Marriane's Day

Sometimes everyday life just becomes a monotonous routine and you just slog through it one day at a time. You know when you are going to be having a good time or a hard time and what's gonna happen during that time. You know not to expect surprises or miracles during those times. If, during this phase of life, something out of the ordinary does happen it really hits you as totally unexpected.

Something of this sort just happened to me, something totally unexpected and unbelievably surprising. My name is Peter Brown and I am a happily married man of 31. My wife, Marriane, is 27 and we have been married for 3 years now.

Marriane is 5' 2" tall and a beautiful brunette with shoulder length hair, dark black eyes and snow white skin. She has a couple of good sized soft round breasts with really cute perky nipples that become hard and erect when she's in heat. Her body is like that of a goddess, with long and perfectly shaped legs, thanks largely to the gym she goes to regularly. She is totally nuts about having a figure to die for, and I can't say that she's failing in achieving that goal. In short, on first sight you could mistake her for a super model.

Marriane and I met when I was 27 and she 23. I worked in a law firm as an attorney back then, and I still do, though in a different firm. At that time Marriane's brother had been arrested on the charges of vehicle theft, and because of that she made several trips to our firm. I was handling her brother's case, and it was love at first sight, well, at least for me. Her brother got off very lightly, largely due to my personal efforts.

Anyway, on to our love life, of which there isn't much to mention at the present, but it wasn't always that way.

I asked her out for a dinner date and we made love that very night, a night which I will always treasure. It was the start of something really special. Despite our ages we were both reasonably young and inexperienced in matters of sex, but together we had a great love life.

I remember Marriane during that time as the hottest lady in bed one could ever imagine. She used to scream and squeal like anything during our love making. I was always the first one to get tired and zonk out. The sex gradually cooled down with the passage of time, and eventually faded away into a sort of nothingness. On the few, and really rare, occasions that we do have sex now it's quite tame, and almost like fulfilling a duty.

Marriane has never been into oral sex, and I can't remember the last time she gave me a blowjob. On a few rare occasions, and that also at the start of our marriage, Marriane has allowed me to eat her pussy. I was sometimes able to bring her to orgasm that way, but not always.

Marriane comes from a very close knit family, and her soul has all the virtues of love and togetherness filled to the brim. That is, I am sure, why she has never been unfaithful to me. Otherwise, given her passionate nature, my relatively small cock, my lack of skill with it, and especially the recent lack of sex between us, she most surely would have been tempted. There is no way that I can have been satisfying her womanly desires fully.

Marriane loves to have her friends come over, loves to chat and gossip with them. Other than that she is happy to be a good and loyal housewife, doing the daily chores and maintaining the house as if it was something really special. We generally have a party at least once a month just to enjoy the company of our friends and dear ones.

My friends envy me because of my beautiful wife, and on more than one occasion nearly all of them have tried to make a move on her, but she has always ignored their remarks and moves. Actually, I guess it would be fair to say that my wife thinks my friends are the scum of the earth, and considers herself way above them, especially Jerry and Mark.

Mark is my colleague at the law firm, while I met Jerry because he was Mark's friend. Jerry works as a physical trainer in a renowned health organization. Mark and Jerry are both a couple of really hot wired guys, always talking about girls, sex, money, and stuff, and when I am in the mood I really enjoy their company.

You can begin to see why Marriane despises Mark and Jerry so much. Being full of kink and sin is one thing, but influencing me, her husband, with such qualities is quite another. She always tries to persuade me to avoid them as much as possible. Whenever Mark and Jerry are around the house Marriane walks around as if she's a Queen. She has an air of arrogance, and she pounces on any opportunity to be rude and unfriendly with them. Both Mark and Jerry call Marriane the 'stuck up bitch' behind her back.

Jerry is 30, and one of the fittest males I have ever met, with a 6' 2" frame and an incredibly muscular body. Mark isn't that far behind, and at 32 he's in pretty good shape himself though a bit smaller in height. Mark also has a particularly well built chest and biceps. Both of them are way ahead me in the race of being physically fit.

