Tommy's Attitude Adjustment Chapter 53
by Chadlad

copyright 2007 by Chadlad, all rights reserved
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This story is intended for ADULTS ONLY It contains explicit depictions of sexual activity involving minors. If you are not of a legal age in your locality to view such material or if such material does not appeal to you, do not read further, and do not save this story.
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Chapter 53: The Bad Room

"The bad room is the worst one," Todd said, sitting beside Chad on the step and looking at him earnestly. Rod sat next to him and leaned forward so he could see Chad around his brother on the same step.

"It's not the worst," Rod argued. "The room after that is the worst."

"The one after that isn't so bad," Todd responded. "Not to start with, anyway. But everything about the bad room is bad."

"So what happens in this bad room," Chad asked, intrigued by the whole scenario and wishing there was some way he could watch it without participating in it as the boys had.

"That's what we wanted to know," Rod said. "While I was sitting on the toilet doing my enema, the boy next to me said, 'you think this is bad – wait until we get to the bad room.' But he wouldn't tell me why, and the kid on the table in front of me wouldn't tell me, either."

"I didn't matter," Todd said. "We found out soon enough when we went there."

"I kind of forgot about it," Rod said. "Until after we were done in the drying room. Until that kid said again that the bad room was next. And he looked scared, when they started making us get in line."

"Yeah, when they put us in a line from shortest to tallest. And then the kid says, 'Oh, God, now the bad room.' And then Rod and I got scared again." Both boys lapsed into silence.

"So why is it the bad room?" Chad asked impatiently.

"'Cause that's where we get whipped," Rod said. "With these little switches. On our butts. Just our butts. They were careful not to hit our legs or our backs, but they whipped our butts all over."

"Yeah, everybody gets whipped, one at a time," Todd added. "We have to sit on these hard wooden benches in rows like a C-shape, so everyone can see this padded bench in front. And we all have to keep our legs apart so our privates show. Then they point to a kid, and this big strong nurse grabs him and makes him straddle the padded bench, with a leg on either side, and then they bend him forward all the way onto his stomach, and she holds his arms over his head. They strap your legs to these hooks on the leg of the bench. And then they whip the kid all over his butt. Not just where you sit, but all over – even in the crack right up to where the poo comes out, and all they way down to where your balls are. But not your balls – they never hit any of the kids' balls – only his butt right up to his balls."

"What about the girls," Chad asked, getting to the part of the story that interested him the most."

"Oh, they don't have balls," Rod said.

Chad gritted his teeth. "I know that," he growled. "So do they whip them down there, too?"

"Oh," Todd said. "Yeah. he girls get whipped right down to where their slits begin, but they don't get whipped on their slits, either – I guess it's just like the boys."

"The nurses don't hit that hard. It's not like the whipping Mom gives us with the switch," Rod added. "It stings a little, but not too bad. But they do it all over – all over! Your whole butt. So pretty quick your whole butt is stinging, but they keep doing it until it stings so bad you can't stand it. It takes a long time for each kid, because they need you to cry a long time – they say crying is part of the cleansing, too. So your whole butt is on fire practically the whole time. All the way up between your legs. It really hurts."

"Our mom told us they do the enemas first so you don't have any poop or pee in you when you get whipped, 'cause most of the kids would poop and pee themselves while they were getting whipped if they hadn't just gone," Todd volunteers. "I would have. I'd have peed all over myself. You don't even know what you're doing after awhile, you just yell out stuff."

"Most of the kids beg," Rod said. "You know, say stuff like, 'please stop!' and 'I'll be good,' and stuff like that. One kid kept yelling the s-word, and they beat him extra long."

"After the first two kids, I didn't know if I wanted to be next or the last to go," Todd said. "Part of me wanted to get it over with, and part of me wanted to have it be a long time before it was my turn. If you're first, then your butt burns and throbs the whole time other kids are getting it, and you have to sit on the hard bench anyway even though it hurt while you wait for the other kids. And you get so scared that you don't want them to pick you."

"She grabbed Todd before me," Rod said. "He got so scared I thought he was going to pee himself when she dragged him up there."

"I did," Todd said. "Just a little squirt. It kind of dribbled down my weenie and nobody noticed."

