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Box of Delights

By Orion

It arrived through the post - a small, square package with an indistinct postmark and a typed address label. What fell out onto my desk when I opened the package looked like an amateurs idea of high-tech. It was a white plastic box, slightly bigger than a matchbox,and a thin wire coming from it with a small clip at it's end.

The box was totally featureless except for a small red LED. There was a typewritten sheet headed;

"Mind Controller: The Ultimate In Control"

Which contained some simple usage instructions and promised a lot - "Control any mind!! Exert your power!! Make any person obey your every command!!!"; (The writer was big on exclamation marks.)

It was obviously someones idea of a practical joke - I'd posted a story about mind control some weeks previously and this was the result - a package from a joker - although I was curious to know how they had obtained my address. Feeling slightly foolish I followed the instructions and attached the clip to my earlobe.

I smiled at the foolishness of my actions - If this thing had actually been genuine all I would have had to do now was find someone to control, no easy task when you work from home, the house is deserted and it's 9.30 on a Wednesday morning. I looked out of my office window (perhaps "office is too grand a description of a converted back-bedroom on the second floor) and caught sight of my neighbour, Mrs. Sparrow, hanging out her laundry in her back yard.

Mrs Sparrow is in her early 50's, greying, plump - certainly no-one's idea of a sex-goddess. She was reaching up to attach a pair of her large, unsexy panties onto the washing-line. I smiled as the thought came into my mind - "Drop your panties, Mrs Sparrow"

I gave a cry of surprise as the red light on the box winked on briefly. I looked back to the yard below where my neighbour was bending down to pick up the underwear that had fallen from her hand. Surely a coincidence! I wondered how I could test the power of the box.

"Touch your nipple!" Mrs Sparrow obediently put her hand to her breast.

"Rub it!" Her hand moved in small circles. I laughed out loud.

I had her in my power. What should I make her do? My mind went back to the previous weekend. I'd had a few of the boys over for a barbecue and, after a few beers too many, a couple of the guys had been too bushed to walk indoors and had peed in the flower beds. Mrs Sparrow had seen them and complained long and loud the next day - "Disgusting! Animals!" were two of her milder descriptions. Now for a little revenge.

The yard was paved and had high walls and a grating in the center - perfect!!!

"Your bladder is bursting. Feel how full it is." The red light flickered and a look of panic came over Mrs Sparrow's face. She clamped her legs together and pressed her hand to her crotch.

"You won't make it to the bathroom - you have to use the drain in the yard."

The grey-haired woman edged towards the grating, her legs pressed tightly together and a look of desperation on her face.

I watched as she frantically hoisted her skirt up. Her need was too urgent to allow her the time to remove her panties and I saw her yank the gusset to one side as she squatted over the drain. She was facing towards me and I had a good view of the spraying stream as she squatted, legs apart, over the grating. I could just make out her greying pubic hair. My cock was hard and begging for release. I unzipped and pulled it out, stroking it slowly as I watched my neighbour empty her bladder.

Soon she was finished - but I was just beginning! "Stand up! Pull your panties down to your knees!" The LED winked, the woman obeyed without hesitation.

"You are feeling incredibly horny! Your cunt is tingling, you have to touch yourself! Lift up your skirt, feel the air on your pussy! Now masturbate!!!"

And to my delight she did just that. Mrs Sparrow, my widowed, sour-faced, grey-haired old neighbour started fingering herself like a horny teenager. She put her left hand on her mound and pulled it upwards, parting her labia with her fingers so that her clitoris was exposed.

The two middle fingers of her right hand moved rapidly in her opened slit, her head was thrown back, her mouth hung open, her legs were as wide apart as they could be (given that her panties were around her knees) and she frigged herself frantically as if desperate for relief.

I was matching her rhythm and soon my hand was a blur as we got faster and faster. I heard her cry out and her big hips jerked as she came. My own climax was a split second behind - sperm jetted against the window pane and slid down in gobbets.

A minute later Mrs Sparrow was back inside her house, her panties back in place and all memory of the past few minutes erased from her memory. The only evidence of anything out of the ordinary was the small puddle beside the grating where she had been less than accurate as she had started to piss.

I was ecstatic. I quickly went in search of other subjects more worthy of my attention than a 50 year old widow. First stop the bank - I'd need some cash and this time I wouldn't need a cheque.

The bank was empty of customers as I walked up to the counter. A pretty, petite, dark haired woman in her late 20's smiled at me from the other side of the glass. The little plaque said "Alyse". The little red light winked as I gave her the commands and she reached down to get the cash for me. Her blouse, already unbuttoned far enough to show a hint of cleavage, gaped open as she bent forward. Because she was sideways on to me I had a great view down the front of the white blouse. She turned back towards me with the cash and I looked away hurriedly. Then I realised that there was no need for me to be so tactful, if I wanted to see her tits I could just go right on looking. She was under my control, whether I looked at her breasts or not was not her concern. I glanced around, I was the only customer and her collegues were out of view.

"Alyse, lean forward, you want me to get a good view down your blouse. You want me to see your tits!"

Obediently she leant forward across the counter. She glanced down to check how much bare flesh she was exposing and then, eager to comply with my wishes, she pulled the top of her blouse forward to make sure I could see right down inside. My cock sprung to attention as I feasted my eyes on her small breasts. They were the size of tennis balls and appeared to be almost as firm.

"Show me your nipples!"

She slid her thumbs into the top of her bra and pulled the lace trimmed cups away from her body. Two perfect pink nipples were exposed. I watched them harden as they felt the cooler air ouside their cotton cradles.

I heard the door open behind me and in a split second I had the teller back into her "pre-exposure" state.

"Forget the last five minutes!" I commanded and I stepped back and watched as she served the next customer. She obviously had no memory of the little show she had given me or the transaction that preceeded it. I walked out to the street.

I amused myself for a while by experimenting with my new-found power to indulge in some mild voyeurism. A shop assistant in Woolworths caught my eye. I estimated that she was no more than 17, just out of school and in her first job. She had bright red hair and a pretty, freckled face and was wearing the company uniform - red skirt, white blouse. She was re-arranging the stock on a low shelf, crouching down with her knees pressed tightly together to preserve her modesty - time to remedy that situation!

