Title: Caught
Author: Unknown




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• •  • •

As she slowly regained her senses, Barbara became aware of her surroundings. She tried to move, but found that she was secured to the rafters and the floor by stout nylon restraints. Even with the years of weight training, she could not gain even an inch of slack from her bonds. Her arms were secured together above her head and her legs were pulled apart, she looked like an upside down "Y". Somewhere along the line, she had lost her shoes and stockings The floor was cold under her bare feet.

Her mind raced back to the last point in time that she could remember. She had known when she first starting working as a agent for the "Company" that she might have her cover "blown" at some point in time. And now she had been found out and captured by the oldest trick in the book. She should have been on guard in the bar and been alert to the fact that the defecting agent that she was meeting might be trying to put one over on the "Company". But a spiked drink? The thought had never crossed her mind. She also regretted the fact that she had not informed her superiors, and hence, she had no backups.

From what she could see, there were three floodlamps that bathed her in a white light, and beyond the glare she could make out what appeared to be a sturdy looking, oversized table and chair, as well as two large cabinets. She shook her head to clear the cobwebs and the drug induced headache that she was suffering from was reduced. He dark brown hair swirled around her head as she did so, and then cascade around her shoulders.

A door behind her opened but she could not see who was entering. Footsteps approached and a voice called out, "I see that you are finally awake. I am pleased to see that the knock out drops have worn off. Now, we can begin..."

The man came into view. He was wearing a red jumpsuit that fit well, allowing her to see that his 6'4" frame was well toned. A red hood was pulled over his head, allowing her to see only his eyes, no doubt so that she would never be able to identify him, if she were released.

"We can do this easily, or the hard way, whichever you prefer," he stated as he eyed her 5'7" frame. She had a beautiful body, he could see. No wonder she was such a successful agent, he thought as walked up to her. "So what will it be?"

Barbara was silent as he circled her, surveying her figure. She knew that she had received training for the possibility of torture, but would it be enough?

"I guess that your lack of response means that I will have to find out the hard way." He walked over to one of the cabinets, and opened the door. She heard a drawer slide open and shortly he reappeared in front of her with a pair of scissors.

Without a word he began to snip the buttons off the front of her blouse. She heard them bounce off the floor as he pulled the lower part of the blouse from her slacks so as to be able to reach the lower two buttons.

With all the buttons now removed, her pulled the fabric apart to reveal her ample breasts restrained by the white lace bra. The contrast between the bra and her nicely tanned skin had always pleased her, as well as those that had been lucky enough to see it.

The scissor returned to work on the short sleeves of the blouse, and across the shoulders to the collar, allowing him to remove the blouse when he was done. He cast the garment onto the floor and examined his charge.

The man knelt at her feet and quickly cut the both legs of her slacks up the waist. The scissors, she reasoned, must be very sharp to cut through the material with such ease. As he made the last snip, her slacks fell to the floor. He tossed them over with her blouse and stepped back to once again gaze on her form, now that she was revealing matching white lace panties.

"I hope that you reconsider quickly," he stated, looking at her near nakedness, "as it would be a shame to damage such a fine form."

He approached her, and gently caressed the side of her torso with the scissors. He brought it up to her shoulder and snipped the strap of her bra with ease. Circling behind, and slowly moving the shears across her back, he carefully clipped the other bra strap. More goosebumps formed now that the chill in the room was allowed unrestricted access to her flesh.

With one last snip between her breasts, the bra released it's captives and fell to the floor. She knew that her nipples were erect from the temperature and no matter how hard she willed them, they would not reduce their size.

"Of course, you realize," he said as he made a circle with the tip of the scissors around her protruding right nipple, "that the longer that you refuse to tell us what we want to know, the less likelihood that you will walk out of here alive." He repeated his actions around the left nipple. "It will be most unpleasant, and very slow. I had one girl that lasted six months. Granted she was almost a vegetable by the time she died, but she did eventually give us something that we could use."

He stepped behind her; she didn't need to look to know that he was almost reverently clipping the sides of her panties. First the left side and then the right side. They fell to the floor where he used his foot to pull them away from the area. Now she was totally naked, in hands of the enemy. A thin film of sweat began to envelope her body as he stepped back in front of her. She was scared.

"The boss said that at least for the first few hours, I was to restrain myself in marking you. I think that he wants to have a little fun with you later on," he stated as he left her and went to one of the cabinets. "So, for better or worse, you shall at least initially be spared from the whips. But then again, the whips are mostly ineffective." He opened the cabinet and rummaged inside for a few moments. "However, I was told to apply some less conspicuous restraining devices, makes you easier to control..." He approached her and her eyes beheld four wicked looking clips on a tray. Two had flat jaws, the other two had serrated teeth, but one thing all four had in common, they appeared to have rather strong springs.

"Feel free to scream," he said as he reached behind her head and grab a bundle of bungee cords which slid forward on a pulley above her. "This area is rather soundproof, and even if it wasn't, there is no one around that will pay much attention to you. In fact, if someone does enter and doesn't hear a scream or two, they don't think I am doing my job."

He attached the clips to the cords and now they were hanging just below her neckline. She had no doubt as to the purpose, and her body stiffened at the thought.

Selecting one of the clips with the flat jaw, he pulled the cord down, stretching the elastic until the clip was just below her right nipple. He squeezed the clip to open the jaws and placed it in a position in which when he released it, the jaws would clamp tightly on the nipple.

"Are you sure you don't just want to tell me what we want to know?" he asked. Barbara said nothing. "Have it your way."

He released the clip slowly, and allowed the pain to build. Barbara tried to recoil from the spreading fire of the confinement of her right nipple, but to no avail. When he had completely allowed the spring to relax, she released a piercing scream. She threw her head back as tears sprang from her eyes. It was mashing the nipple almost flat. Then he released his hold on the bungee cord.

The elastic pulled her nipple toward the ceiling, stretching and pulling with great force. Barbara shook her had from side to side and tried to shake the clamp off, but was successful only in making her nipple ache all the more. He stepped back to watch her throes of agony as the metal compressed the flesh between it's jaws, the nipple trying to escape the sides of the vise-like grip.

Within a few minutes, her screams had died down and her right nipple was beginning to feel very little pain, her mind blocking it out. That was when their torment began anew with her left nipple.

