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The story of a thirteen-year-old boy with an eight-inch dick, soft. On his first day on a new school he is bullied by fourteen-year old Macaulay, who later wants to be his lover, or something else?

Publ. 1995 (ASSGM); this site Sept 2016
Unfinished; 77,500 words (155 pages)


Kenny (13yo) and Macaulay (14yo)

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This story is the complete and total product of the author's imagination and a work of fantasy, thus it is completely fictitious, i.e. it never happened and it doesn't mean to condone or endorse any of the acts that take place in it. The author certainly wouldn't want the things in this story happening to his character(s) to happen to anyone in real life.

The theme explored in this story is FANTASY. Just as one can enjoy violent videogames or movies without committing or condoning violence in real life, a person can enjoy violent fantasies of abuse without promoting abuse in real life.

By scrolling down on this page and reading the story I declare that

  • I am of legal age of majority in my area ,
  • I like to read fictional stories where boys are kidnapped, raped, tortured, etc.
  • I understand the difference between fiction and real life,
  • I do not condone these actions in real life.
  • I agree that anyone who attempts to do in real life all or any of the things depicted in this story needs to be turned over to the local cops for the harshest penalties the law allows
If this type of material offends you (why are you here?) then

Author's Disclaimer

This is a text document which contains individual letters and spaces ordered in such a way that it may provoke feelings of an erotic nature in the hypothalamus of your brain. If you begin feeling a little strange while reading this, keep going because it can only get better. :)

Also, this document is completely and totally fictional. It never happened. All characters in this story are fictitious. The names used within are not representative of real people. Any similarities in description between these characters and real people are coincidental. This story is for entertainment purposes only and many of the activities could be fatal if attempted in real life; hence the term… This work is the complete and total product of my imagination, which I'm finding has fewer and fewer limits as days go by.


Chapter 1

Kenny stood in front of the full length mirror and studied his naked body inquisitively.

"There's nothing wrong with me," he muttered, baffled by what the kids at his old school thought was so disgusting about being so well endowed. True, at thirteen years of age, he did have quite a bit – even more than most grown men, but that was just an excuse kids at his old school used to taunt and aggravate him.

He could be seen as a little off from what Mother Nature gives to most boys. His friends back at his old school were around his age and had started growing a few pubic hairs even a few months before school ended. School was starting again today, and he was still as hairless as the day he was born. Even his body hair was non existent. While most boys his age had begun to grow a light halo of hair around their ankles, he was still as smooth as satin- not even sporting peach fuzz yet. He wondered many times if he even had hair follicles anywhere besides his head. There wasn't even a trace of a single faint white piece of baby fuzz on his entire body that he could find, and it was kind of alarming.

That had been another source of mistreatment for him at his old school. The constant teasing would now hopefully be over as it was his first day at his new school – and the first day of the new school year, as well.

Mid-August seemed to come around really fast as earlier years passed on. Seemed like as the summer came to a start and got rolling good, summer's end was already closing in on him.

It had been and incredibly hot summer. Almost every day the temperature towered in the hundreds [>38°C], sometimes in the teen level [>43°C]. That was unusual for Texas, although the Lone Star state is known for hot, sultry summers. Even though the beginning of fall was only weeks away, there appeared to be no let-up in the heat wave.

Kenny pulled his white jockeys up over his privates, and positioned his dick over to the right so it would be comfortable. Eight soft inches [20 cm] was not all that easy to position, especially on his small frame. But even though his frame was small, it was definitely not puny. In fact the boy was a specimen of complete beauty. Well tanned skin covered his flesh, without the slightest blemish or mar, and while many kids his age had started sprouting pimples and blackheads, he still had the same boyish complexion that many teens reminisce about.

Even though his face had a smooth, soft feel to the skin, he had a strong, square jaw line-one that did not destroy his boyish innocence, but gave him the look of a tough all-American boy that loved rough and tumble hard tackling football as much as he loved cotton candy and blue bubble gum snow cones.

He had broad, square shoulders and a well developed chest with small brown nipples that seemed to look semi-exited in their natural state. His mid-section was rippled with a six-pack, yet still had that ballooning belly often seen in younger boys while panting for air after a long hard day running all over Herkimer's deck and God's Creation. The ribbed portions of his sides could still be seen slightly below and behind his pectorals.

The boy's mid-section tapered down to a small waist – almost too small. Looked as though if one pulled hard enough, he might be torn in two. But it was a nice waistline indeed, having lines of definition that traced around the sides of his waist and under his loins.

His legs were powerfully built and looked like they could support three or four of him. The contrast of the size of his knees and the size of his outer thigh muscles gave him that nice curve that makes one know he is a true running boy. Of course his calves were also a wondrous sight to behold. Balls of muscle below the knees, rolling down then suddenly tapering to the bottom of his calve then thinning gently to his ankles.

His nine inch [23 cm] feet were perfectly shaped twin flaps of arched boyhood. The soles of his feet were coarse from his many hours of playing barefoot in their yard adorned with the likes of burrs and stickers which bent and broke upon contact with his leathery feet.

Kenny's butt was like most things on the grocery store shelves these days-fat free. Large globes of muscular flesh protruded from his back side, looking as if he had an invisible bra strapped to his ass. In fact, the boy's butt was so fatless that if one was equipped with a flashlight, he could see Kenny's bunghole deep inside his crack without even spreading the cheeks. Kenny's old football coach had noticed that when testing him for anal complications before authorizing him for football practice. All of the other boys were told to lean over and spread'em while Kenny just stood up straight as his soon-to-be coach invaded his canal with his gloved finger.

Of course Kenny's crack had gotten him teased a few times at his old school. Even though it was deep enough to hide a stationery envelope, the cheeks didn't touch, so the envelope would fall to the ground. The kids all made fun of him, telling him that his butt crack was yawning or that he was just waiting to sling a fart blossom. Kenny's crack, along with his genitals had been the source of his misery since he was seen naked by his athletics classmates three years earlier.

His body was covered by a web of veins that made him look even stronger and a little more masculine. The veins were not grotesque spaghetti like veins seen on championship steroid pumped body building freaks, but they were soft and subtle – easily seen, but not an overpowering characteristic. Yet if he was put on a weight workout machine and was working out for a period of time, or lifted something heavy, the veins would become more pronounced due to the increased blood flow.

Kenny was indifferent about veins. Couldn't care less one way or another. He had looked at them before in the mirror, but never really thought much more about it. He had just finished running one day when he came into his bedroom and noticed he even had veins on his butt cheeks. He thought that was different, but sort of sexy and nearly got a hard-on thinking about it. He didn't lose any sleep over his momentary lust for his own body, however, and continued his daily runs without admiring himself.

Remembering the dress code notice that had been given about a week prior to school regarding the hot weather, Kenny finished dressing himself – wearing a white polo T-shirt that was tucked deep into his pair of mid-thigh white Docker shorts. Luckily he had shorts that his Aunt had given him a few weeks ago on his thirteenth birthday. His others had either gotten lost in the move, or were too worn out to be worn respectably. He completed his dress by pulling on white tube socks that were then pushed down to his ankles and covered by hi-top shoes that looked as if they could fly.

He looked at his clothed figure in the mirror once again. His tanned skin was a dynamic contrast to the white fabric of his shirt and shorts, but that was not his concern. He eyed his crotch and tried to see that the bulge there was not too obvious. He was determined not have another year like the ones he'd had in the past. He would simply laugh along with them when they joked about him, and hope that they would see his sense of humor and not torment him any longer.

He reached into his briefs and adjusted his dick one last time before heading out of his bedroom and into the hallway leading to the stairs.

Kenny started down the stairs, then decided half way down to ride the rest of the way. He jumped on the banister and slid to the bottom floor to fall at his mother's feet who was scolding him before he even hit the carpet.

"Kenny," she stammered. "One of these days! You're going to break yourself in half doing that! Now look at you." She began brushing the back of his shorts. "I haven't dusted that rail for a week. But at least now I won't have to."

Kenny remained silent.

She sighed a breath of confusion at Kenny, looking into his eyes, searching for a reason behind his sporadic, childish behavior. "Be careful. You know where the school is right?"

"Yea Mom. I know," he said with little emotion.

She brushed his shorts off once more making sure the dust was at least not obvious, then pushed him out the door. "Be good, and do what your teachers tell you!" she called after him as he trotted down the red brick steps leading into the yard.

Kenny just waved behind him as he headed off to school in the already hot August morning.

"…only seven o'clock in the morning and already up to ninety two degrees [33°C] with the sun trying to fry us for breakfast…" Kenny heard a radio as he walked past an elderly couple sitting on the porch, already sipping on iced lemonade, trying to stay cool.

Damn it's hot! Kenny thought to himself as he kept walking the remaining mile [1½ km]. The first mile-and-a-half [2½ km] was bad enough, but I'm gonna need a bath by the time I get there! Shit!

To Kenny, cussing was not something spoken, just thought. He had said the "F" word in front of both of his parents at a formal party they were throwing, and regretted it for at least a couple of weeks. Confined to quarters for two weeks was no fun for this kid. He had been twelve at that time and silenced the entire roomful of people with his outburst. Needless to say, his parents received tips and suggestions on child psychology and development, while Kenny shortly thereafter received tips and suggestions of a physical kind. So, he had a sore butt and a boring life for a while. He doesn't cuss in front of his parents any more, to say the least.

The sweating boy trudged on down the road and finally saw the decrepit structure looming in the distance that was to be his school. Oh my God! he thought. Surely not! But as he got closer, he saw children older, and children younger than he slowly homing in on the building and disappearing into the corridors. He glanced at his watch and it was already nearing seven-thirty. Kenny broke into a trot and made a beeline for his new, yet old school.

The boy didn't notice as an old black beat up Chevy van pulled up to the curb across from the school yard. The van would look evil if eyed by anyone with the slightest bit of decency about them. The old piece of shit had no windows except for the front doors and windshield, and had flakes of paint missing along the bottom – making it look as if it had been bought and used in a cold, harsh climate where salt was used to keep snow from re-freezing on streets and highways.

The man sitting in the diver's seat was a well groomed business man, sporting neatly dry-cleaned and pressed double breasted Italian suit. He looked like a nerd in some respects, but just his appearance outside and away from the van made one think of wealth and power.

The man watched the kids as they thinned out of the school yard and into the condemned-looking building. His eyes suddenly widened as he spotted Kenny, who was now running across the nearly empty field and nearing the school door where the principal was waiting for him.

The man quickly grabbed his binoculars for a closer look. His mouth was hanging open as he watched Kenny's muscular form glide gracefully up the stairs and into the school. He kept gazing at the boy as he faded away into the crowd of kids wandering the hall.

He slowly lowed his binoculars and stared at the now closed doorway of the school for several minutes, his thoughts locked on what he'd just seen. The man quickly threw the binocs back on the seat of the van and sped away leaving a cloud of dust behind him. The squeals of his tires could be heard for blocks away as he darted in and out of traffic and finally disappeared around the corner of a building several signal lights down with one last squall of burning rubber.

Chapter 2

Kenny sat in his eighth grade math class hunched over his desk, gazing at the clock, and trying to keep from wetting his pants. He arms were folded in his lap hiding the erection caused by holding in the liquid for so long. His next class was athletics and he would only have five minutes to go to the other end of the campus, which was actually an eight minute brisk walk. There was just no way he was going to be on time today. He just had to pee too badly.

The bell finally rang. Kenny and three other boys threw all of their things into their sport bags and jumped up to leave.

"Just a minute!" Mrs. Perry said. The boys stopped in their tracks. Kenny looked at his teacher with a pained expression on his face.

"That bell does not dismiss you. I do. Now, Calvin, Bobby, Kenny, and Keith. You boys come over here and stand to the side. You all were in such a hurry to leave that I think you should be courteous and shake everone's hand as they leave. Now come stand by the door."

The four boys lined up at the door and the other kids in the class walked out single file. Kenny was standing next to the entrance and held his hand out for a handshake.

As the last of the kids left the class Mrs. Perry excused three of the four boys, excluding Kenny, while reminding them to wait for the bell next time.

"Please Ms. Perry. I gotta go." Kenny crossed his legs and looked into his teacher's eyes,a pained expression distorting his youthful, attractive face.

"Well, alright then. We'll talk tomorrow after class," she said reluctantly.

Kenny turned around and sprinted out of the classroom and made a beeline to the boys room. He busted through the door and dropped his books in the corner. On the wall to his left he found where he wanted to be most of all. A stainless steel urinal ran the length of the wall until it rested against the edge of the first of five toilets. He unzipped his fly and pulled on his hard dick, bending it in the middle, but to no avail. He performed a song and dance on his tip toes as he struggled to unbutton his pants. Oh, God. I've only got three minutes to get to the locker room!

The toilet was monster sized-the kind found at some state fairs or sports stadiums. There was no privacy at all in any of the boys' restrooms because the school was built on a skimpy budget centered on sports programs. It was hot and damp in the crapper from the lack of air conditioning and the smell was as bad as usual. The school's only janitor was out with influenza, so the restrooms had not been cleaned for the past week and a half.

Kenny finally got his pants unbuttoned and pointed his aching erection at the piss stained urinal. The geyser of piss that burst forth from his dick nearly dented the back of the tank as he threw his head back in relief. He sighed as the pressure was released from his bulging bladder, and as the hard meat returned it's jailed blood into the circulatory system of veins. His pee was splattering off the back of the toilet and he felt tiny droplets of it landing on his hands as he made water dance patterns with his yellow stream of piss knowing it was an extremely childish thing to do, but he was alone at the time.

The door to the restroom was suddenly thrown open and two hulking tenth grade boys [15/16yo] walked in, chatting to each other. Both tenth graders sported crew cuts and in addition were cursed with chronic appearance deficits. One was a little on the fat side and covered with freckles. The other boy, even though he had a decent body, was incredibly ugly in the face and almost made one think of vinegar and rotten tuna when confronted with such a sight.

One stood on each side of Kenny and pulled out their dicks for a piss. As their streams began to flow, Kenny glanced from side to side eyeing the teenaged dicks on either side of him. They were considerably smaller than his own pecker, which made him feel uncomfortable all of a sudden.

The room was filled with the sound of trickling piss as all three boys emptied their bladders in the smelly urinal. The ugly kid to the left of Kenny looked down at the boy's dick as the flow of urine slowed to a gentle trickle.

"Psst!" the boy on the left sounded at his fat friend, nodding toward's Kenny's deflating prick.

The other boy looked and his eyes widened to look as if he installed white saucers in his eye sockets and painted brown circles in the middles.

