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By: Reena Kanwar ©  2002-2003

Next morning, when Reena woke up, she remembered Vibhas invitation. She was very eager to be with Vibha. She called Vibha to tell her that shell be at her place soon. tu jaldi sey AjA. kal bhi school ki chhuTTi liye rAt ko bhi yahA.n hi ruknAbahuta  mazA kare.ngeytujhey itni aish karAoongi ki tu bhi yAd karegi Vibha told her. Reena wore a dark maroon silk saree with a matching, low-cut sleeveless blouse. She also wore five-inch red heels, which showed, off her sexy painted red-nailed feet. She took auto-rickshaw to reach Vibhas palatial house in the quiet neighborhood. By the time she got to Vibha's house, she could feel her cunt throbbing with desire for her. She rang the bell and Vibha opened the door. Vibha had put on a pink chiffon sari with a very sexy, a complete backless, sleeveless, very wide and plunging neckline, stringy, bikini style blouse. She had also put on very sexy, black, and five inch-stiletto-heeled sandals.  Vibha threw a come hither look into her eyes as she opened the door; Reena smiled back flirtatiously, but teasingly. Vibha mixed two drinks and walked over to the corner of the living room where the big, comfortable sofa and a big screen high-definition TV were arranged.

"Wow, kitna sundar ghar hai," Reena said as she followed Vibha to the sofa. Motioning for her to sit down on the big, velvet sofa, Vibha walked over to the video console and selected the tape. kyA ri Vibhayeh blue-film dekhne ke liye bulAyA thA kyAphone par tau kitnA bol rahi thi Reena said annoyingly. 

saali tu bhi be-sabri hui jaa rahi hai..hamare paas do din hain aish karne ke liye do din mein tujhe aisey-aisey anubhava karAoongi ki teri life badal jaayegi Vibha said as she put on the movie. abhi yeh blue-film tau sirf thoda mood badalne ke liye hai thodi bahut gapashapa kartey hain..daaru peetey hain Vibha continued as she pulled out a bottle of Blue Label Johnnie Walker Whisky and a couple of lead crystal glasses.

The screen of TV, which began in complete darkness, then became lighter with a scene of three naked forms rolling and romping together until finally coming to a sudden halt, entwined within each other's limbs. There were two males and the one woman, both men anxiously feeling her body, perhaps competing to be the first one inside of her enticing cunt. The woman spread her legs and exposed her pulsing pussy, creating an opportunity, which neither of the men ignored, pushing their full, heavy cocks in that direction.

Blue-label scotch tau bahut expensive hoti haimainey aaj ke_pahale kabhi nahin pee Reena exclaimed as she sipped her drink. hA.N yaar. PUrey 15000 rupees cost di hai par bahut mast cheez hai yaar blue-label ki pratyeka bottle ka apanA serial number hota hai kyo.Nki yeh bahut hi limited quantity mein available hoti hai. Blue label actually 19th century kay original blend kA authentic re-creation hai. Vibha told her. Tau her peg atleast 1500 rupees ka huabut mast taste hai.mAn.Na padegA Reena said as she gulped down her peg. aur tu sunakal ki chudaai key baad shAma kaisi gujri Vibha asked her. kal ki tau pUchh hi nA. and Vibha started narrating her sex with the vagabond that she had previous while returning home. Both, Vibha and Reena were drinking and smoking continuously and watching the film also as Reena went into details of her experience. The blonde in the film was on her back now, her body covered from the waist down by the man fucking her, his legs plastered against her own, his arms stretched out on each side of her body, his mouth open in pure ecstasy. The other man was on his knees and managed to point his cock directly down at her, positioning the stem so that eating it was as simple as a tilt of the head, an opening of the mouth, and a good suck emanating from within.

Vibha and Reena, both were high on drinks and feeling horny too. Vibha leaned back on sofa and propped her feet on the coffee table. Reena who was watching the sexual activity on TV, looked at Vibhas beautiful feet in black high-heeled sandals. yaar terey gorey paira ye sandal mein bahut sexy lagtey haintu bhi meri tarah sexy high heels pahananA pasand karti hai. Reena said exhaling a long drag of smoke. High heels vaale sandals tau meri jaan hai.nmere paas kama~se~kama 150 pairs sandal hain her rang kay aur design kay Vibha said. High heels pahni hui aurat ki visheSha hi baat hoti hai. Heels pahanane se chAla mein hirni jaisa grace aur charm aa~jAtA haiher kadama kitna nAzuka aur komala lagta hai Vibha continued as Reena also put her feet on table showing her own feet in five-inch red heels. sabsey baDA phAyada tau yeh hai ki har dekhney vaale aadmi kA lunD salaami deney ke liye khaDA ho jAtA hai. Vibha leaned further and pulled Reenas feet in her laps.  Then, lowering her head slightly and opening her mouth, Vibha let her tongue trace lightly across the leather of sandals. Sandals ka exotic flavor mujhe pAgal banA detA hai Vibha whispered as her tongue danced and slid over the shiny red straps and heels of Reenas sandals.

