Nathan Wilkinson Is Taken Back Under Control Part 5
by Steam Train

copyright 2010 by Steam Train, all rights reserved
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Nathan Wilkinson Is Taken Back Under Control
A Nudie Juvie Story

Part 5:

As seven thirty PM neared, Nathan stood cowering naked in his front entry hall, hidden from sight from outside, just to the side of the open front door of his house. Nathan's mother Allison, as she prepared to lock up the house noticed him with his hands clasped tightly over his genitals.

"Don't be covering yourself Nathan. You are a NEWDD and as such you must show everyone what you have been hiding up till now! You don't want to add to your humiliation by being spanked in public for covering up, do you understand me Nathan?"

"Yes ma'am," Nathan politely and obediently replied as he blushed profusely but quickly pulled his hands away from his genitals and let them hang by his sides.

Allison Wilkinson again smiled to herself about her new very obedient son.

"Good boy, now out you go so I can turn on the alarm and lock up" Allison encouraged.

With that a very blushing Nathan Wilkinson followed by his mother went outside onto the front porch. The four girls, who had seen him naked earlier, Shauna Redhead, Jennifer Ashton, Diana Bowers and Michaela Demerger had done a good job of spreading the news that Nathan was now a NEWDD as there was a small crowd of kids from the neighborhood gathered on the footpath outside his house and even though his nudity was still protected from their prying eyes, murmurs then laughter soon erupted when they saw his naked body emerge through the front door and cower with his back turned to them on the porch.

Nathan immediately felt the warmer outside air against his bare skin making him even more painfully aware that he was naked in public, a place where he had always up till now worn clothes! A new wave of humiliation swept over him that made him almost collapse!

His body was tingling making him acutely aware of every inch of naked exposed skin on his body. Though he was 15 years old he was now being forced to finally accept the fact that soon, everyone was going to see that he was in bodily appearance still just a little boy. The exposure to the outside air did not help Nathan at all, shrinking his already small genitals even further.

Nathan lowered his head in shame and looked down at his hairless tiny shrunken genitals. As he did so a solitary tear ran down his cheek and splattered onto the porch floor.

The thought of walking up his street naked terrified him. He had tried for the last half hour to try and psyche himself up for the ordeal, to try and pretend it didn't matter but it did matter and he had failed miserably in convincing himself otherwise!

"Move along son" Allison urged after she finished locking up the house.

He knew he was facing an evening where he would loose a lot of the peer status that he had fought so hard to build up. The only thought that had come to him out of all his attempts to convince himself that being naked in public didn't matter was that if he was a 'baldy' then all those gang members he managed to keep despite his public humiliation would have to be 'bald' to be members of his gang. His lips smiled briefly at the thought of his two gang lieutenants, fourteen year olds Rob Douglas and Jimmy Hunter being shaved hairless!

However his distraction was momentary as the feared time of terror and utter humiliation had arrived.

Nathan slowly turning to face his peers assembled on the footpath outside his house and hesitantly walked to the porch steps and then with a slight nudge from his mum stepped down them and out into the full view of those gathered out the front of his house.

Nathan could feel the blush of his humiliation spread across his face and chest. Even his legs felt like they were burning up from the shame of the mortifying NEWDD experience he was now experiencing. He deliberately avoided eye contact knowing he would just die of humiliation and embarrassment should his eyes meet those of his peers and convey the utter shame he felt at being revealed as a totally undeveloped little boy!

For a few seconds there was an eerie silence as those assembled on the footpath took in the unexpected sight of Nathan's totally hairless body with his tight little boy scrotum with it's marble sized testicles and his shrunken penis which due to his shame was at that time offering nothing more for the assembled crowd to see than his pointy uncircumcised penis head protruding from his smooth groin, his meager thin shaft having retracted fully into his body.

As he walked past Kelsi Downer she was the first to break the silence. Kelsi was the eleven year old sister of Megan who was in his grade and twelve year old Eddie who was in his gang. Nathan heard Kelsi say to Megan, "Look he ain't got no hair like our brother Eddie has!"

Her remark added to the totality of Nathan's humiliation and made Eddie who was standing with them blush as well, but Eddie's embarrassment was nothing compared to Nathan's which as impossible as it would seem only got worse with Megan's reply!

"He's no where as big down there as Eddie either, is he?"

Kelsi just laughed at her sister's comment whilst Eddie's embarrassment turned to partial pride!

As he hurriedly walked on past the girls he passed his new 6th grade gang member, Russel Daniels, a twelve year old, whose initiation debacle had in part led to Nathan's current situation.

Despite his avowed intention Nathan glanced momentarily into Russell's eyes and they were sparkling as they glanced down and took a long look at Nathan's penis and scrotum then looked back up taking in the totality of Nathan's 5 feet 4 inches of naked body.

Weighing in at 100 pounds Nathan may have been in height and weight under the norm for his 15 years of age but Russel was obviously aroused and liking what he saw, looking at Nathan's attractive, smooth well-developed chest and tummy muscles complimented by his dark blonde, trimmed and styled hair, piercing cobalt blue eyes and a deep bronze tan which was highlighted by the contrasting lily white tan lines of his groin area.

