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Training Ben


Ten year old Ben, causing havoc at school and at home, is kidnapped by a Senior Medical Consultant. He trains him to be an obedient sextoy.
Publ. Jun 2003 (Lolita Bondage), this site Aug 2007
Finished 30,000 words (60 pages)


Ben (10yo)

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Non-consensual story/kidnap
MbMdom nc anal oral – bd cbt tort spank


This story is the complete and total product of the author's imagination and a work of fantasy, thus it is completely fictitious, i.e. it never happened and it doesn't mean to condone or endorse any of the acts that take place in it. The author certainly wouldn't want the things in this story happening to his character(s) to happen to anyone in real life.

The theme explored in this story is FANTASY. Just as one can enjoy violent videogames or movies without committing or condoning violence in real life, a person can enjoy violent fantasies of abuse without promoting abuse in real life.

By scrolling down on this page and reading the story I declare that

  • I am of legal age of majority in my area ,
  • I like to read fictional stories where boys are kidnapped, raped, tortured, etc.
  • I understand the difference between fiction and real life,
  • I do not condone these actions in real life.
  • I agree that anyone who attempts to do in real life all or any of the things depicted in this story needs to be turned over to the local cops for the harshest penalties the law allows
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Author's note

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Chapter One

My job as a Senior Medical Consultant for the social services gives me ample opportunity to indulge myself in my favourite pastime, mostly quite innocuous but very occasonally I have the chance to really let my talents show themselves.

I had to visit 'Liz' almost every month. Her ten-year old boy was causing havoc at school and Liz had begged and begged the social services to take Ben into care. It wan't that she was an abusive mother particularly. It was, as far I was concerned, a simple case of a bored, lazy woman who shouldn't have ever been allowed to have a kid.

Ben was a little bastard. Very precocious for a ten year old, he seemed determineed to make his mother's life a misery. On the many occasions I visited them, I had to fight hard to control my natural impulse to take this horrible child and spank his backside black and blue. Of course, such actions are not allowed. We have to dissuade parents from using any sort of physical threats or punishments on their children. Looking at it from another angle, there were good reasons why I took a keen interest in the boy. He was exactly the sort of boy I wanted for my business. Although not exactly plump, his bum and thighs always seemed in danger of splitting his shorts.

It was a hot and humid Sunday afternoon when I was driving past the wood. I saw Ben long before he saw me. He was busy throwing stones at the branches of a tree. I stopped the car and got out. Such was my ability for acting that he ran to me immediately, knowing that I was always full of praise and ready to defend his actions against his mother's accusations. Getting him into the car was simplicity itself. It was only after about ten minutes that he wondered aloud

"Where's my house?" I was certain that no-one had seen me so I felt quite relaxed.

"We're not going to your house, you little cocksucker!" I said, quite naturally. My use of the word 'cock' made him start.

"Where are we going?" he asked, his voice sounding similar to the belligerent tone he used for his mother.

"You'll see" I replied. Reaching into the glove compartment, I took a syringe and emptied half its contents onto the car floor. This was my knockout drug, to be used in 'emergencies'. Stopping the car, I reached round and took Ben's arm.

"Sweet dreams you little fuck!" I snarled, sticking the needle into his arm.

He slept for about three hours, long enough to get him to my old country house, into the back yard and down the hidden steps to the old basement. This wasn't actually a basement, more a large underground series of rooms that my old Dad had spent years making habitable, extending, developing and furnishing. Completely out of sight and unknown to everyone else, they served their purpose well.

In one of the bedrooms I lay Ben on a small bed and went back to the house, closing the three large doors between the chambers and the stairs leading to the yard. At my computer, I downloaded the recent photos posted to one of my many newsgroups. Having tired of the more common pedophile groups, I now only bothered with the most extreme and most secretive groups.

Back down in the basement, I took four leather straps with metal rings attached, and secured them firmly to the boy's wrists and ankles. Slowly, he regained consciousness and opened his eyes.

"Where am I?" he asked in his high pitched irritating voice. He looked around him.

"Where's Mum?" I ignored his questions.

"Stand up you little cunt!" I said, quietly but firmly. He looked at me in amazement, his blond hair shining in the fluorescent light.

"I want my Mum!" he shouted angrily, stamping his foot. I smiled.

"You're not going to see your Mum for at least two weeks." I said slowly.

"You're a very naughty little boy and you're going to be punished… very, very severely!" I laughed at the look on his face, anger, arrogance, yet mixed with fear.

I pointed to a chair next to the bed.

"Take all your clothes off, fold them neatly and put them on this chair." It took a few seconds for this to sink in. Then he started screaming and yelling.

"I want my Mum you fucking bastard. You can't make me stay here. I'll tell the police. I'll tell.." Wondering how a young child could use such language, I said nothing, simply took a long chain hanging over the chair and quickly clipped it to one of his wrist straps. Before he could grab anything with his other hand I dragged him through the door into the main room. This was my 'workroom' and was well equipped.

While he was looking round in panic, I fixed his other wrist to the same place and threw the long chain over a high beam. As I pulled on the chain, lifting his arms over his head, he started to scream, a mixture of swearwords and pleas for me to stop. I hoisted him up till he was on his tiptoes, almost off the ground and secured the chain to a screw in the wall. The wrist straps would be painful at first but they were well padded and made of soft leather. Picking up a riding whip I lay it on the back of his bare thigh, just below his shorts..

"Be quiet now!" I ordered softly. He wriggled, trying to free his hands, tears running down his face as he continued to yell.

C..c.rack! I brought the whip down hard and then rested it on the other thigh. He uttered a high pitched scream and wriggled harder. I lifted the whip and slashed it hard. Waving the whip in front of his face I ordered him to shut up. He looked at it in terror and stopped screaming.

"P..please let me go." He wailed quietly now.

"Please..I'll be good."

"Well we'll have to see if you mean it, won't we." I said, putting the whip down. I touched his face gently, wiping away the tears.

"I'm going to take all your clothes off now, and if you make a noise I'll use my friend here." I explained, pointing to where the whip lay.

Savouring every second, I pulled his teashirt over his head and tied it around the chain above. He wasn't exactly overweight, but had plenty of puppy fat that wobbled seductively as I ran my hands down his sides and over his tummy. Trainers and socks came off, leaving only his blue shorts and pants. I slid his shorts off watching his expression. Although still young, he was clearly embarrassed. His white underpants were slightly too small and my breathing grew heavier as I examined them.. I walked round him, stroking his cute little bottom, well outlined by the stretchy material. I pulled them up a little more at the front, smiling at his little bulge.

"Well I wonder what I'll see when I take these off." I joked, starting to slide his pants down. Ben started to cry louder.

"Don't take them off. Don't..please!" To his horror, I picked up the riding whip.

"Do you remember I told you to be quiet?" I asked. His cute little penis was sticking up slightly, obviously due to the sudden change in temperature and possibly fear. I tapped it with the end of the whip. His eyes followed the whip as I ran it down under his tight little balls, then round to his pert behind. I rested it on one of the red marks decorating his thigh lifted it higher and gave him a hard cut just below the previous one. He screamed and wriggled frantically.

I whipped the other thigh and put it down again.

"I don't mind polite questions, but any noise or talking without permission and you will receive extra punishment. I paused.

"While you are here, you will be naked all the time, so you better get used to it.

" I slid my hand round and patted his chubby buttocks.

"Your bottom deserves the cane, and that's exactly what you're going to get very soon!" I paused.

"I have a lot of plans for you, my little cuntboy!"

Leaving him to whimper, I went to a drawer and brought a tray full of medical equipment over to the table. From another drawer I took a selection of small straps and rings.

"This is a genital ring." I said, holding up a tiny leather belt for him to see.

"It goes around your cock and balls thus.." I placed it under his small scrotum and pulled round and over his tiny penis, where I pulled it tight before fastening it. I stood back to have a look. With his balls pulled forward, he looked so sexy! Ben cried out in pain. I took a leather string, about six inches [15 cm] long, attached to a thin rectangle of velcro.

"This is a cock stretcher." I said, laughing. When I'm not using your little cock, I'll put this on it to make it longer!" I took his willy and started to slide his little foreskin back. At once he screamed and shouted for me to stop.

Little boys have incredibly sensitive foreskins which protects the skin on the end of the penis, usually till adolescence. Ignoring his cries, I pulled it all the way back, uncovering his small purple glans. I wrapped the velcro pad tightly around his cock, just behind the glans. On the end of the short leather string was a small ring. This was for attaching the weights. I clipped on a small but heavy metal ball and let it drop. The weight fell and abruptly pulled his penis down. He screamed as the velcro bit into his skin, his small penis pulled taught by the weight. Finally I took a syringe and gave him two small injections just at the base of his cock. A fairly recent drug, it had gained a lot of fame for penis enlargement. It was fairly slow acting but after a few more injections his cock would be red hot.

I put everything away and picked up the whip, flexing it in front of him as he cried and wriggled.

"Yes I know it hurts, but you'll get used to it." I slowly ran the whip over his body.

"Now are you going to be quiet?" With great effort, he managed to stop crying.

"I..it hurts!" he moaned, twisting his legs.

"Well perhaps this will help take your mind off it!" I said, slashing the riding whip down over his thigh again. He hardly had time to scream before I whipped him again.

"I'm going to have something to eat now so you'll have some time to think about how naughty you've been."

I prodded his tummy.

"Let me tell you about my plans for the rest of the day. When I come back, I'm going to take you down from here and put you over there." I pointed to a strange looking apparatus on the other side of the room. The boy looked at me pleadingly, tears running down his cheeks.

"Your little bottom is going to be washed, then examined and prepared for fucking." I smiled at the look of bewilderment.

"Then I intend to spank you until your bottom's red hot." I waited a few seconds.

"When it's just right I intend to fuck you. After I've fucked you I will fetch my cane and beat your backside till it's one mass of red sore flesh!" I smiled and tousled his hair.

"I know you're too young to understand, so I'll try and say it so you can understand." I kissed his nose and looked in his frightened eyes.

"From now on you will call me 'Sir'. Do you understand?" He nodded his head, too tired and terrified to protest any more.

"You will obey me and try and keep me happy." He whimpered but whispered

"Yes Sir." I smiled.

"Good boy." I kissed his cheek.

"You're learning!"

One hour later I returned. Ben was making quiet little moaning sounds. His toes were in a large puddle of urine. Furious at his lack of self control I picked up the riding whip.

"What the hell is this?" I shouted angrily, gripping the whip hard. Ben opened his eyes and started to cry.

"I… want… my… .Mommy!" he wailed, breaking down completely. I let him cry for a few minutes. Reaching down to the weight pulling his little willy, I lifted it up dragging his penis up.

"How dare you piss on the floor!" I shouted.

"In future, you ask permission." Making sure he could see what I was about to do, I lifted the whip up and slapped it down hard on his small penis. He barely had time to scream before the second slap turned his little boy's 'sausage' bright red. I pulled the leather cord hard, stretching his willy to the limit. A few more strokes and I let go of the weight, his small red cock pulled sharply down again. Ignoring his screams I released the chain and watched in disgust as he collapsed right in the middle of the urine.

"Stand up!" I ordered. Seeing the whip in my hand he obeyed immediately, continuing to bawl at the top of his voice. I threw him some paper towels.

"Mop all that up!" I orderd.

"You've got ten seconds." Holding the towels in a typical childish way, he wiped them over the puddle but hardly aware of what he was doing.

I dragged him into the bathroom and made him stand up straight while I removed the velcro pad from around his sore willy.

"Use the toilet, then get in the shower!" I released his hands from the chain. I watched him sit on the toilet for a while, then ordered him to the shower. There was only cold water down here and he screamed as the powerful jet hit him.

"Face the back of the shower, bend over and touch your toes." I commanded him, switching off the water. For a second he seemed to hesitate, then obeyed, whimpering as he bent over. I quickly soaped my hand and rubbed him hard between his buttocks.

"Stand still!" I shouted, slapping his leg hard as he wriggled.

"Since you're here I may as well clean your little hole!" I said, starting to push my finger into his tight anus. At this strange and new invasion of his private place he squealed and clenched his buttocks hard.

"Don't you dare move!" I snarled, pushing my finger in deeper. Moving to the side, I put my other arm round him and held him tightly while I soaped him inside. I laughed.

"I don't think I've ever had an arse as tight as this." I said, finally managing to get two fingers up his hole. He'd started crying again. I pulled my fingers out and slapped his bum.

"I don't know why you're crying boy. We haven't even started!"

Out of the shower and a quick dry with a rough towel, then I pushed him into the main room.

"Go and stand by the punishment bench." I said, pointing at the strange looking thing I'd showed him earlier.

"Hands on your head and I want your legs wide apart!" The small boy was obviously anxious to show me how obedient he was now. He did as I said.

"Legs wider!" I shouted.

I left the room and returned after a minute carrying a small wooden paddle and a wicked looking rattan cane, so beloved of generations of schoolmasters in the past. Placing them on the table, I turned my attention to the shivering little boy by my side. I felt the little belt round his genitals.

"Not tight enough." I muttered, unbuckling it and moving up a notch. Ben cried out as I pulled it tighter, the strap lifting his tiny scrotum higher. I felt his two testicles squeezed hard inside his ball sack.

"I'm looking forward to playing with these later." I said quietly.

Pulling his penis out straight I replaced the cock stretcher, ignoring his cries as the velcro pad squeezed his newly uncovered skin. While the boy stood meekly to one side, I prepared the bench, basically a series of small padded seats hinged together in a moveable framework. Lifting the boy up I bent him over the centre section, his tummy supported by a padded beam. A large leather belt secured him tightly. Before he realised what was happening I had him fully restrained over the apparatus, his arms tied to metal bars and his knees resting on two padded supports. Further belts across his thighs and lower legs made any movement difficult. By adjusting the position of the sections I lifted his bottom to just the right level and then opened his legs till I could walk between them gaining easy access to his tight puckered anus. His little balls hung down, pulled by the weight attached to his sore willy.

I stood back and admired my handiwork, hardly hearing the boy's sobs.

"Right Ben," I said, moving round to his head and stroking his hair. I'm going upstairs for a while and when I come back I'm going to spank you with this." I put the paddle just in front of him.

"I'm going to make your bottom very sore and very red, but you deserve it-don't you?" I asked, gripping his hair tightly.

"Y..yes Sir ." he replied, his words broken by sobs.

"What do you deserve?" I asked sharply.

"T..t..to have my bottom very s..sore and v..v..very red Sir.", he said miserably. Chuckling, I left him and went out.

In fact it was over an hour till I returned, a long phone call from an 'associate' having delayed me. The boy was sleeping, the apparatus clearly more comfortable than I'd thought.

"Wake up cuntboy!" I said, yanking on the cord between his legs. He yelped with pain and opened his eyes.

"Don't worry, I haven't forgotten about your spanking," I assured him laughing.

"I just want to get that tight little bumhole of yours ready for fucking afterwards." I smeared cream over a black rubber dildo and showed it to him.

"I'm going to put this into your bottom so it gets used to it while I'm spanking you." He gazed at it through tears, not understanding.

Between his legs I ran my finger lightly over his cute little bumhole, watching it twitch. I finger fucked him for a minute then slowly started to insert the dildo. Ben began to cry louder and I felt him clench his buttocks. Cupping his little balls in my hand I squeezed then gently to get his attention.

"Listen you little cunt, if you don't relax your bottom and let me put this in I'll squeeze your balls till they pop out!" I said sharply, squeezing them harder. He sniffed and cried but I felt his anus relax slightly. Twisting and pushing the dildo in, I felt it push through his second sphincter muscle. The boy tried to arch his back and screamed in pain. I laughed.

"That shows it's nearly home!" I said, pushing the dildo in a few more inches till it disappeared. A small chain attached to the end of the dildo hung down between his legs. I wiped my hands and patted his bottom.

"Now let's get this warmed up shall we?" I grabbed the paddle and stood just behind his head, stroking his hair.

For a minute I let the paddle bounce gently over his chubby buttocks watching them wobble. I stopped and lay it still on the highest part.

"How many do you deserve Ben?" I asked the shivering wretch, his backside twitching in terror. It took a while for the young boy to answer.

"P..please Sir..I don't know." He said, his voice trembling.

"Six Sir?" he ventured through tears. I laughed.

"Oh no Ben, I think six is far too low. That was how many strokes of the cane boys used to receive at school. No Ben, we're not talking about the cane here, though we will a little bit later," I added.

"I think we'll start with twenty five on each cheek and if your bottom's not red enough we can add some more, okay Ben?" I asked cheerfully. I patted his bottom a little harder with the paddle.

"Now Ben I want you to ask me very politely to spank your bottom very hard." I waited.

"If you don't, I'll give you double!"

"P..please Sir, p..please would you spank m..my b..bottom v..very hard, Sir." I heard a frightened little voice say.

I raised the paddle and brought it down on the lower part of his left buttock. The slap reverberated round the room like a pistol shot. Ben screamed and writhed under the restraints. I sighed. Children today are just not used to corporal punishment, I thought. I wasn't in a hurry and took my time. I gave the spanks at irregular intervals, sometimes waiting nearly a minute, then two spanks in succession.

Fifty hard spanks later his whole backside was bright red and felt hot enough to fry an egg. I'd got used to his crying by now and hardly noticed it. I balanced the paddle on his blazing rump and stroked his hair again, calming him down. His tears started to subside and I wiped his eyes with my handkerchief.

