8yr Old Lesbian Anal Slut

by SheriNorton

Keywords F/g, feet, anal, scat

Story Disclamer

The following is a work of fiction involving a very young girl in a lesbian relationship with an adult. These stories are meant as an outlet for some of my more deviant & taboo thoughts and desires. It is by no means my reality. It is my sincerest hope that you not only enjoy these perverse and deviant stories, but that you climax often while reading them. When one reads a story like this you tend to form a mental image of the characters you’re reading about, just as I’ve imagined what the characters I’m writing about might look like in real life. I hope you enjoy. Feel free to email me. I love hearing from those who enjoy my works. [email protected]

My name is Annie Kendricks. However, I am better known by my slave name Kunt. I am a lifestyle lesbian anal slave. I used to say lifestyle submissive but I’ve learned there is a very di stinct difference between a submissive and a slave and that I am classified as a slave not a submissive. For one, I do not role play as a sex toy for my Mistress, I live as a slave to my Mistress completely 24 hours a day, every day, and have surrendered myself to serve her sexually for the rest of my life as her T.P.E. Anal-Slave. A submissive negotiates limits. A slave has no limits and as a true slave I have surrendered all limits by order of my Mistress and am not allowed any type of safe word with her. I am owned property with no will other than to sexually serve my Mistress to her liking. I will accept any amount of Pain or Torture she deems necessary or pleasurable to her with delight in serving her to her satisfaction. As a slave I am not permitted clothes. I must always remain naked and ready for my Mistress to use my tits, cunt, and asshole, especially my asshole. As an Anal Slave I am solely permitted to worship at one place, and one place only on a woman’s body, and that is solely and without fail only at her asshole. Her pussy is expressly forbidden to me, as is anything coming out of or anywhere near her’s or any other woman’s pussy, yet anything & everything coming out of her asshole is without even a moment’s hesitation to immediately go into my mouth to be licked and sucked clean no matter what filthy condition it may emerge from out of her asshole in. As an Anal Slave I am not allowed food in the traditional sense. My Mistress eats for me. Whatever she digests and shits out is what I am allowed as food. In fact, all toilets have been removed from our household and been replaced with a specialized toilet seat which I crawl under and has harness for my head along with a lever that my Mistress uses to pull my mouth tightly into her asshole for her to shit into until I’ve managed to swallow it all down and lick her asshole clean. I take injectable vitamin supplements in order to allow me to subsist on my diet of hers and other female’s shit. These are administered in through my nipples & clit via injection as they are most painful this way. Even the water I drink must have generous amounts of her shit well blended into it so that everything that passes my lips has ample amounts of female shit to it. I have not eaten anything other than female shit for the last 4 years and am happy to be used in this way.

My pussy exists for only one purpose, for punishment. I am not allowed vaginal penetration at all, only anal without exception. Instead, my pussy is used for punishment when I fail to perform anally. I have a high pain tolerance at my pussy and can take a lot there, but my Mistress often beats me bloody there and has punished my pussy until I pass out from the pain. Despite this, I love it! I cum hardest from intense excruciating pussy and anal pain, however, it is by far my asshole where I endure the most pain and use at. My Mistress uses my asshole for extreme forms of penetration and insists that it undergo stretching 24/7/365 without even a second passing where it is not stuffed beyond its limits and being torn open. I have to take three large spheres in my asshole at all times and wear a harness around my waist that locks them in place day & night. Thy are often coated in Hot Wasabi paste so as to cause me a burning sensation that has me in utter despair to push them out, of course the harness which locks them in place keeps me from doing this and forces me to suffer having them in me with no way to expel them for a moment’s release. They are exchanged monthly for ever larger ones so as to stretch me open more & more constantly. I even sleep with them in me. Not only do I sleep with these stretching my asshole ever more and more open, my Mistress has a face mask I wear, attached to a hose that goes in her ass so that I am always smelling & breathing in the contents of her asshole at all times and it even drains her anal juices into my mouth so that not only the smell, but enjoy the taste of the inside of her asshole as it drains into my mouth constantly throughout the night. I receive anal punch fucking sessions on a daily basis. Lately we have been actively working on anal depth so that she takes me with both arms beyond the elbow and I am able to work in her entire foot and leg more than half way to the knee presently. She is actively training me to take both her feet at once and has told me the plan is to take both her legs working well passed her knees inside me.

I am loaned out to other Sadistic Dominant lesbian females and lesbian couples into extreme perversion as it is impossible to sustain this level of play constantly without it becoming mundane. So to keep it fresh I am loaned out to others for weeks & months at a time so that when I do come to her, there is renewed desire to use & abuse me sexually in the most perverse and extreme ways with renewed vigor. Loaning me out to a steady stream of others who enjoy and practice such extreme forms of sexual perversions means that I am consistently used in this fashion daily every minute of every day without fail just like a filthy fuck slut & slave like me should be. No break for me, just constant use of my mouth and holes.

