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September 2003

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This month's stories:  
 Manhunt Part I - Bounty Hunter 
 Attic Fun - Billy 
 First Game of the New Year (pt. 2) - RJ 
 Manhunt Part II - Bounty Hunter 
 A Clever Kidnapping at School - S 
 The Day that Changed my Life - steve 
 1 weekend. 1 house. Me and 3 girls. No parents - Gargoyle 
 Babysitting Tiffany - Silent Simon 
 Summer Camp - Scout Girl 
 Another Camp Story - Scout Girl 
 Lost Basketball - Ben 
 My Birthday Surprises - RJ 
 My Longest Tied-Up - sQuAr3` 
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Monday, September 1st 2003 - 12:16:38 AM
Manhunt Part I
One Fall night, my friends and I decided we would play manhunt. There were 4 of us on each team. Alice, Jett, Veronica, and I, vs. Ryan, Ashley, Bart, and Corey. My team split up into two groups, Alice and I, (Alice is my Girlfriend. Ryan and I are twins, and so are Alice and Ashley, we often double dated) and Jett and Veronica. Alice and I were walking together, talking and searching, when, we saw Ashley. She ran faster than we could catch her. Then, Alice said she had to go to the bathroom, and we would meet at one particular tree in 5 minutes. I immidiatley went to that tree, and waited.

About, 3 minuets later, I got jumped by Bart, and Corey. They both worked at it, being that Corey was 2 years younger than me, and Bart, 3. They got me down, and Bart went into his backpack and got out some rope, they tied my wrists together, and my ankles together, and lied me down while they got a broomstick out, and put it though my arms, and legs. I was yelling, "Help, Stop Them, I am being Captured!!!" Bart then took off his shoes, and said," Stuff a sock in in, or should I say, two socks?" Then, he took both of his, Navy Blue, long baseball socks, balled them up, and stuffed them in my mouth. "Better secure the gag," said Corey, while taking off his shoes, pulling off his maroon soccer socks, and tieing them around my face to secure the gag, then, they put the hood of my sweatshirt on my head, and pulled the strings until I couldn't see.

We walked through the woods, then, on the sidewalk, into a house, upstairs, through a room, and then, I was layed down. they took off my hood, and replaced my gag with fresh socks, this time, a pair of Violet Soccer Socks, secured by Bright Red Soccer Socks, and put some fresh ones on, Green Soccer socks for Bart, but rolled down to his ankles, while, Corey chose teal ones. Then, they put me in a hogtie on my stomach, Took a black soccer sock, and tied it around my eyes, to blindfold me, and Corey said "I'll go tell Ryan and Ashley!!" "No," Said Bart, "Why Not?" asked Corey, "Screw the game man," said Bart, "We have our own fun right here!!!" He was pointing at me when he said it, they both laughed.

To Be Countinued.

Bounty Hunter

Monday, September 1st 2003 - 02:07:43 AM
I was just wondering. Is this site mostly about gay tie up games? Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Monday, September 1st 2003 - 01:31:46 PM

It's not really about sexual tie up games in the first place, so no, it's not about gay tie up games.


Monday, September 1st 2003 - 05:48:04 PM
Attic Fun
Attic Fun

Hi, its been along time since Ive posted, but I finally had some time before we went to school, anyway here goes.
This took place around when I was 7, I was playing with my friends on my street, Mary ( name changed - because i cant remember them ) Joe, Sandy and Clover, we were playing hide and seek, but instead of being caught we were tied and left, if we could wed escape until the player it could get all of us. We were playing this game one sunny afternoon ( at least it was hot ), and Joe was it, about 3 minutes later i heard Clover yell for help, the fool i was then i thought she was being kidnapped or something i ran to her voice.

> Joe - Put your hands up

Joe tapped me on the shoulder and i put my hands up, it was the rules, i reckoned i could probably overpower him, we never had a fight so i never did find out, we (me and Clover) were just tied a simple knot hands in front and legs together (hey, we were 7, i think sandy was 8 but i cant remember). We were led into the attic, Joes family had some sort of contraption which when you opened the attic door a step ladder came down, Joe helped us up one by one, and then put us in the cupboard, his sister (cant remember her name) she locked the cupboard and sat down on the bean bag. Joe went and searched for Sandy while I started to pull and twist, I got my legs free and worked on my arms, biting and chewing them, to no avail, I tried to do Clovers but I couldnt do a thing in the dark, so I listened to the sound of Sandy, Joe came back 10 minutes later and we served our 30 minute sentence, my legs were retied, clover had her arms retied and we sat back to back while Joe went down t get us all a drink, Joes sister tied us all together and tickled one or two of us, just for a second, Joe came back and put our drinks in front of us.

> Joe - You can have your drink as soon as you get out.

We groaned, Clover got out first, she was an escapologist, or was it because Joe didnt want to hurt her, instead of helping us she picked up her drink and joined Joe and his sister in watching us, we were freed after half an hour, we talked and played another game when Clover was it, but that Im sure you dont want to hear the same game going on and on, the cupboard gave me an experience of real kidnapping, I felt so, so, scared, yet sort of happy, maybe because I knew it was a game but who knows. 

Ill post soon!! See Ya

[email protected]

Monday, September 1st 2003 - 06:21:55 PM
First Game of the New Year (pt. 2)
After my handcuffs were removed, Jamie told me to put my arms at my sides. I did this. Looking over my shoulder, I saw Lee doing the same to David. Jamie took a long piece of rope and tied me from my neck to my waist, pinning my arms to my sides. Then, he made me sit down, with my legs outstretched. He tied my legs together at the knee and ankle. Then they dragged David over. He was tied similarly to me. They placed us back to back. Another long rope was wound around us several times. They knotted the rope, then fastened the ends to the other end of the ball rack, so we couldnt move around. Finally, our turtlenecks were pulled up over our mouths and noses and tied in place with a handkerchief.

It was just then when Kits voice broke the air again. Where could Mike be? Whats taking him so long? My hopes rose. If Mike was captured, then Nick and Brian must surely be free. The four cops huddled then they left, turning off the lights so we were in darkness. We knew this was our chance. The three of us struggled hard against our bonds. However, none of us could get free. Our hopes lessened when they came back. Mike was now with them, and Brian was too. It seemed Nick had gotten away.

They untied Robert. Then they tied Brian and Robert together like they had tied David and me. After 15 minutes of tickle torture, Brian gave in. He told them that Nick had either gone to the flag or the base. He told them the location of both. Greg and Lee set off to my house to find Nick. Meanwhile, Kit and Jamie began to tickle us for fun. They tickled for about 10 minutes before Greg and Lee came back. Nick was with them. Lee held up our flag for everyone to see. They had won again.

So for the additional hour, we remained tied up. Nick was sat in a chair with no armrests. His arms were pulled behind his back and tied together with rope. His ankles were also tied together with rope. After that, a pair of long ropes tied his chest and stomach to the back of the chair. A final rope was attached to his feet, ran under the chair, and tied to his wrists. He couldnt move a muscle. As a finishing touch, his mouth was covered with duct tape, and then his turtleneck.

They tickled us for about 15 minutes then went off to do something for the remaining time. We could not get out of the bonds. At the end of the hour, they came back. They laughed that we had no gotten anywhere. They untied us. We promised revenge, but did not play anymore that day.

Hope you liked it!


Monday, September 1st 2003 - 07:26:52 PM
To Billy
Hey Billy, I really liked your story. I know it was simple, but simple is also good. If there were any more experiences that stuck out in your mind, or other ways you all were tied, I'd love to hear about them.

Also, did Joe's sister just tickle you on the arms? I assume there was no reason for you to be barefoot or anything, so I was just wondering.

Jazz/PH Sweden's #1 Fan

Monday, September 1st 2003 - 08:55:27 PM
Manhunt Part II
Curios- My story is not Gay Bondage, if thats what you are talking about, it is a bunch of kids playing a game.

Meanwhile, the rest of the players of the game left to go home, I had been captured for over 2 hours then, and they got bored of the game.

Corey went home to tell his mom about sleeping over at Bart's, and getting supplies for sleeping over, then, Bart called my parents to ask if I could spend the night, of course, they obliged. When corey got back, Bart and him played video games, they left me on the bed, gagged, bound, and blindfolded. I kept working at my bonds and finnaly broke free, I was about to take off my gag, when Bart saw me, and ran to me. He grabbed me, and tied me up double the ropes. Then, he said to Corey, "He can't escape," 
Corey asked, "Why not?" 
"Because, he is my first prisoner, thats why, now, I want you to go into by bookbag, there is a pair of white gym socks with blue stripes in it, grab them, they are rolled up," Bart explained.
Corey went to do what he was told. Bart waited for him, when he came back, bart took the socks, and tied them together, then, he tied them around the middle of my face, around my nose and ears, then, he went into his drawer and brought out more, to secure it, it smelled awful, and I couldn't hear unless they shouted, the smell made me drowsy, and I fell asleep.

When I woke up, my blindfold was off. I didn't know what happened, but Bart had his shoes off, and his socked feet were right on my face. It was 3 in the morning, and they were both asleep. I decided this was my chance, I undid my binds, and took off my gag and blindfold, then I got up, and tip toed down the stairs, his older brother, Steve, who was 2 years older than me, was down there watching TV, with his friend, Mike. They were talking, 
"Man, all I know is that she would be so pissed off if she found out," said Steve 
"I know man, when are you gonna tell her?" asked Mike,
"I will let her figure it out," said Steve, "she has to take the car to work every morning, she won't notice it until she gets to the parking lot, and then, she'll think it was her own fault," 
Then, Mike said, "But it's a pretty big dent I mean..."
CREAK, one of the floorboards creaked, they both jolted up and looked right at me, 
"How much do you know?" asked Steve, 
"No..No...Nothing, I didn't hear anything," I lied, 
"He is lying Steve, I can tell," said Mike, "and there is no doubt he'll tell." 
"Not if I can help it," said Steve, they both looked at each other, nodded, walked up to me, and each took one arm dragging me downsatirs to Steve's Bedroom, I was so suprised, I was speechless. When we got there, they shut the door, and pulled out some rope and tied me up, all the way! I couldn't move at all, then, while Mike put his hand against my mouth, Steve went upstairs to get Bart and Corey, and they all came down, and gagged me with more socks. What happened next?

To Be Continued...

Bounty Hunter

Tuesday, September 2nd 2003 - 05:32:05 PM
does anyone know a good book for school with a bound and gagged book that doesn't give it away with the title??????? that has long good non sexual bondage???
[email protected]

Tuesday, September 2nd 2003 - 05:49:43 PM
A Clever Kindapping at School
This is a very weird but true story that happened in my History Class.

I had this sort of excentric History teacher, his name is Mr. A, (Names have been changed) Anyway, we were studying the Code of Hamurabbi, when he said, "All right class, let's have a little thing to show how fair the code of Hammurabbi is. Now, I need 6 voulenteers." 4 kids raised their hands, RJ, CK, JB, and LD. Then he said, "Well, I guess I can play one roll, Scott, (me) you will have to come up and be the last voulenteer." Then, he told me, RJ, and CK to go in the other corner, while he talked to LD, and JB. Then, he said, "Alright class, CK (female) and RJ (male) are married" the class laughed, "and Scott is their son. One night they all went to sleep," he turned off the lights, "Now, something horrible will happen in the middle of the night." Then, someones hands grabbed me, they tied me up with rope, gagged me with a tube sock and secured it with Duct Tape." Then, I was dragged behind the teachers desk. And, about a minuet later, the lights came back on. "Now," said Mr. A, "Scott has been kidnapped, which falls under the stealing catergoty, and when someone steals, they get their hand chopped off. Now, JB here has been in fights with RJ all of the time. RJ and JB take it to court, because RJ belives JB kidnapped his son. LD is the Judge, and him and RJ have been friend for a long time."
LD said, "JB, I sentence you to get your arm cut off, under Kindapping of Scott," "Wait," JB said "Mr. A did it" Mr. A broke in, "Now, say I was a friend of the judge and RJ, I would not be sentenced, it would be you. Even if I did kidnap him, thats how the law worked, and I really was guilty. Alright, lessons done, her is your Homework, page 4..." "Wait," said CK, "Where's Scott?" "Oh," said Mr. A, "You don't need to worry about him, he went to the library, to print up his paper, he told me that when the lights went off." The Bell rang, and everyone left, he untied me, and said "You are the student that reminds me of myself more than anyone I've ever met. We will spend some more time together." Then, I left.

There have been other things that happened, but wouldn't fit this site as they are actual kidnappings, andyone who is interested in hearing them, post it, and I will drop you an email. Also, if anyone could find a post about kidnapped victims and such, please post it too. Thanx.


Tuesday, September 2nd 2003 - 07:05:54 PM
To David, book
How about "Zodiac Chillers: In Leo's Lair"?

Granted, the title hints at a possible kidnapping, and the back tells of it, but it's not that blatant I think. Several nice long bound and gagged scenes in a basement, a closet, and a storm cellar.

Also, R. L. Stine's "Fear Street: Silent Night 2" as well. The blurb on the back tells of a kidnapping as well, and the cover of Santa cupping his hand over someone's mouth is maybe a too obvious hint, but the story does have two kidnappings in it, and some nice long, drawn-out moments of the victim's predicament.

And for younger readers, "America's Most Wanted Fifth Graders" has a kidnapping at the end, and doesn't even hint at it coming anywhere in the book! The book is also peppered with some pretty painful (IMO) attempts at humor, that serve to lighten the moments.

Are you planning to use a book to try to get someone into a tie up game?

Jazz/PH Sweden's #1 Fan

Tuesday, September 2nd 2003 - 09:08:38 PM
Hey all! check out my new site it's about real bondage or tie-up situations, like robberies and such. thankx!

Wednesday, September 3rd 2003 - 12:16:47 AM
hello,i wish to tell you about the day that changed my life.
i was staying the weekend over at my cousins house. i was 13 and she was 12 at the time. she also attended a private school that made her were a uniform.
what was so special about that,was that she always wore those great looking cable knit tights. even on the weekend. other times she would were cable knee socks.
i got the courage to say that i like the way the tights look and what they felt like to wear. on this day she went upstairs and retrieved a pair of white cable tights and told me to put them on. i said no in a boys way and she said is ont tell. and besides no one is home.
i never thought i would do this but i went into the bathroom and put the tights on. i never forget i was wearing blue shorts,blue and white shirt and white cable tights. they felt weird at first.
my cousin called me downstairs so i went. she then said "to prevent you from taking those tights off too soon im going to tie your hand. turn around.
i did and sure enough my hands were soon tied. where in the hell did she learn to tie hands i have no idea.
we played and watched tv for about 30 minutes and then she said she forgot something in the garage.
when she came back inside she was carrying more rope.
i quickly protested and asked what she needed that stuff for. she just smiled.
she told me to sit on the floor indian style with my legs crossed. she then proceeded to tie my ankles together very tight. they were tied cross ways so i could not put my legs together. when i asked why she tied them this way she stated so you cant hop off and so you can look at your tights while i go out and play with missy and tonya.
i hollored out ,please dont leave my here alone.she just laughed and said im going to keep you in tights all day today.
about 1 hour had passed and i was still trying to get my hands loose when i heard a car door close. sheer panic came over me. who was it, my aunt, uncle who??????. i was in real trouble.
the door opened and i could here my aunt hollor out for karen to come help her with the groceries from the store. my heart stopped.
as soon as my aunt came into the kitchen to put the bags down she saw me. sitting there tied up wearing cable tights.
she walked over and, in a shocking voice, asked me why i was tied up wearing a pair of karens tights. i didnt know what to say.
i then said , im sorry, karen did this to me and when my hands were tied she put the tights on me. my aunt then put her hands on her hip and stated ,im going to get to the bottom of this . karens in real trouble.
for a monent i thought i was saved. but! well see.
she searched all over the house for karen, she was not to be found. i finally told her she was out playing. i then started to make some noises and asked my aunt if she would please untie my., what she said next shocked my world.
she replied, no, im going to wait till karen is here to see what happened. you stay wright there. I WAS DEAD>
15 minutes later they both walked in the front door and my aunt had a big smile on her face. i knew wright then that karen told her about me wanting to put the tights on.
my aunt walked over and sat next to me. she rubbed my ankles and said , you look good in those tights. ill untie you but on one condition. i said what. she said that if she were to untie the ropes i would have to stay in those tights for the rest of the day. I SAID NO< LET ME GO.
she walked into the kitchen and started to unpack the food. the rest of the story anothe rnight

Wednesday, September 3rd 2003 - 03:56:24 AM
Hey "S", drop me an e-mail about your other stories, I'd be very interested to hear them, as I have some of my own. ttyt
[email protected]

Wednesday, September 3rd 2003 - 11:49:23 PM
1 weekend. 1 house. Me and 3 girls. No parents.
Ill do this in 2 main chapters, split across 2 posts, about a great weekend I had. First part isnt really a tie up game, but it was fun and happened in the same weekend, so Ill include it. Theyre both quite long, so if you dont like it, tough. It beats the 12 line snippets that plague this place. The first part of the first section 1 is mostly background. You can skip it if youre impatient - it will still make sense.

Ch 1
This story happened one long weekend when my parents went away to check out a car my dad was considering buying with another couple, who were their friends. They had a daughter, Clare, who was 16. Clare had two of her friends staying wither her, Mel and Rebecca, who were both 15. They were all pretty cute, but I had a serious crush on Mel, and she knew it, but we were both a bit shy. We all went to school together, and I was good friends with each of them. At the time I was 14. Realising how demeaning it would be to get us a babysitter at our age, but not wanting us to be on our own, our parents were cool enough to decide we should all stay over my place, as we had the room for it. They trusted us enough to be sensible, and I suppose their trust was warranted. If any of us needed anything, Clare only lived round the corner, and our parents expected wed go back and forth between houses, as they had a pool. They left us some snacks and a couple of movies, gave us some contact numbers, and taking my 15 year old sister, left us for 2 days. My older brother was away at college, so we had the place to ourselves.