"Well Ben," I said in a matter of fact voice.

"It's red and hot, but not quite hot enough. It clearly needs another fifty." I paused for my words to sink in.

"I think you should ask me politely to spank your bottom harder." The little boy burst into tears again, begging me not to hurt him any more. I ignored him and tapped his red bottom with the paddle.

"Okay then, I'll have to give you double." Turning his head to me, he blurted out

"P..p..please Sir, p.p.please would you s..s..spank my bottom harder Sir."

"No problem." I replied chuckling, lifting the paddle high.

Fifteen minutes later I admired my handiwork. He was bright red from the top of his buttocks down to the back of his knees. His soft inner thighs hadn't escaped either. I waited for him to calm down, then ran my hand lightly over the reddened flesh, feeling the heat.

"Aren't you going to thank me for spanking you, Ben" I asked softly.

"Thank you very much for spanking my bottom Sir." The boy whispered, flinching as I prodded his sore skin. Grinning to myself, I now placed the cane on the table near his head so he could see it. Stepping between his legs I grabbed the chain and slowly pulled out the dildo, making the boy squeal as it squeezed through his sphincter.

I held his waist and pushed my cock deep inside him. He felt what I was doing immediately and started to panic.

"Bigger than the dildo, isn't it Ben!" I said, pushing hard. The feel of his hot plump bottom and his screaming and wriggling made me come in less than a minute. I leant forward, out of breath and recovering from the most intense orgasm I'd ever had. When I'd got my breath back I went patted his head.

"Well Ben, what do you say?" I asked gently, waiting for him to stop crying.

"Th..thank you Sir?" he replied, not sure exactly what he should say.

"Say thank you for fucking me and ask me very very nicely to fuck you again later!" The little boy sobbed, the pain from his newly lost virginity competing with the throbbing of his sore buttocks.

"P..please Sir, th..thank you f..for f..f..fucking me and please w..w..would you f..fuck me later, please Sir." he whined pathetically.

"Good boy." I said, standing in front of him. I adjusted the level of the front support, raising his head so his mouth was at the level of my cock.

"I want you to suck my cock nice and gently till it's clean all over!" I said, tapping his head.

"Come on, open wide!" Ben gazed at the moist and soiled end of my cock and opened his mouth. I gripped his head firmly and pushed it in.

"Come on you little whore, suck it clean!" I shouted.

"Show me you enjoy it!" I could only get the tip in his small mouth and he licked and sucked for a minute, making strange noises as he breathed through his nose. I pulled out, laughing at his expression, and tickled his back.

"Okay Ben, I'm going to get myself a drink now, and when I come back, you're going to ask me to cane you." I picked up the cane and swished it a few times through the air.

"It hurts a lot more than the paddle, but I'm sure you agree that you deserve it. Don't you think so?" I put the cane back so he could see it.

"Well, Ben?" I asked icily. He trembled slightly and I saw his buttocks contract.

"Y..yes Sir." He replied quietly.


"Please Sir, I… I deserve the cane Sir." Tightening the belt round my trousers I left him to his thoughts.

Over an hour later I came back. It was starting to get late and I wanted a second fuck before bedtime. Ben was whimpering, his thighs and buttocks wriggling slightly as I approached. His young naked body was covered in a thin film of sweat.

"Well, Ben do you have something to ask me?" I said kindly.. He spoke quietly, his voice shaking.

"Please S..Sir, p..please wil you cane me please Sir."

"not good enough Ben!" I said sternly.

"Ask me again but tell me where you'd like me to cane you and how hard." I waited.

"P..please Sir," he finally croaked, close to tears.

"P..please will you cane my b..bottom hard, please Sir."

"Just hard or very hard?" I asked smiling as I raised the centre section. His backside was sticking up at the perfect angle.

"V..very hard, please Sir." I laughed. The little bastard was finally learning.

"I'll be happy to oblige Ben, but I just have to check you're comfortable. I tested all the belts to see if he was well secured, then prodded his testicles. I picked up a second round metal weight.

"I think everythings okay, but I'm sure your willy needs to be stretched a bit more." I attached the second weight to the end of the cord and let it drop. Ben screamed as his penis was pulled down tight.

I picked up the cane and tapped his backside with it.

"Now Ben, normally naughty little boys would have six strokes with a cane but I think, since you've been extra naughty, you should have twelve." I paused. The young boy had no idea what the cane felt like. For him it was just something from the history books.

"You will count every stroke out loud. If you make a mistake, we have to start all over again."

Raising the cane, I slashed it down across the exact centre of his bottom. The loud swish and cracking noise it made echoed round the room. Ben's body seemed to jump as one and he screamed in agony. A long red line was appearing across both buttocks and I could see the weals forming.

"Well Ben?" I asked softly. The little boy blurted out through sobs

"O..one Sir!"

"Very good Ben. We can continue." By the sixth stroke I was having to remind him again of my threat to start afresh if he didn't count correctly. I took my time and by the tenth stroke his bottom had a nice collection of nasty red and blue weals all over it.

Ben was writhing under the restraints, his counting interspersed with sobs and pleas for me to stop. His buttocks and thighs squirmed and wobbled as he tried desperately to avoid the strokes. The last two I gave low down on the back of his thighs. He almost forgot to count such were the howls of pain he uttered. I ran my hand down his hot sweaty backside, counting the weals. As he cried and squirmed I put the cane on the table and sat down, waiting for his sobbing to ease.

"How does your bottom feel now Ben?" I asked, wiping a few tears from his cheek. He took a few seconds to answer.

"S..sore Sir." He answered pitifully.

"It hurts so much Sir." I examined his buttocks again and touched a nasty looking bruise. Ben flinched and cried out.

"Yes, I suppose it may feel a little sore." I continued, smiling at what I proposed to do.

"But you know Ben, your bottom really is very big and I'm not sure that those twelve strokes were enough." I waited a few seconds for this to sink in.

"Sir p..please Sir..they were enough, please Sir… please… no more Sir ..please.." He started to cry and scream hysterically. I looked at my watch and waited for him to calm down a little.

"Well Ben, as I see it you have a choice. You can ask me very politely to cane your bottom again, twelve strokes, or I can give you double that number." I patted him on his shoulder.

"You have five seconds to decide." Through his sobs, he somehow managed to blurt out,

"P..please Sir, ww.ww..will you cane my bottom again Sir..p..please Sir."

"How many strokes?"

"T..twelve please Sir."

"Hard or very hard?" I asked, enjoying myself.

"V..very hard, please Sir!" he screamed hysterically, squirming under the restraints.

"Okay, okay Ben, I can see you can't wait."

Raising his rear end up a little higher, I flicked his bum with the end of the cane.

"I'm in a hurry Ben so I don't need you to count. Just hope that I don't have to give you another twelve after these!" I commenced his beating. As I caned him, his screaming made his voice so hoarse that he could only moan. By the time I'd finished, his buttocks were one mass of red swollen flesh, weals running into other weals, small bruises already spreading over his flesh. Since this was by no means the first time I'd thrashed a boy in my basement, I had my own routine already prepared. From a small fridge I took an aerosol can and applied the contents liberally to the boy's buttocks. A powerful mixture of topical anaesthetic, corticosteroids and vasoconstriction drugs, it also cooled the skin and ensured that the bruising would disappear much faster than normal. By this time tomorrow, he'd be ready for another caning.

"Ben!" I called, stroking his hair.

"Your bottom is so nice and hot, I just have to fuck it." I heard his breathing slow and I kissed him as he looked up, a totally broken little boy. The anaesthetic was starting to work.

"Ask me nicely Ben!" I said, sliding my finger along his back down to his large bum. I slid my hand between my buttocks and prodded his sticky little hole.

"I know what you want Ben!" His tired eyes met mine.

"Please Sir," he whispered.

"Please will you fuck me again, please Sir." This time, I was not as randy as before and took my time. When I'd finished, I made him suck me clean and got dressed.

Seeing the state he was in I went to the medicine cabinet and prepared a small dose of stimulant which I injected into his arm. He'd been held over the punishment bench for almost three hours and would be very stiff. Removing the restraints I lifted him off and ordered him to the bathroom. He obeyed without question, walking meekly in front of me, his little penis still attached to the leather cord and weights dangling between his legs. I removed the cord and allowed him to drink water from the tap and use the toilet. His sobbing intensified as he sat on the hard seat. He had a quick cold shower and obediently stood with his legs apart while I tied the weights back on. I was surprised that he hadn't begged to eat something, but since I prefer my boys to be constantly hungry, I didn't offer him anything.

"Come on Ben, it's time for bed, I said softly, leading him to his little bedroom.

"P..please Sir," he said quietly.

"Please c..can I go home tomorrow..please!" I looked at his sad eyes, full of tears.

"No Ben, you have to stay here for a few weeks." I sighed.

"Ben, we have a lot of work to do." I reached down and held his little scrotum, feeling the two testicles held tight together by the thin leather cord.

"Tomorrow I have to examine these for example." He squirmed as I tightened my grip.

"I have a brand new table-tennis bat but no balls to play with." I smiled at his look of complete bewilderment.

"Why should I go and buy ping pong balls when you've got two little balls here for me to play with?"

Sitting on the bed I ordered him to bend over in front of me and applied some more spray from the aerosol. I wanted him to sleep. Lying him down on the bed, he cried out as his sore buttocks rubbed against the mattress.

"Nearly done now." I attached his wrist and ankle straps to small chains which I pulled tight and clipped to the bed posts so he was spreadeagled on the bed. I checked he still had his strap round his balls and penis, then turned my attention to his cock stretcher. I removed the weights but tied the cord to a long thin chain that ran up through a hook in the ceiling. Watching his reaction, I pulled the chain till his cock was pulled up so tight it was almost lifting him off the bed.

"Don't cry Ben,." I called, fastening the chain to the wall.

"In two weeks you'll have the longest willy in the world!" I laughed and kissed his forehead.

"I do hope your bottom will be better in the morning. I'd like to use it to keep my toast hot at breakfast and I know of only one way to get your bottom hot! I do hope you'll remind me to spank it before the toast gets cold!" Laying a few warm blankets over him, I switched off the light and left.

Chapter Two

Since I'd already planned to have some time off work, I didn't worry about having to get up early, and didn't come down to Ben till nearly ten o'clock. I carried a tray with a plate of hot buttered toast and tea for me and some scraps of old bread for Ben. In his room, the small boy was already awake and looked at me tearfully as I entered.

"Good morning Ben," I said cheerfully. I undid the chains and removed the velcro pad around his penis.

"I'm sure you need to go and use the bathroom." I said kindly, helping him to sit up.

"Wash your hands afterwards and come straight back for breakfast" I heard him flushing the toilet.

He entered the room, covering his privates, looking at the floor.

"Sir, please, please can I go home today?" he asked, looking up at me beseechingly.

"I'm sorry for being naughty, I really am. Please can I go home now?" Ignoring his questions, I held the plate of bread up.

"Come and have breakfast first, then we'll discuss what to do with you."

I sat him on my lap and gave him the plate. Fortunately, I'd brought plenty of bread. He was ravenous. I slipped my hand between his legs and held his penis between my fingers.

"We'll have to put some cream on this." I said, examining it. We can't let you get an infection under your foreskin, can we?" He was so concentrated on his bread, he hardly heard me. Having finished, I showered him, then led him to the main room where I'd placed my toast and newspaper on the small table next to the punishment bench. I ordered him to stand still while I put some antiseptic cream over the end of his willy, making him flinch again as I pulled the foreskin right back.

"I think we'll leave the cock stretcher off for a couple of hours." I said kindly. I pushed his ball strap a little higher and checked it was still tight. ThenI stood him in front of me and examined his buttocks. The bruises had almost faded and the redness had vanished.

"Now then, Ben," I said sitting down,

"As I've already said, you're staying here for at least two weeks." He looked down and started to cry. I decided to give him a bit of hope.

"If however, you show complete obedience, I may let you go home earlier." I picked up a piece of toast.

"For example, every morning I want to sit down and enjoy my hot toast but I don't have anything here to keep it hot. Can you think of something Ben?" I looked at him meaningfully, wondering if he remembered what I'd said the night before. He looked scared, then embarrassed.

"My bottom, Sir?" he whispered.

"What an excellent idea Ben!" I said enthusiastically.

"And how do we get your bottom nice and hot Ben?" He hesitated and looked at the ground.

"By spanking it Sir?" I clapped my hands together.

"What a clever little boy you are." I stood up.

"Well we'd better get your bottom ready hadn't we.?" I said, lifting him easily over the apparatus. In a trice, I'd secured him and had his large backside sticking up horizontally. As I stood back, he farted loudly. I suppressed a smile and tried to sound angry.

"If you do that again Ben, I will cane you." I felt his buttocks.

"Right Ben, let's warm them up shall we?" I slapped the paddle down hard again and again waiting for his buttocks to reach my favourite shade of red. Ben shrieked and yelled, but the restraints prevented him from wriggling too much. Finally, feeling the skin begin to get hotter, I stopped and sat down next to him, placing a few pieces of toast on his large posterior. As a piece de resistance, I stuck another slice deep between his buttocks-my personal toast rack.

I took my time, reading my paper from cover to cover. The boy's cries had died down to a whimper. I took the last piece of toast from between his buttocks. It was cold.

"Ben, I wanted your bottom to keep my toast warm but this slice is positively cold!" I said, pretending to be angry.

"Are you going to tell me what I have do, or shall I use the cane to jog your memory?"

"Please Sir, you have to spank me again." He answered, his voice shaking. Five minutes later, my toast was warming nicely between two red-hot buttocks.

While I cleared the things away I left him tied to the bench. Taking two vials from the cabinet I prepared a syringe and placed it on the table.

"Come on boy." I said, freeing him from the restraints.

"Time to have some fun." I stood him up and stood him up straight. Taking a metal clip, I fastened his hands behind his back and ordered his legs wide apart. As I picked up the syringe, he began to cry.

"I really am getting tired of your incessant noise!" I said sharply.

"I want you quiet-now!" Sniffing a few times, the little boy choked back his tears and forced himself to stay silent. Taking his shrivelled little penis between my fingers, I lifted it up and gave him an injection in the base, almost in his testicles. He flinched and cried out in pain. Another two injections I placed on the other side. I put the syringes away and smiled.

"You stand there and don't move boy!" I ordered.

"It should start working in about five minutes."

The drugs, I'd injected were a potent mixture of viagra, vasodilators and erectile tissue specific activators designed for use in certain operations of the penis. Generally used under general anaesthetic, I found it great fun to use on unsuspecting little boys. The dose I'd given would keep him erect for at least two hours. I heard the boy whimper and saw his small willy move slightly.

Over the next few minutes, it grew in length and breadth until it was fully erect. Ben looked on in horror as his tiny willy became a seven inch [18 cm] long throbbing monster, much larger than his normal erection due to the tissue stimulators I'd included. His ball ring, now stretched to the limit, caused everything to be pulled up and out, giving a him a cheeky and provocative look. I feigned surprise.

"Ben, you dirty boy, what on earth's happening to your willy?" He started to sob, looking down at the monster between his legs. I gripped it firmly in my hand.

"Looks like you're stuck with it then!" I said laughing. I felt his little balls held tightly in place by his ball ring.

"If you don't get your willy soft again in five seconds, I will have to punish you!" I said loudly. Ben looked terrified but the erection didn't go, if anything, his fear made it stick up even more.

"Get it down I said!"

"I can't sir, please Sir, it won't go down." he sobbed.

"You leave me with no other choice then!"

I opened a drawer and took out an old pingpong bat. Tapping into the palm of my hand I surveyed the little wretch before me, his outsized erection sticking up straight.

"Ben every morning I like to hit some balls with my bat, but I seem to have lost them all. Do you have any I could use?" I smiled and looked down at his privates, giving him a hint.

"S..Sir?" he asked, not quite understanding. I sighed.

"Ben, tell me nicely that you've got two little balls for me to play with!" He finally got the message and stared at me in disbelief.

"Well Ben?" I said coldly.

"P..please Sir, I..I've got some little balls for you to play with please Sir," he said very quietly. I pulled my chair up and held his testicles.

"Why so you have Ben," I laughed. I made him open his legs wider and bend his knees. With his penis sticking straight up, his little balls hung down, easily accessible. I put the bat under them and jiggled them about.

"Which little ball should I hit first Ben?" I asked, starting to bounce them about a bit harder.

"The right or left one?"

"Please Sir, I don't know Sir" he answered, his voice trembling.

"Okay, I think I'll try this one first," I said, tapping the testicle on my right. I bounced it gently with the bat, then a little harder until Ben started to cry.

"Please Sir, it hurts Sir."

"Okay Ben, I'll try the other one now," I said, moving the bat round. I continued for a few minutes until he squirmed, begging me to stop.

"It's not as bouncy as the other one Ben," I told him, shaking my head.

"You see Ben, it's a bit like playing squash. You have to warm the balls up first by hitting them really hard. Do you understand?" I asked looking at his sad tearstained face.

"Y..yes Sir." He replied, not yet fully realising what I intended to do.

"Well Ben I'm sure you don't want me to waste my time, so I want you to ask me politely to hit your balls very hard with the bat." I waited. He choked back a sob and looked at me in terror.

"Sir?" he gasped.