"How old are you really Wilko? Being in the 10th grade I thought you were like 15, but seeing you like this," he said raising his eyebrows, looking again at Nathan's shrunken hairless genitals, "I'm guessing you have been academically advanced and that your really only about my age. Am I right?"

Nathan kept silent but his mother scolded him for not being polite and answering Russel's question and so answered herself.

"He's fifteen, even though as you can now see, he does not look it!"

At that everyone in ear shot laughed heartily at Nathans shame.

Russel looked embarrassed by all the laughing and moved by Nathan's obvious humiliation said in a low voice that only Nathan could hear, "Well anyway I like you the way you are" then blushing profusely moved in a short distance behind Nathan and his mum and followed like a puppy dog!

Next as they walked on up the street they passed a group of 12 and 13 year old girls who were waiting with 13 year old 8th graders Diana Bowers and Michaela Demerger gasped in unison!

"Oh my god!!! You were so right Diana, he is totally naked!" giggled Cindy Bulmaski.

"Holy shit, wait until everyone hears about this at school!" Patti Goodwin a girl from Nathan's own grade echoed almost at the same time from a little further up the street!

Nathan put one hand to his face and the other across his genitals trying to hide his shame, but realized that was a mistake.

"Hands by your sides Nathan this instance" his mother ordered "You're a nudie juvie remember!"

A little further on Nathan passed a whole group of his regular gang led by fourteen year olds Rob Douglas and Jimmy Hunter who were his two gang lieutenants. Rob was the taller of the two boys at about five foot seven, with wavy mid length brown hair and the early beginnings of a moustache over his top lip. He had a slightly stocky, but not fat build, which made him look big when he was around kids his own age. Jimmy was shorter at five foot four inches with long dirty blonde hair. He was also slighter in build than Rob, making him look a lot younger.

"Fuck, Shauna wasn't kidding, would you look how small his cock and balls are!" Rob exclaimed as he pointed everyone's eyes to Nathan's exposed shame.

Nathan noticed a slight blush sweep across Jimmy's face as he quickly pointed out the obvious "Shit, he's still as bald as a baby, she was right about that as well,!!!".

The rest of the gang began laughing out loud at the comments by Rob and Jimmy about their fallen leaders hairless little genitals.

It was getting all too much for Nathan.

His status as leader within his gang was of paramount importance to him. He could tell by the smirks and look of contempt on everyone's faces that his position was already being usurped. He was determined to regain that power by confronting all these boys and fighting them if it came to that, but deep down he knew that never again would he be able to hold sway over some of these boys! The important two for him to take control of were his two lieutenants. With them controlled many would follow back into the fold!

Nathan's suffering of public humiliation and degradation did not ease off in the least after he passed his gang, for on the first corner that he came too on the way to Mrs. Powell's house there stood Jennifer Ashton and her younger brother, 7th grader Josh Ashton.

Josh raised his eyebrows and a smile of surprise crossed his face as he noticed Nathan's hairless groin. He looked at his sister, smiled and said "Well now I believe you about Nathan still being a little boy. Even though Marcus had told me that I would be in for quite a surprise when I saw him naked, I still couldn't believe what you told me when you came home today, but now I have seen it with my own eyes!"

Josh asked rhetorically of Nathan, "Gee Nathan; you really have been taken back under control haven't you? You always said that your mum always let you do what you wanted, well I guess not anymore hey!"

"Only this morning Nathan had told Josh to 'Fuck off if he knew what was good for him' when he had tormented him about being taken back under control.

Now Nathan kept quiet as his mum responded, "Did he just, well as you have already noticed, I have taken back control and Nathan no longer does what he wants, but what I and other adults command!"

To himself Nathan thought 'You will pay Josh'.

"Kool" replied an excited Josh. "Mrs Wilkinson" Josh continued, "Please mam, can we walk with you to Mrs. Powell's? Our mum gave my sis and I permission to go listen in to our brother Marcus's interview.

'Yes of course you can" Mrs. Wilkinson replied. The fact that Marcus's younger siblings would be there for his humiliation adding an additional tingle of excitement to the expectation that was already building within her about that evenings activities.

Josh didn't see the smile of triumph and excitement that flashed across Jennifer's face.

She had been working on getting permission to attend her brother's interview for days. Marcus had helped her convince their parents to let them go. Marcus wanted to show off in front of his siblings but Jennifer as interested as she was in seeing Marcus at work as a Community Disciplinarian, really wanted to go as it afforded her the opportunity for her to see Josh naked.

What Josh and his parents didn't know but Jennifer did because her brother Marcus had mentioned in passing was that the Powell house had those new 'Taking Back Control' signs erected.

Jennifer had read the signs on the Wilkinson house and knew they required any boys aged between 3 and 17 who visited the house and back yard, to be naked at all times.

As a bonus that would also mean Jennifer would see any other boys who were in attendance naked as well, including she hoped, Mrs. Powell's two handsome sons, Kareem who was 14 years old and Jamal who was nearly 13.

As Nathan walked on a gentle sob escaped his lips from the abject shame humiliation and embarrassment of his new situation in life. Unexpectedly he felt a warm hand come up from behind him and gently squeeze his right hand.

It was Russel Daniels. Nothing was said but the tenderness of the action said it all!

End Part 5

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