Both of them love to talk dirty and of their recent conquests in seducing various ladies, some of them being the wives of my own friends. At least once or twice a week Mark and Jerry come over and we have a lot of fun drinking beers and watching a game of baseball or basketball on TV. If Marriane isn't around then we really blast off, making jokes and talking in loud voices and sometimes even calling some girls Mark and Jerry know, just to tease them and talk dirty over the phone.

On one of those occasions they pulled out a pair of pictures they had in their wallets. The pictures were almost identical, and I wouldn't be surprised if they were taken at about the same time. Each of them was sitting naked on the edge of a bed, with a very pretty blonde on her knees with her head between his legs. You could easily see that each girl was sucking the end of a cock. I couldn't tell how much was inside each blonde's mouth but, from the part I could see, Mark's cock looked like it must be at least seven inches long and reasonably thick. Jerry was clearly even better hung than Mark, his cock being very thick, with what looked like an incredible eight or more inches still exposed.

This week Mark and Jerry came by on Sunday at about 10 AM and, since Marriane had gone out in the car to do some shopping, we really started to get into the act. Mark had brought the beer and Jerry had brought a couple of porno flicks. I was quite surprised and somewhat worried when Jerry told me about the movies, since I knew Marriane could come back and catch us in the act.

Jerry just thumped my back and said, "Come on buddy, be a man and have some good ol' fun for once."

I told them, "I am a man, and I don't have to prove it by watching some dumb porno flick."

Mark chimed in with, "Yeah, sure, if you're a real man you can prove that by giving that ice princess of yours a good humping while letting us watch."

That made both Jerry and me crack up since I knew Marriane would never let these two dum dums even have a good view of her cleavage, let alone show off any of her really interesting wares.

Anyway, after some prodding and poking by both of them the show was put on and the beer passed around. The film featured a beautiful brunette with an innocent face married to a wimp of a husband who couldn't satisfy her with his puny dick. As the film moves on, the housewife finds an opportunity to get screwed by her hubby's best friend and a couple of his buddies. I soon realized that Mark and Jerry had chosen that porno specifically, and that they must be thinking about Marriane and me, and more particularly about Marriane and themselves.

As the first man in the flick was shoving his huge cock deep inside the wet and tight pussy of the housewife, I caught both Mark and Jerry looking at the reaction on my face. At first I was feeling quite uptight with their nerve, but as the view focused on the wife's face and the passion written on it, then back to the stud's thick and rigid cock pounding away again and again deep into her horny twat, I started to feel a strange tingling in my loins.

As the cock came in and out of the pussy I could clearly see that it was well lubricated by now from the vaginal juices of the housewife. Some of those juices were dribbling down onto her ass making it gleam as the light fell on it. The woman's eyes were wide open and her mouth was open and she was taking in short, quick, raspy breaths in rhythm with the cock plunging in and out of her pussy.

In between her gasps as she came and as the stud rammed his cock deep into her pussy time and again she managed to blurt out, "Ooo YE-ESSSSS YESSSSSS ohhh G-GOD unghh S-S-SOO G-GOOD OOHHH OHHHHH P-P-PLEASE DON'T S-STOP OOOOOO AAAAAHHHHH F-FUCK M-M-ME FUCK MEEEEEEE."

By now I had a raging hard on which was quite visible and I could hear Mark and Jerry chuckling away quietly. It wasn't because I hadn't had sex for quite some time; rather it was the simple fact of the beautiful and innocent looking housewife in the film cheating on her husband behind his back and loving every moment of it.

Then something happened that I could never have imagined. As I saw the housewife's legs wrapped tightly around the stud's back and heard the sounds of the bed creaking each time the man drove his cock deep into her pussy making her gasp with pleasure, the face of my beautiful wife Marriane flashed through my mind. The thought of her getting royally fucked by another well hung man made my heart skip a beat.

Just the thought of my ever so faithful wife getting her lovely tender and tight pussy creamed by a huge cock deep inside her pounding away ferociously, making her squeal with ecstasy as she cums again and again, made me come close to an orgasm myself. I knew that if I kept this up I'd cum without even touching my cock and that is exactly what happened. The man in the flick gave the married cheating pussy a few final deep pelvic thrusts with his cock as he came deep inside it, the wife screamed with the pleasure of another mind boggling orgasm, and I creamed in my pants.