Of these Dominant lesbians and couples I am loaned out to, there are some I favor above the others. In particular there is this one Dominatrix who I love serving. She is an Asian Goddess of extreme beauty. She is young in appearance although she is not as young as she appears. Her beauty is simply indescribable. Her skin tone is very pale and white, just like I love, and yet her long fingernails and plump luscious perfectly formed tiny little toes are always painted a succulent shade of deep rich red as are her lips. She has long raven colored hair that hangs all the way down to her ass so as to frame it perfectly. Her ass itself is deliciously plump and perfectly formed, but by far its best feature is her very experienced pliable asshole which gapes wide open deliciously from the deep large penetration she enjoys there. But by far it was her feet that most excite me sexually. It all has to do with an avid & insatiable fetish for women with beautiful and petite feet & toes. What are best about her feet is that they sweat very heavily and produce a very strong odor. I love that she really loves kissing me with those full succulent lips while viciously twisting my nipples and seeing me bear down to accept the pain. It’s a little game we play because while she makes me wince and cry out softly, I must never fail to respond to her kiss and engage her in them making sure to know when to accept her tongue into my mouth despite the agony at my nipples she is creating. And sometimes it’s my clit that she chooses to torture in this manner, pinching it between her fingernails enjoying as I struggle to take what she’s doing to my cunt while demonstrating how much I love it and her in a kiss. As for her nipples, they are sweet. They jut out really nicely when she’s sexually excited and I love to suckle on them lovingly. She even lets me playfully bite them now & again. What I love most is how sadistic she is. She will clamp my cunt tightly with her hand, digging her fingernails into my tender cunt with one hand while grabbing my hair and jerking my head back forcefully with the other, taking me down to my knees behind her, then telling me to spread her ass cheeks apart and show her how much I love her, which of course entails me burying my tongue up inside her asshole. She won’t hesitate to fart into my open mouth and laugh out loud at my humiliation and debasement, But it’s when she’s in really in a mood to hurt me and see me in agony that I cum harde st under her hand. Last time she blindfolded me while I stood in front of a whipping post with my legs spread wide. I thought while she was off it was to get bindings ready. Instead I was surprised to find her taking a running jump right up to me and kicking my cunt with all her might bringing me to my knees in agony. I could not breathe from the pain and yet, despite my pain she simply rolled me over, spread my legs and proceeded to use a hammer and nail to nail my pussy lips to the floor followed by my nipples straight to the floor. Then whipping my viciously as I lay pinned down to the floor in that position after pissing and spitting in my face. I came so hard it looked like spilled milk between my legs as I lay sobbing loudly. While I suffer much under her, she does do one thing to keep me desperate to see her again & again. She allows me to watch her masturbate herself with large toys in her ass. She’ll let me lick around the toy coming in and out of her asshole and will from time to time pull it out and let me slide my tongue into her open asshole and suck out the juices. Best of all, she never douches prior to anal play and every once in a while the toys will emerge with a large clump of shit on them I get to lick off the toy and enjoy savoring before swallowing her essence. Once she even paused to lay a massive shit straight into my mouth and face which I rubbed well into and all over my face as I came violently.

I am often loaned out to another lesbian couple I am always anxious to see for another different reason. They are not into the BDSM scene per se. In fact, you can say that these two are the furthest thing from a Mistress/Slave relationship one can think of. And yet, they love having me and treating me as a lesbian sex slave because I have been offered to them as an Anal Slave. These two are into extreme forms of Anal in every way and enjoy using someone like me anally to the extremes that I can be u sed. In as far as Pain play, they do not use me in that way, but they do make a lot of demands of me anally and fist and foot fuck me forcefully anally with such intensity that it can feel like a BDSM session. Yet, I take great care no matter how much I hurt to always encourage them to take me harder and more deeply to ensure they are happy with what I offer them in me. One reason I enjoy serving them so much is because they are in a relationship with a local neighborhood girl who they include in very kinky & perverse anal play. The reason she is so special is because she is just 14 years old with a bit of an underdeveloped body which is very appealing to me and these two lesbian femmes who enjoy her sexually in the most wicked ways. I can’t exactly say why I find sex with young girls sexually exciting.

As a child of early sexual abuse myself one would think I would find it unappealing, and yet the exact opposite is true. In fact, I crave much younger girls than young teens. It’s pre-pubescent girls of about 7 or 8 years old that I crave most. I myself became sexually experienced at the age of four at the hands of a woman with pedo tendencies who ran the day care center my Mother placed me in. I was one of a handful of girls she abused sexually. She was caught and convicted after some time at it as I understand. I myself have little recollection of it, although I recall counselling sessions they put me in to deal with the abuse as the result of showing signs of hyper sexual activity for a child of four. All I remember was that there was a lot of taking off of all my clothes, so much so, that I liked to be naked all the time. My Mother, a single Mom, who was borderline alcoholic at that time, never saw a problem with the fact that I liked to run around the house naked all the time, especially when she had her lady friends over. She allowed it, and when anyone challenged her on it being a little inappropriate, she simply dismissed those arguments claiming it was innocent because I was a little girl. In truth, it was far from innocent. I think I knew quite well what I was doing. I wanted them to see me and to touch me and handle me all over, especially in my private places. And I made sure to crawl all over any particular attractive ones of her lady friends in an attempt to get sexual attention. I am glad for one thing, and that’s that all this abuse was at the hands of another woman and only involved me seeking out intimate touching and sexual exposure only with other older women. I have never known the cock of a man, nor ever care to either.

