Catnip Chapter 2
By Kylie

Copyright 2010 by Kylie, all rights reserved

* * * * *
This story is intended for ADULTS ONLY. It contains explicit depictions of sexual activity involving minors. If you are not of a legal age in your locality to view such material or if such material does not appeal to you, do not read further, and do not save this story.
* * * * *

Chapter Two – The Poker Game

Darlene and Nikki were lying across Angela's bed, while their classmates Brooke and Angela sat on the floor, all playing poker.

"I don't know why we even bother to play poker," Brooke complained. "I suck at it, and I'm still the best player in the group."

"What else are we going to do on a rainy day when the storm has knocked out the electricity?" Angela asked.

"I have some board games at home," Nikki volunteered.

"Nikki, do you really want to walk home and back in the rain?" Darlene asked. "Let's just keep playing cards. Maybe we'll get better at it."

Darlene laughed. "No chance of that happening. Why do you think your pervert brother is always challenging us to play strip poker? He knows he'd beat the pants off us... and everything else!"

An idea formed in Darlene's head. "That's it! Let's do it."

"Do what?" Nikki asked.

"I'll call my house and invite Peter to join us," Darlene answered.

"Ugh, why would we want your brother to hang out with us?" Brooke asked.

"Yeah," Angela added. "I'd have to fumigate my room if the pest steps into it."

They all laughed. Then, Nikki said, "Besides, it's raining, remember? Peter won't come out in the rain."

Darlene grinned. "He would if we told him we were playing strip poker."

"Are you crazy?" Angela asked. "You think I'm going to strip naked in front of your brother?"

Brooke shrugged. "There's four of us; one of us might win. We'd have an 80% chance of a girl winning."

"Maybe," Angela said, "but some of us might still get stripped before he did."

Darlene smiled wickedly. "What if I could guarantee 100% that Peter would be the first to lose?"

"How?" Brooke asked. "Marked cards?"

Darlene shook her head. "Leave it to me. I'll fix it so Peter ends up the only one nude."

"How can you guarantee something like that?" Angela asked.

Darlene winked at Nikki. "Oh, I have my ways, don't I, Nikki?"

Nikki remembered how Peter had been hypnotized and had obeyed all of Darlene's commands the other day. She nodded.

"I don't know," Brooke said. "We might still lose and I don't want your brother seeing me nude."

"I said I'd guarantee it, didn't I?" Darlene asked. "Look, if you're about to lose the game, I'll take your place and strip instead of you; and Nikki will do the same for Angela, right Nikki?"

Nikki was hesitant, but Darlene shot her a fierce glance, and she said, "Sure, no problem."

Angela laughed. "I think you two are crazy, but if there's no risk for us, I'm on."

"All right, me too," Brooke added.

"Fine," Darlene said. "I'm going to call Peter now." Darlene pulled out her phone and phoned her brother. "Peter, it's me, Darlene."

"What do you want, loser? I'm watching TV."

"The power's back on at home?"

"Yeah, now tell me what you want before I hang up."

"I'm at Angela's house playing poker with Nikki and Brooke. They asked me to invite you over to play."

"Are you playing for money?"


Peter laughed. "You know the only way I'd play cards with them is if it was for their allowances."

"Not even if they were playing strip poker?"

The phone was silent for several seconds and then Peter exclaimed, "No way! Are they really playing strip poker?"

"Yep. Come over right now if you're interested. Bye." Darlene clicked off the phone. "He's on his way." She chuckled.

Ten minutes later, the doorbell rang. Angela stood up to answer it, but Darlene stopped her. "That's probably my brother. I'll let him in." Darlene rushed to the front door and opened it. Peter was on the other side.

"Well?" he asked. "Are you going to let me in or what?"

Darlene grinned. "Sure, but first CATNIP."

Peter's eyes glazed over, indicating to Darlene that he was ready for a hypnotic suggestion.

"Peter, every time you get a helpful card, you will discard it. Do you understand?"

"I understand," Peter repeated in a monotone.

"Perfect." Darlene smiled and snapped her fingers. Peter came out of the trance. "Come on in."

Peter followed her into Angela's bedroom. Angela shuffled the cards and the girls looked nervous. Peter sensed their nervousness and grew cocky. He had beaten all of them before and knew they were bad card players. He glanced out Angela's window into her backyard at the large oak tree. "Let's make this more interesting," he said, grinning. "The first person to lose has to run around the oak tree three times shouting 'I'm a naked loser' before getting their clothes back."