Mark and Jerry were laughing their heads off by now looking at the growing stain on my crotch. Not only was I feeling embarrassed with the situation, but my mind was going through all sort of mixed up emotions of lust, confusion and shame at having thought about my beautiful wife in such a way.

Jerry said, "Hey, man, tell us the truth. Didn'tcha think about Marriane getting serviced like the way this bitch was getting it deep inside her pussy?"

I pretended to be quite upset with Jerry and said, "What, are you crazy or something, Jerry? I would never think of Marriane in such a way and for your information I just thought the scene was very hot, so..... I guess I jacked off."

"But, Pete, you din't even touch yer cock, man," Mark said laughing.

Trying to find an excuse I said, "It's just that I haven't watched a porno for a long time."

"Yeah, right," said Jerry.

Trying to change the subject I told Mark to put on the other movie.

Mark chuckled and said, "Sure thing, Pete."

The movie started, but it was just another regular fuck and suck flick and I soon lost interest in it. I excused myself to go to the bathroom to change my pants. As I was coming back down the hallway I heard the distinctive screech of what could only be Marriane's voice coming from the living room. She must have just come in and found Mark and Jerry sitting on the sofa watching the porno flick.

I entered the living room with the feeling of impending doom, and there was Marriane as I had seen her many times when she was mad, only this time she had totally lost it. She was screaming like hell, and standing face to face with Mark and Jerry who didn't seem to know what to do about it.


Marriane's face was red and her eyes full of disgust as she was waving and pointing while scolding my 2 friends like a couple of school kids.

"And where is that worthless husband of mine? The nerve of him! I'm sure he must have been watching with keen interest alongside you two wankers."

It's strange, but whenever Marriane gets angry she looks really sexy with that cute little nose of hers twitching and those luscious lips moving up and down releasing obscenities. She was wearing a cute frilly sort of a casual white dress with red roses and green leaves all over it. The dress only reached down to mid thigh so that her gorgeous legs were tantalizingly displayed. We could all see that she was wearing a white bra beneath the dress, and I guessed the panties must be white too, because that's the way she likes it. She was looking like a goddess standing there in sandals with her hands on hips. Whenever she moved her silky black hair would bounce up and down, and her full breasts would sway to and fro.

"Hi, honey," I said sheepishly, knowing full well what was about to come.

She turned around and shouted, "Hi honey, my ass, you fucking pervert."

Like I said, Marriane does spew out obscenities when she's mad, but rarely have I heard her say "fuck", and never when anyone else was around.

"How the damn hell could you have done this, Peter, sitting here like a pervert with your fucked up friends watching pornos?"

I could see that Mark and Jerry were getting fed up with all this verbal abuse, and Jerry said, "Hey you should watch your tongue Marriane. I mean, sure, we did something wrong but like, hey, we are sorry. It won't happen again."

If Marriane was angry before, she completely lost it after hearing this and walked straight up to Jerry and slapped him hard across his face making him wince with pain.

"This is my fucking house and I'm gonna do whatever I want and I don't want your fucking opinion."

Mark was looking surprised, and a bit angry, too, at seeing his friend being slapped. He just managed to say, "Hey..." before he too had a burning cheek with a red mark after the distinct sound of "SLAP."

The porno was still running and a cute little blonde was getting her brains fucked out by another well hung dude.

The blonde screamed "AAAAHH OOOHHH ! YESSS....YESSS ! FUCK MEE F-FUCK M-M-MEEEE..." as the huge cock pounded away into her tight little pussy.

That was enough to divert Marriane's attention to the TV screen and she kept silent for a few moments watching the girl squeal with ecstasy as she came. When the guy in the movie took out the whole of his extremely big cock from the freshly creamed and wet twat I saw a look of surprise cross Marriane's face. It was quite obvious that she had never seen such an excellent specimen of a cock before.

Mark and Jerry were watching Marriane's reaction with great interest and the both of them seemed to be thinking something quite fast. I, too, was quite surprised at Marriane's sudden interest in the movie. She had completely forgotten about continuing her scolding and shouting.

