It was several months after the events related in Girl Scout Troop 6969 and winter break was upon us. Becky had decided to come home rather than go someplace warm like Florida. It was really nice having Becky home as I had been missing the girls. When she walked in, it was like she had never left for college. I took her out to dinner the first night to celebrate.

Of course, the next day Maria, Jamie, and Lindsey showed up to see Becky. It was uncomfortable to be around these three lovelies while Becky was there. The three minxes didnt make it easy, either. All three went out of their way to tease me when Becky wasnt watching. I finally fled to the TV room. I kept hearing uproarious laughter from the girls and couldnt help worrying that the girls would divulge our little secret to Becky. Then I heard a loud NO! from the front room and silence. I didnt hear a thing on the TV as I listened for more from the front room.

A while later Becky came into the den with a funny look on her face. Worried, but putting on a happy face, I asked her, Whats up?

I was just wondering whats for dinner, she said.

How about Dads pasta, I said. Dads pasta was a special pasta I make. Several years before Becky started to say I always made it when I was happy and started calling it, Dads pasta. It had become our own inside joke.

She smiled, That would be perfect. Becky poured herself onto the couch and started watching with me. I quickly got caught up in the program, a spaghetti western. A while later I looked over at Becky. She was appraising me intently. I couldnt tell what she was thinking, but I was uneasy with the intensity of her eyes on me. What had those girls told her? There was no way I could ask that question. It would only make her curious if they hadnt told her. I was sure that the girls wouldnt tell Becky. They just couldnt. Its amazing how a guilty conscience makes us think things that we know just cant be true, right?

Becky helped me get everything ready for dinner. She grabbed a bottle of Chianti as we sat down and poured both of us a generous glass. I had always let her drink at home. When I was in Europe I noticed that European kids didnt tend to do the stupid things because of alcohol that American kids do. I think there is no mystery around alcohol for them as they can drink early. They get that out of their systems before they careen a vehicle off the road at ninety miles-an-hour and kill four people.

It was fun having Becky home for dinner. We laughed and talked and pretty soon the wine was empty. Becky got up and opened another bottle. I was feeling the wine and thought that maybe I had best slow down or Id be asleep. I could tell that Becky was feeling it too.

We finished dinner. Becky sent me into the den and cleaned up. I had turned on the TV when she came in carrying the remains of the wine and our glasses. She poured some for both of us and sat on the couch. Dad, come sit with me.

Im comfortable, I said.

Dad, Ive really missed you. Come sit with me, she said patting the couch.

Ive missed you too.

Then get your lazy behind out of the chair and sit with me, she scolded me.

I couldnt deny her so I clambered out of my favorite chair and plopped down on the couch. Becky snuggled up to me and laid her head on my lap, looking at the TV. I love you, Dad, she said.

I love you too, kitten, I told her.

You havent called me that in years. We sat in an easy silence as the babble box blabbed away. I wasnt hearing a thing. I was noticing how it felt to have Becky touching me.

Becky broke our silence and said, Dad, I wasnt trying to snoop, but when I was checking my e-mail on the computer, I noticed a movie file in the recent documents list. When I clicked on it, well, I was kind of shocked to say the least. I didnt say anything, I guess, I felt funny about it.

The movie was a little thank you that Maria, Lindsey, and Jamie had made for me, thanking me for giving them a very special send off to college; that is, I had sex with my daughters three best friends and they sent me a little strip show as the thank you. I watched the clip every once in a while to remind me of the three girls and the times we shared. I had never considered that Becky would find it so easily.

She held my eye to see what I would say, but I stood mute before the court. She continued, I asked Lindsey, Maria, and Jamie about the movie and they told me something funny today. I tensed up waiting to hear and desperately hoping it was some funny story or joke. Well, she continued, not really funny. I didnt believe them at first but they convinced me. The movie kind of makes me think it must be true. Is it true Dad?

Is what true? I asked feigning ignorance but I knew what was coming.

Please dont lie to me, Dad. They told me all the details. They told me why they made that little stripper movie for you.

I felt awful and tried to stand up to flee the room. Becky grabbed at my shirt and looked up at me, If you love me like you say you wont run away. I settled back against the sofa overcome with guilt. Becky looked into my eyes. I am one of those people who cant lie worth a damn and so the answer was written across my face. Becky gave me a wry smile to seal my discomfiture. So, its true. Dont worry; Im not mad at you for taking all three of my girlfriends to bed.

