Child Control Movement - Prologue

By Yiru
[email protected]

Copyright 2018 by Yiru, all rights reserved

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This story is intended for adults only. It contains depictions of forced nudity, spanking, and sexual activity of preteen and young teen children for the purpose of punishment. None of the behaviors in this story should be attempted in real life, as that would be harmful and/or illegal. If you are not of legal age in your community to read or view such material, please leave now. 

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Britain’s Child Control Movement

C.C.M Authorization
The Prime Minister sat at his desk rubbing his forehead. His head already ached from the argument he had been having with the London’s Head of Education for the last hour. The ageing man groaned and sat back in his chair after listening to more of his ridiculous scheme.
“This kind of thing goes through parliament first, not to me directly,” he repeated for what felt like the hundredth time, “It’s not within my right to authorise such a controversial act without letting the political parties have a say,” he now rubbed his eyes and groaned before continuing.
“With something this major we have to let the people decide if they want this for their children,” he stared at the man opposite him, not too old but balding despite that, “This is a democracy after all.”
The Prime Minister respected his decision not to wear a wig, “Now you know full well this kind of idea will never pass considering the risks it poses.”
“I know what you’re referring too,” the man nodded, he was in a much better mood that the Prime Minister and was actually excited, “But consider it a calculated risk for their future as good and honest citizens.”
“Edward you’re talking about stripping the countries children in hopes they behave and you’ve given me no theories on how this could work,” the Prime Minister told the enthusiastic man, “And how can you guarantee that they won’t just be abducted when some sick bastard sees a naked boy or girl and can’t resist the temptation?”
“Children are becoming more and more out of our control, just look at the Riots back in 2011,” he was referring to the riots in parts of London that resulted after the fatal shooting of a young coloured man, “The whole world was watching as we basically lost control of our children or watched them be easily led by immature adult instigators, well I want the world to know we can control our children and that we’re prepared to go the extra mile in doing so.”
“Now not every child was out committing crimes during those nights,” the Prime Minster retorted; “We still have many good children and let me remind you that Scotland stopped people rioting before it even began!”
“They’re a part of England, and the UK at large, so they’ll follow the law regardless,” Edward explained, “My theory is if we enforce dominance over our children, with the forced nudity being a symbol of absolute adult control, we'll nip any potential instigators in the bud and control children already deemed as troublemakers.”
“So you’re saying that even good children will be forced to endure the same treatment as the delinquents?”
“Oh no, of course not,” Edward assured him, raising his hand, “The only thing in their lives that will change is that they will not be allowed to wear clothes at all until they turn twenty-one.”
“What about rain or snow, we can’t have them going out naked during that time?” the Prime Minister reminded Edward, “England, let alone London, isn’t famous for being sunny.”
“One thing at a time Prime Minister,” he was told, “Children here are resilient, a little cold won't kill them.”
“Well what will happen to the bad children?”
“I'm glad you asked,” Edward told the Prime Minister, “What I have planned is much like tagging but instead of being imprisoned at home they can still go out but police officers, shop keepers and teachers will be given access to a device that will shock the child when pointed at their collar.”
“And do we have this technology?” Edward nodded and the Prime Minister found his interest piqued, “I’d very much like to see it in action.”
“I thought as much,” Edward stood up, “I have brought along a test subject, his name is Alan, he agreed to help test the collar under realistic circumstances for you today.”
“Realistic circumstances,” The Prime Minister sounded interested, “You mean he’s naked right now?”
“Yes, he’s right outside, naked as the day he was born and wearing the collar I paid to have developed,” Edward turned his head and shouted to the door for his test subject to enter, “Believe me Prime Minister despite his appearance it was entirely his idea to help test this.”
A boy walked into the office, he looked to be about twelve the Prime Minister thought, and he was completely naked. In his mouth was a red ball gag which surprised him a little. Alan blushed when he saw Edward and the Prime Minister staring at him but Edward paid no attention to his embarrassment although the Prime Minister couldn’t help but stare at the boys erect penis.
“That’s quite the erection he has, do you enjoy being naked son?” the Prime Minister asked and the boy shrugged.
“I gave him a Viagra pill,” Edward explained with a chuckle, “I have the parents consent to do this, so I stripped him and made him have an erection for the meeting,” Edward smiled at the Prime Minister, “I was hoping it would become mandatory for boys to have boners when they go out should you approve my request, it’s a pleasing sight am, I right?”