"But I think I had it worse. There were only 3 kids besides me left when they picked me, and I went right after the kid who used the s-word, and I was afraid they'd whip me that long, too. But they only whipped me a little longer and harder than they did Todd," Rod said.

"Did not," Todd said. "They whipped me longer and harder than you."

"Did so," Rod said. "You got it easy because they were just warming up."

"You're the one who had it easy. They were getting tired by the time they got to whipping your butt."

"So they whipped the girls in front of you, too?" Chad asked, intrigued by the picture of a naked girl strapped over a bench that was in his mind, her vulva open from behind and pressed against the bench so it opened to her vagina, too. His penis grew fully hard in his pants as he pictured a girl twitching and squirming as a nurse switched her bare bottom.

"Yeah, they did everyone," Todd said. "And the bench was turned so you could see up the kid's butt while they switched him, so that you'd see the switch land everywhere. And we had to watch – the nurse said if we looked anywhere but at the kid's butt we'd take two turns being switched."

"The big boys with big balls had to tuck them up under them so they wouldn't get switched," Rod said. They let them keep one hand free to hold their balls up. They didn't let the little boys do that, though, and I was scared they'd miss and hit my balls the whole time."

"And if a boy is hard after he gets whipped, they make you keep it hard while the rest of the whippings are done – they say they don't want to waste it. They make him stand in front along the wall, by the head of the kid getting whipped, and you have to keep your weenie hard through all the whippings. If it gets soft again you get another whipping. So you can't cum, or you'll get soft and get whipped again. But you have to rub it, or it will get soft then, too. This big kid squirted the white pee while he was doing it, and he got whipped again after everyone was done. And this little kid our size let his get soft while he was up there, so he got whipped again, too. And there was this middle-sized kid who got hard while being whipped, too, but he didn't get soft so he didn't get whipped a second time.

"They had to masturbate in front of everyone?" Chad said in a soft voice, remembering his own times being forced to stimulate his small penis in front of both boys and girls.

"Everyone," Rod said. "But that's no big deal – I could do that. It would be hard not to cum, though. It didn't matter, anyway, because we didn't get hard while we were getting whipped," Rod added.

"'Course not," Todd said. "It hurts."

"So how come they didn't want you to get hard in the bad room," Chad asked.

"Because after the whippings, we go to the gen'tal cleansing room. It's bad, too, but good at the same time. The boys all had to get hard there, even us guys that were soft. They made us all rub ourselves – you know, our weenies. And while we were getting hard, the girls had to lie on this table with these things that hold their legs in the air, and then they stuck these hoses in their slits and washed them out with stuff that smells like flowers. It takes a long time with each girl, and they do them one at a time, and you have to stay hard and not cum while they do or you go back to the whipping room. Then us boys have to take our turns with the Tingler. And all the boys kind of like the Tingler, but kind of hate it."

"What's the Tingler?" Chad asked as Rod nodded solemnly to his twin's assessment.

"It's this electric machine that has wires coming out of it. And each set of wires has this hood they put over your weenie and strap on tight. But it's not really a hood, because it has a hole in the end, so your weenie tip sticks out – it's kind of like a collar. They strap it just behind the head of our weenie, and they have different sizes for different sized weenies. That's why we have to be hard, so they can just put it on when they're ready. It can do 4 boys at a time. They tie the hood around our weenies, and then they turn it on. And it starts tingling your weenie – that's why the boys call it the Tingler. The tingling is okay to start with, but then it gets stronger until it's like being tickled there, but like rubbing yourself, too. So it feels good but it tickles bad at the same time," Todd said earnestly. He reached for his pants and unconsciously squeezed his penis through his pants as he explained. His twin mirrored him by squeezing his own penis at the same time.

"It makes all the boys pee right away," Rod continued. "You don't want to, because it burns when you pee, but you do anyway. It just squirts out in little dribbles. But the Tingler is set up in this place like a shower, so you can pee on the floor and they just hose it off between sets of kids. And all the boys stand there and squirt out pee in little dribbles at first, while the other kids watch. Every few seconds you make a dribble, until there's no pee in you anymore. None of us had much in us because we just peed when we got our enemas, but it makes you force out whatever you've got in you. And it burns every time you squirt some out."