"B..b..but S..Sir, please Sir..I…"

"Quickly Ben!" I said loudly.

"P..please Sir, w..w..wil you hit my b..b..balls hard with the bat Sir?" he whispered.

"How hard Ben?" I asked him quickly.

"V..very hard Sir." He sobbed.

"How many times Ben?" I asked innocently. He looked panic stricken.

"F..five Sir?" he ventured nervously.

"Five?" I gasped.

"Five hits won't even get even get one of them warm!" I laughed.

"No I think a good ten on each ball should do the job."

Opening his legs a little wider I made him bend his knees even more so I had plenty of room to swing the bat.

"I know it's not a comfortable position Ben but I want to keep your balance. If you try and close your legs, stand up or fall over, I'll beat your penis with the riding whip! Now let's get those little balls warmed up!" Lowering the bat to the floor I brought it up smartly onto his left testicle. Ben screamed in agony and twisted his legs as the pain coursed through his whole body. I didn't rush, allowing him to recover before applying each well aimed slap on alternate testicles. On the third slap he suddenly closed his legs, falling to his knees and curling up. I waited for thirty seconds watching him roll from side to side, wailing in pain, his hands still tied behind his back.

"Get up boy!" I ordered coldly.

"You've just earned yourself a good beating on your willy!" He hardly heard me but curled up tightly on the floor crying. My patience at an end, I pulled the long chain I'd used the day before through the hook in the ceiling and moving his hands above his head, pulled him upright.

"Don't be such a baby!" I said, wiping his eyes.

In one of my drawers I found two separating rods which I fastened between his ankles and one between his knees. By lengthening the the one between his knees and adjusting the lower one, I was able to make him adopt the same position as before. Powerless to close his legs or do much more than wriggle, he sobbed while I sat and watched him.

"Because you've wasted so much time Ben, your balls have gone cold, so I'm going to have to start all over again." He moved his legs slightly and winced. The rods made movement almost impossible. I moved my chair and picked up the riding whip. Prodding the tip of his engorged penis with it I made a mental note to repeat this exercise every day.

"Okay Ben, for refusing to stand still, I have to give you a quick lesson. Don't let it happen again!" Raising the whip I proceeded to beat the end of his huge erection. The boy squirmed and screamed but his organ stayed as large and stiff as ever. I continued till the end was a dark red and put down the whip.

"Right, now I can get back to what I was doing before!" I said loudly, tapping his scrotum with the small bat. I took my time, waiting till his writhing and screaming had subsided somewhat before each slap. The last five, I gave on both testicles together. Clenching his buttocks in agony he suddenly farted again. I hate it when little boys do that. Giving his balls a last final swipe, I left him to recover while I busied about the room. His cries having changed to moans, then quiet whimpering, I took a wet towel and wiped his trembling body all over. I removed the separating rods but his sore testicles made it difficult for him to close his legs.

"Wait a second Ben, I've something here that will help." I said kindly. I sprayed his balls with the same mixture I'd used on his buttocks and injected an anti-inflammatory drug into each testicle.

Releasing his hands I led the naked boy to a small chair and sat him down, his legs still wide apart.

"Drink this." I said, handing him a large cup of orange juice. I'd dissolved a few aspirins in it and waited until he'd drained the whole cup.

"Ben, from now on I don't want to tie your hands together." I said, looking down at him.

"I hope I can trust you to be an obedient boy. If I have any trouble from you and have to chain them again, I'll do something much worse than warming your balls. Do you understand?" He looked up, cradling the cup to his lips.

"Y… yes Sir." He replied in a small voice.

I looked at my watch. It was almost lunchtime, but I wanted to get a small disciplinary matter clear first.

"Stand up Ben." I ordered. I didn't see why he should sit longer than was necessary. He obeyed and stood meekly before me. I saw that his artificial erection was finally starting to wear off.

"Ben, do you remember when you were warming my toast, what I said when you farted?" He looked blank for a second, then embarrassed and scared.

"Well?" I asked, louder.

"Y..you said you w..would cane me if I did it again Sir." he replied, swallowing and looking at the floor.

"Yes, Ben I did. And you farted again didn't you!" He looked at me tearfully.

"S… sorry Sir, I couldn't help it Sir, please don't cane me Sir." I ignored his pleas.

"I'm going for lunch now. The cane is in the drawer over there. When I come back I want to see you standing here holding it, and I want you to ask me very nicely to cane you for farting." I looked around me.

"While I'm gone you can take some wet tissues from the bathroom and start cleaning everywhere!" Turning my back, I walked up the stairs, leaving the little boy alone.

Back after an hour or so, I heard a quick patter of feet as I opened the door into the chamber, carrying a large mug of coffee. The boy was standing where I'd told him, the cane held gingerly in his small trembling hands. I smiled and stroked his hair.

"Well well, what do we have here then?"

"P..please Sir, please will you cane me for farting please Sir," he said quietly, on the edge of tears.

"Oh, okay, I suppose so," I said indifferently, taking the cane from him. I decided to play the schoolmaster and flexed the cane in my hands while talking to him.

"For disgraceful behaviour and conduct, namely, farting," I said solemnely, trying to suppress a smile.

"You will receive six strokes of the cane. Bend over and touch your toes!" Surprised and relieved at not being placed over the punishment bench, the small boy obeyed, sticking out his plump bottom for me to punish. I gave him six hard strokes spaced evenly over his buttocks. I was pleased to see that, although he yelled at each blow and cried, he managed to hold his position. His pain threshold was clearly increasing. Punishment over, I sprayed his sore backside and sent him to stand in the corner with his hands on his head.

Having finished my coffee I called him over to me.

"Put your hands by your sides Ben and stand up straight." He obeyed, his eyes still wet from crying.

"Ben, you have to learn some self-discipline." I ran my hands down his sides, tickling him slightly.

"Next time you fart you are to apologise and ask me to punish you. You then fetch the cane and bend over without being asked. Is that clear boy?" He nodded his head.

"Yes Sir." he replied sweetly.

"Another thing. In the morning when we come out the bedroom you will ask me politely if you can warm my toast for me. You give me the paddle and get into position by yourself. Is that clear?"

"Y..yes Sir", he replied quietly.

Sitting in front of him, I examined his penis carefully. It had now returned to its normal size and I could just see the tip of his small red glans peeping at me. Holding it gently I eased his foreskin back and stroked it slowly.

"Ben, I know that boys your age often play with their willies. How often does it go hard?" He looked puzzled for a second.

"In the morning Sir when I wake up Sir." he said hesitantly.

"Yes I know that Ben. That's quite normal. No, I mean do you ever play with it and make it go hard?" He looked scared, wondering what my reaction would be.

"S..sometimes Sir." he replied, deciding to be honest. I stroked it a little harder.

"Well Ben, while you are here you will make it hard when I tell you and soft when I tell you, but you're not allowed to touch it yourself. Understand?"

"I think so Sir."

"So Ben, I want it hard now!" I said, rubbing his willy a little faster.

"Come on Ben, get it up nice and stiff for me!" I stroked his balls taking care not to squeeze them. I knew they'd still be sore for the rest of the day. I laughed at his expression. He was looking down at his willy and seemed to be trying hard.

Suddenly my mobile rang. I answered it and stood up. Asking the person to hold, I spoke to Ben.

"You've got five minutes to get that thing hard or it's the cane!" The person on the phone was a very special friend I'd known for years. We shared exactly the same interests and over the last few years we'd used our common interest to pecunious advantage. Having plenty of like-minded contacts, he organised rather special and expensive parties for small groups of men and even women who paid handsomely for young boys. They'd meet in a rented house somewhere relatively isolated, I delivered the boy to him already 'broken in', he took the boy to the party, returning him the next day. We agreed on the usual rendez-vous point and I put the phone down.

Little Ben was still standing there, his tiny willy still hanging down pathetically. Seeing me, he started to cry.

"Please Sir, I can't make it hard Sir." he whined, already looking miserably at the drawer where I kept the canes.

"Okay Ben, I'm not going to beat you-yet." I said, going to the medical cupboard.

"There's been a slight change of plan." I took out a selection of vials and bottles.

"I'm not allowing it to go unpunished, you understand, I'm just postponing it until tomorrow." Looking at my watch I ordered him to stand still and open his legs. Ignoring his whimpers I gave him a further two injections of anti-iflammatory drugs and antibiotics into both his testicles. I then sprayed his backside, penis and testicles liberally with the other mixture, ensuring his skin would be lily white again by nightfall. In the bathroom I gave him two enemas and scrubbed him all over in the shower. While I went upstairs for my own warmer shower I made him stand in the corner, his hands on his head, nose touching the wall. I pointed to the three security cameras.

"If you move one inch, I'll know about it!"

On my return an hour later I called him to the centre of the room and fitted a small black leather collar round his neck and secured his hands behind his back. Finally, I produced a small blindfold.

"When we get to the top of the stairs, I have to put the blindfold on you." I explained.

"Once we're through the door, you don't make a noise, not a sound! Understand?"

"Yes Sir," he answered quietly.

"Please Sir, I'm sorry Sir, but .."

"What?" I snapped, looking at my watch.

"I'm so hungry Sir, my tummy's making noises Sir." he mumbled. I grinned.

"Well, you'll be more eager to please then, won't you!" Carefully I led him up the stairs and through two doors. A small passage led directly to the garage. I put the blindfold on, and guided him to the car where I sat him on the back seat. It was already getting dark so he'd be unnoticed. We drove for about thirty minutes till I reached a secluded spot on the edge of a vast sprawling park. Totally in the open, yet empty as far as the eye could see, it was a very safe place. As we waited, I turned and looked at the little naked boy sitting nervously in the back. Quickly I removed the blindfold.

"Tonight Ben, you're going to meet some very important people and I want you to be a good boy, okay?"

"Yes Sir." I heard him answer, his voice trembling.

"You must be polite and do exactly as you're told. There may be very strict teachers there and if you don't work hard at your lessons, they'll punish you!" I smiled at my little improvised description.

I saw the lights of another car and a few seconds later, my 'associate' arrived, pulling up next to me. By opening the car doors, the transfer of the boy was completely shielded from view. He put his head through the window and grinned at Ben, now sitting nervously in the back of his small car.

"Nice, very nice!" he said chuckling. We chatted for a minute and agreed to meet at lunchtime tomorrow closer to the trees.

"Will he be the only one?" I asked, nodding my head towards Ben.

"Not this time." He said, licking his lips.

"They'll be another one as well." He laughed.

"Plus, one of the guests tonight is the 'Headmaster'!" I grinned. One of our best clients was a retired teacher with a particularly sadistic streak. I looked at Ben, shivering in the cool air.

"Ben, do you know your multiplication tables? Twelve times twelve and so on?" I called. He looked round, scared.

"A bit Sir, not very well Sir." I laughed at the thought of our client's reaction on seeing Ben's chubby backside. My colleague read my mind.

"He always makes 'em dress up in school uniform as well." He said, laughing.

"He brings a selection with him, white shirts, thin grey shorts." He paused.

"Not that the shorts stay on very long!" he added, grinning.

"And the way he swings that cane… .!"

He looked at his watch.

"Better be off then,"

"Wait!" I said , suddenly remembering something.

"How about something to break the ice?" I said winking and pointing at Ben's small willy, half hidden between his thighs.

"Good idea!" he said, catching on.

"Always goes down well, especially with the ladies!" he added.

Taking a syringe out of my pocket I leaned over to Ben and made him open his legs. Three injections and it was done.

"I've given him enough to last two or three hours." I explained.

"Should start working in a few minutes."

I watched them drive off, and returned home.

Chapter Three

The next day it was pouring with rain when I arrived at the agreed spot. I saw the other car was already there. As I pulled up alongside, I could see Ben's small naked figure in the back.

"How'd it go?" I asked, winding down the window.

"Excellent, really excellent." my associate replied smiling.

"Your lad was very popular with everyone. I imagine he'll be sleepy for the rest of the day. The party went on all night and didn't finish till about 8am! I laughed.

"Oh I'll think of something to wake him up, don't worry!"

"Well, the 'Headmaster' certainly kept him busy, that's for sure," he continued.

"Just wait till you see his backside!" Opening the door, I ordered Ben out and into my car. I didn't talk on the drive home. Ben sat quietly, eyes closed, head nodding forward.

When we got home, I shook the boy awake and led him back down to the chamber. Walking behind him I saw that my friend hadn't been joking. In the dim light I saw lines covering his buttocks and thighs. Switching on the lights I examined him more closely.

"Well Ben you obviously didn't know your tables, did you?" I said turning him round. Twelve dark red weals ran across both buttocks. Some of the weals continued round to the front of his legs. I bent him over and parted his large buttocks to see his bumhole. It looked red and sore, obviously having been used a great deal. The tip of his penis was also quite red, but his balls seemed to have been left unscathed. I wondered what they'd made him do.

I could see that Ben was sleepy. He stood meekly to attention, all rebellious spirit thrashed out of him.

"My associate says that you behaved well at the party." I said, holding his hands.

"Your bottom looks very sore but we'll soon take care of that." I stroked his cheek gently.

"However, before I do, there's a little bit of unfinished business to clear up, isn't there?" I said, tapping his small willy.

"I think you know what I mean," I said, looking at the drawer.

"Go and fetch it!" Too exhausted to even whimper, he went to the drawer and returned with the cane.

"When I order you to do something, I expect you to obey." I explained. The six strokes I gave him were not too severe, but by the second stroke he was screaming. It was impossible to find an unmarked piece of skin, so I was forced to lay the strokes over nasty looking weals. I smiled to myself remembering how the boys had suffered before I started using the drug spray on their buttocks.

Telling him to remain bending over I sprayed his buttocks and thighs, aiming some of it directly at his sore little bumhole, and pushing some deep inside.

"Right Ben, you can go to bed for a few hours." I said, pointing at the door.

"I'll be along later to fuck you and warm your little balls up again!" I added, grinning. He looked terrified for a second, but the lure of the bed was so great, he walked meekly to his room, rubbing his bottom. I chuckled. Having his testicles beaten was absolute agony, but I knew from experience it was the fastest way to raise his pain threshold and completely break his spirit.

A few minutes later there was a phone call. It was my associate.

"Listen," he said quickly.

"Your boy was more popular than I'd realised." He paused.

"I've had a few of the clients asking if they can 'borrow' him, just for a night.

"They know the rates?" I asked, dollar signs showing in my eyes.

"Yes, of course" He laughed.

"I've also had the 'Headmaster' on, asking if he could have him at his place for a whole day and night. He feels that Ben is badly in need of private tuition!"

"Yes, I bet he does," I said laughing, well aware of what that meant. One of the Headmaster's favourite educational practices was to have young boys bend over a desk and write out lines while he fucked them from behind. Accepting no excuses for poor handwriting, the poor boy would then be flogged while he continued to write. A large man with a voracious sexual appetite, he was quite capable of repeating this and similar scenarios for hours on end. After discussion, we agreed on the timing. I would deliver Ben to him tonight for a 'private'appointment with a client and he'd take the boy round to the 'Headmaster' the next morning.

"Make sure the client doesn't beat him too much." I reminded my associate.

"The Headmaster likes their bums smooth and white!"

"Don't worry," I heard.

"Besides, it's a woman. She likes spanking him but no more than that. Oh, and she insists on the injections. She wants to play with his 'monster' till it wears off, then put his tongue to work-if you see what I mean."

I allowed Ben just over three hours sleep before shaking him awake.

"Come on boy, we've got a tight schedule and I don't want to waste time!" He rubbed his eyes sleepily. I had a raging hard-on and didn't want to mess about strapping him down over the bench. Turning him over I made him kneel down on the edge of the bed.

"Head down, bum up!" I called, getting some cream from the cupboard. The clients had obviously stretched him a bit I thought as I pushed my cock deep inside.

"You enjoy being fucked, don't you boy!" I asked grinning.

"Y..yes Sir " he replied, holding on to the bedsheets, gritting his teeth, trying hard not to cry out loud. I laughed. He knew damned well he had to say that. Grabbing his waist I groaned as I came, leaning against him. I made him to lick me clean, then ordered him to go to the bathroom.

Once clean, inside and out, I sprayed his bum again, noting how quickly the marks were disappearing, and led him back to the main room. I sat down and held his balls, feeling each testicle in turn. It was quite warm in the room and they hung down, nice easy targets.

"Well Ben, I think it's time to warm those little balls up again, don't you?" He looked at me in dismay and started crying.

"Come on Ben, it's for your own good. Ask me nicely to warm your little balls with my bat!" He shook his head slowly, scarcely believing his ears.

"P..p..please Sir, not that… please Sir not again ..please!" His voice rose shrilly as he pleaded. I wiped my brow and looked at him coldly.

"Ben, you aren't the first boy whose had his balls warmed here and you certainly won't be the last. You'll have them warmed every day whether you like it or not." I stood up.

"You know the rules by now. Either you ask me yourself, or I simply give you double the number of slaps!" I smiled as I thought of all the other boys I'd had before me, pleading and sobbing.

"Make your mind up Ben!" I said firmly.

"I really don't want to have to cane you as well. You're going to be getting quite enough of that tomorrow when you visit the Headmaster's house!" He looked at me, his eyes wide.

"Yes, Ben," I continued.

"You're spending the night with the nice lady you met yesterday, and tomorrow morning you're going straight to the Headmaster for the whole day and night!" I toyed with his willy while I spoke.