“I’m not offended by the sight of a naked boy, I spent a lot of time naked when I was his age swimming or at the beach,” the Prime Minister admitted, “Naked little girls won't offend me in the slightest either.”
“I’m glad you like the idea,” Edward bowed his head slightly in thanks, “Alan's a very smart and attractive boy,” Edward took a hold of the boys erect penis and pulled him forward by it. The boy grunted at the sudden treatment but was otherwise in Edward's complete control.
“Be a good boy Alan,” Edward said to his subject, stroking the boy’s shaft for a second. The Prime Minister couldn’t believe what he was seeing, knowing full well he should be calling the police but the older man found himself unable to ruin this moment.
He wondered how Edward managed to get a bound, naked boy into his home in the first place. The boy’s arms were fastened behind his back by what looked to be lightweight handcuffs so that he couldn't cover himself and the ball gag added a whole new layer of humiliation. It seemed he was truly demonstrating the amount of control Edward wanted the parents to have over misbehaving children.
“Okay Prime Minister,” Edward broke the Prime Minister's train of thought, “I have a remote here so you can do the honours, don’t worry it’s quite safe and the electrical charge will not hurt him greatly.”
The Prime Minister eyed the red button on the wireless remote; he pointed it at the boy and pressed the button, nothing happened, so he pressed it again. Alan squealed in fright before going stiff and falling forward into the arms of Edward who had been waiting.
“I see,” the Prime Minister noted, “Quite effective,” Edward nodded, he was stroking his subjects flat, hairless chest gently as the boy whimpered at having lost his ability to move. His muscles had begun to spasm under the electrical current and the Prime Minister wondered if that would be a problem.
“He isn’t going to defecate is he?” Edward laughed and shook his head and the Prime Minister smiled at the blushing boy, “Alright, so how long will this last?”
“Until I press a button on his collar or you press the button again,” Edward said, “I’ll free him for now and remove him from the bondage,” Edward spoke as he worked, “Alan's parents already keep him naked at home anyway so that’s how I managed to get him stripped so easily.” Edward pressed the button on the collar and Edward's limbs went limp, “I do expect there to be some bumps and bruises when they fall however.”
“Ah I see,” the Prime Minister looked at Alan as his gag was removed, “Did it hurt son?”
“A little, Prime Minister,” the boy admitted, panting heavily, “Edward, can I please-”
“Not here Alan,” Edward stroked the boy's backside, “When we go back to your parents I’m sure they’ll let me do it,” Edward noticed the curious look he was getting from his superior, “The Viagra supplement I gave him also makes the boy a little excitable, I've been helping to relive him while I tested my equipment on him in bondage so Alan just grew to enjoy me touching him.”
“Edward it seems to me that you share a less than common relationship with your subject,” the Prime Minister observed with a curious look, “Does he hurt you at all son?”
“No sir,” the boy said with anger evident in his voice, “Edward and I are friends he would never hurt me.”
“Does he touch you in a much more intimate manner?”
Edward looked at Alan who simply nodded, “He makes me feel good sir, he brings me to orgasm when I behave or do well during his tests, my parents know about all this though I promise.”
The Prime Minister smiled, “I see,” he wasn’t about to allow Edward’s idea to pass if it gave Paedophiles access to naked children though he saw no harm in allowing sexual pleasure to become a reward. He decided to offer a few ideas of his own.
“Edward I like your idea,” he admitted to the man, “And you’ll have my backing if you agree to my conditions.”
“What are they Prime Minister?” Edward asked with a smile.
“I want every child fitted with a micro chip,” he offered, indicating to his wrist, “So that if a child goes missing we can save the poor bugger,” he got up and approached Alan, “Those that wish to touch bad children may touch them, boy or girl, and in any way that they desire be it a spanking, light petting or even bringing them to orgasm,” the Prime Minister got on his knees to the side of Alan.
“Any good child who is not collared can also be touched if they allow it, it would be idiotic to strip children and not expect them to explore one another,” he reached out and grasped the young boy's penis in his hand. Alan didn't resist.
“If bad children behave for their stint then the collar and the bondage is removed,” he continued to explain as he jacked the boy off gently. Edward only sat and watched. Alan began to shudder as the pleasure from the older man's touch began to boil into an orgasm.
Alan spurted several streams of cum onto the floor and fell forward, being caught by Edward. “We’ll also relax the laws on Paedophilia so that good children can be given orgasms by teachers or family members as rewards,” the Prime Minister stood and looked at Edward as he held onto the little boy, “Is that satisfactory?”
“It’s how I wanted it sir,” Edward admitted as he stroked his subjects bare ass cheeks and the boy seemed to love the contact, “So I have your backing?”
“Yes Edward,” the Prime Minister said, “You have my backing…”

(End of File)

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