Both their mouths were hanging open in disbelief at the size of the youth's boyhood.

"Man," the left boy said suddenly, "has anybody ever told you how ugly your dick is?" He stared at Kenny's innocent face for a few seconds, awaiting some kind of reaction. The boy just looked up at him, with a mocked puzzled face as if to say, 'What are you talking about my dick for?' He really knew what was coming, but didn't want to show his displeasure with the situation.

His mockery was in vain, though as the older youth became more confident at the boy's well hidden, yet apparent intimidation. "Your dick is so ugly, I wouldn't let my dog chew on it. You've got those big, gross looking veins all over it, and it's way to big for you're dwarf body. Why don't you come to the playground at recess and we can have a jumprope contest." The bully unexpectedly pinched the end of Kenny's dick, abruptly stopping the flow of the remaining urine, and began twirling it in a circle, much like a jumprope. "Oh, this will be soooo much fuuuuun!" he sang as he continued the jumprope practice session. The bully released Kenny's dick, releasing the pressure of the pee from being blocked. Kenny jumped awkardly backward as his legs were squirted by his own dick as the last of his piss drizzled out. The ugly boy turned around as he was leaving and said, "Come on out! I'll show you how to have fun." He turned and left the restroom laughing along with his friend who was already cackling hysterically in the corridor.

Kenny looked down at his now dripping cock as he squirted the last bit of pee from his dick with three quick short spurts. Yes, I know my dick is too big, he thought, but that's no reason to pick on me. It's not my fault. Besides, I've measured it. It's just barely over eight and three quarters of an inch [22 cm]. That's not so big. You should see my father. He has a monster dick. I measured it while he was sleeping and it was almost a foot [30 cm] long. And it wasn't even hard.

The two boys left the bathroom laughing. Kenny stuffed his pecker back into his shorts, but in his haste he accidentally crammed the softened tool back in such a way that it was only half in his underwear, and the part that was not confined was folded back on the part that was. Oh well, I don't have time to fix it now.

He buttoned his shorts and ran toward the door, now unconcerned about the obvious mound he left on his frontside.

Kenny busted out of the boys' room and tore of down the nearly empty hallway bound for the door that lead to the athletics department. He was moving so fast that nobody even noticed the huge bulge in the front of his shorts as it bounced up and down with every impact of his feet on the floor.

He flew out of the school like a bat out of hell and tore out across the field running full speed, not wanting to be late. The bell sounded when he was over 150 yards away. Although he thought he was running full speed, he picked up even more speed. All the jostling and bouncing occuring from the run had finally bounced his dick completely out of his underwear and it was swinging free down his left shorts leg – the dickhead swinging dangerously close to the hem line

Running into the locker room full of half dressed boys, Kenny bumped right into Coach Newman.

"You're late! Get in there and get suited out." the coach yelled.

"Sorry, coach." Kenny apologized, panting heavily.

The school was noted for trying a new system this year in which the eighth, ninth, and tenth grades take their athletics and physical education classes together to save on scarce school funds. It was a large class to manage and most of the boys went to athletics simply because they didn't want to sew and cook. Home Economics was the only other elective besides athletics and that was not appealing to very many of the boys. There were only two athletic periods per day. The one at 10:00AM, Kenny's class, had eighty five boys; and the other at 1:00PM had another ninety-six. The periods were two hours long, and there was also practice after school. With all the time spent suiting out for practice, then showering afterward, there was not much time left for ball with only a one-hour period. With the new setup, they were able to practice for about an hour and a half, plus after school.

Kenny got his locker basket and walked over to a vacant area of the bench, then proceeded to undress himself. He pulled off his shirt and revealed his nicely developed chest and belly. His well tuned and symetrical muscle balance was a sight of sheer beauty. He slid his shorts down his muscled thighs and folded them neatly, then placed them next to his shirt. It wasn't until he made his way over to the coach's office to check on a jockey strap that Kenny felt a draft where there should have been warmth, followed by an earful of snickers and supressed laughter. He looked down and saw that his tool was in complete view of the entire athletics class. He quickly grabbed his dick and tried to pull it back through the fly, but they were Y-front Jockeys and were a little tight there.

The entire class suddenly broke into an uproar of laughter as he struggled with his stubborn dick. He pulled out on his underwear with one hand and had the other hand inside his undies trying to reel his hose back in. He was becoming severely red from embarrasment in this situation.

It had become slightly enlarged due to the decrease in blood circulation caused by the tight opening in his underwear, and was in such a bind that it wasn't going to budge. Kenny finally swallowed his pride and pulled his underwear down his legs, stretching his cock out until the head slipped through then end and bounced back up into position.

SNAP! Kenny almost jumped out of his skin as the wet corner of a towel lashed at his exposed bunghole. The snap had caught him dead center on his rectal button and scared the fuck out of him.

He turned to defend himself, gasping for air from the shock. Another towel bit him from behind. The two boys that were giving him hell were the same assholes from the bathroom earlier. They ganged up on him and snapped him from three different directions. If he tried to block from one direction, he would get bombarded from the other. He decided to sit on the bench to guard his sensitive hole, but the boys got in front of him and were aiming at his long, soft dong. They hit their target several times before leaving him to get dressed. Kenny cautiously walked back to his spot rubbing his asshole gently to ease the stinging sensation still present. This brought another round of laughter from the boys.

"SHUT UP YOUR LAUGHING AND GET OUT ON THAT FIELD… NOW!!!" Coach Newman bellowed at the group of boys. Kenny quickly got dressed and ran out the door carrying his shirt, intending to put it on outside.

Kenny ran to catch up with the other boys and caught them at the edge of the track they would all be running on that day. Most of the boys were down on the surface of the track stretching their lean muscles, preparing themselves for the long run that lay ahead of them.

He pulled the tail of his shirt over his head. While his eyesight was blocked, a voice very close to him asked, "So, Kenny. Whatcha doin'?" The voice sounded mischievious at best.

Kenny dragged the rest of his shirt down his face and ass his head protruded from the neckline, he retorted, "None of your business, dickhead. Why do you care, anyway?" Two other boys walked up behind the other.

"Hey, you can't call me a dickhead. But I can call you that because yours is as big as your head. Hah hah hah hah."

Kenny stepped forward and pushed the bully hard, knocking him down. Kenny's tormenter glared up at him. "Oh, wow! You can push me. I'm really impressed. What else can you do? Can you pull me? Can you pull me off until I cum all over your hand? That would be way cool. I think I'll do you a favor and let you pull me off sometime. My name is Macaulay and when ever you want to pull my dick off, just let me know. I'll come looking for you whenever I want it done, too. Deal?" Macaulay turned his head to look at his two friends behind him, then turned back laughing.

Before his face was in full view of Kenny's eyes, the side of his jaw was met with the force of Kenny's balled fist. Macaulay was sent reeling backward falling on his rump.

"Oh, man!" Macaulay groaned. "That felt so good." He had a look on his face that mixed pleasure with pain. Kenny watched Macaulay as he sat upright again. The blond haired boy was pinching the end of his dick with his right hand while he rubbed his face with his left. "Hit me again, Kenny. I liked that!"

Macaulay began laughing hysterically at Kenny's expression of bewilderment. "Come on. Let's go see if we can get into trouble," he said smiling profoundly.

Something about the way Macaulay smiled at him caused Kenny to hesitate before following.

"Come on, dude. Newman won't find out. He's too busy watching all the boys cute little butts running around that track. He won't miss us." Mac started off across the field toward the woods behind the schoolyard.

Kenny looked around suspiciously and decided to follow, anyway. If he was going to make any new friends at school, he would have to be adventurous, he decided.

Kenny's hesitation allowed a sizable gap to form between him and the three boys. He sprinted towards them and as he passed the halfway point, he noticed Mac talking to an obese male child sporting glasses and a crew cut hairstyle. The fat kid stood at that same point after Kenny stopped talking to him.

As Kenny walked past the fat kid, he smiled and said hello, but his efforts at a friendly greeting were destroyed by a twisted stare followed by a blank look into nowhere. It was no surprise since he noticed that it was the same asshole he'd encountered in the restroom only fifteen minutes ago.

Kenny topped the hill and found the boys by a chain link fence about fifty feet [15 m] away. He trotted over to them and found Mac sitting astride the fence rail pulling his pud through his gym shorts. "Hi, Kenny. This is our spot. If you join the club, you can come here, too. Do you want to join our club, Kenny?" Mac asked with that same impish grin on his face.

"Well, sure, I guess so," He answered, not knowing at all what he was getting himself into. He noticed Macaulay's hand moving slowly between his creamy, smooth thighs and not realizing he was beginning to stare.

"You have to be sure," Mac insisted as he jumped down from the fence. It was then that Kenny noticed the decorative ball at the tip of the fence post where Macaulay had been sitting. Macaulay's feet hit the ground and he instantly was digging the shorts out of his asshole. The kid that Kenny was beginning to find incredibly sexy in a twisted sort of way immediately came across as a wierdo as he finally realized what Macaulay had been doing up there. "That's part of the initiation," Macaulay continues nonchalantly. "Knowing what you want."

"Okay. I want to be in the club," He answered as he felt a thickening between his own legs.

"Okay. That's all I needed to know." An evil grin spread over Mac's face as he walked toward Kenny, rubbing his obviously hard dick between his legs.

"Come on, Leo," Macaulay commanded. "Grab his legs. I'll get his shoulders. On the count of three, toss him over the fence,"

"Wait a minute! What kind of initiation is this! Leave me alone you guys. I didn't do anything to you," Kenny pleaded. "I thought I was joining a club!"

"Shut up. You will talk only when I say you can, punk," Macaulay rebutted, as he brought his knee up into Kenny's groin, causing a dull pain in the pit of his stomach. Mac grabbed his erection again through his shorts and squeezed it hard as he doubled over in laughter.

The other two boys started laughing, too. He started slapping him lightly in the side of his head, while jumping back immediately after doing so. His dick was bouncing in his shorts as he jumped around in front of Kenny. "Come on, pussy. Let's see you fight. Can you fight? Come on, boy, come on!" He slapped him again, harder this time.

Kenny was beginning to get mad and balled his fists up as his body tensed in case Mac should really attack him. Mac took a real swing at him, and Kenny reacted swiftly bringing his fist around and punching him again in the same jaw that had been hit before. Mac went reeling back again while at the same time rubbing his now engorged penis with his right hand.

Kenny eyed the blond haired youth suspiciously as the kid again walked towards him with another cold smile and a growing wet spot on the front of his shorts. "Get him," he muttered again as he and Leo picked him up and started swinging him back and forth. "One, two, threeeeeeee," they sang together before they threw him high over the fence and into the bushes on the other side. Macaulay quickly climbed up the seven-foot [2 m] chain link fence, pausing momentarily to sit down once again on the tip of the fence post, and jumped off on the other side, landing next to Kenny. He helped the boy out of the bushes, then turned him around and held his wrists together behind his back. "Leo, if Coach Newman comes down the hill, call out some kind of signal. I be back in two minutes."

"Okay. Hurry up, man. I don't like this. You know what the coach will do if he finds you back there."

"Yeah. He won't find me, though." Macaulay went off into the woods, dragging the struggling boy with him.

"Leave me alone, creep!" Kenny cried as Macaulay pulled him further into the woods.

They came upon a deep, dried up gully dotted with the litter that had settled as the water dissipated. "Welcome to your initiation, Kenny. Part One." Macaulay informed the sobbing boy as he pushed him down the washed out hill then took off running back towards the fence without bothering to watch him slide down the hill. He was up and over the fence in no time and signaled to the fat kid to call for Coach Newman.

Kenny slid down the dry, washed out wall of dirt that led into the deep hole. He allready felt some cuts on his legs from the sharp rocks sticking out of the dried mud. His fall was stopped short when his thigh became wedged between two small walls of dirt and rock that water had cut a path in during all the past rains and floods. He was definitely stuck for the time being, as he could not work himself loose. The momentum he built up going down the hill was enough to make for a pretty good wreck if meeting someone at the bottom.

He worked and worked at it, twisting and turning and flexing his leg muscles and finally broke loose. He crawled back up the hill and met Newman at the top.

"What are you doing out here! Get your ass on the other side of the fence, now before I bust your tail with my Peacemaker!" Newman yelled at Kenny, who looked at him with disbelief. He wanted to tell the coach what had happened but there was no use. There was just no way to prove his side of the story.

Kenny climbed up over the fence and was followed by Newman. "Now get out on the track. You can run off some of your extra energy. Maybe that will keep you out of trouble. I want you out there running every day during this period for the whole period. You can have one break in your two hours. Then next year, you'd better mature a little or things will be a lot worse for you."

He squatted to retie his shoe and saw that his legs were cut, but not deeply enough to make them bleed. One was long, though. It ran from about four inches [10 cm] above his knee, all the way up the top of his leg, to his groin. It stung a little, and had small white flakes of torn skin on both sides of the snag mark, but it didn't hurt all that bad.

Kenny threw off his gym shirt and began running around the track. The boy had perfect grace and coordination. He seemed tireless as he easily and steadily ran the remaining forty-five minutes of class, his body gleaming with sweat.

"HIT THE SHOWERS!" the coach yelled across the field.

All the boys headed back to the locker room, with Kenny running behind as he was further away. He picked up his speed and quickly caught up with the group that was jogging away from him. His body was shining with sweat as it was a very hot, humid day. There wasn't much room in the air for water evaporation so the sweat just clung to his hairless body. Kenny's muscular definition was even more pronounced with the slippery looking moisture covering him.

Some of the boys were allready undressed and in the shower room. It was really only sized for about forty kids at a time, but they were limited on how big they could make it. So all eighty-five boys crowded into the small room to wash themselves. Hot, young, wet bodies were constantly bumping into each other and tripping over each other as they twisted and turned to manuver about the cramped bath.

Kenny threw his shirt into his basket then pulled off his shorts. He looked around and sighed as he took off his Jockeys, his long cock bouncing into view as he self-consciously crept toward the shower.

The boy made it into the shower with no incidents and began to think it wouldn't be so bad after all. However, he still decided to shower with his back to everyone so they would see his rear end instead of his dick. He didn't actually want them to see, but he figured he would get less picking and abuse if they saw his hole rather than his big prick.

Kenny lathered his body with the fragrant soap and made swirls of suds over his torso. The wetness felt good to him and he enjoyed the warm water running over his crotch. He felt his dick becomimg heavier as the caverns filled slowly with blood. Omigosh! I can't let this happen! Jeez, what if they see this? I'll be ruined! He tried thinking of his math test next class and his dick quickly shriveled to its smallest deflated size of six and a half inches [16½ cm] long. He was determined to force his mind away from sex for the rest of his shower.