The way she said that made it sound even worse, and it already was pretty bad. Kitten, Im sorry.

Becky looked up at me, Youre not sorry it happened. Youre just sorry I found out. She smiled at the expression on my face since she was absolutely right. Its okay. At first, I was so angry. Imagine, them having sex with my dad. I could have killed them. They saw I was mad and that made them needle me even more saying I was just jealous, until I had to laugh. By the way, was it as good as they said?

I know I turned a furious red. Becky patted my cheek, It must have been, she said. She laid her head back on my lap, this time resting her hand high on my thigh as well. Now you have to understand I never felt the least bit sexual toward my daughter. If pressed, Id have to admit that the feelings might have existed, but I ruthlessly suppressed them before they saw a glimmer of light. I just never thought that way about Becky. But thinking about the three girls and the wild sex we had, and having her hand resting so close to my groin, I felt the pressure as my traitorous cock started to grow.

Becky started talking again as her hand slowly stroked my leg, Like I said, I did get angry. But I realized that I was just envious, maybe jealous like they said, that they got to take you to bed. That didnt seem right. After all, I loved you more that they did. It was just a pleasant interlude for them. Ive loved you my whole life.

She turned her head and could see the distinctive bulge in my pants. Her hand moved and cupped it. Are you thinking about making love to Jamie? She told me it was her first time.

I couldnt admit the thoughts that were now coursing through my head, even to myself. I tried to make my mind a blank. No, I wasnt, I said.

She said you were a perfect lover for a girls first time.

Desperate to change the atmosphere I tried a joke. I guess your old man is just a stud muffin.

Becky didnt laugh. Instead she said, Ana too; it was her first time. Youve been busy introducing girls to sex. Beckys hand was stroking my cock.

I was awash with conflicted feelings of arousal, lust, embarrassment, and shame. In my own world of shame, blame, and regret, I wasnt at all prepared for what came next.

Becky rose up, her hand still holding my cock, and brought her face to mine. Our lips were nearly touching when she whispered, I need a man like you to be my first.

I could still ignore the implicit meaning and I chose to. Kitten, youll find a good man.

I already have. Her lips touched mine and we kissed. I tried to be passive but it was just too much, too much to resist. I kissed her back. Becky took my hand and put it on her soft breast. She wasnt wearing a bra and I could feel her nipple standing up under the thin fabric of her blouse. Involuntarily, I told myself, my fingers tweaked her nipple. She moaned and pressed her tit harder against my hand. Still kissing, she straddled my waist, and took my free hand pressing it under her skirt and between her legs. She wasnt wearing any panties. I felt the soft skin of her mound and the heat from her pussy.

Im hot and wet for you, Dad, she said. I felt the wetness of her on my fingers as they sank between her distended pussy lips and soon smelt the muskiness in the air. Yesss, Becky hissed. Please, if you can show Jamie and Ana how to be a woman, please, show me. I want you to be my first lover.

Here I was, one hand fondling my daughters tit and the other stroking her juicing pussy and I still hadnt admitted to myself what was happening. But I couldnt ignore it anymore. She was asking me to fuck her, to be her first lover. I gazed at my little kitten as I hadnt in many years. She was all grown up and her face reflected her lust, love and fear of rejection. I couldnt reject my baby. I sank my finger into her and tweaked her nipple. Becky moaned and brought her lips to mine. That needy feminine moan and her hot lips sealed the deal. I was lost.

Lets go to my room, I said with difficulty pulling my hands away from her hot soft flesh.

She groaned at the loss. Yes. I need you.

She led me to my room, clutching my hand as if afraid Id turn and run. There was no chance of that anymore. My cock was hard and straining against my pants and the blood had all run south. All rational thoughts were replaced by lust and desire.

Ive dreamed of this so often, she said. I cant believe its really happening. She pulled me into my room and pushed me onto my back on the bed. Smiling, Becky quickly pulled her shirt over her head and unzipped and stepped out of her skirt. I was rapt staring at her beauty, a body I hadnt seen nude in fifteen years since she was a little girl. Beckys soft blonde hair spilled down over her shoulders, her tits proudly standing on her chest. She had shaved her pussy and I could see the wetness along her labia. She saw me staring at her. Am I okay?