As the scene moved on to another couple locked in passionate lovemaking, Marriane continued to watch it with keen interest. Marriane's eyes were wide open as she watched the girl with auburn hair in the film getting her pussy rammed again and again by an erect cock that was long and thick. I noticed Marriane's breathing had picked up a little.

"You like that, don't you?" Jerry said with a devilish grin.

Marriane didn't say a word, but just walked over to the sofa and sat down slowly. I couldn't believe it, my wife, my sweet and ever so loyal Marriane, was enjoying watching a porno film. Mark and Jerry looked at each other then slowly walked towards Marriane and sat down on either side of her. She ignored them, and was sitting there breathing deeply. I watched speechlessly as Jerry slowly moved his hand onto Marriane's naked thigh and gently started rubbing it in a slow teasing motion. Mark followed suite and placed his hand on her other thigh.

Surely, I thought, Marriane is going to strike out angrily any time now, but she just kept her eyes fixed on the pussy and the cock in the film. Jerry now hiked up Marriane's dress a bit exposing part of her white panties. Mark moved his hand up to her breasts, and before long he was squeezing and fondling them at will. Still Marriane kept quite still, her eyes locked on the screen.

Jerry was massaging her thigh moving closer to her panties and I watched in complete amazement as Marriane opened up her legs a bit making it more convenient for Jerry. I was suddenly aware of a very hard and almost painful erection that was cramping my pants.

Mark was now nuzzling into Marriane's neck, kissing it every now and then. Marriane just sighed and closed her eyes, tilting her head towards Mark. Mark kissed her below the chin and then on the chin, then as Marriane parted her lips he flicked out his tongue and licked her lower lip before enveloping it with his lips. It was the sexiest kiss I had ever seen, with Marriane's slightly lipstick covered luscious lips moving slowly as Mark's mouth ravaged them as if he were drinking honey from her.

"Smakkk, sluuurpp, mmmmm......(sigh)."

From the actions of their cheeks I could see that their tongues must be probing deep into each other's mouths. Marriane slowly fell back on the sofa behind where Jerry was sitting, with Mark following her down, still kissing her. She was flat on her back with Jerry's hand on her panties and Mark's rubbing her naked tummy beneath the dress as he continued to kiss her.

Jerry now pushed Marriane's dress up to her neck while she and Mark continued to kiss deeply. Jerry squeezed her breast briefly through her bra, then began to kiss and bite it. She moaned, and started moving her pelvis up and down against Mark's body. Jerry slipped his hand under her back and unhooked her bra, then slid his hand up under it to stroke her breast and explore her hard nipple. Mark was still ferociously kissing her lips and nose and Marriane was responding hotly as she placed her hand behind his head, pulling him tight against her. Damn! It was the longest and sexiest kiss imaginable.

Without taking out my cock I had started rubbing my crotch feverishly with my hand. I watched mesmerized as Mark slid the hand he had on her belly down inside her panties, and began to rub her pussy. Marriane's moans turned into wails, and her pelvis was now jerking violently up and down.

Finally Mark pulled away from her lips and started sliding down her body, kissing her chest and belly as he went. That left the field wide open for Jerry, who hiked up her bra towards her neck to join her bundled up dress. In fact her mouth and lower face were covered by her clothes, so I could just see her eyes, which were staring wildly into space. But Jerry's attention was focussed on her breasts, and he attacked them with his mouth, licking all around each nipple and then sucking it deep into his mouth.

Meanwhile Mark's kisses had reached her belly button, and she had begun moaning, "Yes, yes, more, more!"

Mark was more than happy to oblige, and in one swift move pulled down her panties exposing her shaved pussy. Now Marriane always tries to keep her pussy free of hair, as she once told me that she gets itchy while exercising in the gym if there is any hair down there. Mark's jaw dropped at the sight of the freshly shaved pussy and I must admit it was a very sexy sight to behold.

But he didn't stare for long, quickly moving his face towards her pussy and making direct contact with his tongue, resulting in an, "OoOHH!" from Marriane as her body shivered.