Clare, Rebecca, and Mel all stayed in the two rooms which made up our basement. My fathers mother had been some sort of administrator at a hospital in the 50s, and when the government started economising, one of the things they did was reduce the number of hospitals, and increase the beds in the remainder. During the move a lot of the stuff got stored at the house, and much of the outdated stuff never left our house, but was replaced instead. My mum and Clares both worked for the States theatre company, which is how we originally met, and there was a lot of that stuff at our house too. Naturally, we kept our junk in the basement. Before they left, and while the girls were setting up their room, my mum told me to move the junk out of the basement for the girls, but they told me not to worry about it.

After our folks left, Rebecca asked if they could play the Playstation. Clare told me they had an idea for a game we could play later, and that theyd set up for it while I connected the ps. Naturally I knew they were up to something, but I had no idea what.


A couple minutes later, Rebecca came back up and told me they were ready for me, so I followed her down. They told me: They wanted to play dress up. Being 14, and them even older, I thought this was really weird, but it was a chance to be fussed over by three cute girls, and the way they had asked suggested that they were perhaps doing this for Mels benefit, so I agreed. The rules were this: They each got a turn to choose something for me to wear, and I got to choose something for each of them. The person who was going to get dressed up would go upstairs while the others prepared the clothes, and laid them on the bed in the second room. When they were ready, the person could come down, and go into the second room themselves and get changed, having no idea what theyd wear until they got in there.

Because it was their idea, I got to choose first, so I picked Mel to go first, and rummaged through some of my mums boxes which had the costumes. I found what I was looking for: A princess costume from some Shakespearian play my mum helped design the set for. Part of the costume was a corset which I left on the bed next to it. I couldnt wait to see Mel. She came in looking at me nervously, and closed the door, then almost shrieked when she saw it, I guess. About twenty minutes later she came out, slowly, blushing all the way, her beautiful mounds beneath a slightly tight, royal blue and white silky dress, with a regal red and gold gown over her shoulders. She looked quite simply stunning. Clare leaned forward over my shoulder and pushed my bottom jaw closed, and we all stated giggling. 

Now Mel got to choose for me. Still in the costume, she ordered me upstairs. I played the Playstation while I was waiting, and after hearing them going through the boxes for a few short minutes (I was getting a little excited of course), Rebecca opened the door and told me to come down. I glanced a them each nervously as I walked past them, to see Rebecca and Clare smirking, while Mel had seemed to assume the role, and was holding her head up high, having got over her embarrassment.

I went in and closed the door, and tried to make out what it was on the bed. I remembered now. It was a brown walrus costume from a school play that my mum had made for my older brother years ago. It was made of this loose silky velvety stuff, kind of furry, the type that looks dark when you brush it one way, and lighter the other. It was a pretty good costume, too. I climbed in; the legs sown together at the knees and feet, and the flippers themselves were soft foam shaped things that the wearers feet fitted into. The hands were similar. Of course, with my hands in the flipper things, which were part of the suit, I had no way of zipping it up, and my hands were more or less useless. The hood was connected at the back to a bunched up stretchy collar, which fitted snugly around my neck. Pulled over, my face sort of showed through where the mouth would be, with the top jaw and head of the walrus effectively forming a warm hat. A soft white tusk came down beside each cheek. Not wanting to get too hot, I only wore my underwear and a tshirt underneath it. I couldnt really walk in it either because of the way the legs and feet were. All I could do was sort of crawl on my belly. Suitably dressed, I called out for some help, and Mel came in and zipped me up. I was still a bit chubby then, so I suppose I must have looked pretty cute, or as Mel put it, adorable. With that, I crawled out, only to be met with Clare and Rebecca smiling, and the flash of a Polaroid camera. I didnt know Clare even HAD a Polaroid; they had it allll planned out I suppose.

We all trooped up stairs with that, and decided to watch a movie. Mel helped me up the stairs with her silky covered arms. It was about this point that I realised I was stuck in the costume, but it wasnt something I particularly minded, as Mel took it upon herself to look after me. Clare and Bec took turns patting me throughout the movie, while I sort of sat leaning on Mel, half on her lap, while she fed me chips. We hardly watched the movie, spending too much time giggling. I cant even remember what movie it was, but it got to a love scene, and Mel started cuddling me more. The whole cute thing was really working. Before I knew what was happening, she leaned over and kissed me.

It was about 1030 when the movie ended, and Clare, being the eldest, had a little tact, and took bec with her to get ready for the next turn, giving Mel and I a few minutes. We made out, me trapped in my adorable costume, my cheeks pressing against the taut silk over her lovely, corseted mounds, while she hugged me, and massaged my own growing mound.

A few minutes later, Clare came back from the basement, told us to break it up, and that it was Rebeccas turn. Wanting to be fair or something, they let me choose for bec first. (Although I think it had more to do with keeping me in the costume, for as long as possible, than fairness. I was a little surprised at the way it was playing out, expecting more innocent clothes wearing than what was happening. I upped the ante, wanting revenge for the walrus costume. Conferring with Mel, I went into my sisters bedroom, and found the birthday present her boyfriend had given her: A red vinyl catsuit. Helped by Mel, I set it out on the bed without bec having any idea what it was. I slithered out, and yelled up that she could go in. We made sure Clare didnt know what it was either, so it had sort of become Mel and I against them. As soon as she got the room and closed the door, it flew open again.

I am NOT wearing that! she shrieked.
Yeah, you are. I replied, grinning, while Mel nodded.
I had to be Cinderella, here. Boyd had to be Mr Walrus. You can be the catwoman! 

Clare gave a puzzled expression as bec closed the door defeated. She took almost 25 minutes before she came out. Mel and Clare continued flirting and teasing me while we waited, so it wasnt too bad. When the door finally swung slowly open, Mel made sure to get a couple of photos, while Clare shrieked with laughter. The thing was skintight, and bec had a great body for it. Fortunately it had a bit of stretch, so even though it was probably a little big, it still fit her perfectly. If at all possible, she looked hotter than Mel did, but not nearly as cute. She knew she looked good, but she was still out for revenge. Walked over to Clare, and got a little angry when Clare was still laughing away while bec was whispering to her. Eventually, Clare got the same evil expression on her face as bec. Clare told me she had to go round the corner to her house to get my next costume, so we went back up and played some more ps. It was now about 11:15 pm, but with a few turns to go yet, we were still pretty all excited, and none of us were tired.

Clare got back with two rather large bags, which had me a little daunted. I asked what was in them, but got no reply. bec took one bag from Mel, walked in, in all her skintight glory, and re-emerged a few minutes later. Mel took the liberty of undoing my zip before I shuffled in, still getting about on my belly. It wasnt until I got out of the walrus that I could actually see what it was. I stood up and looked in horror: It was Clares little brothers boy-scout uniform. They knew me well well enough to know that this was the single most embarrassing thing I could be made to wear other than perhaps a wedding dress.

My protest through the door was met with becs predictable response:
I had to be catwoman now come on out

I slowly stepped out with a glum expression on my face, blinded again by the camera, even though I was expecting it. It was complete: Shorts, belt, shirt, a sash and necktie thingy, as well as shoes and socks, pulled up high, and a cap on my head to top it off. Now it was my turn for some revenge: I got to choose for Clare. This one had to count, because I knew whatever Clare had planned for me, it was going to be bad. 

Before that, though, a group photo of Me, Mel and bec, and more snacks! demanded bec. So we helped ourselves to a midnight snack and some coffee. I took this opportunity to set up for Clare, as well as steal the photos of me in the scout and walrus outfits, as well as Mel and becs photos. Unfortunately th group photo was still drying, and Clare had it with her. I matched Clare and becs conspiracy perfectly. As much as I found the scout uniform embarrassing, Clare was even worse with cheerleading, even though she tried out once. And, as luck would have it, my sister was a cheerleader. : )

When I came back to join them, bec demanded where Id been, giving me a couple of playful pats on the arse when I was vague about what I had been doing. It was my perfect opportunity: I swept her off her feet and set her across my lap and gave her vinyl covered arse a good spanking. Mel and Clare just giggled, but Im pretty sure bec enjoyed it.

We trooped back down together, me now able to walk properly at least. Clare walked in, and had an almost identical reaction as bec. She knew protesting was a lost cause though, and within five minutes emerged wearing the tight red, white, and black cheerleader uniform. It showed her mounds well, and the skirt left little to the imagination. The whole thing was slightly padded lycra or spandex or something. I took a couple of snaps, and told Clare to set up for me, hoping to get whatever torture she had planned for me over quickly. She was smarter than that though, and suggested we wait till morning, it being about 1 am, and us with more than a full day ahead of us. 

Like I said, Clare had a bit of tact, and while I helped move boxes and stuff about so the girls had enough room, Clare suggested that there was not enough room, and that someone should go upstairs. She effectively dealt with Mels and my shyness, allowing us to share my room without either of us having to ask, even though we both wanted to. As we were climbing the steps, Mel whispered something to me. I stepped back, saw that she was serious, so nipped back into the basement, and quietly took the walrus costume with me. bec didnt notice, but Clare did. She said nothing, just gave me a wink on the way out, having been reassured that her quick thinking had paid off. Back in my room, Mel had changed into her nightie, and helped me into the walrus. She spent the whole night cuddling me.

Thats part one. Part two has the actual tie ups. To those freaks who ask what colour, or how something was tied, Im not answering questions, so dont bother asking. Gimme feedback if you want.



Thursday, September 4th 2003 - 05:40:09 PM
Sounds good so far, please conclude!

Thursday, September 4th 2003 - 10:17:49 PM
Babysitting Tiffany
When my brother Tim graduated high school and moved out of the house to live on the campus of our local university, that left me as the oldest kid at home. That summer, I was almost sixteen. I had my drivers license, and our parents were beginning to let me have some responsibilities, one of which included the occasional obligatory evening of babysitting my younger sister Tiffany. At twelve, she was still not allowed to be at home alone for any extended period of time, especially at night. Needless to say, with me babysitting and the parents gone for the evening, it gave me quite a few really good opportunities to tie her up.

One night just before the start of school, my parents were meeting some friends for dinner and a late movie sixty miles away. I was informed I would be babysitting, and that one of Tiffanys friends, Jennifer, was going to spend the night. So I would have to spend an entire night with two giggling twelve year olds. I pretended not to be thrilled with the idea, but my mind was already racing, playing out several different scenarios in which Tiffany and Jennifer ended up as captives at my hands. I sulked away to my bedroom, and as soon as the door was shut, I started preparing.

I pulled out the old trusty backpack, which had seen me through seven years of tie-up games with my brother, sister, and all of our extended circle of friends. With my brother out of the house, and my friends Bryan and Kevin gone most of the summer to visit their respective grandparents, those games had been few and far between. But I had a feeling that tonight was going to prove very entertaining.

Dumping out the contents on the floor, I sorted out several lengths of white cotton rope that I had collected over the years. Some of it looked rather dirty, and this I discarded, keeping only the whitest strands. No sense in it looking ugly, right? I had a roll of silver duct tape, and a smaller roll of white surgical tape. I didnt really like using either one, because I personally didnt like the way the adhesive felt on my own mouth, so I stuck these in a pocket of my back pack and started through a pile of colorful bandannas and handkerchiefs. Selecting four of the white folded squares and four of the colored onestwo red and two blueI placed the handkerchiefs in the back pack with my rope selections and shook out the bandannas to fold just the way I wanted them. One of the red ones I folded diagonally, then pressed it into a long narrow band of cloth. Next I looped the ends over each other and drew them through the circle they made, forming a good sized knot in the middle of the band. Just to test it, I inserted the knot into my mouth and drew the ends behind my head, making a little noise to see how it worked. Of course, I wasnt exactly a new hand at any of this. I pulled it back out of my mouth and tossed it into the back pack, the folded one of the blue ones the same way. The last two bandannas I folded into wider bands of cloth and placed them carefully in my back pack. Throwing my discarded rope and other bandannas into a Wal-Mart bag, I tossed both the bag and the pack into my closet and waited for my parents to leave and my other charge to arrive.

At 5:30, my mom called me downstairs. Were leaving, she said. Well be back around midnight, but well call before we start home. If you need anything, Dad has his cell phone.

Okay, Mom, was my flat reply. I smiled grimly as she kissed me on the forehead, then asked, When is Jennifer supposed to be here?

Oh, I didnt want you to have to mess with dinner, so her Moms dropping her off around 7:00. She saw the look in my eyes and said, Dont be so glum. Its only one night. I shrugged and she smiled, fully accepting my feigned resignation. I saw that Dad had already pulled the car around. He waved from the drivers seat, and Mom went out to join him. A minute later, they were gone and I was alone with my first victim. As I closed the back door and locked it, I heard Tiffany come down the stairs.

Are they gone? I turned and saw a sight that made me grin. My twelve year old sister had grown quite a bit in the last year. She was nearly as tall as I was (which wasnt really saying muchI was only 56) and was beginning to show signs of curvature. Shed been wearing bras for over a year now, though I still wasnt completely sure she needed to. She had long, slender legs, which were muscular from her running in Junior High Track and playing basketball. All in all, I thought my sister was quite a cutie, for a sister, you know. She had blonde, shoulder length hair, which she usually kept up in a pony tail, or like she was just now, with two small clips forming twin tails just over her ears. Her eyes were bright blue, and usually laughing whenever they looked at me. It was sometimes annoying. And I noticed that she hadnt changed out of her school uniform. She was still attending the local girls school, which required their students to wear very specific uniformswhite button-up blouses with long sleeves and dark green-and-blue plaid jumpers. The skirts were knee length, and met with knee-high socks of either matching blue or green. And of course, the shiny loafers. That was how she was dressed, and I couldnt help but wonder if she had stayed that way on purpose. She had once caught me browsing through pictures of girls tied up in school uniforms.

Until midnight, I replied, a mischievous gleam in my eye.

Jennifers not coming until 7:00.

I know.

So what are we going to do?

I dont know, I shrugged, still grinning.

I guess you probably want to tie me up, huh?

Im a little out of practice. Besides, I didnt think youd let me. We were playing a familiar game.

I wontunless you catch me. And with that, she disappeared around the corner and I heard her pounding up the stairs. I was right behind her, and she had made it into her bedroom and almost had the door closed when I slammed my shoulder against it. It flew open, and she scrambled across one of twin beds to get away with me. I darted around the end and caught her before she made it to the second bed. Grabbing her arm, I twisted it behind her back and pulled her against me, clapping my hand over her mouth as she began to peal with laughter. I closed my palm tightly over her lips, very effectively reducing her squeals to muffled moans, which she increased just to aggravate me.

Well, I caught you.

Mmmm-hmmmm, she hummed against my hand, struggling only a little. Her other hand came up and pretended an attempt to pull my hand away from her face.

I gave her a little jerk to remind her who was in charge and I said, You are now my captive and have to do exactly as I say. If you dont, it will be very bad for you. Do you understand?

She nodded, humming her assent again.

Good. Now, lets go to my room, Tiff. Ive been getting ready for this all afternoon. Keeping a firm grip on both her wrist and her mouth, I spun moved her gently around and started toward the door. We both caught a glimpse of ourselves in the mirror, and my heart began to pound at the sight of me holding my little sister silent and still. Her eyes widened and she struggled a bit, though vainly, and then we were out in the hall. I guided her down to my own room, kicking the door shut behind us as I moved her toward the bed. Im going to let you go for a minute, but dont try anything, okay?

She nodded, and I released her, shoving her gently toward my bed. She sat down on the edge of the mattress and looked at me with wide eyes, her breathing already ragged. She sniffled a bit and wiped her mouth with her hand, watching me as I went to the closet and reached for my backpack. No sooner had I bent to retrieve it than she leaped up and darted for the door. Just as her hand closed over the knob, I grabbed her around the waist, smothering her scream in my hand as I hauled her kicking and flailing back toward the bed and my hastily discarded backpack. I tossed her faced down on the bed and straddled her, pulling her hands behind her back and pinning them in one of mine as I reached for a rope.

Though she struggled, I managed to loop the rope around her wrists, wrapping the rope so that her hands were palm to palm. After several turns, I passed the rope between her palms and up through her arms, cinching the ropes together and tying the ends. I snugged it as tightly as I dared, then reached for more rope. She playfully kicked at me and laughed when she landed a good one in my gut as she tried to scoot away from me, but then I grabbed her by the feet and held them together while I bound them with rope. I ran my hand up one of her legs and she shuddered for a moment before I pulled a third rope around her thighs just above her knees. She was already mine, and she knew it.

She looked back over her shoulder at me and saw me shaking out two white handkerchiefs. As I rolled them together into a ball, she began to protest. You dont really have to gag me! Whats the point? No ones here to hear me anyway! Simommmmmmpppppphhhh! I smiled widely at her as I thrust the wad against her open mouth, pushing it in past her teeth and stuffing it over her tongue with my fingers. She groaned vociferously into the unfolding cloth as it filled her mouth, and I covered her mouth again with one hand while reaching for a knotted bandanna with the other. Laying there beside her with my hand clamped over her stuffed mouth, hearing her moan and feeling her struggling in her bonds next to me was a little too much for me to bear. I quickly forced the large knot between her lips and yanked the ends around, tying it tightly at the back of her head. She groaned in protest some more, glaring at me with those wide blue eyes before I pressed a folded bandanna over them and rolled swiftly from the bed. Taking one last look at her bound and gagged form, I fled from the room.