One group of boys in the locker room began throwing bars of soap at him, trying to hit his exposed, puckered rectum. When they finally hit it, they doubled over in laughter as the hole contracted and relaxed. Then they claimed they lost the soap in his butt somewhere and walked right up to him and treated him like a biological experiment, as they spread his cheeks as wide as they could, running their fingers up and down his damp crack, acting like they were searching for the lost bar. Realizing it wasn't "there," they used their fingertips to poke, prod, and squeeze his firm, round, butt muscles-searching even longer for the "lost" soap. If one boy wasn't molesting his ass in some way, another was sneaking up behind him and slapping it, or badgering him with crude comments.

Macaulay was one of them. He couldn't walk by Kenny's naked body in the shower without grabbing one of the boy's buns in each hand and squeezing them as he hefted them up and down in opposite directions.

Most of the boys enjoyed making fun of Kenny's butt because they said it stuck out so far in the back that if he were standing under a log at the top of a cliff, and the log fell straight down, it would bounce off the top of his ass and fly back up to the top of the cliff. They also made jokes about how deep his crack was. True, there was enough depth for Kenny to hide his entire hand between his buns, resting his thumb against his bunghole. But the other kids say that he stores his change of clothes in there along with his schoolbooks. Kenny didn't like the picking, but there wasn't much he could do about it. He had tried talking to his teachers and counselors in the past, but they just blew it off, saying that he was just trying to make trouble.

Macualay, also an eighth grader, was known as one of the most sexually perverted kids in school. He was nearly fourteen. He and Kenny both had very well muscled bodies with hair so fine that when staring at their calves from only a few inches away, one had to gaze for a few seconds to even see a slight, faint trace of white hair. Macaulay had a beautiful, perfectly shaped bubble butt that was ripe and firm. And though his tight buns were always slightly parted, they still had enough padding on them to cover his tender hole. Macaulay was of normal size for his age while Kenny was six or seven inches [15-18 cm] shorter than his age group. Even though the two boys were close in age, Macaulay was still much taller than the smaller, yet stronger Kenny.

Both boys were oversized in the genital department and despite the fact that Macaulay was taller than Kenny, Kenny had an inch and a half [4 cm] in dick length over the bigger boy. Still, a seven and a quarter inch [18½ cm] piece of meat on an eighth grade boy is not bad at all. Macaulay had just started to show a slight thickening of peach fuzz above his big cock, but his balls were still as smooth as satin.

Mac walked up to Kenny while he was trying to shower and put his dick between Kenny's buns. He stood there and squeezed the showering kid's butt together to massage his dick. He mashed the firm globes together by grinding each one in different directions in a circular motion until he was boasting a throbbing erection. Then he walked all over the shower room saying, "Look at what he did to me! Look at this!" Kenny could not turn around; he knew that he was getting an erection himself. He wasn't really sure why, but he was. Oh God! The other kids can't see this. I'll never hear the end of it. Kenny's heavy meat got longer and longer as he started getting nervous and tried to think about anything else to make his dick deflate.

Macaulay continued to march all over the shower waving his dick at everybody, and telling them about how Kenny made him hard with his ass. Macaulay didn't care if everyone saw his dick. He was proud of it. Once he even took it out at a public track meet and gripped his soft dick at the root placing it in his hand where his thumb and index finger met. He began to swing it around, the dick head making a large circle as it went up, over, and under several times. His excitement from exposing himself gave him a huge hard-on before anyone could make him stop. He was expelled from school for two weeks, and was not allowed to participate in any sporting events held by the school.

Of course Macaulay's dick was out of proportion with his body height, but it was something that could at least be overlooked. However, Kenny's was way out of line. He tried to keep his crotch covered during all his classes, but though his shirt was fairly loose, it was short as well-short enough to expose the bottom of his lean, hard belly. There was no way for him to cover his bulging crotch while walking the halls from class to class, so many of the boys and girls in the hall would look at him, then at his crotch, and at his face again; then roll their eyes and walk off whispering to each other.

Please go down. Please. Two times two is four. Two times four is eight. Four times eight is twenty-eight-or is it thirty-two? Uh, Uh, My grandfather raises goats. The goats are white. They smell bad. They smell like Macaulay. My house is always hot. It's hot in here. It stinks in here. Who farted? Old MacDonald had a farm Ei, Ei, Oh!

Kenny thought of many different things, but his dick continued to grow. Well someone must have seen it. "Hey look at that," Macaulay yelled out. Little Kenny's getting a boner!"

Kenny turned his water off and began to dry himself off. He looked over his shoulder and saw Macaulay, Jonathan and another boy, Zachary, kneeling on the floor about seven feet [2 m] behind him, looking between his legs. They saw Kenny's big dickhead dropping lower and lower as the caverns inside his dick filled with blood. The boys all started laughing hysterically as the abashed boy's dick rose to a ninety degree angle to his stomach. It still had a slight downward curve as it had not yet fully hardened.

Macaulay lead the group of boys over to Kenny and turned him around so he was facing out into the crowded shower room. "Hey look everybody!" Macaulay yelled. The boys that hadn't finished showering looked at them to see what the commotion was all about. They all saw Kenny standing there with Jonathan and Zachary holding his arms and Macaulay gesturing toward the boy's hard-on. "I think that by the looks of this," he thumped the swollen dickhead, making it bob up and down in response, "that Kenny here likes me. I got him all horny from walking around here with my big mule. He wants to touch my dick and play with it. This right here tells me so!"

He got behind Kenny and pinched the boy's swelling dick at the base between his thumb and index finger and snaked the skin up and down the hard shaft. He felt a wave of pleasure come over his dick at the touch of Macaulay's warm hand. A large drop of precum oozed out of the tip of his dick, and the clear bead dribbled down the head of his dick and across Macaulay's finger. He used it to further humiliate the already ashamed young boy. "Oh look at this you guys!" Macaulay was becoming really ecstatic. "Now I know for sure he likes it here. Look at what came out of his wormhole! If you don't know it's called jizz juice. I bet if I keep doing this some more will come out! Watch this! Hold his arms tighter, you guys. We can't let him get away! Not that he would want to. He just loves it in here, don't you, Kenny."

Fourteen year old Macaulay wrapped his fist around the pulsating prick and began to slowly pump the leacking shaft. Most of Kenny's fellow athletes cheered Macaulay on as they watched with wide eyed amazement. "If I keep doing this, he'll pee a whole bunch of this stuff. Just wait and see!" Macaulay said. He picked up the speed of his pumping action little and held Kenny closer to him. The added stimulation of a hard, hot body pressed so tightly against his own made Kenny hornier. His pecker swelled again and reached a total erection. Macaulay squeezed the bulging shaft harder and picked up his speed some more.

Kenny wasn't sure, but he thought he felt something unusual against his right butt cheek. It seemed to be changing shape or size or something. "Come on. I know you're liking this, Kenny. Why don't you show us what you're made of. We can already see that over half of your body is dick. Now let's see the other half. You were nice enough to stand here and let me do this, so let's have it. This hard dick here tells me that you want me to do this, fagget. I know now why you always face the wall. Every time you see all of us naked, your dick gets hard. I bet you go home after practice every day and choke your chicken while you think about this locker room with all these naked boys in it. You probably spill your cum without touching yourself when your in here with all hundred and ninety boys at one time." Macaulay seemed to get a kick out of tormenting the boy while beating him off.

Kenny almost gasped as he finally realized what was going on behind him. Macaulay's dick was getting hard again. It was bent straight down and Macaulay was hiding it from the other boys behind Kenny's waist. He could definitely feel it pressing hard against his right cheek now. "Come on we don't have all day. Spill your jizz. Show us you're a boy. Or are you a girl? Is this thing real?"

Macaulay pulled hard on Kenny's dick and bent it straight down, up and side to side, trying to see if it would come off. At the same time, Kenny felt what had to be Macaulay's slippery precum running down his right butt cheek and onto the back of his leg.

"What about these? Are they real, too?" Kenny's abuser grabbed his low-hanging balls and yanked hard on them as if he were ringing a heavy bell on a train steam engine. This brought a low groan of agony from Kenny as the pain crawled up into the pit of his stomach. He tried to double over in pain, but his tormentor held his torso tightly against his body. The pressure from Macaulay's hand around his balls sent more precum to the end of his dick. It boiled over the top and ran down the long shaft and onto Macaulay's hand that was still encompassing Kenny's throbbing balls. "If you don't give us all a show, I'll keep doing your nuts the way I'm doing them now. I know this hurts you so bad. But I'm enjoying the fuck out of myself!"

With that, he pulled the boy's back against his chest, leaned backward, nearly lifting Kenny off his feet, and began to rapidly jerk harder on the already throbbing balls. A thick, heavy stream of clear precum was flowing out of Kenny's piss slit. It looked like his pecker was anchored to the floor by a thick rope of fluid.

"Do you like this?" Macaulay asked as he pulled and twisted Kenny's mauled testicles. "Do you like it when I do your gonads this way?"

"No," Kenny cried! "Please stop it! It hurts!"

"You do? Well I'm not here to do anything you like. But I may have to, just to show my friends how much control I have over you're ugly body. If you ask me to, I'll jack you off some more."

"Fuck you," Kenny retorted.

"Did you here that everybody? Kenny just said that he wanted to fuck me. He wants to put his thing in my bottom. Man that's gross. You are weird and twisted, Kenny. You really are. I guess I'll have to make sure you never get behind me. I'll be standing with my back to the wall from now on. Is that why you face the wall? Are you hoping that somebody will come up and put their ding dong in your crack?"

"No. Leave me alone! I don't want you touching me!" Kenny groaned.

"Did you here that. It's so gross. He says he faces the wall so maybe someone will come up behind him and gas him up from behind. Ha ha ha ha." A roar of laughter arose from the crowded shower room as everone stared at the spectacle in front of them. "Well, I'm afraid you're the only one in school who wants that, but I know you also want me to jack you off some more. Now beg me to jack you're hose off."

"No, I can't," Kenny cried. "I shouldn't."

"Oh! Really?" Macaulay said. He reached between Kenny's muscular legs from behind and squeezed his tortured balls harder while pulling straight down on them, making the pain he was enduring even worse. Kenny's dick was beginning to deflate, as there was no pleasure in this at all. "Now, If you say, 'Oh, Oh, pleeeeeeezzzzzze Macaulay. You make my dick get so hard. Please jack me off, pleeeeezzzze. Make my white stuff spill out, please!' then I'll let go of your balls. Now say it."

"Please, no. Don't make me ss…AAAUUUUGGHHH … PLEASE MACAULAY. YOU MAKE MY DICK GET SO HARD. PLEASE JACK ME OFF, PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZ. MAKE MY STUFF SPILL OUT!" Kenny's balls were burning inside because of the extreme pressure exerted by Macaulay's fist when he initially refused to repeat the degrading plea for more of the humiliating abuse.

Macaulay tightened his fist around Kenny's crushed balls even more. His knuckles were white from the grip and the lattice work of veins were bulging in his forearm. "You didn't grunt before you said it, and you said 'stuff,' not 'white stuff'. Say it right this time, or you will be sorry."

He brought his fist up, then yanked down hard once more, gripping the swollen testicles so hard, Kenny thought he would pass out. Precum was still gushing forth from his softening dick.


"Hah Hah Hah Hah Haaaaaaaaah," Macaulay laughed. "I guess you really do want it, don't you. The way you said that, you sounded like you meant it. Macaulay released the sobbing boy's bruised balls and gripped the slimy dong once again and used the wet slop pouring out of Kenny's large dick slit to lubricate his hand. "Now, I'm giving you what you begged for, so get on with it. Let's see some white stuff." Macaulay's dominance over the boy made his dick ooze more precum on to Kenny's butt.

"Come on," Macaulay demanded. "I know you can do better than that. Give us a real show. Make a lot for us to look at. If you do, I might let you eat it! I bet you'd like that, wouldn't you, dick boy."

Actually, Kenny's dick had already put out more precum than most grown men make in a week. He had overproductive balls that made so much precum and white cum that he often had eruptions of sperm in his pants without warning and for no apparent reason.

Macaulay was really getting off to this because his own dick was now pouring a steady stream of jizz juice and what wasn't smeared all over Kenny's tight rump was running down the back of his leg and down his calf to form a small puddle on the floor. It couldn't really be noticed because the floor was still wet from the showers. All of the boys had finished bathing now and were just standing there watching Macaulay's hand at work on Kenny's massive erection.

Macaulay crouched down a little and began to pound his plaything's dick even harder. The naked boy's hand was moving so fast that it looked like a blurry phantom. Kenny started to feel faint as the pleasure he was experiencing reached a feverish pitch. He layed his head back and began to breath heavily. Some of the boys watching were starting to giggle, since most knew what was about to happen. The other boys who had played with themselves before, but never knew what an orgasm was, were gawking at Kenny and wondering why he was acting the way he was. The young athletes watched as Kenny's ribcage expanded and contracted and his stomach ballooned in and out of his midsection furiously as his breathing became desperate.

Kenny could feel Macaulay's hard prong behind him as it slid sideways on his slimy, cum coated bun and inched toward the deep crevasse in the middle of his humpy ass. The molester's snake seemed to have a mind of it's own as it slithered into the dark valley separating the youth's young, hard hams. Kenny felt the stiff, gooey meat pressing against his tight, steamy rectum. His own dick felt like it was going to explode from the hardness. He felt like it was going to explode and spew his balls inside out. Clear fluid was pouring constantly out of Kenny's dick so fast it made a steady flowing river of precum, running down his petrified dork, and all over the tight fist that was flogging him.

The precum ran further down where his entire scrotum was gleaming from the thick juice that covered it. The cock snot was being slung off his bouncing, swinging, gyrating balls all over his iron hard thighs where it ran further down his legs. The pleasure his dick was being sujected to was becoming excruciating, and unbearable. Kenny began to moan and groan as his dick began to tingle madly with lust. He no longer cared that all eighty-five of his athletics classmates were seeing him take the abuse off of Macaulay. He would now gladly do this at a school assembly, it felt so good.

Kenny felt a small contraction under his balls followed by a spurt of precum that was so powerfull, it took flight and landed a few feet away. The precum gushing out of his dick was literally becoming unreal. The floor was now a slippery pool of hormones as both boys were incredibly randy, and both their massive cocks were puking loads of thick, clear jizz juice all over the place. Kenny's was so slippery with precum that it slipped from Macaulay's hand several times. He stopped jacking on the burning cock and wiped his spermy hand on Kenny's leg, then wiped the rest of the come off the boy's dick and smeared it across the kid's heaving belly and chest.