Darlene laughed. "Agreed, but we stop playing after one of us is completely naked."

"Aw, I want to strip all of you." Peter laughed as he saw Angela and Brooke look like they were having second thoughts.

"I'll raise the stakes," Darlene said. "The loser will have to do a forfeit chosen by each of the players as well. Deal?"

"You mean, once one of you is stripped nude, I can make you do anything I want?" Peter's eyes lit up. "You've got a deal!"

Angela and Brooke bit their lips, nervous but knowing that either Darlene or Nikki would have to pay their forfeits. Nikki was perhaps the most uncomfortable. She leaned over to Darlene and whispered, "You did fix it, right?"

Darlene nodded. "Let's start. Sweaters and jackets off, everyone-they don't count."

Angela dealt the first hand and Peter couldn't believe his luck – a Royal Flush! He was still grinning when he heard Angela ask him if he wanted any cards. Peter couldn't help himself. He plucked the king and queen and tossed them into the discard pile. "Give me two." He shook his head, wondering why in the world he would ruin a perfect hand. He was dealt a five of clubs and a seven of diamonds. Brooke ended up winning the round and everyone but her tossed a shoe onto a pile. The next round went to Angela, and everyone except Angela and Brooke, who each retained a shoe, were shoeless. Darlene won the third round, after Peter discarded one of his tens and one of his eights, effectively destroying his two pair. Angela and Brooke each removed their remaining shoe, while Nikki and Peter each pulled off a sock. Nikki was getting a bit nervous, but she relaxed after winning the fourth game. Darlene grinned when she won the fifth game and everyone else removed a sock. Peter looked at his cards after Angela dealt the sixth hand: two aces and three queens. He smiled, knowing his luck had returned.

"Anyone want cards?" Angela asked. "Darlene?"

"I'm good, Darlene replied.


"Two," Brooke replied.


Nikki shook her head.


No way, Peter thought. This is killer. Then he heard himself say, "yeah, give me four" as he tossed the aces and two of the queens onto the discard pile. Peter stared in horror at what he had just done, not realizing he was under a hypnotic compulsion. He gazed at the worthless cards he had received.

"Okay, show your cards, everyone," Angela said.

Peter tossed his hand down in anger.

Nikki smiled and cried out, "I win! I win!"

The other girls pulled off their remaining sock and Peter took off his shirt and threw it onto the rapidly growing clothes pile.

"Cool!" Brooke exclaimed. "We finally get to see some flesh!"

Peter felt self-conscious when Brooke pointed out that he was now showing more skin than anyone else in the game. Worse, he realized if his losing streak continued for the next two games, he would literally be streaking.

Angela shuffled and dealt the seventh hand. Peter looked at his cards: Three kings and two queens. Finally, he had a chance. When Angela asked if he wanted any cards, Peter grinned, knowing he was set. He was determined not to speak and blow it this time. Then, he watched his left hand pluck four cards from his right hand and add them to the discard pile.

"Looks like you need four new cards." Angela dealt him four cards.

"But.. but..." Peter sputtered. He glanced at the cards: a two of clubs, a four of diamonds, a nine of diamonds, and a six of hearts.

The girls turned over their hands and Brooke was the winner with a flush. Darlene waved her sock in the air and Angela, Nikki, and Peter all slid off their pants – the only difference was the girls still had long shirts that stretched down to cover their panties, while Peter, having lost his shirt I the previous game, was down to his tighty whities.

"Feeling a draft, Petey?" Brooke asked, giggling.

Peter turned red. He had never played this badly before! It was almost as if he was trying to lose! He looked around the circle and saw the eager expression on the girls' faces. If he lost the next hand, the game would end and he would be stark naked in front of his sister and three girls from his school. "Um, you girls have been really lucky today, but you know what a good player I am. Why don't we call it quits before your luck runs out?"

"You mean before your clothes run out, don't you?" Angela laughed.

"No way!" Brooke added. "Prepare to get nakie, loser!"

Angela dealt the card. Peter's fingers sweat as he arranged his hand. All of his cards were spades! A flush. He was saved! Peter sighed. Angela asked if he wanted any cards. Peter felt his heart race. No. No. No. No. No. "One." He discarded one card and cursed himself. He watched Angela peel off a card from the deck. He still had a one in four chance that it could be a club. He could still win after all!

