The stories you will find here are not, strictly speaking, mine. They are all based on something I have read, but felt moved to try to improve in one way or another. I have included original author information to the extent I have that, and pointers to the original text where it exists.
For a collection of stories which are original, see:

Sep 2010

(MF, swap, cheat, oral, anal)

8,000 words


I wish I knew who the original author was so I could ask for permission to use his work.

Ice Storm

A swapping experiment that doesn't go at all the way the four participants expected it to go.

I found a version of this story on a very disreputable site - one of those where they steal stories, strip off author information and make them available for "free", along with payloads that they try to slip onto your computer without you noticing. Because of that I refuse to tell you where I got it, and I am unable to tell you who wrote it. That latter is a real shame, because this was a very well written story.

My only disappointment was an ending that I considered to be weak. As sometimes happens, I set about trying to remedy that, and aproximately doubled the length of the story. Looking at what I wrote I can see that I didn't come anywhere close to the first author's literary style, so I have broken it into an original chapter, where I made only minor editorial changes, and an added chapter. You will discover that the sexual activity is muted in Chapter 1, and goes into overdive in Chapter 2. That, however, is due less to change of author than to the state of affairs I was given to work with.


Jul 2008

(MF, size, Fsolo, toys)

3,700 words


A sequel, only the characters are borrowed

Born Again

A woman who has just discovered she is a horny slut struggles with her new passions and how she should deal with her husband.

Writers of erotic stories often, quite intentionally, try to leave their readers fantasizing about what might happen next in the lives of the characters they have been reading about. I've had those fantasies many times after reading a story that really turned me on, and on a few occasions I have even written down my "after that" fantasy. This is one of those occasions; I hope the original author doesn't mind.

The inspiration for this story is one published by "MillerTime" in the Kristen Archives. His story, that he called "Wanna Bet." was written from the husband's perspective. This is the wife's view.


Jan 2008

(MF, wife, wl, swap)

13,900 words


Published with permission of original author

Seduction by Story

A single man tricks a married woman into re-enacting a seduction story with him in front of her husband. The time they spend together revs up her sexual appetite and changes her marriage dramatically.

The original version of this story was published by Scorpio00155 at .

I found his description of the seduction one of the hottest I have ever read, and I have kept it with only minor changes. I was much less taken with the second half of the story as he told it, and have written an entirely different, and somewhat longer, conclusion.


Aug 2007

(MF, cheat, rom, slow)

14,700 words


Published with permission of original author

You Bet Your Wife

A shy young man tricks a couple into letting the wife spend a weekend with him, then slowly and romantically seduces her.

This was first posted in Jan 2007 on ASSTR by "Hungry Guy", but he has told me it was really one of his earliest stories. He made a few updates, including a change of location, before posting it as "You Bet Your Wife". The story as posted was set in New York City and New Jersey, but was filled with British terms that would never have been used by anyone living and working in the United States.

I Americanized the terms and the Gaelic names of the people, then started reworking the content. I kept the New Jersey section with few changes except for one rearrangement leading to a new scene at the end of that section. But I provided a different version of the "bet" part of the story, and I rewrote most of the ending, making it somewhat longer.


Aug 2007

(M+F, wife)

8,600 words


Unable to contact original author but authorship of chapters clearly noted in the text

A Promotion and a Bonus

A young wife finds her husband a terrible disappointment in bed, and discovers elsewhere what she is missing, while at the same time her husband discovers what he really wants.

The first half of this story was written by Kristen Kathleen Becker (yes, the Kristen) as "Consenting Adults". Her story was superbly written, and I loved it, but it ended on a downbeat note just when I hoped it would soar even higher. I have kept her story as Chapter 1, with only a few grammatical corrections I am sure she would approve of.

My contribution is a continuation of her story which I have provided as a second chapter.


Apr 2007

(M+F, mast, mc, voy, slut)

5,800 words


A couple is manipulated into a sexual lifestyle that neither of them would have previously dreamed of for themselves or each other.

This story has never, to my knowledge, been published before. It hardly fits in this group, since I am essentially the original and only author. I list it as a shared fantasy because several ideas for it were sent to me by a reader who wanted me to turn the ideas into one or more stories. I also list it here because it is not the sort of thing I would have ever written on my own. The reader appeared to be looking for stories involving a woman being raped by various men with her boyfriend's consent. I softened that somewhat, but I still wasn't completely comfortable with the result.

The reader who sent me the ideas was thrilled with what I produced, and perhaps others will also like it.


Oct 2006

(MF, voy, swap)

7,100 words


Unable to contact original author who was listed only as "anonymous"

Convincing our Wives

Two guys want to have a wife swapping session, but their wives will have nothing to do with it.

This story was inspired by one by an anonymous author that I found it in Kristen's Collection. It was called simply "Wife Swapping".

The original author's solution to the problem was to get both wives so drunk they didn't know who was fucking them. That struck me as about as much fun as fucking a blowup sex doll, so I came up with a very different solution. I have kept the first three sections of the original story, heavily edited, but the last 70% of the story as it appears here is my own.


Aug 2006

(MF, interr, size)

7,400 words


Unable to contact original author, no email provided

Hospice Care

A pretty blonde wife volunteers for a Hospice Care program to help ease the pain of a terminally ill black man. She does much more than she expected.

The version of this story I read was by "Dick Coxxx" in Kristen's Collection, "Hospice Care." The story had an interesting premise, and it started well. But I found the second half preposterous, as an uptight church-going lady quickly became a total slut with no apparent motivation.

I kept the first part with minor changes except for deleting a few paragraphs, then threw out all but a few phrases from the second half. My version is more than twice as long as the original.


Apr 2005

(M+F, wife, size)

7,400 words


Unable to contact original author, email no longer valid

Marriane's Day

A wife is seduced by two of her husband's buddies while he watches, incredulous. It is a life-changing event for her, and for him as well.

This story was posted in ASSTR by Arjun Mafaaz as "Just another day" . I found this story super hot, but the punctuation and run-on paragraphs bugged me. After I cleaned that up I felt it needed a number of other small tweaks, and one significant change in the order of events. Then I decided to add an epilog, which put a somewhat different cast on the story. Honestly, however, this one is still mostly Arjun's.


Apr 2005

(M+F, wl, swap)

5,100 words


Published with permission of original author

The Perfect Vacation

Two couples vacationing together become increasingly turned on by each other's spouses, until the inevitable happens.

Published by Mannydcamp in Kristen's collection as "Our First Swing" . The title seemed strange to me, since the couples involved didn't really (quite) have sex with anyone other than their spouses. I did like the premise and the way the story was written, but I wanted more. Thus, after some grammatical cleanup, I extended it by a couple of pages to become a real swapping story.