Macaulay wrapped his fist once again around Kenny's vein busting monster and pounded the hell out of it like the world was coming to an end and it was his final request. Macaulay ground the sensitive phallus of his own wet, sloppy prick against Kenny's steamy hairless rectum. Kenny's throbbing asshole was on fire and was pleading for something to soothe the burning desire in his guts.

His butt was on fire for something hot to be pressed aginst it and Macaulay was doing a perfect job. Macaulay jacked Kenny off with great speed as he continued to slide his rock hard dick up and down the slimy crack, forcing his swollen dickhead and cockshaft to glide across the hot, wet butthole. Kenny felt another two close hard contractions under his balls. He couldn't stand it any more. It just felt too good. Macaulay backed out of Kenny's crack and began stabbing at the steaming, swampy rectum inside the boy's fiery valley. Macaulay was panting heavily with the urge to probe Kenny's insides with his dick. While continuing his masturbation of Kenny with his right hand, he used his left to guide his own dickhead toward the spasming hole in the center of Kenny's butt. He ran his dick head up and down the crack several times, then centered on the sloppy, cum sodden fuckhole. He pressed forward slowly and slightly parted the convulsing shithole. The added stimulation sent Kenny's abused dick over the edge. An enormous missile of cum blasted out of Kenny's dick and flew across the room and exploded in a shower of smaller cum rockets when it audibly detonated another boy's small chest

"What's going on in here?" Coach Newman yelled as he walked into the middle of the startled boys. Macaulay let go of Kenny's spewing dick and quietly escaped behind some of the other boys as his two helpers did the same. Another glob of cum spewed forth from Kenny's prick and landed on top of the coach's bald head.

"Who spit on me!" he asked with rage as he turned around and immediately saw Kenny standing by himself, his dick still squirting jism uncontrollably. He pushed his painfully hard erection between his thighs and tried to hold it there, but racked himself trying. He tried to hold it there, but his legs were so slick with cum that the huge organ instantly whipped straight out, send a very long rope of slimy cum way up in the air and right on his coach's face. He spread his legs to relieve the pressure from his balls, and his dick shot another huge blob of cum. A thick splatter of cum was running from Newman's forehead, down in front of his left eye, and across and around is nose, where it split. One strand went to his right cheek and over to his ear, and the other slanted across his lips and curved back around to run down his chin and begin dripping on the floor.

The coach turned as red as a beet. He glared at his student and into his guilty looking, terror stricken eyes; and then at his drooling, slimy, cum coated cock as another squirt of jizz came forth and landed at Newman's feet. Kenny hoped that his coach was red from embarrassment and not…

"Get in to my office!" the coach bellowed and he stomped out taking the naked boy with him. …anger.

He was still spraying jism all over himself, the floor, and the wall and benches on both sides of him as his hard prong swayed wildly in every direction. The coached dragged him by the arm toward his office, with a look on his face resembled that of a neckless, beet red, grisle faced coal-miner rather than a grouchy coach. Kenny had to trot to keep up with the king of fury.

He slammed the door to his office so hard the "Coach Newman" name plate fell off and broke when it hit the floor. As he shoved Kenny into the corner of the office, another long string of cum was dangling from his dick and swinging about wildly from his being pushed around so much.

Kenny just knew he was in for it now. The look on the coach's face was a complete give away that he was done for. Kenny dropped his head as the coach rounded his desk and stood there glaring at him with a strange look in his eye.

Oh God! What's going to happen now? he thought frantically.

Chapter 3

"Sit your ass down, boy." Newman ordered as he pushed the youngster down on the cold metal folding chair. The crud hanging from Kenny's prong swang high over his dickhead and looped back around several times to form a spiral of cum toward the root. About six inches [15 cm] more was hanging off the base and attached to his right nut, almost looking like a miniature swing set. And still another string of dick snot was swaying lazily beneath his cum covered nuts. It almost looked as if someone had poured an entire bucket of cum over his crotch.

Kenny's firm, sticky butt rested against the edge of the chair, his back uncomfortably pressed against the back support. Already more cum was slowly forming a large white blob at the tip of his still raging hard on, but Kenny didn't even notice. He was too scared and was watching his coach's every move.

Newman leaned over and rested his hands on his pupil's cum drizzled thighs right above the knees. Pushing his nose against Kenny's he said, "I … hate … your … aaaaaaaasss." He then tried to wipe the cold, thick cum from his face, but only smeared it more. After about six tissues he was finally satisfied and looked back at Kenny just as the glob of sperm fell from his dick and flattened out on the floor with a faint tapping sound.

"Pick that up! Now!" the coach screamed. "And eat it."

Kenny picked up the glob on the end of his finger along with some dirt that was on the floor. Examining it for other contaminants, then finally deciding that it was clean enough, he wiped it on the end of his tongue. It seemed to closely resemble the taste of sour milk and the smell of Clorox and hydrogen peroxide.

"I don't like boys slinging their hormones all over my showers, and especially all over my office, got it?" he continued. "You boys are gonna learn that this is no place for that kind of thing."

Kenny was trying to fight back a sob as Coach Newman laid the law down. A law Kenny really didn't break, not willingly anyway. Not at first. The scared boy could feel more cum edging its way toward the exit of his vein popping erection.

"Now if I find you doing that sort of thing again, I'll have you in here before school, during this period, and after school every school day for two weeks sweeping, cleaning, and mopping the showers and my office, dressed just the way you are now. Butt naked."

As Newman finished his last sentence, a steady flow of thin milky white cum began to run out of the tip of his dickhead. Kenny's mouth dropped and he was speechless as his tool began slobbering everywhere as if it wanted to get him in deeper trouble. The juice had already formed a biscuit sized puddle on the floor beneath his prick while Kenny stared at the mess he was making.

"Well don't just sit there! Catch it in your hand so it doesn't make a bigger mess," the coach said.

Newman continued preaching at the wall with his back toward Kenny, about there being a time and place for what he had done, and that boys shouldn't do that to themselves. It wasn't healthy.

Kenny's small hand was overflowing with his aftercum, now and was running onto the floor. The coached turned around at that time and saw the bigger mess.

"Well I hope you do a good job moping the floor next week. Now get rid of that stuff." Newman ordered.

"Where, sir?" Kenny asked sheepishly.

"I know. Rub it on your chest. Let's see how much you like that. I think its gross and disgusting, so stand up and rub it all over you. You've got a small body and enough slop on the floor and in your hand to completely cover yourself with it so go ahead.

The boy obediently splashed the slippery cum on his tight, muscular chest and down to his lean belly and on his strong looking arms. He scooped up what was on the floor and rubbed it into his bulging thighs and calves.

"Go ahead and rub it in until its dried or gone. And smear that nasty stuff stuck all over your privates around, too. I'm tired of looking at it."

The humiliated, naked boy took his still rigid dick in his trembling hand and massaged the cold cum into the sensitive skin. His balls began to churn again at his new stimulation, so he began to grind his balls into his palm while he rubbed his pulsing dick with the other. He started to breath heavily again and massaged at a more frantic pace as his arousal was becoming more intense. Newman saw what he was up to and didn't like it at all.

"Now cut that out! I mean it now. This was supposed to be your punishment, but I guess it's gonna take more." He pulled out a long wooden paddle with several holes drilled into one end of it. it had "Peacemaker" in wood burned letters on the back side of it and the booty contact side had narrow grooves cut into it that were rounded at the crests.

"Bend over my desk." Newman said with no emotion.

Kenny complied, shaking. He knew what was to come.

"Now spread your legs and stick that rump out as far as you can."

Kenny spread his legs about four feet [1.2 m] apart and arched his back in so that he looked like he was posing as a nude woman for a hustler magazine, except that his head was down. His tight butt was sticking way out and was still sticky on the right side and in the crack from Macaulay's runny precum. The boy's butthole was clearly visible in the shady crevasse. It was gaping open slightly from his present state of horniness, mostly because it had only been minutes before it had been massaged by Macaulay's salivating dickhead.

"I mean stick that little butt out as far as you can. Don't just stick it out. I want you to turn it inside out if you have to but get it out here so I don't miss it."

Kenny arched his back even further, looking as though he was about to break his own back.

"Now hold that position and I'll be right back." Newman said as he left the office.

Kenny's eyes were closed when he heard a young voice say, "Gosh. what's he doing?" He looked up and saw half of his teammates in the office with him and the rest were coming in. The ones that could not fit in the large office were gathering on the other side of the window that gives the coach a view of the locker room.

Poor Kenny wanted to die. All of his classmates were there staring straight at his upturned butt that was about to be paddled. Macaulay was closest to him. Kenny wanted to bring his foot back and kick him in the nuts, but that would only get him in deeper trouble. He stayed in his position, even though it was deadly embarrassing, and waited for the coach. Despite his predicament, his cum was continuously running out of his dick. He heard his classmates snickering behind him.

He heard Macaulay whisper, "Look, man. He likes to be punished. It's all he can do to keep from creaming all over himself. Ha ha! He's even getting a rise out of being paddled and having us all here to watch!" Macaulay and the others laughed even harder.

Another voice said, "He needs to get some body filler for his butt crack!" That brought about several giggles from some of the boys.

"Yeah! I've seen smaller cracks after an earthquake! And look! He's got elephant balls!" That made the whole crowd laugh and repeat "elephant balls" to each other.

Kenny felt about as big as an ant right them with everyone staring and laughing at him.

Macaulay got his long comb out of his hip pocket and quietly positioned the side of it behind the naked boy's butthole. He pulled the top back as far as he could without breaking it, and let it go. Kenny jumped as the hard plastic slapped his unsuspecting rectal orifice with a loud crack. This caused a large drop of thick boy cum to fall out of Kenny's presently drooling erection and brought another round of laughter from all the boys as a few said, "Do it again! See if you can make him spill some more!"

"What's so funny in here?" Coach Newman asked as he walked into the office. He looked on the floor and saw the clear pool of precum on the floor with a white cum drop to the side of it. "Look," the coach said pointing at the puddle. "This is no laughing matter. Kenny here has been bad. now he's about to pay. I wanted you all to be here to see what happens to kids who don't act right."

The whole crowd of boys stared at Kenny's steadily growing puddle of precum on the floor, then at Kenny's dripping dickhead, then at the center of attention, his tight ass. Newman brought the board way out and laid his body into it as he hurled the thick board down as hard as he could on the tense boy's bare butt. A huge wad of thick white cream flew out of Kenny's rock hard stick and stuck to the opened grade book on the desk. It landed right on Macaulay's name no doubt. Kenny was happy about that. His happiness was interrupted by another crash of the board into his helpless ass. His heavy balls were swinging to and fro as the biting paddle threw his balance off a little. Another strike of the red hot pain wood sent another drop of cum soaring out of his bobbing dick. The cum landed somewhere on the wall on the other side of the desk. Kenny definitely hated the paddling he was getting, but he was so horny right before it that his sexual juices were still flowing in a frenzy through his nuts. Kenny's butt was getting to be numb as the fourth bomb exploded on his ass. His enormous erection was now spiting precum at a steady pace with a larger flow occurring every few seconds. And a thick white glob fired out followed by a steady stream of thick clear precum that made the puddle on the floor about the size of a lunch plate. His fifth hit. God when would it stop?

"Now to prove to Kenny that we all have the same set of values," the coach said, "I want one of you to give this boy one good wollop on the rump. Who's it gonna be?"

Kenny cringed as he heard what sounded like everyone in the room trying to volunteer for the final showdown.

"Here's the paddle, Macaulay. Now make it count. It's the only shot you get, " Newman said. Kenny was rocking back and forth, knowing he could not stand another strike on his beaten butt. "P O W, " the sound was. But Macaulay missed his target, hitting Kenny's butthole with the end of the paddle and striking the inside of his butt cheek as well. The blond boy had been standing too far back to get good contact, and it was his first time at paddling a naughty boy.

Kenny moaned and reached behind him and rubbed his smarting sphincter with his fingers. He rubbed it for what the other kids saw as an undue amount of time and they began accusing him of masturbating his rectum.

The coach grabbed Kenny's arm and pulled his hand away from his asshole. "Okay," Newman announced. "That's okay. We'll just call that one a warm-up – a practice shot. Get him for real this time, Mac!"

Macaulay spread his legs to gain stature and balance. He then eyed his target carefully, positioning the board against the smooth, firm rump before him. He slowly played through the motions of the swing to make sure he had his target centered perfectly. The room was so tense awaiting the loud megabomb explosion that was about to erupt on Kenny's poor, battered butt.

Kenny felt the board each time it gently rested against his hard buns. He knew this would be the worst of all. Mac hated him, he just knew it. Kenny began rocking back and forth gently in anticipation of the severe pain that was about to fall upon him to be coupled with the existing butt pain he was enduring.

With as much might, force, and power that he could muster, Macaulay came down with the board with a speed that made the air whistle through the holes drilled at the end. The boys standing close to him felt the wind from the swooping two by four as it flew past their heads.

The impact of the board was so hard that there almost seemed to be a moment of silence before the sound of the crash could be heard. The crack was so loud, some of the boys shook their heads to try to stop the ringing in their ears.

Kenny fell on the floor and doubled over holding his pain stricken balls in both hands. Unfortunately, since Kenny was rocking back and forth, his balls were swinging, too. As they were swinging back, the board was coming in, then it happened.

The coach rolled Kenny onto his back. He didn't realize what had happened until he looked down and saw Kenny's extreme pain stricken face. Then he looked down where Kenny was holding his genitals tightly in both hands. A white, pinkish fluid was running out from between his fingers. "Let me see!" the coach demanded.

He pried Kenny's hands away and saw his dick drooling a mixture of cum with a small amount of blood. The crying, naked boy's balls were already swelling from the impact of the board.

"He caught them between the back of my leg and the paddle, sir." Kenny cried. He put his head down on the floor and let his arms fall to the side as his softened prick was had now stopped oozing cum, but was now nothing but a few drops of blood a minute.

"I'm sorry this happened like this, Kenny," the coach said. "But maybe this will teach you that you can't be fucking around up here. This is what it gets you. This is your own fault. Now get up and get dressed and get home. And when you come back in here, I don't want to see this kind of thing happening any more."

The words were a fuzzy mess to Kenny as he lay there in extreme agony, cupping his damaged balls in both hands. He lay there a few more moments as the coach and other kids cleared out. He was lying with his eyes closed and sensed he was being stared at. He opened his eyes and found Macaulay there staring at him with an evil grin spread across reddish lips.