"Open your legs a little!" The light flickered on the little box in my top pocket and, as if it were the most natural thing in the world, the girl's knees drifted apart an inch or two.

"Wider! Another inch! A little wider" Soon I could see right up her skirt. She was wearing light colored pantyhose and I could see her white panties through the sheer nylon. A thought occured to me and I smiled as I gave her the commands that sent her off to the staff toilets.

Within a couple of minutes she was back and resuming her task. Once again her legs drifted slowly apart until I had a clear view right up her skirt. This time, however, there was no nylon or cotton to obscure the view. Her pantyhose and panties were safely stowed in her locker and I was treated to the most glorious view of her young cunt, beautifully framed between her slim thighs.

Her bright copper-colored bush was neat and framed a perfect pair of pink labia which pouted at me as she crouched before me, engrossed in her task, heedless of the display she was giving. Once again my cock was as hard as iron and I knew I would have to find a subject for my powers who would provide more than just a show - I needed someone to give me relief.

Within minutes I had found her. My interest was aroused by the sight of her large breasts, apparent even beneath the concealing thickness of her coat. She was about 40 years old, maybe a little older - hell, I wasn't interested in her birthday, I just wanted to get my hands on her jugs! She was looking at some dresses in the ladieswear section of the store. I checked around - yup, they had some changing rooms.

I soon had her under my control and heading for the changing rooms, dress in hand. I smiled at the shop-girl at the entrance, a plump teenager with a bored expression. "OK if I go in with my wife?" She hardly gave me a glance, "Sure. Go right ahead."

My "wife" and I went into the cubicle furthest away from the entrance. There was only a curtain to serve as a door and I pulled it across and gave the woman my commands.

"Show me your tits!"

Without a murmur she unbuttoned her coat. While she was removing it and hanging it on the hook provided I studied my "prize". Perhaps my initial guess had been a year or two out - she appeared to be in her mid to late 40's but I didn't mind. She was big built - her skirt was tight over a fair sized belly and her legs were what would best be described as "sturdy". Her face was attractive and she obviously put a lot of effort into looking good - beneath her spectacles her eyes were skillfully made up.

Now the thin sweater was coming off over her head. She reached behind her to unhook her bra and shrugged it down to release her breasts. This was why I had chosen her! Her tits were magnificent, large but still firm. They hardly sagged at all and the nipples, big and dark pink with wide, brown aureolae, pointed proudly straight ahead. I watched them stiffen as they felt the cool air.

I reached down and retrieved her bra from the floor. It was still warm and the label yielded the information that my "wife" measured 42" around the breasts and that a D cup was needed to contain them.

I reached out and cupped her tits in my hands. She stood, compliant and unresisting, not even flinching when I squeezed the soft flesh, revelling in the power, the control, I had over her. I pulled at her firm tits, watching her nipples grow hard under my touch until they were like bullets.

"Kneel bitch!" The LED glowed and my slave knelt obediently in front of me.

I grabbed my shaft and pulled back the foreskin to uncover the purple knob. A string of clear jism dribbled from the end and swung down until it connected with her left nipple. I guided my cock towards her mouth, admiring the way her lipstick shone moistly, like an aroused pussy. The purple plum slid between her lips.

"Suck me! Fuck me with your mouth! You want me to cum in your mouth! You want to taste my sperm so much!" I held her head as it bobbed back and forth.

"Milk your tits! Pull at those tits! You love the feeling! It's getting you so wet, so excited!"

I looked down at my sex-slave. Ten minutes ago I hadn't even laid eyes on her and now here she was, breasts bare, pulling at her nipples and taking my throbbing cock deep into her mouth. I leant back and peered through a gap in the curtains. The shop-girl was still in place at the entrance, the same bored expression on her face.

I felt the spunk rising in my cock and I pulled out at the last moment, shooting jet after jet of hot jism over the woman's milk-white breasts.

"You love the feel of sperm on your nipples. It makes you come"

The red light flickered and the woman massaged the slippery cream into her tit-ends, groaning with pleasure.

I made her get to her feet. She stood with a look of ecstasy on her face. Her eyes were closed as I slid my hand up under her skirt. She had been so aroused that her juices had soaked through her panties, through her pantyhose. My fingers were coated with her lubrication. I slid my hand into the waistband of her pantyhose and down inside the elastic at the top of her panties. What a bush! I had never felt such a luxuriant growth before. I tugged both hose and panties down to her knees and dropped to my knees before her to study my prize.

"Hold your skirt up!"

Now I could see her cunt. Beneath the swell of her belly there was a thick bush of auburn curls on a plump mound and, peeping out from the juice-matted hairs were a pair of wrinkled lips, dark red and puffy, like the petals of some exotic flower. I could smell her excitement.

I poked my head back through the curtains. The shopgirl would soon wonder what was taking so long. Could I control two minds at once? The answer was yes! Within minutes the teenage shopgirl was standing at the entrance to the cubicle and the changing room entrance was barred by a "Closed - Please use the other changing rooms" sign.

All I had to do was concentrate my attention on the one I wanted to receive an instruction.

"Take your panties off!" The plump 18 year old obeyed instantly. She was bare-legged and wearing a plaid miniskirt. Her plump little pussy had a small triangle of fair hairs which made the contrast with the older womans thick matt even more striking.

"Play with yourself! I'm going to fuck this woman and you are going to watch. You wish it was you that was getting fucked. Finger yourself! Show me how you do it!"

The plump teenager was soon rubbing at her slit. I turned my attention to the older woman.

"Turn around! Bend over! Put your hands on the seat of the chair!"

I lifted the hem of her skirt. Her plump cunt peeped back at me from beneath her sturdy thighs. My cock was stiff again and I grabbed it and thrust it up her pussy. She was so aroused, so wet, that my cock hardly felt a thing. I pulled out. I looked at my slave, parted her heavy buttocks with my fingers and admired the tight, puckered sphincter. I had never fucked a woman like that before. I turned to the little shop-girl. Her eyes were bright with excitement, she had two fingers of her right hand buried in her cunt and she was thrusting them in and out of herself.