"Then after that, it tingles kind of good and kind of bad for awhile, and then it makes you cum," Todd said.

"Like we do when we suck each other, or play with our weenies," Rod added. "Only not as much fun, because it's too tickly, and kind of burns. And they don't stop when you cum – they just keep it going until you cum and cum and cum again."

"I came 7 times," his brother said.

"So did I," the other twin retorted.

"No you didn't," his brother said. "You just say that. I really did."

"Okay, okay," Chad said, putting his hands between the squabbling twins. "I get it – you stay on the Tingler for a long time. How do they decide when to stop it? Couldn't you just cum all day?"

"They put at least one big boy in every group," the twin on the right said. "A boy big enough to squirt the white pee out when he comes. And they watch him. And when he finally stops squirting white pee each time he cums, they stop."

"They don't stop then, Todd," said his brother. "They make him come at least once more, without squirting the white pee, then they stop. It usually takes the big boy four cums to do that, but sometimes it takes 5. That's why I came 7 times once."

"After the second or third cum it just hurts," Todd said. "The big boys usually moan real loud the last time and look like they're gonna cry. And you can't even get hard for hours afterward, and it hurts to cum for at least a day afterward."

"It was two days," Rod added.

"But we did it anyway. Because we couldn't believe it still hurt," Todd added.

"One of the big boys told me that it hurts something inside them, so they can't cum for a week," Rod said.

"What about the girls," Chad asked. "Do they do something to them to make them cum, too?"

"Oh, yeah," Todd responded. "They have this thing like a rubber weenie that they put in the girls. They do them 4 at a time, too. They grease it all up and then they stick it right up their holes – the ones in front. The girls start wiggling and moaning, and they cum, too, but they keep it on until one of the girls in the group has cum 5 times."

"Then they go on to the next group of girls?" Chad asked.

"There were only 4 girls in our group," Todd answered. "But I suppose they would if there were more girls. The girls act like it hurts to cum after the first couple of times, just like the boys do, and their holes hang open and look all red when they're done."

"They dribble pee at first when they're hooked up, to," Rod said. "But it runs down their legs instead of squirting out like it does on us boys."

"Then the nurses go around and check if any of the boys can get hard again, and if they can, they stick them on the machine for another round. Three of the little boys like us had to go again." Rod continued."

"They cried the whole time," Todd added. "Like it hurt. But they still came a bunch of times again."

"How do the nurses tell if you can get hard?" Chad asked, although he was pretty sure he already knew.

"They come around and play with you," Todd said. "With your weenie. They stand beside you and rub your butt and your weenie and see if it gets hard. I didn't get hard because it hurt."

"He cried," Rod said gleefully.

"You cried too!" Todd retorted.

"Not as hard as you," Rod retorted.

"Mine hurt more than yours," Todd said. "The big boy in my group took longer to stop making white pee. So I came more times."

"What happens after that?" Chad asked when both boys fell silent.

"They come around with a bucket of soapy water and wash your butt and your weenie," Todd said. "The water smells funny, like medicine, and it burns anywhere that you're sore. They say it keeps you from getting infected. Then they give you these funny gowns to pull over your head, and they take you back out to your mom, and your mom takes you home."

"We fell asleep," Rod said. "We didn't wake up until noon the next day."

"Mom said we were lots better the rest of the week and told us we'd go back for more cleansing if we weren't good," Todd added.

"You'll say we were good, won't you?" Rod begged. "Even if we aren't? I don't wanna go back! It hurts you butt and your weenie!"

Chad raised an eyebrow. These were, after all, the two boys who'd gleefully paddled him with slippers a few weeks before and then equally cheerfully stripped off their pants so that his brother Tommy could make him suck their baby dicks until they came. He could certainly get his revenge with one word to their mother – he could even spank them himself first. He looked at their earnest, pleading faces and decided he couldn't do it.