"I know that everything that happend to you today was my fault," Macaulay started. "But only I know that and only I will. Others saw what happened here, and only they will know, too. You see, Kenny, I have more say at this school. You are new here. The kids know me, and they know I'll pound them if they say anything bad about me. I'll do the same to you. I did that on purpose so you would know that I mean what I say. Don't fuck with me, Kenny. It won't do you any good. I'll crush your balls in my fist if you do."

Mac reached down between Kenny's legs and grabbed his balls out from under his cupped hands and squeezed the injured jewels hard. More blood ran out the end of Kenny's dick as he screamed in pain from the pressure on his already crushed balls.

Coach Newman stormed into his office and found Macaulay squeezing Kenny's gonads. He grabbed Macaulay's free hand and literally yanked him off the floor, but his grip on Kenny's balls was so tight that he couldn't let go in time to keep from dragging Kenny a couple of feet on the floor.

This made Kenny howl in pain. He was flat out bawling now because his nuts already felt like someone was standing on them, and the slightest touch tripled the pain.

"What were you doing to him?" the coach demanded. "What! Tell me now!"

"I wasn't doing anything," Mac lied. "I was sorry for him and I was trying to see if I could help him any by massaging him down there. All things feel better if you rub them after they have been bumped." He turned to Kenny. "I'm sorry, Kenny. I didn't mean to hurt you just then."

The look on Macaulay's face when he said that made Kenny's blood turn to ice. He knew he would be having all kinds of trouble from this kid throughout the school year.

"Coach," Kenny strained. "Can I go to the nurse?" He sat up, still clutching himself.

"Hell, no! What do you want? A media circus? The cops would be all over us down here and…" He realized he had said too much. "… and when the cops get here, you would have to go down town and answer a bunch of questions. It would be so bad for you if you went to the nurse. They would probably suspend you from school, or even worse, put you in a juvenile detention center. I am going to cover for you, this time. I think you might be a good kid, but you just need to learn the way things work around here. Just keep quiet about it, and I won't say anything if you won't. Deal?"

The coach's voice sounded so honest and innocent to Kenny that he accepted that offer. He definitely didn't want to end up in a detention center.

He got dressed in his white shorts and shirt once again, pulling on his socks and lowering them to their usual position around his ankles, then followed with his hi-top shoes. One could not tell that he had serious injuries to his balls, but he could unmistakably tell as he walked home from school.

Chapter 4

Kenny walked rather awkwardly home, his mind on his aching balls between his legs. Each step seemed to bring another blast of pain to his abused crotch, sending missiles of agony into the pit of his stomach.

Finally arriving home, he slowly made his way up the stairs, making sure that his legs did not rub against his balls at all – knowing that his natural reaction would be a severely pain stricken grimace.

Kenny crept across the threshold leading into the foyer of their house. He could see his mother standing at the stove in the kitchen mixing something in a pan. Macaroni and cheese, he thought. Nice. I love that. Maybe I'll soak my balls in it to make them feel better.

The battered boy turned to head toward his room, which was luckily attached to his private bathroom, which contained his private bathtub, which he would soon be lying in to allow his nuts to enjoy being weightless for about three days until they had time to get over the beating they had endured earlier that day. "Call me when supper's ready, Mom!" he called into the kitchen.

"Hey, aren't you even going to tell me how it went at school today? About all your new friends? Teachers? Detention?" she quizzed.

"Nothing to say. Just another day. It's school. They're all the same. Kids and adults who try to act smarter than all the kids so they can feel better about themselves for telling us all how to run our lives. What did you expect?" he answered back with a hint of sarcasm.

Her mouth dropped, "Was it that bad? I heard that school was one of the better ones, even though it has a skimpy budget. The teachers are supposed to really know what they are doing," she continued.

"Well, there was a really mean teacher today. I hate his guts!" he yelled back into the kitchen.

"Oh, Kenny. There are going to be teachers every year who do things you don't like. You might as well just get used to it, take what they give you, and at the end of the year, it will all be over with," she said as Kenny walked into the kitchen, bowlegged. Londa looked at her young son with her typical motherly love. "Just make him as happy as you can by doing whatever he asks and you'll do fine. As long as you try, he shouldn't complain about that."

"But, Mom! He was being so…" he started as his mother interrupted him.

"Kenny. This is a new school. Just give it time and I'm sure things will all work out. You'll see. Just try your hardest and if he sees you're trying, he will give you some slack."

The frustrated boy went back to his room shaking his head. He stripped off his clothes as he walked through the door of his bathroom. He turned the hot water on, then the cold-testing the temperature to make sure he would neither freeze nor fry when he settled in for his soak. He turned and went back into his bedroom and past his open bedroom door. He stood in front of his mirror and looked at his bruised balls. Oh, God. They look awful, he thought.

The boy spread his feet apart and lightly cupped his hand under his sack and lifted them slightly as if testing the weight of the organs within. He bent over to look between his legs more closely to see what other damage might have been done. His beautiful butthole was bright with sunlight as he examined himself more closely.

"Oh shit, Kenny, will you please shut the door when you do that!" his mother exclaimed as she slammed the door.

Kenny half chuckled as he heard Londa stomp back down the hallway. But then he wished he hadn't chuckled because that made his balls hurt again. The youth could definitely tell that he would need to be careful for the next few days. No laughing, no loud talking, no fast walking, and who knows what would happen if he were to sneeze!

He slowly walked back to the bathroom where he stepped over the side of the tub, which had nearly overflowed, and was relieved when his balls settled in the water and were suspended in the warm liquid, weightless at last. He reached up and turned off the water and just relaxed for the next fifteen minutes when he finally, unintentionally fell asleep.


Kenny woke up later in the evening, still in the tub and looking like a prune. His skin was completely waterlogged and it even appeared that he had lost some of his coloring in the water. He pulled the plug and the water began to drain into the pipe.

His clock said 7:14pm and was still light outside, although dusk was soon to come. Kenny dried off carefully and laid down on the bed, naked. His balls seemed to feel a little bit better after the three hour soak. He closed his eyes to enjoy the relaxed feeling he was reveling in from his bath.

The boy almost felt sleepy again as he laid there in total peacefulness and serenity. Everything was totally quiet – quieter than usual for a late Summer evening. Usually there were kids playing and lawn mowers running, but today it was completely quiet. No cars. No trucks driving by. Total solitude is what it seemed like.

He lay there and could barely hear himself breath. He thought he felt each of his limbs getting lighter as his quiet surroundings and warm muscles relaxed him more and more. Something deep inside Kenny's conscious was bothering him – something he couldn't quite put his finger on. Almost like something was watching him. But he decided it was only his imagination. The quiet was too quiet and he was letting it get to him. He just lay there motionless and enjoyed the quiet more and more.

His tanned, naked boy body lay across the bed – the swelling and contraction in his belly of his shallow breathing barely visible as he lay there almost in a trance. His flaccid organ was pointed straight up, the head lying just above and to the left of his navel. His balls were loose hanging and heavy, resting on the sheets in front of his butt hole. His thighs, almost too muscular and large for his small waist, were nonetheless a beautiful sight to behold. The anatomy of the muscle structure itself was barely visible all the way up and down his small body. The web of veins covering him added to the magnificence of the boy creature on the soft bed.

Kenny felt like he was in a dream world. He opened his eyes sleepily – slowly, then shrieked in hellish terror as Macaulay, wearing an evil grin, came down with all his might on Kenny's crotch with a twisted, knotted, wooden club. Kenny saw a flash of blood as he jumped up into his mothers waiting arms who was attempting to wipe his face with a red washcloth.

"Oh, Mom! You scared the hell out of me!" he panted as he reached down to make sure his genitals were still attached.

"I scared you? You had me worried sick down there. I came in here and thought you were dead!" she griped. "Next time tell somebody you are going to hibernate in the tub. I thought you were sleeping in bed until I came in here and found you in here in water that was over your ears. If you had gone down another two inches [5 cm], you would have needed gills."

He looked at his mother for a few moments as she continued to tousle his hair. "I love you, Mom."

Londa nearly fell in the tub with her young son after he uttered those surprising words.

She stared at her son thoughtfully for a moment, sighed and softly said, "I love you, too, baby. It's been a long time since you've said that and I appreciate it. Now. Get out of this tub. Supper's been cooked for over two hours but I can heat it up for you if you're hungry."

"No, that's okay. I want to go to bed. I don't feel so good."

"Well, okay then. Get dried off. I'll change your sheets for you first. They had a funny smell in them and I think they need to be washed, big time," she told him suspiciously.

Of course Kenny knew what he'd done a couple of days ago but wasn't about to tell her what the smell was; realizing she probably already knew, anyway.

As Londa turned to leave the bathroom, Kenny slowly raised himself onto his feet and realized that his balls were not as sore as they were earlier that day. In fact, they felt pretty good, for organs that had been beaten black and blue. He was just glad his mother didn't notice because explaining colored balls would be difficult to say the least.

His mother was the loving kind, of course, almost too loving at times. She was a family mother; the typical TV mom every family dreams of having. There was one exception, though. She had no problem talking about any topic at all. Once she had a neighbor over when Kenny was only three years old. Kenny came running out of the bathroom after his bath stark naked. He ran into the living room where his mother was visiting with her company, Mrs. Crouch, and threw himself up in her lap with his legs spread wide, not realizing that it was inappropriate. Londa didn't get embarrassed although her company was abashed at the sight of a naked kid in front of her with enormous genitals. The lady became captivated by the sight of them and Londa noticed her staring.

"Oh, he's been like that since he was born. His father is big as well, but I think this little guy here is going to be even bigger than his dad before he even stops growing! We're so proud of him!" she said with great admiration, while looking between her son's legs.

Of course, neither of the women were lusting after the boy, but the size simply stands out and once can't help but stare at such a thing. Mrs. Crouch just stared at Londa, not believing what she was hearing; her lips parted in a gaping orifice that could easily swallow a baseball. She left without saying anything else and didn't come back for about three or four months. When she did come back, she was a changed woman. Much more interesting to talk to and she seemed to be more interested in how Kenny was getting along than she had been before that day.

Nothing ever happened between Kenny and the woman but a few months after his ninth birthday, he realized the woman had the hots for him and played with her mind about it. He would come into the living room sometimes, knowing good and well that Mrs. Crouch was there, but pretending he didn't. He would be wearing a jock strap or something nearly as skimpy and walk past her, not seeming to notice; smiling the whole time his back was to her.

Once she was in the living room all alone and he walked past her wearing only a jock strap, bent over right in front of her to turn on the television. He thought he could hear her swallow her gum. He then backed up and leaned over once more to pick up the remote control that had fallen on the floor. At that point, he was standing close enough for her to reach out and touch him. Kenny could feel the heat coming out of the woman's body as he stood up, then sat down in her lap, following immediately with a jump and a startled cry.

Mrs. Crouch would sit there for a second; her mouth dry and her palms wet. "Kenny, I'm sorry. I thought you knew I was here. Let me move for you," she said as she leaned forward, very close to his body to get up out of the recliner. "I'll just go sit over here on the sofa," she continued as she walked carefully across the living room.

The sofa was a good choice for her because it sat beside the television and was facing away from the wall, right across from Kenny. The boy sat in the recliner with his feet propped on the footrest and his knees resting on the armrests. The only part of his body that was on the back part of the chair was his shoulders and head. It was a little uncomfortable but fun to exhibit himself in front of the woman. Kenny chuckled to himself as the thoughts of Mrs. Crouch crept through his mind.

"Okay, Kenny. Your bed is made. Get some sleep, you've got another day of school tomorrow and you need your energy, not that you don't have enough anyway."

The boy crawled into the soft, cool bed enjoying the smell of freshness only mom can put into bedding sheets. Londa sneaked out of the room and softly closed the door behind her. Kenny fell asleep before the latch clicked.

Chapter 5

Kenny awoke the next morning about 6am. Funny how sometimes he woke up right on the hour; a mystery he couldn't quite understand. The smell of breakfast was already permeating the house. Eggs, bacon, waffles, grits, and orange juice. Kenny thought. Typical country breakfast.

Kenny sat up in the bed, but quickly laid back down as the pain in his balls was too much for him this early in the morning. He pulled back the sheets to give himself another examination and noticed that some of the natural color was coming back, but he was still swollen way out of proportion. He couldn't even put his knees together without causing himself pain.

Knock, knock, knock. "Kenny! Are you coming down to breakfast?" Londa called through the closed door.

"I can't, mom. I feel sick," he replied truthfully.

"What's wrong, honey? Can I get you anything?" she said, not sure she was believing her son.

"I just need to lay here a while. Or maybe some Mylazine for my stomach."

"Oh, do you have a tummy ache, dear?"

"Yes. I don't know why. It just hurts."

"Okay. I'll be right back."

Kenny lay there motionless, not sure what he was going to do to convince his Mom that his belly hurt. He wasn't a very good actor and had never been able to fool her before.

"Okay, honey. Here you go. I guess since there's not much left in here you can just drink it straight out of the bottle."

Before Londa could walk two steps in the door, Kenny reached between his legs and pinched his left testicle hard between his fingers. He groaned in pain as he reached out for his Mylazine.

To Londa, it appeared to be a genuine look of abdominal pains. To Kenny, if felt like genuine abdominal pain as that severe chronic overstuffed diarrhea like feeling crawled slowly into his stomach.

"Oh my gosh, Kenny. Are you allright?" She felt his forehead, then his chest. She wondered how a boy as healthy as this could possibly get sick. But sick he was, she finally decided and called the school to inform them of the situation.

Kenny was relieved that he would be out of school and away from Macaulay for the next day or two. He felt like it would take at least a couple of days for his balls to be back to normal then after that, he would not let himself be pushed around like that any more.

The next few days went by uneventful. Anytime Londa was looking hopeful that Kenny was getting better, he would simply pinch his balls again and that would reassure her once again that her son was still sick.

He spent two days home from school, and on that typical hot September day, Kenny knew he was well enough to return to school. He caressed his balls in his hands and noticed that the swelling had gone down completely. His nuts were back to normal again. He continued to caress them softly, slowly allowing his hand to rub up his hardening shaft; exploring the pleasurable regions of his phallus.

As his dick stiffened more and more, he began to snake the loose skin up and down the cirumsized hose, feeling waves of ecstasy ripple through his young body. Clear drops of precum were oozing slowly out of the large slit at the end of his prick. He greedily confiscated this fluid and massaged it into his dick as he became hotter and hotter.

The door bell rang. Kenny looked across the room and noticed that the time was about 5:30pm. Kenny couldn't think of anybody that could possibly be here this time of day but was too engrossed in pleasuring himself that he didn't care to think about it any more.