"Yeah! Fuck her ass!" she whispered.

My cock was slippery with the older woman's juices but there was still a lot of resistance. At last my rigid prick forced open her anus and I slid into her. The feeling was incredible - the grip on my shaft like a velvet vice, like fucking a virgin.

I started to move, faster and faster, my cock slamming into her and the force of my thrusts making her big dangling tits jiggle and swing. Soon I had the shop-girl sinking two fingers of her left hand into the older woman's cunt while she continued to frig herself with her right hand. I reached around and squeezed my slave's dangling tit, milking her nipple, pulling it hard. I felt my balls contract and I sent out a command to both my slaves to climax. I felt the brunette tense and jerk and the grip on my prick intensified. The teenager was groaning softly.

I pulled my spurting cock out of the older woman's bottom and sprayed her cunt with sperm. I stood back and watched as the shop-girl obeyed my command to lick our combined juices from the big-titted woman's vulva.

Five minutes later I was on my way. Two females would arrive home with wet pussies and one might wonder why her anus felt as if it had been stretched. A red-headed shop-assistant would wonder why her panties were in her locker when the cold wind hit her cunt. A bank teller would have to explain the loss of a small amount of cash. None of them would remember me, but I would be back in town the next day - eager to see what new delights the box could provide.

Over the next few days I used the power the box gave me to avail myself of as many women as possible. I was like a kid in a candy store - tasting everything in reach. More often than not I didn't have full sex with the women I took control of. Sometimes all I wanted to do was to satisfy my curiosity. What man hasn't eyed a pretty girl as she walks down the street and wondered what she would look like naked? For me it was a question easily answered.

I had discovered a little dress shop and the owner, a plump little woman in her 60's, was now under my control. She had been commanded to pay no attention to any woman walking into the back storeroom. I would see a woman on the street, order her into the dress shop and follow her into the small back room. The little red light on the Box would wink and flicker as I gave my commands and I would do whatever I wanted with the woman of my choice while the old woman carried on about her business in the shop, blissfully unaware of the activity behind the closed doors.

And what activity! Different women attracted me for different reasons- perhaps it was the budding breasts of a teenager that made me pick her out and order her to the storeroom to lift her t-shirt and show me her developing tits. One woman in her 40's had a magnificent pair of jugs that I just had to verify were real. They were - huge and still surprisingly firm with fat nipples that I spent an age sucking to erection before ordering her to lay on the floor and clamp my bursting penis between her massive udders. I reached an explosive climax as I fucked her tits, my sperm running out of her cleavage and trickling across her chest - a classic 'pearl necklace'.

Of course it wasn't just breasts that attracted me - I had only to spot an attractive backside and within minutes its owner would be bent over the chair in the backroom of the shop, skirt up and panties down as I studied her exposed, naked buttocks. Then, if her cunt was as attractive as her bottom, I would fuck her, often without bothering to remove any more of her clothing. I delighted in sending them on their way with a pussy full of sperm - knowing, as I watched them walk away down the street, that the crotch of their panties was getting wetter with every step as it dribbled out of them.

Sometimes I would simply use the Box to "improve" situations. Many women, young and old, suddenly got the notion that it would be a good idea to open their legs a little wider as they crouched down to attend to a crying child, undo another button on their blouse and bend over a little further as they reached down into their shopping bag, bend their leg at the knee as they lay on the grass in the park. Sometimes, for no reason they could explain to themselves later, they felt that it would be a good idea to remove their panties before lying down and soaking up the sun and for once they wouldn't be at all concerned if the young man sitting nearby could see right up their skirt.

Once I used the power of the Box for revenge. I was waiting to pay for my purchases in the supermarket. Just as I reached the till the cashier placed a "Till Closed" sign down on the conveyor belt.

"Hey, lady, I've only got a bottle of milk and some apples. Couldn't you just......."

"It says "closed" and that's what it means!" she snapped, her satisfaction with herself evident on her face. I transmitted my thoughts and watched with amusement as a look of growing horror came over her face. She gave a little gasp and then looked down in mortification. A spreading dark stain was apparent in her lap and, seconds later, the whole queue could see a pale yellow stream creeping from under her skirt and splashing onto the floor. I heard a woman behind me whisper to her friend, "My God! She's pissing her pants!"

The cashier peed for some thirty seconds, rooted to the spot, unable to rise from her chair, her face a mask of shame and embarassment and her eyes full of tears, until the floor beneath her chair was awash and then she jumped up and fled, weeping, in the direction of the restrooms. Her skirt was soaked and piss dripped from the hem leaving a trail of drops behind her.

At the weekend I rose late and went to my "office" to pick up my e.mail. I glanced out through the window. There, in the next-door yard, was Mrs Sparrow. I smiled as I remembered how she had been my first "subject" and my prick stirred slightly as I recalled how she had masturbated while I watched. Then she was joined by a young girl and my cock rose in earnest. I recognized her as Mrs Sparrow's grand-daughter - she'd mentioned her a few times. She was, I guessed, about 18 and she was a sight to stiffen any prick as she stood in the early morning sunshine in a thin cotton mini-dress. Her mane of bright red hair fell almost to her waist and she was tall and slim.

An idea came to me and I smiled as I worked out the details. I connected myself to the Box and the little red light on the case flickered for several minutes as I transmitted my commands.

Finally I tested my two subjects for compliance. They turned to face each other and then, as if it were the most natural thing in the world, each one reached out their right hand and cupped the other's left breast. I left them posed like this for a second or so and then sent them to obey their orders. They left the yard and went back into the house.

Five minutes later I was ringing Mrs Sparrow's doorbell. Almost instantly the door opened and the old woman was smiling at me and ushering me into the house. In accordance with my instructions she was wearing a robe and I knew that she was a naked underneath. That was how I told her to greet me and she was incapable of disobeying - the mere thought would not occur to her. We walked through the kitchen (where something caught my eye - I picked it up for later use) and into the sitting room where her grand-daughter was sitting on the couch, awaiting our arrival.