"Don't sweat it," Chad said. "I'll tell her you were angels if you don't cause trouble and take your showers and go to bed when you're supposed to." He just wasn't a grudge holder, he decided. And spanking their little white butts didn't appeal to him after his day of filming, and after his experiences as the receiver of spankings a few weeks back. He had turned to start upstairs when he suddenly remembered his brother's current condition. He'd be finishing his bath from Gabriel, maybe even jerking himself off or being jerked off by Gabriel in preparation for his evening spanking. How did he broach that subject with the boys? He decided to avoid it for the moment, leading them to his room and opening the door. "You guys put your sleeping bags down there," he said, pointing to the space between his and Tommy's beds. The boys complied, surprising Chad by spreading on sleeping bag out flat and laying the other one over it like a blanket.

"We always sleep together," one twin said on seeing Chad's quizzical expression.

"Yeah, it's easier do left hand/right hand when we go to bed," the other answered.

"Left hand/right hand?" Chad asked.

"Yeah," the first twin said. Chad had lost track of which was which. "We lie beside each other real close, and one of us uses the left hand and one of us the right. We change off every day. You know, left hand/right hand,' his brother said.

"Use your hands to do what?"Chad asked.

"You know, boy stuff. Rub each other's weenies," the first twin said. "We don't always do it to cum, sometimes it's just nice when you're going to sleep to have someone hold you down there."

Chad remembered Gabriel wanting him to hold his soft penis while he fell asleep. He could see their point – Gabriel's penis had felt good in his hand, sort of soothing and comfortable, just as Gabriel's warm body had felt comfortable snuggled up next to his, with his penis resting between Gabriel's buns. He thought for a moment of how it would feel snuggled up against Cynthia bare naked like that, with his hand on her girl place instead, and felt a tingle of yearning excitement.

"Once in awhile we suck each other at night," the twin on the left said. "Depending upon the mood we're in."

"And how clean your weenie is," his brother said. "I'm not sucking a dirty weenie."

"Mine's cleaner than yours," the first boy said. "I don't get poo all over mine wiping like you do."

"That's 'cause you don't wipe at all," his brother said.

"Do so!" the first boy challenged.

"Do not!" his brother replied. Chad stepped between them.

"Hey!" he said. "You guys said you'd be good."

Both boys looked abashed. "Sorry," they said in unison. "Don't tell our mom!"

"Hey, if you do what you're supposed to, I won't tell her anything," Chad promised.

"See, Todd, I told you," the other twin said. "He's going to make us suck him so he won't tell Mom."

"If we have to, we will," his brother replied. "Long as he's not dirty. We've seen his weenie, remember? It's not that big."

"And long as we don't have to kiss his butt," the original twin added.

Chad's mouth dropped open. They thought he was going to force them to have sex with him. "That's not what I meant," he hastened to explain. "I won't do that stuff to you. I don't really do it with boys. The worst I'll do is spank your little fannies, if you're bad, okay?"

"You don't do it with your brother?" one of the twins asked. "But he made you do it when we were here a few weeks ago, when he had you do us. Then he made you do us, too."

"That was different," Chad said. "I was being punished. We don't normally do it. We don't touch each other there, either."

At that moment, the door to the room burst open and Gabriel flew through, dragging Tommy along by his flaccid penis and severely denting Chad's credibility. Tommy's arms were clasped behind his head and he was butt naked. "...the only reason I'm not going to make you suck my peter this time is that I'm tired from too much cumming today. But I'm still going to spank your ass until you're red!" Gabriel said, looking at Tommy over his shoulder. He gaped in surprise as he saw the two strange boys standing with Chad, and he dropped Tommy's penis. "Oh, hi," he said in a flustered fashion. "I didn't know there was anyone here." He looked from one red-headed little boy to the other. The two boys turned and looked at Chad.

"I thought you said you guys don't do that," Rod said. "Touch each other or suck each other."

"Um...Uh...we don't," Chad said. "Not usually. But this is different. You see, Tommy's being punished, and..."

"Punished? Like you were?" Todd said, his face lighting up. "Really? What'd he do?"

"That doesn't matter," Chad said.

"He held me down and took me up the chute!" Gabriel said at the same time.

"What?" both red-heads said simultaneously.

"He took me. Up the chute!" Gabriel repeated.

"What's that mean?" one asked.

"You know, the chute! What you shit out of!"

"You mean your poo hole?" the first boy asked.

"Yeah. He got on top me and held me down and took me up it," Gabriel explained. "And it hurt!"

