Juvenile Deterrence Chapter 7
By Steam Train

copyright 2006 by Steam Train, all rights reserved
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This story is intended for ADULTS ONLY. It contains explicit depictions of sexual activity involving minors. If you are not of a legal age in your locality to view such material or if such material does not appeal to you, do not read further, and do not save this story.
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Chapter 7: Medical Embarrassment.

Daniel Green had been sitting in the waiting room of Pediatrician Dr. Geoffrey Bond, M.D. along with his mother for ages. It was a late afternoon appointment after school and the doctor was obviously running behind schedule.

The waiting did not help calm Daniels nerves.

Daniels mum Vicki Green was waiting patiently reading a book she had bought with her. She knew what doctors were like in keeping their appointments. Daniel had read all of the magazines that interested him and still he had not been called to undergo his medical examination.

When they had first arrived Mrs Green and Daniel had advised the receptionist who they were and when Mrs Green mentioned that her son Daniel was there for a NEWDD Examination the Receptionist smiled a very strange smile at Daniel and then handed Mrs Green a substantial file of forms that needed to be filled out detailing Daniels medical history.

For Daniel this was not his first medical examination.

After his accident and subsequent operation he had received a lot of medical attention and even after he was released he had for a while returned to his doctor for a regular check up.

Because of this exposure to medical procedures Daniel didn't normally hate seeing doctors, but his brother and sister had also read the information brochure on the Federal Juvenile Deterrence Program and had tormented him this morning at the bus stop about what the Doctor might do in a NEWDD examination.

In fact the day had only continued on down hill from that time at the bus stop and Daniel had a nervous feeling that the medical would not make his day any better.

At school some of his friends from the Henson Gang who had been at Thompson's Foundry on Sunday with him had already gone to the police station and had been charged with Trespass and Public Nuisance, the others were going after school today and now knew what was in store for them too.

They would all be appearing in the juvenile court next Tuesday to have their cases heard.

Daniel had already noted that he seemed to be the only one charged with Vandalism.

Word soon spread through his grade then the whole school that he had snitched on his mates and that they were being charged.

He spent a very lonely lunch hour totally ostracised from his former buddies. They had told him to his face that they were not his friends any more. "You never snitch on your mates," they had told him.

Daniel was brought back out of his thoughts by the sound of voices talking.

A young boy accompanied by his mother were the ones talking as they walked down the hallway from the examination rooms.

Whilst they were finalising their account with the receptionist a nurse came into view along the same hallway and standing near the entrance to the waiting room looked at Mrs Green and Daniel. They were the only ones left in the waiting room.

"You must be Mrs Green and Daniel?" the nurse said.

"Yes we are" Daniels mum replied.

"Would you both follow me, please?" the nurse requested.

"Me too?" Mrs Green questioned.

"Yes please Mrs Green the doctor needs to talk to you before he commenced Daniels NEWDD examination".

Daniel thought to himself, 'I hope mum does not stay for the examination that would just add to the embarrassment'.

They both followed the Nurse down the hallway.

"The doctor will see you in this examination room today" the nurse told them leading them into examination room one.

"Daniel would you please take a seat up on the examination table, the doctor will be with you in a few minutes." The nurse instructed.

The nurse noticing Mrs Green looking around the examination room for a seat directed her to sit on a chair near the wall at the bottom of the examination table.

The nurse then left them alone and after about five minutes of unnatural silence between Daniel and his mum the door opened and in walked a dark haired man of medium height and fair complexion aged in his early thirties.

'Hello I am Dr Bond" the doctor introduced himself.

"Hello doctor" both Mrs Green and Daniel replied in unison.

"You must be Mrs Green?" the doctor asked extending his hand. Mrs Greens shook the offered hand.

"And this must be Daniel"

"Yes sir" Daniel replied.

Facing Mrs Green the Doctor asked, "Well Mrs Green I believe Daniel is here today on a court order to undergo a Notice of Exemption from Wearing Decent Dress Medical Examination?"

"Yes unfortunately doctor" Mrs Green responded.

