to them that day. Billy looked at Boomer, and they smiled at each other. Someone built a huge wall of solid granite from one side of the cave to the other effectively sealing off and hiding what lay safe behind it. It looked massive and thick. There was no engineering knowledge on Earth which could account for the wall other than a natural phenomenon of nature.
“It’s behind that wall, Tonto,” Billy pointed his finger.

“Are you sure, Kemosabe?” Nick asked.

“He’s sure,” Boomer replied, “we know this cave like it’s our second home. That wall weren’t there the last time we’s here,” he added, “and the cave goes on for a good way further, and opens into a huge cavern just beyond,” he added.

“That wall weren’t there when Samson and I watched your ship come down, neither, Nick,” Billy said.

“I ain’t get’n any readings from the ship. Everything is quiet. That wall is massive. My people couldn’t do that,” Nick said in awe. Billy and Boomer didn’t comment.

“All right, I’m going to transport behind the wall. It’s tricky, but I done it before. You run the risk of gauging it wrong and materializing in solid rock. If I can get on board my ship then I’ll come back for you, okay?” he asked Billy

“Sounds like a good plan, but be careful, Tonto,” Billy replied and admonished his messenger.

“I promise, Kemosabe,” Nick said, smiled, and vanished. He was gone for only a few seconds and returned. “I bow to you, Gentlemen, you were correct. It’s there, and I got on board. There’s no sign of life. Let’s go,” Nick said and instantly transported them inside the ship.

The inside of the ship seemed bigger than Billy remembered. It must be much larger than he originally thought. It was in pretty bad shape as they began to walk from room to room. They didn’t find any bodies or any sign of struggle. They came to the control room and Billy recognized it as the place he found Nick lying on the floor bleeding. He could still see dark spots which must have been Nick’s dried blood. Nick tried several switches but nothing happened, until he tried one of the emergency auxiliary systems, and the console came to life. A voice came from all around them, “Emergency backup systems activated, main systems on line, hello, Captain Nick,” it said.

“Hello, Seth, good to hear your voice again,” Nick said.

“As it is good to hear yours, sir. I was put to sleep for a while. The last thing I remember is sensing several blue humanoid entities unknown to us who took control and one promised it would see us to safety. After that it shut me down into survival mode. Whoever they were saved our bacon,” he said.

“What about the others – my crew, Seth?” Nick asked.

“Let me check for you, Captain,” he said, and was silent for a moment, “Everyone is alive, well, and accounted for in the stasis chambers, sir. Shall I activate them for you, Captain?” Seth asked.

“Yes, please do, and ask them to join me in the courtyard of the village,” Nick said.

“It shall be done, Captain. Oh, and by the way, welcome back, sir,” Seth said.

“Thanks, Seth, it’s good to be back,” Nick replied fondly, “Is the canteen intact?” Nick asked.

“Why, yes, everything seems to be in order. The canteen was deeper in the interior and wasn’t affected by the crash as much as the out-layers,” Seth reported.

“Contact me in the canteen when the crew is gathered in the town courtyard,” Nick said.

“Will do, Captain,” Seth replied.

Nick didn’t bother walking through the ship. Billy thought it was because he didn’t want to inspect the damage just yet until he had a chance to talk with his crew. He transported Billy and Boomer to the canteen. “Can I get you men anything? I don’t think this section of the ship lost its reserve power. We designed it that way,” he said.

“I’m fine, Nick, unless you got some Blue Bell ice cream,” Billy said.

“Sorry, Kemosabe, we didn’t have time to make a shopping list, and pulling up out front of a Super 'S' store might have caused talk,” Nick said, “We do have a sweet, soft, frozen custard what’s pretty good,” he said.

“No, but thanks. You Boomer?” Billy asked.

“I’m fine, Master Billy, but thanks, Captain Nick, for your offer,” Boomer replied.   

“No problem. They’s something strange about all this. I wondered why I ain’t heard from Beauford. I was beginning to get a mite worried, but I’m glad they’s all safe. Unless conditions on board got really bad and the atmosphere became unbreathable, usually the three bio-droids won’t go into stasis. Very strange indeed,” Nick said.

“I remember when I was trying to get you off the ship, I wondered why I didn’t see anyone else but your big Ox-man Beauford. You saw in the video I had to use my bandanna because the smoke was so bad I could barely breathe. Maybe it was worse in their part of the ship, and they headed for the stasis chambers,” Billy offered.

“Maybe, we’ll fine out,” Nick replied.

“The crew and your protectors have gathered, sir,” Seth said.

“Thank you, Seth, come on brother and Kemosabe, I’ll take you to meet my family,” Nick said and in a flash they were transported to a beautiful courtyard in what appeared to be the center of a small farming village. It was quaint and charming, but the various monsters standing before them didn’t look anything like what one might imagine would be living in the village.

When they saw Billy with his new wings it was almost like they were awestruck. The huge Shedu, Beauford, Nick’s Kerubim fell to his knees and bowed his head. When the others saw him, they did the same. The three humanoid bio-droids looked at each other, shrugged, like maybe it was the thing to do, and got down on their knees as well. Billy assumed they were bowing for their Captain.

Nick clapped his hands. “Okay. Everyone up, you are not in the presence of some lazy fat-ass powerful bat-shit crazy alien what considers himself a god,” Nick said, “this Angel or messenger you see before you is the young cowboy, Billy Daniels, a human from Earth, who saved my life in the crash of our ship three days ago. Since that time, he’s been called to Retikki Prime for an audience before their High Council and to the world of Fort Adam Lear to be enhanced by the supreme leader of the Irin. His wings grew in last night, and he’s having a difficult time adjusting. You will treat him as an honored guest, and you will refer to him as ‘Master Billy,’” Nick said like an order.