She let out another ear shattering scream as he allowed the clamp to lift her breast up and as it did, just for the hell of it, he squeezed the clamp on the right nipple to heighten the effect.

As he retreated this time, he quickly jerked on both cords. The nipples stretched to twice their normal length and her tits formed a cone shape as the clamps strained to pull her breasts from her chest.

Barbara screamed and cried, tears now forming rivers down her cheeks. It was excutiating. Lovers in the past had squeezed her tits and bit at her nipples during lovemaking, but it was never anything like this. Her wrists ached as well, having tried to free herself from the overhead bonds.

And then terror flooded her mind once again. She opened her eyes and saw the second set of clamps, the ones with the "teeth" hanging before her.

As the pain dulled, she looked forward to see the man casually coming toward her. From the look in his eyes, she could feel him smiling in a diabolical manner. One hand went to each clip and twisted 90 degrees. Like an electric shock the pain returned. Barbara tried to arch her back to relieve the pressure but only succeeded in losing her balance. Had it not been for the increased tension on her tits, she would have realized that had her hands not been bound above her, she might have pulled at the very least, a layer of skin off her nipples.

As she regained her footing, the man removed the clips. One thing that she had not known was the fact that the clips had cut off the blood supply to her sensitive nipples. Now that the restriction was removed, the blood coursed back into the abused tissue and reintroduced her to the pain.

The man stepped back and examined his prisoner. Her hair was somewhat matted by the sweat and tears that came profusely now. Her nipples were red and swollen, but otherwise undamaged. She glistened with perspiration as she slowly moaned away the ebbing pain.

Barbara tried to close her eyes, but found her brain's morbid curiosity had other plans as the man grasp the other two clips and pulled them down toward her nipples. Should she fight it, she questioned herself and found her body already taking what evasive actions it could to avoid the new punishment.

"Still some fighting spirit," sneered the man behind the mask as he released one of the clips and put his arm around her waist to steady her. "You are going to be interesting to break." And with that he allowed the serrated clip to clamp on her left nipple.

A new, more intense pain radiated from her breast. She could not imagine anything feeling worse as her voice flew open an emitted a new wail. The clamp bit into her flesh and involuntarily she recoiled again. This caused the clamp to tighten it's grip. The survival instinct in her trained mind told her to steady her body rather than risk mutilation. Just as she thought that she might be able to control herself, the other clip was applied.

Barbara now sobbed openly as a minute drop of blood formed where the clip bit savagely into her flesh. Had she not been entrusted with the secrets that she knew, and had she known that her revelations would do no harm, she would have gladly begun "spilling her guts" at that point, but her information was of vital importance.

Her cries for help and mercy would go unanswered, but she knew that this was only the beginning.

Barbara didn't know whether she had been drugged or had passed out when her eyes opened. Immediately she was greeted with the sharp pain that coursed through her tits. She remembered how they had been abused by the interrogator. She tried to raise her head but found it secured to the table on which she laid. Her arms and legs were also tightly restrained in a spread eagle manner.  

As she listened to see if someone else was in the room, she allowed herself to look around to the extent that was possible.

Above her she could see a set of lights, as well as some cords hanging down. She could not quite make out what kind of cords they were, or what their purpose was, but she did know that more than likely she would find out.

The table on which she was restrained was unique in her experience. It could only have been built with one purpose in mind, that being the torture of people. He arms were strapped at a 45 degree angle from her sides with bands across the wrists and just above the elbows. Her legs were similarly restricted at her ankles and above the knees on separate extensions of the table which no doubt was to allow easy access to her pussy.

Barbara could not see that in another room a short distance away, two people were looking at her through the smoked glass. One was the interrogator and the other was the head of the installation. The torturer was still clad in his "uniform" but the head of the facility wore a pin striped suit.

"There has been no progress yet," said that pain giver. "But it is early and I haven't even begun with the interesting "toys" yet."

"I understand," replied the suited man. "You forget that

I did this for a while, too. Anyway, Leslie will be arriving later in the day. I am sure that she will enjoy this latest arrival!"

As they watched Barbara slowly come to, they marvelled at her. Her body looked so inviting on the table. There wasn't a blemish or birthmark anywhere on her. She had a nice overall deep tan which was interrupted only where her revealing bikini would be. A small mound of brown hair was present above her pussy. Obviously this girl liked to shave it somewhat.

The man in the suit felt his dick stir as he allowed himself to imagine how nice it would be to fuck her hard. He would fuck her cunt, her mouth, and her ass. He would watch those beautiful green eyes plead for mercy as he slammed into her. He could slap her high cheekbones with his cock and rub it around her full and inviting lips... Well, maybe in another time. She was here for a purpose at the moment.

"Well, I have things to get back to," he said as he turned. "Oh, one last thing, we are in the process of following up on her. Maybe we can find something or someone that will make this easier." He looked back for a moment and then smiled. "But of course, I know how much you like your work."

"I will keep you informed."

The man with the suit left and the interrogator went to the door that opened into the torture chamber.

"You are awake! I am glad. Sometimes the mind causes itself to shut down when faced with a rather unpleasant situation. But now, we can begin with something else." He was next to the table and looked into her eyes. His right had reached down and pulled her left nipple.

"NOOOOOOOOOO!" she shouted as the pain intensified again. He noted, oddly, that she had beautiful white teeth, as she opened her mouth to scream. "It's funny," he thought, "what you notice and when you notice it."

He released the tit and watched as the pain subsided somewhat. The nipples were red and raw from the abuse that they had been put through. Spots of blood also were flecked here and there. He knew that if she didn't start giving them information soon, that her 36C tits would never excite anyone again.

"Is there anything that you wish to tell me before we start again?" he inquired, not really know whether he wanted her to answer affirmatively or negatively.

There was no response, Barbara just looked away and closed her eyes. She bit her lower lip and felt like crying as he walked to the end of the table. A sense of doom flooded her as she felt him center himself between her legs. She heard a drawer beneath her feet open as he sat himself down on a stool to get a better position at her pussy.

Maybe she should tell them what they wanted to know. Maybe they would spare her. A tear trickled from the corner of her eye as she felt the man take hold of the pussy lips and spread them. He seemed to be examining them as she thought about giving in.