Mark continued to eat her pussy as Jerry kissed her ripe breasts and nibbled on her perky nipples, which I couldn't help noticing had shot straight out and seemed to be very firm and hard. Marriane was pounding her pussy into Mark's face as he continued with his vigorous licking.

"OH ! OH ! OH !" she was moaning with pleasure.

I stood there in total disbelief watching my sweet wife approach an orgasm. Marriane had never approved of oral sex, as I have mentioned before, and even on the few occasions that she did do it I had rarely seen her climax. But she was clearly loving this session, courtesy of my two close friends. She was thrusting her hips wildly into Mark's face now, which I could see was quite wet with her vaginal juices.

"OOOOHHHH" she moaned much louder this time and a moment later "Y-Y-YESSS ! YES ! YESSSS.......OOOHH G-GOD I-I'M C-C-CUMMING YESSSS!!!"

As soon as she had calmed down a bit Mark pulled his face away, and she moaned, "D-Don't stop! Why did you stop? PLEASE....."

But Mark had other plans. I watched him undo his zipper and pull down his jeans, releasing that oversized cock of his. It was rigid as a pole, and the knob was purple red with excitement, giving it an almost angry looking appearance.

Marriane gasped at the size of Mark's cock. It was at least as big as any of the cocks she had been drooling over in the porn film. Mark put his hands on Marriane's knees and slowly vaulted himself up over her. Jerry moved away from her, and he, like me and Marriane herself, watched with deep concentration as the stiff cock approached my wife's beautifully wet and shaved twat.

It took me a moment to register the fact that Mark was going to fuck Marriane. My loving, innocent Marriane who had been a virgin when I married her and who had never seen, let alone touched, another man's cock other than mine. She was going to get fucked by one of my best friends right here in our house on our sofa.

I knew I should have done something to stop this from happening but I just stood there in shock and lust unable to move; confused but sexually aroused to a degree I never had been before.

The head of Mark's cock made contact with Marriane's throbbing tight pussy. She kept still, very still, passion and apprehension written all over her beautiful face. Mark rubbed his dick up and down her molten pussy a few times before he pushed in slowly.

I could see that Marriane's panties hung on the ankle of her right leg and she still had her sandals on with her legs sticking up in the air and her toes tightly curled. Mark's shaft was so much thicker than mine that I wondered how much trouble he would have getting it in, but the answer was none at all. Her slimy cunt was more than ready for it, and he just kept sliding it in and in. God, but it was long!

I don't know when, but I had taken out my hard cock and I was stroking it ferociously with my hand. Mark kept pushing in and Marriane was thrashing her head from side to side, the veins in her neck clearly visible with her teeth clenched tightly. With one last forceful plunge he plowed the final two inches into her tight pussy.

Marriane came right then and there so strongly that I took a step back in surprise. Mark didn't move a muscle. He just kept still as Marriane came and came. She had wrapped her legs tightly around his back and clenched the sofa so hard with her fingers that her knuckles had gone white. Her whole body tensed as she experienced the most pleasurable orgasm of her life. There she was, my Marriane, with her lips parted and eyes wide open and glassy.

I knew she was cumming even though she wasn't uttering a word. She literally couldn't because of the sheer force and pleasure of the orgasm. All she could manage in the final moments of a long and hard orgasm was to twitch her nose and groan, "HNNNGHHH."

Then Mark really started to get into the act. At first he drove his cock slowly in and out of her oh so creamy and tight pussy, making her squeal with delight. Gradually he picked up his pace pumping faster and faster, in and out, in and out of her horny twat.

Mark was really in rhythm now and pounding away into Marriane's wet tender pussy at a rapid pace. Before lurching onto another spasmodic orgasm that shook her whole body Marriane looked me directly in the eyes as Mark kept ramming away into her. Her pupils were dilated and she was panting and sucking in air at a rapid pace. Her face was flushed and her whole body was covered in sweat.


I couldn't believe what was happening. I was looking right into my wife's beautiful eyes as her pussy was getting pounded relentlessly by one of my best friends. Here was my decent wife who loved her family and hated my kinky friends getting her brains fucked out by Mark who she had always considered to be a pervert and with whom she was mad as hell less than an hour ago.