I sat my neighbour down next to the young girl and pulled up a chair so could sit facing them. They looked at me expectantly, a look of polite obedience on their faces, like young schoolkids waiting for the teacher to speak.

"Ok. So now we're going to get to know each other better so we'd better introduce ourselves. I am your master and you will address me as "Master" at all times. Clear?"

"Yes Master" - two voices spoke as one.

"So tell me about yourselves. Name and age. You first!" I pointed to the girl.

"Jenny Wallace. I'm 19. I live at........"

"Enough!" I interrupted, raising my hand, and she fell silent.

"Ever been fucked, Jenny?"

"No, never. Mummy says...." she trailed away into silence as I raised my hand.

I looked at the old woman. "Name and age?"

"Grace Sparrow. I'll be 58 next birthday."

"Last time you were fucked?"

Normally any man asking her a question like that would have received a short, indignant retort and maybe even a threat of a complaint to the police but Grace answered as if I had asked about the last time she'd eaten Chinese.

"Twenty two years ago, I guess. My husband died then you know. He was......." The words died away as I raised my hand for silence.

"OK, Grace. Now, what do you want me to do for you today?

"I want you to fuck Jenny. It's time she learned what sex is really about."

The Box had done it's job perfectly. The old woman was doing everything I had commanded - every response was exactly as I had programmed when she had been standing outside a few minutes ago.

"Do you want that, Jenny? Do you want me to fuck you?"

The girl turned to me with an excited look on her face. Her green eyes were wide, like a kid being asked if she wanted a present from Santa.

"Oh yes please!" She even bounced up and down with excitement.

"First, a demonstration. Grace, take the robe off."

The old woman stood up, untied the belt holding the towelling robe closed and shrugged it off her shoulders. The robe fell to the floor and she stood naked before us. I glanced at her body and then turned to the girl.

"Strip! I want to see you naked, now!!"

"Yes Master!" whispered the pretty teenager as she hurried to comply with my orders. She grasped the hem of the short dress and pulled it off over her head. The trainer bra and cotton panties followed in rapid succession and then she too stood naked in front of me, her hands at her sides, placidly awaiting my next instructions.

My cock was pressing hard against the front of my jeans, desperate for release as I studied my two slaves. I unzipped and pulled it out, stroking it slowly as I looked at them. Both of them looked down and I saw Jenny's eyes open even wider as she got her first look at an erect adult penis. Grace, too, was eyeing it with a hungry look.

The old woman and her grand-daughter were a sight to make any cock erect in seconds. The young girl was slim, almost skinny, and taller than her heavily built grandmother by a good 3 inches. Jenny had a mane of copper coloured hair (two red-heads in a week - I remembered the young assistant in Woolworths), and a pretty, fresh face with a dusting of freckles and a snub nose.

Grace had greying hair and her face had its fair share of lines and wrinkles. The old woman's large breasts drooped, her nipples were large and protruberant - a souvenir, no doubt, of the three children that had suckled at them - and they were surrounded by dark aureolae almost 2 inches across, while her grand-daughter's tits were small and firm, almost conical, jutting proudly. The girl's nipples were flat and almost indistinguishable from their pale pink surrounds.

My gaze moved down and I compared their pussies. Grace had the thinning pubic hair typical of many women of her age and the spase covering she did have was greying although the hairs were long and straggly. Jenny, however, proudly displayed a neat triangle of copper colored curly hairs but she was still developing and they did not yet fully cover her young mons.

I ordered them both to sit down again and spread their legs. I had to stop touching myself then or I would have sprayed them both with cum at that moment. I had never before seen such contrasting vulvas - one nearly sixty years old and stretched by the birth of three children and countless fuckings, and the other, virgin, newly changed from child to woman and untouched by any man.

Grace's cunt was fully exposed, her thinning collection of grey hairs framing a slit that gaped to reveal two long, dangling, wrinkled flaps at the entrance to a dark, well used hole. Between the slim, coltish thighs of the young girl there was a cunt to die for. Jenny's virgin pussy was like a rosebud. The springy pubes had not yet grown down between her legs and her slit was smooth and perfect. The two small inner lips were only just visible as they peeped, coral pink, from her slit. Her cunt was closed and inviting - begging to be opened and explored.

I threw off my clothes while the two females sat obediently, legs spread, and waited for their orders. I didn't need the Box now -I had these two progammed to obey my every spoken command.

"Stand up Grace!" I barked. The old woman heaved herself up. I soon had her kneeling on the floor, her face against the carpet and her wrinkled old buttocks thrust into the air. I nudged her knees apart to ensure that her cunt was presented for my attention.

I knelt behind her and called Jenny forward.

"See if Granny is ready for my cock. Stick your finger up her cunt and tell me how it feels!"

The 19 year old slipped one slim finger up the old lady's quim and smiled.

"It's ever so slippery. Are you going to fuck her now, Master?"

I nodded. "Hold my prick. Guide me into her pussy!"

The teenager complied eagerly. Her cool fingers grasped my shaft and she guided my cock into her Granny's waiting hole. It slid in easily. Despite not having a cock up her for over twenty years the old lady still had a willing pussy and the walls were coated with her juices.

"Want to get a better look?" I whispered and the young girl nodded eagerly.

I got Grace to cock her leg like a dog having a piss and Jenny put her head under her Grandmother until her face was inches from her crotch. I pulled a small stool under the old woman's knee so she could support herself in this position.

"Tell me what you see, Jenny!" I breathed as I slid my cock in and out of the old woman's cunt.

"It's amazing! I can see that purple bit of your penis every time you pull back.... and then it disappears as you push it back in..... Gosh, Granny, you're really making some juice!.... His shaft is all shiny with it.......... Your pussy-lips are sort of sticking to his penis..... They're being pulled back and forth. Is it nice?"