"OWWWWWWWWWWW!" she screamed. Pain racked her body and she tried in vain to escape the stabbing sensation in her cunt. Her eyes flooded with tears as she tried to move away from the cause of her torment but it was to no avail.

"My, my," said the man between her legs. "You've had your ears pierced." He took her other pussy lip and placed the tool on it. The tool that he was using was a modified paper punch, just like one would use at home or the office. He squeezed on the tool and with a combination of cutting and crushing, her other pussy lib was punched, once again accompanied by a banshee-like wail.

"Only two more to go." She now knew that he had been punching at the base of her pussy. She was aware of a small amount of liquid trickling down into the crack of her ass. It had to be blood, she told herself. I can't be getting wet!?

The "paper punch" was slid up her pussy and once again on each side, the pain returned. Barbara's body was pouring sweat from every pore by the time that he was finished.

The drawer slid open once again as he put the punch away and pulled out a set of rings. The rings were like the binder rings from a notebook, although somewhat thicker. He carefully inserted one through each hole, and then he closed the one inch ring, locking it shut.

She felt something a cord being pulled over her right leg and gritted her teeth for what she was sure would come next.

Her breathing, which had returned to short, painful gasps, now was a long intake as she heard a snap of a clip being attached to the first ring, and then felt the quick increase in pressure. She tried to shake her head, as if that would chase the pain away, but the strap across her forehead held secure.

"Oh, God, NOOOOOO!" she yelled as a second ring was stretched out under the pressure of the elastic bungee cord.

In between her legs, the interrogator smiled as he watched her pussy lips pulled out to obscene lengths. He knew that until they had "perfected" the process, that women being tortured had routinely ripped their lips as the strain increased. He fastened the other two rings and stepped back to admire his handiwork.

Barbara's pussy, an organ which had given her great pleasure as well as giving others great pleasure, was now stretched in four different directions, allowing the inner reaches to now be visible, her clit being in prominence just below the carefully trimmed brown thatch of hair.

The pink entrance glistened with a slight film of moisture. The torturer looked on with a sense of perverse humor. Through his experience, he knew that some of the women that he was asked to "persuade" got a form of sexual pleasure from the pain. They usually lasted longer. This one may be fun!

He walked around the table and looked at Barbara's face. Her eyes were getting red and puffy from the tears that she had spilled as well as those that she had held back. Her hair was slightly matted from the perspiration that shone on her body. He made a mental note that she should be cleaned up in the near future.

"Still have nothing to say?" he inquired, already know the answer. "Well, I'm sure that you will enjoy what comes next." A drawer beneath her head was slid open and then closed. She looked down her nose as best she could as he walked back to his former position between her legs. He remained standing this time however, and in moments she heard the next instrument of torture slice through the air.

The whip impacted the area just to her left of her pubic hair. It immediately raised a red welt and caused a painful wail to well up deep inside Barbara. She knew that it hadn't hit on her sensitive pussy, and this scared her even more.

Another blow quickly followed on the right side of the patch of hair. Barbara tried to arch her back, slide her hips, anything to avoid the whip or minimize the impact, but it was to no avail.

Another crack, this time just below her naval. The man was swinging the whip with great force, and was purposely avoiding her gaping cunt.

Two quick blows landed, one on each thigh, just below the point where the stretch pussy lips were. Barbara was going into overload once again. In her mind she was racing around her belly and pelvic area, trying to tell each area that it didn't hurt, but she knew that it was a losing battle.

Only five blows so far and each one had felt like someone had touched her with a red hot iron. She sucked air through her teeth as another two blows landed around her reddening mound. Maybe it was time to stop this, she thought. I can't handle this, I'm in way too deep, she reasoned.

The blow was precisely aimed at the right pussy lip. When it hit the sensitive, slightly moist flesh, it opened a minute line which began to seep blood. Barbara could almost feel it happening in slow motion as she screamed. Another blow hit her on the left lip, with almost the same results. Barbara jerked with all her might, and then as she tried to scream some more, became aware of the blackness that raced to take her away from her pain...

In her state of unconsciousness, Barbara dreamed that she was on a peaceful, tropical island with a warm breeze blowing across her. The sun was high in the sky, it's rays filtered through a the palm fronds that swayed overhead. She took a sip of her punch that was contained in a hollowed-out pineapple. It was all so cliche, so touristy, so...

The ammonia capsule that had been broken under her nose had the desired effect. Barbara's eyes fluttered open quickly, and her eyes rapidly tried to adjust to the light, which was very bright. From the way that she felt, she deduced that her captors must have given cleaned her up while she was out, as her hair was still damp, and the rest of her body, still completely nude, felt as if it had been cleaned.

As she became more aware of her surroundings, Barbara

felt the bonds that restrained her. She was firmly attached to a heavy metal chair. The chair had provisions for her feet to be attached to the back legs, and her arms restrained to the back of the chair, making her breasts stand out. There was a slight mound in the back of the chair which augmented her figure by making her arch her back slightly.

The strangest thing about the chair was the fact that it had a hole in the seat. At first that was all that she noticed but as she became more aware, she realized that the rings that had been placed in her tortured pussy lips after the 'piercing' were still in place.

Barbara turned her head and saw the sadistic smile from under the hood of the man that had given her so much pain thus far.

"They have trained you well at the agency," he said as he stepped around her and began to fondle her left nipple. As it began to become arouse, something which she tried to will from happening, it became more and more erect. "It is not often that one comes along like you who can seemingly pass out at will." His other hand came forward and attached two alligator clips to the left nipple. While they were not as tight as the ones that she had worn earlier, the sensitive nature of the skin from the abuse cause her to flinch. It was then that she also noticed that both clips had electrical wires leading from them.

He walked around to her other side and started to play with her right nipple. "I am looking forward to seeing if Allison is as well trained as you are!"

As the jaws of the second set of wire connected alligator clips closed onto the flesh of her right nipple, her mind went into overdrive. "Surely they couldn't have Allison," she thought to herself. Allison had started to work at about the same time that Barbara had, and was about the same age. Barbara closed her eyes, thinking about the other girl. They had been almost like sisters. It just couldn't be happening.

The man could see the questioning look in Barbara's eyes. "Yes, we have Allison. As we speak she is being brought here from where we intercepted her. In a few hours, I am sure that you will be able to see that I am telling the truth. Until then, well, let's just say that I have something very interesting planned for you."