Silent Simon

Thursday, September 4th 2003 - 10:18:30 PM
Summer Camp
Hey. I was the only girl at a boys camp over the summer, and it seems like I was tied up by somebody every week. I am a 19 year-old Latina. I worked as the camps riding instructor and took care of the horses. Every week, we had about 120 boys at the camp. Being the only female, and a petite one at that, I was an easy target. I also should confess that Im a real big practical joker and troublemaker.

I was tied to a tree more than once, kidnapped by groups of boys, and the other counselors once tied me to my bunk with white athletic tape (and gagged me, too). This summer was my first experience being tied up, and most times I kind of enjoyed it.

Maybe the bondage scene Ill remember most was during one of the last weeks of the year. Its a long story, and I bet you want me to get right to the bondage parts, so Ill skip over some details. There was a group of boys who were nice kids, but acted like such brats when we were out on trail rides. They kept teasing me and stuff. And they kept trying to pass me on the trail.

When rides get back to the barn, all the boys have to untack their horses and brush them and lead them into the pasture. On Friday (the last ride of the week), while one of the boys was coming back to the barn, I ambushed him and tried to pushed him into a horse trough. I didnt get him all the way in, but almost. I also threw road apples (manure) at him and friends. Then, I ran up to my room on the top floor of the barn. I had my own room because I was the only girl. I locked the door and didnt come out until dinner, when I knew there would be other people around to protect me.

On Friday nights, the staff members have to dress up after dinner. I was wearing my cowgirl outfit, including jeans, cowboy boots and a western leather jacket with fringe.
I posed for pictures with a lot of the boys and hung around the camp fire for a while, then walked back to the barn to check the horses before going to bed. But, when I came out to go upstairs, guess who is standing there? Yes, the three brats. 

They grabbed me and tied my hands behind my back with a piece of rope. I was begging them to let me take my boots and jacket off, figuring they were going to throw me in a trough. But they had a different plan for me. Lets take her over to the water tower, the head brat said. They grabbed a bunch of lead ropes (sort of like leashes for horses, in case you didnt know) and with one of them holding each arm they started pulling me into the field in the middle of the camp where there is a big water tower.

You guys better let me go, I said. If someone sees you have me like this, youll be in big trouble." But, everyone was at the campfire in another part of the camp.

They decided to tie me to the ladder of the tower. They pushed my back against it, tied ropes around my chest and arms, then tied each of my legs to the outsides of the ladder. When they finished, I started to struggle to get untied. I knew right away they had me done up too tight to get loose.

I yelled, Help me! But, everybody was singing those stupid camp songs around the fire and couldnt hear me. The brats thought this was very funny and starting teasing me about being helpless.

O.K. Im sorry. I apologize. Now let me go.

They just laughed. Then they seemed like they were admiring their rope work on me.

Come on. Please let me go. These ropes are hurting me.

You started this, one of them said.

I said I'm sorry. This wasnt working. So I decided to try another strategy. O.K., tell me what I have to do so youll untie me.

Nothing. they said. 

They started talked to each other, making threats about me. Why dont we just leave her here all night, and crap like that.

Ill do anything you tell me!

But instead of taking me up on my offer, they used three different handkerchiefs to gag me. I shook my head and tried to resist, but couldnt do much when I was all tied up.

They left me there bound and gagged. I was sure somebody would come by on their way back to their tents and let me go. But they didnt. I was left tied there for what seemed to be a hour. I was wiggling my hands and wrists trying to get loose, but couldnt. 

Finally, the head brat came back. I was wondering if I should be scared being alone with him. But, to be honest, I was kind of enjoying myself.

Learned your lesson? he asked me. I nodded, trying to look like I was so mad.

If I take the gagged off, will you scream?

I shook my head no. So he pulled the handkerchiefs out of my mouth.

Youve held me long enough. Untie me and let me go.

Wait a minute. You asked what you had to do to get loose, didnt you?

Within reason.

I dont remember how he said it, but he told me hed untie me if I let him kiss me.

Ive never kissed a Mexican girl before, he told me, like he had ever kissed any girl.

Why do you want to kiss me?

I dont know, he said. But, if you want to get untied you have to do something.

We made a deal that I would kiss him on the cheek, which I did. He was a gentleman and kept his promise to untie me. Sort of. He untied me from the ladder, but kept my hands tied behind my back while he led me back to the barn. I guess he wanted to keep me prisoner as long as he could. It felt so good when he finally undid the ropes on my wrists.

The next morning at breakfast, everybody in the dining room was staring at me and smiling. So I guess my captors couldnt wait to tell everybody about the night before.

Scout Girl

Scout Girl

Friday, September 5th 2003 - 12:09:31 AM
Both those stories were awesome! Silent Simon and Scout Girl, I enjoyed your stories a lot. Simon, please continue yours, and Scout Girl, I'd love to hear your other stories!
Jazz/PH Sweden's #1 Fan

Friday, September 5th 2003 - 04:24:23 PM
Another Camp Story
Its me again, Scout Girl. That you Jazz/PH for the compliment. Heres another time the boys at summer camp tied me up.

Like I said, I was the only girl working a boys summer camp in the Rocky Mountains. I am a college student and was in charge of the equestrian program at the camp. The campers range in age from 10 to 16 years-old. 

Most of the kids are well-behaved, as much as adolescent boys can be when on their own. But, many of them couldnt catch on to the idea that they had to take orders from a woman. When someone caused trouble, I asserted my authority by doing such things as hitting them with water balloons or pushing them in the river. 

Sometimes I could be more creative. Each week, the assistant camp director, Ben, and I took a group of about ten 14 to 16 year-olds on an overnight pack trip. At night, we camped by a river. The very first week, I pushed a couple of kids in because they didnt listen to me on the trail. I also poured a cup of apple sauce down the back of one kids shorts.

On the Friday night before these kids went home, they grabbed me during the evening camp fire and tried to pour buckets of water over my head. But, I jumped out of the way, and rushed one kid and pushed the bucket back on him. They eventually surrounded me and grabbed my arms. I was fighting like crazy and would get free for a few seconds and try to run away. But, they always got me again. Finally, one of them came up with a bunch of the ropes we used to tie down the tents. I fell down trying to get away, and they pulled my hands behind me a tied my wrists. Then two of them pinned my legs together while someone else tied my ankles together.

I was yelling at them and threatening them, Whatever you boys do to me Im going to do to you.

I should point out that Im only 52 and weigh about 100 lbs., so I was smaller than almost all my captors. But, I thought I might be able to intimidate them with threats. Of course, that didnt work.

I was struggling and threatening, but I knew I couldnt get my hands free. They pulled me up so I was on my knees and wrapped more rope around my chest and arms. I mean a lot of rope, too. Then they pulled my ankles up and put me in a hogtie. I could hardly move when they were done tying me up.

Ben, why arent you helping me? I screamed.

He got up and walked past where I was laying and casually said something like, You boys shouldnt tie up your riding instructor. But, he kept on walking.

Wait! Where are you going? Youve got to get me untied!

While Ben mumbled something else and walked off, one of the boys put his hand over my mouth to shut me up. Of course, I bit him. So he took my bandana off and used it to gag me. Its a big bandana, called a wild rag in cowboy talk, and he wrapped it around my head twice and secured it with a big knot right between my lips.

The boys were all standing over me, teasing me and threatening me. All of a sudden, someone pushed his way through the crowd and knelt down in front of me. He rolled me over on my back with my hands underneath me and legs all bent up from the hogtie ropes. It was the boy whose shorts I had put the applesauce in. He was peeling the top off an applesauce cup he had just taken from the kitchen.

I was wriggling around as violently as I could and kept yelling, No. No. from under my gag. But, he pulled up my shirt, poured the applesauce on my stomach, put my shirt back down and rubbed it in. Everyone had a good laugh at that.

After a few minutes, I heard Ben telling the boys to move out of his way as he pushed through the crowd to me. 

"Finally, I thought, hes going to let me loose. Instead, he had a camera with him.

Before we untie her, Ben said, I thought you boys might like a picture with her.

They undid the rope holding my legs to my writs and stood me up. While I was still wrapped up in rope and gagged, Ben took a picture of all these boys surrounding me.
Then, some of the boys who had their own cameras wanted pictures with me. So, they carried me over to one of the benches near the camp fire and took turns sitting next to me while their friends snapped pictures. Even a couple of the other counselors put me in the middle and had their picture taken.

The campers probably would have kept me like that all night, but Ben finally made them let me go.

Once I was untied, they all tried to make nice with me. I kept trying to think of some revenge I could take, but didnt come up with anything. If I could, I would have made it so bad on them.

I asked them what they were going to tell their parents about their camp pictures that featured a girl in bondage. None of them seemed to have an answer.

Scout Girl

Friday, September 5th 2003 - 10:12:37 PM
I Love the Developing...
...Love-story on this site! It reminds me of a great song by Chuck Berry...

...My Ding-a-ling.

"I remember the girl next door...
We used to play house on the kitchen floor...
She'd be the Queen and I'd be the King...
Together we would play with my ding-a-ling!

Too long intros to stories are so-o tiresome! I didn't even bother to read the rest.

"Scout Girl"; good concept, but?

[email protected]

Friday, September 5th 2003 - 10:51:25 PM
I think I actually heard that one before... I also would like to hear a bit more Scoutgirl.

Saturday, September 6th 2003 - 05:00:26 AM
To Silent Simon
Great Story. What happened next?
William F. Somebody

Saturday, September 6th 2003 - 10:27:22 AM
Scout girl
You said they all took pictures of you surely you must have been able to get your hands on one any chance of showing us?

Saturday, September 6th 2003 - 02:31:31 PM
PH, relating to your story about Chuck Berry
PH, My husband and I often read this site together. We both grew up and had childood experiences with being tied up. Your quote of the Chuck Berry song "My Ding a Ling" brought back memories to me. More than once I played with a boys "ding-a-ling" somewhere between the ages of 10 and 13. His name was Charlie, he lived down the street from us. Many times I had him tied up and a few times we used a scarf to tie around his head. As I remember those situations it still brings back erotic responses. I should mention it went both ways we were equal opportunity binders.

I am surprised at how few of these situations ended up with some experimentation. For me it was often all part of the game

[email protected]
USA/Tennessee, now

Saturday, September 6th 2003 - 04:21:12 PM

Do you and your husband ever tie each other up?


Saturday, September 6th 2003 - 11:17:48 PM
Childhood Memories...
...are always good to have around.
Valgal wrote:

" PH, relating to your story about Chuck Berry 
PH, My husband and I often read this site together. We both grew up and had childood experiences with being tied up. Your quote of the Chuck Berry song "My Ding a Ling" brought back memories to me. More than once I played with a boys "ding-a-ling" somewhere between the ages of 10 and 13. His name was Charlie, he lived down the street from us. Many times I had him tied up and a few times we used a scarf to tie around his head. As I remember those situations it still brings back erotic responses. I should mention it went both ways we were equal opportunity binders. "


I'm glad my written recite of "My Ding-a-ling" brought back those responses! However my intent when posting was that whenever I think of that song I'd be thinking of someone wanking, either words I was thinking of a recent post.

Playing with the Ding-a-ling can be both rewarding and fun, double-fun if you are two people sharing one...Ding-a-ling I'll give you that!

But since this is a site not dedicated to silver bells hanging on a string I'd prefer not to take this issue further. 

Perhaps it would be better to discuss this in the club?

"Humpty Dumpty sat on the wall
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall
When they went to tell the King
They caught him playing with his..."

Oh those ole good rock'n roll songs!

[email protected]
Svea Rike

Sunday, September 7th 2003 - 12:49:11 AM
Kidnapped In My Own Home
One day, My friend Brent, who is a couple years younger than me, was really bored. He called up our other friend Joe, who is one year younger than me, and asked, "Would you be interetsted in a kidnapping?" 
"Yeah man," he said, "I'm really bored."
"Alright," Brent said, "meet at my house in 5 minuets."

They got ready with all of their supplies, and dressed in all black, then they came to my house, I was sittin at the computer, and they sneak in. They wait behind me, and then the next time I opened my mouth, they shoved a pair of socks in them, and secured them with duct tape. I stood up, surprised, and they tied me up. My arms at my side, and my legs together. Then, they blindfold me with a ski mask turned backwards.

They took me to Brent's house, and put me in a chair in the basement, and tied me to it. Then, they turned on the lights and took off their masks, I was relived. They gave me tickle torture, and made me spend the night, but that was it.
The End


Sunday, September 7th 2003 - 02:57:22 AM
Lost Basketball
A few days ago, I went to a small party. There were about 7 guys, not including me. Unfortunatly, there weren't any girls, so I guess you can't really call it a party, but I don't know what else to call it. Anyway, the guys there were me, Matt, Ryan, Josh, Ken, Shawn, Dave, and Bob. I changed all names of course. Anyway, we were pretty bored so we decided to play a game of basketball. The teams were me, Matt, Ken, and Dave, against Ryan, Josh, Shawn, and Bob. I suggested that we add a little twist to the game, to make it more interesteing. As I mentioned, we were all bored, so they said sure and asked what it was. I said, "How 'bout the losers all get tied up?" They didn't oppose, so we made the bet. By the way, we're all 16 except for Ken, who turns 16 in a month or 2. So we started the game and the winners were the first ones to have 21 points and you had to win by two. My team won with a score of 22 to 20. We told Ryan, Bob, Josh, and Shawn to come in the house with us. I went and got ropes and duct tape. I'll describe myself now. I'm about 6 foot 1, and have short brown hair. This day I was wearing a red hat, a yellow Billabong shirt, jeans, and black Adio shoes. Anyway, me and Matt are the ones who tied everyone up, because we both have experiance (but that's a different story.) We tied Ryan up first. Ryan looks a lot like me only he's a little shorter and his hair's blonde. He was wearind a black shirt, jean shorts, and grey and orange Lo-Cut Etnies shoes. His shoes were only a day old. I tied him up. I started by having him lay down on my bed, back down. I tied his ankles and wrists to the bed posts, so he was spread-eagle. I got a sock out of my closet and stuffed it in his mouth. Then I wrapped the duct tape around his mouth a bunch of times. Then it was Bob's turn. He was wearing a light blue shirt, jeans, and grey Manteca DC shoes. These were also only days new, because everyone had just finished they're back to school shopping. Matt tied him in a hog-tie. He also gagged him the same way I did. Then Matt tied Josh up. Josh was wearing a yellow shirt, jeans, and black and white Renoylds 2 Emerica shoes. Of course they were new aslo. Matt tied him to a pole in my room (my room's in the basement.) He gagged him too. Then there was Shawn. I did the honors of tying him up. He was wearing a red shirt, jeans, and new black and white Templeton Emerica shoes. I told him to sit in my desk chair. I tied his hands behind his chair and his feet together. Then I pulled his feet up under the chair and tied his hands to his feet. Then I slapped a gag on. This is a really cool position. Then I took his shoes off, yes, that means tickling. He really laughed a lot. Then I said, "I don't think they've had enough punishment for losing yet." Matt asked what I meant and i said, "let's take all their new shoes!" Matt, Ken, and Dave thought it was a good idea, but of course, Bob, Josh, Shawn, and Ryan didn't. We took all their shoes and hid them out in the basement in the board game cupboard. After a while, we untied them, but I still have all their shoes and make fun of them about it. Sometimes I wear them to school and walk right past them in the hall. They say naughty words at me when I do.

Hope you liked my story. Give me feed back soon.
E-mail me.

[email protected],com
Michigan - U.S.A.

Sunday, September 7th 2003 - 02:57:26 AM
Damn Gargoyle, I loved your story. I have to admit, I have a fetish for animal costumes, and one such as what you described is just...Wow :)

If anyone else has any stories like that, I would love to hear them

[email protected]

Sunday, September 7th 2003 - 04:39:59 PM
My Birthday Surprises
My birthday arrived in late January, which meant a big sleepover. After the party, everyone went home to prepare for the sleepover. (We were all in the same general neighborhood) The tie up team, Greg, Nick, me, Jamie, Mike, Brian, Kit, David, Robert, and Lee (strongest to weakest), were all invited. Jamie was the first to arrive. He had his overnight bag with him. At the bottom of everything was rope, bandanas, and duct tape. I was sure that everyone would pack like this. David, who lived next door, then arrived, followed by Kit. Then came Nick.

The five of us, before the other five came, decided to team up. We would try to capture everyone tonight. We were only able to discuss strategy for a few minutes before the next guest arrived. It was Greg. Soon after came Brian, Robert, Lee, and Mike. After the end of a movie, it was about 11:00. We put another movie into the DVD player. Just then, Lee decided he needed to go to the bathroom. I made eye contact with Jamie. He gave a slight nod. We were putting our plan into action. He and David decided to go the bathroom as well.

After 15 minutes, I asked, What could be taking so long? None of them had come back. Everyone suddenly lost interest in the movie. They seemed to sense that another tie up game was on. "Let's all go," said Mike. "Good idea," said Greg. The two seemed to realize that they couldn't trust anyone. I snuck Nick a smile. "Okay," said Nick. "Let's go." We went to the bathroom, and to no one's surprise, there wasn't anyone in sight.

We decided to split up to find our "missing" friends. "I'll go with Kit, Nick, and Robert." I said. "Mike, Greg, and Brian can go together." Everyone agreed. The other group went into a room, and we went into another room. As soon as we went inside, Kit, Nick, and I pounced on Robert. He was quickly handcuffed and gagged with duct tape. Then we blindfolded him with a bandana.

We half led-half dragged Robert into a small guest room at the end of the hall. This was our arranged meeting place. Jamie and David were already there. Lee was on the bed, tied spreadeagle. This time we were all wearing clothes to sleep in. None of us were wearing the usual turtleneck. Lee was gagged with duct tape and he was blindfolded with a bandana.