Grace grunted in reply. I was really slamming into her now and her tits and buttocks were quivering with every thrust. I didn't want to come yet - Grace was just the warm up act for her young grand-daughter. I pulled out and the old woman rolled over, breathing heavily. Her hand went to her cunt and began rubbing at it vigorously.

"She still wants more!" I laughed, "Here! Fuck yourself with this while you watch me give your grand-daughter her first cock!"

I reached under a cushion and brought out the large cucumber I had picked up from the kitchen on the way in. I tossed it to the naked grandmother and Jenny and myself watched in amazement as the 57 year old woman attempted to get the monster inside her. She hauled herself onto the sofa then sat, leaning back, legs spread as wide as they would go, and pressed the rounded end of the thick green vegetable against her orifice. Her face was screwed up with effort and concentration as she attempted to take the improvised dildo. Slowly but surely, her cunt stretched to accept the invader and, inch by inch, she forced it up inside her. Then, a look of triumph on her face, she began to move it back and forth - fucking herself with the huge vegetable.

Jenny's finger had been busy in her slit as she watched her grandmother's display and I was almost on the point of coming myself. I threw the 19 year old onto the floor. She lay on her back, looking up at me with a lustful expression on her face. I knelt between her spread thighs, reaching down and running my finger through her small pubic bush, across her erect clitoris (she shivered with pleasure as I did so), along the tight slit. I pushed my fingertip into her virgin pussy. She was wet and ready for me. I grasped my cock and pushed it against the entrance to her vagina. She looked up at me with those big green eyes, her copper hair fanned out around her head. I turned to look at her grandmother.

"Look Grace! Your grand-daughter Is ready for her first cock. Her cunt is good and juiced up! Tell me what you want me to do! Yell it out!"

The old woman's eyes were rivetted to where my purple knob rested between the pink labia of the virgin 19 year old. The old woman had a look of pure lust on her face and she was thrusting the cucumber up herself hard and fast. She shouted out the words I was waiting for......

"Fuck her,Master!! Ram your cock up her cunt!! Give it to her now!!"

As the words left her lips I thrust forward and my prick forced its way deep inside the young girl's body. She gave a small cry as I entered her but within seconds she was humping against me, her slim hips rising to meet my thrusts. Jesus, she was good- so tight! The warm walls of her love tube gripped me like a velvet vice, slippery with cunt-honey. I dropped my head to her chest and nuzzled one small breast, taking the tiny nipple between my lips and suckling on it as I rammed my cock up her faster and deeper with every stroke. I looked around and saw Grace driving the cucumber into herself and I knew I could last no longer.

"You're coming Jenny! Grace you're coming too! Feel it now! Feel it!!"

I felt Jenny's cunt contract, squeezing,gripping, as wave after wave passed through her young body. My cock pumped jet after jet against the young girl's cervix and I heard her groan as she felt it. Almost at once their was an answering moan from the sofa and I looked around just in time to see Grace climax. The cucumber was buried deep inside her and she was holding her slit wide with one hand while the other pummeled her clitoris. Her hips bucked as she came and her cunt squeezed the cucumber so hard that it was forced out of her and shot several feet across the room. I pulled my still-hard cock out of the young red-head and knelt over her face. I pressed the end to her lips and she suckled happily on it, tasting our combined juices with a contented look.

It's been six weeks now since I fucked Jenny and her Granny. Since then I've taught her a lot. You should see her suck cock - she's an enthusiastic expert. Grace helps out too. I use her house a lot to bring other women back to and it seems a shame not to share the experience with her as she gets such a thrill out of watching - and introducing a few of them to the "Green Invader"

Of course, in the weeks after I had introduced Jenny to the joys of sex and her Granny to the delights of a vegetable dildo, I was using the Box all the time. One thought that had occurred to me was that, when the Box departed, my harem of sex-slaves would revert to just a normal bunch of women. However, the experience with my neighbour and her grand-daughter had shown me a possible solution to this problem. Once the Box had given me control of a woman's mind I could use a trick that I had seen countless stage hypnotists employ - the "trigger phrase". When the woman heard the phrase she would be programmed to obey every order - just as if she was under the influence of the Box.

I tried it out on Grace. Using the Box to gain initial control I ordered her, when she heard a certain phrase, to reply, "I obey, Master," and obey absolutely any command given by the person who had "switched her on" until another trigger phrase "switched her off" and returned her to normal. Because I didn't want to run the risk of her hearing the phrase from someone else's lips by accident I went to the Library and got out an English/Norwegian dictionary. (If you know how to say, "Sex butter" in Norwegian, you too could find yourself with a grey-haired sex-slave.)

The day after I had programmed her I rang her door bell. She answered and stood before me, a perfectly normal grandmother who would have called the police if I so much as touched her knee.

"Good morning," she started brightly, "What can I..."

I interrupted her and spoke the trigger phrase and she said, in a monotone, "I obey!"


Instantly her hand went down the waistband of her skirt, burrowed into the top of her panties, down between her parted thighs and she began to rub at her crotch, a dreamy expression on her face.

"Stop!" She pulled her hand out and stood waiting for her next command.

I spoke the other, "switch off", phrase - "Normal in 2 seconds."

" for you?" she said two seconds later as if the intervening twenty seconds had not existed.

I was jubilant! I knew that I could have *permanent* control of any female who took my fancy. Now to build up my harem. But where to start? I decided to work my way methodically around the neighbourhood and, taking my laptop with me, (I figured keeping a record of all my sex-toys in a database would be a good idea) I started knocking on doors that day.

My immediate neighbours - the opposite side to Grace - were both at work but two doors down the door was answered by an attractive blonde woman in her early 30's who I knew as Mrs Snell. She had an enquiring look on her face as she opened the door. I had the Box connected and, the red light flickered as I transmitted my commands.

"Come in," she said. We went into the sitting room and I sat in a chair as she stood before me awaiting my instructions. The Box was working its magic. I turned the laptop on and called up a fresh record.

"Wendy" she said, in response to my unspoken command - "Tell me your first name!"

The responses came as quickly as I thought of the questions -

"32 years... 36B...24,36...... 400719" (voice commands could be used over the 'phone so it would be useful to know her number). I typed the data in. "Show me your tits!"