Image copyright Rod O'Steele © 2008. No use without written permission Isnt it funny how many gorgeous women are so unsure of their looks? Becky, you look good enough to eat.

She smiled, then mock frowned putting hands on hips. Why you lecherous man. I bet you say that to all the virgins you take into your bed.

Nope. Youre the first, I said.

I know Im not the first virgin so I must be the first one you said it to, she said. Arent you going to get undressed?

I guess, if you want, I said.

I want.

I sat up and started pulling off clothes; Beckys eyes were glued to me. It had been a long time since I was nervous disrobing in front of a woman, but I definitely felt nervous this time. When I pushed off my jeans, Beckys eyes locked onto my cock. I lay back on the bed, my cock standing up against my belly. Becky came up on the bed and straddled my hips, pressing her pussy against the hard shaft.

Oh, Dad. That feels so good, she said as she slid her pussy over my cock.

I could feel my cock getting moist from her pussy. Yes, it does, Kitten.

Beckys face took on a look of determination, then, I felt her push as my cock lanced completely into her. She looked down at me, a smile lit up her face. Do you know how long Ive wanted to do that?

I shook my head.

Since I was sixteen and Lindsey and Maria said how much they wanted to have sex with you. I was jealous. Ive been jealous every since. Now, youre mine, she said as she lifted up and pushed back again.

I lay back and watched as my cock disappeared then reappeared, each time she settled, my cock felt like it was in Heaven, a warm wet clasping Heaven. Becky leaned forward, dragging her clitoris along my cock on every stroke. Faster and faster she fucked herself on my cock. I felt her pussy ripple and knew she was close. My own cum was right on the brink when she went rigid, my cock buried completely, and trembled, crying out, Oh, God! Seeing her cum set me off as gouts of cum streaked up my cock and splashed into my little girls pussy. It was horrible, and exciting, in the forbiddeness of it, the breaking of the taboo making our coupling even more exhilarating.

Afterwards, we lay together, Becky curled up at my side. Thank you, she said.

The guilt surfaced. Becky, I started, then paused looking for the words.

Sensing my tone she looked up at me. Then she rose up until she was over me, looking down at me with a determined look. You better not start getting a guilt trip, she said. It took me this long to get you in bed and I had to lose out to all three of my friends first. I am NOT going to lose out anymore. Got it?

Becky struck exactly the right note. The sheer ridiculousness of her upbraiding me for feeling guilty knocked it from my head. All I could do was laugh, which I did until I was drained. She settled back next to me, watching and smiling as I laughed my way through the guilt. When I could talk, I said the only thing I could say, Yes, Maam.

She smiled, Good. Next time I want you to be on top, and she put her head on my chest, running her fingers through the hair on my chest.

Tea Time for Three

I woke in the morning, my arms around a delightfully feminine body. My hand was on her tit and I gently squeezed it. I opened my eyes and saw Becky gazing at me. Good morning, sleepyhead, she said.

Good morning, I answered. Im supposed to be feeling guilty.

I hope not, because I dont feel the least bit guilty. Im just happy, she said.

Really, kitten?

Really. Im so happy that it finally happened, she said leaning forward to kiss me.

Hmm, nice. I pulled her to me and held her. Kitten, last night you said something about a long time.

Yes. They told me about the stuff they told you; about the four of us and the stuff we did. They would tell about wanting to have sex with you and their dreams. When they would describe having sex with you, Id have the same dreams. They were getting off dreaming about you; I was too. I never admitted it to anyone. I thought youd hate me. I thought the girls would think it was totally gross. But when I heard youd had sex with all three of them I said to myself, 'Im not going to be the only one left out.'

I held her tight as I said, Im glad you did. That was beautiful, last night. Becky curled up into my side as I petted her. It was wonderfully intimate feeling her against me. We lay almost dozing for a while.

Becky stretched at one point and leaned on her elbow so she could look at me. Dad?

What, kitten?

How come you never got two of the girls together? I thought guys liked that.

Well, I guess I never thought of it, I said. The girls were in charge, except for Ana. And she was the only one around then. By the time Ana and I were well, you know, the others had all gone off to college. I didnt really have a chance to even suggest something like that. And they wouldnt have wanted to anyway. They just wanted a special goodbye.

Yeah, right, Becky said. She looked thoughtful, then hopped out of bed. Come on lazy bones. I want you to fix me waffles.

Oh, so now Im your slave, I said.