"He has a nice classroom, a little gym for your PE lessons. and a huge collection of canes which I'm sure you'll get to know very well. He even has a smart school uniform for you, white shirt and tie, grey shorts. No underpants -he doesn't allow them." I chuckled.

"Not that the shorts stay on very long though. He says that boys waste so much time taking them down to be caned that it's better to leave them off altogether. In fact I believe that boys often spend the whole lesson bent over the desk so he has permanent access to their bare bottoms. I had an idea.

"Since you'll be there for so long, perhaps I should ask him to warm your balls for me before you leave. Save me doing it."

Ben looked at me in despair, subconciously realising that he no longer had any say in anything that happened. He had no choice but to accept everything that was done to him.

"So Ben," I repeated, my hand creeping back to his little testicles.

"Ask me very nicely to warm your little balls!" He looked up, tears streaming down his face.

"P.please Sir, w..will you warm my little balls please Sir?" he whispered.

"Of course I will Ben," I replied.

"Let's just get you ready shall we?" In only a few minutes I had his hands secured high over his head attached to the chain and his legs held in position with the separating rods. I jiggled his sweaty balls about with the bat.

"Let's see. Yesterday I gave you twenty slaps. How many would you like today Ben?"

"D… don't know S..sir," he choked.

"Well, I think twenty five would be about right." I stroked the sides of his balls with the bat.

"Are you ready Ben?" I asked in a kind voice.

"Y..y..yes Sir," I heard through the sobs.

"You do love having your balls warmed, don't you Ben?"

"Y..yes Sir." He croaked, knowing it was the only answer possible.

"Well I better not keep you waiting any longer then. Here we go… ."

Administering twenty five hard slaps to his testicles took longer than I'd expected since I always ensured the boy was adequately recovered from each blow before applying the next one. I gave him a two quick injections in his balls, a few junior aspirins, checked he was thoroughly clean-inside and out- and took him to the car. The transfer was performed smoothly and I watched as my associate fastened Ben's seatbelt. Taking his place, I gave Ben the usual injections in the base of his penis.

"Should keep the lady happy!" I said, laughing. Reaching into my car I produced the small table-tennis bat and passed it over.

"Could you give that to the Headmaster when you see him, please?" I said, grinning at Ben's expression.

"There's a short letter here as well to explain everything. I'd like him to warm Ben's little balls for him just before he leaves." I turned and looked straight at Ben.

"Ben, just in case the Headmaster forgets, you will remind him, won't you?" I pointed at the letter.

"He has to sign here that he's warmed them, otherwise you'll get them warmed when you get home." I turned and left, chuckling to myself. The Headmaster's sadistic sense of humour was legendary and I knew Ben would come home with the paper left unsigned.

Taking advantage of Ben's absence I spent most of the next day corresponding with friends via email. I had a surprising number of enquiries about Ben. It's amazing how fast news travels and I soon had a long list of clients interested in 'parties' and private sessions. Ben was only one of many boys I'd 'trained' and usually I kept them only two or three weeks before letting them go. My position as senior consultant gave me unliimited access to experimental drugs including the synapse and neuronal disrupting agents that I used on the boys three days before their release. Unlike the hynosis inducing drugs that were never 100% reliable, these drugs physically destroyed all recent memories. One day before release, I then used a variety of hypnotic drugs to plant false memories. As far as anyone else was concerned, the boys had merely lived rough in the surrounding woods and fields. Going to bed early I realised how much I was looking forward to seeing Ben the next morning. I fell asleep with a major hard-on.

It was just after 10am when I picked Ben up. I helped him out of the car, his young naked body shivering with cold. A parcel was on the seat next to him which he gave me nervously. He sat in the back and winced as his buttocks touched the rough seat. He had his legs apart and I guessed from his position that his balls had been well and truly warmed. At the house I helped him down the steps and examined him as he stood with his head bowed. His whole backside was one mass of bruised and reddened flesh, weals running in all directions. As I ran my finger over them he cried out and bit his lip. The weals extended right down to just above his knees. I knew that the Headmaster was particularly fond of slippering and caning the backs of their legs during PE lessons. Probing between his buttocks I saw Ben's little bumhole was a deep red colour. He cried out in pain when I prodded it. I smiled as I wondered how many times Ben had been forced to recite his tables while being fucked.

"Don't worry Ben." I said soothingly.

"We'll soon have you back to normal." I applied plenty of spray everywhere, gave him a drink with painkillers and something to eat.

"Did you go to bed last night?" I asked, taking him to the bedroom.

"Yes Sir," he replied in a frightened voice.

"But I didn't sleep Sir."

"Why?" I asked, guessing the answer.

"Please Sir, the Master made me sleep in his bed Sir, and he kept making me suck… ." He looked embarrassed.

"Yes, yes, I know," I said.

"But surely he didn't do that all night." Ben looked up, his eyes sad and sleepy.

"No Sir, not all night, but he kept waking up in the night sir and playing with my thing saying I had to be punished in case I had dirty thoughts sir. So I had to go and fetch a slipper sir and sometimes it wasn't the right slipper he wanted sir so I had to go and get another one, then after he'd spanked me sir, he said that the slipper wasn't enough sir, so I had to fetch a cane sir, then he caned me sir and made me take it back." He started sobbing at the memory.

"Then I couldn't sleep because my bottom was so sore, and just when I was nearly asleep sir he said my hands were too close to my thing sir and I was being dirty again sir, so I had to fetch another cane sir.."

I stopped him. I didn't want to show too much sympathy.

"Well the Headmaster is a respectable man, so I'm sure you deserved it." I lay him down and switched off the light. Back upstairs, I laughed when I saw the email that had just arrived. Whether he liked it or not, little Ben would soon be back at the Headmaster's house. Opening the parcel, I saw a school tie, white shirt and thin grey shorts with a short note requesting that in future Ben should arrive in his uniform.

I let Ben sleep until the afternoon when I woke him and gave him a good shower. His buttocks were still bruised and would take another day to recover even with the spray. I questioned him closely about what the Headmaster had made him do and realised that Ben required instruction in giving blowjobs.

"No wonder the Headmaster was angry with you Ben. When he comes, you keep his penis in your mouth and swallow everything till he's finished." Seeing I was already stiff, I made him suck me, showing him where to put his hands. The feel of his hot mouth sucking on my cock was amazing and as his little hands danced over my balls I felt myself coming. Ben choked and opened his mouth, some of my spunk spurting over his face. I made him clean up then led him to the main room.

"Ben, that was totally unacceptable. Your bottom is still recovering so I won't cane you, but since I have to warm your balls now I intend to give you five extra slaps.

"B..but the Headmaster already did it in the morning sir!" Ben cried, panicking. He warmed them just before I left, just like you said sir." I looked at Ben, feigning surprise.

"Oh did he? Okay then Ben, where's the paper he had to sign?" The poor boy looked around nervously.

"P..please sir, I think it's still in the other car sir." Smiling, I picked up my phone and called my associate. Ben watched me anxiously.

"Hello, yes it's me..look did you find a piece of… ..ah great!" I smiled at Ben, who looked relieved. I continued to chat.

"Yes it was to check that Ben had his balls warmed this morning..yes..should be signed by the Headmaster… what? … nothing… are you sure… .yes, thank you" I looked angrily at Ben who immediately started to fidget nervously.

"yes… wasted your time as well as mine… .yes, under the circumstances… ..severely punished … yes… of course I'll inform the Headmaster as well… .extremely serious… .bye."

I turned to Ben who was looking as though the world had collapsed around him.

"P..please sir, he really did warm my balls!", Ben started to babble, panicking.

"I gave him the paper sir, honestly sir, I…" I raised my hand.

"That's enough Ben." Standing up, I walked to the cupboard.

"The paper isn't signed, so as far as I'm concerned, you are lying to me!" I took out a few objects and turned to face him.

"Quite frankly Ben, I'm tired of your babbling. You are going to be punished and I don't want a headache because of your noise!" Dragging the wriggling and hysterical boy to the punishment bench, I secured him, with some difficulty, and positioned it so his bum was up high, his legs bent and held well apart.

"I obviously can't trust you to keep quiet Ben, so I'm going to put this on you." I showed him the full rubber gag I'd brought. I pushed the hollow plastic mouthpiece between his teeth and fastened it firmly behind his head. Next I pulled a PVC hood right over his head with one slit for his mouth. All I could hear now were muffled squeals. Turning my attention to his tiny penis I reattached the weights I'd used on the first day and added an extra metal ball. His penis was pulled sharply down and I saw him writhe as his willy was stretched.

"Now then boy, I'm going upstair for a few hours and when I come down, I'm going to warm those little balls of yours." Going to the table I rummaged through the drawers and returned with a large gelatinous capsule and a black rubber butt-plug.

"I'm going to put a suppository in your bottom now Ben. It's a nice mixture of tabasco and ginger I made myself." Lubricating it well, I parted his buttocks and pushed the capsule deep into his rectum.

"Now for something you really like!" I said laughing. I had to work quite hard to get the large butt-plug into his tight bumhole, but eventually I felt it slide into place. Walking upstairs I saw Ben's young naked body start to twist and shake under the restraints, high pitched moans escaping his gag. I smiled. The suppository had started to melt, the hot tabasco and ginger making his rectum feel like it was on fire.

When I returned, the boys was silent and for a second I thought he must be asleep. Then I heard faint whimpers coming from behing his hood. I smelt something and saw a large pool of urine underneath the bench.

"You disgusting little boy!" I shouted, slapping him hard on the back of his leg.

"That's the second time you've peed on the floor." I heard only muffled squeaks and mumbles. Unfastening his restraints, I removed his hood and gag and lifted him off the bench. Blinking in the light he looked a miserable little figure, face red and blotchy from his tears, the heavy metal weights hanging from his penis adding a comical touch.

"Go to the bathroom, bring plenty of tissues and clear all this up!" I ordered angrily.

"Make sure you keep that butt-plug in your arse!" I called.

When he'd wiped it all up I stood him in front of me and put the gag back in his mouth. He didn't try and struggle this time, knowing it was useless and just made me angrier. With the hood back over his head, I prepared him for his daily ball-warming session, arms pulled high above his head, legs kept wide apart.

"When I call you to have your balls warmed from now on, I expect you to run and get into position immediately" I said, gripping the bat and tapping his testicles.

"You will smile and thank me for what I have to do." Tightening the cord around his genitals I saw his testicles squeezed even more down in his scrotum.

"Furthermore, rather than punish you myself for wetting yourself, I intend to ask the Headmaster to deal with you when you visit him again." I heard a muffled whine.

"He has very strong views on little boys who can't control their bodily functions!"

I looked at my watch and picked up a newspaper to read between slaps.

"I'm sure you can't wait to feel those little balls warming up, so we'd get a move on." The thirty or so slaps I gave him took almost an hour, after which I left him there for another thirty minutes. After the injections and painkillers, I sprayed his buttocks again and took him to bed. Tying his hands and feet to the four corners of the bed, I attached the cord from his penis to the chain above the bed and checked that it was pulled tight.

"You can sleep with the butt-plug in and I'll remove it tomorrow when you have your shower." I said, covering him with a blanket.

"From now on I want to see an improvement in your behaviour Ben!" I said, stroking him.

"What you want, how you feel, how much it hurts- I don't care. You exist only for my pleasure and you have to accept it!"

I tickled his tummy under the blanket.

"In the morning Ben, I want to see a happy little boy here who wants to please his master, a boy who's proud to have his willy stretched, a boy who begs me politely to use his bottom for keeping his toast warm, a boy who runs to fetch the cane for any reason, a boy who wants his master to fuck him as much as possible, a boy who wants to suck his master's cock whenever he can and a boy who looks forward to meeting his master's friends so he can show them what a good boy he is!" I kissed his cheek lightly.

"I hope Ben, that tomorrow, you will be this little boy, otherwise things may start to get very nasty indeed!"

Chapter Four

It was just after eight thirty when I came down the next morning. Ben was awake and his eyes followed me anxiously as I placed the breakfast things on the table.

"Time to get up little one." I said, untying his hands and feet. Examining him all over in the shower, I removed his butt-plug and was pleased to see that he was almost back to normal. The powerful spray I used had turned his pert buttocks back to their normal silky white smoothness. I decided not to put his cock stretcher on, but ensured that his genital ring was nice and tight. When he was dry I gave him a plate of stale bread and a glass of milk which he devoured within a minute. I sat down at my chair, had a few sips of tea and waited. Had he got the message? I didn't have to wait long. Holding the paddle nervously, he came to my chair.

"Please sir, may I warm your toast please sir?" I smiled.

"How kind of you to offer Ben." I took the paddle and he climbed onto the punishment bench, gripping the bar down in front, and pulling himself forward so his buttocks were in the correct position. I didn't waste time restraining him but started the spanking immediately. I saw him grit his teeth and grip the bar even tighter, but apart from a few short yelps, he managed to get through it without crying.

"Your bottom's nice and warm now Ben," I said, feeling his red posterior. I smiled.

"However, I really would like my toast a little hotter this morning. What do you suggest?" I heard him swallow and choke back a few sobs.

"P..please sir, please would you spank me again sir?" he asked quietly.

"Of course Ben, if that's what you want. How hard Ben?"

"Very hard, please sir." I heard his shrill voice say. This time I spanked him really hard, the paddle making his backside bounce up and down like jelly. He squirmed and yelled as each blow fell but didn't alter his position or let go of the bar. I stopped, my arm aching.

"I think that's probably hot enough now!" The toast was delicious.

Having received a few emails from clients requesting me to phone them, I decided to devote the rest of the morning to this task. I settled myself down in a small armchair and ordered Ben to kneel in front, between my legs.

"You know what you have to do Ben. Nice and slowly." I started dialling, watching Ben's little hands fumble with my zip. Discussing with the clients what Ben could and couldn't do and what they could do to Ben in intimate detail while being sucked by the boy in question, was incredibly exciting. The last name on the list was the Headmaster, and I saw little Ben tense as I said who it was.

"Yes, yes of course Headmaster....didn't bother to check you'd signed it....I agree....needs a sharp lesson...would you....so kind." Ben looked up, his large innocent brown eyes glistening.

"A new cane just arrived?....of course....sure he would love to be the first......yes he told me...in bed...dirty thoughts...absolutely......" I pushed myself down in the armchair.

"of course a boy will have erections....you didn't notice?...obviously hiding them from you....yes, of course....probably masturbates in secret......investigate.....severely punished.....yes, I agree...as soon as he arrives.....goodnight Headmaster." I finished my phone call just in time. I couldn't have lasted any longer. Rolling my head back I came in Ben's mouth. He tried hard this time and managed to swallow everything, though not without making a great deal of noise.

Now fully relaxed I put Ben on my lap and stroked his head, my hand playing with his cute little penis, slowly pushing his foreskin back.

"Well my little schoolboy, it looks like you'll be quite busy soon. Lots of people want to play with you, especially the Headmaster." I paused, stroking his balls.

"So you better start getting this willy nice and stiff pretty soon. They do like little boys to have erections you know." I took his soft willy in my hand and began to rub it.

"Most clients enjoy sucking a little boy's cock and they get very disappointed if the boy can't keep it hard!" Ben sat still and watched what I was doing to him.

"B..but sir," he started, in a puzzled voice.

"But sir, if my willy goes hard at the Headmaster's house, he'll cane me sir." I smiled. He still hadn't fully understood.

"Yes, Ben of course he'll cane you, that's the point!" I held him closer.

"Ben, the Headmaster is a very good and respectable man who enjoys two things, fucking and caning naughty schoolboys. He likes to have a reason for caning you, and if you have an erection, that will be another reason for him, and he'll be very happy. Do you understand Ben?" Looking at his worried expression, I wasn't sure he did. Concentrating on the task at hand I managed to get his penis sticking up slightly, but it was clear that his anxiety was hindering my efforts.

"Not to worry though," I said cheerfully.

"I'll start you on a course of viagra today. That ought to help." I'd only just said this when the phone rang. After a lengthy discussion, I replaced the receiver and gave Ben a cuddle.

"That was the Headmaster again Ben. Seems you're going to be famous." I started to push my finger down between his legs.

"He's just bought a very old cane in an auction-over one hundred years old! On of the first rattan canes to be used in a school-and it's in perfect condition." Opening my legs slightly I stuck my finger up between his buttocks. With my other hand I started to play again with his willy.

"The Headmaster wants to organise a 'Victorian evening' next week for a small group of important guests and he'd like you to come dressed as a victorian schoolboy," I prodded his hot little bumhole.

"There will be two other little boys there as well, a little younger than you, but you'll be the first one to feel the cane, and that's a great honour! You'll have to be on your best behaviour and entertain them for a few hours, passing round drinks, sitting on their laps, letting them put their hands down your trousers, feeling your hole, being a sweet little schoolboy." I eased my finger into his sweaty anus and explored further.

"Then the Headmaster will make a speech and call you forward. You will take the cane round for everyone to examine and return it to the Headmaster." I stuck a second finger up into his bum.

"He will then order you to strip naked, he'll bend you over a genuine victorian school desk and give you six strokes with the cane." I felt his little prostate and poked it.

"Then, after showing everyone your stripes, you go off to a room with one of the guests for twenty minutes or so. While you're gone he canes the other boys, then you return for another caning and so on all evening." I noticed that his willy was starting to rise a bit more, and massaged his prostate harder.

