Ana and her Father, Parts 1-9
This is a work in progress, with 9 parts so far. It's the story of a young girl who is brought against her will to live with her father, who turns out to be a sadist of the highest (or is it lowest?) caliber. There's a lot of heavy stuff in this one, be forewarned. So far it includes incest, whippings, gang rape, bestiality, and lots of other nasty stuff, and of course I can't promise what future installments might or might not hold for poor Ana. Read at your own risk.

Bobby and Becky
A brother and sister uncover hidden feelings for each other when he stops her from running away with her boyfriend.

The Iowa State Police
A woman gets caught speeding on her way to work and ends up having a rather unexpected encounter with a state trooper.

Miss Hawkins
A young boy becomes obsessed with his teacher and soon discovers that lust can sometimes be a two-way street.

Sarah's Daddy
A young girl tries to impress her father, and ends up succeeding beyond her wildest imagination. This is one of my favorite stories, and is unusual in that it contains no elements of non-consensuality.

Such a Good Girl
This is a violently sadistic story about a man who holds a girl in thrall to him. It is not for the faint of heart.

Sisterly Love
Another favorite of mine, and only slightly non-consensual. A boy is injured in a very bad accident, and his sister elects to take care of him, in all the ways that count.

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