Becky wiggled her butt. Yes, you are. Come on, follow the bouncing butt.

I made a grab for her, as laughing, she ran from the room. I trailed her to the kitchen, wrapped her in my arms and kissed her, lovingly. I love you, kitten.

I love you. Now, make me waffles. I need my strength if Im going to keep up with you, she said with a gleam in her eye.

That gleam promised much. I made waffles and we talked just as we always had. The rest of the day was no different than a thousand other days. But there was an undercurrent that was different. Becky was now my lover and there was an intimacy that had never been there before; a touch, an arm brushing a leg that evoked images of the night before and dreams of the nights ahead. But otherwise, it was a normal day.

That night, as we prepared for bed, Becky came into my room and undressed as normally as if she had done this forever. I crawled into bed and she crawled in next to me. I lay back and she cuddled up to me. I felt her hand searching, then finding my cock. As soon as her fingers strummed my flaccid cock, it burst into life.

"Nice," she cooed.

I kissed her and rolled her onto her back. She had said I was to be on top the next time. Tonight was my night to make love to her. I left her gasping after several orgasms before I emptied myself into her pulsing pussy.

The next morning, Becky made me breakfast. It was quite surprising how quickly we settled into the new roles of lovers. It was apparent that Becky had thought about it for some time and was quite comfortable with this bizarre new relationship. I still had uncomfortable moments when I wondered, 'How can I be doing this?' It seemed so right, and yet, it was running up against a thoroughly ingrained prejudice. Then, Becky would smile just for me and the love would win over prejudice.

After breakfast, Becky and the girls headed off to the mall in the city. They would be gone most of the day. I went off to work floating on a cloud.

Most of the day at work I was floating along, thinking about how wonderful life was to me. I thought about the past months and how lucky I had been to have sex with all of these beautiful young women. Its been like a dream, a dream impossible to believe, but so very real.

Then Id think of Becky and a bit of guilt would creep into those dreams. Do I want to be bad or do I want to be good? Bad feels so good; but good wouldn't make me feel bad. Oh the conundrum! Oh the paradox! (I don't know what a 'dox' is but apparently they always come in a pair) But, at the same time, it was all so loving, and she obviously wanted it and liked it so much. What harm? I just couldnt feel badly about something so good. The day flew by.

When I came home, I walked into the kitchen. Lindsey was there. Hi, I said. Becky came into my arms and kissed me like you might expect a daughter to kiss her father. As soon as Becky was done, Lindsey launched herself into my arms and kissed me, passionately.

Hi, Mike, she said as we came up for air. I glanced at Becky.

Well, isnt that a fine sight, Becky grumped, her hands on her hips. My best friend kissing my dad like a lover.

Lindsey leaned in and kissed me again, pressing her breasts into my chest. As we broke the kiss, I had to take a deep breath. Lindsey turned to Becky and breathlessly said, Thats because we are lovers.

My eyes got wide, but Becky simply laughed, with Lindsey joining her and soon they dissolved into giggles. Poor Dad, Becky said. All of his girlfriends know each other. Theres no place to hide.

Mike, dont look so serious, Lindsey chided me. Weve talked about you for years.

But I didnt know about it, I protested.

You didnt think wed stop just because some of us have had sex with you, did you? Lindsey asked.

I did sort of hope, I said quietly.

They both laughed. By the way, Lindsey is staying over tonight. Now, go get ready for dinner, Becky told me as they laughed together. I beat a hasty retreat to change out of my work clothes.

Lindsey and Becky were putting steaming dishes on the table when I came back. Becky poured three glasses of wine as we sat down. We toasted and dug in to the chicken, potatoes and gravy, and green beans. Simple, but excellent.

I was taking a sip of wine when Becky asked Lindsey, Tell me more about when dad and you screwed.

I spit wine on the table, coughing from partially inhaling the wine. Lindsey jumped up and pounded my back as I got my breath back. Once I quit coughing, the girls sat back down. You okay, Dad? Becky asked.

Yeah, yeah. I was just caught by surprise, I said. I mean, I dont think you should well, talk about it. It? That even sounded lame to me. It.

Lindsey and Becky exchanged a glance. Mike, we have been talking about you for years. Now that we have finally done it, she emphasized the it to let me know how foolish it had sounded, you dont think were suddenly going to quit talking about it, do you?

I can hope, I said.