He went over to the drawer and pulled out a long, metallic dildo which also had an electrical cord running from it. As he approached Barbara he took a packet of surgical lubricant, which after he ripped it open, he smeared onto the dildo.

He crouched next to the chair and maneuvered the dildo until it was positioned for easy entry into Barbara's gaping pussy.

With ease the dildo began the journey into the captive's twat. In the chair, Barbara's cunt yielded without resistance to the first eight inches. When the dildo slowed, three inches still remained.

The man then pulled on the rings which were threaded through Barbara's labia lips and attached four clips which were around the perimeter of the dildo. Now, the desire of Barbara's pussy lips to return to their original extension was pulling the dildo deeper into her orifice.

"This technique is one of my favorites," said the captor as he connected the wires from the clips on her nipples and the leads from the dildo to a central box on the floor. He now took a harness made of leather and fitted it on Barbara's face so that one portion was under her nose, across her upper lip, and the other was resting on her forehead. Quickly he buckled the harness behind her head.

The harness, in addition to having the two straps that fit across her face, had two straps that hung down. One was attached to the chair so as to allow about two inches slack. As Barbara's head was tilted back she looked up and saw a group of nozzles hanging above her head.

"Of course, I am partial to something of my own design," said that man, malice in his voice, as he attached the other strap that hung behind her head to a spring contraption which was attached to the chair, and the box on the floor.

"This has many uses. Sometimes the tank is filled with acid and I drip it onto various body parts. Sometimes it has a poison in it, sometimes nothing more than hot water. The choices are endless."

With almost lightening like moves, the man quickly had twisted the clip attached to her right nipple. As Barbara opened her mouth to scream, a gauze covered forcep-like object had grabbed her tongue and clamped down hard. Her tongue was pulled out of her mouth and another clamp was attached. There was little pain, but Barbara knew that this was not the end of it.

"Now," he said, as he attached the tongue clamps to another spring contraption which he fixed to the arms of the chair and then plugged into the box, "if you want to know, I will tell you that your head and your tongue are both connected through a type of resistor to this junction box. If you put a strain, the box takes the amount of strain which is measured in the springs, converts it to an electrical output, and viola!" He reached under the table and she heard a switch being energized. Immediately she felt a shock violate her nipples. It was not a heavy shock, but it got her attention. With that she jerked her tongue back and immediately felt the dildo in her pussy begin to warm, or was it her imagination?

"The shocks will get heavier, and the dildo will warm more with each incident of tension. You have

the ability to avoid the pain. Just remain motionless." He stood over her and looked her in the eyes. "Of course, if you want to tell me what we want to know, I can spare you all this discomfort."

She wanted to spit in his face, but her present restraints made that choice impossible.

"Do you understand the whole idea?" he asked. He took her head and nodded it down once and then back up. As the jolt of electricity hit her tits, the dildo temperature crept up a few more degrees. She held her head still. "How long could she do this?" she wondered to herself.

The man reached up and grabbed the nozzles and pulled them down until they hovered over her mouth. "And, just in case you need some motivation, I have provided a little." He touched a button on the side of the nozzle housing and she heard a small pump start to spin. "Enjoy."

A small drop of something appeared at the end of one of the nozzles and grew in size. It looked red in color, but Barbara had no idea of the purpose or composition of the drop until it became too big to continue hanging on and fell onto her outstretched tongue.

"Tabasco!" raced through her mind as she unthinkingly jerked her head and tried to close her mouth.

An uncomfortable jolt hit one tit and then the other followed by a noticeable increase in the temperature in the "pussy probe".

Her eyes began to water as a drop began to form at another nozzle. Barbara tried to spoil the aim by moving her head slightly and only succeeded in giving her tits a shock and getting the drop up her nose.

The burning in her nose as the hot sauce course along the nasal passages was almost unbearable. From years of training came the ability to will her head steady as yet another drop formed and then fell toward her outstretched tongue.

This drop hit on the side of her tongue and left a trail of liquid fire as it followed her tongue into her mouth and dissipated in her mouth.

Barbara longed for a drink of water, anything, to kill the intense heat that was continuing in her mouth and nose.

Another drop fell... Barbara gagged and felt the intruder in her cunt warm again. She was now aware that it had slid into her vagina to it's full depth and was reaching an almost painful level of heat.

Three more drops fell, this time all together. They hit Barbara's tongue with a fury. Barbara's mouth felt as if someone had poured a molten metal into it.

Her will to steady her head melted as she shook against the connections. Four quick shocks coursed through her breasts. She was sure that they would explode if they got much more. She also knew enough about medical theory to know that much more and she would be risking serious consequences to her heart, not that that bothered her captors.

What was worse was the dildo was now getting very hot. She tried to squirm to get away but only succeeded in getting another shock to her tits, and another rise in her nether reaches.

She tried to scream, shout, or moan, but nothing came out. He breasts ached like they were being attacked by bees, and her pussy was in flames, of this she was sure.

More drops fell from the nozzle above her mouth, and more shocks pierced through her nipples. Through a haze which was starting to fog across her brain, Barbara felt, or saw, the torturer turn off the nozzles. A whiff of burning flesh and hair assaulted her nose as he turned off the box and released her head.

Barbara knew she could not have taken much more, but what he said frightened her more than anything she had ever heard.

"Leslie just got here with Allison."

Her mouth still on fire from the hot fluid that had assaulted her tongue, Barbara was led down the hall in a most unceremonious fashion. With her hands cuffed tightly behind her, she was aware that in her naked state, she was no doubt being gazed upon by other prisons and guards.

The cool damp air brushed her skin, a sharp contrast to the warm hands that held her arms just above the elbow. Even with the blindfold on, she could tell that no light from the outside had illuminated this area in years. He bare feet contacted to moist, stone floor as she was taken down the corridor.

Her ears detected a heavy door being opened and she was whisked through it. With a mighty slam it closed behind her. Her "escorts" led her across the room and forced her into a chair. Her arms and legs were fastened securely and as soon as that was done, her blindfold was removed.

As she glanced around the room, Barbara noticed that there was a small raised platform in the center, directly in front of her chair. Rising from the ground was a type of pedestal which had a ring about waist level and a cross member with two rings at approximately shoulder height. There was also a frame work bed which had rings attached to the posts. Above the "stage" were four flood lights which at the moment were dark. On the floor under the bed was a small footlocker like object which no doubt contained some horrible items.