I don't think Mark even knew I was there. He just kept pounding harder and harder into Marriane's cunt, and it wasn't long before she was wracked in yet another mind blowing orgasm. This time she was screaming and squealing with ecstasy.


I jacked off right then simultaneously with Marriane's climax, shooting cum all over the carpet. My hand was a blur rapidly moving up and down on my leaking cock. She obviously triggered Mark's climax at the same time, because he was gasping and grunting and jerking, but now keeping his cock fully implanted at its maximum depth in her cunt. Eventually he pulled his softening prick out of her, and she gasped and flopped her head back as her orgasm gradually passed away.

But of course the show was not over yet. As Mark pulled away from her, Jerry dropped his pants, stepped up close to her face, and in an almost demanding voice said, "Marriane."

She opened her eyes to look at him and gasped, her eyes becoming saucers. Jerry had the thickest and longest cock you can imagine, hard and erect. From the picture I had guessed his cock had to be more than 8 inches long, but up close I swear it looked like nearly a foot. And thick! This monster was the size of a very large cucumber.

Jerry slipped between Marriane's legs and let the tip of his shaft touch her pussy. She shuddered and moaned, "Ohhh, Ohhh, Ohhh."

"You want it in you, you really want it in you, don't you?" he hissed.

She seemed incapable of forming words, but she grabbed his neck, pulled his face down to hers, and started kissing him wildly. Meanwhile her ass was moving up and down, shoving her slimy hole against his giant cock head. That was all the answer he needed, and he started working his amazing tool into her.

Despite the reaming Marriane had just gotten from Mark, it was obvious that Jerry was having difficulty in entering her pussy. As soon as the huge head of his cock disappeared into my sweet little housewife's shaved cunt I heard her gasp loudly, almost as if in surprise. Then as he began to inch that obscene member into her she began to scream, probably in a combination of pain and passion.

She spread her knees as far apart as possible in an attempt to open herself up wider, and that gave me a perfect view of the nine inches of Jerry's cock that were still exposed. HOLY SHIT! I could see her pussy wrapped ever so tightly around that thick cock. Maybe I was imagining things, but I swear I could see her pussy throbbing and moving around Jerry's cock as he kept shoving it in further. He would slowly move out half an inch, in an inch, out half an inch, in an inch, working his way deeper and deeper into her.

Yes, there was no doubt of it. She was cumming and cumming. Every time he pulled back a bit cum oozed out of her pussy and dribbled onto her buttocks and the sofa making a large wet spot. I don't know how she took it all, but finally there she was, her tender pussy stretched beyond limits. Even her lower stomach seemed to bulge out a bit with the size of Jerry's cock deep, deep, within her.

He just held it there motionless while she continued to cum, jerking and grunting in her passion. Finally she calmed down enough to whisper, "Do it, Jerry, do it NOW!"

Slowly he began pulling that incredible weapon out of her, until he had exposed about 6 inches of it, then he rammed it home again. Just one stroke, and she was over the top again. Once again he paused and let her calm down. Then he did it again. Over and over this happened, 7 inches out, SLAM; 8 inches out, SLAM; 9 inches out, SLAM; and her climaxes just seemed to keep getting bigger and bigger. This was beginning to look like a marathon. It was definitely not going to end any time soon.

I noticed that Marriane's mouth and pussy were looking pretty much alike, shaped in an 'O'. The tissues of her clit were clinging onto Jerry's thick cock and stretched out whenever his cock came out after a deep plunge within her twat. Marriane was looking Jerry straight in the eyes with a look which could only be described as worshipful. His strokes were coming a little faster now, and she was cumming continuously. She was shouting hysterically with sheer excitement, and I thought surely the neighbors must hear her.

But Jerry kept pounding away into her horny pussy never missing a stroke, his balls making a loud noise slapping Marriane's cum soaked ass each time he plunged in. The walls of her vagina had obviously become so distended by now, and the end of it so ballooned, that he no longer had any problem moving freely within her. Partly for the same reason, I am sure, plus the exhaustion she must have been feeling after an hour or more of hard fucking with uncounted climaxes, she seemed to have stopped cumming. Not that she had stopped being wildly enthusiastic about the action; she was still making primitive noises and encouraging him on.


