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Ball Four

cookies, WA


The following story contains explicit description of sexual activity. If you are under 18 or live where this material is not permitted, please do not continue reading.

This story is fiction. Any resemblance to anyone or anything living, dead, or undead is purely coincidental.

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cookies, WA

I hate Frank McCoy.

I heard the rumors about Girl Scout Nookie. I then researched if Girl Scout Nookie was true. I now wanted Girl Scout Nookie. I lusted for Girl Scout Nookie.

The entire Girl Scout troop was bought up. Every single one of those beautiful, sexy, young, pubescent girls' nookie boxes were already purchased.

Did they come to my door so I could purchase some Girl Scout Nookie?


I hate Frank McCoy.

cookiessmall, WA

I eagerly answered the door. There the girls were in all their flavors: Lemon Asian, Brownie Brunette, Vanilla Blonde, Strawberry Redhead. I used my fingers to wipe away the liquid that formed in the corners of my mouth. Drool can be a little embarrassing.

"Hello, Mr. Four!" said Strawberry

I loved the sight. Still, there was someone missing. "No Chocolate?"

Strawberry answered my query. "Today she's with Mr. McCoy."

I hate Frank McCoy.

"Come in, come in," I said excitedly. Four tasty young girls are still very, very nice.

"Okay," Strawberry said. "But you know we have nothing left to buy."

"Yes, yes," I said too hurriedly. "I understand. Just please come in."

"He looks harmless," said Lemon.

Vanilla and Brownie giggled.

I bit my lip. Harmless, huh? Okay. As long as it gets them in my door.

The foursome sat down on my big couch. I pulled up a chair from my dinette table and sat down in front of them. I couldn't see up their skirts, but the skirts were short enough that I kept glancing in that area hoping to see something. I really wanted to see something.

"So I have this proposition for you," I began.

Vanilla interrupted, "We already told you that Mr. McCoy bought all our nookie."

I hate Frank McCoy.

"This guy's a moron," said Brownie. She started to rise.

I held up my hands. "Please. Just listen to me and then you can go if you want."

Brownie settled back down on the couch.

I looked briefly into the eyes of Strawberry, Lemon, Vanilla, and Brownie.

"I have a pleasurable proposal for you about your Nookie boxes."

"How many times do we have to tell you?" said Lemon.

"I told you he's a moron," said Brownie. "We're wasting our time."

Strawberry spoke calmly. "Mr. McCoy has purchased exclusive rights to the troop's boxes for the entire year."

I hate Frank McCoy.

"I understand," I answered. I tried to remain calm. I really tried. I fear a little desperation crept into my voice. "If you give away some boxes for free it wouldn't be violating your agreement with..." I couldn't say the name. I just couldn't.

"Mr. McCoy?" said Lemon.

I bristled.

"Yes," I reluctantly said.

I hate Frank McCoy.

I continued. "He paid for your boxes. I wouldn't be paying for your boxes."

"I don't know Mr. Four," said Strawberry. "Why would we do that?"

"Call me Ball," I replied. "He can only be with each of you a couple of times a month, right? Why not have some extra fun? As owner of the boxes, you should get as much enjoyment from them as you can."

I could see the hesitancy on their faces, yet I could also see them considering my words.

"I have a thesaurus," I said brightly and hopefully. I'd learned from the experiences of others.

"A thesaurus!" said Strawberry as if she had just been pepped up. "Hmmmm! Can you excuse us for a moment?"

I stood up and walked away to give privacy. The girls whispered with one another.

I just lustily stared at those young, nubile bodies. My cock responded to my vivid imagination. I wanted Girl Scout Nookie. I shouldn't have to go thru all this extra effort to get some.

I hate Frank McCoy.

When they finished discussing, I returned to my seat before them. Vanilla's and Brownie's skirts had risen up. My cock surged from my slight sight of panties.

Strawberry said, "We think we can have some fun with you."

I smiled. Things were looking up.

Strawberry continued. "We think maybe you can taste our boxes, but you can't be in them."

It was a compromise, but I wanted more. I want to fuck these girls.

I stood and pulled down my pants and boxers.

"Wouldn't it be better to have this playing in your box?" I said.

The girls giggled as they looked at my hard cock.

"Is it erect?" said Brownie.

The girls broke out into strong laughter.

"I'm just as big as Frank McCoy," I said in distress.

I pulled a ruler out of a kitchen drawer. I held it up to my cock. "See! Six! I'm just as big."

"That ruler was very convenient," said Vanilla. "Do you need to pull it out a lot to prove your size?"

"I think it's a metric ruler," said Brownie.

A whole new round of laughter.

I stood red-faced and frustrated.

I also hate Frank McCoy.

Strawberry said, "We just feel we should honor the agreement we made with Mr. McCoy."

"Honor?" I said. I knew I was sounding like I was pleading but I couldn't help it. I wanted Girl Scout Nookie. "Honor is for Boy Scouts. You are Girl Scouts. Cookies and Nookies are your forte."

Strawberry just shook her head.

I calmed down and fell back to the compromise. "So how can I taste these boxes?"

Strawberry said, "We will let you lick our boxes and make us cum."

"And...?" I said.

She shrugged. "That's it."

"What about my relief?"

"I'm sure you know Mr. Hand."

Masturbation? I could do that without them around.

"One more thing," said Strawberry. "We have to tie you up during it."

"What! What for?"

"It makes sure you don't try to do anything more plus it ties in a thematic element from Kenny Gamera's Girl Scout experience while adding our very own twist."

cookiessmall, WA

I didn't have any "normal" bondage items, but I had some rope in the garage. I let them tie me to my bed's headboard. I'm sure I wouldn't have had too much trouble working my hands free, so if they had this sudden urge to leave me tied up I think I could be free within ten minutes.

Strawberry climbed up onto the bed. She straddled me and moved over my face. My cock throbbed hard in my pants as I looked up at her beautiful box. I love red pubes. She sat down on my face and my tongue and lips eagerly attacked her clit. I licked my tongue up her slit and probed inward. This would be the best I could get into the box and so I took advantage. Strawberry moaned and rocked her pussy on my face. In time, she cried out and shuddered. She clamped her pussy down on my mouth. I felt a small release of liquid. I sucked it all into my mouth.

Lemon was a sweet flavor. Vanilla had a tarter taste. Brownie was very active on my face and my nose came out a little bruised. I'd do her again without hesitation. Duh!

They all had their panties back on when they untied me.

"Thank you, Mr. Four!" said Lemon as they prepared to leave.

"You are good with the tongue," said Brownie. "Probably better than with your cock."

"You can find out," I said hopefully.

She laughed and shook her head.

Strawberry said, "Be seeing you."

"Be tasting you!" I said. I wanted to sound cheery and I did enjoy it, but I was greatly frustrated for my own release.

When the girls were gone, Mr. Hand quickly provided a mostly unsatisfactory and disappointing release.

I sat back and reflected. The memory of tasting those four girls brought life again to my cock. My next release by Mr. Hand was a much more pleasurable fantasy. Fantasy was still the best I was going to get.

I still hate Frank McCoy.

cookies, WA

© Ball Four 2005

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