"I'll bet you're wondering where Allison is, aren't you?" came a female voice from behind Barbara. "She will be along in due time. I can't tell you how glad I am to make your acquaintance," she continued as she stepped out from the shadows.

"My name it Leslie," she said as she stepped over toward Barbara. He hair was tied up on her head, but Barbara could make out that it was strawberry blonde in color. Her face was very attractive, with high cheekbones, full lips, and beautiful green eyes. Surely this can't be the torturer that was rumored about, thought Barbara.

Dressed in a lab coat which did little to destroy the marvelous curves of Leslie's body, she reached down into one of her pockets and pulled out a small box.

"Well, this won't do," she said as she looked at Barbara. Leslie turned and walked off into the shadows after placing the box next to Barbara's chair. With much dread, Barbara looked down and saw what appeared to be a small fishing tackle box. Her mind raced for answers to questions that were forming, but it was slowed and numbed by the pain and agony which it had been forced to endure in the past how ever many hours it had been.

Quietly, Leslie returned with a harness which she placed between Barbara's tits and over her shoulders. She tightened it behind the chair, forcing Barbara's mauled tits outward and restraining any further movement.

"I want to make sure that you pay attention to what is going to happen to your friend," Leslie said as she opened the box. With her right hand she pulled out a rather large fish hook on which a length of nylon fishing line had already been attached. "Compared with what you have been through already, this is going to be minor," she calmly stated as she moved behind Barbara and reached over her shoulder to grab her left tit. "But it will assist om keeping your attention!"

Casually, Leslie pulled outward on the nipple, causing Barbara to suck in a breath of air through her teeth. They were still so tender.

With morbid fascination, Barbara watched as Leslie touched the hook under her nipple, half way back on the aereloa. A flash of pain hit her brain and she tried to move away, but it was to no avail. Leslie had been right, though. The pain was nothing like she had already endured.

Slowly the hook was threaded through her tit until it had her hooked well. Leslie went to the other side, and just as coolly, just as casually, just as naturally embedded the second hook into Barbara's right tit.

Leslie pulled the lines tight and then efficiently attached them to two hooks which were in the arms the chair. The effect was to pull Barbara's tits forward and away from her body. Barbara knew that if she moved, the hooks would only become more embedded in her flesh, and she doubt that Leslie, or anyone for that matter, would remove them in any manner other than the most painful way.

With this accomplished, Leslie turned and walked away from Barbara, and back into the shadows.

It was only moments until Leslie returned, and emerging from the shadows behind her were two muscular men who held between them the struggling form of Allsion!

Barbara could hardly bear to watch as they brought Allison up onto the "stage" and roughly threw her onto the bed. The cuffs that were now evident on her wrists and ankles were swiftly clamped to the rings, making Allison spread eagle on the bed.

Allison was a pretty girl with a soft face and a pretty smile. She wasn't knock-out beautiful, but would make anyone's head turn. Her reddish-brown hair was shoulder length, curling under at the ends, and her long bangs were brushed over to the right.

But now the face was contorted and fading streaks from tears left red impressions on her cheeks. Leslie approached Allison as the two men stepped back. She looked at Barbara as she took a knife from one of her pockets and quickly began shredding Allison's clothes.

"We know that you know more than this little bitch knows," said the torturer as she removed Allison's shirt and just as quickly, her bra. Now with her tits free, Barbara could see that while the breasts were not anything spectacular, they were almost perfect in form and color. The nipples were small and flat with the contour of the breast. For a moment, Barbara almost found herself wanting to suck on them, but then realized what it was that she was contemplating.

"So, you now have a choice..." Leslie undid the slacks and forcefully pulled them down to Allison's ankles and sliced them off. "You can either tell me everything that I want to know, or you can watch your friend here," she turned to the restrained shape on the bed and with two quick slices, slit off her panties, but not with out nicking her skin, leaving a cut on her left side just above her thatch of pubic hair which began to fill with crimson blood, "die slowly!"

Leslie licked her finger and then massaged the open wound. With blood on her fingertips, she placed them into her mouth and suck, no doubt relishing in the taste. She reached down and gathered some more blood on her fingers and walked over to Barbara. She slipped the finger across the space between Barbara's taut breasts, leaving a trail of Allison's blood between her tits. "The blood of your friend is on your hands," she laughed as she went back to the bed.

Leslie kneeled down and slid the locker out from under the bed and opened the lid. Barbara could not see into it as Leslie's body blocked her view. As the lid was closed, the pain-giver stood and walked over to Barbara once again.

"I will give you one more chance to tell me what I want to know before I begin to reduce this beautiful young woman to a battered, scarred, and hideous corpse." She tugged ever so gently on the nylon lines which pulled on the hooks embedded in Barbara's soft breasts for emphasis.

At that moment Barbara could see the implement that Leslie held in her hand. It was nothing more than a pair of vise grip pliers. Leslie saw that Barbara had noticed them and smiled. "Yes, sometimes I find that simple things work the best." She twisted the knob on the end which opened the jaws just slightly and then released the catch, the pliers opening it's maw wide.

"Well, I guess that it is time to begin!" She returned to the outstretched Allison. The girl on the bed had pleading eyes. Leslie took her bare hand and slapped at Allison's small right tit. There was an ever so slight hardening of the nipple after the blow. Leslie took her fingers and massaged the nub as Allison squirmed.

"I hope that you can forgive your friend," she said, looking Allison in the eye. "She would rather you suffer than help me out." The pliers in Leslie's hand lowered down until the jaws were positioned to clamp down on the tender flesh.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! NOOOOOO!!! PLEASE, STOPPPPP!" wailed Allison. Barbara tried to blot out the situation by closing her eyes, but the message was conveyed through the screams, and she knew that she would not be able to blot out the look of sheer terror that had been on Allison's face the millisecond after the pliers closed on her nipple and the millisecond before her scream had pierced the air.

With a morbid sense of curiosity opened her eyes after a few moments and saw Allison trying to thrash about, the pliers holding tight as tears streamed down her cheeks. Her nipple was an ugly reddish purple and bulging. A trickle of blood seeped down her tit.

After what seemed to be a minute or so, Leslie released the visegrip. Another scream was soon splitting the air as she had re-applied the tool after twisting the jaws closer together.