Jerry had leaned forward and was kissing Marriane passionately and at the same time pounding away deep into her. Marriane was moving her hips in tune with Jerry's thrusts while her legs were locked around his back. Jerry was obviously quite skilled with his cock and he was slowly bringing her back to yet another peak of excitement.

And now, at long last, I could see that he was nearing an orgasm himself as his rhythm broke slightly and his thrusts were starting to vary. Suddenly his whole body lurched forward, driving his cock to the deepest confines of Marriane's vagina as he started to cum. His face was a mask of passion as he kept shooting cum deep into her stretched pussy. I had been pumping my own cock furiously, and I echoed Jerry's action, shooting my cum across the living room toward them.

As Jerry's cum kept pouring into Marriane's belly she squealed like a baby, and hit yet another orgasm.


Jerry groaned and with one final thrust he delivered the last drops of his cum into the pulsating pussy of my well fucked wife. Marriane gasped and lay quite still as Jerry shuddered and fell on top of her, spent and motionless.

He lay there for a moment before Mark pushed him aside, making Marriane gasp as her pussy lost the warmth of Jerry's huge throbbing cock for the first time in an hour. There was a loud 'PLOP' as Jerry's cock exited Marriane's freshly ravaged love hole.

Mark then grabbed Marriane's legs and in one swift motion drove his fully recharged cock once again into her cavernous twat. He started pounding into her, but I guess they both must have been hoping for more stimulation than her slimy and distended pussy could provide, because they switched their leg positions, with her legs together and him straddling them. Then he set up a rapid pace into Marriane's hot pussy, and she was responding like a wild cat, scratching his back and lifting her ass completely off the sofa to meet him each time he drove his cock into her.

He grabbed her hands and pinned them above her head as he started growling and pumping even faster. It couldn't have been more than five minutes altogether before he was unloading deep in her cunt. As his cum poured into her she climaxed again, shaking and shuddering as if she was out in the cold on a winter night.

Just as quickly as Mark had penetrated her pussy, he pulled his cock out of it, and in less than a minute both he and Jerry were dressed and out of the house without uttering another word.

I sank down on the floor next to Marriane's face, looking her in the eyes as she looked back at me with a nearly blank face that had a hint of satisfaction written on it. She had spread eagled her legs again, and I could see that where there had been a clean, tight, shaved pussy when this all started, there was now a gaping hole with cum all over it, running down off her body onto the sofa. Just beside her buttocks there was a huge wet stain on the sofa.

How long had it been, I wondered. I glanced at my watch and was amazed to see that it was after two o'clock. I tried to think back. I didn't really know what time Marriane had gotten home, but it was not long after we started the second porn film. The guys had gotten there about ten, and the first movie couldn't have been more than ninety minutes. That meant she had to have been home before noon, which was well over two hours ago! She'd been fucking without stopping for at least two hours!

After a few moments of silence she got up with some difficulty and gingerly walked off to the bathroom with her panties still dragging from the ankle of her right leg. I noticed that she wasn't walking normally, but instead rather bowlegged. I guessed that with the abuse her pussy had gone through today she would be sore for a week.

Well, that's it really. We had a long talk that afternoon and Marriane told me, while sobbing away uncontrollably, that she had lost control over herself badly and that she had never felt so ashamed and embarrassed with what she had done, and that she wanted to forget the events of this day as though nothing had happened. Then she apologized for being unfaithful to me and asked me to forgive her.

I said it was OK, and that it was my fault, too, for letting things get out of hand. But then I stuck my foot in it.

"I should have stopped Mark and Jerry before it was too late. It's just that when I saw you enjoying yourself so much getting screwed with those huge cocks in your pussy, I just lost control of myself as well, and wanted it to go on and on."

I knew I had said something wrong, because after a pause ..... SLAP.