"Yes I read all the details on the court request. Trespass Vandalism and Public Nuisance! Quite a list Daniel!"

Daniel didn't know what to say in response so he kept silent.

Ignoring Daniel Dr Bond spoke to Mrs Green. "Mrs Green today's medical examination will be carried out exactly as stipulated in the Federal Juvenile Deterrence Act. The act requires that Daniel undergo a thorough and comprehensive examination".

"Now before we start I want to make it clear to both you Mrs Green and to Daniel that this examination whilst essential to the court in the accurate formation of Daniels sentence is also designed to enhance the embarrassment and humiliation of Daniels whilst he is serving his sentence in the juvenile deterrence program".

"I am one of 27 doctors in this state who are currently accredited to perform the NEWDD Medical examination. I have received special training on the procedures required to conduct this NEWDD Examination in accordance with the Federal Juvenile Deterrence Act".

"Now Mrs Green I would like to take a few minutes and go through Daniels medical history as there are some important issues that I need to clarify about Daniels previous operations" the doctor requested.

For the next minutes Dr Bond and Mrs Green went over the history of Daniels operations, his transplants and after effects. Mrs Green informed Dr Bond of the transplant doctors opinion in regard to the growth of Daniels transplanted penis, but added that she herself had never actually seen Daniel naked since the operation to be able to confirm this.

Dr Bond thanked Mrs Green for her information and assistance and then asked, "Do either of you have any questions before we get started?"

"You don't require my presence during the examination do you doctor? I'm sure Daniel would prefer it if I didn't stay" Mrs Green asked.

Daniel smiled at his mum and nodded his head in agreement.

"Well actually Mrs Green it is normal practice for an adult witness to be present when a NEWDD medical examination is being undertaken, it protects me and as well the authorities believe it adds to the embarrassment and humiliation. Besides Daniel needs to start getting used to being naked around people".

"As a NEWDD participant Daniel will be that way 24/7 till the end of his sentence, so I would prefer that you stayed Mrs Green, that way I don't have to pull the nurse away for her end of day duties " the doctor replied.

"Oh, I see. Well put that way of course I will stay" Mrs Green replied.

Daniel blushed at this news. Even during his hospitalisation Daniels mum had not seen him naked. He couldn't remember the last time she had seen him naked in fact, but it must have been when he was nine or ten years old.

"Doctor Bond sir I have a question, do I have to get totally naked for this examination?" a still blushing Daniel asked

"Of course Daniel, I'm afraid it's a requirement of the act to conduct the examination naked" the doctor replied.

"Oh" was all the now profusely blushing Daniel could bring himself to reply.

Mrs Green tried to conceal the smirk on her face at her son's reaction. Deep down in she admitted to herself that she was just a bit curious to see what her eldest son looked like naked these days. Since he was ten she had allowed him his privacy. Still she felt really sorry for his impending humiliation.

"No other questions Daniel?" the doctor asked, "Then I need you to take everything off including your underwear and place them in that plastic tub under the examination table then we can get started."

Very slowly Daniel took off his shoes, socks, and t- shirt. Then he unbuckled his jeans and pulled them off. He was wearing his only pair of blue checked Calvin Klein boxers that he had put on right after his shower this afternoon after coming home from school. Daniel then pulled down his boxers to reveal a pair of white briefs.

Mrs Green smiled at her son's excess modesty that was quickly being stripped away. Now she knew why there were always so much of Daniels underwear in the washes Tom did.

Finally with noting left to stall time Daniel gripped the waistband of his briefs and pulled them slowly down and took them off. He was now standing totally naked in front of the Doctor and his mother revealing a little penis head that popped straight out of his totally hairless groin. There was no shaft to be seen at all!

Mrs Green couldn't help staring at what was revealed in front of her. She knew that her son's transplanted donor penis had come from a boy seven years younger than Daniel. At that time when Daniel was twelve and a half he had received the penis of a five-year-old boy

Daniel never gave anyone a chance to see him naked it was just too embarrassing. Two days short of his fifteenth birthday he was bordering on delayed puberty. Daniel was still a hairless little boy down there where it really mattered to a boy. Even his scrotum and testicles, which were his own, were no bigger than a ten or eleven year olds.