I consider my real sexual awakening though to have come at the age of 7 or 8 years old. I know…. I know… that’s a bit early, but again mitigating circumstances. I was already exhibiting signs of sexuality and desire for other women as early as age four, but by the age of 7 or 8 the sexual cravings I was having were on a whole different level. For one, they were taboo in nature, because they were for the one set of feet, pussy, tits, and asshole I had access to on a regular basis, and that was of those of me very own Mother!!! It’s not like this was being acted out consciously and in the open. Really it was undenounced to her. As I stated Mom drank quite a bit when I was young. It was just the two of us, My Dad had left her early on and she had been in and out of relationships with both men & women, of which I preferred of course seeing her with other women. I especially enjoyed a span of two years where she exclusively was seeing only other women as I would secretly enjoy watching them have sex. It was just after her last bad break up with a woman that she spun deeper under the influence of the bottle and started drinking much more heavily on the weekends. She would usually come home late Friday nights after work having enjoyed a few drinks with co-workers, but now-a-days she was coming home really drunk. It was during these nights I’d take advantage. I would help her to bed. I’d undress her. She’d want me to stop at her bra and panties, but I was insistent on pushing on and would not stop till I’d removed all her clothes and gotten her completely naked. She’d sometimes motion for a nightshirt, but I’d do whatever I could to discourage that. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn’t, but when it did, I’d strip naked immediately most excitedly and crawl into bed with her in a tight embrace and enjoy close contact. I was growing ever bolder and getting my face closer and closer between her legs, but I had to be very careful, she would push me away if I got too close. Still I enjoyed grinding my pussy on her leg when she fell asleep or carefully placing her hand between my legs and grinding on her hands. She would sometimes instinctively rub my pussy driving me crazy with delight. Most times though these moments were mired in frustration. That is, until I discovered one thing she was okay with me doing. I’ve already mentioned my fetish for the smell and taste of female feet & toes, well I have had that fetish since a very early age, and at the age of 7 & 8 years old, it was full on raging in me. For some reason Mom did not have a problem with me using her bare sweaty smelly feet as a pillow, and had no problem with letting me sleep with my face firmly buried into her outstretched soles. I would always position myself so that my lips, nose, and mouth were well buried into the cleft of her toes where most of the stronger scents and flavors collect. And at night when she slept, I would lick till my heart’s content and rub my pussy raw while doing so.

I should mention that at this time while desperate to get a taste of my Mother’s pussy and most especially her ass, I found a way to do that, which I enjoyed regularly. Mom had a habit of stripping as soon as she got home after a hard day’s work and changing into comfortable night wear, shedding her sweaty smelly panty hose and panties in the clothes hamper in the laundry room before enjoying a long hot bath and changing. I had a routine worked out just after she had suffered a broken right hand and was in a cast. It was amid one of the hottest Summer moths and a trade show was in town as part of her job and had her working from 7:00 in the morning to 8:00 -9:00 PM at night. After working the event all day as well, she was partaking in cocktail receptions afterwards and Mom being quite the drinker would imbibe a lot. I would await her return from work. I always made sure to be in the laundry room folding laundry or something when she got home. She’d strip off her clothes and I’d be right there as she peeled it all off with the laundry basket to collect it all. I was fortunate she liked to strip and run ups tairs straight to a hot bath which I always made sure to have running for her to make sure there was minimal time spent from the time her hose and panties came off, till she scampered off. The very second she made off, so did I, up the back staircase to my room with her hose and panties in tow straight to my room, locking my door and diving into the feet of those hose; one firmly pressed to my nose to enjoy the smell, the other in my mouth to savor its strong flavor as I rubbed my pussy vigorously. When I was really worked up, I’d switch to her panties, but it wasn’t the pussy part I wanted at all, it was the back of her panties at the part where her asshole wedged into the panty that I desired most, because with her hand in that cast, when she had to shit, she did such a poor job of wiping a lot of shit would wind up in those panties. Small to moderate specs could be found with even some large whole pieces sometimes clinging to them and I loved to lick and suck and taste her shit through those panties as I masturbated furiously. I came soooooo hard.