We pushed Robert into a high-backed wooden chair next to the bed. Each of his arms were tied to a chair arm with rope. We tied his legs together at the knees and ankles with rope. Another rope pulled his ankles back as far as they would go, and was fastened to the back of the chair. Finally, his chest and stomach were tied to the back of the chair. We lifted the chair and Robert up (he wasn't very big and heavy) and put them inside the closet, which we locked. Robert was now in total darkness. We then proceeded to perform the next part of the game plan.

Nick went to go try to lure one of the remaining 3 back to our base. However, after 10 minutes, he didnt return. After a quick discussion, Jamie and I went out to look for him. We quickly found them. Greg, Mike, and Brian were in the main basement room, where wed be sleeping. Nick was hogtied on the floor, gagged with duct tape and blindfolded with a bandana. Jamie said, Lets make a deal. Well give you Lee and Robert for Nick. After a moment, Mike responded, Okay. He gestured us to go back. We did quickly. We got back to the base and told our group of our deal. We untied both Robert and Lee, then tied each of their wrists behind their back. We left their blindfolds and gags on.

Second half coming soon!


Sunday, September 7th 2003 - 10:13:39 PM
boy/girl or girl/boy stories
That's what I like best.
I remember Bob's site

Monday, September 8th 2003 - 01:59:27 AM
does anyone know what happened to the story posted by Sissy or something a looooooooooooongg time ago about him being tied by his sister and made to wear her clothes, i cant find it anywhere, i read it a long time ago. If anyone has any stories like that please post them
love crotch ropes on women

Monday, September 8th 2003 - 07:54:47 AM
My Longest Tied-up 
This happened to me last friday when my two cousins, John and Allan came to my house. I am a 15yrs old boy who loves being tied up since 13, John and Allan was both 14.Last friday was the start of our school holidays. My parents had gone for a trip to Malaysia with some of my relative and will not be back till monday. I invited John and Allan to stay over at my house for afew days to accompany me so that i will not got bored.As we were watching a chinese show on kidnappers, i suggested to play tied-up games.
My ankles and knees was tied with ropes and my wrist was tied behind my back..i was gagged and was put on my bed. They tied my wrist to my ankles with a long rope to turn it into a hogtie.I struggle but couldn't release myself.The time was around 8pm at tt time and since allan and John is satying over, they leave me alone there and carry on their day.
i was feeling very tired after the long day and fell asleep very soon. i often woke up in the middle of the night and struggle to free but nothing works and returned to sleep soon.
I woke up at saturday morning and wanna stop this game.I shouted as loud as possible but only 'Mummhhuummp' came out. Everyone was not at home and only me in the house.So this game carry on to sunday night.I was fed with water everytime they remembers me but no food was allowed because of the gag. 
On the Sunday night, i was finally freed and the first thing was to go to the toilet! I ate as much as i can after that and rested on my bed. My ankles and wrist was filled with very red rope burns.I would never forget this game in my life. 
Hoped that you all would not find it boring and cause i am a tied-up game lover, i would like people who are interested that are able to drop a mail to chat. Thanks!

Monday, September 8th 2003 - 06:30:44 PM
Scout girl
GREAT two stories so far. i'm sure your other stories are just as good and we (me at least) would all love to hear them. or maybe i am just biased because two of my previous girlfriends were around 5'0", 95 pounds, and mexican. please continue :)
[email protected]

Monday, September 8th 2003 - 08:16:15 PM
Ben......Tried to send you e-mail but server cant handle it. Infected 
Please post your real email I'd like to talk to you. LCBOBAPPLE

Monday, September 8th 2003 - 09:56:02 PM
My Birthday Surprises cntd.
The 4 of us led Robert and Lee to the room where Greg, Mike, and Brian were waiting. Nick was tied like Robert and Lee. We made our trade and went back to our room. By now, it was a little past midnight. Nick told us his story. I found them easily. I told them Greg had to see something. They didnt believe me. They tied me up and tickled me. I gave in and told them about everything.

So all 10 of us knew what was going on. We decided to get some sleep. We knew it would be a long night. We were on guard duty in shifts. David and Jamie took the first one. Nick, Kit, and I went to sleep. It seemed I had just gone to sleep, when I was being shaken awake. It was David. Hurry! he said. 3 of them are attacking. Jamie tried to take them on alone. I jumped up instantly. Nick and Kit were up as well. I checked my watch. It was about 1 in the morning. The four of us went out into the hall. They must have gotten Jamie, said David.

We moved down the hall to the main room. As soon as we went in, the five of them jumped upon us. Greg took on Nick, Brian went for Kit, Mike and Lee tackled me, and Robert battled David. Nick and I went down quickly. Soon after came Kit. David subdued Robert, but when Mike went after him, he was finally overpowered. The 4 of us were pinned to the floor. Handcuffs were snapped on our wrists, and we stopped struggling. They led us to the center of the room, where there were two couches and a pair of armchairs which were arranged in a square. Jamie was there.

He was on his stomach on a couch. His arms were tied behind his back at the elbows and wrists. Another rope was wound around his stomach and chest, pinning his arms to his sides. His legs were tied together at the knees and ankles. Two ropes went under the couch, around the back, and across Jamie at the chest and knees to keep Jamie from falling off. He was blindfolded, but not gagged. His movement told me that he was still awake.

Mike tied Kits arms behind his back at the elbows and wrists. Then he led Kit over to an armchair. There, he tied Kits legs together at the knees and ankles. A single rope was tied at Kits chest around the back of the chair, and another was tied around the chair at his ankles. This was supposed to keep him in place. Meanwhile, Greg was tying me the same way. The armchair I was tied in was straight across from Kits and we exchanged an amazed glance. While this was all happening, Brian and Lee tied Nick to the couch straight across from Jamie, in the same way. Robert tied David in a hogtie in the middle of the four chairs/couches.

Four long ropes were tied at Davids stomach. Each end was tied to leg of a different chair or couch. This was to keep David from moving around. Greg told us, We wont gag you tonight, but if you are noisy, well have to, okay? We all nodded our assent. However, we were all blindfolded with bandanas. Now, lets get some sleep, said Mike. The 10 of us fell asleep, and we woke up at about 10 AM the next morning. We were untied and that was the end of another game. Of course, we promised revenge.

Hope you liked it!


Monday, September 8th 2003 - 11:31:26 PM
I'm sure this is the right e-mail, and there is no space between
[email protected]

Wednesday, September 10th 2003 - 06:49:39 AM
Want to chat....
If anyone out there would like to email me about any experiences they've had and hear about some of mine I'd love to chat with them. Tie-up games have always been a hobby with me since I was a little kid. I really LOVE this sight but am not always able to get to it. 
Hope to hear from some of you!
[email protected]

Thursday, September 11th 2003 - 01:54:45 PM
And then . . . 
Me again, Scout Girl, with another summertime experience at the boys camp. This time, I was kidnapped by a bunch of ten year-olds. It was early Saturday morning and I was doing my barn chores. The boys were all checking out for the week and going home. For those kids who didnt get picked up by their parents, there was a bus that took them to the airport in town.

I was dressed in my leather, fringed chaps and a halter top getting ready to exercise some of the horses. All of a sudden, I saw a group of boys standing in the doorway. These were some of the younger kids who Ive been sort of play fighting with all week. They looked like they had something planned for me, so I turned to run out the other side of the barn. But, I ended up running right into the arms of another bunch of boys.

I started fighting furiously, but ended up falling down with the boys on top of me. They already had a plan to tie me up. They twisted my arms behind my back and tied my wrists together. 

One of them told me something like, Were paying you back for all the trouble you caused this week.

They lifted me up and started pulling me to one of the horse troughs. Pushing campers in a trough is one of my favorite ways to get back at kids that give me trouble when Im leading riding lessons. 

Even I am taller than most of these boys, but I was no match for ten of them. They had me surrounded and were dragging me through the barnyard. 

All of a sudden, my boss, Ben, and some of the older boys showed up to fetch the littler kids. Ben told the boys to let me go and get down to the camp lodge. They all ran away, but nobody untied me.

I twisted my arms around so Ben could see my tied wrist. Ah-hem! Im still tied up.

Ben undid the ropes and started leading the little boys down to the lodge. Now I was there alone with four or five of the teen-agers, all of them leering at me and smiling. I had a chance to run away right there, but didnt think theyd do anything to me since they had to leave soon. Wrong. In a few minutes, they had my hands tied up again behind my back.

We love you so much we want to take you home with us, one of them told me.

Right, another one said. Lets load her on the bus.

I let go with a string of rather vulgar Spanish words, and they gagged me with my bandana. Then they blindfolded me with one, or maybe two, of their bandanas.

I knew they were pulling me toward the lodge because we were going downhill. I thought theyd have to let me go because there were a bunch of parents there picking up their kids. But, somehow they got me to the bus without anybody seeing me, or least without worrying that maybe I didnt want to be tied and gagged.

There is a storage place in the back of the bus where there are no seats. The kids throw their backpacks, sleeping bags and pillows back there. They lifted me up through the back door and hatched this plan to untied my hands and then retie my wrists to the handles on the back of the last seat. Too complicated? O.K., I was sitting on the floor sort of spread-eagle with my writs spread out and tied above my head. I fact, my arms were so stretched out that my ass could hardly reach the floor.

I was trying to scream for help under my gag, but couldn't get much noise out. The loudspeaker system was also playing Happy Trails to You so I was drowned out. 

After a few minutes, someone tied my feet together and then tied the end of that rope to a tie-down hook in the floor, so I was pretty much helpless. I still didnt think these kids would really keep me like this it seems like somebody tied me to the flagpole for a few minutes every other night but these guys started covering me up with their backpacks and sleeping bags. I was fighting like hell against the ropes and arching my back up to push their stuff off me. It didnt seem to help, because the driver closed the door. 

I think every kid on that bus came to the back to tease me during the drive to town, which takes more than an hour. I was sort of embarrassed to be in that position. On the other hand, I have to confess that I pretty much like being kidnapped in a non-threatening way.

When we got to the airport, Georgie, who is the camp cook and the bus driver, saw me as the kids started taking their stuff. Georgie jumped up in the back and pulled the blindfold and gag off me. 

Did these boys do this to you? He asked me while he was undoing me.

I pointed to some of the kids who kidnapped me. Georgie started scolding them while I stood behind him and laughed.

Georgie is so cute. All the way back to the camp, he lectured me, telling me if I were nicer to the boys they wouldnt do mean things to me.

Scout Girl

Friday, September 12th 2003 - 05:25:08 PM
A Big One
The next big game we played was near the end of February. Snow had fallen, school was cancelled, and the ten of us were in Kit and Lees big house. The tie up team, Greg, Nick, me, Jamie, Mike, Brian, Kit, David, Robert, and Lee (strongest to weakest) were just hanging out indoors. Kit and Lees parents were at work that day. It was then that we suggested a cops and robbers game. All of us had our equipment. This included rope, duct tape, and bandanas. Of course, we were all wearing our turtlenecks.

Randomly selected, the cops were Kit, Lee, Brian, Greg, and me. The robbers were Mike, David, Nick, Robert, and Jamie. We went upstairs to Kits big bedroom and made it our base. We placed the flag on the bedside table. And the game began. The five of us went together, leaving the base abandoned. Our first guess at their base was the storeroom in the basement that we had used before.

We began at the basement. However, no one was there. We went up to the main floor. We found some of the other group in the living room. It was Jamie and Mike. They seemed to be searching for our flag. Greg and Kit quickly tackled Mike. Brian and I subdued Jamie with ease. We led them up to our base.

Lee and I decided to stay with the captives, while Greg, Kit, and Brian went off to search for the remaining 3 robbers and the flag. We led Jamie and Mike to the closet. I unlocked the handcuffs and retied his wrists in front of him. Lee was doing the same process to Mike. I tied a long rope to Jamies wrists and threw it up over a horizontal beam. I fastened the other end to a lower horizontal beam. I then tied Jamies legs together at the knees and ankles. Lee did the same to Mike. Then, the tickling began. We tickled them mercilessly until Mike showed signs of giving in.

We removed his gag. Yes? asked Lee. It-its in the dining room. In a china cabinet, he said, gasping for breath. Thanks, said Lee. With that, he replaced the duct tape. We were finished with them. I blindfolded Jamie with a bandana and pulled his turtleneck over his mouth and nose, securing it with a bandana. Lee did the same to Mike. Finally, I used duct tape to tape the two back to back so that they couldnt move anywhere. Lee did the same with their legs. I looked back and chuckled. This was what we had looked like in our winter game.

Just then, Kit and Greg returned. With them was David, handcuffed and gagged with duct tape. They got Brian, said Kit. But Greg and I got away with David. Lee went right over to David. He made him lie on the bed, and tied him spreadeagle. Then, David was blindfolded, and his turtleneck was pulled up. Meanwhile, Greg, Kit, and I were discussing our strategy. Greg decided to stay at the base. Kit, Lee, and I would go down to look for Nick and Robert.

We went downstairs and cautiously went into the dining room. I noticed the flag inside the china cabinet. In my excitement, I rushed toward it. I opened the glass door, scooped up the flag, and as I turned around, there were yelps of surprise from Kit and Lee. I looked and noticed that Nick was standing there. Robert was leading away Kit and Lee. Both were handcuffed and gagged. What? I asked, confused. Nick laughed. We got your buddies, he said. And now, I am about to get you. He lunged at me. I sidestepped him and began running.

He chased me around the main floor once or twice before I dashed up the stairs. In the hall, Nick grabbed his chance. He lunged again. This time, he grabbed my ankle and I went down. Kits bedroom was just down the hall. I yelled for Greg, hoping hed hear me. Just then, Nicks hand clamped over my mouth and I couldnt say a word. To my luck, Greg then came out of the room and saw us.

Second Half Coming Soon!


Saturday, September 13th 2003 - 08:13:46 AM
Hey my name is Peter and im hoping you will all like my story. 2 years ago ( when me and my girlfriend, Leesha were 14 ) i stayed over her house while her parents were on holidays with friends. ( Amazingly they let us stay ) ( this is the first time they ever really left us for more than a day without carer ) We both had a thing for tying each other up and trying to escape so we made a plan. late that night we started our plan : We would handcuff and tie ourselves together and leave the cuff's keys at the other side of the house. so basically the idea was to be tied and gagged and navigate through the house ( lights off windows covers ). The first time (practise) went ok but we only had to crawl ( very hard ) a few metres. So then we decided we would take it furthur and put the key in her parents room at furthest corner of the house. It would be say 20 metres probably. Anyway we gagged ourselves first then tied our ancles, knees , and then our wrists with the handcuffs. ( We used 3 pairs , one on each of us and another connecting us together ), then after managing to crawl a few metres we were tired and knew we were in trouble. Leesha started to get tired and i was too. So we tried to move in a way so we could undo the other restraints, but we were stuck, it took nealy 1 hours for Leesha to finally get her legs free. Then she rollend ontop of me and used me as a "ski" against the tiles ( this REALLY HURT! ) . Anway we finnaly got to the keys and uncuffed our sore hands and let ourselves go. After the game we noticed we were VERY badly bruised and had bad rashes from our cuffs and where we were tied. 

2 weeks later my dad wasnt home for the weekend because of work oversees and since Leesha's parents were fairly busy they let here stay round. The frist thing we did was try to see how we could improve our "game". Since we got very sore last time. Leesha remembered that we both had wetsuits from when we used to be in a local scuba for kids club (this is where we first met :) ), and that if we wore wetsuits it would be much more comfortable, since i had two of the same size and we both were the same height and were both skinny we fit nicly and then the game started agian :). 

Needless to say this made our game much more fun and comfortable but also a bit more difficult because i had mostly tiled / vinyl floors that we couldnt move over very fast at all. It took about 2 hours from start to finish to do a "full" game. 

Since we both got sick of the same game we decided to make a simmilar game that would be more fun :P. 

So we both "geared" up but instead of being tied together we would put the keys in sepperate rooms ( both about the same distance from the start as each other ) and we would have to individually crawl to our keys - gagged, wetted, cuffed, and tied. Sure this was a small change but this want actually the GOOD bit of the game. You see whever got uncuffed the first could do whatever they want to the other person. 

We set some rules:
1) no photos
2) no other ppl can ever join or know of the game unless we both agree
3) Tickling ok but no harsh torture or anything
4) We cant leeve the other person out of site if gagged ( mainly for my sake i have hayfever and i dont exactly want to suffocate ) 
5) Tying up over night is ok but only if ungagged

Anyway me and my GF had heaps on fun playing these ( particularly the second game. )

just in case you want to know some of the BAD things that have happend > 
1. During the first kind of game we got stuck ( as i said above )
2. We did the first game again a few months ago and we both got tired and eventaully couldnt move ( got stuck on shiny cleaned tiles in our wetsuits :( ) and we were there on the ground lying there EEEEMMMMPPPPHHHHing for about 8 hours ( nearly all night ! ) until we finaly got to the keys. ( That was both awsome and realy bad at the same time. ) 
3. When i get hayfever and im tied up and so is Leesha!

Anyway we made a few more fun variants of our games and i have to say you ppl should try it with your GF/BF aswell.