About 7 o'clock that night Marriane told me she was dead tired, and she was going to turn in early. It's no wonder, after what she had been through! She ended up sleeping like a log for 12 hours straight. I spent the evening writing up everything that had happened that day, while it was still fresh in my mind, and you've just finished reading it.

I was right about how sore she was going to be. It's now six days later, and she has been walking around gingerly all week. And for the first few nights she told me she was sorry, but she was kind of afraid to sleep with me. She knew I wouldn't intentionally do anything to hurt her, but I might accidentally bump against her in the bed, and she was really very tender.

On Wednesday she finally let me sleep in my own bed again, but she certainly didn't make any moves to be romantic, and I knew better than to push it. That all changed last night, Friday night. As soon as we were both in bed she snuggled up against me and started kissing me. I figured it wouldn't hurt to play with her boobs a bit, and sure enough she seemed to love that. Before I knew it she had pulled her nightgown up and was asking me to kiss her nipples. That was really turning her on, and I could feel her pelvis starting to move back and forth and push against me.

"What the hell," I thought, and moved my hand down to her belly. Her pelvis was really setting up a rhythm now, so I slid my hand down to her slit. I slipped a finger between her pussy lips and was shocked by how wet she was. Not just wet, but slimy wet. I couldn't stop myself. I just had to get my finger into her fuck hole.

Once I got there she started moaning, "More, more", and indeed it seemed that one finger wasn't going to be enough. So I added a second, and then a third, and I couldn't believe how big her hole was. Soon I was ramming all four fingers up into her love canal as far as I could reach.

I'd been sucking her tits vigorously during all this, but now I pulled my mouth away and said, "Honey, I want to make love!"

"Yes, yes," she said, shuddering with passion.

Needless to say, I was more than ready, so I quickly stripped off my PJs and climbed on top of her. What a difference from the last time I had fucked her! Her tight little hole had turned into a big sloppy tube. But I wanted it bad, so I started pumping into her. I was able to get some friction by shifting from side to side, and after about five minutes I built up to a climax.

It sure wasn't the hottest sex we had ever had, but it did give me some relief. Unfortunately I think that, weak as it was for me, it was a lot less than that for her. When I came she just gave a little whimper, then kissed me tenderly.

This morning she was extremely moody. And bitchy. And antsy. I'm sure she didn't mean it, but she was making the house a living hell for me. She was yelling at me for everything I did and for everything I didn't do. In between yelling spells she was pacing the floor, or going into the bedroom and slamming the door. Then she'd come out later with her eyes red.

By noon time I was frantically trying to come up with a good excuse to get out of there. But she solved the problem for me by announcing after lunch that she had to get out of the house, and was going to go for a drive. Boy was that a relief!

She was gone for about three hours, and I managed to get the lawn mowed and some chores done around the place. When she came back she was a different woman, She was calm, and quiet, and smiling all the time. She fixed dinner for me, and we chatted over the meal.

Once she had taken the dishes out to the kitchen she came back and announced that she thought they could wait until morning. In fact, she said, she was dead tired, and was going to go to bed early. She hoped I wouldn't mind staying up by myself.

Suddenly it all came together. Out for a drive; gone for three hours; calm and happy when she got back; dead tired; going to bed early. I knew without a doubt where she had gone. I was feeling terribly jealous and lonely, but who could blame her? She had tried with me last night, but it had been nothing. And that after the mind blowing, world changing, experience she had been through a week ago. She had said that she was going to forget that it had ever happened, but I should have known that was impossible. She would never, ever, forget that Sunday, and for the rest of her life she would ache to experience something like it again.

Thinking about that I slowly came to realize something else. She wasn't the only one who had loved last Sunday and would never forget it. Hell, I had come three times while the guys were here, and watching her was the hottest thing I had ever done in my life. Last night was nothing in comparison. And today ... if I had known where she was while she was out it would have been one of the longest and most agonizing three hour periods of my life.

I promptly cooked up a plot. Tomorrow morning I would tell her that I wanted to invite Mark and Jerry over. I can just imagine her face turning white as a sheet as she pleads with me not to do it. But I'll bet I can convince her to change her mind. And if I do ... OH, YESS!!