"When the party has gone on for long enough, he wants all three of you boys to stand side by side and bend over in front of the guests so they can examine your backsides and vote on which is the best thrashed bottom. Then finally, the Headmaster begins the stamina competition where you mustn't make a sound while he continues to punish you. The first two boys to cry both receive twelve strokes with the birch and the one who's left wins a prize. The prize is the chance to be the star of a real film!"

Ben was only half listening. His head on my shoulder, his breathing seemed to be a little faster. I didn't elaborate on the prize. The Headmaster had asked everyone not to tell the boys for a very simple reason. He was going to make a film about corporal punishment and sexual abuse in victorian boarding schools and intended it to be as authentic as possible. Ben's little penis was now fully erect and I felt him squirm as I rubbed it, my other hand busy teasing his prostate. His buttocks clenched and his hands held me tightly.

"Stand up Ben!" I ordered quietly, keeping my fingers up his arse. In one movement I had him standing in front of me and took his throbbing willy in my mouth. My tongue played with it for only a few seconds before he squealed and shook slightly. His orgasm was intense but he was too young to ejaculate. I continued to suck his shrinking willy while he gazed at me in bewilderment.

"Some clients will want to do this Ben," I explained, licking the tip of his glans.

"Some of them like your willy soft, some prefer it to be hard, and some like to bring you to orgasm-like I did now. You must do exactly what they tell you!" I tickled the sides of his balls.

"Because you're a young fit boy, you should be able to have your willy hard again in a few minutes." I had an idea and quickly slipped my pants down. Bringing the boy to orgasm had made me horny as hell.

"Go get your arse ready for fucking Ben!" I whispered, settling back in the chair. Ben ran to the table and took a tube of lubricant. One lesson he'd learned was to prepare his bumhole by himself. I saw him rub plenty inside and out, then skip back where he stood meekly, hands by his sides. I sat him on my lap, facing me and jiggled him about till my cock was nudging his bumhole, then lifted him and started to lower him onto it slowly. As usual he bit his lip and flinched as I pushed inside, but I didn't stop till I everything was in, my thick cock stretching his tight bumhole and buried deep up his rectum.

"Why are you crying Ben?" I asked, seeing tears run down his cheeks.

"Sir, i..it's hurting sir...s...so tight sir."

"Really Ben, you should be used to being fucked by now." I told him, closing my eyes. I showed him how to move himself up and down on my cock, while I just lay there. He leaned forward more to get comfortable and I felt his buttocks clench, gripping my cock as he jiggled up and down. I held his sides and pulled him down hard, coming in spasms. After the usual licking me clean I allowed him a few minutes to go and wash himself. When he returned, I smiled and stroked his tiny willy.

"You know Ben my little bumboy, there are people who like to smoke after sex." He looked down at my fingers teasing his foreskin.

"But personally, I prefer to thrash a lovely backside. It's so fulfilling!"

I pointed to the desk.

"Bring me the small cane Ben." Nervously Ben obeyed and handed me the rather short light whippy cane I reserved for occasions such as these. Although it could sting like crazy it wasn't quite heavy enough to bruise easily. Ben looked at me pouting.

"P..please sir," he began.

"Please sir, I did what you said sir and I tried to be a good boy sir."

"Yes?" I asked, interested.

"Please sir, why are you going to cane me sir?" he asked pitifully, his eyes full of tears. I looked puzzled.

"Why?" I repeated.

"Because Ben, you've got a beautiful bottom and I enjoy caning it." I answered.

"No other reason Ben." I looked serious for a moment.

"Don't you ever ask me again why I beat you! It's nothing to do with you. You just do as you're told and concentrate on getting that backside of yours as high as possible!" Pulling him gently over my lap I relaxed and with one hand firmly on the small of his back, I flicked his buttocks playfully with the cane. I played with him like this for about fifteen minutes, most of the strokes not even painful, a few hard ones sometimes getting a small yelp from the other end.

Suddenly remembering the school uniform that the Headmaster had sent, I stood the boy up and unfolded the clothes.

"Let's see how you look in these Ben." I said, putting the little white shirt on him.

"Don't think though that I'll allow you to wear them for very long. For you, clothes will only be allowed when clients request them! Can you do the tie yourself?" I asked, placing it around his collar.

"Yes sir" he replied, tying it himself, though rather badly. I grinned. Just one more excuse for the Headmaster to use his slippers and canes! I held up the grey shorts. They were made of thin stretchy material and had no pockets or zip. I pulled them up tight and smiled. Slightly see-through when stretched, they hugged his bottom tightly, disappearing deep between his buttocks like ballet tights. At the front, his little genitals, already pulled forward by his ball ring, made a provocative bulge in the shorts leaving nothing to the imagination. It was clear that even a slight erection would be noticed immediately and I made a mental note to ensure that Ben would arrive next time with his bulge twice as large. Our best client must be kept happy! I picked up the cane.

"Right Ben, let's see what they look like with you bending over in them, come on!" I ordered, flicking him with the tip of the cane. He touched his toes and looked round.

"Is this okay sir?" he asked sweetly. Good boy, he was learning. The shorts looked gorgeous on him.. I didn't think they'd offer much protection and decided to find out.

"Legs open a little more, bum up!" I adjusted his position until it was just right.

"Right Ben, keep still while I cane you!" I gave him six strokes, not too hard, but enough to make him yelp and sniff as he fought back the tears.

"Stand up and take those shorts off!" Squirming a little he obeyed, putting them gingerly on the chair and glancing at me to make sure he'd done it correctly.

"Bend over!" I ordered, brusquely. The next six strokes I aimed lower down than the previous six, but using the same force. Ignoring his little cries I examined the thin red marks in great detail.

"Well Ben, it's clear that the shorts do give some protection so you will only wear them when visiting the Headmaster." I ordered him to stand.

"Take off the shirt and tie!" I said, flexing the cane.

"I want to see you with nothing on! That's how you'll stay!" He obeyed and within a few seconds was completely naked again.

"Before your next session with a client Ben, I want to make sure you can do everything expected of a little cuntboy." I stroked his balls gently.

"I want that willy up again-come on , you've managed it once already!" I teased his small cock with my other hand. His penis stirred and rose slightly.

"You see Ben, it's getting bigger-and no injections either!" I said, smiling. If you can get it stiff now, I think a course of viagra will keep the clients very happy-especially the Headmaster!" At the mention of this name, I saw his willy start drooping rapidly. I sighed.

"Okay, we might as well start straight away." I went over to a cupboard and returned with some small pink tablets.

"Take these", I told him, handing him a glass of water.

"You take two of these three times a day and your cock will be sticking up like a flagpole!" I held his waist lightly.

"Another thing Ben. When you're with clients, I want you to flirt with them and be ready to do anything they ask." He looked at me with his big innocent eyes.

"Please sir, what does flirt mean sir?" I laughed and pulled him closer, my hands fondling his soft chubby buttocks.

"I mean Ben that you tease them a little and act like you're desperate to be fucked. Look I'll show you." I sat him on my lap.

"You put your head against the clients chest and let him cuddle you. If he wants to play with your willy, you open your legs wider-like so. If the client takes your hand and moves it to their privates, you slip your hand down their trousers-or up their dress if it's a lady-and play with them." I showed him carefully what to do. If the client plays with your bottom, you must wriggle a bit and smile nicely all the time. Usually they like to examine it and see how tight your bumhole is. If they stand you up, you lean forward, hands on your knees and stick your bum out-like that, yes. Look round and smile sweetly at them-that's right." I placed my hand on his head and pushed him gently down to his knees.

"If a lady or gentleman client shows that you should be down there it means they want you to use your mouth to make them happy. Some might allow you to use your hands as well, but many clients like to see a boy using only his mouth. " I stood him up.

"Sometimes there are other little boys and girls there and you might have to play with them as well." He looked up puzzled.

"The clients sometimes have several boys or even girls at the same time and they like to watch you do things to each other." I stroked his wavy hair.

"If you're lucky you'll be made to fuck each other. Some clients like to see you fighting. Some want to see the boys fuck the girls, others want the girls to tease the boys."

I looked at my watch. It was almost lunchtime.

"Right Ben. I have to go out for a while and while I'm away I want you to clean the room, then do a bit of exercise." I led him to a door, unlocked it and switched on the light. This was a small but well equipped gym. I showed him the equipment, the running machine, weight training apparatus and rowing machine and demonstrated how to use it all. I pointed to the clock.

"When I come back at six o'clock I want to see you covered in sweat from your exercises. When you hear me arrive you will take the little bat and ask me very nicely to warm your balls. You're seeing a client tonight so I don't want to thrash your bottom any more." I paused for a second.

"Remember what I said about a change in your behaviour Ben!

" I left him a few plates of cold meat and bread for his lunch, two viagra pills, a glass of water and went out.

It was almost half past six when I got back. I ran down to the gym and found Ben on the rowing machine, his thin arms trying to pull the seat forward. He saw me and jumped up, running to the table and picking up the small bat.

"P..please sir, w..will you warm my balls for me please sir?" I smiled as I saw the effort he'd put into this request.

"Oh of course I will Ben, if that's what you really want." The strenuous exercise had warmed him up and his testicles hung down, swinging freely between his legs. I prodded each small testicle in turn, pretending to examine them as I would a squash ball. "Okay Ben. Let's get you ready shall we." I swiftly secured his hands and then his legs with the separating rod. I didn't have much time so I gave him about thirty hard slaps, hardly allowing him time to get his breath back after each blow. He squirmed and cried his eyes out. I gave him a couple of injections, a quick drink with painkillers and a few more viagra tablets.

"Tonight Ben, you'll meet a very nice lady who's very interested in art," I said, untying him when his crying had ceased.

"She likes photographing boys and girls in funny positions so you have to do whatever she tells you!" I'd noticed it was quite cold outside so I gave him a small dressing gown to wear.

It was early in the morning when I picked him up. My colleague hauled him out of his car and into mine.

"Poor boy's exhausted!" he muttered as I closed the door.

"Did you get my message?" he asked anxiously.

"Yes," I replied, smiling.

"The Headmaster really has taken a shine to him, hasn't he!" He laughed.

"Well I promised the boy would be there just after lunch, in his school uniform-don't forget!"

"Don't worry, I'll meet you here at one o'clock." I said.

"I've started him on viagra, so that should please the Headmaster." I added, laughing.

Back at the house, I washed the small boy under the shower and gave him something to eat.

"So what did the lady do then?" I asked, examining his little penis and pulling the foreskin back.

"Sir, she took lots of photos sir." He replied, flinching slightly as I examined his uncovered glans. Pouring a glass of water, I made him take his viagra pills.

"What did you have to do?"

"She had some little girls there sir, and they had their photos taken as well sir, and she made my willy hard sir and I had to put it in their holes sir, then some men came sir and she told them to f..fuck me sir." I turned him round. His bumhole was red and sore. Wasting no time I sprayed it liberally and put him to bed.

"You can sleep for a little while now Ben, I have to wake you up in three hours." I switched off the light.

Late as usual, I woke Ben and thrust the little boy, half asleep into the shower. Drying him quickly, I dressed him in his uniform, Ben looked up, rubbing his eyes.

"You're going to stay with the Headmaster again." I said, grinning. His expression was a sight to behold, a mixture of horror, disbelief and dumb resignation. I handed him four pills and a glass of water.

"Take these Ben!" He obeyed, and I pulled his thin grey shorts up tightly. Smiling, I rubbed his little bulge.

"With the help of a small injection and these pills Ben, your willy will be pushing a hole through these shorts for the rest of the day.

"B..but sir, the Headmaster will..."

"Yes Ben, the Headmaster will be angry and he'll probably spend the rest of the day playing with your willy and caning you, and that will make him happy!" I stroked his hair and gave his buttocks a hug.

"Ben, don't forget that he can't fuck you and cane you at the same time. Try and flirt with him a bit, wriggle your bum and look sexy. It may save you from a beating." I picked up an envelope and the small wooden bat.

"Since you won't be back until tomorrow I've written another letter asking the Headmaster to warm your balls later today." He looked at me, devastated.

"If I were you Ben I should try to be very obedient today. The Headmaster sounded very angry with you on the phone!"

Half an hour later, I handed him over to my colleague.

"He's all ready." I said, preparing a syringe. Swiftly I gave him an injection in his penis.

"One should do it." I explained, shutting the door.

"He's had plenty of viagra and I don't want to exaggerate." I laughed.

"This Headmaster's going to be busy today!"

"Anything planned for the next few days?" he asked.

"No, I'm giving him a break for two or three days." I explained.

"My sister's coming to stay and she'll want some time with him!" I suddenly laughed.

"You met her a few years ago, don't you remember?" He chuckled.

"Oh yes, I remember! She's quite a disciplinarian as I remember."

"That's right, the boys really love her!" I said.

"Hard work, regular beatings, exercise, obedience tests, hygiene, cock and ball torture, anal examinations- and that's just the mornings!" I added jokingly. We chatted for a few more minutes before finally driving off.

When I picked Ben up the next morning I could see instantly that the Headmaster had been very busy. He didn't make a sound during the ride home apart from a few quiet squeals when we drove over bumps in the road. Back at the house I saw that his buttocks had been the focus of much attention.. There was not one place that wasn't bright red or bruised. After treating his scorched flesh and giving him a drink of orange juice, I discovered, on questioning him, that the Headmaster had not been the only teacher this time. Apparently he'd had a student teacher who'd assisted the Headmaster in his lessons. Having heard stories of the Headmaster's gay lover, I assumed it was the same man. Certainly Ben's small bumhole was red and sore from constant use.

"Was the Headmaster pleased to see you?" I asked, continuing my examination.

"A bit sir," he replied meekly.

"But my willy was sticking up sir, and the new teacher thought it was funny, but the Headmaster was angry sir." I told Ben to continue.

"He let the other teacher spank me but it wouldn't go down sir, so the Headmaster gave him a slipper to use." Ben looked up. He didn't spank very hard sir but then the Headmaster told me to take my shorts off and they examined my thing and the Headmaster showed him how to use the cane and he practised on me until my thing went down sir." He wiped a tear from his eye.

"Then they took me to the gym sir and I had to do exercises sir, then they made me lie over the big bench while they f..fucked me sir." His voice trembled.

"After my shower I had some lessons and the new teacher made me learn poems and say them but he kept putting his finger in my bottom sir and the Headmaster said I wasn't trying hard enough sir, so he caned me sir, then he made me bend over a desk and s..suck his thing while the new teacher caned me again sir, then..." I allowed him to continue for a while.

"So Ben, did you get some sleep this time?" I asked, rubbing a mild corticosteroid cream into his anus.

"No sir, sorry sir," he replied sleepily, flinching as I treated the worst bruises on his buttocks.

"The new teacher slept with us sir," he explained innocently.

"He kept playing with my willy sir and making it go hard, then he sucked it, then told the Headmaster and I had to fetch the cane sir!" He wept at the memory.

"The new teacher kept fucking me sir and then the Headmaster woke up and blamed me for making a lot of noise sir, so I had to go and get another cane, then he made me suck his thing sir while the new teacher fucked me.again" He looked so distraught at this and spilt his orange juice.

"He was angry with me because I didn't swallow everything sir, but it wasn't my fault - really sir. The other teacher was pushing so hard sir! They were both angry with me and they both gave me six really hard strokes each sir. Then I couldn't sleep because of the pain sir, and I was just falling asleep when the Headmaster said it was time to get up." Ben looked down and sobbed.

"He said I needed my balls warming before I left and he used your bat sir, and then his friend said he wanted a go so he did it as well sir!" I felt his little testicles and he flinched.

"So you got them warmed yesterday and again this morning did you?" I asked, preparing a syringe.

"Yes sir," I heard him say tearfully.

"Please sir, he read your note when I arrived and did it at lunchtime sir." I injected some antinflammatory drugs into his balls and wiped his eyes.

"Well Ben, you won't be going to the Headmaster's house for a little while. We have a visitor arriving the day after tomorrow and I want you here." I tousled the sleepy boy's hair and got him something to eat.

"As soon as you've finished eating, I want you on your bed ready for fucking!" I said smiling.

"Then you can sleep till the afternoon."

The next morning I was pleased to see that his behaviour had continued to improve. As soon as he'd had his shower and I'd tightened his ball ring, he asked me sweetly if he could 'warm my toast'. Tiring of his usual position, I tried something different. Lying him on his back I made him hold his legs up and wide apart while I paddled both his bottom and the insides of his thighs. Ignoring his crying I made him bring his knees up to his chest and hold them tightly with his hands.

"There, you see," I said, slipping a few pieces of toast between his thighs.

"I can warm my toast and play with your willy at the same time." I ran my finger over his anus, smiling as he shivered.

"I can keep an eye on your bumhole as well!" I added, laughing.

Most of the day I kept the boy extremely busy. Adjacent to the main chamber were several other rooms used only when visitors arrived. Not just spare bedrooms, but a smart living room, dining room, kitchen and various other rooms that I hardly ever used. I unlocked the doors and got him cleaning and polishing. Due to liberal application of sprays and creams, the bruises on his buttocks had disappeared by the evening and the continuous high doses of viagra meant his penis was almost always half erect. Taking him around the rooms I showed him how to pour drinks, lay the table, serve food and generally how to behave as a little slaveboy.