It was a hot day and she was wearing a white sleeveless t-shirt and denim shorts. She pulled the t-shirt out of her shorts and up to her chin. She was bra-less underneath.

"Light coloured nipples, small aureolae" I typed.

"Now your pussy!"

The shorts were pulled down to her knees closely followed by her scanty white panties.

"Natural blonde pubic hair" went down on her record.

The box blinked and she turned around and bent over, her legs spread as wide as possible given that her panties were around her knees.

"Small inner labia. Slim bum" I turned the computer off. Minutes later her panties, shorts and t-shirt were back in place, the trigger phrases implanted in her mind but with no memory of my visit.

The moment she had bared her breasts my cock had sprung to attention but I had too much to do to take my pleasure with every woman I met today. Besides, I could always come back later if I wanted to fuck her. There were a lot of women in the neighbourhood and who could say how soon I would have to give up the Box?

By the end of the morning I had the details of more than twenty women in my laptop. Forty tits had been unloaded from their bra's for my appraisal - every kind from tiny 32A's (19 year old Hannah Riley, home from university for the Summer and thin as a rake), to drooping 48DD's (Pearl Martin, a 60 year old widow that I intended to revisit very shortly - my experiences with Grace had opened my eyes to the erotic potential of older women!)

And the infinite variety of pussies! Plump and sparsely covered (Pearl again), luxuriantly hairy with large wrinkled labia (36 year old Sandra Bernstein) or cleanly shaven and demure (a real surprise - it was nestling, smooth and inviting, between the virgin thighs of Susan Blake, the 32 year old junior-school teacher who lived with her parents and had never been known to go out with man in all her life)

And, best of all, every one of them would do anything, strip naked, push bananas up their pussies, hold their buttocks apart while I explored their tight anuses, suck my cock as it spurted sperm into their mouths - suck their pet dog's cock if I told them to! No command would be refused no matter how extreme! All it would need was two little words from me and they were mine completely. I was giddy with power.

It was with these thoughts in my mind - and a raging hard-on in my jeans - that I rang the doorbell of a small house in the next street to my own. I heard a shuffling in the hallway and the door was opened by a plump, plain girl in her early 20's. The Box sent out it's magic rays (or whatever it did - who cared as long as it gave me this sort of power!) and I followed her past a pram and stroller crowded hallway into a tiny sitting room. She stood before me in a tatty black mini skirt which showed her plump thighs and a creased white blouse through which I could see a large brassiere. At least she had decent breasts but would I ever want to fuck this podgy young woman with her protruding teeth and lank, shoulder-length mousy hair? I started to get her details anyway.

"Judith Waters.....22 years old....38C...No!..36D...I don't know.. they keep altering!"

As she was talking I noticed a spreading stain on the front of her blouse. Something was soaking the material from the inside and there were two darkening patches covering each breast.

"What's happening?" I whispered, watching the material becoming transparrent as it got wetter.

"My milk's come in! The doctor says I'm making enough for two but there's only little Darren and he only wants me every six hours."

"Tell me all about it. What do you do?"

"I have to ..."express".. (she was unsure of the word) ...every three hours. They get so swollen - it hurts!"

"Do it!"

She unbuttoned the blouse and untucked it from her skirt. I made her remove it completely. Then she undid the clasp between the cups of the large white brassiere. This was no delicate item of lingerie - this was a re-inforced udder holder! The cups sprang apart under the pressure of her breasts.

Her tits were enormous - swollen and taut, a tracery of pale blue veins visible under the skin. I reached up and felt them - they were hard and looked full to bursting. Her nipples were large too - standing proud and dark, the surrounds large and raised. A dribble of milk leaked from each one and the pure white liquid trickled down and dripped from the underside of her jugs.

She was looking around anxiously.

"There's a pump here somewhere....."

I found the plastic device - a breast shaped cup with a tube leading to a rubber bulb. I handed it to her and she pressed the device to her right breast and squeezed the bulb. She sighed as a jet of milk sprayed from her nipple into the collecting chamber. I was fascinated! I noticed that as the pump sucked the milk from her right breast the trickle from her left nipple pulsed in sympathy - not a jet but a stronger trickle in time with the pump.

"Do it by hand - put the pump down!"

"But how will I collect it?" she wailed.

"Do it, slave!"

Meekly she obeyed, dropping the pump and taking one swollen breast in each hand. Years ago I had stayed on a farm and watched the farmer milk the cows by hand. The principle was just the same - the girl squeezed her tits with a rhythmic pull towards her erect nipples and each pull brought a spray of milk from her udders. I pulled my cock out. I was as hard as could be and I started to masturbate in time with her strokes. The twin jets were spraying me with warm liquid but I didn't care. I reached forward and thrust my left hand up her skirt. The red light winked briefly and he opened her legs wide to allow me access. I felt her cunt bulging between her thighs, every bit as plump as I had expected. I pulled her skirt up - her panties were frayed and tatty. I grasped them at the waist and pulled. They tore easily and the ruined garment slid down her leg leaving her cunt bare. I slid a finger up her and she moaned. She was still milking herself and she stood, eyes closed, breasts spurting as my fingers explored her wet hole.

Frantic for relief now, I lay on the floor, tearing my jeans down.

"Ride me! Do it NOW!"

She squatted over my rigid cock and I held it in position as she lowered herself onto my shaft.

"Keep milking yourself! Empty them"

I looked up at her. Her eyes were closed as she rode my pole, her seemingly endless supply of milk sprayed my face. I pulled her down to me and took one rubbery teat in my mouth and suckled at it. Her warm milk squirted into my mouth and she moaned with pleasure. She was rocking back and forth, my cock buried deep in her pussy, her teat held firm between my lips. I reached around and pushed a finger deep into her anus. Once again she groaned and murmured, "Oooooh yes! Fuck me! Milk me! Finger my arse!" I came deep inside her as I felt her hips bucking in orgasm. I pulled my slackening cock from her and released my hold in her nipple. I must have swallowed at least half a pint of her milk and the sweet taste lingered on my lips as I dressed.