This last sequence was important in understanding how my first kinky and perverse sexual relationship with an older woman in her mid-40’s and me at the age of just 8 years old began. Her name was Linda. She was a friend of my Mom, actually a sexual interest. I met her for the first time in absolutely the best possible way; completely naked with something big shoved deep up my ass. Mom had met her at the bar of a local restaurant. They had enjoyed a few drinks together and what began as light flirting soon turned into serious sexual attraction. A few drinks turned into quite a few drinks and they were quite tipsy when they arrived together at our house with the intent to fuck one another. Mom mentioned she had a daughter, an 8 year old….. me, and Linda was anxious to meet me. Turns out, I was upstairs in the bathtub enjoying a serious anal play session with a large bottle of Nair shoved entirely up my ass. I guess because she was a little drunk Mom didn’t think twice about just barging in with Linda to introduce me to her. Only the minute she did, the phone rang, and she ran off to take what amounted to a long phone call, leaving Linda to gawk at me all naked like I was. I was quite uncomfortable because having a bottle shoved up my ass and feeling it slipping out had me nervous as hell. Linda was wide eyed and took in every inch of my naked body while making small talk with me and telling me how pretty I was. So I made sure to spread me legs as much as I could to let her clearly see my pussy, but the stupid bottle in my ass felt like it was coming out so I couldn’t offer her as good a look as I had wanted to. In fact, after a while I was quite worried it would pop out in front of her. After seeing Mom wasn’t coming back to get her out of there to fetch her anytime soon and getting a good sense she wasn’t about to leave on her own, I decided I’d better clamp down on the bottle of Nair up my ass and get to my room where I could expel it. Normally, had I not had that bottle in me I would have twisted around to give her a good look at my ass and see how nice and big my asshole was and make sure to offer her a good look at every inch of my body, but with that inside me, I was scared it would pop out and she’d see it. My worse fear came true as I went to get out of the bathtub. It slipped well out of my asshole and I quickly moved to slip it back in. I really thought she hadn’t caught it, but as I stepped out of the bathtub she said, “Here let me help you”, and with that grabbed my bath towel. I thought for sure she would hold it open for me to step into, instead she folded it into a bath mat for me to step on and instead grabbed a small hand towel to dry me herself with. That was perfect because she dried my hair with it then just held it against my stomach and started using her bare hand to wipe my naked body down with. She wiped down my chest first pausing just a little at my tiny flat titties, then did my back. Next was a slow wipe down my stomach followed by a dive straight for my hairless pussy. She was not shy in working her fingers into the folds of my pussy, but best of all was when she did my ass. She spread my cheeks to have a look at what I was sure now she had seen, that thing in my ass, and I could feel the tip of it just at the opening of my ass and was sure it was visible. Still, she didn’t say a word, just finished and gave me a big quick kiss right on the lips. I was now sure she was into me, and was very excited about that fact. I had never actually had a woman desire me sexually, at least not one that I could remember, and this gorgeous older lady did!!!!

Finally my Mom returned just as Linda had finished with me. Mom paused at the bathroom door and engaged Linda in a lust filled look. She stepped up to her right after that, grabbed Linda’s ample breasts and engaged her in a passionate kiss. Linda responded saying, Really…. Right in front of the kid?”, looking back towards me. Mom responded dismissively, “Well, she’s gotta learn about it sometime” before gesturing me to scoot off to my room. I was glad to get out, make my way to my room and pop that bottle of Nair out of my ass. But I was now horny as hell for Linda and jealous Mom was getting to fuck her and not me. I could see them groping each other from my bedroom after opening my door. I was still naked and Linda was facing towards me. She smiled at me and wouldn’t stop looking at me, a fact I really liked. I stepped out of my room to give her a better look. When my Mom started to turn my way, I was worried she’d catch me peeking so I hid away quickly behind my bedroom door peeking out carefully instead. Upon seeing this Linda grabbed one of the dark silk scarfs tossed over the floor lamp for mood lighting and blindfolded my Mom seductively. Mom went along with it thinking it was all for her, when in fact it was really so I’d come out from behind my door and show her my naked body some more. Not only did I come out, I came right to her bedroom door to give her a good look at me and to get a good look at all the action myself. All the time she was preparing to fuck my Mom she was looking straight at me. I became anxious as her clothes started to come off. Then, suddenly she slowly closed the door on me making a sad face at me. I didn’t understand why she didn’t let me watch and more importantly see her without any clothes on. I really wanted that! It upset me a lot. I ran off to my room to masturbate myself quite vigorously despite it.

She and my Mom started seeing a lot more of each other. I knew one thing; I wanted her, no… actually I needed her, to see me naked each and every time she came through the doors of my house and I knew exactly how to make sure of that. At my age, Mom felt I no longer needed a babysitter and let me come home from school on my own and use my very own key to get in the house. I always did well fending for myself which gave her a lot of freedom to whore around. I noted they’d always tend to get together after work a lot albeit at different rendezvous points other than my house at my Mother’s insistence so as to afford them more privacy without me around. And yet, I was quite sure that Linda seemed to want me in the same way she wanted my Mom, so I figured she’d find a way to get my Mom to fuck in our house again. It wasn’t long before that happened, and I was prepared perfectly. I had made it a habit of always having a bath ready after 6:00 PM when I knew my Mom usually got home from work. This particular day, it paid off. I heard a car pull in the driveway and saw it was my Mom with Linda. I ran upstairs immediately and took off all my clothes quickly in my room. As they came in, my Mom called for me. “I’M UPSTAIRS CHANGING FOR A BATH!” I yelled back, so as to let Linda know if she came upstairs she could find me naked. With my Mom tending to things downstairs, Linda made a bee line to my room and barged in catching me fully naked. I smiled from ear to ear, cried out in joy and ran into her arms naked as the day I was born. I buried my face in her ample breasts as she fondled every inch of me while we greeted one another. When she let me down I kissed her on her pussy right over her skirt which prompted her to grab my face and stroke it approvingly. Just then, Mom walked in. Linda was careful to make excuses for my nakedness, “Oh Ellen, Annie was just preparing for her bath.” I was pleasantly surprised my Mother let me linger around in my naked state as they made small talk. It was quite a while before she ordered me off to bathe, but I took every advantage to spread my legs and flash my ass fully to Linda while my Mom’s attention was elsewhere and she seemed to be responding intently.

