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Craig Bowie's Total VR Experience
For Craig Bowie, his new friend's Virtual Reality gear was beyond anything he had ever used. In fact, it was beyond anything he'd even imagined. Yet his friend called it "junk," and said there was better. Craig had to see what could possibly be better. His friend was reluctant, but finally said, "Okay." Then he found out the difference between the junk and the good stuff.
Chapter 1  August 4, 2019

The Pirates of Lost Key
Two thirteen-year-old boys, on vacation with their parents and sisters, get an offer of a lifetime - the chance to spend a day on a boat with two young teen girls; away from their parents and siblings. What could possibly go wrong?
Chapter 1  March 24, 2019

Punishment Day
A boy learns that punishment comes in many different and embarrassing ways after going too far with bullying a friend of his brother.
Chapter 1  February 17, 2019

Payback for Voyeurism
3 boys get a great, if not somewhat immature, idea and would have gotten away with it except for one little thing.
Chapter 1  September 2, 2018

Washed Away
Recovering a forgotten fishing pole leads to an unforgettable end to a camping trip for two teenaged boys, and soon includes their younger brothers.
Chapter 1  August 1, 2018

Scout's Honor
With girls now able to participate in boy scouts, Jonah finds that putting off punishments was a big mistake.
Chapter 1  June 10, 2018

An Appropriate Punishment
A girl waits to hear the story of the boy found naked on a picnic table.
Chapter 1  April 25, 2018

The Monsters of Lemount
Giving away the ending of a popular book causes the role of hero and villain to be redefined.
Chapter 1  January 14, 2018

Five Days of Bad Luck
A fourteen year old boy receives a chain letter threatening five days of bad luck if he doesn't pass it on. When he tosses it in the trash, his long week begins.
Chapter 1  December 17, 2017

Class President
Even the smartest kid in school can be fooled.
Class President October 21, 2014
Class President 2: Markus' Treat November 19, 2014
Class President 3: Brandon's Tricks December 21, 2014
Class President 4: Unhappy Endings January 12, 2015
Class President 5: Continued Unhappiness May 29, 2017
Class President 6: Revenge May 29, 2017
Class President 7: The Cure May 29, 2017
Class President 8: The Disease Spreads May 29, 2017

The Bare Trap
A campground with a special attraction that brings families back!
Chapter 1  May 2, 2017

High School Orientation
A half-day trip for orientation for students entering high school goes badly for one student.
Chapter 1  April 6, 2017

Welcome to the Neighborhood
A teen moves into a new home and meets some of his neighbors, who see an opportunity to make a few dollars off of him.  When they've gotten as much as they think they can get, they leave him in an even worse situation.
Chapter 1  February 12, 2017

 Super Moon
Two brothers remember stories of magical powers that come to their boys of their family name during a super moon. Once hopes he gets them, the other thinks it is just stories their dad told them when they were little. But neither of them considered a third possibility.
Chapter 1  December 20, 2016

Moments of Stupidity
A young teen gets caught behind the wheel of his mother's car moments after damaging it by his younger sister. She takes the blame, but he soon finds out how much that will cost him.
Chapter 1  December 20, 2016

Two boys are offered a choice: Admit to a crime, or do five tasks that will make them wish they'd told the truth.
Chapter 1  September 18, 2016

Perfect Score
A new boy in school learns the consequences of getting a better grade than the current smartest boy in the school.
Chapter 1  August 21, 2016

To The Victor Go The Spoils
A set of twins, one a boy and the other a girl, involve their friends in a bet that one of them wish had never been made.
Chapter 1  June 19, 2016

A Bad Day In Paradise
After his older brother helps him, a younger brother learns the price but gains acceptance.
Chapter 1  May 29, 2016

My Most Unforgettable Spring Break
A boy and his cousin have an embarrassing day during Spring Break.
Chapter 1  February 11, 2016

Ghost Girl
Three boys on a camping trip have an experience they can never share because nobody would ever believe it.
Chapter 1  January 10, 2016

How Far Will You Go
Two step brothers find themselves on a very unusual game show.
Chapter 1  December 18, 2015