"Ben, the lady coming tomorrow will expect good behaviour and total obedience, do you understand?" Ben, nodded meekly.

"Yes sir." He replied, his naked body covered in a film of sweat from his work. This was the first day when I hadn't beaten him and I also gave him a break from his daily ball warming sessions. I smiled and tickled his balls lightly. His penis started to rise immediately.

"Good!" I said laughing.

"Just how it should be."

That evening I sat in one of the deep leather armchairs in front of the living room fire. A glass of brandy in my hand I smiled contentedly as the small panting boy straddling me moved himself up and down on my cock, his buttocks clenching and unclenching rythmically as he'd been shown. The feeling as his tight anus gripped my throbbing cock was amazing. His little willy flopped around, sometimes tickling me. Unable to hold back any longer, I came deep inside him but he didn't dare stop what he was doing until I ordered him off. He knelt between my legs and was soon busy sucking my now-soft cock, licking it clean and attempting to get it hard again. I stroked his head. He was learning. I took another sip and thought about tomorrow, suddenly shivering as his tongue found a particularly sensitive spot. Feeling myself getting hard again, I quietly ordered the boy back on top and closed my eyes.

Chapter Five

The following day I insisted on warming my toast the same way as before. The little boy cried a great deal as I warmed his thighs but stayed meekly in position. At twelve o'clock, breaking my own rule about keeping him naked, I dressed him in his school clothes. I knew my sister well. She always preferred them dressed- at least at first. I gave Ben his viagra pills and pulled his shorts up. His permanently semi-erect penis was clearly outlined at the front, the tight thin material hugging his little balls underneath. I'd just finished when I heard the secondary alarm bell signal that someone was at the front door.

"Go to the living room and stand next to the couch!" I ordered as I went up the steps.

I returned a few minutes later with Sarah, my twin sister. Aware since a ridiculously young age that we shared the same fetishes, we had formed a bond long ago. Almost as tall as me, slim, long brown hair and eyes that always seemed to be smiling, this attractive lady would be taken for a loving aunt or kind teacher rather than the perverted and sadistic creature she actually was. We chatted for a few minutes as I showed the changes I'd made since her last visit.

"The boy's in there." I said, guiding her to the living room.

Ben was standing where I'd told him and looked up nervously as she entered. Sarah raised her hands.

"Oh George, he's gorgeous!" she exclaimed, running over to him. Taking his head she planted two kisses on his cheeks.

"Hello Ben" she said, stroking his hair.

"Your master's told me all about you but I didn't realise you were such a handsome little boy!" Ben looked at her with perhaps a flicker of hope in his eyes. Was this lady was going to be nice to him? Opening a bottle of wine, I poured two glasses on a tray and watched as Ben took it to my sister, his little hands trembling. I showed her the other rooms for a while before returning to the living room. Sarah sat on the couch and placed her large handbag next to her.

"Come here Ben and let me look at you." she said, smiling at him warmly.

Ben stood in front of her and I watched as as she inspected his clothes.

"My, what a smart uniform!" She ran her hands down his shirt and felt his tie.

"Lets take these off shall we?" she said, undoing the buttons. Within a few seconds she had his shirt and tie off and folded neatly. Holding him gently at the waist she turned him round, looking at his shorts, running her hand softly over his prominent buttocks, admiring them.

"You do have a big chubby bottom don't you? What nice shorts as well! They feel so soft. They must be very comfortable!" Turning her attention to the front of his shorts she pretended to be surprised.

"Oh Ben, what do we have here?" she asked, looking at his bulge. Ben turned bright red. He fidgeted slightly but kept his hands by his sides as I'd instructed. His embarrassment heightened as she stroked it lightly with the back of her hand. Despite his embarrasment, the effects of the drugs I'd given him made him react instantly. The bulge grew larger. Sarah laughed and ran her fingers over it.

"You've obviously got something here you want to show me, haven't you Ben" she said, smiling as she felt the growing hardness under his shorts.

"Well don't you think it's rude to keep a lady waiting?" She paused and tickled the outline of his balls.

"Slip your shorts off for me Ben!" she whispered, her eyes twinkling.

Ben stood transfixed, dimly aware of what my sister was saying but his acute embarrasment stopping his hands from moving. I spoke to him quietly but firmly.

"Take your shorts off this instant boy!" I looked at Sarah.

"Sorry Sarah. He doesn't usually hesitate in obeying orders." I paused.

"He'll be caned of course." Sarah looked at me and grinned. Ben took off the shorts and held them nervously in his hand.

"Let me take those" said Sarah, folding them neatly and putting them on the floor. Ben's face turned an even deeper shade of scarlet as she now turned her full attention to his little genitals.

"Oh Ben, what a beautiful little willy you've got!" she cried, holding it gently. With her other hand she tickled his balls.

"Come on Ben, show Auntie Sarah what a big boy you are. I know boys love showing off!"

The combination of drugs and my sister's caresses made his erection grow until his penis was sticking almost straight up. Ben looked down in amazement as Sarah ran her fingers along its length.

"What a lovely erection you have Ben! Let's just get this back shall we?" she said, slowly pulling his foreskin all the way back. Ben squirmed and whimpered but stood still.

"I like to see everything a boy has!" Lightly stroking him under the glans to keep him as hard as possible, she now pretended to notice his balls for the first time. His proximity to the fire kept his testicles hanging down loosely.

"What nice little balls you have Ben," she whispered, examining for a second his ball ring.

"They feel so cute, like little acorns." She squeezed them slightly making him whimper.

"Your master told me that he warms them for you every day. Is that right Ben?" Ben looked down, his balls held firmly in her hand.

"Y..yes Miss." He whispered sadly.

"How does he do that Ben?" she asked, her other hand keeping him erect.

"W..with a table tennis bat Miss" Sarah pretended to be shocked.

"Oh George how could you?" she said, winking at me.

"Ben, your master is absolutely right to warm your balls every day, but with a ping pong bat....really!"

She let go of his balls and stroked his thigh.

"Ben, while I'm staying here your master has asked me to look after you. I can promise you that I will not allow anyone to use a pingpong bat while I'm here!" I smiled, guessing what would happen next. She opened her bag and took out a long wooden spoon. "Now Ben, this is what I will use to warm your lovely little balls!" Placing it between his legs, she lifted each testicle in turn.

"This is much more precise Ben! It allows me to concentrate on warming each ball individually. Furthermore, I don't like the position your master makes you adopt. I prefer your balls to be facing up-here, I'll show you!" To Ben's dismay she made him lie on his back at her feet and bring his knees up to his chest. Opening his legs a little she reached betweeen his thighs and pulled his balls upwards while ordering him to close his legs and keep them held tight against him. In this position his testicles were held firmly in position jutting out between his thighs. I laughed.

"Why that's the position I used this morning for warming my toast!" Sarah smiled and bounced the spoon lightly on his tight little balls.

"Oh Ben, I adore hot toast. Could you warm some for me tomorrow?" Ben's plaintive high pitched voice came from behind his knees.

"Y..yes Miss."

Running her hand down from his balls, she tickled him between his buttocks.

"Why Ben, I just realised. You haven't shown me your little hole yet. Let's have a look shall we?!" Reminding him to stay in the same position, she slid a cushion under his lower back so his buttocks were more accessible. Smiling at me, she licked a finger and started to play with his bumhole.

"I do hope you keep your hole nice and clean Ben," she said quietly.

"You'll find that I'm very fussy about things like that!" She turned to me.

"George, do you have that collection of vibrating butt-plugs still?" I nodded.

"I've got a new inflatable one as well." I added.

"Oh excellent!" she said, starting to slide her finger deeper.

"I know he's too young to ejaculate sperm, but I want to start stimulating his prostate. It's amazing what even a young boy can produce you know!" She withdrew her finger and examined it closely.

"Mmmm, not too bad, but I want to see even cleaner in future!"

She allowed him up and he stood nervously before her while she continued to examine his young body. I stood up.

"I think lunch should be cooked by now Sarah. Shall we go to the dining room?"

"Oh do let's!" she replied, giggling, one hand still between Ben's legs.

"I'm so hungry." I slapped my head.

"Sorry, I just remembered. I have to cane Ben for his behaviour earlier." I looked at the little boy, not daring to move with my sister's fingers firmly round one of his testicles.

"Ben fetch the small cane!"

He returned in a few seconds, his shaking hands holding the thin yellow rattan cane. With Sarah watching him intently, I ordered him to bend over and touch his toes.

"Ben, we're both hungry so I'm not going to waste any time with you. For hesitating in obeying an order you're going to receive six strokes." I had an idea.

"Sarah, perhaps you should cane him." She smiled and sipped her wine.

"Okay." she said, putting her glass down. I ordered Ben to stand up and gave him the cane.

"Go and say sorry to Miss Sarah and ask her very politely to cane your bottom!" Ben approached her slowly.

"Please Miss, I....I'm sorry for being naughty and please will you cane me please Miss?" Sarah took the cane and stroked his hair.

"Okay Ben, I'll cane your bottom for you, but I do insist on you respecting certain traditions of mine." She tapped his shrunken willy with the cane.

"Firstly, I want your foreskin pulled back during the punishment."

She turned to me.

"George, do you have any small cockrings?" I went to the next room and returned with a small rubber ring. Ignoring his whimpers, she slid the tight ring onto his tiny willy and pushed it up, pulling back his foreskin in the process. Ben squirmed and started to cry. Sarah looked at him in surprise.

"Ben, I will not allow any crying during a caning. You should be use to it by now." Ben looked up through tears.

"Please miss, it's hurting my willy Miss." He blubbed, wriggling. Sarah looked at him, shaking her head.

"Ben, you're about to be caned. Your foreskin is held back and right now all I'm interested in is your bottom. The fact that your willy hurts is not important. Kindly bend over and be quiet!" Ben gulped back his tears and touched his toes. Sarah wasn't happy with this and spent a minute changing his position until he had his hands on his knees, back curved and head higher.

"That's better isn't it?" she said, stroking his back.

"I don't like your buttocks pulled so tight. I much prefer them soft and bouncy. I also like your head up" She flicked his leg with the cane.

"Legs open a little more." She patted his head.

"Turn your head round and look at me Ben!" she commanded.

"I like to see your face while I'm beating you!" Sarah must have been very hungry, for she applied the cane very fast. I heard six sharp cracks and saw Ben's face screw up in agony.

"Stay very quiet Ben! I don't want to hear a sound!" Ben stayed bending over while Sarah examined the six thin red lines spread across his buttocks.

I took her to the dining room and brought in the roast chicken and the rest of the meal. Ordering Ben about, I'm sure he soon forgot the six weals spanning his buttocks. Having served the dinner, I saw Sarah take Ben and gently remove his cock ring. With an embarrassed grin, she pushed him under the table.

"Come on Ben, under my dress-get to work!" she whispered, leaning back. From her expression I could see that Ben had learnt a thing or two in his appointments with the lady clients. Sarah sat up very straight but soon started to shudder.

"Ben you really know just where to put your tongue don't you!" she said, her voice wavering.

I smiled as I eat my lunch. Sarah eat slowly, her eyes glazed as Ben's hands and tongue worked their magic. I was sure she'd had at least three orgasms by the time she'd finished the first course. Leaning back she sighed.

"That was excellent George. I must come again soon." I laughed at her joke.

Ben appeared from under the table, his face red from exertion. Sarah looked at him in surprise.

"Hello Ben. I don't remember giving you permission to get up!" Her voice was friendly but there was something in her expression that scared Ben.

""S..sorry Miss." he said, starting to go back under the table. Sarah looked at me and smiled.

"Cheeky little boy isn't he." she said, pouring another glass of wine. She was clearly a little 'merry'.

"Ben!" she called, lifting the edge of the table cloth.

"Come here darling!" Ben cawled out from under the table and stood up, hands by his sides, a worried look in his eyes. Sarah, pulled him close and kissed his nose.

"I think that your bottom needs another visit from Mr Cane, doesn't it?" she said, giving him a hug. She took his balls in her hand.

"But first I think we have to do something about these things here. I know your master makes you wear a ball ring, but I don't believe that's sufficient. From now on I want your genitals kept in harness."

Poor Ben didn't have a clue what she was talking about. I served dessert, then brought a small box from the other room and put it on the table in front of her. She rummaged about and withdrew two rubber rings. I laughed, knowing what she planned to do. The room was warm so Ben's testicles still hung loosely between his legs. Sarah placed her fingers around Ben's right testicle and squeezed it gently, separating it from the other. Quickly she snapped one of the rings over it. Ben squealed loudly.

"Oh do be quiet Ben!" she said, feeling for the other testicle. Ben started crying as she picked up the other ring and backed away.

"Miss, it's so tight miss, please miss!" he wailed. Sarah looked shocked but not angry.

"Ben, separating your testicles is very important for discipline. All boys I visit have to be put into harness. Now come here!" Ben obyed and she snapped the other ring over his left ball, ignoring his high pitched yelp. The rings separated his two balls very well and held them tightly. Finally, she replaced his cock-ring, pulling his foreskin back as far as possible.

Ben's lip quivered and tears ran down his cheeks. Taking a plastic clip, she attached the cock ring to his genital ring ensuring that it couldn't slip back down his penis. Sarah took a mouthful of dessert and looked at Ben.

"That's how I want you from now on Ben." She said after a few seconds.

"One more thing though." She tickled his shrivelled penis.

"I want your willy sticking up all the time. Come on Ben-up now!" She stroked his balls while speaking, trying to stimulate him. Despite his discomfort, the huge quantity of viagra I'd given him soon had him erect.

"Good boy, now keep it like that!" she ordered, caressing his erection.

Moving to the living room again, I told Ben to clear the table and wash up in the kitchen.

"You can eat what's left on the plates Ben." I said kindly.

"But I want you back here in twenty minutes." I grinned at Sarah who was flexing the cane in her hands and giggling. She'd had rather a lot to drink and her eyes were sparkling.

"Oh George, he's marvellous! I do hope you let him sleep with me tonight!" she laughed. I assured her that she could do what she liked for the next few days. I had to be at work in the morning and would be busy until the weekend. She swished the cane through the air and smiled playfully.

"He seems to be taking a long time to wash up George!"

"The boy's only eleven years old." I said, pouring us both a brandy.

"He's never had to wash up before." Sarah raised the cane and brought it down hard on one of the cushions. She was just about to say something when there was a loud sound from the kitchen. I went to see what had happened. Ben was standing on a chair in front of the sink, the remains of two smashed wine glasses on the floor. Quickly I told Ben not to get down. He had nothing on his feet.

"Finish washing up Ben." I said, sweeping up the glass.

"Miss Sarah is waiting for you." Ben looked at me, his eyes shining with tears.

"Sorry sir, please sir they fell off the sink sir, I tried...." I stopped him.

"Ben, just do what I said and come into the living room!"

Five minutes later he entered the room looking nervously at me then at Sarah. I stood up.

"I've just remembered a phone call I have to make. I'll only be five minutes." Sarah looked up sleepily and grinned. The call took a bit longer than expected and I was surprised at the silence when I returned. I laughed. Ben had obviously been ordered to prepare himself for punishment and was bending over in the middle of the room. Sarah was fast asleep on the couch, the cane on her lap. I gently shook her awake.

"Sarah, why don't you go and have a sleep for a few hours." I nodded at Ben.

"I'll deal with Ben if you like." She got up and walked to the door.

"Oh no George, he can wait for a couple of hours. Could you send him to wake me in about two hours please?" She smiled at Ben.

"I told him to bend over and was just sitting admiring his lovely bottom when I dozed off."

"Well you go and get some sleep. I just have to chastise him for breaking the wine glasses, then he's going to the gym." Sarah left and went to her room.

Turning to Ben, who hadn't dared move without being told, I picked up the leather tawse I'd brought with me.

"Stand up Ben!" The small boy obeyed and faced me, hands by his sides.

"Ben, you broke two glasses. I don't want it to happen again-understand?"

"Yes sir, sorry sir," he replied softly.

"Hold out your hand!" He lifted his hand, palm facing up, looking puzzled. For the next few days, only Miss Sarah will beat your bottom." I announced. I cracked the tawse down hard across his palm. Ben yelled and held his hand against him. I ordered him to keep his hand still and gave him two more lashes.

"Now the other one Ben!" I said quietly as the sobbing child nursed his sore hand. The last three were given in quick succession.

"Next time you're careless and break something Ben, I'll give you six on each hand! Now go to the gym and start running!"

I left him for about half an hour. When I went to see how he was getting on I was impressed. Covered in sweat he'd done about five miles on the machine but was beginning to tire. I switched off the machine and examined him. His genital harness was still firmly in place and he winced as I tested it was tight enough.

"Miss Sarah really does like your balls, doesn't she?" I said, admiring how each testicle was held tightly and stuck out so prominently. I laughed and felt them gently.

"She'll soon find out which one is the most sensitive!" I looked at his small willy.

"We'd better get that nice and stiff before you go to her room!"

Feeling his little privates had made me horny and I kissed his sweaty forehead and sat down on the small vaulting horse.

"Get to work Ben!" I ordered, unzipping my trousers. I looked at my watch and smiled.