Saturday, September 13th 2003 - 08:33:10 AM
one other game
There is one other game ( more like a warning not to try this) (varient of the fist game) i was meant to include ( thanks to Leesha for this one )

One night in summer bout 6 months ago we were bored and it was nearly midnight and we wernt tired so we decided to make a new game, since we had done both the other 2 earlier. We got into our suits ( damn not as fun in summer you get WAY to hot but still better than getting bruied from bouncing along the floor in the dark ) and then gagged each other and both got into a crouch and tied our ankles and legs, then we got the cuffs and put the chain around the tie in our ancles, then cuffed our hands - we were both pretty much in a hog tie and thought it was funny to see eachother like that, but soon it want funny - we didnt realise how immobilising it was and we had put extra tape on our ankles so we couldnt undo them, so there we were both hotied next to eachother mmmpphing trying to get out with no avail... After about a hour we started getting tired but knew we had to get out before Leesha's parent got home next day in the morning, so we kept picking at the tape ( electrical tape by the way is hard to get undone ), untill we could find the end. I gave up but Leesha was determined not to get caught by her parents ( even though she says they do simmilar things ( bad thought lol )). I fell asleep only to be awoken by someone later on, luckily it was dark so i knew it had to be my girl to get me out, she had already gotton her key AND mine! and had come back with it and showed me it, she waved it in my face and i MMMPPPHHHED ( tried to say help me out ) but instead she picked me up and put me on her sofa and went to bed. I totally was surprised that she did this but i didnt complain. ANway she went to bed and finnaly let me go in the morning - her folks got back and that was it! Great night overall !

Oh and incase why u wonder why i sign'd with anme Jason is because thats my middel name that everyone calles me by it ( i hate the name Peter its goofy but i still use it.)

Peter J L

Saturday, September 13th 2003 - 05:53:17 PM
And just as a question if your name is Peter then why did you post it as Jason?

Saturday, September 13th 2003 - 10:57:12 PM
A Big One (part 2)
Greg came over and quickly subdued Nick. Ill tie him up. You go look for Robert, I said. Greg went downstairs. I led Nick into the room. I pushed him down into a chair. I tied his wrists and forearms to the arms of the chair. Then I tied each of his ankles to a leg of the chair. Finally, I wound a pair of long ropes around his stomach and chest, holding him to the back of the chair. To finish things, I covered his mouth in duct tape, blindfolded him with a bandana, and covered his face with his turtleneck.

I decided to begin to tickle the prisoners for fun. 10 minutes passed. Greg didnt come back. I began to worry. I tickled David until he told me where the base was. We had been right earlier. It was the storeroom in the basement. I knew that the final battle lay between Robert and me. But I also wondered: How could Robert have subdued Greg? I rummaged around in Kits desk until I found the key to his room. After shutting off the lights, I left the room, locking the door with the key.

I headed downstairs to the basement. I went into the storeroom. There were my teammates. Brian was tied spreadeagle to the fold out bed. He was blindfolded and had his turtleneck pulled over his face. So did every one else. Kit was duct tape to a pole, his wrists behind his back and around the pole. Lee was taped to another pole, like Kit. Gregs wrists were tied in front of him. A long rope was connected to his wrists, ran over a horizontal support beam and was tied to his belt loop. He was standing on his tiptoes, his ankles and knees were tied together, and his stomach and chest were taped to a third vertical pole.

Across the room, sitting in a chair, was Robert, smiling at me. Cautiously, I moved toward him. He continued to smile. I was 2 feet away when he shined a flashlight in my face. So this was how he had caught Greg. I was momentarily stunned. He then shut off the flashlight, but my eyes were still focusing. He managed to get me on my stomach, handcuffed and gagged with duct tape.

Then he tied me to the chair. He tied me tightly, like I had tied Nick. Then he pulled my turtleneck over my face. Next he removed all of our blindfolds so we could see each other. Smiling, he tickled Lee for 5 minutes nonstop. Finally, Lee gave in and told Robert where our base was. Robert went up, but he didnt have the key. He returned 3 minutes later and began tickling me. After 5 minutes, I wouldnt tell him, and he got impatient. He went and tickled everyone else. They, of course didnt know that the key was in may pocket.

Robert got frustrated and went upstairs. His team couldnt win until they got the flag, which was inside the locked room. He tickled Kit. After a patient 10 minutes of tickling, Kit said that there was a spare key in the kitchen. Robert left again. He came back 15 minutes later. Unfortunately, he wasnt alone. Nick, Jamie, Mike, and David were with him, holding the flag. We win! said Mike.

They left us for the additional hour, and then untied us. Promises of revenge followed, but we didnt play another game that day.

Hope you liked it!


Saturday, September 13th 2003 - 11:36:30 PM
If I Ever Wanted to Insult Anyone...
...I would use their Mother as an example of their own inability.

Jazz wrote:

"What's more, insults to other countries are not only not tolerated here, but this site is run by someone from...guess where...Canada. So you should cool it. "

Jazz, I agree, but insults can be fun, dis-regarding origin of Country, if we keep them subtle. 

So, as Jazz said; people, lay off Canada, pick on Europe instead! We are conscious!


She was just 17,
You know what I mean,
And the way she looked was way beyond compare!
I would have danced with another, ohhh!
When I saw her standing there!

Well, she looked at me,
And I, I could see,
That before too long I'd fall in love with her.
She wouldn't dance with another, ooooh!
When I saw her standing there!

[email protected]

Sunday, September 14th 2003 - 04:16:53 AM
Silent Simon
Another one of us many lurkers here, only 'cause we have none of these stories. Just curious tho - Silent Simon started writing a story about his sis and her friend some time ago - if you're still here is there more? It started out great. 
[email protected]

Sunday, September 14th 2003 - 09:09:01 AM
Hom stories Mf
I have a very sweet cousin and she is beautiful very cute eyes , she's a indo, half dutch half indonesian..
Im just a bit older then her and our moms who where sisters where together much of the time..
I have this hom fetish (hand over mouth) and i would always find excuses to handgag her and even tied her up a few times..
this one time she was at my dads appartment and my dad went to get some sigarets , we went to sit in my room and she said i could do anything i want to , i bet she had a little crush on me at that time..
So she sat between my legs and i would sit there with my right hand over her mouth , i felt great we sat like that for a half hour or so , i would change my grip on her mouth from time to time and even played out some movie scenes like the damsel is sleeping and gets grabbed by a burglar..
And stuff like that , she didnt mind at all but as we grew older she started to change and now a days we dont do it anymore.. 
I have handgagged a cute girlfriend of my cousin at a party , when she was talking to much about another girl who made a complete fool of herself that night , after listening to her when she kept saying the same storie over and over again , i trew my right arm over her shoulder and gently placed my right hand over her mouth , i could feel her laugh and smile under my hand , i really want to hom her again she is really really cute , i have a crush on her... big time , but she is going out with a friend of mine..

Sunday, September 14th 2003 - 09:50:47 PM
"The War of the Roses. Part I
This happened some years ago when I was at University. Some of my friends had decided to spend the weekend at a summer house belonging to one girl´s parents. 
We were seven guys and six girls. We drove out to the house, that was situated in the woods far from any neighbours, on Saturday morning. The day was spent relaxing on the big lawn in front of the house, playing frisbee, drinking beer and just enjoying the spring sun. 

When evening came some of us wanted to play a game. Different types of silly games were suggested, and suddenly one girl, Sandra, suggested we play "War of the Roses".
No one knew this game, so she had to explain. 

Two teams are at war, boys against girls. The girls have a "treasure" that they hide, one item per girl, perhaps a stone or a key. Then the boys have to catch the girls and make them tell where the treasure is hidden. 

This reminded me of some of the games I had played when younger, and I thought it a very good idea. Someone wanted to know how to "make" the girls tell, and Sandra replied with a smile, 
- Use your imagination! "

Sandra had that special look in her eyes when she proposed the game. It was the way she suggested playing the game that finally made me realize that my childhood games could be taken further, but further is not suited at this forum.

I will finish with some lyrics that hopefully won't offend any person living in a part of the former British Empire:

"Oi, oi, oi,
See me ride out of that sunset,
On your colour TV screen!
Out for all that I can't get,
If you know what I mean!
Women to the left of me,
'N women to the right!
Ain't got no gun,
Ain't got no knife!
Don't you start no fight!

'Cause I'm...

[email protected]
theothersideofthepondbutcloseenough tobashyouifyoueverbacktalkagain

Monday, September 15th 2003 - 05:19:42 AM
Anybody wanna share their stories or exp through emails or chats ? 
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Monday, September 15th 2003 - 07:15:52 PM
Im 17 and my aunt asked me to help her paint our summer house. I like to use the house in the summer and winter so I agreed to help. It was me and my aunt mag and my aunt tree (mags sister in law) and my little cousin who is about 7. So we headed up and as the day went on everyone tired quick, so that night we gathered around the table and chatted and laughed at the days events. I hoping to tie someone up brought up Boy Scouts. My aunts took the bate and became interested since my cousin is young enough to join the scouts. I laughingly mentioned it would teach him how to tie someone up. Again they fell for the bait and said it isnt that hard to tie someone up.I told them it was, and that it took a knowledge of knot to do it correctly. They laughed. So I said, you think you could tie me up and that i couldnt escape in a matter of minuts. They said you would never get out. I laughed and dared them. They agreed and we all went out and looked for rope. We found enough to tie up a small army. So they consulted each other for a minute to devise a strategy on what is the best way to tie me. Women, they just wrapped rope around my wrists behind my back, no crossed wristes or anything. And tied my ankles the same way. So they sat down on the couch and I stood there and asked them if they were done. They said ya, check out that skill. I was able to get one loop around my wrists and soon after that I had a hand free. Then the other and them I just untied my ankles which were held by a double knot. They looked amazed. It took all of 30secs to get out. I said see it is tuffer than you both thought. Then as I had planned I told them it was my turn to show off my skill. My little cousin was excited at this. They both agreed to try it. So I took a rope and laughed as they both held their hands in front of them. I said No behind your back. Then did now looking alittle more nervious. I crossed Tree's wrists and tied them with length of rope. She started to shift and her fingers tried to find the knots. I told her to hang on, she could race Mag. So she sat back down on the couch, hands tightly tied. Then I went to mag and she said tie them loose so i win. Tree said another comment like that an ill have him gag you. We all had a laugh. I tied mags hands differently. I tied them paralelle and like she had done to me but i cinched them and she remarked that she hadnt done this to me. I said I know thats why I got out so fast. And this is where i got a good idea. I looked over at the pile of rope and said wow you girls did a good job finding rope. They said jeeze maybe we shouldnt have looked so hard. Now that they were both sitting on the couch I decided to tie their ankles next. Tree was barefoot and she had nice tan soft feet, and mag had on slippers with no socks so i knew I had to get them off somehow. It was at this point i decided to chair tie mag and hogtie tree. I knew I was gunna have to move mag into a chair so i tied her ankles parallel so she could hop. but tree I tied her ankles crossed. Tight enough that she could still struggle but not uncross them. I knew tree and mag would never admit defeat this early in the game. So I asked if they could still get out. They said unhesitantly YES. So I said Ok I can do better. I went and got a folding chair from the den and helped mag to her feet and sit sit down. I tied her wrists to the rung of the chair. I asked if she could get out she said i suspect so. I said OK and got two more ropes and tied above and below her knees. Cinched both ropes and got another two ropes. Tie one from her ankles to her knees and tied her elbows with the other. Tight enough that she couldnt wiggle too much but not so tight it hurt. Tree made the comment that is looked tight and she was glad is wasnt her. I said youll get yours and mag liked that. SO i went back to tree wrists and ankles crossed and tied sitting on the couch. I asked her to lay down on her stomach. She asked why, I kinda lied and said I had to re tie her wrists and it was easier to do it if she was laying down. so she didand layed across the couch, head at one end and toes pointed soles up at the other. I fiddled with her wrist and didnt untie anything or retie anything. But she didnt get that. I said just stay like that. She said im getting off easy. Mag watched with a close eye. I just got more rope and cinched her knees though she said it was unfair. but i didnt listen to her and tied away. Then Ilike on mag I tied her elbows. Then with a hidden rope I said hang on just a final knot check. As I looked at her wrists I tied the rope around them leaveing a good sized tail it at the end. Then I asked her if she wounld bend her feet up to me. I was sitting at the edge of the couch. When she did I took the tail and pushed her feet toward her butt. She said what are you doing. I said I have to see the knot, it this not comfortable. She said no it is fine I just am curios I said OK Good. Because by this time I had already tied the tail to her ankles, putting her in a pretty tight hogtie, so her fingers were touching her heels. When she realized this she cursed me and said it wasnt fair. I said life isnt. So mag who was tied to the chair laughed. Tree said can you gag her please. I said Sure so i found a new roll of duct tape and pulled off a good strip and gaged mag with that. She Mpppphhed immediatly and I said your right it isnt fair tree doenst have one, mag stoppped and tree began. Come one you dont have to do that i wont talk etc. I said fair is fair, she said I thought life isnt fair. I said it isnt and gagged her with a few pieces of tape. I said Ok your both done first one out wins. They both began to struggle and wiggle, neither looked like they were going to get free. Which was the case. After like a half hour they were both as i had left them, but more tired.I have to say they did look good. I took off their gags and they both admited defeat. I said to my cousin what do we do to losers? He said mag always holds me down and tickles me. He said I want revenge. i almost fellover. She did the same thing to me when I was younger. So we rummaged over the house looking for the best tools to use. The whole time they were talking to one another and wondering if we were serious. I found noting, but my cousin found a indian set he had, with feathers. We told them we didnt find anything we would just let me them go. Then we said Phych. We got feathers. I knelt down behind her slippers which I vowed to get off still on. I pulled them off though she fought it. Her soles were exposed to us now. We both took a foot and did her for about 10 secs her laughter was constant, tree laughed at her misfortune. Then we turned out attention to her hogtied crossed feet unable to move. She tried to get her feet out of reach. but she couldnt. her son loved the power over his mom. after a solid minute we quite. tree said go back to her i got more than she did. I said if that is what your gunna say your not gunna talk ad i let her son regag her with more tape than before. and just for good measure i regaged mag. then i said 10 bux if either of you get out, with that monitary challenge they both began to struggle again. i watched tv, but i looked at them most of the night. my cousin jumped back and fourth tickling their helpless feet. needless to say they didnt get out, so after like an hour i untied them. we all went to bed and didnt much talk about it. but that next morning it was all we talked about. laughinh and bullshitting about how they could have gotten free. lets just say that sparked another game around lunch. ill tell you how that one turned out if you all want to know how it turned out. all feed back is welcome. on yahoo im Al7162001 Peace

Monday, September 15th 2003 - 08:21:35 PM
Paragraphs would have helped make it easier to read, but it was a nice story. I'd like to hear about the other tie-up games that were involved - did you all (you, your aunts, your cousin) take turns tying each other up, and being tied?
Jazz/PH Sweden's #1 Fan

Monday, September 15th 2003 - 10:13:31 PM
Sometimes we forget there are ...
...Welsh people when we debate and differ about countries and origins. 

The Welsh however, have a fabulous football-team, hopefully beating the Italians to the Euro-finals.

Part II 
The game was to be played around the house, in the woods nearby and on the field behind the house. Four of the girls and five of the boys wanted to join. In the evening it
was a bit colder than before, so most of us had jeans and sweaters and wore sneakers.

I teamed up with one of my friends and we set out to catch the girls. In the field behind the house we found Sandra. She was wearing black jeans, blue sweater and had
deck-shoes with white gym socks. We grabbed her and tried to hold her, but she twisted and fought hard to escape. After some struggling we had her on her back on the grass, Joe holding her hands over her head and me starting to tickle her to make her tell the hiding place of the treasure. This was not easy. Sandra fought like mad and even tried to scratch us with her fingernails. We decided to do something about that. 

We turned her over on her stomach and Joe held her arms behind her back, pressing them up towards her shoulders. I grabbed her kicking feet, crossed her ankles, and bent the legs up against her buttocks. Then I removed the shoes and socks. I unlaced the shoes and got two short leather shoe laces. 
(Deck shoes have very short laces.) I knotted the laces together and got a twentyfive inch long, but thin, leather strap. I used this to tie her hands together, looping the lace around each wrist twice. 


When doing the tying I had an euforic feeling.

"I'm walking in the presence of love,
I'm walking in the 7th heaven.
I'm alive with the agony, the extacy,
I strive for the pleasure and the pain...

...I'm walking in the presence of love!"

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Tuesday, September 16th 2003 - 05:48:08 PM
A question

Hi. I have a question. About four or five months ago my cousin came to live with us. Hes a year older than me and his parents are having problems so my parents said it would be ok if he stayed with us for a while. Hes fifteen and he introduced me to bondage games and to this web page. Anyway, we started playing tie up games and we had fun. But more and more he asked me to tie him up because he liked it. So I did. He showed me ways to tie him and how to sinch the ropes and he had me put silver duck tape over the ropes and around his hands so he could never undo the nots. He also has a squishy ball I put in his mouth and then I put the duck tape all around his head so that he is gaged. He really likes it and he asks me to tie him up all the time now. He doesn't like to wear much when I tie him up - only his little jock strap or sometimes nothing at all. One thing he really wants is for me to tie him up after dinner and not let him go until the next morning. He wants to stay tied up all night. My parents know that we tie each other up and think it's just something that kids do and they dont seem upset when one of us is all tied and gagged. My cousin wants me to tie his hands behind his back and then tie his legs and then tie him in a hog tie all taped up and then gag him and not let him go no matter what until some time the next day. He says that when I tie him up it is never for more than an hour or two and thats not enough and he wants to be tied up for a long time so that he wont want to be tied up. He says it would be a thrill to be tied up when he didnt want to be tied up. I'll do it I guess, but I wonder if its safe to keep someone tied up for so long. I figure he would be tied up for over eight hours. Is it ok for me to keep my cousin tied up for that long? He says I must keep him tied up no matter what and even if he complains. What do you think?


Tuesday, September 16th 2003 - 07:13:00 PM
Tying up safety
I don't normally post here much these days but I felt I had to respond to Josh's posting

Regarding your cousin's desire to be kept bound all night, I guess this is going ahead no matter what anyone says or does.