Becky smiled indulgently at me, then turned to Lindsey. Lindsey started describing our date. I slowly slumped down in my chair as the story became more and more graphic to occasional wows thrown in from Becky. By the time Lindsey was done, the girls had eaten most of their dinner. I was mostly pushing mine around the plate.

As Lindsey wrapped up, Becky said, God, that sounds like it was great.

Yeah, it was the best ever, she said as both girls looked at me.

Under scrutiny, I tried the best I could to sound confident and unfazed, Just me, the stud muffin. They laughed which finally lifted my mood.

Becky turned back to Lindsey, then looked down as she played with her fork, Have you ever thought about doing a threesome?

You mean two girls and one guy? Lindsey asked. Becky nodded. Lindseys eyes narrowed. She looked at Becky, then at me. A big smile appeared and she nearly jumped out of her seat. I knew it. I knew it. I knew it. You did it, didnt you? Becky looked puzzled. Lindsey was hopping in her seat. You had sex with your dad? I nearly fainted. Becky looked surprised, then nodded. Lindsey said, God, then looked back and forth between us with a smile on her face.

Becky asked her, You knew?

Well, come on. I mean, all those times the four of us would be talking about your dad and then wed touch ourselves. I mean, you never said any guys name. We were all saying Mr. Martin, do me and you were biting your tongue. I knew who you were thinking about, just like the rest of us. Its not like its a big surprise, Lindsey said. And then, the other day when we told you we had seduced him. You were so mad, it could only be jealousy. When we accused you of jealousy, and hit the mark right on, then you got all contrite. I knew then that you wanted to she glanced at me, then back to Becky, do it with your dad. It was just so obvious.

Do the other girls know? I asked.

Maria might have suspicions. Jamie is just too nave, Lindsey said. She looked back to Becky. So, a threesome. I have a feeling this isnt a general question. Maybe its a specific question?

Becky nodded.

That is just so wicked, Lindsey says enthusiastically. I never thought Id do something so wicked. Lindsey paused and smiled my way. I blushed. So I get to see you do your own dad?

And you get to do him too, Becky said. I want to give my dad the best treat hes ever had. How many women get to do that?

Lindsey finished off her wine to fortify herself and said, What the heck. Another first. Becky jumped up and came around to Lindsey. They hugged and bounced around. Then they grabbed me and pulled me to the bedroom. I was in a state near shock. I was running on auto-pilot.

The girls had seen each other nude lots of times so they had no compunctions about stripping in front of each other while chatting about what they expected. I stood watching these two beautiful young women get naked. As they stripped, breasts, legs, butts all displayed for my delectation, I felt my cock growing hard. As they doffed the last of their clothes, two wispy panties hitting the floor, they turned to me.

Dad, youre still dressed. I nodded. Becky and Lindsey exchanged a glance and came at me like the predators they were. They quickly stripped off my clothes. As my cock sprang free, they giggled. Lindsey took it in hand and slowly stroked it. Becky knelt in front of me and looked up at Lindsey. Lindsey had a look of disbelief on her face, as if she had not really thought this would happen. Lindsey lowered my cock until it was pointing straight at Beckys upturned face. She opened her lips and licked them. Lindsey offered my swollen cock to my daughter. Becky bent forward wrapping her soft lips around the soft fleshy helmet of my cock.

Wicked, Lindsey said softly. Becky smiled up at her and started bobbing her head on my cock. Lindsey slid to her knees, joining Becky in worshipping my cock. Becky offered my spit slickened cock to Lindsey, who took it and ran her tongue around the end before sucking it in. Becky was licking my balls as Lindsey sucked me. I was getting weak in the knees, having two beautiful teens sucking and playing with my cock.

Lets get in bed, I husked.

They pulled me by my erection over to the bed, laying me in the middle as they lay down on each side. Whos first? Lindsey asked.

We could flip, Becky said.

Lindsey got a whimsical look in her eye. She was holding my cock at the base and lightly stroking it. Okay, she said. She quickly sat up, and in a single fluid motion straddled my hips, centered my cock in her pussy, and slid down until her hips were pressing into mine.

Becky gaped like a fish out of water. Then she started giggling, You bitch. She half-hearted pushed Lindsey like she was trying to play king of the hill.

Oh, do that again, Lindsey crooned as her hips began circling rubbing her clitoris over me. Damn, but she felt wonderful.