As the incredible feelings he was experiencing began to build to a feverish height, he started jacking himself off harder and harder. He could tell the moment would be here within minutes. He leaned his head back, then instantly jerked the covers over himself as the door to his bedroom swung open.

He snapped his head back down and saw Macaulay walking towards him, smiling what looked to be a smile of happiness instead of evil.

"Hi, Kenny. I see you're getting to feel better," Mac nodded toward the obvious circus tent in Kenny's covers. "I feel so bad about what happened I decided to bring your make-up homework over for you."

Kenny stared at him in disbelief. "Get out, you fuck!" he shouted in a whispering voice.

"Come on, Kenny. I'm here to make up for what I did. I'm really sorry I busted your balls with that paddle. I think you were moving around too much, and when I hit you, your balls just got in the way. I'm really sorry. I'm."

"That doesn't do me any good, now, you prick," Kenny said, still angry.

"Well, I know that. That's why I'm here. Like I said, I want to make up for it."

"What do you mean, Mac. I mean, really. You busted my balls. That hurt for three whole days."

"I know, I know. Just be quiet just a second."

Macaulay sneaked back over to the doorway leading into the hall and slowly closed the door and locked it.

"What are you doing, Mac?" Kenny said, suddenly frightened.

"Just be quiet and you'll see."

Macaulay pulled back the covers which were instantly snatched back up by Kenny. "What are you doing, Mac?" he demanded once again.

"Look, you want me to make up for what I did, don't you?"

"I don't know. What are you going to do to me?"

"It's a surprise. And I promise it won't hurt."

Kenny reluctantly released the sheets and they were once again pulled down by the cute blond kid before him. Without a warning, Kenny's dick was immersed in complete pleasure as Macaulay gobbled the entire nine and a half hard inches [24 cm]. The prick went deep into the kid's throat and Mac began pounding his throat with the erect cock ruthlessly.

Kenny was sure he was going to faint as he began bucking his hips to meet the oral cavity surrounding his monster sized dick. Mac also seemed to be getting his jollies as he had his own dick out and was pounding on it madly as he sucked Kenny harder and harder. The talented boy's mouth seemed tireless as he kept going for several minutes, pumping up and down on the prick while jerking himself off as well.

The muscular boy who had been abused by the same boy who was now giving him blissful passion was starting to fall in love with the little brat. Kenny felt a contraction under his balls, then a second; followed by several shots of creamy white cum that rocketed down Macaulay's throat and into his hungry belly, to be savored by the boy; knowing that he'd eaten the cum of the sexiest kid in school. As Kenny finished emptying his load in his abusive lover's mouth, he grabbed the boy's head and shoved his entire dick down his throat and deep humped him for several strokes before releasing his head and allowing Mac to back off for air.

"How was that, Kenny?" Macaulay smiled at him.

Kenny looked longingly at Macaulay, noticing that the kid had swallowed every drop of cum, not spilling a single bit. He was talented. "That was amazing. Thanks, dude," he said back… amazed.

"I guess I'll be going, then. See you at school tomorrow?"

"Sure. I can't wait."

"Okay. Later." He gave Kenny a gently squeeze on his softening dick, then surprisingly kissed him on the lips; forcing his tongue past Kenny's submissive yet dumbfounded lips, and explored the depths of the young kid's mouth as he continued his gently massage on the boy's crotch.

Kenny laid there in a daze as Macaulay backed away. He felt his dick stiffening again and noticed Macaulay's doing the same. Mac was rubbing his hardon again as he turned around, unlocked the door and disappeared down the hallway.

Kenny jumped out of bed and watched Macaulay as he ran across the yard and quickly jumped into a decrepit old black van with no windows. The crappy old van's driver was a neatly dressed business man who seemed completely out of place driving it. They sped off down the road and disappeared around a corner with a squeal from the tires.

Chapter 6

Kenny left his bedroom window to go downstairs where he found his mother sitting on the couch watching her favorite game show. She was yelling out answers at the screen and looking like she was expecting the contestants to thank her for the answers.

"Oh! You stupid broad!" she shouted at the television through a mouthful of sour cream and onion popcorn.

Kenny walked past the living room and into the kitchen, not wanting to see his mother make a fool of herself any more.

He brought a chair in from the dining room table to set in front of the refrigerator so he could get at the cereal boxes stored above. Why they were stored there, he never knew. Possibly to keep him out of it when he was younger. Many times he'd be upstairs in his room and here his father suddenly curse and complain about the price of raisin to cost ratio of his favorite cereal. He said that there must be some kind of conspiracy going on amongst all the cereal manufacturers because they'd all become so stingy with their raisins.

Kenny chuckled to himself as he thought about the past and his father, who he was missing again now that all those memories passed through his mind.

Jack Roberson, a very successful entrepreneur, had been around more when Kenny was younger. They always did things together. Father and son fishing trips, ball games, wrestling matches, and even a hunting trip once which Kenny really didn't take a liking to. He thought it was so cruel of his father to cut the deer's balls off after they'd killed it despite the fact that it kept the meat from going rancid.

Jack had been gone for the last couple of weeks and Londa expected him home this evening. Hopefully he would have plans for the three of them to go out and do something. Kenny was eager to get out of the house now that his balls were better.

He poured his milk over the cereal and began munching absent-mindedly and thinking about the sudden attitude change in Macaulay today. For some reason, he really liked the boy. He was truly charming and seemed to be as fond of Kenny as Kenny was of Macaulay.

Kenny finished his cereal and was rinsing out the bowl when he heard the front door open, followed by the sounds of his father's deep voice. Jack sounded disappointed about something.

"Dad! What's up cool man!" Kenny re-introduced himself with a hand out.

"Hey, my man. Gimme some!" he sang back with his hand out and palm up.

They proceeded to slap each other's palms until every possible contortion was covered, then they followed it with a hand shake, which surprised Jack since Kenny had never offered his hand before. He was growing up, Jack thought.

Londa had forgotten all about her game show which was rolling credits now, anyway. "Kenny, I'm afraid we're going to have to leave town first thing tomorrow morning. Your father has another business trip and we have to leave tomorrow morning. We'll be gone when you wake up in the morning. I'm going to have to call around and see if you can stay with someone. We haven't lived here very long so if I can't find anybody, you'll have to stay with your grandmother in Shreveport."

"Where are you guys going," he asked, feeling his hopes of fun activities evaporate.

"We have to go to Kansas City. There is a four day convention up there and Dad's already bought the plane tickets. I'm sorry Kenny. I know you were looking forward to spending time with your dad, but we have to go to this thing. But when we get back, he's taking a week off so we can all do something as a family. Okay?"

Kenny was truly disappointed, but was able to manage a meek agreement then walked back upstairs to his room, leaving Jack and Londa alone to talk about their plans for the trip. As soon as Kenny opened the door to his room, he remembered that he'd made a new friend and that friend would be perfect for him to stay with while his parents were out of town.

He darted back downstairs. "Mom! Mom!" he yelled, excited as a hummingbird.

Londa looked at him.

"Mom. I know who I can stay with. The dude that brought my homework. His name is Macaulay and I'm know his parents would let me stay with them. Can you call them?

"Well, I don't know Kenny. All I said to Macaulay was, 'hi,' and 'He's upstairs. Go right in.' I don't you should stay with someone we har…"

"Aw come on, Mom! He's way cool. So far, he's the only friend I've got at school."

She sighed, looked at her watch. Eight-thirty, the watch said. "Well, okay. It is late and we don't have much time to pack, much less call all over town looking for you a place to stay. Call him up and see if it's okay, then let them talk to me."

Kenny grinned from ear to ear then darted upstairs to get his student directory given to them the first day of school. He found Macaulay's name and rapidly dialed the number. He waited impatiently as the phone rang several times.

A deep, menacing sounding voice answered the phone. "Hello?"

"Yea. Hi. Is Macaulay there?"

"Who is this?"

"This is Kenny. A friend from school."

"Oh! Okay. I've heard about you. Here's Mac now."

Kenny heard some rattling on the other end followed by Mac's voice. "Hi, Kenny. Whatsa matter?" The boy sounded a bit strange to Kenny, as if he were in a bind or something.

"Mac, you sound funny. Are you taking a shit or something?"

"No, nothing like that," he said, followed by what sounded like a low whimper.

"Well, whatever you're doing, make sure you hear this right, dude. My parents are leaving town and I thought it'd be cool if I could crash at your house while they're gone. Is that okay?"

Kenny heard a couple more whimpers from Macaulay. "Hang on. Let me see."

Muffled voices could be heard on the other end of the line as Macaulay covered the receiver with his hand while he asked his father.

A very deep voice came on the line. "Kenny?" Macaulay's father asked.

"Y-yes?" Kenny responded hopefully, feeling butterflies in his stomach as he dreamed of the answer, "Yes."

"I'll let you stay here, but we have rules here just like you have rules at your house. How long will you be here?"

"Um, four days?" he though he heard Macaulay groan in the background.

"That's fine. You can come on over tonight if you want to, or you can come home with Macaulay after school tomorrow. It's up to you."

"Okay, I'll check with my mom. What's wrong with Macaulay? Is he sick?" Kenny finally asked.

"Mac is fine. He's just, ah… watching a movie. There are people getting killed right now and he's really getting into it." Kenny heard another groan from his new friend.

"Okay. Hang on just a sec and I'll ask my mom."

Kenny slid down the handrail again. "Mom! Kenny's dad is on the line now.. talk to him, please!"

She picked up the phone. "Hello?"

"Hi. Are you Kenny's mother?"

"Yes, it is. Londa Roberson here."

"Hi. I'm Garth Cullins. I hear you're going on a trip with your husband and you need a place to stow your kid."

"Yes. That's right. I need someone pretty bad. Where do you live?" she responded.

"We live up on the hill top at Cutter Hill. Do you know the place?"

"My gosh, yes. We were wondering who owned that monster of a house. Glad to meet you!"

"Nice to meet you, too. Kenny can come over tonight or he can come home with Macaulay after school tomorrow, whatever you want."

"Okay. I'll let him sleep here tonight and he can lock up the house tomorrow morning when he leaves for school." She finally sounded relieved, knowing that her baby would be well taken care of while they were away.

Garth Cullins also sounded pleased that he could be of service. "Okay. We'll take good care of him. Don't worry about him. You just have fun on your trip."

"Okay, and I'll send some money to cover his food and your trouble."

"No need for that. We've got it covered. My boy needs a playmate, anyway and I'd enjoy the company, too."

"Gosh, that's awfully nice of you!"

He chuckled at her thankfulness as they continued to talk a few minutes more. Kenny went back upstairs and hung the phone up so they could talk privately. He went back downstairs and overheard Londa giving Garth the phone number and room number of the hotel they would be staying at in case something should happen.

Kenny was ecstatic. He was going to get to stay with his friend who had given him a wonderful orgasm earlier that evening. He was sure to have plenty wonderful orgasms over the next few days, for sure!


Kenny snapped awake to the sound of his alarm clock blaring at him from across the room. He groggily stammered over to his dresser, groping for it with his eyes closed. Only seconds after he stifled the screaming clock did he remember about going to Macaulay's house for four whole days!

He quickly dressed in white briefs, baggy pre-faded Silver Tab Levi's and a dark blue and charcoal gray T-shirt. By looking, the only thing you could tell about this lad is that he had a tiny waist and a nice big bubble butt. No one would ever suspect that under all that loose, slouchy clothing was a true American muscle boy.

He ran downstairs and was out of the door in a flash, locking it behind him. The weather was unseasonably cool this morning as he walked to school. It felt great, in fact. Low humidity and the temperature was about seventy degrees [21°C]. That was most unusual for this time of year.

As Kenny walked along, he thought he caught the faint smell of someone's fireplace burning, but silently cursed himself at the stupidity of anyone burning a fireplace in the south in September. It was probably someone burning their trash.

Kenny trudged on down the road, thinking of what Garth had planned for them to do over the weekend. It was now Thursday morning and only having two days of school left for the week meant that there were two days left that had to be occupied doing something. He couldn't imagine what.

Garth Cullins was obviously very wealthy. He owns the mega-mansion on Cutter Hill, his mom told him. It was truly amazing. It was, without a doubt, the largest living establishment in the entire county; possibly the state! How Mr. Cullins made his money, no one is for sure. But there he is, up on that hill. High and mighty. The place has it's own live security and acres upon acres of land surrounding it. Kenny knew there was something for the both of them to do this weekend.

As Kenny got closer to school, the smell of burning trash became stronger, almost overpowering. Smoke was thickening in the area and the boy looked ahead and saw fire trucks spraying water toward a building that could only be his school. Kenny quickened to a jog and saw that indeed it was his school – burning right before his eyes. He couldn't believe it.

Flames had already engulfed most of the eastern wing where Kenny's classroom was and the western wing was already totally destroyed. The school was unmistakably condemned by the looks of it. What was left standing of the old building was either blackened or in flames. Windows were exploding and burning bits of papers were floating away. Kenny stared for a few more minutes, then noticed Macaulay walking towards him.

"Hi, Ken!" Mac said cheerfully as he approached.

"Hey! What happened here?" Kenny questioned.

"The building burned up."

"Well, I can see that. What happened?"

"Nobody knows yet. Probably because it was so old."

"Yea. What are they going to do with us?"

"Don't know that either. Mr. Waters is going to tell everybody in a minute."

Only seconds after Macaulay finished talking, Mr. Waters, the principal, was speaking loudly into a bullhorn and informing the parents and students that until further notice, school will be on hiatus. He went on to say that within two weeks, he would send out a newsletter advising parents of the status of a relocation program for all the students and what to do if any important belongings were left behind in the classrooms by the students.

"Oh, man! Did you hear that?" Kenny exclaimed. "No school for two whole weeks!"

Both boys laughed about it. They knew that the schools were over crowded and that the two week period would only be used in trying to find places for them all. They knew it would be unsuccessful and they'd probably be out of school for about five or six weeks at the least!

Macaulay called his father up on the phone to tell him the news and within twenty minutes, a black decrepit old van pulled up and Macaulay started toward it saying, "C'mon. It's our ride!"

Kenny gazed for a moment at the van, not believing that a person as wealthy as Garth Cullins would drive such a crappy old van.

"C'mon, dude. What's wrong."

"This is your dad's?"

"Yea. We only use it for taking me to school, that way kids don't see that my dad is filthy rich."

Well, that made sense enough to Kenny, so he hopped in the van, sitting on the bench right behind and between the two front seats. "Hi, Mr. Cullins," Kenny gestured as he put his hand out.