Therefore, I'd like to make the following comments on safety if you actually plan to go ahead with this.

1) ALWAYS stay with him at all times (especially if he's gagged as well) 

2) On the subject of gags, I really wouldn't leave him gagged unless you're planning on staying up all night to watch him. What if he has problems especially relating to breathing and he can't wake you because of a gag tied in his mouth? 

3) Watch his circulation - be aware being tied up too tight, too long can permanently damage circulation - the pressure points to watch are the ankles, just above the knees, wrists and arms just above the elbows. If he complains of prolonged pins-and-needles, tingling or numbness, untie him whether he likes it or not.

Its OK to be a bit uncomfortable - thats part of the thrill of being helplessly bound - but pain or medical issues such as circulation should never be ignored.

4) Be aware that being bound in the one position for too long can lead to severe cramping, particularly if tied in un-natural positions like the hogtie. 

By all means tie him up, but avoid the hogtie if its going to be an all-night endurance session - he'll still enjoy it as much and it'll be a whole lot more comfortable (and safer for him)

I hope you find my comments helpful and have fun! (I wish it was me being bound all night like that...) 


Tuesday, September 16th 2003 - 09:40:29 PM
Re: A question
Sounds to me like you have a good thing going Josh. I would kind of frown on being hogtied all night unless he stays on his side and is allowed to turn to his opposite side. That kind of takes the pressure off his hands and sounds more safer. Mason had some very good advice to follow. Oh yes, I remember my cousin and I being in the same situation. When I would sleep over we would play tie up games all the time. Our mothers never bothered us (at least they knew where we were!) He LOVED to have his feet rubbed while he was tied as did I. We both kind of had a foot fetish and would do that (he had the sweetest smelling feet I've ever smelled). We never did it naked or scantily clad, we always wore our PJ's as we were both 11 years of age. Several times my Aunt (his mother) tied us both up with duct tape (we always used that since it seemed more secure) in bed and would leave us for a bit pretending she was a kidnapper and we were the Hardy Boys :). Of course it was always barefoot and in our PJ's. She would come in to let us go and we would shake our heads "NOOOOOOO" and then would leave us like that the rest of the night. One time she tied us together only my head was at his feet and his head at mine with our feet in each others face. 
Nothing sexual about it ever, just two young boys playing. No one was ever hurt. My cousin is my best friend to this day (as he always was). We lean on each other, double dated all the time, rode the limo to the prom with our dates. When my mother died we both were sobbing uncontrollably on each others shoulder.

I guess I've been pretty fortunate in life so far.


Wednesday, September 17th 2003 - 06:25:02 AM
Can anybody tell me why my wrist or ankles will get numb whenever i am tied for too long like an hour or so ? Anyone can offer me tips ?
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Wednesday, September 17th 2003 - 06:38:03 AM
Hi everyone... I have got a dreambook for my own tie-up games. Please feel free to sign in my book. Thanks. Tips and stories are welcomed! Thanks!
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Wednesday, September 17th 2003 - 11:42:03 PM
Re: Re: John doe
I agree with Mason and Bill that safety is an important issue. It is very important that you make sure that your cousin doesn't choke on his gag or something. 

I would recomend that you tie him to the bed instead of the hogtie. (Tied to the bed like an X) to avoid cutting off circulation make sure that the rope isn't tight. Acutally i have heard that if you use bed sheets to tie people up they don't leave any rope marks. Anyways I think that it'll be much more comfortable if your counsin is tied that way, except his back would most likely be sore in the morning. And for a gag I would recomend that he has a few strips of tape across the mouth, no packing. I think it's more safer. And i think that your cousin should wear boxers and ankle socks when you tie him up because i also heard that it's harder to get out of your bonds when you're wearing less clothes (the rope is wrapped around tighter?) 

Anywyas, one last thing, Josh, do you have an e-mail? Do you use MSN? Why don't you leave your e-mail on the site and we can talk some more?

John Doe

Thursday, September 18th 2003 - 02:07:50 PM
What happened to Dragon Warrior and Speedoboy and magicboy? Just wonderin.

Thursday, September 18th 2003 - 06:08:59 PM
Kyle, Post em up bud!!!!

Thursday, September 18th 2003 - 09:08:43 PM
The Spring Bash (pt. 1/2)
Our school's spring vacation arrived, and with it came another big game. The tie up team, from strongest to weakest were: Greg, Nick, me, Jamie, Mike, Brian, Kit, David, Robert, and Lee. We announced a tie up game one day at Greg and Jamie's house. This was our first big game there. Everyone went back home to put on their blue turtlenecks and to gather "equipment."

We then all met at Jamie and Greg's house and randomly split. Jamie, Lee, Mike, Brian, and I were cops. Greg, Nick, Kit, David, and Robert were robbers. Jamie led us upstairs to his bedroom. It was somewhat small, but would fit our needs. Jamie told us he and Greg had tied each other up here. The room had a small bed, two chairs with armrests, and a closet that two people could just squeeze into.

Jamie went and hid the flag in Greg's bedroom. Then, the game began. Today we split up into 3 groups. Jamie would go with Lee, Mike with Brian, and I, being the strongest would go alone. I went around the upper floor, but couldn't find anything or anyone. I went downstairs. Unfortunately I ran into Greg and David. I ran for it. Luckily, I ran into Mike and Brian. Together, we took on Greg and David. Brian easily pinned David. At the same time, Mike and I brought down Greg with tremendous effort. We handcuffed them and gagged them.

The three of us led Greg and David up to our base. Jamie and Lee were there, with a captured Robert. Nick and Kit got away, said Lee. Jamie, Mike, and Brian went off to find Nick and Kit. I tied Davids wrists behind his back. Then I took a long rope and tied him from the stomach to the chest, pinning his arms at his sides. Lee did the same to Robert. Then we tied David and Robert back to back from the neck to the waist. Then, we led them to the closet. We pushed them inside, and tied each of their ankles together. Finally, we blindfolded them and gagged them with duct tape and their turtlenecks.

Next, We tied Greg spreadeagle to the bed. Lee then gagged him with duct tape and the turtleneck and blindfolded him. Just then, Mike came panting up the steps. They got Jamie and Brian, he said breathlessly. They used flashlights. I just got away. Luckily, I had planned for this. I brought 2 pocket flashlights. I tossed one to Mike. Lets go, I said simply. Be careful, Lee, warned Mike. We have no idea where Kit and Nick are.

We left. Their base is in the dining room, said Mike. Good, I said. We can go in different ways. The dining room had two separate entrances. Nope, said Mike. One of the doors is locked. We can only go in through the kitchen. We did this. And there, we found Kit. Quickly, we shined our flashlights in his face. He was stunned and we subdued him.

Mike said hed watch for Nick in the kitchen. Jamie was tied to a chair in the room. His wrists were tied behind the back of the chair and his ankles were tied together. A rope was connected at his ankles and ran under the chair and was attached to his wrists. More rope bound his stomach and chest to the back of the chair. He was blindfolded and gagged with duct tape and the turtleneck. Brian was bound in a similar way.

Second Half Coming soon!


Friday, September 19th 2003 - 06:04:28 PM
ever been in a war with another group in ur area? well come on over to GroupWarz!
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Friday, September 19th 2003 - 10:05:39 PM
Of Course...
...the Alarm. 

What else?


Friday, September 19th 2003 - 10:27:56 PM
Whenever I Ponder Upon the Question of What's On Topic or Off...

Part III 
Once her hands were tied, Sandra stopped fighting. She just lay there waiting. I
removed her thin belt and tied her feet with it. At last I took the two socks and tied the
toe ends together, then pressed the knot into her mouth and tied the socks in the back
of her neck. 

This could seem a bit odd to do, as our goal was to make her talk, but I just couldnt
resist the opportunity to gag her. Now she was on the ground, tied hand and foot and
gagged. The look in her green eyes told me she enjoyed the game 

We decided to carry our prisoner back to the house for some serious interrogation. 
As we walked around the house we saw that some of the other guys had had the same
idea as we had. Two of the girls had apparently told the whereabouts of their treasures,
as they sat on the grass looking towards the porch. On the porch was Jenny, the fourth
girl in our game. Jenny was a very good looking blonde, dressed in blue jeans, a white
T-shirt and sneakers. She sat on a straight backed heavy chair, securely tied with thick
cotton rope. Her hands were tied behind the back of the chair, her feet tied together
and fastened to one of the chair´s legs. Coils of rope were tied around her legs and
arms. She was gagged with a red bandanna tied between her lips, and obviously
holding a cloth or something in her mouth. To top things off someone had put a silly hat
on her head. The guys around Jenny made fun of her in the silly hat, and Jenny´s blue
eyes were wide open as she tried to shout something through the gag. She was twisting
violently, but the ropes held her firmly to the chair. 

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Friday, September 19th 2003 - 11:38:20 PM
My Dreambook
Hi everyone... I have got a dreambook for my own tie-up games. Please feel free to sign in my book. Thanks. 
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Saturday, September 20th 2003 - 04:28:07 AM
Tied for the first time

My first full tie up expierence was one that I could never forget. I've always been excited when i've seen a situation where someone ends up being tied up , whether it was on tv or seeing it in a book, but I was always deathly afraid of having someone else know of my secret pleasure. So I hid it. Secretly hoping that one day I would be in a situation where I'd be tied up myself. That day came when I was 13. It was a hot summer day and I had just gotten a call from my friend Chris to come over. So I came to his house and rang the doorbell. I could see him walking to the door by peering through the window beside it. Chris was about 5'6' and slim. He had short dirty blonde hair and blue eyes. He was wearing a blue t-shirt with black shorts. He was barefoot. I was the same height as Chris but with short brown hair and green eyes. I had on a black Nike shirt, Cargo shorts and had sandals. Chris opened the door and let me in. After I took off my sandals I followed him downstairs to the T.V room. Looking around I realized that his parents were probably out. 
"Let's watch some t.v" Chris suggested. I agreed and so we watched some game show. At one point during a commercial he got up to get some food, I stuck my foot out to catch his and trip him. He got up and gave me a push and so we started wrestling. At one point I had shoved Chris onto the ground nearby some skipping rope. Chris sat up, and grabbed the rope that was right beside him. My heart skipped a beat, was Chris going to tie me up? He lunged at me and forced me onto the couch."Don't mind if I rope you up do you?" he asked with a grin on his face. Sitting on top of me he wrapped the rope around my arms pinning them to my sides and then securing it with the knot. Feeling the rope holding my arms to my sides was a feeling unike any other, and I relished it. But it wasn't finished yet. Chris grabbed another skipping rope and went for my barefeet. I tried to get up but he quckly got the rope around my ankles and tied them together. He then sat back to watch me struggle with my bonds. He had tied me up pretty tight.After about 15 minutes or so he decided to untie me."How did you like being tied up?" chris asked me after I was fully relased.He was peering at the buldge in my shorts. I blushed but he said it's alright. I told him I'll get him back soon enough. But by that time I had to go home for supper. I left his house with a feeling of happiness and a wanting to do it again. And I would get my chance sooner than I thought.
Brad P

Saturday, September 20th 2003 - 05:40:08 AM
Quite a nice first time arh... 
[email protected]

Saturday, September 20th 2003 - 03:00:24 PM
The Spring Bash (pt. 2/2)
I left Kit where he was. He was on the floor handcuffed and gagged with duct tape. Just then, I heard Mike yell from the kitchen. I burst through the door, but didnt see anyone. Mike had disappeared. I went back into the kitchen and untied Jamie and Brian. We led Kit up to our base. We didnt see any sign of Lee. However, David, Robert, and Greg were still tied up. Jamie and I tied Kit to a chair. His arms were tied to the armrests, each of his legs to a chair leg, and his stomach and chest to the back of the chair. Then, we gagged him with duct tape and his turtleneck, and finished off by blindfolding him.

Jamie said hed stay at the base. Brian and I went off. He told me his story. Jamie, Mike, and I went to find Kit and Nick. We walked into the dining room and there they were. They shined flashlights in our faces. We were stunned and they got Jamie and me down. Mike got away from them. Just then, we walked into the living room. It seemed Nick had relocated their base.

Mike and Lee were on the floor. They were lying down on their sides. Each of them had their arms tied at their sides and their knees and ankles tied. More rope tied them together back to back. Nick looked a little panicked. How about we make a deal? he asked. I give you Mike and Lee for Greg. Lets think, said Brian quickly. We both knew we werent making trades with victory so close. No. With that we jumped on top of Nick. He put up a great struggle, but after a few minutes, we subdued him.

We untied Mike and Lee. Then we noticed that the flag was on top of the TV. We grabbed the flag and led Nick up to our base. Lee told his story. You guys went off. After a little while, you didnt come back. I went downstairs by myself. Then, I ran into Nick. He was just bringing me back to their base when we ran into Mike. Mike picked up the story from there. Nick came walking into the kitchen leading Lee. I yelled for you, but Nick got me. He pushed us all into the coat closet, and we didnt come out until you guys had passed. Then, he tied us up.

We reached the base. We took off everybodys blindfolds to show that we had won. Then we tied Nick to a chair like Kit. We tickled them for a little while, then went off to play video games. After an hour, we untied them and that was the end of another tie up game. Promises of revenge followed, but that was the last game of the day.

Hope you liked it!


Saturday, September 20th 2003 - 04:39:06 PM
It just felt wrong.
Perhaps nobody remembers me, after all I've only posted a few comments and one story on here before a while ago, so allow me to re-introduce myself. I am....well, true name's a secret, but around these parts I'm 787B, 17 years of age, and of the male gender, and I live in the UK. Indeed.

Anyway, onto my latest story. You may recall a few weeks ago, I said I was in the middle of a game and I'd tell y'all later...and I never did. Well, here it is at last, the delay will be explained at the end...

So, I've got a job babysitting for this couple who live a few streets away from me, for a 12 year old girl named Chloe. Now, I feel dirty and perverted for saying this, but she was rather attractive for a 12 year old. Of course, it's comparative, I didn't find her "attractive" in the way I would someone my own age. Certainly not. 5'1", she was almost as big as me (I'm small for my age)...slim, was a teensy bit gothy, with fairly pale white skin, dyed black hair that went past her shoulders, and a touch of dark eye shadow. She wore blue jeans and a plain white T-shirt.
Anyway, so it's 7pm, I'm getting the mission briefing from her parents...aside the usual stuff like what to do in an emergency, her mother says "...if she asks to be tied up, you can do it, we won't mind. We do it when she asks all the time."
I remember thinking that this was perhaps some kind of set-up, that was totally unexpected and an unbelievable thing to say, it sounds not real, but it was. It's as if they knew my liking for that sort of thing, although I prefer people nearer my own age.
So it's just past 7pm, Chole's upstairs, I'm on my laptop which I've bought with me, studying like hell for a computing exam I had the next day. Then, Chloe comes down, and asks me to tie her up...however, I really didn't have time, I needed to study, so I said "no" (what was I thinking?!). Chloe looked a bit disappointed, and said that I must be another one. "Another what?" I asked. She said that several babysitters she'd had thought she was strange because of this thing. I explained that I really didn't have time to do it right now. She kinda looked disappointed, and went back to doing what she was doing upstairs. She started playing her music really loudly, and dancing about to it, making lots of thumping noise. Still feling guilty from before, I decided to redeem myself AND stop her being so noisy whilst I was studying! I went into her room and told her I WOULD do it after all. She looked happy, grabbed a bag from out of her wardrobe and came downstairs with me, into the living room. From in the bag she's assembled a "tie-up bag" of sorts, with a small amount of duct tape, quie a large ball of thick string, a 5-pack of masking tape rolls and a few other bits. She grabbed a straigh-backed wooden chair, and sat in it with her arms ah her sides and her feet together, and told me to get going. I decided to really ensure she couldn't bother me again whilst studying, and make escape impossible. I opened up the pack of masking tape (there were 5 rolls, each 2.5" by 55m - it was quite weak, but would prove strong in the quantities I applied it.) I asked her how much I was allowed to use and she said "as much as you like, all of it if you want".

Starting at her shoulders, I lifted her hair up and wrapped tape across her shoulders, covering them, then let her hair fall again. I then proceeded to wrap her torso and arms, which were by her sides, totally to the back of the chair, using just over 1 roll of tape...she tested this a little and with a smile said it was really strong. Then, with another roll of tape, I continued from the bottom of her torso, and wrapped her upper thighs to the base of the chair - effectively mummifying her to the seat. Then, her lower legs were totally wrapped together, then taped to a beam between the two front legs of the chair. There she was, her trainer-clad feet and head were the only 2 free parts of her body, she was pretty much coccooned, save for the chair legs sticking out the bottom. She laughed and wiggled a little and said it was great, and that she could hardly move at all. I asked her what to do next, to which she said I could go back into the next room and finish studying, the walls were quite thin so I could hear her if I needed anything. The masking tape was quite low tack, so I was then able to wrap it around her mouth 6 or so times, effectively silencing her, knowing her hair wouldnt get hurt when it came off later. So, I pressed down with and ran my hands over the gag and over her wrapped legs and stomach, smoothing the tape. Then I left her in front of the TV and went back to my studies in the room next door, closing the door behind me (as I said the walls were thin anyway). I'd wasted about 30 minutes by now, but I knew i'd saved myself much hassle in the long run! Occasionally checking on her, maybe every hour or so, she quite happily stayed wrapped to her seat for just over 4 hours, turning down when I asked her if she wanted freeing. At midnight, she acually was tired, so I did cut her free (even in thick layers, masking tape cuts easily!) and she went to bed with a smile. Her parents came soon after and I got paid, and went home and to bed myself.