Watching closely, Reena purred with delight and said: "Mmmmmm. Very nice!" Vibhas tongue began to cruise in earnest across the contours of Reenas sandals, and sucked her heels like a penis. Her tongue darted between her exposed toes, tasting the tanginess of Reenas perspiration, cleaning her thoroughly. None of them was now interested in the scenes that appeared on the TV screen. 

Reena put her arms around Vibha and kissed her passionately on mouth. Their tongues explored every inch of each others mouth. They briefly broke apart and helped remove each others sarees and again embraced each other passionately, their hand roaming over the others back and all. Then, they separated and fondled each others tits over the thin material of the blouses, during which they helped each other remove the blouses and bras. Vibha swooped down onto Reenas nipples and practically swallowed her tits. Reena also reached down and caressed Vibhas tits. In between they repeatedly kissed and after a while Vibha lowered her head and began softly licking and sucking Reenas sensitive nipples. Vibha pulled with her soft wet lips on Reenas thick rosy nipples until they burned delightfully and grew tall and spiky. Then she scissored them with her fingers, and rolled and plucked and pinched them lovingly, and sucked them again, more sharply this time, driving Reena absolutely crazy with sweet pleasure. 

Both of them now were gasping, writhing, driven by urgent desires, and Reena slipped her arms around Vibha's bare back and pulled the panting woman against her, feeling their firm naked breasts mash and squirm together, her own tight nipples still wet with Vibha's warm spittle. She burrowed her searching tongue into Vibha's ear, and stroked the smooth silky flesh of her back, kissed and gently bit her long creamy neck, humming low senseless husky sounds, murmuring into Vibhas hair. "uummmmm. chod mujhekitnA mazA uuuunnnhhh" 

Vibha, almost breathless with lust, slid down Reena's trembling body and pulled the Dori (chord) of her petticoat and peeled Reena's petticoat down Reena's long milky legs in one rapid movement. She was not wearing panties as usual. Now Reena was completely naked except for her sandals, and shivering with anticipation. Trying to control the shaking of her body, she watched Vibha slip out of her petticoat and skim her lace panties down her fair thighs. Then she took Reena back into her arms, both of them moaning with deep emotion now as their smooth supple bodies coiled together. Reena ran her hands down Vibha's long lovely back to her buttocks, and squeezed them, and ran her finger up and down the warm crack between them. Reena gazed into Vibha's flushed, passionate face, digging her fingers into the springy round flesh of her quivering ass, Hot tight tremors seized her body as she tried to relax, to yield herself to the pleasure of Vibha's mouth and hands, which were exploring every inch of her naked flesh, and descending, kissing her ribs and her flat silken stomach. "Ohhnnnn ... ohhnnnn !" she moaned.  She wanted to have Vibha at the same moment that Vibha had her, and yet the feel of Vibha's firm, insistent hands on her inner thighs, pushing them apart, and Vibha's mouth on her panting belly, on her twisting hips, was almost too lovely to bear, and too good to stop. Her pussy was dripping with juice, burbling with fire. She wanted to eat Vibha's cunt just as much as Vibha wanted to eat hers, but before she could squirm around into a good position for it--her whole body convulsed with joy as she felt Vibha's mouth passionately kissing her wet crack!

"Unnnnhhh ... ohhhnnnnohhhhnnn ohhh! ahhhhhhh!" she cried out, her hips jumping and gyrating helplessly as sensations of honey fire unlike shot through her flowing, hungry pussy. Feverishly her fingers grasped and stroked Vibha's body, her waist, her long silky back, her smooth high ass, but when Vibha's tongue slithered into the depths of her aching cunt she nearly gagged with joy, and dropped her hands, and yielded her body completely to the woman. She wanted to fuck Vibha too, but for the moment there was nothing she could do about it. Her own body shuddered and rippled with flame, she was delirious with desire. Vibha's tongue searched and probed the wet meat of her burning slit. She felt it rasp against the taut, shrieking bundle of nerves in her dilated clit, and made crazy cawing sounds in her throat, writhing and moaning, rotating her quivering pelvis instinctively, thrusting her soupy cunt up into the invading mouth of her friend. 

Weak and trembling with hot delight, Reena whimpered and moaned and surrendered totally. chod mujhe.khA jA meri choot, I don't care, jo chAhey kar merey sAth, jaaneman, Vibha meri jaan, kuchha bhi jo tU chAhey! It's so fucking good! She heard the quick lip-smacking sounds Vibha's mouth made as Vibha thirstily gobbled her seething, juicing pit, heard Vibha's low humming moans and grunts, felt the woman's fingernails biting into the flesh of her thighs and buttocks, and it all whipped her lust into a more fiery whirl. Her fingers found Vibha's bobbing head, and feathered her hair spastically, and grasped through to her scalp. She pulled Vibha's mouth into her juicy cunt, clamped Vibha's head in her bucking thighs and squeezed it, trying to bear the fierce intensity of the sensations that ripped through her quaking body. They were like one writhing, flipping, striving, whooping body, with Vibha's tongue stabbing her clasping wet furrow, and Reena rolling helplessly on her back, groaning the sweet torment of her fuck- joy at the ceiling. 