"Took you? Is that like poking it with a stick or something?" the other twin asked.

"Kinda," Gabriel said. "Except he poked me with a dick, not a stick. His dick. He shoved it right in my butt!"

"Why would he do that?" the first twin asked. Chad wished they'd quite shifting around so he could tell them apart.

"Guys poke their peters in your butt because it feels good," Gabriel said. "Like you'd do with a girl."

"Guys poke their weenies up girls' butts?" the second twin asked.

"Not up their butts, stupid. In their cunts!" The twins looked at him blankly. "Their twats!" Gabriel tried again. The twins still looked uncomprehending

"You know," Gabriel said. "The thing they have where you have peters! The hole in front, between their legs!"

"Oh, that. Chad said babies come out of there," one twin said.

"Yeah, I guess they do," Gabriel said. "But it's mainly for fucking."

"What's fucking?" the little red headed boy said, sounding intrigued, while his brother stood beside him with an identical look.

"You know, fucking," Gabriel said. When a boy sticks his peter in a girl's cunt. In the baby hole. He sticks it in and pulls it out and sticks it in again and he keeps doing that until he cums! Girls like that – they get all wild when you do it." He stared at the boys like he was amazed they didn't know this simple fact of life even at their tender ages.

"Uh, Gabriel..." Chad said, horror dawning on him at the thought of what these boys might tell their mother tomorrow. "I don't think you ought to..."

"Why would a boy want to do that?" the twin on Chad's right asked incredulously, interrupting Chad.

"'Cause it feels good," Gabriel said. "Jeeze, don't you little kids know anything?" It feels good, like someone sucking your peter, only better." The twins exchanged doubtful looks.

"How would you know what if feels like?" Tommy asked pointedly. "You've never done it – none of us have."

"No, but I've had my peter up your butt, haven't I? It's the same thing, only girls don't have shit in their cunts," Gabriel replied. "So it's better. Everybody knows that. All the big boys – they'd rather fuck a girl than get sucked any day. They all say fucking is better. And the girls like it, too. I've watched my mom's boyfriends do her when she forgot to shut the door all the way. And she screams and yells 'more' and 'harder!' And they move their butts real fast, too, when they're sticking it in and out."

"Really?" Chad said. "Girls like it? So why do they act like they don't they want to do it with us?"

"I dunno," Gabriel said. "My mom did that too – she'd tell them she wasn't in the mood, and they weren't getting any, and then before you knew it she was on the bed with her legs apart moaning as the guys gave it to her."

The twins stared at Gabriel in amazement, apparently trying to picture boys and girls doing what he'd described. "Our mom would never do that," one of them said.

"She must have," Gabriel said. "She had you guys. You have to do that to have babies. And it doesn't happen every time you do it, so she must have done it a lot, as much as my mom did."

"More," Tommy said. "They have an older sister, too. She must have done it for years."

Our mom must have, too, Chad suddenly realized. He hadn't thought of it before, but his dad and mom must have had sex – must have had it a lot to have himself and his two siblings. He remembered a glimpse he'd had of his father's red, heavily veined penis he'd had when he was a small boy. The thought of his father sticking that thing in his mother made him queasy.

"All adults fuck," Gabriel said with finality. "Big kids do, too! You will when you get bigger."

The twins' mouths gaped open comically. Chad hastened to undo Gabriel's damage. "Uh, Gabriel," he said cautiously. "Ix nay on the alk-tay about ucking-fay," he said pointedly. "ey'll-thay epeat-ray ou-yay in-ay ont-fray of-ay eir-thay other-may."

"Huh?" Gabriel said.

"He said to stop talking about fucking or we'll say it in front of Mom," Rod said. It was Chad's turn to gape this time. "Hey, Karen taught us Pig Latin when we were little," the red-headed boy continued as his brother nodded. "We used it all the time for awhile. Plus we made up some of our own secret words. Like we called our weenies "enchees," and our butts "bochees!"

"We had to stop 'cause Karen and Mom figured our words out right away," Todd said.

"But Todd still says enchee sometimes," Rod said.

"So do you," Todd said.