The next time they came home together I had a little advance notice when my Mom called to check and see if we had Tonic water for her favorite drink; Gin & Tonic and told me Linda and her were on the way. I knew that feigning getting ready to take a bath might not go over as well all the time, so I actually jumped in the shower awaiting them. As they walked in, Mom called to me. “I’M UPSTAIRS TAKING A SHOWER!!!!” I yelled back. As my Mom tended to things downstairs, Linda announced, “Baby, I really have to pee!!!”, to my Mom as she ran upstairs to me. She barged into the bathroom and I was ready. After fucking my asshole really hard with some really big things my hole was quite open, and when she burst in I was fully bent over with my cheeks spread wide giving her a good look now at my wide open asshole this time. It looks like she really had to pee because while she paused to take in the sight of me with a big lustful smile on her face, she blew past me after that straight to the toilet and pulled down her skirt & panties. For the very first time, I was treated to the sight of her sweet shaved pussy and I stood there mouth agape mesmerized. When she finished peeing , she turned to me and said, “Well, are you just gonna stand there gawking or are you gonna kiss me Hello”. I responded by running to her as she stood up from the toilet and kissing her right on her pussy making sure to taste a little as discreetly as I could. “OOH! I LIKE YOUR HELLO KISSES SWEETIE!!!!!, THAT’S NICE”. AND SHE GROPED ME FULLY BEFORE UNLOCKING THE BATHROOM DOOR TO FIND MY Mother on the other side. The comment my Mother made was telling….. she said to me, “Child, do you ever have clothes on. You’re always naked whenever we find you!”. Linda embraced my Mom in a passionate kiss and they disappeared into her bedroom.

It wasn’t late the next Saturday morning that I couldn’t stand it anymore!!!! Linda and my Mom had been fucking and making sex noises all night and now again late Saturday morning. It was killing me that Linda was fucking my Mom and not me. I barged in to my Mom’s bedroom despite knowing they were heavy into a fuck session. In my mind I had an image of what I expected to see, what I actually saw I was unprepared for. My Mother had Linda on her bed and was fist fucking her, but not just in her pussy, but her ass as well. When I burst in, she hadn’t even noticed, although Linda had. Linda didn’t say a word, ecstatic that I had caught the sight of her in this state. When my Mom realized I was looking on though, she screamed at me so loud I ran off terrified. They continued on though till suddenly a call came and they ran off in a huff leaving the room in the very state it was in after throwing on some clothes and scampering off. I walked in gingerly, not sure if they’d come back. I climbed on the bed where I’d known Linda was at and dove in to the huge wet spot where her pussy and ass were from being fisted. The taste was incredible. I came so hard, especially from the brown wet stains out of her ass. I rubbed my pussy raw under my clothes though because I was afraid they’d come back and I’d get caught

The next time my Mom and Linda came over to the house was after a sweltering hot record breaking day in early May where temperatures reached 102 degrees. Linda had been pounding the pavement in high heels and silk stockings all day and was exhausted, and yet, horny. My Mom picked her up and brought her over. Our AC was not working at all due to a brown out in the neighborhood which killed our unit and it was sweltering in the house. Knowing they were coming I made my excuse that it was too hot for clothes so she’d be okay with me being completely naked when they got home. Linda was so hot and tired she barely had energy to gawk at my naked form. My Mom offered, “Why don’t you take a shower and cool off?” which she gladly accepted. I followed in tow as she went up knowing she’d be peeling off all her clothes. She smiled knowing why I was right behind her. I watched intently as she stripped. She peeled off her stockings and threw them aside, next her bra and panties and I was wide eyed with lust. As she stepped into the shower, I made off with the stockings she had just peeled off. Why not the panties, STUPID ME! Anyway, I took them to my room and while smelling and sucking on their flavor I came. As I came, Linda walked in and saw me doing so to the smell and taste of her feet & toes. I was hoping she’d join me but she shut the door behind her. The disappointment in my heart could not be measured. Then suddenly, the door opens and I see her panties tossed in. They had a heavy shit stain at the rear which I came to over & over soooooo hard.