"I am sure that you will enjoy it when I get down to her clit and start in on that!" yelled Leslie over the screams and begging of Allison. "And this is just the beginning!!!"

Barbara thought to herself, "I think that maybe it's time to talk..."

"I TOLD YOU EVERYTHING THAT YOU WANTED TO KNOW!!!!" screamed Barbara at the top of her lungs. She fought to get out of the chair but only succeeded in embedding the hooks deeper into her breasts. They were so deep now that she could see them threatening to poke their way out the front of her tits.

Leslie had finally broken Barbara when she had applied the vise grip pliers to Allison's clit. The banshee-like wail that still seemed to echo off the walls had forced Barbara's hand. As she had told the information that would surely mean the death of others who were her friends, she watched Allison writhe in the pain of three vise grip pliers. It had taken an hour or so, and when Barbara was slow in revealing information, the vise grips were twisted, pulled, and pushed, causing more screams.

"JUST LET HER GO!!!!" cried the seated spy as the pliers were removed from Allison's tormented body. Her tits were an ugly purple, small trails of blood down into her cleavage. A small smear of blood was around her cunt and now only moans could be heard from her lips.

Leslie removed the last pair of pliers and walked over to Barbara.

"Oh, but I AM going to give her a chance to go free. The choice is hers. In a few moments, you will see something that I am quite proud of." She sat down on the floor and looked up at Barbara.

With disgust and loathing, Barbara looked down at Leslie, across her taut tits. She so wanted to take Leslie and kill her. If she could get her hands free she would risk damaging her tits beyond repair to just get at the sadistic woman.

"I am sure that the thought of what will become of you has crossed your mind, hasn't it?" said Leslie with a maternal tone of voice. "Well, just to give you some idea, I could of course let you go, but then you would no doubt report back to your people." Leslie pulled her knees up and wrapped her arms around them. She was sitting like a girl at a pajama party who was talking about boys!

"With your looks and beauty, I could make you a company whore. I'm sure that your aggressiveness would make a nice addition. And then again, we are always conducting experiments in the effectiveness of torture and how long we can do things to the human body until death is inevitable."

On the bed, Allison's breathing was slowly returning to normal. The tears had dried and her crying had stopped. Barbara feared that all too soon it would begin again, no matter what Leslie said about letting anyone go. Maybe if she could stall the torturer a little longer, Allison would be able to recover more strength, and as such, be better prepared to face what might be in store.

"You are a twisted bitch," spat Barbara.

"Oh, on the contrary. I have been called brilliant by some of the greatest brains in the world of counterintelligence. I have invented or helped perfect many of the items used in this building today." Leslie stood and walked into the shadows behind Barbara. The sound of a cart on wheels moved up behind and then into the light.

"This is what I am going to subject your friend to," said the interrogator. She held up what appeared to be a heavy gauge needle for Barbara to see.

"This, believe it or not, is a very effective restraint." Now Barbara could see that it was more like a double needle where one needle was slid into the other. On the end was an eyelet. It was hard to pick up any other details except what looked like grooves running down the length of it. Leslie turned and walked over to the bed. She sat down on the far side so Barbara could watch the procedure.

Taking Allison's left breast, she pinched the already punished nipple to make it stand up better. Allison's eyes opened as she became aware of what was about to happen.

"Please, no, oh God, please, NO!!" she shouted and started to buck as best she could. Leslie quickly climbed onto the bed astride Allison. With a quick backhand, Allison quieted down enough for Leslie to grab her tit and push the needle against it. A quick jab was met with a slight whimper from Allison.

"You see," began Leslie again, "those things that looked like grooves are actually little barbs which lay down until I give the eyelet a twist, at which point they begin to spread out like an umbrella's stays. The more it is pulled on, the deeper it seats. They are extremely difficult and usually quite painful to remove without surgery, but it can be done."

A mournful moan was emitted from Allison's lips as Barbara watched Leslie twist the eyelet. A quick yank on it caused Allison to snap back into a shout of pain. Leslie quickly took a second "needle" and rammed it into Allison's other tortured breast.

"We have had a couple of women that got loose from these restraints, but it both cases," Leslie stated as she twisted the second one, "they ripped their nipples off. It wasn't very pretty. But then, you'll be able to observe that first hand depending on how badly your friend here wants to get loose!"

Stepping back to no doubt admire her handiwork, Leslie gazed upon Allison as she spoke to Barbara one more time.

"We also have models that fit up the vagina, anus, and one for men that we slip up their dicks. That can be especially fun to watch. Perhaps we can arrange an entire show for you!"

A door behind Barbara opened and tow men strode in. They were dressed in jumpsuits with hoods. They removed the shackles that held Allison to the bed. Her body was almost like dead weight as they helped her to her feet. Now Barbara could see clearly the red eyes, the mangled nipples and protruding clitoris. Allison tried to walk and be strong, but her knees were shaking badly.

Her eyes lifted from their gaze at the floor as they pulled her across the room and looked into Barbara's. Allison took a deep breath and painfully whispered, "Please don't let them hurt me any more... Please!" And then she was dragged across the room.

Leslie approached Barbara and carefully released the tethers that had stretched her tits against the hooks. Returning to normal, the breast tissue was once again given a new pain, that off the hooks being in a different position. Two more men, or maybe they were the same men as had taken Allison away, came and undid Barbara's wrist and ankle restraints. With a firm grip she was led to another room. Once again she was placed in a chair and lashed firmly into place. At least this time her tits were not cruelly pulled. And then she saw what was in front of her.

Allison was sitting on the floor of a glass case. Her legs were splayed out to either side. She was bent over slightly and Barbara could see that there were two lengths of chain that connected her nipple anchors to the floor of the chamber. There was just enough slack that Allison could partially erect herself.

"The object of this is very simple," began Leslie as she approached to case. She reached up and took a hose from above and placed it into a holder on the side of the case. "The tank will fill with water. If you are able to get out, your life will be spared. If not, well, I am sure that you understand the consequences." She had said it in a voice which was loud enough for Allison to hear.

"You sadistic bitch!!" cried Barbara. Tears made a renewed journey down here cheeks. "Take me instead!!! Just let her be!!"