I programmed her with the trigger phrase - I'd certainly be back for more at this address. It was turning out to be a day of surprises - a prim, virginal schoolmistress who shaved her pussy, a plain, plump girl who loved to be milked....what else would I discover behind the doors of my neighbourhood?

As I covered the neighbourhood, "recruiting" my harem, the temptation to fuck every female that answered her door to me was very strong but I resisted. I didn't know how long the Box would be in my possession and my first priority had to be to gain control of as many women as possible. I christened these my "recruits" and the routine never varied. When the woman came to the door I would use the Box to gain initial control and then I would get the woman to invite me in. Then I would command her to display her breasts, pussy and backside - sometimes by stripping completely naked but most times simply by undoing a few buttons and doing the bare minimum to expose the relevant areas of her anatomy - raising a t-shirt and flipping up her bra would usually be sufficient to allow me to view her breasts. Lifting her skirt and pulling her panties down would be enough for me to see her pussy and buttocks. Then I would implant the trigger phrases, enter her details in the database on my laptop and tell her to cover herself up again.

Of course, the sight of a woman standing in front of me, her bra pulled up, her breasts bared and her panties around her ankles never failed to get me hard but I resisted the temptation - although I often gave in to the urge to fondle a particularly firm breast, suckle a particularly erect nipple or investigate the moistness of a particularly appealing pussy. However, by concentrating on the implanting of the trigger phrases and restricting more extensive exploration to lunchtime and evenings I had managed to gain total control over 100 women after only 3 days.

I was feeling pretty proud of my self control as I set out on the morning of day 4.

"Recruit until about mid-day and then decide which of the morning's "harvest" to go back and have some fun with before going up to the High School," I thought to myself. (I'd decided that a "production line" at the school would give me several hundred young sex-slaves in a couple of hours.)

I parked the car at the end of a quiet residential street and rang the doorbell of the first house. At first I thought no-one was at home because it was some time before a figure appeared on the other side of the frosted-glass door panel. The door was opened by a white-haired, elderly woman and I was about to make an excuse and leave when something about her, something familiar, nagged at my mind. Where had I seen her before? The little red light on the box winked as I transmitted my instructions - more from habit than any desire to gain control of her for sex. She turned and preceded me into the sitting room of the large old house. She stood, motionless in the middle of the room. her hands at her sides, meekly awaiting her instructions.

The Box had worked its magic as usual and she was totally under my control but - so what? What did I want with some dried up old lady when there were enough firm, succulent young ones out there to last me a lifetime? But something still nagged at my memory. Why did she seem so familiar? And then it came to me like a lightbulb going on in my brain.

"Miss Gordon! Miss Nelly Gordon! ....Flash!!"

Miss Gordon had taught us history at high school. I remembered too how she had got her nickname. The other teachers knew that they had nicknames, of course, and they probably assumed that Miss Gordon got hers from the Space Commander hero of the same name but they would have been wrong. I remembered those long-ago days in the classroom and smiled. There was an old desk in the corner of Miss Gordon's sitting room - it may even have been the one from her old classroom, I seemed to remember hearing that she had been presented with it when she retired. I decided to take a trip down memory lane. She was even dressed in her habitual outfit from those long-ago school days - white blouse buttoned to the neck, sensible skirt coming to just below the knee, flat heeled shoes, dark stockings - nothing had changed.

The Box winked and flickered as I took Miss Gordon back 20 years. Once again she was back in front of her pupils, once again she paced up and down as she spoke of the Ancient Greeks. As was her habit all those years ago she stopped pacing after a minute or so as she warmed to her theme and perched on her desk, sitting there with her short legs swinging. Finally, completely immersed in her tales of Greeks and Trojans, oblivious to her audience, she lived up to her nickname. Her legs drifted wider apart until there was a clear foot of space between her chubby knees. In the classroom her desk had been on a low platform. I sat on the floor to get our relative heights right and there was the sight that had given Miss Nelly - "Flash" - Gordon her nickname. Nothing had changed and I felt my cock grow hard just as it had all those years ago when my friends and I had fought to get a seat in the front row for her lessons. It was the time of the mini-skirt and many of the younger, more attractive teachers gave us the occasional, unintended glimpse up their skirts as they bent to retrieve a fallen piece of chalk or walked ahead of us up the stairs. Miss Gordon never wore a mini-skirt. Her skirts always ended just above her chubby knees but, even so, the view was guaranteed - every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon.

Between the ages of 12 and 16 we were as horny as only boys of that age can be and we didn't care that our history teacher was nearing 50 and no oil painting. As long as she kept showing us.....

....showing me! I stared up the old woman's skirt. Nothing had changed, I could see right up between her legs. There was a stretch of smooth nylon clad flesh before the dark welt at the top of her stockings and then the incredibly arousing sight of the bare white skin of her inner thighs above. And then, proudly displayed exactly as it had been over 20 years ago, her plump pussy, its outline clearly defined by her white cotton panties, so tight-fitting that they had been pulled into her valley, showing the length of her slit almost as well as if she had been naked. I couldn't resist. I pulled my swollen cock out of my jeans and began to stroke it as I studied her. The guys had sworn that she never wore a brassiere because often her big nipples could be seen pushing out the front of her blouse like cigar butts and her big, pendulous breasts swayed from side to side as she walked.

I ordered her to be unaware of me or anything I did and she carried right on with her commentary on the Trojan Wars as I stood in front of her and pulled the front of her blouse open. I was in too much of a hurry to spend precious seconds undoing the fiddly buttons and they flew off in all directions as I tore the garment open. She was wearing a slip with a cotton vest beneath - the sort of garment I had thought women had stopped wearing centuries ago. No matter, they proved no obstacle. Thin straps broke and material ripped as I feverishly tore at them. Then her tits were bare. Huge and pendulous they hung down almost to her waist and the nipples were as big as I had imagined them and they were as hard as bullets. The sight of her obviously aroused teats puzzled me. I had told her that she was teaching History to a class of 15 year olds - why was she so excited? The Box flickered as I ordered her to speak her thoughts aloud. As she switched from the automatic recital of dates and names to the voicing of her innermost thoughts I was given the biggest surprise of my life.