"If I don't come in five minutes, I'll use the tawse on those lovely balls!" As he took me in his mouth and caressed me with his small hands, I made a mental note to tie his hands next time to make it more difficult. His private tutoring with the Headmaster had clearly paid dividends and I came after a few minutes, filling his little mouth with cum. I watched as Ben licked me clean, popping my flaccid cock back in his mouth in case I wanted 'seconds'. I let him continue for a while until I felt myself getting hard again. I stroked his hair.

"Go to your bedroom and get your hole ready." I said quietly.

"I'll be along in a minute."

One hour later, I took Ben from the shower and checked his harness.

"When you go to Miss Sarah's room, I want you to stand next to her bed and wake her up very gently." I explained.

"Your willy will be hard and you'll hold the cane in your hands. Do exactly what she tells you!" I took him to the other room and gave him a quick injection in his penis.

"With all the viagra in you, this should be quite enough to give her a nice surprise." I said, laughing. I waited a few minutes till his willy was sticking up.

"Feels as hard as iron." I said, giving it a quick squeeze. Taking him to the bedroom door, I gave him the cane to hold and patted his large bottom.

"You know very well this is the lightest cane Ben so don't make a fuss-or you'll find yourself over the punishment bench again!" Ben looked up with frightened eyes at the memory of the last time he'd been 'severely' punished over the bench. I opened the door and pushed him inside.

Listening for signs that my sister was awake, I heard a yawn followed by a low squeal of delight. There was silence for a few minutes, then the telltale hiss-crack of a cane being used. I smiled and went to wait in the living room. Thirty minutes later, my sister appeared, obviously refreshed and with a broad grin on her face. She had the cane in her hand and had clearly enjoyed using it. Ben followed meekly behind her, his face flushed, his willy at half mast.

"Oh George, what a lovely surprise!" exclaimed Sarah, sitting down.

"Thank you so much!" She took Ben gently by the arm and turned him round so I could see his bottom.

"I gave him six of the best when I woke up, just to put me in the mood." She explained, tracing the thin weals.

"Then I kept him busy with that 'monster' of his." she continued, stroking his willy.

"I think I came as soon as I saw it!" I laughed.

"I gave him another six afterwards as well."

We chatted for a while, then I turned to Ben.

"Ben, go to the toilet, then wash yourself . I think it's nearly time to have your balls warmed." Ben looked at me in dismay, tears already forming. He seemed as though he would say something but obviously thought better of it and ran to the bathroom. While he was gone I made a cup of tea and talked to Sarah about the next day.

"I have to go in to the office tomorrow, so you'll have him all to yourself." I said. perhaps you could get me an invite to the little soiree you told me the Headmaster's organising." She said.

"Shouldn't be a problem." I said.

Ben came in the room, a frightened look on his face. Sarah drew him gently to her and sat him on her lap.

"Well, is my lovely little boy going to let me warm his little balls for him then?" she asked, giving him a hug.

"Answer Miss Sarah!" I ordered sharply.

"Yes Miss," I heard a little voice say. She pointed to her handbag.

"Go and bring me my wooden spoon then and we'll get started." Ben obeyed and handed her the spoon. He broke into floods of tears.

"Please Miss, I'll be good miss, please don't warm my balls miss! It hurts so much!" He buried his face in her lap and sobbed. Sarah looked at me, a little annoyed.

"I thought you'd trained him George. What on earth is all this?"

I looked at Ben crying his eyes out.

"Sorry, I guess I wasn't strict enough after all." I picked up the cane and bent it.

"I didn't beat him at all yesterday and let him off having his balls warmed. I see now that was a big mistake." I stood up and lifted Ben to his feet.

"Bend over and touch your toes Ben!" I ordered angrily, pushing him to the centre of the room. Ben did as I asked, perhaps hoping that the caning was in place of his ball warming. I was soon to prove him wrong!

"Ben, I'm disgusted with your behaviour! The only reason I'm not using the other cane is because you're seeing the Headmaster on Monday and I don't want your buttocks bruised." I gave him six hard strokes then pushed the blubbing boy back to my sister.

Sarah smiled at Ben holding his backside and wriggling.

"Wait a minute Sarah," I said, fetching the aerosol. I sprayed his buttocks and explained.

"This will have his backside lily white again by tomorrow." Sarah looked irritated and wasted no time in ordering Ben to lie down at her feet and assume the correct position.

"I know it hurts Ben," she said.

"But that's the whole point!" She bounced the spoon up and down on his left testicle while he whimpered.

"Your master has already explained that it increases your pain threshold which is very important!" She turned her attention to the other testicle.

"It also instills discipline!" She tapped his testicle harder with the spoon.

"But most important Ben, I'm warming your balls because I enjoy doing it and that's enough!" With that, she raised the spoon and brought it down hard on one of his balls. Ben screamed in agony and held his legs tight to his chest, knowing that if he didn't stay still, the consequences would be unthinkable! A few more blows and the poor boy was crying his eyes out, yelling in pain as Sarah concentrated on his left testicle. I saw Sarah reach down and poke his little bumhole, now as sweaty as the rest of him.

"Can you pass me that big butt-plug?" she asked, pointing to the box I'd brought in earlier. I passed it to her and watched as she smeared lubricant over it."Might as well stick this in while I'm here!" she muttered.

Ben's attention was momentarily distracted when Sarah pushed the black vibrating butt-plug hard into his tight anus. She pressed the small button and laughed.

"I wonder what he thinks of that!" Ben had only seconds to think before the spoon continued its hard attacks on his testicle. Sarah paused.

"You know George, I think I'll leave his other ball till tomorrow. I considered her plan.

"He didn't have his balls warmed yesterday and he's behaved very badly today. I think another ten hard smacks with the spoon!" Sarah grunted her agreement and gave Ben's left ball her full attention. I prepared his usual anti-inflammatory shot and injected it deep into his scrotum, then pulled him to his feet.

"Ben I have to leave early tomorrow so I won't have time for breakfast. Miss Sarah will stay in bed so you go straight to her and show her exactly how you keep the toast warm." I wiped the tears from his eyes.

"Don't forget that Miss Sarah hasn't warmed your other testicle yet, so do remind her!" I spoke quietly.

"I'm very disappointed by your behaviour Ben. You know very well that you deserve a far more severe punishment than the caning I just gave you"

I lifted his chin and looked in his eyes.

"I intend to write to the Headmaster on Monday asking him to birch you!" Sarah looked surprised and grinned. Ben hadn't a clue what I meant, but the tone of my voice told him it was very serious.

"I don't enjoy administering this punishment myself and I know the Headmaster uses it very occasionally-but only when requested. Since we have no appointments until the following weekend, I think Tuesday morning would be ideal." I looked at Sarah.

"That should give just enough time for his skin to heal." Sarah looked thoughtful.

"But if he's spent a whole day with the Headmaster before the birching, his buttocks will be bruised already, so it may take longer to heal!" I shook my head.

"Not necessarily. I asked him to birch a boy last year-little Nicholas-remember?" Sarah nodded and smiled as she recalled the small boy who she'd first met being carried screaming to the punishment bench.

"Oh yes, stubborn little thing wasn't he!" I laughed.

"Well, I asked the Headmaster how he'd do it. He simply uses the cane only on the lower part of the buttocks, inner thighs and back of the legs, and then birches the top of the boy's bum and a bit on his back." I patted Ben's head.

"I think Ben would benefit from it, I really do!" Sarah pulled Ben to her and kissed him, her hand cradling his sore little balls.

"George, I agree that he needs firmness but the birch is just...well, too savage!" She held Ben's right testicle between her fingers.

"The birch leaves such awful cuts all over the skin. Say you get a client asking for him at short notice!" She placed her other hand on his bottom and felt the butt-plug, humming inside him.

"Let me deal with him tomorrow and then allow me to decide if he should be birched or not-please!" Sarah smiled, tightening her grip on Ben's testicle. I agreed to her request, knowing that my sister wouldn't hesitate to have him birched if she thought it might do him good.

That evening I showed Sarah where I kept Ben at night. I agreed to her having Ben in her room till it was late but only if she promised to secure him to his bed later.

"No problem George, I'll make sure the chains are on," she assured me.

"I'd like him to sleep with the vibrator in though." I went to bed early leaving them together.

Chapter Six

Next morning my alarm woke me and I walked to Ben's room while shaving. I undid his chains and shook him awake.

"Come on, wake up Ben!" I ordered, tickling his balls to get his attention.

"I've got to leave soon and I need a fuck before I go!" I pulled the butt-plug out and slapped his bum till he got it in the right position.

"I'll put some toast on a plate just before I leave." I told the sleepy boy as I fucked him slowly.

"You take it to Miss Sarah with the paddle and when she's ready, you show her exactly how you warm it-understand?"

"Yes sir" I heard a little voice reply. I needn't have bothered. Sarah knew exactly what to do, but we were interested to see how he behaved.

"After breakfast, you wash up, then remind Miss Sarah to warm your right testicle!" Gripping him hard, I came inside him and picked up my shaver while he turned round and sucked me clean.

"Don't forget to shower!" I called, walking out of the door.

I din't hear any noise when I returned later in the day, but as I descended the steps I realised they were in the gym with the door closed. I looked in and started to laugh. Ben was on the jogging machine, running like crazy but with his legs further apart than normal making him look very funny. I saw why. A cord was tied round each testicle with one of my metal weights swinging at the other end. His penis was sticking up more erect than usual, no doubt due to one or more injections. Just poking out of his bumhole was the tip of a pink vibrator. He must have to keep his buttocks clenched tightly to keep it in, I thought. Sarah was standing at the side, tapping his bottom lightly with the paddle and occasionally giving his willy a squeeze.

"Come on Ben, I think you can go another ten minutes- a bit faster please!" She felt his two balls, pulled down hard by the weights.

"Perhaps my wooden spoon would help!" This made Ben run faster immediately. She tapped the end of the vibrator.

"Make sure you keep this in as well." She looked at the electronic controls.

"I'm going to talk with your master. If you slow down at all, I'll know about it from these dials and warm your little balls again!"

She told me about her day.

"He's been very well behaved. Woke me up, spent half an hour under the sheets with me doing things a gynacologist would never do!" she laughed.

"He was embarrassed about showing me how to warm the toast, but I chose that same position. Very useful-toast gets warmed between his plump thighs and his buttocks are two hotplates!" I laughed at her description.

"He washed up, not too well-I made him do it all a second time. He was so sorry about it that I didn't chastise him. I thought I'd give him another chance." I shook my head.

"Not a good idea Sarah. He's been shown what to do. If you let him off, he won't learn!" She sighed.

"I guess you're right. I'll deal with him later." She continued.

"Anyway, after that I left him in the kitchen, sat down to read a magazine and waited. I knew he'd finished and the poor boy spent about fifteen minutes plucking up the courage before he came and asked me to warm his other ball." She grinned at the memory.

"He was so nervous!" I looked serious.

"Sarah, he shouldn't have hesitated at all! I hope you punished him for not asking you immediately."

"No, not really. I gave his right ball about twenty smacks, then set him to work cleaning the place." I looked round. The room certainly was tidy.

"Well, I'm going to give him the tawse across his hands for wasting time in the kitchen, but you really should cane him hard Sarah," I said.

"He'll get into bad habits otherwise!"

" Yes, you're right. I'll let him have a shower, bring him to you for the tawse, then whack his backside."

"That's the spirit!" I said smiling.

I changed the subject.

"What did you do with him in the afternoon?" Sarah smiled, a little embarrassed.

"Well, I was sleepy so I had a nap and allowed him to go with me." She chuckled.

"When I woke up, he had an erection, so I spent some time examining exactly what he could do. I had to calm him a little, but the viagra you've been giving him certainly is amazing! He had a little orgasm, and immediately looked so worried because he ejaculated all over me

"So is this all due to your vibrators?" I asked.

"Absolutely. His testicles can't make sperm yet but you can make his prostate produce lots of delicious juice!" I laughed at her as she licked her lips.

"You know I love young boys juice. Remember when we were young, every night you and I...."

"Yes, I remember," I said hurriedly, a bit embarrassed.

Sarah looked at her watch..

"Poor Ben, he must be exhausted. I'll just go and put him in the shower." I poured a drink and sat down, reading the paper. They came twenty minutes later. I was surprised to see she'd left the weights attached to his balls. His willy was still erect but less than before. I noticed at least she'd removed his vibrator. Ben looked completely exhausted and tears ran down his cheeks. Sarah explained.

"I told him why he has to be punished so he has no reason to cry. Frankly George, I'm starting to think you were right about having him birched!" I laughed and picked up the tawse.

"Hold out your hand Ben!" Ben obeyed, his sobbing growing louder. By the third lash of the tawse the boy was having problems keeping his left hand still and I had to wait a while for him to hold it steady. After six on one hand he looked at me in disbelief as I told him he would have six on the other hand.

Sarah looked at his palm and whistled softly.

"I didn't know the tawse could do so much damage." She exclaimed, examining the swollen skin. Kneeling down, she gripped his balls firmly.

"Keep your hand still Ben, very still!" The snivelling boy got the message and held his palm steady for all six lashes. I allowed Sarah to take him to the bathroom where she held his hands under cold water for a while.

"There there Ben, don't cry so much," she said, bringing him back. She sat down and held his wrists gently.

"Will you pay more attention next time you wash up now?" she asked quietly.

"Yes Miss-I promise!" Ben replied, sniffing back his tears. Sarah smiled sweetly.

"There's also the matter of your wasting time afterwards Ben. You should have come straight back to have your ball warmed, but you didn't, did you?" Ben looked down, the picture of misery.

"Please miss, I'm sorry miss, I really am miss.." he started. Sarah put her finger to her lips.

"I know you're sorry Ben, but your master thinks you must be punished and I agree with him" She let go of his hands.

"I think I left the cane in the bedroom. Go and fetch it please!" Ben ran off to get it, keeping his legs well apart so the weights wouldn't swing against his legs and hurt his balls even more. We laughed at the spectacle.

Suddenly the phone rang in the other room. When I came back, looking very thoughtful, I was entertained by the sight of Ben's large backside seeming to dominate the centre of the room while Sarah, her face flushed and eyes sparkling, laid the twelfth stroke across it.

"This cane is simply marvellous George." she said, running the tip of it down between Ben's sore buttocks.

"Stings like crazy but doesn't bruise, and leaves his bum ready for another whacking after only a few hours! Ben, you just stay like that until I tell you to move-and no snivelling!"

"Yes, you should have seen his backside the first day!" I said.

" I used my standard school cane on him. Nearly as many bruises as the Headmaster gives him!"

I explained about the phone call.

"Something's come up. My colleague has asked me if I could help one of our clients. Apparently the client had to go abroad in a hurry and can't take the kid. He's got the kid in his car about thirty minutes away."

"Well off you go then." She said, grinning, looking lustfully at Ben's red buttocks.

"I'm so desperate, if I don't get that tongue of his busy soon, I'll go mad!" She flicked him with the cane, ordering him to stick his bum out more.

"I think I'll just give him a few more, then he can come to my room and play!" Smiling, I went out, listening to the swish-crack of the cane as she sought out fresh territory.

It was early evening when I came back. I could hear noise coming from the living room. Sarah was sitting with Ben on her lap and was slowly masturbating him. They looked up as I entered, their eyes on the small figure at my side. Sarah's mouth fell open. "A girl?" she asked in amazement. I nodded.

"I'm as surprised as you. Her name's Penny, eleven years old-like Ben, and she'll be staying with us for at least the next few weeks, until I decide what to do with her."

I looked down at the little girl, wrapped tightly in a large fur coat.

"Right girl, let's get your coat off. It's warm down here." I took her coat off and was surprised to see that she was wearing a thin blue dress with white socks and smart looking shoes. The girl looked around her nervously. Not quite as tall as Ben, she was however rather plump. I coughed and looked at Sarah.

"Penny, take off your dress please and fold it up neatly." She looked at me, blinking her eyes.

"Sir?" I sighed.

"Penny, we don't allow children to wear clothes here. I want you naked-like Ben there." She looked at Ben's erection and her mouth opened.

"But sir, my mistress allows me to wear this." I groaned. A mistress! Rather irritated, I looked at her sternly.

"Penny, I am your new master, as from now. Take that dress off!" She slowly pulled it off over her head and folded it up, before handing it to me.

Ben and Sarah watched, transfixed. Her shoes and socks were removed, leaving her only in a short white blouse and a pair of sweet light blue knickers. I was pleased to see that her bum was even bigger than Ben's. From the look of her blouse, she seemed rather well developed for a young girl. There was a short silence.

"Take off your blouse Penny!" The little girl pulled it off carefully, her face reddening with embarrassment. We all gazed in wonder at her small but well developed breasts. Sarah laughed.

"Her mistress has used one of those special hormone drugs on her," she explained.

"They make the breasts grow without affecting the rest of the body."

I chuckled.

"Well, we'll soon find out." Penny looked as though she was going to cry any second. I smiled at her and winked.

"Get those knickers off girl! Show everybody your pussy!" Penny gasped and stepped back shaking her head, her hands going to the top of her knickers.

"No sir, not my knickers as well!" I was stunned.

Sarah stood up and addressed the girl in icy tones.

"How dare you speak to your master like that! Hand me those knickers now!" Petrified by Sarah's tone, the girl slid her knickers off and handed them over.

"Keep those hands by your sides!" I heard Sarah order, as the small girl instinctively covered herself. I knelt down and examined her closely. I held her little breasts as she sobbed quietly. Sarah joined me.