So, why the delay? Well, despite it being fun at the time, I felt really wrong for doing it afterwards, I mean...a 17 year old cocooning a 12 year old in tape? Wrong, surely? I just felt really icky about it afterwards, I mean even her own parents play tie-up games with her (which surprised me), and had this game been with someone my own age, it would have been breathtaking. I secretly kinda enjoyed it, but didn't want to tell the people of this site, until now, about it - due to shame...hence the delay. What are your views, was I wrong to do this?

Thanks, and sorry it was so long. I got a B in the test, by the way :)


Saturday, September 20th 2003 - 04:42:12 PM
Oh yea, and there was no sexual overtones to the game whatsoever.

Saturday, September 20th 2003 - 07:04:29 PM
To 787B
I didn't see anything wrong with your story. If you look in the archives, there are stories of teenagers tying up 10 year olds and so on. All you did was tie her up, which is not something most people would consider "icky" if they understood the circumstances. I liked your story and I'm glad you posted it.

Besides, when I was 18 I once pretended to tie up a 5 year old. I didn't tie her for real - I merely pantomimed tying her hands and feet and handgagged her, then she got the hint and pretended to struggle and mmmmpph. As I see it, I was just giving her a fun adventure to pretend to be in, and I wouldn't say I was doing anything wrong.

My only "real" experiences have been with girls/women my age and around my age range (i.e. a 17-year-old I know at the age of 22). Sadly, they involved little more than tying hands for a brief period of time, while in the context of playing around.

Your story was great, and perfectly clean, and not really different from others in this site. I'd like to hear any more that you've got to tell.

Jazz/PH Sweden's #1 Fan

Sunday, September 21st 2003 - 06:54:56 AM
Brad P
Brad P. Loved the story, would love to hear more
[email protected]

Sunday, September 21st 2003 - 03:29:47 PM
Aunt 2
As promised ill continue my story. The night befor I hogtied and chair tied my aunts and tickled their barefeet. This after winning an escape bet posed by them. It is now the morning after and we got up had a quick breakfast and got back to work finishing up out painting. Unknown to me, they were plotting revenge on me. My aunt Mag called me into the house forwhat I thought would be for a glass of water. As I walked in the door I saw Mag sitting in a chair. Looking back on the event, she had her hands out of my view. Soon after I came in the door, a rope was tightened around my ankles and my aunt Tree. I was off balanced, and Mag jumped me. Tree came running in holding the end of the rope. Mag pinned me down and although I can throw her around, I was distracted by Tree wrapping the rope around my ankles like a cowgirl hogtying a calf. Between the both of them, they got my hands behind my back and tied them. Then they got off of me, and looked on at me. I really tried to to get out, but I was a captive of my vengful aunts. They produced a three foot rope and hogtied me. They said guess what?, last night when you were in bed we tied each other up and practiced for this. Actually Mag had me tied to a chair only this morning, and I had her hogtied on the couch late last night. Since neither of us could get out, we think you may be here for a while. As they went off to find to tape, I assume to gag me, I felt small fingers picking at the knots, I turned around to see my cousin, untying me. I quickly was out of my bonds and collected all the rope around me. Me and my cousin hid behind the wall of the den and he called out to his mom. When his mom Tree came around the corner unable to see me crouched in behind the wall. From the door she wouldnt have been able to see the spot where I was hogtied only a few moments before. As she came in to see what her son wanted I hand gagged her. Almost as if it had been scripted she was carrying the tape, which would have been used to gag me. In her shock of being hand gagged by me she dropped it. With my free hand I gained control of her arms and pulled them behind her. With the help of her son we took her to the ground. While I hand gagged her, my cousin took off her keds tennis shoes and socks. He said he wanted to gag her with them, but she had been wearing them for a while so I didnt think that would be a good idea. So I sent him into her suit case to get some clean ones. He came back in a flash with a pair off balled up socks. While I held her arms, he and I worked together to gag her. He stuffed the sock in and I ripped the tape to gag her with. With her gagged, we were able to use the tape to wrap her hands. We crossed them and taped her wrists. For a 8 year old my cousin was a huge help. As a hoax I didnt tie Trees feet. Instead we walked her out into the kitchen, but Mag was no where to be found. I didnt have an explanation. Then she came out of the bathroom. Tree began to MMMMPPPPPHHHH, in an attempt to warn Mag. It didnt work. In a few minutes mag was also tape gagged with a pair of clean socks in her mouth held in with tape and her wrist were also taped.We didnt tape their feet still. We sat them on the couch, while we decided what to do to them. Then it hit me jeeze you told me you tied each other up already, so lets see if I can do a better job. So lets see mag tree hogtied you last nigh so ill see if I can do better. And Tree this morning you were tied to a chair, right. Both my aunts moaned into their gags. Now with the tape I wrapped it around Mags feet and above and below her knees. I marched Tree over to a chair tied her feet and knees, and wrapped tape around her body lashing her to the chair. This also pinned her elbows and arms to the back of the chair. Then I turned her so she was facing Mag who was tied hand and foot and rolling around on the ground. She had gotten off the couch. So I took the tape and hogtied her. I had never hogtied anyone with tape before so it was cool. I asked her if Tree had done a better job tying her up late last night, she nodded. I said OK you want me to go crazy, she just MMMMMPPPPPHHHHD. So I taped her elbows and wrapped some around her soles. I asked her again is Tree did a better job, she shook her head no. Back to Tree, I pulled up another chair and propped her barefeet on it and tied her feet to the seat, so it was like a pedistol for her feet. I said I have some stuff to finsh up so ill be back, dont go anywhere. I finished up the house painting. When I came back in, probbally 45mins. Mag had wiggled over to Tree though it didnt look like she was able to get off her stomach. I asked if they felt like their practice paid off. They both shook their heads no. I decided to ungag them. They spit out the socks and asked if I would let them go. I didnt think I would ro should. I asked my cousin, he said no too. I told them there was their answer. I decided to tape the tape off Mags soles so she could move her feet a little. At this point I sat on the couch and watched Tv but I couldnt concentrate with them trying to communicate a way to escape. I got up and went to the basement where all our painting stuff was, and I got a new paintbrush. I began to run it up and down their feet. Immediatly setting them into hysterics. Their feet were helpless to escape my brush strokes. After ten minutes I stopped and we made a truce. They would never try to tie me again, and I could tie them again. i cut the tape off them, we cleaned up. On our way home we joked about it. And the last time mag came up, she knew she was gunna get tied, and she did. but that is another story for another time. So drop me a line, im on yahoo IM Al7162001. 
Sunday, September 21st 2003 - 12:23:56 PM

Sunday, September 21st 2003 - 09:18:36 PM
Continuation of My Story...

"Well, you asked me I like to dance,
And you asked me why I like to sing.
And you asked me why I like to play,
I got to get my kicks someway.
You asked me what is tomorrow about,
Woah! Let me hear you shout!"

[email protected]

Sunday, September 21st 2003 - 09:24:08 PM
Continuation of My Story...
...The War of the Roses:

Part IV 
We dropped Sandra on the lawn before the house. She started wiggling around, trying to get her bound hands down around her bum. The guys that had captured and tied Jenny to the chair told us there were more cotton rope in the garage. They also said that the two other girls, Kristina and Anne, had told them what they wanted after just a bit of tickling. They both were neutrals now and could watch the further developments. We decided to interrogate our prisoners separately, and see who was to talk first. 

Joe had fetched some cotton rope and we turned to Sandra. She was mumbling furiously behind her gag, and turned around on the grass, trying to free her hands. The
short shoe laces wouldnt hold much longer, so we started to retie her. 

As before, Joe held her and I did the tying. I took a long rope and started looping it around her wrists, and fastened it good with double knots. Then I took the rope
around her waist twice, pinning her hands to the small of her back. Another rope tied her ankles, and was fastened with a good knot. We picked her up and carried her into
the house. In the bedroom we placed her on her back on the big double bed and placed her bare feet on the frame at the foot end of the bed. She started to understand what was to happen, so she trashed around trying to get away. We tied her feet in place and removed her gag. She started talking about how she was never going to tell anything. I started tickling her feet and soon her talk changed into hysterical laughter.
She held up very long, but at last she told us what we wanted to hear. 


"Well, you asked me I like to dance,
And you asked me why I like to sing.
And you asked me why I like to play,
I got to get my kicks someway.
You asked me what is tomorrow about,
Woah! Let me hear you shout!"

[email protected]

Sunday, September 21st 2003 - 10:54:26 PM
I don't have time to tell the whole story right now, but maybe some time soon I'll find the time. It's a doozy of a tie-up/torture story.

When I was 17 (junior in hs) I stole my sister Rori's (16 - sophomore) diary and sold it to my friend Mike to copy it for $25. The plan was to have it back before she ever noticed. Juicy stuff was in there, Rori was popular, and Mike figured people would pay to read it. Rori was athletic and pretty but kind of catty and stuckup, so we figured she deserved it. My older sister Kara (18- senior)knew about it but didn't partake, but she and I were also picking on Rori. That's the set-up.

Here's the overview: Rori found out what happened before Mike got it back to me and vowed revenge on the two of us. She got the help of our oldest sister Karen (22) who was home from college and three of her friends (two 17, one I think was 16). It was a Saturday. The friends (Taylor, Jean, and Molly - all girls) came over. Rori and Karen were there. I was very slyly handcuffed to the futon in our rec room on Saturday morning by two of them and kept quiet with Rori's hand over my mouth as they called for Kara. When she arrived downstairs the 5 of them jumped her, held her down, made sure I was watching, announced what they knew we had done(really it was jjust me, but I kind of sold Kara out), and tickle-tortured her in front of me to get her to confess. Kara screamed and laughed like a maniac and swore she didn;t do it. She was shrieking from the tickling but they were merciless on her body and feet. They all told me to take a good look becaue I was causing the torture and just might get worse. They left us downstairs after hogtying a barefoot Kara with lots of Rori's soccer socks and gagging her with one of the socks too. They kept my one hand cuffed to the futon, stretced me out so I was lying with it over my head, and bound the other one with nylons over my head as well. They tied my feet with duct tape and left me barefoot, but not gagged. They told us to think about the torture Kara already got and imagine what was in store for us if one of us didn't confess. They left us down there while Kara writhed around hogtied on the floor, and cursed at me through her gag. She's very ticklish- as was I - and was filled with rage that I sold her out. She was demanding through the gag that I come clean. I just laid there, hands and feet bound, honestly not knowing what to do. And knowing that the 5 girls would be back soon to torture at least one of us. Quite a pickle.

Much adventure was to follow. Stay tuned - I'll try to get it all written down sometime soon.



Monday, September 22nd 2003 - 05:35:01 PM
Getting to Know Me A Little Bit Better
Hi, I have posted very little here and I thought I should post a little about me for all of those who instant message me on aim. my name is David (DUH!) but I am from Chicago, IL aka The Windy City. I love to do roleplaying with either male or female no matter what ages.....And I perfer being tied not tying.
[email protected]

Monday, September 22nd 2003 - 07:44:33 PM
How old are you?

Monday, September 22nd 2003 - 09:18:26 PM
A Quick Afternoon Game
In the second week of our spring vacation, most of the tie up team went somewhere on vacation. In fact, the only people left were Kit, Lee, and me. One day, I called over a couple of friends that went to our school. They were Todd and Sam. I also invited Kit and Lee. It was a rainy day and my parents were at work. After a while, we became bored. Lee suggested hide and seek. He gave me a wink. Everyone agreed. It was something to do.

Kit volunteered to be it. He counted to about 30 or 40. Lee and I emerged from our hiding places to join Kit. It was time to introduce these friends to our tie up games. We found Todd hiding in the living room behind the TV. Before he could argue, Lee gagged him with his hand while Kit handcuffed his wrists behind his back. I took some rope and tied his ankles together. These friends, of course, did not know about our turtleneck rule.

We led Todd up to my room. Should we hogtie him? asked Kit. No, I said. Its his first time. However, Todd was clearly excited. I could see it in his eyes. Lets tie him to a chair then, said Kit. We put Todd in a chair. Each of his arms was tied to an arm of the chair and each of his legs to a leg of the chair. More rope held him to the back of the chair. We gagged him with a couple strips of duct tape, and blindfolded him with a bandana.

As we left the room, I locked the door, so Sam couldnt get to Todd. After another 5 minutes searching though, we found Sam in the basement. Luckily, he hadnt seen us capture Todd. We caught Sam like we had Todd. Then we led him up to our room. Sam also seemed excited. We tied him spreadeagle to the bed and gagged him. To make things a little easier on him, we took off Todds blindfold. We told them, See you later!

I then decided I wanted a little more power. I told Kit to get some more rope. I have an idea, I told him. He ran downstairs. As soon as he left, I tackled Lee. Then I tied him in a hogtie. Just then, Kit came back. He saw Lee on the ground, realized the situation, and began to run away. I caught up to him and brought him to the ground. I led him back to the room. There, I duct taped him to a vertical pole in my closet.

I decided to tickle them for a while. However, I soon got bored and decided to untie them. However, I got a promise out of them that they wouldnt attack me immediately. They told me to watch my back, and I didnt let off my guard that afternoon.

It was short, but hope you liked it!


Monday, September 22nd 2003 - 09:55:57 PM
Brad P.
Great story, please post more. do u have AOL Instant Messanger?

Tuesday, September 23rd 2003 - 08:33:49 AM
Check these sites out. If anyone is interested in youg guys getting tied up by women, then this is a good place.


Tuesday, September 23rd 2003 - 07:29:15 PM
To Scott (and everyone)
Here is a site to visit:

Wednesday, September 24th 2003 - 09:55:56 PM
The Night Attack
Later that day we called Sam and Todds parents and they were able to stay for a sleepover. I still kept my guard throughout the afternoon. However, we found things to do in the afternoon. The one time I was off my guard was when I fell asleep. That was big mistake. I was the first to fall asleep.

After some time (10 minutes, I later found out), I was being shaken awake. That was because Kit, Lee, Sam, and Todd were on top of me. Sam and Lee were tying up my arms, Kit was tying up my legs, and Todd was gagging me with strips of duct tape. Before long, I was well tied up and could only roll over and move my fingers.

Unfortunately, they put a stop to this. The 4 of them picked me up, Todd and Lee at my ankles and Sam and Kit at my shoulders. They brought me over to a support pole (we were in the basement) and used ropes to tie my tightly to the pole. Kit said, Well take off the tape if youll be quiet. I nodded in agreement. He ripped off my gag.

They all went to their sleeping bags. It seemed, however, that none of them wanted to be the next to go to sleep, for fear of being captured like me. Finally, about half and hour later, Kit was snoring peacefully. I saw the others leap on top of him and tie him up like me. They brought him over to a pole across the room.

Instead of tying him upright, they placed him on his stomach. A rope connected his arms to the pole, so he wouldnt go anywhere. Then Lee came over and placed me in the more comfortable lying position. They went back to their sleeping bags. It wasnt long before Todd fell asleep. By now it was well past 1 AM.

They tied him up and he was placed at a pole well out of reach of Kit and me. It was now a battle between Lee and Sam. They were the same age, a year younger than me. However, Sam was the weaker of the two. I wondered why Lee didnt just overpower him now. Maybe he just wanted things to be fair.

Anyway, Lee was the next to fall asleep. Sam captured him and dragged him over to another pole. Good Night guys! he said. We all fell asleep. I was the first to wake up in the morning. Craning my head, I saw that it was 9 AM. I had been tied up for a while. I yelled, trying to wake everyone else up. But they were tired from the previous day and night, and did not respond. Finally, Sam woke up and untied us all.

Todd and Sam left. Unfortunately, they lived too far away to join the tie up team regularly, but joined us when they could.

Hope you liked it!


Thursday, September 25th 2003 - 06:10:57 PM
My Sister's Suggestion
The thought of keeping Tiffany tied up until her friend Jennifer arrived did occur to me. In fact, the thought of keeping Tiffany tied up all night, along with her friend Jennifer, had occurred to memore than once. But having been the victim of that kind of tie-up before, I didnt really want to inflict that on her. I had half-way closed the door when I left, and for fifteen minutes, I watched her struggling in her bonds on my bed without her knowing I was there.

I had tied her well, winding rope around her wrists and cinching it as tightly as I dared. Her ankles and knees were bound with rope as well, and I had stuffed a large, loose wad of two white handkerchiefs in her mouth before securing it with a knotted bandanna. I almost wish I had blindfolded her, and that way I could have watched her more closely. I had the feeling she knew I was watching her roll around, as she made every effort to grunt and moan loudly into her gag as she kicked her legs and strained her arms against her bindings. Finally, knowing she would never be free, and not wanting to tire her out too early in the evening, I walked back in and sat down on the bed next to her. 

She looked up with wide blue eyes, a few strands of blonde hair sticking to her flushed face. Hmmmm-ommmmmm! Ehhhhmmmmeeeeeeoooooooo! I understood her to say let me go, but I merely smiled.

If I let you go now, will you be my captive again later?

She stared at me for a moment, as if considering saying no, but I knew she would agree. She liked these little games as much as I did, and had often duped her friends into playing with us as well. After a long pause, she nodded her head and grunted her assent. I nodded back and the deal was done. I slipped my finger beneath the bandanna bound tightly around her mouth and loosened it, slipping the large knot from between her teeth and carefully extracting the now soggy handkerchiefs. She licked her lips and said, Hurry! Ive gotta pee!

I laughed, but quickly released her feet and hands, having been that kind of captive before, too. She rushed out of my room and I took a few moments to collect my thoughts and my stuff. I coiled the ropes and laid them out beside the wadded handkerchiefs and the knotted bandanna on the end of the bed. After a minute, I heard her coming back.

Tiffany stood in the doorway and grinned. You sure do like having me tied up, dont you brother?