"Okay, okay" Chad said, his apprehension still rising. "But you gotta not talk about this stuff around them, or around anyone else – they'll know where you got it. And never use the f-word, even when you're alone – if they hear you we'll all be in trouble."

Rod and Todd rolled their eyes in comical synchrony. "We're not idiots," Rod said. "We heard the word before. We just didn't know that it meant – that it meant... Are you sure our moms all did that?" he asked. "It sounds weird."

"Everybody does it, except gay guys," Gabriel said. "They don't like girls, so they just do each other's butts."

"Gross," both twins said at once. "Butts are stinky," Todd added.

"Speaking of stinky butts," Chad said. "I told your mom I'd make sure you washed yours. We'd better do it in case she checks."

"Awww, do we have to?" Rod begged.

"She won't even see us tomorrow morning," Todd said. "She said we were going straight to school."

"Karen might show up to walk to school with us," Rod argued. "She sometimes pulls our pants out in back and sniffs and looks for skid marks. We'd better do it."

"But I want to stay and watch him get spanked," Todd said. "I love watching big boys get spanked, especially bare! They get all red and stuff. It's cool when Rod gets spanked! And it was even cooler when you got spanked – you cried worse than Rod, and we got to do it, remember?"

Chad remembered entirely too well being across both boys' laps simultaneously while they beat his butt with slippers from both sides at once. He felt sudden empathy for his miserable brother. Gabriel was going to spank Tommy again, and Chad couldn't blame him. But he could ease his brother's humiliation. "That's their private business," said Chad. "You're going to go take a shower now."

"I don't care if they watch," Tommy said quietly, looking up at them from his feet, where he'd been gazing. "They should watch. What I've done was awful. You should watch, too, Chad. I was awful to you, too, when you were being punished. Heck, you should spank me after Gabriel finishes. So should they." The two little boys' expressions brightened.

"I'll get the slippers," one said.

Chad thought about it. Tommy had been awfully mean to him when he'd been the one out of favor. "No," he said firmly, stopping the little red-haired boy. "I'm not punishing Tommy anymore, and I'm not having you do it. You were horrible to me, Tommy, but I'm not going to make it better by being horrible back. In fact, that would make it too easy for you. Then you wouldn't feel guilty about what you'd done to me. I don't want that. I want you feeling guilty. I want you to feel guilty for a long time. That's a lot worse than a blistered butt."

He turned toward the two little red-heads. "Come on, guys," he said. "I'm not staying here to watch, and I'm not letting you watch, either. And I'm certainly not letting you paddle my brother – he hasn't done anything to you. You have to come take your bath or shower. We're going to go away and let Gabriel span...let Gabriel do the stuff he and Tommy need to do." He opened the door, and pointed to the bathroom. "Go get undressed," he said. "I'll be there in a minute." The twins looked reluctant, then shrugged together and scampered off, pulling shirts over their heads as they went and tossing them in the hall. One had his pants at half mast already, his tight little butt half out, before turning into the open bathroom door. Chad looked back into the room. Gabriel was already sitting on Tommy's bed, motioning Tommy over his lap. "I don't care if you feel guilty or not," Gabriel was saying. "I just want your butt to hurt! And since you're not sucking me tonight, I'm making this spanking extra long! And don't fight crying, 'cause I'm not stopping until you've cried a long time."

Chad watched in surprise as his normally dominant younger brother meekly settled over his smaller cousin's legs and placed himself in the humiliating little-boy spanking position, his butt upturned and relaxed under his younger cousin's hand, partially flexed. Chad would have been clenching with all his worth had he been in Tommy's position, in fact had done exactly that, trying to fend off the sting of the first spank. Yet despite his compliance, it was clear Tommy feared the spanking his cousin was about to give him – his face was flushed bright red and he was even trembling slightly. But he buried his head in his arms anyway, and his still welted butt remained relaxed and vulnerable. Gabriel raised his hand. "Now hold still, Tommy," he cautioned. "Don't move until I'm done. I might take a rest or two in the middle if my hand gets too tired or too sore, but that doesn't mean I'm done with you. Don't you dare try to get up until I say you've been spanked enough for now and tell you to go to the corner. We understand each other?" Tommy just nodded, his head still buried. "This is gonna hurt!" Gabriel said teasingly, drawing out Tommy's torment. "It's gonna hurt bad! Worse than getting your butt fucked!" Tommy just nodded again.