Angela dealt the others their cards while Peter edged his trembling fingers to pick up his new card. He closed his eyes and added it to his hand. Then he took a deep breath and gazed at his hand. Nothing red flashed out at him. Peter smiled in relief. His eyes scanned the cards: two of clubs; three of clubs; eight of clubs; ten of clubs; and jack of... spades! "Oh no!" Peter groaned.

Hearing the boy groan, Darlene said, "Come on, Peter. Show us your cards."

"Yeah," Nikki added. "And then show us everything else!"

Reluctantly, Peter turned over his cards to a wave of laughter and catcalls.

"Take it off, Peter!" Angela cried.

"Yeah," Brooke said. "Show us what you got."

Peter stood and slowly slipped his thumbs into the elastic waistband of his underwear. "Okay, you beat me. I don't know how, but you beat me. Can't we leave it at that?"

The girls grinned like a pack of hyenas. "Are you going to take them off or do we have to strip you?" Darlene asked.

Peter grimaced and pulled down his underwear. He stepped out of his tighty whities and tossed them onto the clothes pile, quickly covering his genitals with his hands.

"Uh uh, nudie boy!" Brooke said. "Hands behind your head."

Outnumbered and surrounded by the determined girls, Peter placed his hands behind his head, allowing the girls a good look at his small penis and barely descended balls.

"Omigod!" Brooke exclaimed, never having seen a nude boy before.

"Damn, he's got a small dick," Angela said. "My brother's his age and his dick is at least two inches bigger."

"Spin around so we can all see your butt," Darlene ordered.

As he pivoted, Peter was mortified watching the four girls eying him. He couldn't wait to get dressed and run home. "Okay, you've had your fun. Let me at my clothes."

"Did you forget?" Darlene asked.

"Forget what?" Peter asked.

"The first person to lose has to run around the oak tree three times shouting 'I'm a naked loser' before getting their clothes back," Darlene said. "It was your idea, Peter!"

Peter groaned. Of course it was his idea, but that was when he expected it to be one of the girls who lost. Sensing that the girls were not about to let him back down, Peter said, "Okay, let's just get this over with."

The girls led the nude boy outside to the fenced-in backyard. There was snow on the ground and Peter's feet felt cold at first. The girls had dressed and were wearing heavy sweaters while Peter shivered. He knew running would warm him up a bit. He made a dash to the oak tree and as he circled it, he shouted out: "I'm a naked loser!" The girls laughed hysterically at the sight of the streaking boy. Circling for the second time, Peter cried, "I'm a naked loser!" By his third pass, the girls were laughing so hard they were almost in tears. "I'm a naked loser!" Peter shouted for the third and final time.

"That's obvious!" Brooke exclaimed. "Now it's time for your forfeits. Let's see you make a snow angel, Peter."

A forlorn look crossed Peter's face and he knew he had no choice but to lay on his back, naked in the snow, and flail his arms and legs. The four girls cackled with glee, watching the nude boy make a fool of himself.

"I'm freezing my ass off!" Peter exclaimed.

"Okay, you can stop now," Brooke said. "Nikki, what's your forfeit for Peter?"

Nikki grinned. "I want Peter to pee his name in the snow."

The girls laughed. "All right, Peter. You heard her." Brooke said.

Reluctantly, Peter tried to pee. He found it almost impossible to pee with the girls watching, so he closed his eyes and pretended he was in his bathroom. Soon, he felt himself pissing and he opened his eyes and grabbed his dick, spelling P-E-T-E-R in the snow in urine. Nikki clapped when Peter had completed the yellow signature.

"My turn!" Angela exclaimed. "Let's go back inside my house."

Peter was thrilled to hear he was finally going inside. Whatever lay ahead couldn't be as bad as freezing naked outside. Once inside Angela's house, Angela brought out a hand towel, some pins, and a baby bib. She spread the towel on the bed and ordered Peter to lie on it. Then she folded it into a diaper and pinned it. Finally, she tied the bib around his neck. Peter looked absolutely ridiculous in the homemade diaper and bib, but at least, he thought, it was better than being nude. "This isn't so bad," Peter said.

"Oh, but that's not the whole forfeit," Angela said. "You have to answer my door like that if the doorbell rings in the next 1o minutes."

Peter shrugged. After all, what were the odds that the doorbell would ring?

Angela picked up her phone and dialed. "Hi, Julie, it's Angela, next door. Can you come over right now? Just ring the bell when you get here. See you soon!"