Reena knew she would come, any second now she would come, but she didn't want to, she wanted it to go on forever. " Ohhhh, make it last, chalney dey aur der tak chalney dey! Ohhhnnnn meri rAni ... Vibha ... Vibha oh Vibha unh! unhhhh! Ahhhhhgggg! Oh! hA.N  maen Aney vAli hUn,... ohhhhh maen chhutnay vAli hun--". Vibha had wanted to go on forever too, but when she sensed Reena was close she went for the hard burning berry of Reena's clit, and nearly swallowed it. Reena exploded. She screamed and knew she was dying. "UNNNEEEEE! OHHHH! AIIEEEEE!" she screeched, her body roasted and pulverized by hot clenching spasms. Her climax ripped her apart, tore at every tender raw nerve, and she lay burning and shuddering and sobbing uncontrollably as it wrenched her with shock after shock. 

Vibha then pulled Reenas face into her own long red wet gash of cunt, whose head filled with the thick musky odors of Vibha's overflowing cunt juice. Surprised that the power of her still-throbbing orgasm had done nothing to diminish her desire, Reena felt the hot blood beating behind her eyes, in her eardrums, and stared with fascination at the lovely glistening red wound that blossomed in readiness for her kiss. Reena licked the puffy slick cunt lips on each side of the gaping red hole in the center, and Vibha's hips suddenly flipped into quick bucking motions, her ass wriggling, her thigh muscles flexing as she groaned and whinnied, digging her frenzied fingers into the rumpled sheet. "Aauunngghh ... uunngg!" she grunted. "tej. Do it fast. Hard! Zor se..tej kar! Oh hA.NNNNN, aisey hi, agggghh!" 

Vibha's splayed pussy was shiny with juice, her cunt lips swollen and engorged with hot blood. Her hips rose and flipped and bounced so spasmodically that Reena could hardly get her mouth on the lovely creaming slit. Still, she pressed her face into it and jabbed her tongue deep into the tangy clasping channel, poking and piercing and tongue-fucking the woman for all she was worth, slurping and gobbling the juicy feast of Vibha's sizzling pussy. She dug and rooted in Vibha's slimy, delicious trench with her tongue, bringing gargled yelps of joy from Vibha's passion-clotted throat. The mewling and whimpering sounds Vibha made, and the helpless rolling and writhing of her lovely body, jacked up Reena's giddy lust to higher and higher levels. Moaning and humming with crazy seething hunger, she devoured Vibha's shimmering red gash, licking the delectable mushy wet folds from top to bottom, sucking the swollen vulva between her lips, lip-mauling Vibha's clenching, juice-streaming pit, and tongue-jabbing the woman to death, sucking the pulsating wet string of the girl's distended clitoris till Vibha screamed and thrashed wildly, her hips bucking and surging, her body tensing and flexing and flashing toward her orgasm.

"Unnnn ... nnuuunnnnn," Vibha groaned, demented with frenzied need. Reena sucked and tongue-raped the woman's flooding tasty pussy, thirstily swallowing the buttery juices, reeling as she inhaled the thick odors, but it was all she could do to hold the flipping, squirming girl down. Though small, Vibha was strong, and her hips quivered and bucked off the sofa, flinging her cunt up into Reena's rapacious mouth. Reena grasped at Vibha's flexing thighs, at the gyrating bones of her flipping, jerking pelvis, trying to hold her steady. She dug her fingers into Vibha's round clenching buttocks, and Vibha whooped with joy. "Hai rabbA hA.NNNNN !" she hissed through her teeth. "nicho.D Dal mujhe, meri gAnD dabA, merey mumme nicho.D! Aauunnnnnnn!" Her strong thighs clamped Reena's head tightly in her wet crotch. She wheezed and pumped, ground her pussy into Reena's mouth, and Reena slid her hands up to the girl's rolling hard-nippled breasts and caught them and squeezed them, hanging on as if she were only there for the ride, her lips tightly fastened around the slick swollen nub of Vibha's clit, as Vibha began to come in great rolling waves of spasming honey shocks. "Ohh! Ohh!" Vibha half-screamed. Her body was a fury of wrenching, undulating tremors. "YAIIIEEEEE! UNH! YAIIIEEEEE!" she screamed, coming and coming with terrifying, murderous intensity. Vibha moaned and writhed and came forever, it seemed, but Reena hung on to her, burying her tongue in the hot creaming depths of her friends come-shattered pussy, milking delightful hot throbs out of Vibha's swollen aching breasts with her hands. When the shocks subsided, Vibha was still gasping, her lovely face torn with the beautiful agony of her climax.


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