I shrugged as nonchalantly as possible, but we both knew the answer to that one.

You did good, that time. And you said you were out of practice.

Yeah, well I shrugged again and stood up. Are you going to change?

She crossed her arms and looked down at herself, still dressed in her plaid jumper and her white knee socks. Oh, I dont know. This is comfortable to weak.

Uh-huh, I replied. So, are you hungry?

A little. Whatve we got?

How about soup and sandwiches?

Grilled cheese?

I smiled. Sure, Tiff. Grilled cheese if you want it.


We went downstairs and she jumped up on a bar stool as I rummaged through the refrigerator and cabinets collecting our dinner. Fifteen minutes later, we were both leaning over steaming bowls of tomato soup and eating our grilled cheese sandwiches.

So, she said when she had finished. What do you want to do tonight?

Oh, I dont know

I bet we could get Jennifer tied up, if you wanted.


Want to give her a good scare as well?


Well, you could tie me up in the bedroom, and you could pretend to be tied up down here. Ill call her and tell her just to come in the back door when she gets here, and when she finds you, shell freak out. You tell her to come help me, and then you can grab her when she comes upstairs.

I grinned, realizing Tiffany had thought about this a little bit. Okay, I said, looking at the clock. It was nearly 6:30. You call her, then come upstairs. I put our dishes in the sink and hurried up the stairs while Tiffany made the call. In my room again, I pulled out the Wal-Mart bag I had placed in the closet earlier. No use using the stuff I had prepared for the girls on me. A minute later, Tiffany walked in and said, Shes on her way. You better get started.

She sat down on the bed and offered me her hands behind her back. I quickly tied them just like I had before. Kneeling in front of her, I tied her ankles and then her knees, then looked up into her smiling eyes. Comfortable?

She tested her bonds. Tight.

Good, I said, reaching for the wad of handkerchiefs. Now open wide. Her lips parted obediently and she dropped her lower jaw, allowing me to stuff the wad into her mouth. Picking up the bandanna, I slipped the knot back between her teeth and knotted it snugly behind her head, then I grabbed the other bandanna and said, Im going to blindfold you, too. She whined her protest into her gag, but I did as I wanted, tying the blindfold across her eyes. Then I flipped her over onto her stomach and grabbed another piece of rope, which I used to hog-tie her. Satisfied that she wasnt going anywhere, I said, Im going down stairs. It shouldnt be long. If you need anything, just holler. I laughed and grabbed my Wal-Mart bag.

Downstairs in the kitchen, just around the bar from the back door, I sat down in the middle of the floor and took out a piece of rope, which I tied around my ankles. It was tight, but not nearly as tight as I had tied Tiffany. Next I took out a bandanna and tied it between my lips, then I took out a second piece of rope and put my hands behind my back. It took a minute of effort, but I had practiced this as well. I could tie my own hands pretty effectively. 

For a moment, I sat there. The house was silent, though I was listening for any sound from upstairs. If I knew Tiffany, she wouldnt even start struggling until Jennifer found her. I wondered absently what would happen if my parents came home unexpectedly, or someone else peeked through the kitchen window and saw me sitting on the floor, tied up and gagged. The first would turn out kind of humorously, as my parents knew we played these kinds of games. The second, well, who knows

I heard a car pull up in the driveway, and a second later car doors slamming. Car doors! I started struggling with the ropes around my hands, but whoever it was already had their hand on the doorknob. My hands were almost free when the kitchen door swung open and in walked my brother Tim and his friend Rob. They took one look at me, then looked at each other and smiled. I knew I was in deep trouble.

Silent Simon

Friday, September 26th 2003 - 07:38:05 AM
Great story, Silent Simon. Glad you decided to continue your story!!!
William F. Somebody

Saturday, September 27th 2003 - 01:10:11 AM
The Workout
Robert and Steve were my two good friends. We used to hang out at Steve's house and workout in his garage. He had some pretty nice gym equipment in his garage. One time Robert was on the bench and I asked him if we could tie him down on the bench to see if he could get free. He said yes. So we tied his arms above his head and tied his ankles to the barbell. Steve then said, "Lets take off his shoes and socks and tickle his feet!" so I said OK and we peeled off his shoes and socks and Steve and I began to dance and flicker our fingertips all over the bottoms of Roberts feet. He laughed so hard he peed his pants.
[email protected]

Saturday, September 27th 2003 - 05:01:41 PM
tips for long time bondage
When I tie my friend kosh up for long periods (Ie. over night) I use two dog colars that have been cut and new holes punched for her wrists. The colars are locked together throug the "D" ring and lock on each wrist to lock it in place throug a hole that is punched throug the lether.
This works well her hands never lose circulation. An other way Kosh likes is in a nylon sleeping bag. This is a great way to completly bound some one (heat may be a problem)but if your captive is ushaly a cold person this is great. I use a mumy style with the draw strings on the top along with lots of rope some times I even use duck tape. me and kosh work on this all the time I love tieing and she likes being tied up
[email protected]
North east US

Saturday, September 27th 2003 - 10:00:55 PM
Tying GF overnight
Me and my girlfirend often tie each other up overnight. To do the tiee is handcuffed behind the back - and then handcuffed on the ankles, then put into a small kids sleeping bag ( tighter ) and the draw cords are pulled shut at the neck. This totaly imobalises both of us, as the sleeping bag is quite skinny, so we cant move our arms at all.

Sunday, September 28th 2003 - 05:06:57 AM
Babysitter tied me up
I remember when I was much younger around the age of 10, we had a babysitter come round to look after my baby brother at the time. Around 7:30, my brother had already fell asleep and the babysitter and I were still watching TV. Suddenly the babysitter suggested we play a tie up game so I went along with it. We tied each other up several times using some sheets lying on the sofa. It was quite fun actaully seeing who could get out the fastest. But because the babysitter was about 16 at the time and I was only 9 or 10, she had the upper hand and could get out the quickest. We played this for a quite a long time. About 8:00, we carried on playing and this time she tied the sheets around me much tighter than before. She said to me "See if you can get out of this one". My arms were by my sides restrained, my feet we tied together and then she covered me with a blanket and tucked it into the sofa making it much harder for me to get out. I could probably get out if it now but as I was only 9 or 10 back then it was quite hard. I spent ages trying to get out but she just left me there struggling. She just carried on watching TV not taking any notice of me until she finished watching her program. That was about 9:00! She took the blanket off me but still wouldn't free me. She then said "Ooh you're not getting out of this one. I'm gonna tickle you until you, and there's nothing you can do about it!" She started tickling my feet and my belly for ages and I couldn't help but laugh for ages. She showed no mercy. I cried "STOP!" so many times but she just wouldn't listen to me. About 9:30 she finally stopped and untied me but it didn't end there. We then went into my room and she handcuffed me to my bunk bed's ladder and started doing the same thing again! She tickled me for ages and I just couldn't do a thing. Both my hands were handcuffed together behind the ladder while my feet were tied to one of the legs of the bed. I was screaming for ages! Around 10 she finally let me go as it was nearly time for her to go. Before leaving, I told her I had fun. She said to me "So did I, hope we could do this tomorrow". I was looking forward to that...

Sunday, September 28th 2003 - 05:12:18 AM
Sorry about my punctuatuion above
Sorry about the punctuatuion above I was doint that in a rush. I want to correct the following:
'I could probably get out OF it now but as I was only 9 or 10 back then it was quite hard.'
and also
'Ooh you're not getting out of this one. I'm gonna tickle you until you scream, and there's nothing you can do about it!'

Sunday, September 28th 2003 - 09:40:17 AM
Hi my name is glenn I have never been tied up before and whould like to but am afried that my parents will find out and they will be made at me or something.Does anyone know of a site were I can go to and find stories of teanage boys or preteen boys getting tied up with duct tape.Thanx reply fast!
[email protected]
United States

Sunday, September 28th 2003 - 01:41:51 PM
To Glenn
This is a good site

Sunday, September 28th 2003 - 02:17:54 PM
I can't believe I found these sites there so cool and someplease write an answer to my question ASAP thanx
[email protected]

Sunday, September 28th 2003 - 04:48:39 PM
one time
Back a few years ago Kosh and myself had found an old strait jacket on e-bay and decided that it would be cool to buy it and use it in our little games. (It was actuly her Idea.) I will explan a little about our selfs, see I met Kosha about four years ago and we became very good friends. It was not till one night we were out with her sister and her sisters boy friend I found out her love for being tied-up. Her sister sliped and metioned a few details about what she had accidently found one nite in Kosh's room. Well any way to make a long story short, later we talked and found out we had a whole lot of things in common like she loves to be tied-up and I love to tie-up what more do you need to know. Back to the main storie. 
Our game usaly involves Kosha being Tied-up for long periods of time in lots of difrent situations (ie. her as a camper, skier, farm girl, or a prisiner ect.) This time Kosh had arived at my house and she said "Guss what came in the mail today." and she held out a white canvas strait jacket that had several shiny buckles and lether straps all over it. I told her "I can hardly wait to use it on her." she said " I need to use the bath room first." While she went in the bath room I went down to my room and pulled out a larg plastic bin that we keep all our roap, tape, collars, locks and chains, and other usefull equipment. when she came out I had the bin set up in the middle of the living room ready for our weekend, as she walked around the corner to the living room I steped behinder and grabbed her and put my hand over her mouth. She quickly gave out a little mmmmmph and relised her weekend of tie-up game was on. With one hand I grabed the role of cobin (cobin is strechy medical tape that sticks to itself but will not stick to hair) and began to wrap it around Koshs mouth I wraped about a dosen times befor the roll ran out her mouth was complely gagged and it looked great. I walked her to a green nylon sleeping bag I had unziped and srteched out on the floor,I told her to kneel down and put your hands on top of her head which she did all the while continuing to mmmmmph in to the gag. I grabbed a pair of larg boot size leg cuffs (we have quite a larg collection of goods) and locked them around her work boots she was waring. Me and kosh have a agreement that I will do what she likes if she will do what i like, and I have a thing for girles that whare work boots. any way I grabbed the trait jacked and told kosh to take off her wind braker, when she was done i held the jaket in frount of her and slid it on her arms. As I walked behind her she let out a big mmmmph and looked at me as if to say this is sooo great. I grabbed the lether straps and begun to sinch them tightly on her back, I then took the two straps at the end of each sleve and sliped them throug the loops on the back of the jacket and then sinche the buckle in the back. I knelt down and reached between her legs and grabed the lether srtap and pulled it through her groin and sinched it to the buckle on the back of the jaket. I could not belive it, it fit perfectly. At this point kosh and myself wher very in to the game, and still had two days to go. 
I helped Kosh stand up and walked her in to the kitchen, each step she took you could hear the chains of the cuffs on her bound feet clink and rub on her work boots. I had her sit in a latter back chair at the table and took blue nylon rope and wraped her upper body to the chair and did the same around her waist. Then I took another rope and tied her feet together (still with the cuffs on) and pulled the rope through the bottom of the cair rungs looped it around the upright rung of the back of the chair and tied it off. Kosh sturggled quite a bit but the strait jacket was very tight and there was no way she would be able to get it off with out me undoing it. I grabbed a knit head band ear warmer which was about 2 inches wide and black and placed it over her eyes she now was completly bound and in the dark. It was now time to start dinner. Part two to come latter
sir foster

Sunday, September 28th 2003 - 08:50:46 PM
Nice story Vincent! I'd like to read about any other experiences you had. One question - were you already barefoot when she tickled you, or in shoes and socks, or what? If you were already barefoot, how come? Do you got barefoot in the house?

Monday, September 29th 2003 - 01:20:59 AM
I was already bare foot at the time. I'm bare foot around the house. Don't want to get the carpet dirty lol

Monday, September 29th 2003 - 09:19:11 AM
Sir Foster. Can't wait for part 2. I'd also like to hear about tying Kosh as a ski bunny....

Monday, September 29th 2003 - 04:40:21 PM
how about this site

Monday, September 29th 2003 - 04:54:12 PM
Thanks for the reply Vincent. What were the later experiences like? Did you get tied up in a more traditional way (with rope, cord, or even ribbons)? Or was it mostly wrapping you up in a sheet? Did gags or blindfolds later get used?

Monday, September 29th 2003 - 07:13:10 PM
Deep Trouble
There I sat on the kitchen floor, hands and feet tied not too tightly, since I had wanted to get loose, and a bandanna gag between my lips, mostly for effect. I had done it to myself as a prank on my sister Tiffanys friend, who was on her way over, but to my horror, I had been discovered by my older brother Tim and his friend Rob. This was my worst nightmare, and I knew I was in deep trouble as soon as they saw me.

Tim grinned at Rob, then they both grinned at me, and Tim leered, Simon, havent you outgrown this yet?

I didnt know what to say, and I was still fiddling with the rope around my wrists. I had done the job too well. So I just stared up at him and said nothing. He came over and knelt beside me, slipping the gag from mouth and looking around at my fumbling hands. You did this to yourself didnt you?

Yes! I said defiantly. It was supposed to be a prank for Tiffanys friend Jennifer. Shell be here any minute.

So whats the prank? You want her to see you all tied up?

No! I replied, feeling the rope slip a little around my wrists. She was supposed to find me and think a burglar had done it. I was going to tell her to help Tiffany upstairs, then I was supposed to get loose and tie her up instead.

Whose idea was this? Tim asked.

Actually, it was Tiffanys, I said truthfully. Tim rolled his eyes and laughed.

So let me guess. Our little sister is tied up upstairs.


And Jennifer is on her way over right now to find you.

Yeah, I said again.

And you were supposed to get loose and jump her.

Yeah, I said a third time. My hands slipped free, and I immediately brought my hands around to untie my feet, but Tim grabbed me by the wrists. HEY! I exclaimed. Let me go! Youve already ruined it for us.

Nah, he said, looking up at Rob, who was already thinking along the same lines. Thisll just make it better. He flipped me over onto my stomach and pulled my hands back behind me. I saw him pick up the rope I had just slipped off my wrists, and a moment later I felt him wrapping it tightly around mine. It was as tight as I had tied Tiffany, and my heart pounded at the realization that Tim intended to keep me tied up as part of whatever stunt he was now going to pull. I decided I had better protest and make my case now.

Tim! This isnt funny! This was supposed to be about me tying up Tiffany and Jennifer. Im babysitting tonight!

Mom and Dad let you baby-sit Tiffany and Jennifer?

Yeah! I exclaimed, hearing the rustling of my Wal-Mart bag. I watched him take out a couple of handkerchiefs, which he unfolded and wadded together into a good sized ball. I knew exactly what he was going to do, and I also knew there was nothing I could do about it. I protested anyway. Come on, Tim! Dont gag me! Dont put that in my mouth! Come onnnnmmmmmmppppphhhhhhhh! My own voice sounded strangled as he crammed the balled up handkerchiefs into my mouth and pulled the bandanna back between my teeth to keep them there. I felt him untie the knot and pull it tighter.

There, that ought to keep you quiet. Next he untied my feet and pulled me up. Now walk with me upstairs, and if youre a good prisoner, Ill let you watch when tie up Jennifer. Okay?

What else could I do but agree? Tim marched me upstairs, Rob behind him, and a minute later we were in my bedroom. Tiffany was still hog-tied on my bed, still tightly gagged, but her blindfold had slipped down. She heard us come in and turned her head to see, then exclaimed behind the stuffing and knotted bandanna when she saw Tim and Rob. She had been their victim too many times as well to think this was going to get any better. Tim tossed me on the bed beside her and quickly bound my legs and feet with more rope.

Well, Tiff. Looks like youre in quite a bind, Tim said. Rob laughed.

Mmmmm-hmmmmm she agreed.

Im not going to let you go, though. Were going to go ahead and pull your little prank on Jennifer, okay?

She looked over at me, puzzled at first. Then it dawned on her, and she began to struggle. Our brother only laughed.

Thats right Tiff. Instead of being Simons prisoner all night, Ill guess youll have to settle for being mine. Think Jennifer will like that?

Uhhhh-uuunnnngggghhhhh! She groaned, shaking her head at Tim, but he ignored her.

When she gets here, youre going to call her up, and then shes in for a big surprise.

I didnt have to use a lot of imagination to figure out what was going to happen next.

Silent Simon

Tuesday, September 30th 2003 - 01:30:16 AM
No that was the only experience I had. I'd love something like that to happen again. But I can't see it happening.

Tuesday, September 30th 2003 - 02:39:41 AM
Darn. At the end of your story, it mentioned you possibly doing it the next day. She said "we could do it tomorrow."

But it never did happen, did it? Either way, thanks for sharing your own experience.

And Silent Simon, your story just keeps getting more interesting! Please continue!

Tuesday, September 30th 2003 - 06:27:35 AM
Keep going, silent Simon. I want to know what happens next!
William F. Somebody

Tuesday, September 30th 2003 - 11:03:36 AM
Unfortunately for me nothing happened after. She didn't tie up although I really wish she did.

Tuesday, September 30th 2003 - 04:41:11 PM
Hehehe ... I'm babysittin Chloe tomorrow! (see story posted on 20th Sept.) Been ages since I have, I hope she's still as crazy bout tie-ups as she was, if she is, something happening will be a near-cert!

Tuesday, September 30th 2003 - 07:40:11 PM
Nice! Let us know if anything does happen, ok? Try something other than a chairtie if you can, maybe make an "adventure" out of it if possible? Use rope rather than duct tape maybe? Well, you do what you like, but those are just some ideas.
Jazz/PH Sweden's #1 Fan

Tuesday, September 30th 2003 - 09:09:43 PM
Thanks - I already have SOME ideas, some involving rope, some involving tape, some involving other more unconventional methods...hopefully, this time tomorrow I'll have a story to tell involving one, or maybe even a multitude of these ideas...

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