"Look at those nipples!" I said in admiration. Sarah grinned.

"I saw a box of nipple clamps somewhere." she said.

"We'll have fun later!" I reached down and gently stroked the girls smooth pussy.

"Have you been fucked yet?" I asked quietly. The girl looked down in dismay, tears dropping on the floor.

"No sir, not there sir." She answered, her voice shaking. My hand crept round to her plump thighs and up between her two firm buttocks.

"What about here?" I asked, easing her cheeks apart and touching her bumhole.

"Yes sir, once sir." She said sadly. I stood up and rubbed my hands.

"Right, I don't know about you Sarah, but I'm starving. If you and Ben could get dinner ready, I'll just go and put Penny here on the punishment bench." I took the child by the arm.

"Penny, you've obviously got into bad habits, so I have to start training you from scratch."

I guided her into the large inner chamber.

"Over here is the punishment bench and you go on top-like this." I lifted her easily onto it and swiftly secured her firmly to the contraption. Ignoring her sobs, I adjusted her until she was in almost the same position as Ben had experienced, but with her legs separated even more, allowing access to her pussy. The narrower support under her tummy meant her small breasts hung free. By this time the girl was begging me to untie her and sobbing almost hysterically. I ignored her entreaties and stroked her inner thigh, moving my hand slowly up to her tight young pussy, now covered in sweat.

"Silence please!" I said, quietly. She grew quiet, trying to turn her head, but was held completely immobile by numerous straps.

"Thank you so much!" I chuckled sarcastically.

"Now Penny, I'm going to have my dinner now, and when I come back I intend to whip, paddle and cane you. It will be extremely painful but you need it! Afterwards, we're going to examine all your little holes and get you ready for fucking." She moaned and the sobbing started again.

"Miss Sarah will be in charge of your more intimate punishments." I heard Sarah calling me.

"See you in thirty minutes!" I said cheerfully as I went to dinner.

Having left Ben to wash up we came back, Sarah sipping a large brandy. The girl was quiet now but moved as she heard us enter.

"Look at that backside!" I said, slapping her left buttock playfully. Sarah laughed.

"Do you want to start or shall I?" she asked, her eyes sparkling.

"Tell you what, why don't you start with the paddle while I go and find those toys you mentioned." I suggested.

"There's a whole load of nipple and pussy clamps somewhere." We heard a pathetic little voice.

"Sir, please can I go to the toilet sir. I have to go really badly sir!" I smiled.

"Penny, you are not allowed to talk without permission. I'm not interested in what you want. If you dare to pee during your punishment session you'll be punished in an appropriate way!" I looked at Sarah who giggled. Penny started to cry and squirmed under the straps.

I had to spend about ten minutes finding the clamps in another room but I heard the sharp slaps of the paddle and howls of pain echoing down the corridor. Bringing the box back I saw Sarah applying the paddle hard and fast to the girls thighs. I stopped and saw a puddle under the table.

"Why can't kids control their bladders?" I groaned. Sarah smiled grimly.

"Not only that George, she's quite smelly. I think she should have a shower before continuing." I agreed and helped Sarah undo the straps.

"Clean up your mess!" I told the sobbing girl, handing her some large paper towels. She obeyed, wriggling as her sore thighs rubbed together. I went to the bathroom and watched as Sarah washed the girl thoroughly all over.

Back in the main room, Ben was standing quietly by the door.

"Please sir, I've finished washing up and I've cleaned the kitchen." he said meekly, his head bowed. I lifted Penny over the bench and started to strap her in.

"You are a good boy!" said Sarah, taking him in her arms. She looked down at his balls.

"Come on Ben, you've had these weights on for long enough!" she said, untying them.

"The rings stay on though!" she said warningly.

"I like your testicles to be well separated." She pointed to the door and patted his bottom.

"You need your balls warming before bed. Go to the living room!". Ben looked as if he would burst into tears but dutifully obeyed her. She licked her lips.

"I'll just go and deal with Ben," she said, as I pulled the last strap tight.

"Have fun!" I ran my hand down the young girl's back and up over her buttocks. She trembled as I moved my hand further down to her privates.

"Please sir, please don't.."

I slapped her bum hard and she squealed.

"Penny, I've already told you about talking." I went to the desk at the top of the bench and took the old school cane from the drawer. Penny's eyes widened in horror.

"Please sir, not the cane sir..please sir!" she sobbed.

"The cane's for boys sir, not for girls. My mistress told me..."

"Be quiet!" I shouted angrily.

"For talking, you will receive six strokes." I wasted no more time but proceeded to thrash her large buttocks." I put the cane back and ignored her silly screams of pain.

"This should give you something to think about while I'm examining you." I said, picking up some fierce looking nipple clips. I felt her breasts. The nipples were hard and I snapped the clips into place enjoying the look of surprise and pain on her face. Turning my attention to her pussy, I explored it carefully with my fingers and started to probe deeper. The girl gasped as I entered her and I felt her tense.

"No sir...plese sir no!" she whined between sobs.

I stopped what I was doing and picked up the small whip. Similar to a french martinet it had a short wooden handle to which were attached ten thin leather cords. I'd found it only recently and had meant to try it on Ben first.

"You know what I told you girl!" I said coldly. I stood behind her and dangled the cords of the whip so they tickled her pussy. Taking aim, I lashed it down hard down the deep divide between her buttocks. She screamed and tried to twist but her restraints held her firmly. Grabbing one of her chubby buttocks, I pulled it to one side, exposing her tight pink bumhole.

Hearing footsteps I saw Sarah enter.

"Look what I've found!" I called, laughing. Sarah watched as I whipped the girl several times deep between her buttocks. Sarah looked on in amazement.

"Oh George, I have to try this on Ben tomorrow!" I paused.

"Where is he?" I asked.

"He's in the living room, waiting for me to come and warm his other ball," she explained. I let go of the girl's buttock and stood back a little further. The next few lashes fell on the girl's smooth pussy making her screaming reach a higher pitch. I saw Sarah rummaging about in the box.

"Here they are! I knew they'd still be here!" I heard her cry. Sarah held up a handful of what looked like crocodile clips. I suddenly remembered.

"You've found the old clitoris clips!" I exclaimed.

"But isn't she a bit young for them?" I asked, putting down the whip.

"Oh George, don't be so nave!" said Sarah with a smile.

"I saw some alcohol in the cupboard. I'll go and sterilise one while you get her clit ready."

As Sarah went to find the alcohol I stroked the sobbing girl's sore buttocks and started to caress her pussy lips. Knowing exactly what little girls liked, I parted her buttocks and stroked her bumhole with one hand while delving slowly deeper into her pussy with the other. Her crying died down as she felt the pleasant sensations starting to ripple through her young body. She seemed to be trying to raise her hips towards me, so I gently pushed my finger inside her tight anus. I continued my caresses until I felt her tiny clitoris start to stiffen. I'd hardly noticed Sarah who was standing next to me. I gently opened the girl's pussy as wide as I could and nodded to Sarah. Trying hard not to laugh out loud, she deftly placed the clip on the clitoris. There was a brief silence, then a shrill scream from the girl filled the room. The red ends of the clip stuck out of her pussy with a cord attached. Ignoring the girl's screams, Sarah took the girl's pussy lips between her fingers and tightened two pussy clamps onto them.

"How about a dildo up there as well?" she asked, smirking.

"Not tonight. I replied, feeling the clamps.

"I thought we'd save her vagina for tomorrow-perhaps Ben could help?" I said, grinning. Patting the girls bottom I picked up the cane.

"Another six strokes and I think I'll put a butt-plug in just before she goes to bed." I looked at my watch.

"It's not too late. Any ideas?" Sarah's eyes lit up.

"Well, I thought perhaps she and Ben could get to know each other a little before bed." I nodded.

"Great idea!" Penny was crying quietly to herself, occasionally stretching and clenching her buttocks.

"Okay Penny, you're going to get six very hard strokes now. Just remember that after today, I only use this cane for very special occasions. I'll introduce you to the lighter cane later!" The poor girl screamed and twisted as I brought it down hard over her red bottom. I spaced the strokes evenly down her sore buttocks, the weals cutting across the red marks left by the whip.

"I'll give her ten minutes to calm down, then bring her in" I said, fetching the spray for her bruised skin.

"Perhaps you could get Ben ready. Sarah laughed and went out, calling for Ben to stand up.

A while later I entered the living room, the small girl walking carefully before me, eyes still red from crying. I'd refused to take off the clip and pussy clamps, explaining their importance in maintaining discipline. I had however removed her nipple clamps. Sarah was sitting in the armchair with Ben standing between her legs. I chuckled. His willy was sticking up straight, not as big as after an injection, but impressive nonetheless. His balls were still held apart by rubber rings and I saw one looking much redder than the other. Ben gazed at the girl's pussy in amazement, then realised she was staring at his erection and blushed. I removed the girl's clamps and gently pulled the clip off her clitoris.

Sarah hugged Ben and tickled his willy.

"Ben, you mustn't be shy. You and Penny are going to get to know each other very well." She turned to the girl.

"Come and have a closer look Penny." Penny stood next to them and Sarah showed her how the rings round his balls worked and the tight ring holding back his foreskin. Ben looked embarrassed and even more so as Sarah allowed her to kneel down and explore Ben's genitals with her hands. His erection started to shrink, and then as the young girl's hands caressed his balls, we saw it stiffen again.

"Well Penny, now you've been introduced, I think you should show Ben that you want to be friends." said Sarah, her head guiding Penny's head forward.

"I want to see you lick and suck that lovely willy in front of you-come on!" she added sternly as Penny hesitated nervously. Even fully erect, Ben's penis wasn't more than about five inches [12½ cm] long. Penny opened her mouth and sucked the end hesitantly, then as Sarah tapped her impatiently, she took it all in her mouth and sucked noisily.

"Is that nice Ben?" she asked, cuddling his bottom.

"Y..yes miss." I heard a little voice reply. Ben was looking down at the girl's head in wonder, totally captivated. Sarah, moved the girl's hand to his balls and reminded her to play with them while sucking. She left them at it for about two minutes, just until it seemed that Ben was becoming too excited.

Separating them, she held them tightly in her arms.

"Now Ben, you have to show Penny that you like her. Why don't you give her a kiss?" Ben was still in a daze and Sarah had to take his arms and fold them around Penny.

"That's right. Penny, hold him tighter! Ben, hold her close and kiss her mouth." Ben obeyed and gave her a quick kiss.

"No, no Ben, not like that. Put your tongue in her mouth-yes you too Penny!" The two children put their mouths together and we watched as they kissed. Ben was hesitant at first but soon realised it wasn't too bad. In fact, from the look of his erection, he seemed to be enjoying it.

Sarah adjusted the position of his penis so it was pushing against the girl's little pussy, then took Ben's right hand and placed it over the girl's breast.

"Good Ben, feel her little boobies, that's right - and the nipple" I turned down the light more and winked at Sarah.

"That's enough kissing now-on your knees Ben!" she ordered.

"Stroke his hair gently Penny-now Ben, kiss her little pussy-that's right." I saw Penny's eyes open wide as the feel of Ben's tongue playing with her pussy lips.

"Push your tongue deeper Ben, go on-right inside her-and explore!" No stranger to this, Ben obeyed, making the little girl shudder as his tongue found her clitoris.

Sarah looked at her watch. I stood up.

"I think we'll continue this tomorrow. It's getting late." I picked up the light cane as Sarah separated a rather hot looking Ben from Penny's crotch.

"I'd like Penny to have six strokes with this before bed." I looked at Ben.

"It's about time you start helping a bit more Ben." I said, handing him the cane.

"Let me see you give her six hard strokes!" Ben looked confused for a second, then turned to Penny.

"B..bend over Penny...please." He muttered, embarrassed again at the thought of what he was going to do. Penny looked at him in dismay, then realising she had no choice, she touched her toes, displaying her large plump posterior, already partially covered with red and black weals. I took Ben's hand and showed him how to hold the cane and how to swing it.

"Try it now." I said, after a few trial swings through the air. Ben touched the middle of the girl's bottom with the cane and lifted it high. There was a swish-crack followed by a squeal of pain from the girl.

"Good boy!" I said, smiling.

"A bit harder next time-and you can order her to change her position if you like."

Ben looked at the red line he'd just produced.

"O..open your legs more Penny,...and s..stick your bum out more!" He looked at me and I nodded.

"Good! " Penny obeyed him sobbing, absolutely distraught at being punished so intimately by a boy her own age. Ben raised the cane and lashed it down hard. This time, his aim was completely wrong and the cane slashed down hard on her left thigh. Penny screamed and letting go of her ankle with one hand, rubbed the red mark already forming.

Ben looked at me enquiringly.

"Yes Ben, you may give her extra strokes for not keeping her hands in position!" I grinned as Ben continued to thrash the sobbing girl. He was clearly enjoying it as his throbbing little erection showed. I allowed him to give her a total of ten strokes before taking the cane from his sweaty hands.

"Good boy Ben," I said, tousling his hair. I looked at Sarah.

"Perhaps Miss Sarah will let you off having your other ball warmed tonight." Sarah laughed.

"Yes of course. Come on Ben. Let's get you showered and into bed. Maybe your master will allow you to stay the whole night with me."

"Yes, okay," I replied, laughing. Sarah was obviously dying to get Ben's tongue working again. She took him by the hand and led him out.

"Stand up girl!" I ordered, turning to the miserable wretch still bent over, tears falling to the floor. I ordered her to follow me and went into the main chamber. I took out the long rattan cane and placed it on the table.

"Just to remind you what will happen if you're disobedient." I explained.

"Come with me!" I took her into my room and sat on the edge of the bed.

"I know you enjoyed sucking Ben's little cock, you can't wait to have a real man's cock in your mouth, can you girl!" She didn't reply but looked nervously at me while I slipped my trousers off. I stood up.

"Take my pants off girl. I haven't got all night."

Swallowing, she pulled my pants down to my ankles and I kicked them off. I took her little hand and placed it around my erect penis, sliding it up and down.

"When was the last time you sucked a man's cock?" I asked, guiding her other hand to my balls.

"Never sir." She answered, her voice trembling. I groaned.

"I assume you know what happens when a man comes?" I asked quietly.

"Yes sir," I heard her whisper, not daring to look at me. I told her to continue.

"Something comes out of his willy sir - like cream." She said, now rubbing my cock faster as I tapped her hand.

"Yes, that's right girl, it's like cream. It's a very special cream - and you have to make sure you swallow every drop!" She looked at me in surprise.

"But, but sir..." I silenced her.

"You'll do this every day girl, so you might as well get used to it. All the cream has to go in your mouth. If even a tiny drop is lost, you'll be punished!" I stroked her hair and gently pushed her head so her mouth was just over the tip of my cock.

"Lick the end-very gently." I ordered. She obeyed, a few tears forming as she realised what I wanted to do.

"Now right in your mouth!" I muttered, pushing her other hand further under my balls. Like Ben, she could only get the end of my cock in her mouth. I started to tell her to suck and lick more and felt myself starting to come. Her eyes opened wide as my cock jerked, shooting hot sticky semen into her mouth. She suddenly pulled her head back, gasping, a thin stream of my cum shooting over her face. I grabbed her hand and rubbed it up and down my cock even faster. Seeing the look on my face, the girl frantically wiped the cum off her face and licked her fingers, then popped my already softening cock back in her mouth. I allowed her to suck greedily until I was completely spent, then ordered her up while I dressed.

"Not good enough was it!" I said, leading her over to the punishment bench. She realised what I was doing and started to cry louder.

"Please sir, no sir, not that again..please sir!" I lifted the girl over the bench and strapped her on tightly before raising some of the pads, lifting her bum as high as possible and opening her legs wide. Ignoring her screams, I proceeded to thrash her scarred buttocks, searching for flesh not already covered with weals. I stopped after six strokes and prodded her little pussy with the tip of the cane.

"You'll swallow every drop tomorrow, won't you girl?"

"Yes sir...promise sir!" she gasped between sobs. I was tired. Quickly I sprayed her rump with the drug cannister and untied her.

"Just one more thing to do-don't move!" I yawned. I lubricated her sweaty bumhole and pushed a black rubber butt-plug deep inside. The girl yelled in fear at the strange feeling but stayed still.

I lifted her up and carried her to one of the spare bedrooms. She flinched as I placed her on the bed, the rough mattress hurting her throbbing backside. Having secured her hands and feet to the chains I ran ny hand over her body. Her nipples were hard, obviously from nerves than any sexual stimulation. Slowly I stroked her young pussy until her tears subsided.

"I have to leave early tomorrow so Miss Sarah will be in charge of you." I explained, rubbing my finger up and down between her soft pussy lips.

"I'm sure she'll keep you very busy." Easing a finger deeper, I felt her tiny clitoris like a small hard peanut.

"Just be a good obedient little girl and everything will be okay." I whispered, teasing her nipples with the other hand. I continued for a few minutes, listening to her breathing grow heavier.

"I want you to come for me now girl!" I said quietly. I leant over and kissed her sweaty pussy, thrusting my tongue inside. Her body stiffened as I found her little clit, the tip of my tongue teasing it. The girl gasped and thrust her hips up as she orgasmed, her leg muscles rippling as she instinctively tried to close her legs. I smiled at her bewildered look and gave her sticky pussy one last kiss before switching off the lights and leaving her alone.

The End

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