"Such a noble gesture," said Leslie. "Sometimes what we do is to connect on inside the tank with one outside. It creates quite an interesting sight to see the one inside who wants to live pull the titties off the one outside!" She smiled and turned on the water.

Allison had been rather subdued until the first drops of water splashed into the case where she was reigned. Barbara could see the goosebumps pop out on her skin. The water must be cold she thought.

The lady in the glass tank, the formerly somewhat subdued Allison moved around and got up on her knees. She move around looking at the sides of the tank, from bottom to top. The top was at least six inches above the furthest that she could raise her head.

The water was over her leg as she reached down and grabbed one of the chains. Barbara knew that it was a futile hope that she would be able to pull the chains loose from the floor, but Allison tried anyway. Barbara was weeping openly now as she watched the water approach mid calf. She muttered and cursed the wicked lady that was causing her beautiful co-worker this pain and anguish. She swore about her company and her bosses, and she also damned herself for not talking before Allison had to meet this fate.

The water was approaching Allison's waist. Herr eyes held a look of pure, unadulterated panic. She was not quite as well trained as Barbara and was beginning to loose her touch with reality.

Grabbing the one chain, she pulled against her tit. "OHHHHHHHHHHHH!" She wailed as the water was approaching the impaled orbs. Blood began to weep from the nipples as Allison pulled harder. It met with the water and diffused, swirling to create patterns before diluting.

With short, firm jerks, Allison tried a new tactic of pulling the tethers free. The water was approaching her neck now, and Barbara could see that it was almost over with. In the tank, Allison became a wild woman, and the water boiled in response. She violently thrashed about, causing more blood to enter the water. It was becoming so cloudy in the water that Allison's actions could hardly be seen.

Barbara watched with morbid fascination. A spurt of blood fed into the water and Barbara saw one of the chains fall to the bottom of the tank, a chunk of flesh grappled at the end. Barbara closed her eyes against the thought as the water now threatened to engulf poor Allison's head.

The water was now opaque. The back of Allison's head could be seen above the water, but with her face now covered by the bloody mixture, the only sounds were those of water sloshing against the side of the tank.

There was a flurry of activity which quickly drew to an end. And then there was silence. Barbara was aware of her own weeping. She could not see when she opened her eyes, such was the volume of the tears. Her chest was wet with the salty river that had flowed for her friend.

The water was draining out of the tank ten minutes later when Barbara's vision was slowly returning to normal. As the level lowered, she could not help but look into the tank.

Allison's face was

a death mask of pain and fear. Her open eyes pleading for help or mercy or both. She lay on her side, her right breast was mangled where the chain was still attached. Her left nipple was gone, replaced by a 1-1/2" hole where the flesh had been removed. Leslie walked up to Barbara as two men climbed into the tank and began to remove the lifeless body.

"Now, just you wait until you see what I have in store for you!!!!"

As the two men lifted Allison's lifeless body from the tank I started to shake uncontrollably. I could hear my pee dripping on the floor and I could feel my bowels releasing their burden. Leslie noticed this with surprise and said "Oh...that's what I like to see, now you are getting an idea of what it means to work against us". To my surprise, she very gently removed the hooks from my tits by pushing them out the other side and cutting the barbs with a wire cutter. Leslie ordered the two men to take Allison to the preparation area. Now I was given an injection and leslie said "good night...see you tomorrow". When the sleep drug wore off, I awoke with a shot and noticed the red ceiling with golden dragon designs. I tried to move but my wrists and ankles were securely bound to steel clamps on a wooden table. In the background I could hear the very subtle tones of Chinese Classical Opera music. To my great surprise I noticed that I was fully dressed in a silken gown. As I looked at my arms I noticed that oil had been applied to them. My hair had apparently been combed, oiled, and braided into two pigtails hanging over each shoulder and tied at the ends with a pink ribbon. After what seemed like hours, I heard the doorknob turn and as the door squeaked open Leslie appeared and came over to me. "Hello, I see that you finally woke up. Remember that I told you that I have some more in store for you? On your last mission in the Peoples Republic of China you killed a man named Jin Lin. I want you to meet his widow, Yu Lin, come in honey". I heard footsteps and then a very petite little girl stood staring me in the face. She was dressed in a blue silk robe with a silver flower design and her hair was tied up in a bun with a long gold pin through it. She was trembling and tears were flowing down her eyes. "Is this the woman who killed my husband"? "Yes Yu Lin...it is". Leslie told me that there was no more they could do to me, I had talked, and any more of their brand of punishment would surely kill me. So now she was going to turn me over to Yu Lin. She said that Yu Lin had felt deep torment these many months since I had deprived her of her husband and she was sure that Yu Lin would see to it that I met my proper end. With that...Leslie left the room. Yu Lin looked at me and said "You can't imagine the torture and anguish I have gone through in the past months without my husband, it's your fault and I will make you pay. If you think what Leslie put you through in the past few days was rough, then you are in for a very great surprise. The Agency turned you over to me to do with as I please, and I will!!! You have been brutalized in severe ways for the last few days, that is not the way I will revenge my husband. I want you to suffer the anguish I have had to endure for the many months past. As an oriental woman, I know how to exact revenge in ways that will humiliate you and cause you wish that you were dead. My methods are not especially painful but are rather...let me say lingering...The Agency taught you to take pain, but not what I am going to make you endure". Yu Lin now bowed and then walked over to the wall and turned a dial and raised the volume of the Chinese music. She came over to me and started stroking my hair ever so gently. Yu Lin licked her fingers and started to rub them across my lips. I was quite shocked when she lay down on top of me and squeezed her lips against mine. Her tongue reached deep into my mouth and she ground her pelvic bone against my sore pussy. I had been hurt so much in the last few day that I welcomed this sudden affection and let my tongue explore her throat. The pain hit me like a rifle shot, she bit down hard on my extended tongue and rocked back and forth as she pulled my tongue out and up. She let go of my tongue and said "Now you know what I felt like after you killed my man...you bitch!!!" Yu Lin now told me to stick out my tongue...I didn't do it...The next thing I felt was the pain of the slap across my face. I saw a bright flash and felt the burning, I stuck my tongue out. She gripped my tongue with a pair of vice grips and inserted a large safety pin through it and into my upper lip. "Now sleep like that and think about what I will to do to you tomorrow". Thank god she removed the vice grips from my tongue. I don't know how I slept, but when I finally awoke Yu Lin was sitting on the floor with pair of pliers in her hand. She said that she wanted to remove the safety pin from my tongue and lip. She grabbed the pin and yanked it out of my mouth. Luckily it opened under the pressure, otherwise it would have ripped my upper lip and tongue to shreds. I felt the blood drip down my lip and into my mouth. Out of instinct I drank it and lipped my lips until it stopped. Yu Lin said "Are you thirsty?...Well I think I have just what you need". She left the room and came back with a funnel and a roll of duct tape. "Open your mouth bitch!!!" I hesitated and received a swift punch in the belly. I opened my mouth and Yu Lin stuffed the funnel deep into my throat until my lips were spread wide apart around it. Then she taped the funnel to my lips to secure it. Now she knelled in front of me and said that I would have to drink all of her pee. This would be part of my humiliation and if I didn't drink it all down fast, I would choke. With this, Yu Lin knelled in front of me and untied the silk strap around her robe. She opened her robe to reveal her glistening pussy hairs, a perfect triangle of silken black hair. She positioned herself above the funnel and pinched off my nose with her fingers and said "Now I am going to let myself go, remember to drink it all down or you will surely choke". I felt the rush of her pee in my throat and I began to swallow, it was all I could do to keep up with her flow. I felt the sting of her urine as it backed up into my nose. In my panic I gulped it down faster, just when I thought I couldn't keep it up any longer, her flow slowed down and then came in sporadic spurts. She raised off the funnel and closed her robe. Then she reached down and ripped off the tape around the funnel and pulled it out of my mouth. "Well how did you like drinking my pee? You are the woman who killed my husband and I want to make you suffer. I hope you enjoyed my pee, there is plenty more where that came from!!!" Now she pushed a force feeder into my mouth and tied it in place with a velcro strap around the back of my head. Yu Lin pushed her fingers down my throat until I gagged and threw up all over the table. "Ah...you very messy woman aren't you?" She sponged the mess into a bowl and poured it back down the force feeder, I had to swallow it all again. Yu Lin asked me "When was the last time you ate?" I told her it had been about 3 days. "Ah then you must be hungry, I have a special treat for you". She grabbed a bowl from the dresser and placed it on the floor. Then she squatted over it and started rubbing her belly as she closed her eyes and let out a couple of moans. I heard the shit hit the bowl with a thump...thump...thump... She picked up the bowl and came over to me and started to stuff the contents into the force feeder tube with her fingers. "Swallow it you bitch!!!, you deserve it for killing my man" I felt the bitter shit being stuffed into my mouth but I wouldn't swallow, the thought repulsed me. When Yu Lin couldn't stuff any more in the force feeder, she said "Ah, you resist my punishment" Then she pinched off my nose so I couldn't breathe and told me I would suffocate in about 3 min if I didn't swallow it all. I panicked and swallowed in order to breathe. It was very bitter but I ate it all. She now removed the force feeder and turned around and told me to lick her ass clean. After what I have just been through, this was no problem. As I licked her asshole I noticed that she was gyrating around...did she really enjoy this?...She told me to stick my tongue all the way up and rotate it around. After awhile she lifted up and looked at me. "I am going to make you really suffer for what you did to my husband...you bitch!!! We have all the time in the world and I am going to take my time humiliating and torturing you.