I didn’t need to be found naked for her anymore just after that last event. It was then, the house phone rang and it wasn’t Mom, it was Linda. “Annie…. Do you know where the Q- Motor Inn is two townships away?” “Yes”, I answered. “I want you to get on your bike and meet me there. Write this down: room B-11. Make sure no one sees you!” My heart was beating a mile a minute as I jumped on my bike. I was sweating when I got there sure I was finally going to get to fuck her despite the fact I was a little girl. The door was open and I stepped right through, most excitedly. I saw Linda on the bed in a sexy outfit. The blinds were closed and the heavy dark curtains fully drawn, but all the lights were on in the room, fully illuminating it. “Lock the door behind you Annie, double latch it!” After I did that, the next thing she said to me as she sipped on her cocktail, was, “I want you to take off all your clothes Annie, neatly fold them, and place them in the corner”. She waited for me to do that. “She continued, “Step forward onto the mat I’ve laid before me and drop down to your knees with your hand behind your back”. I did exactly as I was instructed. “So, you like feet.” She said more as a statement than a question. “And in particular smelly sweaty feet it seems by the way you were smelling & sucking on the toe portions of my stockings the other day when I caught you masturbating with them despite the severe condition I suffer from at my feet that make them sweat too much and stink very badly.” I nodded most ashamedly. Suddenly, she extended her shoe clad foot right before my face. “Take them off” she simply said. My hands were trembling as I removed her right shoe. The stench was quite strong. “Put your nose between my toes and smell” she instructed me. “You may touch your pussy while you do it” she continued. I inhaled deeply loving every minute of it. She kicked off her other shoe and put both up to my face. “Hold them up Annie. If you want them so bad you have to hold them up. Don’t expect me to do it!” “I’m sorry!” I said as I used my other hand to hold them up to my face. And with that, I began to lick the bottoms of her soles. No sooner than she felt me licking, she quickly pulled away her feet and used the soles of her heels to lightly slap me across the face with them and in a stern voice she said, “Did I tell you to lick them? What did I say to do?” “Smell them” I answered. “So then, do what I say. You may rub your pussy and cum while you do it, but do not lick or else I will send you away.” Linda scolded me. While I did so Linda spoke to me. “Your Mother told me that last year you went away for the Summer with the family of a little friend you have. She says they go away every year for the Summer and that she was hopeful they might invite you again so that we’d have some time to ourselves to enjoy one another without you around to deal with. Is this true? She asked. “Yes!” I answered “Can I lick your feet please Linda” I begged. “NO!” Linda answered sternly. “You may only smell them!” she offered. “Does your Mother know your little friend’s Mother well?” she asked. “Not really!” I answered. “She’s met her and talked with her on the phone a few times when I’ve slept over at my girlfriend’s Sammie’s house a few times, but she mostly speaks with her Dad, not her Mom so much”. “Perfect” Linda happily said. “I noticed your Mother likes to keep phone numbers the old fashioned way, written in a phone book that she calls people from, is that how she contact’s your friend Sammie’s parents?” she asked. “Yeah, why?” I asked in turn. “I have an idea, that’s why!” she answered. “I’ll need your help to pull it off, but if I do you and I will be able to spend a lot of time all alone together and you know the things you’ve seen me doing with your Mom, we’re going to do them with each other. I know that you want to and I want you to know that I want to even more than you do.” she continued as I smiled from ear to ear and bounced up and down on my knees with joy. She continued to tell me her plan, “You’re going to tell your Mom that your friend’s parents have invited you to spend the whole Summer in their Summer home up in Lake Winnipeg with them again. But first you ’re going to introduce me to your friend Sammie’s Mother. You see, you don’t know this about me, but I’m real good at imitating people’s voices. If your Mother has spoken with your friend Sammie’s Mom only just a few times like you say, I should be able to convince her that I’m her over the phone. I need to meet her to learn how she speaks. Then, we’re going to lose that phone book your Mother keeps with her number in it and when she asks you for Sammie’s parents number so she can talk to them to make the arrangements you’re going to give her the number to this new cell phone I just got instead.” I pulled it all off very well. First I threw away Mom’s phone book, then ran to her excitedly telling her how Sammie’s Mom had invited her to spend the Summer with them again. They would leave Memorial Day and return before Labor Day a full 3 months from now. I begged Mom to let me go, and asked if she could call Sammie’s Mom. Mom called the number to the new cell Linda gave me and she played the role of Sammie’s Mom. They made all the arrangements for me to leave in just a few days. She bought the act hands down!!! Our plan had worked and we would be spending the entire Summer with me at her house enjoying sex.

My Mom had packed a large rolling suitcase with clothes for the Summer days before in preparation. While Linda knew my Mom was out of the house she picked it up and told me to tell my Mom that Sammie’s Mom had stopped by to pick it up so they could pack the car in advance. On the day I was due to leave Linda called to give me specific instructions on what she wanted me to do. “Annie I want you to say goodbye to my Mom right after this call. I want you to insist on wearing nothing other than your little bikini for the trip up to Lake Winnipeg. I need you to have on something that you can take off quickly. Tell your Mom that you are going to ride over to Sammie’s house on your bike and slip on your flip flops and instead ride to Sunset Park to that particular part I showed you the other day called the Point that was very secluded and had a hidden back road that led to it. There’s a heavily wooded area just off the side of the road. I want you to leave your bike and wait till you see me pull up in my car. Now, there’s never anyone there, but if there should happen to be any people you are to wait till the coast is clear. As soon as it is, I want you to toss off your flip flops and take off your bikini so that you are completely naked head to toe. I want you to come and get in my car that way. I want you to know that I threw away all the clothes your Mother packed in that suitcase. You are coming to me completely naked and from the very moment I take you away for the next 3 months you spend with me you will be completely naked for me the entire time. Do you understand?” she asked. “Yes!!!” I answered. I have prepared the house so that no one can see in and put in a tall fence around the house that will offer us privacy to be naked outside together.