"I know," he said in a soft, muffled voice.

Chad didn't want to see the rest. The bare, upturned butt, the descending hand, the crack of skin against skin. It gave him flashbacks of himself in that position, the helplessness of not being able to escape the mounting pain, the humiliation of not just having his most private parts bared for everyone, but being touched on them, having his butt slapped repeatedly, the humiliation of having to submit meekly to such a little-boy punishment.

He turned and shut the door and strode down the hall, the muffled crack of Gabriel's hand on Tommy's butt audible through the tightly closed door. He mentally counted until the next sharp smack, and the next one. About 2 seconds apart. He remember how much he'd hated that rhythm – spanks far enough apart you felt each one, close enough together that the sting kept building up, each spank worse than the last. He thought he could hear Tommy grunting faintly with pain as he turned into the bathroom door, picking up clothing as he went. He closed the bathroom door behind him and sat the clothes down on the counter, stooping to pick up the identical pairs of white little-boy briefs on the floor. Out of the corner of his eye, he could see two naked little red-haired boys standing angled at the toilet, finishing peeing with identical little flips of their penises to shake of the last drops. They looked up at Chad as he let his eyes flick over their underwear, marveling at their spotless whiteness. But then, Mrs. Morton probably would never stand for skid marks. Down the hall, muffled by the two closed doors, he could hear Tommy's soft moaning carrying just over the crack of bare hand on bare butt.

Tommy's butt had been sore to start with – welted and bruised, and it hadn't taken much to get him to crying this time. Yet he wasn't begging Gabriel to stop as Chad would have been doing.. It was like his brother was a new person – a compliant person, a person who accepted his guilt. He'd gone over Gabriel's lap without question, like he almost welcomed his spanking. Chad shivered, realizing that the two boys were looking quizzically at him, both holding their peters in an identical fashion even though they were done peeing.

"He's sure getting his butt beat," one of the boys said.

Chad ignored the remark. He didn't want to talk about boys in his household getting spankings. "Come one, guys," he said. "You gotta take a shower. Or a bath."

"We like showers," one of the twins said. "But you gotta help us. Soap our bottoms and boy stuff. Karen usually does it," he added. "Mom said we can't be trusted to do it on our own until we're 11 or 12."

"And even then she says we'll have to be checked afterward," his brother added.

"I'll get all wet if I soap you," Chad said.

"Karen makes us take turns under the water while she soaps the one that's not under it. She leans in at the back of the tub," the other twin explained.

"But since you're a boy, too, you could just come in with us," the other added." "Then it wouldn't matter if you got wet."

Chad considered. He noticed, suddenly, that both boys had made their penises hard standing there fingering them. What if he got hard while he was in the shower with them? Then again, it would be a good test, wouldn't it? If he didn't get hard even with these two poking him from both sides with their little dicks, that would tell him something, too. And he wasn't hard now. And it wasn't like they hadn't seen him naked before – heck, he'd even pooped in front of them, on all fours like a dog in the back yard. He began stripping off his clothes, soon standing naked in front of them. Glancing down, he was relieved to see two things – his penis wasn't hard, and it wasn't a button, either. It looked rather respectable dangling over his plum of a scrotum for a change. In fact, he was happy to see that it was almost as long soft as the boys' hard little members were standing up. He turned and began adjusting the shower temperature.

"I'm coming in with you," he said. "But no horseplay or I'll spank your bare hind ends as hard as my brother is getting it! And even if just one of you gets in trouble, I'm spanking both of you, just to make sure I get the right one."

"We'll be good," both boys said at once. Chad realized that Gabriel was still spanking Tommy, and Tommy was bawling loudly enough to be heard through two closed doors. No wonder they were pleading their good conduct.

"All right," Chad said. He clambered in with the two boys and pulled the shower curtain shut. Picking up the soap, he turned to the boys, who were looking at his crotch rather admiringly even though he was soft and dangling. People looking at his crotch with envy was a new experience for Chad, and sent a thrill of pride through him. "Both of you get wet," he said. "And then we'll wash those stinky butts."

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