Today I worked a little on your mouth, tomorrow I will start in another place".

The next day I was awaken by two men untying me. Yu Lin was giving then directions in Chinese. I didn't know what she was saying but she looked very proud of herself and had a big smile on her face. The men stripped the robe off me and hoisted me up by my ankles. I was suspended upside down from the ceiling by two chains and ankle straps. My legs were spread about three feet apart and I was totally naked and helpless. Yu Lin dismissed the men and then just stood there staring at me with that smile on her face. She said...I thought all night about what I wanted to do to a bitch like you, I still not sure...but I try something you maybe no like. She walked over to me and started to swing me back and forth. As I swung toward her she came up with a vicious punch in my belly. The wind was completely knocked out of me and my eyes were tearing. She grabbed a bamboo cane and brought down right in the crack of my pussy. ...How that feel, good?...I could hardly hear her over my own screams. Next she threaded the cane through the four rings that were still piercing my pussy lips. ...Now we play little game, ok?...Yu Lin started turning the cane ever so slowly. I felt the pain as the four rings were twisting my pussy into a bundle. Just when I thought that the rings were going to rip through the flesh, she stopped and tied the cane ends to both my legs. She opened a long box and selected one of the 2 foot long acupuncture needles. She took the needle and ran it through the bundle of flesh that used to be my pussy. After she pushed it through about 18" she bent the flexible needle into a U shape and rammed it into my asshole. ...Ah, that look so good, I think I like playing with you. Now have other needles to try...Next she took a pair of handcuffs and tightened them around the base of my breasts. My tits were bulging out like balloons. Yu Lin took another acupuncture needle and ran it through my right breast and then into and through my left breast. Now she reversed the procedure and started from the left side. Three more needles were inserted into and through each ass cheek. ...Oh my, you look so pretty now with all your decorations, I think you should dance for me...She took two wires with alligator clips on one end and attached one of them to a needle in my breast and the other to the needle stuck up my asshole. I stared in horror as I watched her plug the other end into the wall outlet. The room shook violently and then darkened into blackness. A brilliant flash of light awoke me, my ears were ringing from the slap across my face. Yu Lin stared at me and said ...You dance very pretty upside down, I had really good time watching you...She reached over with her long sharp nails and pinched one of my nipples.

Yu Lin kept grinding the nipple between her razor sharp fingernails until they started to bleed. Now she put my nipple in her mouth and stared to suck and lick the blood up. She removed her mouth and squeezed the tit until the blood started to drip across my breast then she smeared it all over my chest and stepped back to admire her work. ...You look so good like that, I dreamed about this day, now it has become a reality for me, I think I can do even better... Yu Lin went over to the dresser and returned with a scalpel. She grabbed my already bruised nipple and promptly sliced it off. I stared in horror as the blood gushed out and sprayed out all over her face. She picked up a clothes iron and pushed it up against the hole where my nipple used to be.

I could hear and smell the flesh burning as he cauterized the wound shut. Just before I passed out I caught a glimpse of the smoke rising from the seared flesh.

The End



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