My Life Is Complicated
A game becomes more than just fun when other people get involved.
Chapter 1  December 18, 2015

The Three Rules of Magic
Two young boys learn the danger of not following the rules when using magic.
Chapter 1  November 27, 2015

What I’m Thankful For
A young girl discusses why she is thankful for the new discipline her older brother receives at Thanksgiving.
Chapter 1  November 27, 2015

Hockey Camp Trick or Treat
Two young teens get a very different Halloween treat than what they expected.
Hockey Camp Trick or Treat  November 6, 2015

Spoils of War
There's a price to pay if you participate in a war and don't win.
Spoils of War  October 15, 2015

Roger's Turn
A young teen experiences something unexpected when following up on a tip from a friend.
Roger's Turn  May 17, 2015

A young teen discovers that he has an adversary who is out to get him in the most embarrassing way possible.
Rivals February 8, 2015

 Oh, Canada
Two boys get lost and have some trouble getting back across the border.
Oh, Canada July 21, 2014

Not a Ghost of a Chance
A 13 year old boy is troubled by a ghost and to get rid of her he has to perform some acts of daring.
Not a Ghost of a Chance June 30, 2014

Blackball Bus Ride
A thirteen year old boy wins the school bus lottery, but its the other kids who get to enjoy his sudden fame.
Blackball Bus Ride April 6, 2014

Price to Pay
Josh has helped humiliate the little boy he was babysitting. Now, the boy's big sister wants revenge.
Price to Pay March 16, 2014

How to Meet Girls
Greg is new in town and wants to get in the school baseball team and learn how to meet girls.
How to Meet Girls December 15, 2013

The All-Over Tan
A boy in his early teens is caught naked and pretends to be a nudist to avoid disgrace. This, however, causes him unexpected problems.
The All-Over Tan October 21, 2013

Boarding School
Two new boys get to BGAMS, a boarding school designed specifically for kids between nine and fourteen who have other interests that keep them out of school for part of the year.
Parts 1 to 3 April 7, 2013
Parts 4 to 7 April 28, 2013

Some choices are hard and some are easy. The choice I currently have to make is actually both. Steve Kirk has given me a few seconds to decide. Do I take a beating and then get stripped or do I forgo the beating and strip myself?
Choices January 26, 2013

With Friends Like These
A 13-year-old boy is blackmailed by his elder brother. He needs to produce a video with twelve different boys getting a blowjob from him.
With Friends Like These January 26, 2013

The Unstitched Snitch
An unpopular boy who tattles on others learns a rather humiliating lesson.
The Unstitched Snitch Part 1 November 18, 2012
The Unstitched Snitch Part 2 December 2, 2012
The Unstitched Snitch Part 3 January 12, 2013

Making the Team
A boys is willing to take a very big risk to make it onto his middle school basketball team, but he gets a lot more than he bargined for.
Making the Team December 2, 2012

Cassia's Curse: The Perfect Tree
Nicky Freedman has a fight with a girl named Cassia and she curses him. Embarrassing events are in the future for him and for other boys around him.
Cassia’s Curse: The Perfect Tree June 16, 2011
Cassia’s Curse 2: The Perfect Campout September 16, 2011
Cassia’s Curse 3: The Perfect Hand October 2, 2011
Cassia’s Curse 4: The Perfect Indian November 9, 2011
Cassia’s Curse 5 November 30, 2011
Cassia’s Curse 6 November 30, 2011

Teresa catches her brother in a compromising situation. She agress not to tell their parents, but she is decided to punish her brother herself. She comes up with a creative and devious punishment.
SWIATH June 7, 2011

The Christmas Wishes
A Christmas and New Year's Eve Story Challenge Entry
For Christmas, their grandmother gives thirteen year old Tom and his eleven year old brother Gus very special Christmas presents. Powerful presents which must be used responsibly and and carefully to prevent unwanted serious consequences. Sometimes unknowingly and sometimes intentionally, Tom, Gus, and their friends use the power of the presents without heeding grandma's instructions and the warnings.  This results in disastrous embarrassing consequences, triggering an urgent race to reverse things before they become permanent upon the end of the twelve days of Christmas.
The Christmas Wishes Part 1 December 18, 2010
The Christmas Wishes Part 2 December 18, 2010
The Christmas Wishes Part 3 December 22, 2010
The Christmas Wishes Part 4 December 22, 2010
The Christmas Wishes Part 5 December 22, 2010