The driver of the van, dressed very neatly in a clean, pressed tuxedo, turned to the kid and laughingly said, "I'm not Mr. Cullins, boy. I'm a butler and my name is Stan."

"Oh, sorry." Kenny sounded embarrassed by his assumption.

"Not to worry. It's an easy mistake to make, boy." With that, he started the van and sank his foot into the pedal, causing the van to quickly accelerate to the posted 20MPH [30 km/h] school speed zone. As soon as they were clear of that, he stomped it again and accelerated to 50MPH [80 km/h], then seemed to barely slow down as he took the van around a corner, squealing all four tires.

The ride up to Cutter Hill was quiet. Kenny was thinking about the fire, but not wanting to say much at the risk of sounding too happy about the tragedy. Macaulay, on the other hand, suddenly blurted out, "I'm glad that old pile of crap burned down. It's about time. That school sucked."

Kenny stared at Macaulay, then looked at Stan for a reaction. "Mac! That's a horrible thing to say. What if there had been people killed?"

"Serves'em right for being at school."

It was all Stan could do to keep himself from parking the van and giving Macaulay a spanking right there on the interstate. But he knew he'd be in for it if he laid a hand on the lad. That was not his responsibility.

The rest of the ride was mostly quiet aside from every day chit chat. The van rolled up through the security gates and up the hill where the mansion was standing majestically in the midst of perfectly manicured green grass and towering aromatic pine trees. It was the most magnificent spectacle of wealth that Kenny had ever seen.

The van was pulled into the last of about eleven garage spaces stretched out to the right side of the house. Only one other garage door was opened and Kenny gaped in wonder at the black Lamborghini sitting there.

"Man! That was a bad assed car, dude. Does your dad ever let you drive it?" Kenny asked excitedly.

"No. He doesn't let me drive any of his cars," he responded matter of factly.

"His cars? Where's your mom's?"

Macaulay paused for a moment and looked out the window, seeming to stare at nothing in particular – just looking. "Mom died when I was only seven."

Kenny was quiet, not quite knowing what to say.

Mac continued, "We were on vacation. We were looking around in some museums and stuff in Arkansas. Mom had just bought me a big thing of cotton candy. A big gust of wind came along and blew it off the stick." He paused for a moment. "I ran out into the street to catch it and just missed getting hit by a car. But I heard a scream and turned around and Mom was laying in the street."

Mac closed his eyes and Kenny thought he saw a tear. It was the first time he had seen sadness out of the boy. He thought maybe Mac had emotional problems or family problems that caused him to be so ornery, but he had no idea his mother had been killed.

Stan picked up where Macaulay left off. He quietly spoke to Kenny while occasionally glancing at him in the rear view mirror. "His mom saw the car coming and reacted so quickly that she didn't see another coming in the outside lane. Macaulay was running across the inside lane and she thought she might be able to run across, grab him, and carry him to safety. Unfortunately, it didn't work out the way she'd planned."

That was obvious. Kenny felt sorry for the boy, but was suddenly surprised as he snapped out of it and said, "Let's go inside. You can see my room. It's awesome!"

Kenny quietly climbed out of the van and followed Macaulay and Stan up to the front door of the mansion. Stan pushed a few buttons on the panel and the door opened all by itself.

"Welcome to my home," Macaulay announced as he stepped to the side and motioned for Kenny to cross the threshold.

Inside, Kenny did not find himself surrounded by treasures he'd expected to see. Instead, the decor was quite clean cut. Everything seemed to be decorative, but functional as well. There were no pictures hanging, at least in this room, and no plants either. He guessed it was because there was no lady of the house any more, so things like pictures and potted philodendrons were considered foreign and useless objects by the all male household.

The ceiling was not as high as the height of the outside wall indicated, giving Kenny the assumption that there was a second floor to be seen. However, Macaulay didn't bother with the grand tour of the house but instead dragged Kenny straight up to his room.

"Finally we're alone, Kenny," Macaulay whispered, breathing heavily and massaging the growing bulge in his jeans. He started to unbutton his pants and kick his shoes off. The bulging crotch of his new friend was getting to Kenny. He felt a stretching sensation at the base of his dick as his dick slowly began to fill with blood, lengthen and become stiff within a matter of seconds.

By then, Macaulay was now before Kenny totally naked and backing up towards his bed, beckoning his soon-to-be lover towards him. Kenny's mouth went dry and it was almost as if someone else was in control of his body as he slowly undressed himself; peeling off clothing until he, too, was completely naked. His hardon was sticking straight out toward Macaulay as he walked slowly toward him, reveling in a sexual high that needed to be satisfied soon.

As Kenny approached the bed where Mac was sitting, his feet barely touching the floor, the blond boy reached out for Kenny's dick and gently tugged him onto the bed, laying back and pulling Kenny on top of him. Kenny could tell that this would be the most enjoyable sexual experience he'd ever had. Both boys were hot, horny, and ready for action!

Chapter 7

Kenny was lying face down on top of Macaulay and rubbing his hard dick into the boy's lean belly as they locked their wet mouths into a passionate French kiss. The two boys' tongues darted past one another exploring the surface of their tonsils and feeling the texture of their taste buds. Their hot spit exchanged places time and time again as their kissing became more and more vigorous.

Macaulay's hard prick was pressing against the top of Kenny's beefy thigh and he wiggled his waist around to maneuver his dick so it would be lying back on his belly. He then started humping his hips up and down, rubbing his hard, sensitive phallus on his lover's thigh while at the same time, Kenny was still humping his new boyfriend's belly.

Kenny was becoming too hot to think straight. Sweat started appearing on his body and he began to quiver at the extreme pleasure he was receiving from only kissing and rubbing his dick on Macaulay.

Suddenly, Macaulay threw Kenny over onto his back. Quickly, he was on top of the boy gobbling his dick into the depths of his throat while at the same time, rubbing his own dick all over Kenny's face.

Kenny was going mad with lust for Macaulay. The boy's dick being pushed around on his face was so stimulating that he felt like his face was going to cum. Mac kept grinding his crotch into Kenny's face; his balls rolling around in Kenny's short hair and his erection rubbing his cheeks, nose and parted lips.

Kenny's mouth was watering to taste the boyhood that tantalized him from above. He released his tongue and allowed Mac's dick to slide across it, dragging large amounts of spit across Kenny's face. Over and over, Mac continued his pleasurable sex with the boy's face until it was wet and shiny with spit.

Mac felt a bubbling sensation deep in his dick and knew he was going to cum soon. He didn't want that. He turned around, saw his friend's slimy face and began licking Kenny's spit; slurping the cool liquid into his mouth and swallowing every drop. This, too was too stimulating for Kenny to bear.

Suddenly he snapped and pushed Macaulay hard onto his back. In a flash, he'd hovered on all fours above the boy and flattened himself out on Macaulay's young body. Kenny's balls were resting on Mac's neck as he began sucking madly on the seven and a half inch [19 cm] dick.

Mac tilted his head back from the sudden pleasure inflicted on him by this wonderful lover. Kenny nearly gagged himself on the dick in his haste to swallow the thing in its entirety. He could taste the sweet precum as it ran out of the slit in the hard pecker.

Mac was genuinely enjoying this. But he could not help becoming more stimulating as he watched Kenny's butthole, only a few inches away from his face, slowly moving up and down as he rubbed his hard dick against his hairless chest. He reached out with both hands and grabbed the huge, muscular mounds. With one in each hand, he roughly massaged the buns; kneading the firm flesh as best he could in his present state of mind. He leaned his head forward and deeply sniffed the sweet aroma of boy butt. "This kid definitely keeps himself clean," Macaulay thought.

Kenny nearly jumped to the ceiling when he felt a warm sensation all over his butthole. He looked back with a look of complete euphoria on his face and saw the kid's blond haired head gyrating around and forcefully grinding his hot tongue into his asshole. This stimulation pushed Kenny closer to cumming. He stopped sucking on Macaulay for a few seconds as he reveled in the feeling of having his butt massaged so vigorously.

Mac ran his tongue all over Kenny's back side. Around and on the quivering hole, all over the insides of the round, muscular buns, and occasionally inside the butthole, itself. That was the part Kenny was enjoying most. Every time the boy's slimy tongue entered his rectum, he felt like he could shoot his load right then.

The excitement was now too much for Kenny. He sat up and straddled Macaulay's face with his widely parted butt cheeks. He began grinding his butthole into his friend's mouth, rocking back and forth and side to side as the stimulation became more intense. Kenny's calves were bent under him and he squeezed his legs together, grabbing Mac's head with the insides of his thighs while still gyrating his butt around on his boyfriend's face.

Mac was willfully suffocating himself between the boy's buns. Kenny must have been putting nearly his entire weight on his face because his head was restricted in such a way that he could only push his tongue in and out of the relaxing asshole.

Kenny was panting heavily as he tried his best to keep his hole pressed against Mac's face while at the same time attempting to get his feet under him and flat on the bed. After succeeding with that chore, he started sliding his asshole up and down Mac's face, smearing the spit that had accumulated all over the blonde's face. He moaned with pleasure as his butt hole parted to allow entry to the bump that was Macaulay's nose.

Mac just laid there and allowed Kenny to do whatever he pleased, but when Kenny slid back and rubbed his butthole on his neck, he took advantage of the opportunity and sucked Kenny's entire dick into his mouth. Instantly, Kenny felt like he was going to blast but Mac only took about five long strokes before he ejected the hard dick from his mouth and sucked in Kenny's right testicle.

This was an unexpected move and it scared Kenny for an instant because all this boy had caused Kenny in the past was pain in his balls. But the case was different, now. This felt incredible to Kenny. Precum oozed slowly out of his dick and ran into Mac's hair and the boy sucked feverishly on the large ball in his mouth. He opened his mouth as wide as he could but still could not take both of them at the same time.

Kenny was in heaven as he rubbed his dick slowly across Mac's face, leaving a trail of precum everywhere it touched, while at the same time his balls were tugged and sucked on. One and then the other.

Mac was enjoying himself so much that he scooped up some of the precum that was gathering on his face and soaked his hands in it. He used it to massage into Kenny's butthole and crack, running his fingers up and down the cleft stopping occasionally to stab at the boy's rectal opening.

Kenny knew he had to cum, and soon. He winced in pain as he tried to take his balls back from Macaulay, who wasn't expecting a move like this. The testicle was instantly replaced by a long, hard, drooling dick and that dick began to furiously pound the back of Macaulay's throat before finally finding its way deeper into the boy's esophagus.

Kenny was virtually raping Macaulay's mouth, not seeming to be concerned with whether or not he was hurting the kid. But Macaulay's hard dick was covered with precum since he was as turned on as Kenny, and was becoming hotter by the second as the youth on top of him continued fucking his face.

Macaulay somehow found enough strength to lift Kenny up and turn him around so his own dick was in Kenny's face. Kenny dived onto the young hardness in front of his mouth. His sudden lurch forward bent his dick straight down, but Macaulay bent his head forward and was still able to take most of it down his battered throat.

Kenny was sucking in every inch of Mac's dick over and over and over. They were both about to cum. Each of them knew the other was close. Kenny could not hold out any longer and he felt a major contraction between his balls, followed by a thick, warm stream of squirting cum gushing forth into Macaulay's greedy mouth.

This action sent Macaulay over the edge as well and he also began to buck his hips up to rape Kenny's mouth as he pumped his load into his friend's mouth.

Both boys were groaning loudly around the hard dicks in their mouths. The whole bed shook as each of them was raping the others throat in an attempt at continuing the orgasm for as long as possible.

When their ejaculations finally subsided, Kenny just laid there on top of Macaulay. His softening dick was still buried to the balls in his mouth, as was Macaulay's buried in his mouth. They laid like that for a few minutes until they caught their breath.

Kenny slid his head off of Macaulay's soft dick. "Man, that was awesome!" Kenny sat up, pulling his spit and cum coated dick from Mac's mouth. He wiped it off with his hand and proceeded to lick his hand clean of the mess.

Mac sat up and faced Kenny. "I know, dude. I've wanted to do that since I saw you the first time. I love you."

Kenny was touched. He gave Mac a hug and they kissed for a few minutes longer, holding each other in arms.

They heard a deep voice behind them, "Nice work Macaulay. I see you finally got Kenny here."

"Yea, Dad. This is Kenny!" Macaulay responded eagerly.

Kenny freaked out and jumped up. He instantly began throwing his clothes on and heading for the door. He was stopped by Garth.

"What's wrong, Kenny? Don't worry about what ya'll were doing. No big deal to me. Boys will be boys."

Kenny thought that to be a bit strange for an adult to say that since him mom would disown him for such a thing. He stared at the man with a half scared to death expression on his face. He was comforted slightly as Macaulay came up from behind and massaged his butt and grabbed his dick right in front of his father. Garth saw it but didn't seem to care.

"Kenny, I just talked to you Mom. You know they will be out of town for a few days. Since the school burned down and you guys probably won't be going back for a while, I asked her if it was okay for you to come up to my summer camp for a month or two."

"Really? Man, that would be so cool!" he said as he thought of more sex with Macaulay. "I'd love to go! When do we leave?"

"Right now!" I've got the car packed now.

Kenny looked back at his friend and saw him smiling at him while still massaging his crotch openly. Kenny looked back at Garth and before looking up at him though he saw a trace of an erection in the man's pants. He dismissed it as his imagination and said, "Man, this is going to be great! Let's go!"

Both boys were ecstatic. Kenny was even more pleased because he was going to be able to be with Macaulay for a whole month and maybe even two. Macaulay was pleased for the same reason but as Mac and his father stepped to the doorway of the room, leaving Kenny to dress, he observed Garth whispering something into Macaulay's ear he couldn't make out. This was followed by that same uncomfortable grin from Mac that made Kenny shudder before.

However, Kenny had come to trust Macaulay now since the boy could have caused him great pain but didn't when he had his balls in his mouth.

"C'mon. Let's go!" Macaulay said as he dragged Kenny out the door by his hand.

The three males piled into the car and they were off to Arkansas. They were headed into the mountains in what seemed like an eternity because nobody really said much at all. Only occasional comments about billboards and scenery ever passed the lips of Garth, and Mac just sat there staring out the window.

Finally they arrived at a small, out of the way airport. No one was there however and it was then that Garth introduced Kenny to his own private airport. There were two planes and a helicopter stationed at this place. Actually the two planes were crop dusters but Garth enjoyed flying them more than any other plane.

The three of them made their way over to the helicopter.

"What are we doing here?" Kenny asked.