Darlene covered her mouth. They all knew that Peter had a crush on Angela's neighbor Julie.

Peter looked terrified. "Please, Angela, don't make me do that. Anything but that!"

Angela laughed. "If you complain, I'll make you give me back my towel."

The chagrined boy knew he would not get his clothes back until he had complied with the remaining two forfeits, so he nodded and made his way to Angela's living room, dreading the sound of the doorbell.

He did not have long to wait.


Peter gulped.

"Answer the door, Peter!" Angela said.

Peter walked to Angela's front door and turned the knob. He opened the door and stared at Julie, his crush and Angela's next-door neighbor.

The 11-year-old girl gaped at the sight of a boy her age wearing a baby bib and a homemade diaper. She covered her mouth in shock and then burst out laughing.

Peter just stood in the doorway, mortified. "Do you want to come in?" he finally spit out.

Julie pulled out her phone and snapped a picture of Peter framed in Angela's doorway. "The kids at school won't believe this without proof."

Peter was horrified. He imagined that by tomorrow, his diaper photo would be a screensaver on everyone's computer. He cringed. At least he was almost done with the forfeits. One more and he could get his clothes, go home, and lock himself in his room for the rest of his life.

Julie walked in and was greeted by Angela and the others. "What the hell is going on?" Julie asked.

Angela laughed. "Peter lost at strip poker and he's doing forfeits."

"Omigod!" Julie exclaimed. "You mean Peter was nude?"

"Running around in the backyard in his birthday suit," Brooke said.

"Man, I wish I had seen that!" Julie said.

Peter cringed.

"Well, he has one more forfeit to go, so maybe Darlene will make him strip for you."

Peter's eyes widened. "No way! She can't be here for the forfeit. She wasn't in the game."

"It's my forfeit and I call the shots," Darlene told her brother. She smiled wickedly. "Let's all go back to Angela's bedroom."

The five girls marched Peter back into Angela's room. Peter leaned close to Darlene and whispered, "Please don't make me get naked in front of Julie. I'll do anything you want from now on."

Darlene laughed. "You already do anything I want now." Peter had no idea that he was subject to Darlene's hypnotic suggestions. "Now take off that stupid bib and diaper so you can do my forfeit."

"Can I do it with the diaper on?"

Darlene chuckled. "I know how much you like wearing a diaper, but I never thought you'd be begging to wear one! Now take it off or we'll take it off for you!"

Reluctantly, Peter slowly removed the diaper. Julie's eyes were glued to the boy's crotch. As Peter removed the diaper and stood nude before the five girls, he watched Julie's eyes bulge.

"It's so small!" Julie gasped.

Peter wanted to dig a hole and crawl into it.

"Not really," Darlene said. "Peter, show Julie how big you can make it. For my forfeit, you have to play with yourself, repeating 'Oh, Julie!' until you get your dick hard and bigger than it is now."

All of the girls, including Julie gasped. Darlene was diabolical. What could be more humiliating for her brother than to be forced to strip naked in front of five neighborhood girls and then jack off, repeating his crush's name to her?

Peter saw his sister cleverly blocking the door. He knew he was not leaving Angela's room until he had thoroughly humiliated himself. He also knew that the quicker he did, the sooner he would be free to collect his clothes and go home. The embarrassed boy grasped his tiny dick and began rubbing it up and down, to squeals of delight from his audience. "Oh, Julie! Oh, Julie!" he cried.

"Omigod, this is the best, ever!" Angela said.

"That's the most humiliating thing I've ever seen!" Brooke exclaimed.

"Is it hard yet?" Nikki asked. "It's so small, I can't tell."

"What do you think, Julie?" Darlene asked.

Just when Peter thought he could not possibly be more mortified, Julie reached out and squeezed his dick. She laughed, proclaiming, "Petey's got a stiffie!"

Peter cringed in shame.

"If I were you, I'd keep my clothes on until that thing grew," Julie told Peter.

Brooke reached under the bed where she had hidden Peter's clothes and tossed the pile to him. "Thanks for the show, big Peter and little Peter."

"Yeah," Angela said. "Come by again anytime you want to be stripped nude and humiliated."

Peter hugged the clothes to his chest and ran from the room, not bothering to dress until he reached the front door.

Nikki laughed and said to Darlene, "That was amazing! Definitely the most humiliating thing you could do to him."

A wicked smile crossed Darlene's face. "Not even close. When we get back to my house, I'll tell you my plan that will totally humiliate him!"

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