So what about flipping? Becky challenged her.

I flipped my butt up here first, so I get firsts, Lindsey said smiling self-satisfied.

Becky turned to me as Lindsey clenched her muscles massaging my cock with her hot wet vaginal walls, Is that okay, Dad?

Oh my God, I moaned from the exquisite sensations enveloping my cock.

Becky lay down beside me, her hand playing with my nipples, I guess that must mean okay. You win, Lindsey. Lindsey responded by increasing the length and speed of her gyrations, rising until my cock was nearly out before plunging back down. Becky was watching, eyes wide, as her friend fucked her father. She pinched my nipple, making me look at her, even as Lindsey was furiously using my cock as her sex toy. This is my present, two girls to love you, as she leaned in and kissed me, thrusting her tongue into my mouth.

Lindsey was reaching her climax as her motions became disjointed. Becky broke our kiss and saw how close Lindsey was. She bent forward, sucking one of Lindseys nipples as she toyed with the other. Lindseys head fell back and her body shuddered, her fingers digging into my chest, as a great keening wail burst from her throat. Becky leaned back, lust in her eye, as Lindsey trembled and finally collapsed forward onto my chest. Her pussy was still spasming around my cock.

My turn, Becky said throatily.

Lindsey turned her head to look at Becky and smiled. Super wicked, she said. She slowly uncoupled us, my wet shiny cock bouncing with my heartbeat. Lindsey fell to the other side as Becky straddled my hips. Once again, I felt my cock sliding into a beautiful and sexy young woman. Lindsey was watching raptly, I almost dont believe it.

Becky had bottomed out, her loins glued to mine, I dont either. God, this feels so good.

Lindsey giggled, Yeah, your old man is a great piece, isnt he? Better than the college boys I tried.

Becky was rotating her hips getting used to the stretched feeling in her pussy, I dont know. I havent tried any college boys. Oh God, she moaned as I thrust up. She began the old up and down, and I was meeting her half way, slapping sounds mixed with the wet squishing of the girls cum that covered my loins. Becky was moaning as we fucked. Her tits were bouncing right in my face. I took them in hand, flicking her nipples before devouring one. Biting gently before licking and sucking, Becky went crazy from the additional stimulation. As I was sucking on one tit, Lindsey leaned in and took the other between her lips. That sent Becky over the edge. She stopped, shuddered, then cried out as her climax took her, Unghhhhhhhhhhhh, in some pre-human language of lust, getting louder before dying away as she fell forward onto my chest.

Lindsey and I traded a smile. Wicked, I said quietly. Lindsey laughed.

I rolled Becky to the side after she caught her breath. Poor Dad. He still hasnt cum.

I saw Lindsey and Becky looking at me, their sweet faces so close and I pictured them in one of my favorite poses from dirty movies. I got up on my knees and took my cock in hand, slowly stroking it. The girls looked bemused. Lick it. I said. They exchanged a glance, then they both moved up and started licking the tip as I jacked it harder and faster. I felt my cum boiling up. Put you tongues together, my voice strained as I got ready to blow. The girls looked surprised, but then touched tongues. I put my cock right over them and let it go. My cum blasted onto their tongues, lips and cheeks covering them with the gooey stuff. The last of it dribbled out and plopped onto Lindseys tongue.

The girls sucked the cum off their tongue before running it around their mouths, sucking down the cum. It was so sexy watching them gobble up my cum. At one point, Becky leaned forward and using her tongue, licked off some cum that was about to dribble off Lindseys chin. Lindsey looked surprised, then devilish. She returned the favor, licking all over Beckys face and across her lips. It almost brought my cock back to life. The girls laughed, breaking the erotic atmosphere as we all collapsed onto the bed.

As we were falling asleep, me in the middle of a girl sandwich, the air heavy with the smell of sex, Becky said, Im never leaving your bed again. I want you to be my lover forever.

Lindsey sighed, That is so romantic, she said sardonically.

Becky slapped Lindseys shoulder. Im serious. But, I wont mind sharing you every once in a while.

I was laughing to myself, but also a little chastened. First love is so delicate. But I knew sooner rather than later, Becky was going to feel the drive for children. That I couldnt give her having had my tubes tied, or whacked clean thru and tossed in the trash to be more accurate. I knew some day soon there would be a boy who would be the one. I resolved to love her no matter what and to enjoy each precious minute with her. It would end one day, perhaps soon. Maybe tomorrow morning we can share, I said with a wink.