Jay and Tiffany, both thirteen, hatch a plan to convince Jay's also thirteen year old cousin Mitch that the local beach now requires all beachgoers to be nude. The two conspirators are hoping that this ruse will trick Mitch into walking to the beach naked. But Tiffany has plans of her own that ensure things don't work out as Jay quite envisioned, resulting in embarrassing and humiliating consequences for both boys.
Gullibility February 17, 2010

In order to prove themselves worthy of being permitted to hang out with their older brothers thirteen year old cousins Brad and Eddie must successfully complete a series of increasingly embarrassing and humiliating challenges.
Cousins Part 1 January 23, 2010
Cousins Part 2 February 2, 2010
Cousins Part 3 February 10, 2010

Sara's Christmas Wish
Fourteen year old Sara has two brothers, one her twin and one two years younger. Both boys constantly making her life miserable, prompting her to wrtie a letter to Santa even though she no longer believes in him. She never sends the letter, hiding it in her journal. But, Santa sees all letters written to him, sent and unsent. Granting her wish to leave her brothers some of the coal he's so famous for, Santa dispatches two elves to make a special delivery that proves to be very embarassing and humiliating for the two naughty boys.
Sara's Christmas Wish January 2, 2010

One Hot Day
On a very hot day the lonely and new to the neighborhood 12 year old Austin takes a walk in the woods just to get away for a while. After going through a series of embarrassing situations at the hands of several groups of boys, he unexpectedly ends up making some new friends with some boys who prove to be kindred spirits.
One Hot Day December 19, 2010

An Apple a Day
After Eric is caught stealing red apples from a neighbor's tree, the 13 year old boy's initial red bottom is only the first of many red faced consequences facing the young thief as well as several other boys caught wronging him.
An Apple a Day November 6, 2009

Catching Robbie
Thirteen year old Robbie loves playing self bondage games, especially when there's an element of danger of being discovered. One day, Robbie's younger cousin Nathan along with two of his friends catch Robbie at play. This sets off a series of exciting but embarrassing adventures not only for Robbie but eventually Nathan and some others boys in their group.
Catching Robbie Chapter 1
Catching Robbie Chapter 2
Catching Robbie Chapter 3
Catching Robbie Chapter 4
Catching Robbie Chapter 5
Catching Robbie Chapter 6
Catching Robbie Chapter 7
Catching Robbie Chapter 8

Trick or Treat
On Halloween night an unwise choice of costumes coupled with an equally unwise bet leads to an embarrassing time for three 13 year old boys out trick or treating.
Trick or Treat

Getting Boys Naked
Young teens Gwen, Brandy and Nicole come up with a clever plan that not only will let them get boys naked, but which will get them paid by parents to do so.
Getting Boys Naked Chapter 1
Getting Boys Naked Chapter 2
Getting Boys Naked Chapter 3 Part 1
Getting Boys Naked Chapter 3 Part 2
Getting Boys Naked Chapter 4 Part 1
Getting Boys Naked Chapter 4 Part 2
Getting Boys Naked Chapter 4 Part 3
Getting Boys Naked Chapter 4 Part 4
Getting Boys Naked Chapter 5 Part 1
Getting Boys Naked Chapter 5 Part 2
Getting Boys Naked Chapter 6
Getting Boys Naked Chapter 7
Getting Boys Naked Chapter 8

Victoria's Secret
Two middle school bullies learn the hard way that  newcomers twelve year old Vika and her younger brother Edik aided by their secret "weapon" are very capable of extracting very embarrassing and humiliating revenge upon those who pick on and make fun of them.
Victoria's Secret