"Well, Kenny, " Garth said. "The only way to my camp is by foot or by air. There are no roads that lead into the valley. I have miles and miles of small roads in there but it cost a fortune to have the dozer flown in to cut the roads out. I keep it isolated so people won't know it's here." He smiled.

Kenny thought that was amazing and way cool. He couldn't wait to see this paradise.

The air trip took less than fifteen minutes and they settled onto the ground in a place that wasn't really all that beautiful. In fact, it looked a bit condemned. It was large enough, but was grown over with some kind of crawling vines and the place was dark.

Garth walked up to the huge mansion before him. "You boys stay out here and bring the stuff in. I'll be inside getting things ready."

The boys did as they were told. Macaulay had a hard on and Kenny noticed it. As Mac was reaching into the chopper to gather a few more things, Kenny reached around his waist and squeezed the hard shaft, causing his own to stiffen a little. Mac reached behind him and squeezed Kenny's as well. Kenny knew this was going to be the best summer of his life.

All the belongings were unloaded and in the living room of the old mansion. The place was dimly lit by the sunlight entering from the outside. There were no light switches. Only lanterns hanging here and there throughout the room.

Macaulay sported his evil grin one more time and said, "Come on, Kenny. I want to show you something."

Mac escorted Kenny into a long hallway with a large door at the end. He pushed the door open and both boys stepped inside. Mac closed the door behind him and the room was totally dark. Kenny heard a bolt being locked behind him and jumped.

"What is this, Mac?" Kenny asked, innocently.

"Just watch."

A lantern lit up before them about twenty feet [6 m] away. Garth was standing there with his six-foot-seven [2 m] body. He was dressed in very tight black leather underwear and his huge dick was sticking straight out through a hole in the crotch. He had a massive erection and was not stroking it. He was just allowing it to stand there, displayed for the boys to see.

Garth's chest was huge, muscular and covered with hair. His legs were a resemblance of Conan the barbarian and his arms were racks of muscle, rippling with power.

Garth spoke, "Welcome to my dungeon, boys!"

Macaulay laughed and ran over to stand beside his father, dragging Kenny with him who then stood before the two males; his mouth dry with fear.

This was not what Kenny had in mind. He knew now that he was in for it. Mac had seduced him, made love to him, and now tricked him into a situation that would be unpleasant for sure.

Garth reached down and roughly grabbed Kenny by his genitals, squeezed them in his big hand and said, "Yes. Welcome to my dungeon. You, Kenny, are the main course." He followed that with a laugh that made Kenny's blood curdle.

Kenny doubled over in pain cupping his throbbing balls but the merciless Garth effortlessly picked the boy up and tucked him under his arm; carrying him further into his playhouse of sexual discipline.

Chapter 8

Finally Garth set Kenny on the floor. The boy stood before the large man, scared to death of what might happen next.

All at once, Garth attacked Kenny; sending ripped shreds of clothing flying in all directions until the boy was standing there completely naked. Kenny's soft dick was swinging slightly between his legs, shriveled up to eight and a half inches [21½ cm].

"There," Garth announced proudly. "That was the last time you'll wear clothes around here. From now on, you will be totally naked. And you'll be here for the next two months, at least!" He laughed again as Kenny glared at him, now becoming angry.

Macaulay was enjoying seeing Kenny treated this way. "Go for it, Dad! Fuck him! Fuck him hard!" Macaulay sang out shamelessly.

Garth glared at his blond-haired son before him for at least fifteen seconds, then lifted his right thigh slowly; extending his leg toward his son until his knee was at about a 90 degree angle and the bottom of his foot rested against Macaulay's belly. He stayed like that as he stared at Macaulay. The boy looked back at his father with a clear front of anticipation on his face combined with slight puzzlement.

Garth, keeping his foot positioned at Mac's belly, questioned Kenny. "Kenny. My son is picky about his friends. You seem no different than other boys besides your appearance. You are an incredibly sexy boy."

Kenny felt a rush of shame through his body as Garth continued his forward compliments. "You have the most beautiful legs I've ever seen on a boy. I though Mac's legs were nice but you have made me see better! Your butt is nice and firm and round, and your beauriful torso! Oh, I want to lick that all over and make you cum from just slurping on your belly."

Kenny thought he was going to be sick at the thought of this man saying another word. He couldn't stand hearing Garth talk to him that way.

"Kenny, I'd love to fuck you, but first I have to know. What did you see in my son that made you like him so much?"

No sooner than Garth spit out the last words of his question, Macaulay blurted out, "Because he likes to…uumph!" With incredible force, Garth straightened his leg and sent Macaulay sailing backward, slamming into the floor, and sliding backward about twelve or thirteen feet [c. 4 m]. The boy was sprawled out on the floor several feet behind Kenny with his limbs pointing in different directions. He was having some trouble breathing as the wind was knocked out of him by his own father.

Kenny looked back to see if Mac was dead but his head was quickly snapped back into place by Garth who was now down in the boys fearful face. "Why… are you here?" he softly demanded once again.

"I…I… just wanted to meet you. Mac said you were a real nice g… I mean he said he had this video game and all and I was just going to check it out. Honest," Kenny lied.

"Lying shit. I think I know my own son." He released Kenny's face. "Yes… I know my son." He began walking slowly in a circle around the shaking youth. "My son does not make friends with video games and he most certainly does not make friends by telling his friends about me. Only very special friends of my son's ever come here. Those are the ones who he likes. He likes very few kids. He hates everybody. What kids he hangs around with at school are nothing. He doesn't need them. But he wants you. You, my friend, are his now." He stopped circling the boy and knelt in front of him, getting so close to Kenny he could feel the youth's breath against his cheek. "You came here so you and my son could fuck each other, didn't you."

"No, I didn't. I came h…uuumph!" Kenny's wind was knocked out of him as well as Garth brought his fist up into the boy's naked abdomen. He fought to catch his breath and looked behind him and saw that Macaulay had somewhat recovered from his blow to the stomach and was sitting upright with a huge, evil smile once again. He had yet another obvious hardon that was getting yet another vigorous massage through the fabric of his shorts.

He swung his head back around and saw Garth standing at his full height again with his large mouth slowly spreading in the same evil grin worn by his son.

Instincts urged Kenny to run toward the door, and run he did. And he ran like burning Hell toward that door.

"STOP HIM NOW!!!" Garth bellowed at Macaulay.

Mac had already reacted before the sentence even left his father's lips. He quickly leapt to his feet and was running madly toward Kenny as he fled the brute that was standing before him. Mac cut in on Kenny from the side and the sound of the two boys colliding was loud enough to make Garth think one of the boys had broken something. Both kids went down. Macaulay was on top and already had Kenny pinned down on the damp floor. Garth was heading toward them and he did not look happy.

Out of fear, Kenny brought his hips up and somehow managed to buck Macaulay off him. This was a feat that surprised Garth since he knew Mac outweighed the smaller boy by at least twenty pounds [10 kg], but then again Kenny was incredibly agile and strong.

Kenny scrambled on all fours toward the door but in no time Mac was on his heels and grabbed him by his tight, muscular calves with both hands. The kid reacted by rolling over on his back and drawing his knees up, dragging Mac closer to him. Kenny kicked out at Macaulay striking both his shoulders and sending both of them sliding apart. Mac had his arms crossed over his chest and was rubbing his shoulders with his hands to ease the pain caused by the brutal retaliation.

Before Kenny was even able to get to his feet, Garth was on top of him. Garth picked Kenny up easily by one leg, gripping him around the calf. The boy swung back and forth upside down about three feet [90 cm] above the floor. Garth was strong enough that Kenny only seemed to weight as much as yesterday's garbage bag as he swung the kid around. He dangled the boy in front of Mac who was now standing before his father.

"Well, Dad," Mac started. "What are we going to now?" Macaulay asked this as he reached up to tug harshly at Kenny's prick dangling upside down before him.

"Macaulay, my son. That is up to you. Little Kenny here is yours now. We can do anything to him you want. But of course, just because he is here, that doesn't mean you are exempt from your duties as my son."

"I know. I wouldn't give that up. You know that." Macaulay went over to the doorway and locked it. Kenny watched Macaulay as the upside down boy flipped a switch and surprisingly, a light came on over what appeared at first glance to be an oversized sawhorse about four feet [1.2 m] high. Kenny had thought there was no electricity here but there it was, from some unknown source.

At a closer look, Kenny realized that the 'sawhorse' had extensions up and down the top that varied in thickness and length. Some were long and slim, while others were short and thick. Yet others were long and thick. The surfaces of these extensions were covered with bumps and ripples that made them look even weirder.

Kenny gazed in bewilderment as Macaulay ran over to the sawhorse and stripped completely naked. "Okay, Dad. I'm gonna start now, okay?"

"That's good, son. Go ahead," he said with a smirk. He set Kenny upright in front of him facing Macaulay. Kenny's mouth was hanging open as he watched the naked boy before him.

The naked boy in front of them walked around to the far side of the sawhorse and put one leg up and hooked it around the sawhorse. The boy's private parts were displayed blatantly to both of them as he then pulled himself up onto the sawhorse. Mac's thighs were bulging and rippling as he struggled to maintain his balance on the beam. Mac placed his hands on the top of the sawhorse and did the most graceful hand stand Kenny had ever seen. His motion was fluid perfection as he completed the motion.

Mac stayed in that position for only a few seconds before he began spreading his legs wide as he brought his torso down. He finally had his midsection upright. His hands were still on the sawhorse and suspending him above one of the extensions. It looked to be about four inches [10 cm] long and a little over two inches [5 cm] thick. Macaulay stared at his father as he held himself there with his legs spread wide and his arms straining to hold him there.

All Garth did was nod, then Mac took his hands out from under himself. Mac groaned loudly as the extension he was suspending himself over was now completely buried in his butthole. Mac kept his legs spread wide for a few seconds then brought them down to rest at the sides of the sawhorse. He then grabbed an extension in front of him and another in back of him. The naked boy was moaning louder as he pulled himself back and forth on the torturous looking apparatus, stretching his butthole wider and wider as the weird kid abused himself.

Kenny stared in horror at the boy. Between Mac's legs was a most pronounced raging hard-on, yet as Kenny watched, he saw a slight trickle of blood begin to roll down the side of the sawhorse as Macaulay rocked himself harder and harder on the extension.

Mac released the extension in front of him but kept rocking with the one in back of him. He used his free hand to pound madly on his dick as the blood continued to seep out of his butt and began to drip off the side of the rail.

Harder and harder he rocked, and harder and harder he jacked himself off. Mac's eyes almost rolled back in his head as the psychotic brat seemed to go into convulsions right before him. He rocked himself even harder and jacked himself so fast his hand was a blur.

Mac then wrapped his legs around the bottom of the sawhorse to draw him tighter against the extension. His asshole was burning madly and the pain was mind numbing. But the pleasure in his dick kept him going even more. Finally after several more moments of this performance, Macaulay shot an incredibly large load of cum about four feet [1.2 m] in front of him. It completely cleared the sawhorse and landed on the floor several feet away out of the light of the spotlight above the boy.

Kenny nearly felt sick as he watched the horrible spectacle only six feet [1.8 m] away. Macaulay kept cumming, his eyes rolled back in his head. He began chanting, "Oh, God, I love this! Ooohhhhh! I love this!!!! Dad!!! I love you!!" Macaulay continued the self-degrading ritual until the last of his cum dribbled out of his still bulging erection.

God fucking dammit, Kenny thought. This is a kook house. This kid is way too weird and this goon behind me is even weirder for watching. Oh god! Kenny continues staring as Mac came back to earth from his sexual pain high.

The naked boy lifted himself off the extension with a loud pop. The extension was bloodied, Kenny noticed, as Mac's feet hit the floor. The kid's butthole looked shredded to Kenny from where he was standing but Macaulay seemed to be in heaven as he was smiling and still rubbing his softening dick.

Despite the fact that Macaulay was a definite sex monster, he had a beautiful body that Kenny felt a stirring in his crotch for as he approached him. Mac's creamy thighs bulged to the side with every step with ripples of strength that made it evident that those legs contained very little fat and lots of bulging boy muscle.

Mac got very close to Kenny and without hesitation had his left hand all over his victim's crotch. Macaulay immediately noticed the swelling hardness in the boy's shorts thinking that it meant that Kenny was entertained by his self-abuse performance. "Well, Kenny," Mac began, wrapping his arm around Kenny's shoulders gently. Garth still held him in place. "I'm glad you liked my show. This down here," he said squeezing the now hard shaft, "tells me you liked it a lot. I'm touched."

Mac continued fondling the boy, but quickly tired of that and before Kenny could say a word, he felt a fierce pressure at his waist as his body was lifted off the floor by Garth's strong hands. Garth held the boy's butt in front of his face and buried his face between the globes of muscle. He growled and snarled as he shook his head back and forth, battering his own face in the deep valley of Kenny's rear end. Garth was dizzy from the powerful aroma of boy emanating from the deep crack. It was a smell only boys can produce, but Kenny's smell was more potent.

Garth set Kenny back down before Macaulay. Kenny tried to guard his boyhood from Macaulay, but his efforts were useless since Garth was there to pull his hands away and allow his son to play with Kenny to his heart's content.

Mac groped, prodded and played with Kenny's stiff rod and low hanging balls. He squeezed the balls which had now completely healed from the earlier torture. Which was a good thing because Macaulay seemed to have no sense of a pain threshold as he was quite rough with his sexual interactions. During this forced sexual contact, Kenny felt a deep pain in the pit of his stomach as his balls were handled a bit too vigorously for him to enjoy what he was forced to endure.

Macaulay stood up in front of Kenny; close enough and high enough that the end of Kenny's dick was in Mac's crotch. Mac leaned closer, allowing Kenny's dick to slide under his balls. This sent a wave of pleasure through Kenny's dick as Mac pushed himself away and brought himself closer a few times to remind Kenny he knew how to provide pleasure as well as pain.

The blond boy fully stood up now, gripping Kenny's hard cock between his shapely thighs. He moved much closer now so that the boys entire bodies were touching. Mac put his arms around the panting boy's back and drew him tightly against him. Kenny's dick head could be seen poking out the back side of Mac's legs and it was leaving smudges of precum on the back of Mac's hairless legs.

Mac moved his hands lower and cupped the two hard round butt cheeks, digging his fingers deep into the crack. He pulled the butt cheeks toward him, forcing Kenny's crotch against his own harder and harder. Mac dropped his head down low enough that his mouth was almost resting on his new toy's ear.

Kenny's mind soared to fear once again as Macaulay lovingly told Kenny, "It's your turn now, baby. Get up on the sawhorse."


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