You bet your ass, Lindsey said as we all laughed.

Wicked, Becky said as we all laughed.

I woke up several hours later to hear whispering voices. I had wound up on one side of the bed. The girls were in the middle.

Have you ever done it?

Once, on a camping trip. I was sharing a tent. We started playing around a little. I think she had done it before 'cuz she knew what to do.

How old were you?

Eleven. All we did was French kiss and touch each other, but I had my first orgasm that night.

Just that once?

Yeah, she had a girl she always shared tents with. I wished she would invite me over but she never did. You?

I was older, thirteen. A counselor who was sixteen was camping with us. She took me out into the woods one day. I had no idea why. She had this place all scoped out. She showed me how to kiss and stuff. Then we took off our clothes and she licked me to a climax. God, it was better than when I did it to myself. It was a little weird, you know, doing it with a girl, but wow. She had me lick her which wasnt a big deal. Man, did she make me feel good. I get tingly remembering.


Bitch, followed by giggles.

Would you like to?

I guess

I opened my eyes to see Lindsey on her side, her back to me, her head bent forward between Beckys thighs, her legs spread wide and Beckys blonde head between her thighs. Even in the dim light I could see Beckys tongue working its way back and forth between Lindseys pussy lips, then over her clitoris arousing a moan in Lindseys throat. The room filled with the sounds of two girls eating pussy and rising towards climax. My cock had risen and I was slowly stroking it as I watched. They were trying to be quiet and had no idea how loud they were as they both hit it at the same time.

I let them recover for a moment and said, That was hot.

They started scrambling around on the bed and I had to laugh. Quit it, I said through guffaws. You guys look like a cat trying to cover up on a tile floor. I was awake the whole time.

Oh, God, Becky moaned.

No, I said it was hot, taking her hand and putting it on my straining cock.

Oh, said Becky.

What? asked Lindsey?

Hes got an erection, Becky answered.

Lindseys hand found my cock. He must have thought it was hot.

I did. Kiss me, I said. Becky kissed me. As we broke the kiss I told her, I like tasting pussy juice on your lips. It really is hot. Lindsey leaned in and we kissed and I could taste the musk of Becky on her lips. It was sexy, kissing a woman and tasting her at the same time. My cock needed to be in a woman. Then, a wicked (to quote Lindsey) idea came to me.

Becky, lay back. She did, a puzzled look on her face. Lindsey, get between her legs. No, the other way. Lindsey laid between Beckys legs her face just inches from her pussy. I got behind Lindsey and lifted her hips. Ive always had a fantasy of doing this. I lined up and lanced my cock up into Lindseys pussy, wet with her recent climax.

Oh, yes, Lindsey moaned.

Lindsey, lick Becky, I said. Becky slid down the few inches until Lindsey could run her tongue up into her pussy. I started fucking into Lindsey which caused her head and tongue to fuck into Becky with the same motion. Im fucking both of you at the same time.

Becky looked up at me and realized what was happening, Yes, she moaned as her head fell back and she was consumed by the feeling of Lindseys tongue mimicking my cock. I looked down to see my cock sliding into Lindseys upturned pussy. My little Girl Scout pussy. I watched Lindsey making love to Becky as I made love to both of them. I imagined them in their Girl Scout uniforms. Then I thought of all of the girl scouts I had made love too. Damn, but I am one lucky fucker, as I emptied my balls into Lindseys clasping pussy.

I fell back onto the bed and watched my two lovely girl scouts reach their climaxes. Lindseys hand was furiously rubbing her pussy as her tongue drove Becky over the top to her climax.

We lay together enjoying that wonderful post-orgasmic euphoria. Becky was softly stroking my chest. Did you enjoy the little surprise?

Oh yes, I said. I kissed her then Lindsey. Thank you both. I guess, like most men I have fantasized about it but I never really expected to be with two women.

Lindsey smiled, Well, I can tell you, it was my pleasure.

Becky had a smile on her face as she watched us. She had given pleasure to the people closest to her in the world. And there is nothing better, especially when you are getting laid at the same time.

I fell into a deep and dreamless sleep, not even thoughts of my little band of Girl Scouts could intrude into my satiated mind. I have no idea what the future will bring but for now, I am one lucky guy.

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