Slowly they got up. Nick introduced them one by one. The first he introduced was Beauford the huge bull with an upper torso of a man with wings.

“It’s good to meet you under better circumstances, sir” Billy said and bowed to the large creature.

“The pleasure is mine, Master Billy, and how is your handsome owner?” he asked.

“He’s doing quite well, thank you. The Irin sent him a gift of a young Morgan palomino mare, and they are quite happy with each other,” Billy replied.

“And are you still sure you could ride me, Young Human?” Beauford asked, and grinned.

“Cowboy’s ride wild bulls. It wouldn’t be right to ride a bull you consider a friend,” Billy said.

“Nailed your big ass to the barn door, Beauford!” Nick exclaimed, and laughed.

“Indeed, he did,” Beauford replied, “and as your friend you’re welcome on my back anytime,” he said.

They moved to the next creature with the face of lion mixed with human features. He was magnificent and quite handsome. “This handsome critter is Leon,” Nick introduced him, he offered his furry hand and Billy took it in his to shake, “Leon is another one of my protectors or Kerubim. His species is a 'Wemic.’ A tauric creature like a centaur with the lower body of a lion and the upper torso of a humanoid with arms and hands. Four of my crew are my protectors or Kerubim, two felines, one dragon, and one tauric bull.

The third creature had the body of a well developed humanoid male but he was a beautiful silver-gray color and he had the head of a panther mixed with human features. He was even more handsome than the Wemic. He had the teeth of a cat, the same feline eyes golden in color, and pointed furry ears. He shook Billy’s hand as Nick introduced them. He was naked and popped a boner. He had a set of tackle like a human and was quite well endowed. Billy didn’t miss it and smiled, “This good looking Cat-man we call ‘Pan,’ and he is another of my protectors,” Nick said.
“Good to meet you, Master Billy,” Pan said in a deep masculine voice, and started purring. It caused Billy to pop a sympathetic erection, and he looked down at his own crotch. Pan caught his drift and gently squeezed Billy’s hand.

“Easy there, Pan, I saw him first,” Nick said joking and laughed.

The handsome creature grinned. “When you get bored with him, Master Billy,” he said in a deep voice and winked at Billy.

Billy laughed, “I’ll certainly keep that in mind, Pan – thank you for the compliment,” Billy said.

They moved to the last of the Kerubim and he was a shy, retiring dragon-man with a set of bat-like wings. He looked truly demonic, but he had a sad look about him like he was so out of place in the universe he was self-conscious about himself. “This is ‘Razza’ our dragon-man. Actually he’s neither a dragon nor a man. He’s a unique species who flourished on a planet in the Arcturus system, but sadly they were all destroyed by a great cataclysm. Only he and his parents escaped. His parents expired when Raz was a young dragon, and we raised him. We taught him how to protect and serve, and he is one of my most faithful protectors,” Nick said.

Billy stuck out his hand and the dragon took his hand in both of his and smiled, “Good to meet you, Master Billy. If my master is your friend, I am your friend,” he said.

“I’m glad your master saved the best of his protectors for last for me to meet. It’s a pleasure to meet such a handsome creature,” Billy said pouring on his cowboy charm.

Raz was obviously taken with Billy’s words, and blushed a deep red color. “That means he likes you very much, Master Billy,” Nick whispered.

“I like Raz very much, too, Tonto,” Billy said loud enough everyone could hear.

Nick then introduced his crew of three humanoids, one blue giant naked creature Nick introduced as 'Joe’ and his mate a half-human, half-orc named 'Crunch’ who was also naked. He had two small tusks sticking up from his lower jaw which had a tendency to make him look like he was smiling all the time. Crunch was a nice lime green color.

“And that’s my crew and family. Actually, I think on all of them as my family since we been together for so many years,” Nick said shaking his head thinking on the past. “Now, before we do anything else, I want a report about what happened after Master Billy left the ship with me,” Nick ordered. Everyone got blank looks on their faces including the humanoids.

“Speak to me. Tell me something. Beauford?” Nick asked his number one Kerubim.

“Captain, sir – after my confrontation with Master Billy, I returned and became overwhelmed by the smoke, passed out, and fell to the floor,” Beauford replied.

“Is that what happened to the rest of you?” Nick asked almost afraid of the answer. Every hand went up. “Then how, the fuck, did you get to the stasis chambers?” Nick demanded.

“We have no idea, Captain. I thought for sure I breathed my last and was a dead dragon for sure,” Raz replied, more brave to speak than the rest, “I was amazed when I woke up in stasis. My first thought was you came back on board and saved us,” he added.

“Me, too,” said Big Joe and Crunch.

“Us, too, Captain,” said Leon for the two felines.

“We passed out, too, Captain,” the three humanoids said. They had to have oxygen.

“Are you sure you sensed other entities on board after the crash, Seth?” Nick asked the evolved intelligence on the ship.

“Yes, sir, but remember I must have oxygen for my organic parts to function perfectly. I might have been hallucinating from lack of oxygen. I can’t say a hundred percent I’m correct,” Seth replied.

“Where did you pass out, Beauford?” Nick asked.

“I watched young master Billy push you through the portal to the outside, turned to check on the rest of the ship, and passed out not fifty feet from the control room,” Beauford said.

“How, in the Hell, did someone get a two ton Kerubim from there and load him into a stasis chamber?” Nick said.

Billy and Boomer looked at each other, but Billy ever so slightly shook his head ‘no.’ Boomer got the message.

End of Chapter 8 ~ Seek Him What Made Them Seven Stars
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