On the drive to her home she explained something to me…. “Annie” she said, “You know, it’s unusual for a little girl like you, just 8 years old to be so oversexed. Your Mother explained to me how you were sexually abused, by a woman no less, in Day Care when you were no more than a baby girl 4 of 5 years old. I suspect that’s why you are such a horny little girl that wants sex with older women like me. Do you even like boys at all?” she asked. “Not really, Yuck!” I responded. “That’s good I like that you only want pussy like me” she continued. “Annie do you know what you are?” she asked. I looked befuddled. “You are a SLUT and a WHORE!!!. Now Sluts & Whores are u sually so for cock, but you are a SLUT & a WHORE for Pussy. You need to understand this because it’s very important for your development .You have no doubt shown me that you want me to take you sexually, but you are just a little girl. “YOU ARE 8 YEARS OLD FOR CHRIST’s SAKE!!!!” “To be honest, that turns me on. I like girls as old as you, and I’d like to fuck you more so than your Mom. But if we’re going to fuck, I need you to be much more discreet about it, NO ONE CAN EVER KNOW! It needs to be our secret because I see how you want me, I don’t think that’s a problem but I think people will find out. I think your Mom will definitely find out,” NO! NO! NO, NO, NO!“ I responded. “It must our secret baby” “Now, while you’re with me I won’t be calling you by your name honey. I’ll be calling you what you are, A Slut & A Whore so get used to hearing me calling you that. And I will fuck you and let you do whatever you want to me, but you will do whatever I say without question no matter how dirty and nasty it is, okay!!!!” she said. “I like dirty and nasty!” I responded. “Good” she said, “Cause we’re gonna get seriously dirty with one another”.

As we entered her garage and were finally now in her house, I asked, “Are you gonna be naked too. I really want you to be naked. Can you take off your clothes now, PLEASEEEEE!!!!!!” “Of course, my little Slut, but if you want my clothes off, you’re going to have to take them off of me” she responded. I smiled from ear to ear. As I took off her clothes I buried my face in her big tits and sucked on her nipples. “Is this okay?” I asked. “You can do whatever you want with me Whore!” she answered. “Then, can I lick your feet?” I asked pleadingly. “I knew you’d want that, and so I have a surprise for you knowing that.” She stated. “You know how soft and pretty my feet are with their brightly painted tiny yet plump little toes. Well despite how pretty my feet are, I suffer from a rare condition at my feet. It’s called Podiatric Hyper-hydrosis. It’s a medical condition that causes my feet to perspire 100 more heavily than a normal woman’s feet might and smell very very raunchy & pungent at times. There’s a prescription lotion I use to control it, but knowing you like them more when they are all wet & sweaty and smelly I’ve stopped using it. Also, you see these big heavy boots I have on? Well, I don’t usually wear them because they make my feet sweat tremendously and stink really nasty. I’ve worn them with a pair of thin nylon ankle socks that I practically threw away after discovering how raunchy & nasty they make my feet smell. I’ve had them on this whole week and I have taken great care not to let even so much as a drop of cleansing water go anywhere near my stinky feet the whole time. Neither do I plan to wash these nasty smelly sweaty feet for the next 3 months just for you. Instead, you know how they’re gonna get washed?” She continued saying, “In your mouth by your tongue Slut” I clapped so happy by what I was hearing and with that I proceeded to lick her feet and came sooooo hard I had spasms so much so my body shook violently. While I was finishing up she said to me, “You know, don’t think all those times you got naked for me that I didn’t notice how big your asshole was. I see you like sticking things in your ass, big things too it would seem. And I want you to know that that got me sooooo hot all those times it really revved me up for sex with your Mother. I would be thinking about you when I came with your Mother. It got me hot because I’m a Butt-Slut too. I love it up the ass, and like you, I like big things up in there.” I think hearing her say that, in part, made me cum so hard. After that statement, I asked “Can I see?” She responded by bringing her knees to her chest and showing me the biggest wide open asshole I’ve ever seen even to this date. Without the slightest thought, I buried my tongue inside her open asshole. I was blessed with an unusually long tongue which let me reach deep inside her asshole to taste her. “You like?” she questioned. “I LOVE!!!” I answered back. She told me to slide my hand in her ass and then asked me to put the other hand in as well then ram it in and out very fast making sure to go in deep. This kept a thick layer of brown sludge keep building up around her asshole the more I fisted her. I loved to pause and remove my hands out of her ass to lick it up then bury my tongue in her open asshole as she pushed it out and more open for me. I told her that I liked the taste of it especially the juicy stuff I was pulling out of her asshole and lapping up. When she looked down at me, she laughed and told me, “You know what it is you like so much that you’re tasting right?” and continued, “Go look at your mouth real quick in the mirror behind you. Look at your tongue.” My mouth had a big brown ring around it and when I looked at my tongue it had a heavy brown coating to it. “That’s Shit you Stupid Whore! You like eating shit!” Linda told me. “NO! I eat mine all the time. That’s not that. It’s different.” I responded. “It’s shit I’m telling you. Look there’s a lot of my shit smeared along your arm from fisting my ass, eat it and you’ll see!” Linda ordered me. “NOOOOO!!!!!” I cried out. She looked hard at me. “Listen Slut remember what you promised. You promised to do whatever I told you to do without any complaints no matter how dirty or nasty it may be, remember! If you don’t do as I say I will find a way to send you back home and end this, understand”. I bowed my head in submission. “NOW DO IT!!! ALL OF IT IN YOUR MOUTH NOW!!!!”. I did as she wanted. It was really nasty. It didn’t taste like the stuff I liked licking from her asshole. This tasted much stronger and I told her so as I gagged on it and let it fall out of my mouth. “IT’S THE SAME THING. I’M TELLING YOU, IT IS!!!! Here, come here” she ordered. “Kneel down before my asshole” she continued. She stuck her finger up her asshole and started fishing around as she pushed hard at her bowels. She pulled out some shit on her index finger. “Open your mouth” she instructed me. She put a tiny piece in my mouth and asked me to chew it and swallow. Slowly she fed me all of it till I finished it. In little bits at a time, I liked it. She said to me, “It tastes a little stronger than what you like, but it’s the same thing. You like the taste of Shit my little Slut and that’s okay. I like that you do. I’m gonna teach you to like it more & more. We’re gonna start by tossing all the toilet paper out of the house. From now on, you’re gonna lick my asshole clean after I take a shit and you’re gonna like it! I actually liked the idea of that and told her so. The first few times I did it, there wasn’t much to lick up at all. So, I didn’t really gag all that much. I started to get used to the taste after a week and actually started to like it a lot. So, she started to make it a bit dirtier back there by squeezing her cheeks together a little more each time. By our third week together she took me to the next level by presenting me an ass to lick clean so dirty it was completely covered in shit from her having shitted between tightly fully clenched cheeks. Instead of reacting with distaste, I wanted it. I licked it completely clean and liked it. No sooner after that I was eating shit directly out of my 43 year old lover’s asshole with all the lust and pleasure any Slut like I was could muster.