The Italian Connection
Twelve year old Shawn's mother has recently remarried, to an Italian gentleman with thirteen year old twins, a boy and a girl. It isn't long before this Italian Connection and the twins instigating lead to embarrassing and humiliating times for Seth and his fourteen year old brother Seth.
The Italian Connection Chapter 1
The Italian Connection Chapter 2
The Italian Connection Chapter 3
The Italian Connection Chapter 4
The Italian Connection Chapter 5
The Italian Connection Chapter 6
The Italian Connection Chapter 7
The Italian Connection Chapter 8
The Italian Connection Chapter 9
The Italian Connection Chapter 10
The Italian Connection Chapter 11
The Italian Connection Chapter 12
The Italian Connection Chapter 13 (Conclusion)

The Occasional Kidnapping
When two young teen boys maliciously destroy a fort belonging to three other kids, a chain of embarrassing and humiliating events is set into motion..
The Occasional Kidnapping Chapter 1
The Occasional Kidnapping Chapter 2
The Occasional Kidnapping Chapter 3
The Occasional Kidnapping Chapter 4

The Outsider
Having just transferred from a private academy, twelve year old Peter is considered an "outsider" at the local public middle school. He quickly discovers that one of his new school's traditions is subjecting outsiders to a period of embarrassing and humiliating hazing.
The Outsider Chapter 1
The Outsider Chapter 2
The Outsider Chapter 3
The Outsider Chapter 4
The Outsider Chapter 5
The Outsider Chapter 6
The Outsider Chapter 7
The Outsider Chapter 8
The Outsider Chapter 9
The Outsider Chapter 10
The Outsider Chapter 11

Alex vs. Adam
As payback for past tormenting by his year older brother Adam, twelve year old Alex engineers an ongoing series of increasingly embarrassing, humiliating and painful situations for his big brother.
Alex vs. Adam Chapter 1
Alex vs. Adam Chapter 2
Alex vs. Adam Chapter 3
Alex vs. Adam Chapter 4
Alex vs. Adam Chapter 5
Alex vs. Adam Chapter 6
Alex vs. Adam Chapter 7
Alex vs. Adam Chapter 8

Halloween Tricks
A thirteen year old boy suffers some very embarrassing and humiliating consequences after being caught with his friends playing a Halloween trick on a neighbor family.
Halloween Tricks

Miles to Go
Twelve year old Miles is coerced into being a birthday present for a school bully's sister.  The sister loves her present, especially the embarrassing and humiliating stunts she makes him perform.
Miles to Go Chapter 1
Miles to Go Chapter 2
Miles to Go Chapter 3
Miles to Go Chapter 4
Miles to Go Chapter 5
Miles to Go Chapter 6
Miles to Go Chapter 7

Hostage Situation
Two middle school boys conspire with two of their girl classmates to get a third boy naked in front of them. They succeed, with the situation quickly getting much worse for the embarrassed victim when a security situation forces the school into lockdown mode. But then fate intervenes causing matters to to take some unexpected twists and turns, with justice for all ultimately prevailing.
Hostage Situation Chapter 1
Hostage Situation Chapter 2

Achieving Manhood
a "Spartan Boys" story
Rick and his younger brother Eric are on a multi-year overseas expedition with their scholar father who is studying a tribe that has had little contact with the modern world.  The tribal elders have set a condition that in order for the family to stay, the two boys must become members of the people, living and being treated just like the native boys.  In the second year of their stay, the now twelve year old Rick shows the physical sign that he's now mature enough to be selected to go through the local  rites of passage.  An ordeal that the shy American boy finds to be particularly embarrassing and extremely painful.
Achieving Manhood

The Secret
Tyler is thirteen and has a secret that he doesn't want others to discover.  But persons unknown have been spying on him and begin blackmailing him into doing embarrassing and humiliating missions in order to keep his secret safe.  But things aren't at all as they seem to Tyler, his blackmailers have secrets of their own motivating their actions toward him.
The Secret Part 1
The Secret Part 2
The Secret Part 3

Three Days
Almost thirteen year old Pete has just moved to a new neighborhood.  Bored, he's anxious to make new friends before school starts.  He meets two neighbor boys, Greg and Cody, who invite him to join them in a game of strip poker.  What follows is a series of events that conspire to keep Pete separated from his clothes and embarrassingly exposed to an ever growing list of people.
Three Days Day 1
Three Days Day 2
Three Days Day 3