Taking a totally professional attitude Dr Bond then asked "Right Daniel please stand up on the scale so we can measure your height and weight."

Dr. Bond called out the readings, 5 feet 4 inches and 105 pounds and wrote them on Daniel's examination form.

Dr Bond then proceeded to measure his neck, chest, and waist size. The distance from his neck to his fingertips and then Daniels inner leg dimensions. Whilst doing this Daniel blushed when the doctor brushed against the head of his penis.

Next Dr Bond passed Daniel a large plastic jar with a tube like end. Daniel blushed again as he saw it, knowing from previous experience that he would be required to give a urine sample. He looked around for where to go and the doctor noticed.

"You are supposed to give the urine sample in front of me but nerves make that difficult and results in much wasted time so go through that door there Daniel" the doctor pointed to the toilet "but to conform to the act as this is a NEWDD examination leave the door open please".

It took Daniel a few minutes to overcome his nervousness and deposit a urine sample. He returned the jar to the doctor who promptly caped and labeled it.

"Right now Daniel please sit back up on the examination table and I'll test your blood pressure and heart rate."

Dr. Bond performed the tests and again wrote the results onto Daniel's examination report.

"Now please stand and I'm going to listen to your heart and lungs."

Dr. Bond put the stethoscope on Daniel's chest.

"Breathe in."

Daniel breathed in.

"And out."

Daniel breathed out.

The doctor moved the stethoscope over Daniel's heart and listened.

When he had finished listening Dr Bond then checked Daniels ears, nose, and throat, and examined his posture and spine.

Next he tested Daniel's abdomen by pressing all over it and then did a hernia test. Dr. Bond put his hand on the teen's groin, right next to Daniels tight ball sack.

Daniel could feel the nerves building with the doctors hands so close to his genitals.

"Turn your head and cough," the doctor instructed Daniel

Daniel turned his head and coughed.

"And again please" the doctor requested.

Daniel coughed again.

Dr. Bond then withdrew his hand from Daniels groin and made some notes on the examination form.

As he did so he commented to Mrs Green, "It never ceases to amaze me how modern surgery techniques leave such little scaring. You have to look very carefully to see Daniels surgical scars.

"Ok then Daniel next we will check the amount of pubic hair you have?"

Dr. Bond bent over Daniels naked body to get a closer look at area surrounding Daniels penis. He placed his hand above Daniels penis and felt the smooth lily-white skin above and at the sides of Daniels penis before running his fingers over his tight scrotum.

At the doctor's touch Daniels penis started to erect, a little shaft began to appear from behind the protruding penis head.

"No pubic or scrotal hair" the doctor said out aloud and then wrote onto the examination form.

"Ok lets check the amount of underarm hair? Please lift your arms Daniel."

A blushing Daniel lifted his arms up in the air. His armpits were totally hairless.

"'None" the doctor noted on the form.

"Ok now Daniel I am going to check the amount of hair around your anus? Could you please turn away from me and touch your toes?"

A profusely blushing Daniel Green turned his back to the doctor, bent over, and touched his toes. As he did this, he exposed his anus the most private part of his body for Dr. Bond's inspection.

"No hairs around your anus. You can stand back up now Daniel."

Daniel stood and turned back to face the doctor still blushing from that last inspection.

"I know being a late developer and having no pubic or body hair at your age is an added embarrassment Daniel" Dr Bond said "but if there is a bright side to that fact it is that there is nothing to shave off for the examinations I have yet to perform".

'Examinations!' Daniel thought 'what examinations are they?'

Whilst all this was going on Mrs Green just sat quietly observing her naked son's total embarrassment as Dr Bond slowly revealed all of Daniel's previously most private secrets. She felt sorry for his ordeal but admitted only to herself that she found the whole procedure very fascinating and arousing.

End Chapter 7.


The structure of the medical exam is based on by LizardGuy.

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