I loved my time with Linda. She began separating herself from my Mom soon after I joined her until a few weeks later she broke it off completely with her. The reason was simple, she was more interested in fucking me than her and needed her time free to enjoy me fully. Recognizing I was much more enamored with servicing her asshole than anywhere else she made it a house rule that before any sexual act between us that didn’t involve licking her feet that I was to always start by thoroughly eating out her asshole deeply for an extended period. I would be licking her pussy as well and eating her creamy discharge regularly, but always finishing at her asshole as she farted into my mouth and pushed to gape it open to allow my tongue to go deeper. What I loved best is that she came up with ideas that were so perverse I loved that she used me in these ways. One such idea was to work in this big inflatable ball up her ass then use the pump to inflate it fully inside her asshole. It was so huge it was like her giving birth to push it out. It took a lot of effort straining mightily for more than 20 minutes to pop it out. She endured this all so as to offer me an opportunity to bury my entire face and more than half my head entirely in her open asshole and be able to stick my tongue in all the way to the furthest recesses of her bowels. She had me lay down and would crouch down right over me as she did it. When she finally managed to pop that fully inflated huge ball out of her asshole it left her asshole so wide open and gaping to such cavernous proportions, that I can see clearly all the way up inside deep into her intestines, in no less than a second she’d crouch all the way down now and firmly press, using all her strength, her wide open gaping asshole and bury my entire face well into it. As soon as she felt my tongue inside her she’d push at her bowels with all her might so as to prolapse the deepest parts of her bowels right against my tongue so I could eagerly savor them. The only problem, she had to ease up to allow me to catch a breath every minute or so. Later she came up with the idea to insert clear plastic breathing tube in my nose which allowed me to breathe and keep my face, mouth, and tongue in her asshole for extended periods.

I loved the fact that I was so young the only hole she could use was my asshole. She showed no mercy when taking me. She fisted me really hard and told me to like it. For my part, I always begged her to take me harder which made her cum real hard. My asshole was sore all the time but I loved that. I began to like her to hurt me in my ass, and she did not disappoint. One day, I hurt a lot from how hard she’d taken me in the morning when hours later she wanted back at it, I told her it hurt too much to do it. She grabbed me, threw me down and fisted me even harder calling me an asshole slut who loves it the entire time. I sobbed it hurt so bad but I came really hard as a result, and began to ask her to take me that hard again and again. I gave as good as I got to, but always with the intent of being able to lick up inside that beautiful open asshole afterwards. We enjoyed sex like this all Summer till finally it came to an end.

I returned home sad to have to leave her. Shortly after that I lost the love of my life in a car accident. I cried bitterly in silence and will always remember her as the love of my life. She wan't the last woman I would enjoy kinky sex with. I enjoyed a torrid hot love affair with my Spanish teacher, a beutiful Puerto Rican 32yr old lesbian who had a passion for hot & horny 12 yr old like me. But that's a story for another day. Till then...... Chow!

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