A Plan for Disaster
Thirteen year old Bob and his two friends, thirteen year old Dallas and twelve year old OB, cheat playing a game of strip poker with the next door neighbor girls, twelve year old Amber and eleven year old  Robin.  Disaster strikes when Bob's sister discovers the boys' deceit of the girls.  To avoid having their parents told of their misdeeds, the three boys agree to be subjected to embarrassing humiliations of the girls' choosing, humiliations based on ideas submitted by the boys themselves.
A Plan for Disaster Chapter 1
A Plan for Disaster Chapter 2
A Plan for Disaster Chapter 3
A Plan for Disaster Chapter 4
A Plan for Disaster Chapter 5
A Plan for Disaster Chapter 6
A Plan for Disaster Chapter 7

Double Dare
The almost thirteen year old Culbertson twins Scott and Sean and younger brother eleven year old Steve agree to play a game of "Double Dare" with the two girls next door.  Little do the boys know that with the advice of their college aged sister guiding them, thirteen year old Sara and twelve year old Jackie have rigged things so that the boys will almost always lose and be subjected to ever more embarrassing and humiliating dares involving nudity and sexual activity.
Double Dare Chapter 1
Double Dare Chapter 2
Double Dare Chapter 3
Double Dare Chapter 4

The Last Promise
Thirteen year old Jared's ordeal finally comes to an end as he redeems the last of his pledge cards.  As in I Promise and I Promise Again, the redemption price he must pay involves never-ending episodes of embarrassing humiliations, often in public.  And, just for good measure, he must endure frequent spankings as well as various other means of inflicting pain and discomfort.
The Last Promise Part 1
The Last Promise Part 2
The Last Promise Part 3
The Last Promise Part 4
The Last Promise Part 5
The Last Promise Part 6
The Last Promise Part 7
The Last Promise Part 8
The Last Promise Part 9
The Last Promise Part 10

I Promise Again
In this sequel to I Promise, thirteen year old Jared tries to redeem his second set of "pledge" cards promising to do whatever the bearer wants. As in the original, fulfilling his pledges results in one round after another of embarrassing humiliations, many in public.
I Promise Again Part 1
I Promise Again Part 2
I Promise Again Part 3
I Promise Again Part 4
I Promise Again Part 5
I Promise Again Part 6
I Promise Again Part 7
I Promise Again Part 8
I Promise Again Part 9

UAABB Code of Conduct
A "Little Boys Shouldn't Be So Modest" Story
On the second day of the school year, thirteen year old Clark becomes the first student at Briar Woods Middle School to experience the consequences for violating the school's new code of conduct.  The code, widely supported by the community, is designed to help correct the excessive modesty and poor body image that has been identified as a major contributor to the unacceptable attitude, aggressive behavior and bullying exhibited by male students.  Nudity, humiliation, and spankings all are part of the formula used to effect positive change and bring home the message that "little boys shouldn't be so modest."
UAABB Code of Conduct Part 1
UAABB Code of Conduct Part 2
UAABB Code of Conduct Part 3
UAABB Code of Conduct Part 4

I Promise
Thirteen year old Jared is constantly being picked on and tormented by the girls in his neighborhood and school. During a particularly embarrassing encounter, he's forced to sign four pledge cards. Cards pledging he'll do whatever the bearer requests in exchange for being left alone forever after. To compound matters, to obtain her assistance in getting out of a precarious situation, he must agree to his eleven year old sister's demand that he give up all privacy in their part of the house. Between the pledges and his sister, what ensues is one round after another of embarrassing humiliations, often in public.
I Promise Part 1
I Promise Part 2
I Promise Part 3
I Promise Part 4

Undies for Sale
As an eighth grader, thirteen year old Jon is a big man on campus, lording it over the "little" kids.  But suddenly the tables are turned when groups of girls, aided by older kids, begin demanding that he strip and turn over his underpants to them, regardless if they're in public or not.  As Jon pieces together why his undies are for sale, first eleven year old Tom, who tried to help Jon, also becomes ensnared in the girls' clutches, as does Jon's two thirteen year old friends Tim and Mike.
Undies for Sale Parts 1-3
Undies for Sale Parts 4-6

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