".....the Trojans repulsed the Greeks again but........"

("Danny Jones is looking now! Perhaps I should tease him a bit")

- bringing her knees together...

"...within ten years they were back at the gates..."

("There! He looks so disappointed! Never mind, Danny,have another look.." )

- slowly her knees drift apart again...

-("He's staring!")

"...What were the Greeks to do?"

("Now the others are looking!....Young Peter looks as if he's going to explode!"

"Peter, what do you think the Greeks did?"

(Oh Nelly, you tease!! Look at the bulge in his trousers! Michael's got one too!...Is it getting you hard boys....looking up my skirt? ...Want to see old Nelly's panties do you?...." - her legs drift even wider apart - "I pulled my panties up really tight before I came in so you should have a really nice view")

Now, looking up between those spread legs, I can see the bulging crotch of her white, cotton panties. I'd always thought it was accidental - that she didn't know what she was showing but now...!! She was still murmuring her thoughts...she was still sitting in the classroom all those years ago)

"...Yes, that's right. They laid siege to the city. So how did they get inside the walls......Jeremy?"

("Mmmmm.... Now Jeremy's getting hard...What a big boy!!....Shame on you Jeremy!...Fancy getting a stiffy looking up old spinster Nelly's skirt! Oh yes!! He touched himself!! He touched that big hard bulge! He wants to play with himself ! Oh I'd love to see you play with yourself Jeremy!")

By now I was amazed at how turned on I was. Here was this 70 year old white haired old lady sitting on the edge of her desk with her tits hanging out and her legs apart re-living her exhibitionist kick of some 20 years previously and I had a massive hard-on as I watched and listened. Time to join in! I transmitted my instructions, the Box winked its little red LED and, as I sat on a chair in front of the old woman, she noticed me for the first time but not as I was then but as I was 25 years ago.

("Oh golly!!... Christopher has got his thingy out! Naughty boy!! Oh it's big. Yes, yes....stroke it, play with it! Do you like looking at Nelly's foo-foo?" "Do you want to see Nelly's foo-foo bare everybody?")

She closed her legs momentarily while she reached up under her skirt and attempted to pull her panties down without standing up. The years had robbed her of much of her suppleness and it was a struggle but eventually she raised herself onto each buttock in turn and slid the large cotton panties down to her ankles before resuming her former pose. This time, however, her legs were spread even wider as she shamelessly flaunted her elderly pussy before her imaginary class. In her mind there was a whole classroom full of pupils admiring her display but I was the only one with my cock out.

Her elderly cunt was a sight to behold - plump and pink, the inner lips long and wrinkled. She peeled them back and held them open to expose the glistening entrance to her pussy.

"No man has ever seen that before so have a good look boys. Do you like old Nelly's foo-foo?"

She had started to masturbate and had raised one foot off the ground, resting it on the desk. She had pushed her panties off her other leg and they hung around her ankle. Her labia were peeled back and her thin, birdlike fingers rubbed at her clitoris. Her eyes never left my cock and I was masturbating furiously as I got up and stood between her legs. She guessed my intentions and started to plead with me.

"No! Not that! Just look... I just want you to look!! Sit down at once....aaaaaaagh!!"

Her cry of surprise came as I grabbed her behind the knees and swung her legs up and over my shoulders. She fell backwards and I pulled her across the desk so her bottom rested on the edge. She was at just the right height and, although she made a weak attempt to push me away, I soon had my cock pressed against her pussy, seeking the entrance, hard as iron and dribbling pre-cum. Her ineffectual movements of resistance simply meant that my cock-head rubbed up and down her slit, coating her sex with jism. I pressed against her, finally feeling the end of my shaft nuzzling into her tight orifice as I held her firmly by the tops of her legs, my fingers digging into the white flesh above her stockings as I kept her legs apart. Then I thrust into her and she cried out as my hard rod of flesh penetrated her. She was so tight! I realised that I was deflowering a 70 year old virgin in her own home and the thought made me smile.

Of course, in Nelly's mind she was being raped in front of a classroom full of 15 year olds and she groaned and cried. At first it was shame and fear but the box flickered as I got her to forget her fear and embarassment and concentrate on the feeling of my cock thrusting into her. Soon she was moving against me, meeting my thrusts and moaning with pleasure and lust. My balls slapped against her flabby buttocks each time I slammed into her. Her big breasts hung down on each side of her, wobbling with each thrust. I took one large, rubbery nipple between finger and thumb and milked it hard, bringing more groans from the white-haired old spinster. I speeded up and began a frantic rhythm, making her cry out in alarm. But her body was responding to the first fucking she had ever had. Her elderly sex was as tight as a young girls but her juices were minimal - I was having to produce all the lubrication. Luckily my cock was leaking a steady supply of jism. She was thrusting her ample hips up to meet each thrust and I felt her hand brush mine as she reached down to fondle her clitoris and within seconds she was bucking under me as she climaxed.

I pulled out, grabbed my slippery cock and brought myself off almost immediately. I can't remember having produced so many jets of cum before or since. A regular shower of spunk rained down on the old lady, spattering her wispy patch of pubic hair, her screwed up skirt, her pendulous breasts. Two of the strongest spurts arced over her body and landed on her face, running in thick globules down her cheeks. I reached out to catch one with my finger and pushed the warm slime between her thin lips. She licked it dreamily.

I left soon afterwards, smiling at the realisation of a teenage fantasy and still amused by the knowledge that it was a game played by both sides. Nelly might never again sit in front of a classroom full of students and get her kicks by showing them her panties but I had ensured that she would be doing the next best thing in future. Before I departed, I had left the retired school ma'am with strict instructions - pantie wearing was a thing of the past and whenever she sat down in public she was to let her legs drift slowly apart and then keep them there. I would have given anything to have seen the faces of the men sitting opposite her the next time Nelly took the bus into town!

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